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40 Free Embroidery Patterns for Beginners (Ultimate Designs)

What is embroidery? The art or hobby of embroidering cloth. Are you need some free embroidery patterns? That can help you to personalize your clothing like a t-shirt, jeans, blankets, home decor items, and any fabric stuff. With these amazing embroidery projects that are for beginners and can be completed in very less time due to genius embroidery hacks. We all like different art shapes, patterns, and designs. That we often wish to see on our clothing items and to make your such a dream come true, the hand embroidery is a best and low-cost option for sure.

Want to see what kind of wonders you can do with your crafting skills? Then take a short out of these 40 free embroidery patterns for beginners that will show you the personalized blankets that come with custom embroidered quotes. Also, here a variety of t-shirts that come with lovely hand-embroidered monograms, quotes, messages, name letters, and logos.

40 Free Embroidery Patterns for Beginners

The excellent news is that the embroidered prints and shapes would remain permanently there even after a hundred washes. And in this way, the embroidery will beat the painting, stenciling, and dip-dying of the clothing items but all techniques have their benefits too.

Embroider your picnic blanket with some amazing picnic quotes and make decorative floral magnets by going with the hand embroidery techniques. And also embroider the lovely heart shapes using beginner embroidery stitches that you can frame up to create beautiful wall art signs and pieces.

What to do embroidery with free patterns?

Bring tons of cuteness to your t-shirts by embroidering catnaps logo and embroider your notebooks and sneakers for some amazing patterns and designs that will be loved dearly by all the fashion enthusiasts. Embroider also your other fashion accessories like the travel pouches and bags for custom logos and name letters, will be an excellent way to personalize them.

Using embroidery techniques and colored embroidery floss, you will be able to bring some enchanting colors to a clothing item. That you want to personalize and or update with some cool colorful effects.

The list of these free embroidery patterns will also show you how to embroider pots, planters, baskets, and even the sunglasses for some fantastic effects. Browse the attached reference links to grab full free instructions with easy to follow visual designs.

Awesome DIY Giant Embroidery Picnic Blanket:

Awesome DIY Giant Embroidery Picnic Blanket

Hasten your embroidery skills by doing some quick and easy embroidery projects.

And you can take a great start by making this embroidery picnic blanket that comes with an embroidered picnic quote with pink twine and is a super easy embroidery project.

Complete tutorial and free pattern here lovelyindeed

DIY Floral Magnets with Hand Embroidery:

DIY Floral Magnets with Hand Embroidery

Using your embroidery skills, you can quickly add fun and colors to any particular object you are interested in.

Make the super cool floral magnets at home using fabric, flower embroidery patterns, cover button, and magnets.

Use embroidery hoop for embroidery and glue for adhesive demands. Full how-to tutorial here diycandy

Heart Embroidery Sampler for Beginners:

Heart Embroidery Sampler for Beginners

The most straightforward embroidery project for the beginners that will teach to add lovely heart shape monograms to any of your t-shirt, item of clothing, and even to shoes.

This is here a perfect heart embroidery sample, done to inspire. Full free pattern here adventures

DIY Catnaps Embroidery Pattern:

DIY Catnaps Embroidery Pattern

Add a lot of fun to your t-shirts, pillows, and any clothing items by adding this catnaps logo.

That is super easy and quick to embroider, and if you want to practice it, then grab the tips from here.

A perfectly cool embroidered logo or monograms idea. Free embroidery pattern here beesknees

How to Make Embroidered Notebooks:

How to Make Embroidered Notebooks

Intending to add beautiful covers to your notebooks then a quick and cost-efficient way to do so is to embroider them.

Just embroider your favorite shapes, art, and letters on the notebook covers and make them look attractive. Here a pineapple wearing sunglasses has been embroidered on the notebook. Full free pattern here knitsandbrew

DIY Baby Name Embroidery:

DIY Baby Name Embroidery

One of the most lovely and cute embroider project that every beginner can do with great ease, the baby name embroidery project.

Just stretch your fabric in the embroidery hoop, trace your letters using an embroidery template then embroider in place using your favorite embroidery thread.

Full free embroidery pattern and instructions here linesacross

Embroidered Ice Cream Sneakers:

Embroidered Ice Cream Sneakers

Do hand embroidery with colorful embroidery threads to add icing on your white sneakers; it will make them look like delicious ice cream.

Beginner-friendly embroidery project that involves only a few straight stitches or lines, So are you ready to add icing on your sneakers? Full embroidery pattern here studiodiy

Embroidery Cactus – Free Pattern

Embroidery Cactus Pattern

Doing embroidery is a great past time, and it is a tremendous gratifying hobby, and this will also help add personal touches to your daily fashion.

Spruce up your t-shirts and other clothing items with this cactus monogram and logo that is super easy to embroider. Free pattern and instructions here flamingotoes

DIY Embroidery Hoop Art for Beginners:

Embroidery Hoop Art for Beginners

If you are new to embroidery but are damn passionate to hasten your embroidery skills. Then do try out these embroidery hoop art projects that are great for beginners and are super easy and quick to do also.

Just stretch your favorite fabric or felt in the hoop and then embroidery the quotes along with your favorite art shapes as you can see.

Free pattern and details here fynesdesigns

Embroidered Graphic Boyfriend Tee:

Embroidered Graphic Boyfriend Tee

Promote strong love bonding between you and your boyfriend by wearing his t-shirt that you can design yourself using your embroidery skills.

Just embroider custom love quotes, lover name and other messages on the t-shirt using your favorite yarn and embroidery needle-like done here.

Free pattern and instructions here mrjones

3 Ways to Embroidered Travel Pouch:

3 Ways to Embroidered Travel Pouch

Personalize also your fabric pouches even by doing cool embroidery, just embroidery custom quotes, name letter initials, monograms and patterns on your fabric pouches.

Check here the three ways to personalize your travel pouches with embroidery. Full instructions here brit

Easy DIY Embroidered Sunglasses:

Easy DIY Embroidered Sunglasses

Everyone wears the sunglasses, but you can stand out in the crowd by wearing these embroidered sunglasses. That are ways to personalize your sunglasses with custom yarn letters and quotes, and it will also give some lovely color to your sunglasses.

Poke mini holes in the sunglasses and then start embroidery. Details and free pattern here honestlywtf

DIY Heart Embroidery Pattern:

Heart Embroidery Pattern

If Valentine’s Day is around the corner, then you should learn embroidery these heart shapes.

That you can embroider on your t-shirts and items of clothing for instant love vibes. The items of clothing with embroidered heart monograms will also make a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Full tutorial and free pattern here wanderingthread

Free Embroidered Sunflower Pattern:

Free Embroidered Sunflower Pattern

The embroidery allows you to make a yarn print off everything that you like or that is in your imaginations.

Embroidering the flowers is highly common, and you can quickly embroider flowers on your fashion wear for an instant decorative appeal.

Style up your tees by embroidery this sunflower monogram. Free pattern and instructions here sewandso

Hand Embroider Hat Pattern:

Hand Embroider Hat Pattern

Along with being super fun, the hand embroidery allows you to give a personal finishing touch to anything that comes in touch.

Personalize your caps also by embroidering cool names, quotes, and letters and hence you can also give them as a great gift on a special event.

Get inspired by the given sample. Free pattern here michele

DIY Embroidered Unicorn Pencil Pouch:

DIY Embroidered Unicorn Pencil Pouch

All the kids are going to love this embroidery project that is to make a precious unicorn pencil pouch that will be a pleasure for the kids to hold in hands.

Grab a unicorn template to embroider the unicorn in precision and also embroider some quotes you like for unicorn or your kids. Free pattern here madincrafts

Embroidery White Canvas Sneakers for Spring:

Embroidery White Canvas Sneakers for Spring

Spring is a season of colors so welcome the spring season by wearing these customized sneakers that are hand-embroidered ones.

Just grab the embroider threads in your favorite colors and embroider what you want on your white canvas sneakers from a design pattern to an art shape to a quote. Details here brit

DIY Sashiko Inspired Embroidered Pillow:

Sashiko Inspired Embroidered Pillow

Time to upgrade your boring and less attractive pillows by doing a little hand-embroidery.

Yes, embroider enchanting shapes, designs, and art, and spruce up your pillows lie this sashiko inspired embroidered pillow.

Here is how to embroider it abeautifulmess

How to Embroidered Kitchen Towels:

Embroidered Kitchen Towels

You can also promote the custom messages, announcements, and even the family rules by using the embroidery skills.

Embroider the custom messages and quotes on your favorite clothing items, they will tell them to all your family members.

Get inspired by this embroidered kitchen towel. Details here tonyastaab

Embroidered Sun Hat – Free Pattern:

Embroidered Sun Hat Free Pattern

Get inspired by this another lovely embroidery project that helps you style up your sun hats instantly.

Embroider your sun hats for instant art shapes and quotes and personalize them.

Here the sun hat has been embroidered for a rainbow touch and is looking just great. Full how-to tutorial here clubcrafted

DIY Embroidery Stitched Planters:

Embroidery Stitched Planters

Embroider your planters for a quick upgrade, and this will not take much of your time.

Just poke holes in the side of the planter that you want to embroider and then embroider it with your favorite colored yarn threads making custom shapes and patterns.

Here the rainbow chevron pattern has embroidered. Full how-to instructions here prettylifegirls

No-Sew Embroidered Sunglasses Case:

No Sew Embroidered Sunglasses Case

Make also decorative sunglass cases at home using the needle and thread you can also embroider them for a great appeal.

Just embroider your pouches for custom patterns, and here you go.

Get inspired by this embroider sunglass case that comes with embroidered math symbol patterns. Details and free pattern here aliceandlois

DIY Sunburst Embroidered Notebook:

DIY Sunburst Embroidered Notebook

Spruce up also your notebooks by doing easy embroidery projects and this will not much of your time.

Just poke holes in the front cover of your notebook and embroider this sunburst pattern that is sure to impress and easy to embroidery. Full how-to details and free pattern here makeandfable

Make Embroidery Hoop Ciao Sign:

Embroidery Hoop Ciao Sign

You can go with slim straight embroidery stitches to embroider custom name letters and quote on any of your favorite fabric items.

That will be a way to add a personal touch to your clothing items. Look at this fabulous ciao sign that is super quick to embroider and is a beginner embroidery project. Details here acharmingproject

DIY Embroidered Felt Stargazing Zip Pouch:

DIY Embroidered Felt Stargazing Zip Pouch

Make personalized pouch at home with zippers that will speak all you will embroider on them.

Here the flawless felt zip pouch has been hand-embroidered for stargazing art and is just looking fabulous the final embroidered look.

Another beginner, friendly embroidery project to do at home. Free pattern and tutorial here blogspot

String Art with Embroidery Floss:

String Art with Embroidery Floss

Make also 3D art pieces and wall art signs using the embroidery floss and nail.

You will be addicted to this precious string art sign that is sure to impress and is super quick and easy to make also.

Just trace out custom letter art, add erected nails to traced art lines and then embroider them with embroidery floss. Full instructions here vickybarone

Couched Stitch Embroidery Flag:

Couched Stitch Embroidery Flag

You will love to duplicate this precious love embroidery flag that will rock for the Valentine’s Day and is sure to impress and easy to embroider.

Just embroider a fabric flag for a love sign or quote using embroidery floss in your favorite colors and then thread the wooden dowel into it and hang on a wall. Details here redhousewest

DIY Geometric Embroidery Turkey Art:

DIY Geometric Embroidery Turkey Art

You will love this another embroidery project that is 2 in 1 and is sure to impress.

Just embroider the colorful geometric pattern on the fabric stretched in the embroidery hoop, making a lovely turkey.

And It will make a great art piece for sure. Full free pattern and instructions here consumercrafts

Make Embroider Baskets with Yarn:

Make Embroider Baskets with Yarn

Embroider the gift basket with yarn that will look much beautiful and colorful then. This will also be a smart and friendly way to bring colors to your baskets.

Look at the given lovely sample baskets that are looking colorful and are sure to impress. Full how-to instructions and tutorial here designimprovised

Embroidered Journal Cover:

Embroidered Journal Cover

Retouch also covers of your journals using your embroidery needle and thread and make them look extra beautiful.

Look at this embroidered journal cover that is sure to be loved dearly by all and is super easy to create and embroider.

Here the journal cover has been embroidered for straight stitched lines. Details here caughtonawhim

Mama Llama Embroidery Pattern:

Mama Llama Embroidery Pattern

Using your embroidery needle and creativity, you can embroider anything that is in your fantasy on the fabric piece stretched in the embroidery hoop.

Get inspired by this mama llama embroidery pattern that is sure to go divine to everyone’s eyes. This will also be the perfect logo to embroider on a t-shirt. Details here makeandtakes

DIY Happy Birthday Embroidery Card:

Happy Birthday Embroidery Card

Along with the fabric items, do hand-embroidering on the birthday cards that you are going to give as a gift.

Just poke the holes in the card in the targeted area and then start embroidery to embroider your favorite shapes and letters.

And make precious happy birthday embroidered cards just like the given one. Full how-to instructions here nexttonicx

DIY Yarn Embroidered Pillows:

DIY Yarn Embroidered Pillows

Embroider also your pillows with yarn so they will look great and outstanding in the final embroidered look.

Look at here the cross and v-stitch patterns that have been embroidered on the pillow.

Next to the pillow has been spruced up with the colorful pom-poms and looks damn cute in the final avatar. Full tutorial here designimprovised

Sweet Mason Jar Vase Embroidery Hoop Art:

Sweet Mason Jar Vase Embroidery Hoop Art

Are you in love with the Mason jar vases? Then do show your love for them by doing some embroidery projects.

Just embroider the Mason jar vase on your favorite fabric item like on the pillow, curtain and also on a t-shirt, and here you go.

Get inspired by the given lovely sample. Full how-to tutorial and instructions here flamingotoes

How to Make Embroidered Sweater:

How to Make Embroidered Sweater

Embroider also custom quotes on the sweaters and t-shirts and convey different messages to onlookers and family members and gain a lot of respect and appreciation.

Look at this sample embroidered sweater that is sure to style you up and is pretty quick and easy to embroider. Full how-to instructions here polkadotchair

Pretty DIY Cacti Embroidery Box:

Pretty DIY Cacti Embroidery Box

At a very first look, you will fall in love with this lovely cacti embroider box that is looking great and is super quick and easy to embroider.

The lid of the box that comes with dozens of holes can easily be embroidered for the cacti embroidery box art that will go impressive. Full how-to details here delineateyourdwelling

DIY Embroidered Vintage Linen Canvas Art:

Embroidered Vintage Linen Canvas Art

Canvas art frames are popular, and they are often to add to interior home walls for more prominent decor statements.

Grab the artist canvas and cover it up with your favorite vintage fabric, or hanky. And stretch it in the embroidery hoop using fusible interfacing and embroider the quote that is in your mind, will be permanently on the fabric. Details here mysocalled

Fall Leaves Embroidery Hoop Art:

Fall Leaves Embroidery Hoop Art

You can easily embroider the lovely flower petal on your selected fabric items using the embroidery hoop and embroidery floss.

This will be a great way to add fun and colors to fabric items. Peek into details of these embroidered fall leaves that will make a great art piece. Full tutorial here catholicsprouts

Easy Embroidered Birdie Card Pattern:

Embroidered Birdie Card Pattern

You can trace first any art on the card or fabric using an art template which can be followed then with tiny holes for embroidery.

A brilliant sample here is this birdie card pattern, embroidered to inspire and will surely make a great gift.

Also, add this embroidered birdie as a cute logo on your favorite t-shirts. Full instructions here lacreatureandyou

How to Embroidered Instagram:

How to Embroidered Instagram
Embroider also your Instagram photos for amazing final touches and also for brilliant 3D depth.

Here an Instagram photo has been embroidered with a sleeping cloud fantasy and is looking great in the final embroidered appeal.

Another excellent and outstanding embroidery project that every beginner can try. Details and free pattern here lovelyindeed

Sours: https://www.diycraftsy.com/free-embroidery-patterns/

Today is the World Bee Day! Bees play such a significant role in ecosystems around the world and rightfully get their own day of celebration. In embroidery, the bee and flowers are such an iconic combination throughout history. As the symbol of diligence, there is much we can learn from this industrious little insect.

In the following collection, you’ll find all the bee-utiful goodness to bee happy all day (sorry, I just HAD to insert these). From embroidery patterns and kits, fabrics, and notions to a wonderful find of hand stitch products, get stitchy and celebrate the day of the bee!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links.

the best of bee hand embroidery

Bee hand embroidery patterns

bumblebee needlepainting pattern by Emillie Ferris

Bumblebee needle painting pattern

This amazing pattern by Emillie Ferris teaches you the basics of needle painting. I have embroidered some of her patterns personally and highly recommend them! This bumblebee pattern is no exception.

floral bee embroidery pattern by floralsandfloss

Floral Bee embroidery pattern

Showing a bee in the meadows doing what bees do, this embroidery pattern conserves a piece of spring for your home. Designed by Floralsandfloss on Etsy.

bee pattern by MaggieJosStudio

Colorful bee pattern

This interpretation of the bee by Maggie Jo’s Studio features some cute textured stitches and florals. Get the pattern here.

bees and butterflies embroidery pattern by Ohsewbootiful

Bees and Butterflies

It doesn’t get more colorful than this, right? With this preprinted fabric with instructions by Ohsewbootiful, you have all the means to stitch up your own bee-utiful meadow.

bee crewelwork embroidery kit by Sarah Homfray

Bee crewelwork pattern

Make your first steps in crewel embroidery with this bee embroidery kit by Sarah Homfray.

bee embroidery kit by jennyblairkits

Bee embroidery kit

The Bee embroidery kit by jennyblairkits features some modern geometric elements.

Bee embroidery supplies

beeswax thread conditioner by snuggly monkey

Beeswax Thread conditioner

Tame your nasty metallic or linen threads with a dose of beeswax. It works wonders! There are a lot of options on Etsy, I like this one from snuggly monkey.

honey bee buttons by pieceful design

Honey bee buttons

Yes, there are honey bee buttons and it is totally ok to use them as an adult. Get them over on Etsy at PiecefulDesign.

yellow bee fabric by swkfabrics

Yellow bumble bee fabric

Caution: cuteness overload! This lovely fabric can be found at SWKfabrics and bee used for all of your bee-utiful bee projects.

bee ribbon by papersandbox

Honey bee ribbon

Add a bit of country chic to your project with this old french style bee ribbon by ThePaperSandbox.

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the best of bee hand embroidery
Sours: https://pumora.com/bee-embroidery-patterns/
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The Top 10 Hand Embroidery Stitches Every Beginner Should Learn

Colorful embroidered stitches

Send a big thank-you to embellished jeans and cheeky throw pillows for making embroidery the latest crafty comeback. Want in? These 10 embroidery stitches for beginners will get you started, and are a great foundation for taking your hoop to the next level.

Good to Know: To see any of these stitches in action, check out our classes Startup Library: Hand Embroidery and Modern Hand Embroidery.

1. Running Stitch

Yellow running stitch

Not to be confused with the running man, the running stitch offers a quick way to outline a design. There are two methods you can use.

The first is the sewing method: Simply weave the needle and floss through the fabric in one continuous motion to create several stitches at once, as if you were sewing a seam.

The second is the “punch and poke” or “stabbing” method: Push the needle through the fabric to the back, then poke it through to the front a short distance away, creating one stitch at a time.

2. Backstitch

Yellow back stitch

The backstitch is great when you need a solid line, like when you’re creating outlines or hand embroidered letters.

Begin by pulling the needle and floss up through the fabric and do one stitch forward. From underneath, space the needle out the length of your desired stitch, pull up through the fabric, and bring the needle and floss back down through the end of the previous stitch.

3. Split Stitch

Women holding yellow split stitch embroidery

Similar to the backstitch, the split stitch creates a solid line, but its braided texture is all its own. This stitch is another good option for text and outlines, but also works well for filling in designs.

To begin, pull your needle and floss up through the fabric and create one straight stitch. With your needle and floss on the underside of your hoop, bring the needle up through the center of the stitch you just created. Stitch forward the same length as your initial stitch. Repeat by bringing the needle up through the center of each stitch.

4. Stem Stitch

Women holding green stem stitch embroidery

This stitch got its name — you guessed it — from being used to create flower stems and vines. But really, it’s a nice option for anything that needs to curve.

Similar to the split stitch, start by creating one straight stitch forward. Then, bring the needle and floss up underneath the fabric, but instead of going through the center of your initial stitch, go just to the side of the stitch.

5. Satin Stitch

Yellow satin stitch square

When you’re creating hearts or filling in leaves, it’s likely you want the design to have a smooth appearance. That’s where this stitch comes in. It adds a nice raised texture, and gets the job done super fast.

First, draw out the shape you want to fill to use as a guide. With your needle and floss, create one stitch that extends from one end of the shape to the other.

Bring the needle up again just next to the opposite side of the initial stitch. Keep the stitches close to one another, as required to fill the pattern or design you are working with.

6. French Knots

French knot embroidery

This decorative stitch makes a pretty accent design throughout your project, and you’ll even need two hands to pull it off. But don’t worry, it’s not tough! First, bring the needle and floss up through the fabric. Then wrap the floss around the needle twice. Hold the end of the floss taut and bring the needle down just next to the space where it came through the fabric.

Keep holding the floss taut as you pull the needle through. You can vary the size of your French knots by wrapping the floss around the needle anywhere between one and three times.

7. Chain Stitch

Women holding blue chain stitch embroidery

This stitch may look complicated, but with some practice we pinky promise you’ll get it. It’s another one that’s great for an outline, or the frame around a patterned design.

First, pull your needle and floss up through the fabric, then insert it going down right beside where you first came up. Don’t pull the floss all the way through the fabric; allow it to form a loop. Bring the needle up through that loop (this tethers it from being pulled all the way through the fabric) and pull.

To make the next chain stitch, place the needle either directly in the hole you just stitched, or close to it, and pull through to create another loop. Again, don’t pull the floss completely through the fabric. Pull the needle up through the loop to tether it and pull.

Repeat the steps to continue the chain. When you reach the end, create a small stitch over the loop to secure it.

8. Lazy Daisy

Lazy daisy purple embroidery

This variation of the chain stitch is often referred to as the “detached chain stitch” or “lazy daisy.” Why? Instead of continuing the chain, you make a small stitch just over the end of the loop to create what looks like a daisy petal.

Just like the chain stitch, take your needle and floss and create a stitch, but before you pull the floss all the way through the fabric, allow it to form a loop. Bring the needle up through that loop in order to tether it from being pulled all the way through the fabric.

Create a small stitch over the top of the loop. Space out the next loop or use the stitch to create a daisy. Continue as desired.

9. Feather Stitch

Green feather stitch

Another way to riff off the chain stitch is the feather stitch, which uses the second stitch to anchor the loop of the previous one. This particular chain variation works well when you want to cover more space.

Start by bringing the needle and floss up through the fabric and creating a straight stitch. Don’t pull the floss all the way through; allow a loop to form and bring the needle up through that loop.

Space the next stitch over in the opposite direction from the previous stitch. Create another loop by not allowing the floss to go completely through the fabric. Pull the needle up through the loop and repeat on the opposite side.

10. Seed Stitch

Blue seed stitch embroidery

Imagine tossing the contents of a seed packet into the air and watching the seeds fall randomly on the ground. That’s what the seed stitch looks like, and it’s a great filler stitch.


To do it, bring the needle and floss up through the fabric and create a short, straight stitch. Bring the needle and floss up through the fabric again in a different angle. Continue until you have a filled area. Depending how close or far you space out your seed stitches, you can create a wide fill or layers of floss that appear to have dimension.

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, you’re pretty much ready for anything — including amazing fashion pieces.

Sours: https://www.craftsy.com/post/hand-embroidery-stitches/

I love hand embroidery so much, that I’ve designed several free embroidery patterns for you to download.  I decided to gather them all in one post, so you can easily find the patterns that I offer for free.  There are over 20 of them.  So many great ones to choose from!  Just click the link above each of the photos, and you’ll get instructions to access my free embroidery pattern library.  Make sure to check out my shop for more beautiful embroidery patterns and my embroidery eBook.  If you need help with any of the stitches, I have video guides on my embroidery stitches guide page.

20+ Free Embroidery Patterns

20+ Free Embroidery Patterns

Red Flowers Embroidery Design

Free Embroidery Design - Red Flowers

Sloth Easy Embroidery Pattern

Free Embroidery Pattern - Sloth

Baby Embroidery Pattern

Embroidery Designs Free Download - Baby Embroidery Pattern

Floral Wreath Embroidery Pattern

Free Embroidery Pattern to Download - Floral Wreath

Embroidered Christmas Ornament Bicycle

Free Christmas Embroidery Pattern - Bicycle Ornament

“You Are Enough” Hand Embroidered Quote

Free Embroidery Patterns - Hand Embroidered Quote

Christmas Embroidery Pattern Ornament

Christmas Ornament Embroidery

DIY Denim Jacket with Embroidery

Free Embroidery Design for Denim Jacket

Free Thanksgiving Embroidery Pattern

Free Embroidery Patterns - Thanksgiving

Succulent Embroidery on Canvas

Free succulent embroidery pattern

Free Embroidery Sampler Pattern – Includes Video Stitch-Along

Free Embroidery Patterns - Embroidery Sampler

Free Hand Embroidery Necklace Patterns

Free Embroidery Patterns - Necklaces

Cross Stitch Rose Burlap Bag

Free Embroidery Patterns - Cross Stitch Roses

Mini Embroidery Hoops with Free Patterns

Free Mini Hoop Embroidery Patterns

Heart Flower Embroidery Design

Free Embroidery Patterns - Floral Heart

Floral Name Embroidery Hoop Pattern –  Includes Video Stitch-Along

Free Embroidery Patterns - Baby Name

“Without Rain” Free Hand Embroidery Design

Free Embroidery Patterns - Without Rain

Flamingo and Peacock Embroidery Pattern

Free Embroidery Patterns - Flamingo and Peacock

Free Embroidery Design – “Choose to Believe”

Free Embroidery Patterns - Choose to Believe

Blue Floral Embroidery Pattern

Free Embroidery Patterns - Blue Floral

Floral Unicorn Embroidery Pattern –  Includes Video Stitch-Along

Free Embroidery Patterns - Floral Unicorn

Mermaid Embroidery Hoop Pattern

Free Embroidery Patterns - Mermaid

Fairy Tale Hand Embroidery Designs

Free Embroidery Patterns - Fairy Tales

Embroidered Sewing Pouch

Free Sewing Embroidery Pattern

Embroidered Doily Dreamcatcher Tutorial

Embroidered Dream Catcher Embroidery Pattern

Embroidered Initial Necklace Tutorial

Initial Necklace Embroidery Pattern

Butterfly Embroidery Hoop on Mesh

Free Embroidery Patterns - Butterflies

Bloom Hand Embroidery Pattern –  Includes Video Stitch-Along

Free Embroidery Patterns - Bloom

Fall Leaf Embroidery Pattern

Free Embroidery Patterns - Fall Leaf

Haunted House Halloween Embroidery

Free Embroidery Patterns - Halloween

DIY Magnets with Small Flower Embroidery Patterns

Free Embroidery Patterns - Flower Magnets

Home Sweet Home Trailer Embroidery Hoop

Free Embroidery Patterns - Trailer

Easter Bunny Embroidery Hoop

Free Embroidery Patterns - Bunny

Free Embroidery Hoop Art Patterns

Free Embroidery Patterns - Rainbow

Shark and Fairy Embroidery Patterns

Free Embroidery Patterns - Fairy

Hope you find something you like from these free embroidery patterns.  I’m so happy that I get to share my love for embroidery with all of you!  If you are new to embroidery, make sure to check out my How to Embroider for Beginners series.  It’s full of some really great tips and embroidery videos.  A really great resource for anyone who likes to embroider or wants to learn how.  To see all of my hand embroidery designs, click here.

Always feel free to change the colors and make them your own.  I’d love to see your work, if you use one of my free embroidery patterns!  Post your pics on Instagram and tag @cutesy_crafts and use hashtag #cutesycrafts.

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25 Easy Embroidery Projects For Beginners With Free Patterns

Embroidery Pattern Collage
Embroidery Pattern Collage
Embroidery Pattern Collage
Embroidery Pattern Collage
Embroidery Pattern Collage
Embroidery Pattern Collage

Have you ever marveled over the beauty of an embroidered pillow? How about a t-shirt that has a custom message that was done in embroidery? Now, have you ever wished that you could do that, too? Well, now you can. If you have been wanting to try embroidery, which is a beautiful way to decorate by the way, I’ve found 25 of the easiest patterns to get you started. All of these are perfect for teaching you how to embroider and you can use the patterns to create so many beautiful things.

25 Easy Embroidery Projects For Beginners With Free PatternsFrom pillow cases and bibs to wall décor, you’re going to love how versatile these patterns are and what you can create from them. Embroidery is an art that uses an embroidery hoop, thread and a needle to create marvelous images. If you have ever wanted to be able to personalize gifts or customize your own handbags, clothing or other items, now is the time to learn embroidery. And speaking of personalizing gifts, I’ve got a great collection of 25 hand sewn gifts with free patterns that you simply have to see.

Embroidery can be used to add décor to just about anything and it’s a really easy craft once you get the hang of it. You can use these patterns to make beautiful quilts, baby bibs, t-shirts or just about anything you want. And, if you want to add some embroidery to a homemade accent pillow, I’ve got a list of 30 DIY accent pillows that would be perfect for adding your embroidered touch. So, whether you’re looking for a new hobby or craft or you want to create beautiful new things to give to family and friends this holiday season, I’ll show you 25 really easy beginner embroidery patterns that will get you started.

1. Embroidery Heart Sampler

Embroidery Heart SamplerI love this heart that is done in so many different embroidery stitches. This is perfect for decorating towels or anything you want, really. It’s also a great pattern for learning the different stitches, because you use so many in creating it. If you have never embroidered before, I strongly recommend trying out this heart to get used to the different stitches to use in other patterns.

Tutorial/Pattern: adventures-in-making

2. Holiday Santa Embroidery Pattern

Holiday Santa Embroidery PatternI love this Santa silhouette pattern. It’s really easy to embroider and perfect for making your own DIY Christmas ornaments. You could also fill this one in if you wanted and really dress it up. The pattern is so easy and leaves you plenty of room to customize if you want. You could also do this one on towels or other materials and turn it into a wonderful DIY Christmas gift.

Tutorial/Pattern: birdbraindesigns

3. Lovely Spring Bouquet Embroidery Pattern

Lovely Spring Bouquet Embroidery PatternThis lovely spring bouquet is so easy to embroider. You can choose the colors that you want to create this one, so it’s perfect for adding as home décor – you can match up the colors of your existing décor. This one won’t take you long at all to finish. You could even turn it into pillow cases or kitchen towels to give as holiday gifts and have them finished in a weekend.

Tutorial/Pattern: downgrapevinelane

4. Bee Happy Embroidery Sample

Bee Happy Embroidery SampleThis little bee picture is made with many different stitches, so it’s a great first project. You’ll learn the straight stitch as well as a sating stitch, French knot, lazy daisy and so many others. By the time you finish this bee pattern, you’ll practically be an embroidery expert and be able to take on more complicated patterns.

Tutorial/Pattern: followthewhitebunny

5. Easy Beginner’s Bee Embroidery Pattern

Easy Beginner’s Bee Embroidery PatternThis little busy bee is so easy to embroider and he’s perfect for decorating any number of things from kitchen towels to clothing for babies. This one is so very simple and only uses a minimal amount of embroidery thread. You can honestly have this one done in an hour or so, even if it’s your very first embroidery project.

Tutorial/Pattern: beeskneesindustries

6. Easy Vegetable Garden Embroidery Sampler

Easy Vegetable Garden Embroidery SamplerI love how easy these samplers are to embroider and this vegetable garden one is no different. It’s super easy to set up and you can try different stitches to create your veggies. Samplers are the perfect way to get really comfortable with embroidery because they allow you to be as versatile as you want. This veggie pattern is great for hanging in the kitchen when it’s finished or you could easily do this on a set of kitchen towels.

Tutorial/Pattern: thespruce

7. Easy Arrow Embroidery Pattern

Easy Arrow Embroidery PatternThese little arrows are super easy to embroider and the pattern in general is an easy one for beginners. You just choose different colors and practice your stitches by making multiple arrows on your material. You can then use your arrows in any number of decorating projects from little boy’s room décor to pillow cases and so much more.

Tutorial/Pattern: craftfoxes

8. Sweet Posies Embroidery Pattern

Sweet Posies Embroidery PatternThese little posies are so easy to embroider and they are perfect for decorating. You use a number of different colors to make these and you can transition them to a holiday pattern by simply using more reds and greens. Or, make this a spring pattern by using bright colors. This one is so versatile and the stitches are super easy to do.

Tutorial/Pattern: sewmamasew

9. Fall Leaf Embroidery Pattern

Fall Leaf Embroidery PatternUse these fall leaves to decorate your home for Thanksgiving! They’re so easy that you can get a number of them finished before the holidays and the pattern is really easy to follow. The leaves are gorgeous and you can change them up by simply using different colors when you stitch them. If you want a really simple beginner project that doubles as DIY fall décor, this is it.

Tutorial/Pattern: cutesycrafts

10. Beginner’s Floral Embroidery Design

Beginner’s Floral Embroidery DesignThis floral design is so lovely and it has a very inspirational quote…that you also embroider. You can get the pattern in two different sizes and it is simple filled with lovely flowers, that are much easier to create than you may think. This would make beautiful wall art when it is finished or you could turn it into a t-shirt, tote bag or a tapestry to give as a gift to inspire someone special.

Tutorial/Pattern: dabblesandbabbles

11. Love Without Reason Pattern

Love Without Reason PatternI love this pattern partly because of its message and party because it is so quick and easy to do. This is gorgeous when it’s finished and is perfect for gift giving or adding to your own home décor. Frame it or just hang it in the embroidery hoop when you finish it – the colors are perfect for just about any décor and the message is so inspirational.

Tutorial/Pattern: downgrapevinelane

12. Personalized Embroidered Drink Sleeve

Personalized Embroidered Drink SleeveThis little embroidery project is so quick and easy to finish and you end up with a lovely gift to give to teachers for the holidays. It’s a pencil drink sleeve and you can embroider their names right on the sleeve. The pattern is so very easy and honestly, you can have these finished in about an hour or so, so you have time before the holidays to personalize a drink sleeve for all of your kids’ teachers.

Tutorial/Pattern: findingpinsandneedles

13. Reverse Monogram Embroidery Pattern

Reverse Monogram Embroidery PatternThese monograms are great for decorating or gift giving and they are really easy to do. You need to know the back stitch, but that’s an easy one to learn. Honestly, as detailed as they are, these aren’t nearly as complicated to make as you would think. You can easily finish one up in a weekend or faster if you catch on really quickly. You print off your own template for this one and then just embroider around it.

Tutorial/Pattern: flaxandtwine

14. Easy Garden Path Sampler

Easy Garden Path SamplerThis garden path sampler is perfect for creating embroidered art for garden lovers. Plus, this teaches you how to do the granito stitch which is really simple and the perfect way to make open petals. It’s an alternative to the lazy daisy stitch and can be used in so many things from flowers to making animal eyes. This garden path sampler will only take you a few hours to complete and you can fill it in with various other stitches for practice.

Tutorial/Pattern: andstitches

15. Valentine Heart Embroidery Pattern

Valentine Heart Embroidery PatternOkay, so it’s not Valentine’s Day, but it soon will be so this heart embroidery pattern is a good one to try. You use a template for your embroidered design and you use those designs to make the most adorable heart shaped pillow. Kids are going to love this or you can use it as an accent pillow in the living room or bedroom. The stitches and pattern are super easy to follow, too.

Tutorial/Pattern: gidsyandjo

16. Beginner Mod Embroidery Sampler Pattern

Beginner Mod Embroidery Sampler PatternThis little pattern uses a number of stitches and is perfect for beginners who need to practice. It makes an adorable square embroidery when it’s finished and is really fast to work up. It’s great for adding some fall coloring to your home – just use orange, brown, red and yellow embroidery thread and stitch away!

Tutorial/Pattern: thestitchupblog

17. DIY Springtime Stitches Embroidery Sampler

DIY Springtime Stitches Embroidery SamplerI love sampler patterns for learning all of the different stitches required to make something beautiful. This springtime sampler gives you the opportunity to learn so many different stitches and when you’re finished, you have a lovely springtime piece to decorate your home. This one is so colorful and the stitches are really easy to learn. Use bright colors to add this to your floral décor for summer.

Tutorial/Pattern: bobbypinbandit

18. Easy DIY Hand Embroidered Cards

Easy DIY Hand Embroidered CardsThese hand embroidered cards are perfect for just about any occasion and they all display a lovely fruit silhouette. The embroidery is super easy to do and each card should only take you a few minutes to complete. You can actually do any design that you want – even make holiday cards, because you draw in the image yourself. Then just fill it in with embroidery threads in appropriate colors. These are much easier to make than they look and will give you wonderful homemade cards to hand out.

Tutorial/Pattern: mrhandsomeface

19. DIY Embroidered Wool Scarf

DIY Embroidered Wool ScarfIf you are looking for an embroidery project that gives you a lovely gift to give, this embroidered wool scarf with its feather stitching is perfect. Not only is this a gorgeous scarf when it’s finished, it is super easy to make and you can have it finished in a weekend. The straight stitches on the front of the scarf have a herringbone look on the back, so you could totally make this a reversible piece.

Tutorial/Pattern: craftfoxes

20. Easy DIY Garden Sampler Embroidery Pattern

Easy DIY Garden Sampler Embroidery PatternThis garden pattern has so many different flowers and it is the perfect pattern to use for practice on your various embroidery stitches. You use basic stitches like the lazy daisy stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch and French knot, but you can also add in other stitches if you need practice with them. This one is really versatile and makes a lovely wall hanging when it is finished.

Tutorial/Pattern: sewmamasew

21. Sampler Turtle Embroidery Pattern

Sampler Turtle Embroidery PatternThis sampler turtle also uses a number of different stitches and you can add your own for practice. The designs can be done in many different ways. You start with a basic outline and hen embroidery the lines within the shell in any stitch that you prefer, or any stitch where you may need a bit of extra practice. Turn this little turtle into an adorable wall hanging or stitch him right onto a t-shirt or pillow case.

Tutorial/Pattern: thespruce

22. Ice Cream Cone Mandala Sampler

Ice Cream Cone Mandala SamplerHere is another super easy embroidery pattern and one that allows you to try out different stitches. This ice cream cone mandala is adorable when it is finished and it is much easier to stitch than it looks. You can do this in any size that you want, just adjust the template when you download it. You use the back stitch on this one as well as the stem stitch, split stitch and seed stitch, but you can totally add in your own stitches to make it more unique.

Tutorial/Pattern: thespruce

23. Easy Chicken Scratch Heart Pattern

Easy Chicken Scratch Heart PatternChicken scratch or Amish embroidery is my favorite of all stitches and it is one of the easiest to do. It creates such a beautiful look, almost like lace when it’s done right. This heart sample uses chicken scratch, which you do on gingham fabric, and makes an absolutely gorgeous piece when it’s finished. Chicken scratch is simply making an “X” with your embroidery thread and it gives you the loveliest pieces.

Tutorial/Pattern: rabbitgirlcrafts

24. Embroidered Heart Ornament

Embroidered Heart OrnamentIf you want to create your own Christmas ornaments, this embroidered heart is a great pattern to try. You could do this one in any number of different colors or stick with traditional red and green. This is a hardanger pattern which is much easier to embroider than it looks. It makes a stunning DIY ornament that you can hang on your tree or gift away as a gift.

Tutorial/Pattern: madetotreasure

25. Cute Donut Embroidery Pattern

I love the cuteness of this donut pattern and this one is super easy to embroider. How adorable would this be on an apron? This one is actually on a zippered pouch, which you can make yourself, or you can just use the embroidery pattern to transfer this to just about anything you want. This would be so cute on a little girl’s dress, don’t you think?

Tutorial/Pattern: flamingotoes

Sours: https://www.diyncrafts.com/31694/crafts/25-easy-embroidery-projects-for-beginners-with-free-patterns
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