Dodge 230 flathead

Dodge 230 flathead DEFAULT

Dodge 230 flathead

Street hop-up of a flathead 230 6 cylinder Dodge engine that I built. Customer just installed in his highly modified Power Wagon. Engine features the following:
- Montana Vintage Speed Gen II Edgy head
- 9:1 compression
- Montana Vintage Speed Boy Racer cam and lifter grind
- Oversize stainless Manley valves with undercut stems and backcut
- My HP valve springs
- Custom forged Ross pistons with a modern thin moly ring pack
- Torque plate honed
- Crank rod throws indexed and strokes equalized
- Rods polished, bored to equal length, and custom solid pin bushings installed
- Port, guide, and seat work based on our world record landspeed engines
- ARP main and head stud kits. ARP rod bolts and flywheel bolts
- Entire rotating assembly weight matched and balaced
- Full flow oil filtration
- Oil pump clearances tightened up. ARP bolts installed.
- My higher pressure bypass spring
- Distributor rebuilt and recurved (to match engine modifications) by Advanced Distributors
- MSD ignition
- Two Daytona UN2 carburetors (Zenith re-pops) on an Offenhauser manifold
- Langdon's tubular iron dual exhaust manifolds
- Super Strong magnetic drain plug machined by my daughter

Back230 Cubic inch Flat Head Six, also known as L-head. 

The 230ci Flat Head Six had a long run in Dodge trucks and cars, it was used as far back as the early 40's as a truck motor, and when the big trucks went to the longer 251 style block, cars got the 230. By 1961 it was all over, most cars and trucks used OHV slant sixes, but as a friend of mine always says, OHV are a passing FAD!

The 230ci flat head six was used from at least 1946 until 1960 in Dodge trucks, though up to 1955 it was only used in the 1 tons, and bigger. The lighter duty trucks used the 218ci flat head six from the early 40s, until 1955. The 230 and the 218 are very similar motors, the main difference being the stroke, if you put a 230 crank and rods into a 218, you will have a 230. Now if you were a flat head expert, you could tell the difference between the 230, and the 218 from small clues on the engines, but for the purpose of this webpage, I will consider them the same for description purposes.

 How to ID a 230ci flat head

A 230ci flat head has a 23" long head, unlike the 265/251 which has a 25" long head. Post war Flat Heads generally have the build date cast in just below the distributor, so if your motor is dated after 1955 and has a 23" long head, then it is most likely a 230ci motor. The numbers listed below are a good beginning guide, but as the 23" long block was used for so many years, in so many applications, I do not have a comprehensive listing yet.

If you have any info to share on flat head engine numbers, I would be interested in hearing it, as I would like to create a database off a flat head engine numbers, so a person could figure out what their engine came from if it is not the original one.

 Engine numbers

I have done some research on flat head six engine numbers, and I have found some funny things, first, the factory manuals, and the Dodge Truck books that have been written in the last few years all use the same numbering system to tell you what year, and model of truck a motor came from.

This makes sense, as the newer books used the original literature as reference material. I got my information a different way, I went out into the field, and looked at actual trucks. I checked the engine number, compared it to what the books said, and when it did not match I went looking for a reason. Sometimes the engine had been replaced, but I kept getting to many numbers that did not match the books, and yet matched several other trucks of the same year.

For example, the books claim that a 1959 W100 with a 230ci flat head six should have the following number on the engine:

M6 W1-1001 (1001 is the starting number, it would count up from there)

I have found that ALL the 59 Dodge trucks, D100-D300, and W100-W200 equipped with the 230ci flat head six that I have checked, have the following number:

M23 1001 (1001 is the starting number, it would count up from there)

When I also found the 58s that I checked had L23 1001 I figured I was on to something!

So I started to check every 230ci flat head I could find in a 57-60 truck, and I kept finding the same numbers over and over again.

Below I have a chart of what I have found so far.
 What the books claimWhat I have found in the field.
W100T500 1001
W200T502 1001
D100T534 1001
D200T536 1001
D300T538 1001
I do not have enough information for 57 flat heads yet. Please send in your info!
W100L6 W1 1001
W200L6 W2 1001
D100L6DL L01001
D200L6D2 L01001
D300L6D3 L01001

All 230 equipped trucks, D100-D300, and W100-W200.

L23 1001

W100M6 W1 1001
W200M6 W2 1001
D100M6D1 L01001

M6D2 L01001

D300M6D3 L01001

All 230 equipped trucks, D100-D300, and W100-W200.

M23 1001


All 230 equipped trucks,

TP 23 8 3 1001

The number breaks down as T=Truck, P= P series, 23=230ci, 8=Month made, 3= day made, 1001=sequential serial number.

I do not have enough info for 1960 yet, the two motors I have checked that were original did follow the pattern from the books, but did not have a sequential serial number.
Now that you have seen the numbers, and learned about what the numbers are supposed to be, and what I have found the numbers to actually be, you will want to go check your own engine. Look at the pictures below to find your number. The red arrow shows the location of the engine number, this is on the drivers side of the block, 3-4 inches back from the front of the block, just below the head. Above you can see the engine number, TP23 (a bunch of junk) I *I8 This means a 1960 Dodge truck motor made on January 18th if the books can be believed. I am always looking for more information on flat head six engine numbers, so if you have a 57-60 Dodge truck with a 230ci flat head six, please check your number and E-mail me at [email protected] Thanks!Back
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Chrysler Dodge 3.8 230 Restoration Long Block 1934-1960 FLATHEAD


This MABBCO® Restoration Long Block is for a Chrysler Dodge 230 3.8 motor, model years 1934-1960.  This block is identifiable by its Flathead design.

Custom rebuild only.  This MABBCO® Restoration Long Block includes NEW pistons, piston rings, rod bearings, main bearings, cam bearings, timing set, valves, and valve springs.  This MABBCO® Restoration Long Block includes inspecting and resurfacing of the cylinder head (cylinder head not torqued on block see photo).  MABBCO® Restoration Long Blocks are Spin Tested on a Computerized Engine test stand for proper oil pressure and valve train operation.   

Due to the age of the products being restored,  MABBCO® Restoration Long Blocks carry NO WARRANTY express or implied.


Chrysler flathead engine

DisplacementYearsHorsepowerApplicationsBoreStroke 201 cu in (3,301 cc)1924-192568Chrysler B-70 Six3 in (76.2 mm)4+3⁄4 in (120.7 mm) 289 cu in (4,730 cc)192692Chrysler Series E-803+1⁄2 in (88.9 mm)5 in (127.0 mm) 1927-192892Chrysler Series 80 219 cu in (3,582 cc)192668Chrysler Model G-703+1⁄8 in (79.4 mm)4+3⁄4 in (120.7 mm) 192768Chrysler Series 70 193075Chrysler Series 70 (early) 193068Chrysler Series 66 (late) 193168Chrysler Series 66 180 cu in (2,954 cc)192754Chrysler Series 603 in (76.2 mm)4+1⁄4 in (108.0 mm) 192854 (std.)
60 (opt.)Chrysler Series 62 175 cu in (2,867 cc)192955DeSoto Series K4+1⁄8 in (104.8 mm) 193057DeSoto Series K 1932n/aChrysler Richmond (CIX; UK only) 1933n/aChrysler Richmond (COX; UK only) 190 cu in (3,111 cc)1930-193261Dodge Series DD3+1⁄8 in (79.4 mm) 193370Dodge Series DQ (CDN/export) 1930-193160DeSoto Series CK 193370 (std.)
76 (opt.)Plymouth PC/PCXX/PD 161 cu in (2,633 cc)1930n/aDeSoto Series CK (UK)2+7⁄8 in (73.0 mm) 1930n/aDodge Series DD (UK)[5]1931-1932n/aDeSoto Series SAX (export, late cars sold as "Chrysler Light Six")[6]1933n/aPlymouth PC/PD/Chrysler Kew/Wimbledon (export models, 651 built)[7]196 cu in (3,205 cc)192965 (std.)
72 (opt.)Chrysler Series 653+1⁄8 in (79.4 mm)4+1⁄4 in (108.0 mm) 193062Chrysler Series 66 (until Feb. 1930, longer in UK) 1930-193162Chrysler Series CJ 201 cu in (3,299 cc)1938n/aPlymouth P5/P6 (Canada-made, late introduction)3+3⁄8 in (85.7 mm)3+3⁄4 in (95.3 mm) 1938n/aDodge Series D9/D10 (Canada-made, late introduction) 1939n/aPlymouth P7/P8 (Canada-made) 1939n/aDodge Series D12/D13 (Canada-made) 201 cu in (3,299 cc)193375 (std.)
81 (opt.)Dodge Series DP3+1⁄8 in (79.4 mm)4+3⁄8 in (111.1 mm) 193477Dodge Series DT (CDN/export) 77 (std.)
82 (opt.)Plymouth PE/PF/PFXX/PG
Chrysler Wimbledon (UK) 193582Dodge Series DV/DV-6 (CDN/export) Plymouth Model PJ
Chrysler Wimbledon (UK) 193682Dodge Series D-3/D-4 (CDN/export) Plymouth P1/P2
Chrysler Wimbledon (UK) 193782Dodge Series D6/D7 (CDN/export) 82 (std.)
65 (Economy)Plymouth P3/P4
Chrysler Kew/Wimbledon (UK) 70Plymouth PT50 (commercials) 193882Dodge Series D9/D10 (CDN/export) 82 (std.)
65 (Economy)
86 (opt.)Plymouth P5/P6
Chrysler Kew/Wimbledon (UK) 70Plymouth PT57 (commercials) 193982Dodge Series D12/D13 (export) 82 (std.)
86 (opt.)Plymouth P7/P8
Chrysler Kew/Wimbledon (UK) 70Plymouth PT81 (commercials) 194084 (std.)
87 (opt.)Plymouth P9/P10 79Plymouth PT105 (commercials) 194187 (std.)
92 (opt.)Plymouth P11/P12 82Plymouth PT125 (commercials) 170 cu in (2,793 cc)1931n/aDodge Series DH (UK)[5]2+7⁄8 in (73.0 mm) 1931-1932n/aChrysler CMX (UK, from Aug. 1931) 1932-1933n/aDeSoto SCX/Chrysler Mortlake (UK) 1933n/aDeSoto SDX/Chrysler Wimbledon (UK) 1933n/aDodge Series DP Victory (UK) 1934n/aDodge Series DR Victory (UK) 1934n/aPlymouth PE/PF (export models)[8]
Chrysler Kew/Wimbledon (UK) 1935n/aDodge Series DU Victory (UK) 1935n/aPlymouth PJ (export models, 754 built)
Chrysler Kew (UK) 1936n/aDodge Series D-2 Victory (UK) 1936n/aPlymouth P1/P2 (export models, 661 built plus 35 Dodge D-3/D-4)
Chrysler Kew (UK) 1937n/aPlymouth P3/P4 (export models, 657 built plus 39 Dodge D6)
Chrysler Kew (UK) 1938n/aPlymouth P5/P6 (export models)
81 Dodge D9X, a D8X appears in parts manuals)
Chrysler Kew (UK) 1939n/aPlymouth P7/P8 (export models, 273 built plus 38 Dodge D12 and some DeSoto-badged P8s)
Chrysler Kew (UK) 194070Plymouth P9 (export models, one built) 205 cu in (3,365 cc)1931-193267DeSoto Series SA3+1⁄4 in (82.6 mm)4+1⁄8 in (104.8 mm) 208 cu in (3,409 cc)192858Dodge Standard Six (140/141/J)3+3⁄8 in (85.7 mm)3+7⁄8 in (98.4 mm) 1929-193063Dodge Series DA 212 cu in (3,467 cc)193168Dodge Series DH3+1⁄4 in (82.6 mm)4+1⁄4 in (108.0 mm) 193274Dodge Series DH 218 cu in (3,568 cc)193178Chrysler Series CM-64+3⁄8 in (111.1 mm) 193278Chrysler Series CM-6 193275DeSoto Series SC 193279Dodge Series DL 193382DeSoto S-All 193482Dodge Series DR/DRXX 87Dodge Series DR (opt.)/DS (std.) 193587Dodge Series DU 193687Dodge Series D2 193787Dodge Series D5193887Dodge Series D8193987Dodge Series D11/D11S 194087Dodge Series D14/D17
Dodge Series D15 (US-made for export) 194191Dodge Series D19
Dodge Series D20 (US-made for export) 194295Plymouth S-All 194295Dodge Series D23 (US-made for export) 1946-194995Plymouth S-All 194997Plymouth S-All 195097Plymouth S-All 195197Plymouth S-All 195297Plymouth S-All 1953100Plymouth S-All 1954100Plymouth S-All (Early) 218 cu in (3,573 cc)1939n/aDodge D11 (Canada-made)3+3⁄8 in (85.7 mm)4+1⁄16 in (103.2 mm) 194084.25Dodge Series D14/D15 (Canada-made) 1940n/aPlymouth P9/P10 (Canada-made) 194188Dodge Series D20/D21 (Canada-made) 194188Plymouth P11/P12 (Canada-made) 194295Dodge Series D23 (Canada-made) 194288Plymouth P14 (Canada-made) 224 cu in (3,671 cc)192860Dodge Senior Six (Series 2249)3+1⁄4 in (82.6 mm)4+1⁄2 in (114.3 mm) 192868Dodge Senior Six (Series 2251/2252) 193282Chrysler Series CI
Chrysler Kingston (UK) 193383 (std.)
89 (opt.)Chrysler Series CO
Chrysler Kingston (UK) 228 cu in (3,738 cc)193793DeSoto Series S-3
Chrysler Richmond (UK; 1937-1938)3+3⁄8 in (85.7 mm)4+1⁄4 in (108.0 mm) 193793 (std.)
100 (opt.)Chrysler Series C-16193893 (std.)
100 (opt.)DeSoto Series S-5 1939DeSoto Series S-6 1940100 (std.)
105 (opt.)DeSoto Series S-7 1941100
110DeSoto Series S-8 DeLuxe
DeSoto Series S-8 Custom
DeSoto Series S-8 (optional) 230 cu in (3,772 cc)1942105Dodge Series D223+1⁄4 in (82.6 mm)4+5⁄8 in (117.5 mm) 1946-1949102Dodge S-All 1949103Dodge S-All 1950103Dodge S-All 1951103Dodge S-All 1952103Dodge S-All 1953103Dodge S-D-46, D-47 1954110Plymouth S-All (from February 26[9]) 1954110Dodge S-All I-6 1955117Plymouth S-All I-6 1955123Dodge S-Coronet I-6 1956125Plymouth S-all exc Fury, Belvedere cvt 1956131Plymouth O-all exc Fury, Belvedere cvt 1956131Dodge S-Coronet I-6 1957-1958115Chrysler Royal/Chrysler Plainsman AP1 (AUS-made) 1957132Plymouth S-All exc Fury, Belvedere, cvt 1957138Dodge S-Coronet I-6 1958132Plymouth S-All exc Fury, Belvedere cvt 1958138Dodge S-Coronet I-6 1959132Plymouth S-Savoy, Belvedere, Suburban exc. Custom 9P, Fury, Sport Fury 1959138Dodge S-Coronet I-6 237 cu in (3,878 cc)1942115DeSoto Series S-103+7⁄16 in (87.3 mm)4+1⁄4 in (108.0 mm) 1946-1949109DeSoto S-All 1949112DeSoto S-All 1950112DeSoto S-All 242 cu in (3,958 cc)192978Dodge Series S3+3⁄8 in (85.7 mm)4+1⁄2 in (114.3 mm) 193078Dodge Series DB 1934100DeSoto Series SE (aka Chrysler CY/Croydon, until 1936 in UK) 193493 (std.)
100 (opt.)Chrysler Series CA/CB 193593DeSoto Series SF 100DeSoto Series SG 1935100Chrysler O-C-6 193593Chrysler S-C-6 193693DeSoto Airstream Series S-1 100DeSoto Airflow Series S-2 193693 (std.)
100 (opt.)Chrysler Series C-7 193895 (std.)
102 (opt.)Chrysler Series C-18 1939100 (std.)
107 (opt.)Chrysler Series C-22 1940108 (std.)
112 (opt.)Chrysler Royal/Windsor1941108
115 (opt.)Chrysler Royal
Chrysler Windsor
Chrysler Royal/Windsor 249 cu in (4,078 cc)192875 (std.)
85 (opt.)Chrysler Series 723+1⁄4 in (82.6 mm)5 in (127.0 mm) 192975 (std.)
84 (opt.)Chrysler Series 75 251 cu in (4,106 cc)1942120Chrysler Royal/Windsor (C-34)3+7⁄16 in (87.3 mm)4+1⁄2 in (114.3 mm) 1946-1949114Chrysler Royal/Windsor (C38) 1949116Chrysler Royal/Windsor (C45) 1950116Chrysler Royal/Windsor (C48) 1951-1952116DeSoto Deluxe/Custom (S15) 1951116Chrysler Windsor, Deluxe (C51) 1953116DeSoto Powermaster (S18) 1954116DeSoto Powermaster (S20) 1957-1958117Chrysler Royal/Chrysler Plainsman AP1 (AUS-made) 1958-1959117Chrysler Plainsman AP2 (AUS-made) 1958-1960117Chrysler Royal/Chrysler Wayfarer AP2 (AUS-made) 1960-1961117Chrysler Wayfarer AP3 (AUS-made) 1960-1964117Chrysler Royal AP3 (AUS-made) 264.5 cu in (4,334 cc)1952119Chrysler Windsor, Deluxe (C51)3+7⁄16 in (87.3 mm)4+3⁄4 in (120.7 mm) 1953Chrysler Windsor, Deluxe (C60) 1954Chrysler Windsor Deluxe (C62) 268 cu in (4,398 cc)1930-193293Chrysler Series 703+3⁄8 in (85.7 mm)5 in (127.0 mm) 1930Chrysler Series 77 310 cu in (5,074 cc)1928100 (std.)
112 (opt.)Chrysler Imperial Series 80L3+5⁄8 in (92.1 mm) 1929-1930Chrysler Imperial Series L-80

Flathead dodge 230

Dodge – Plymouth 230 Flathead 6 Cylinder Engine

The Dodge 230 inline six engine was first introduced for the 1942 model year and was a continuation of the popular Chrysler flathead 6 series that were first produced in 1933. Chrysler then decided to put all auto manufacturing for the public on hold from 1943 to 1945 as it was busy building trucks and other military equipment during World War II. In 1946 the 230 inline six appeared again in the Dodge lineup and was the only engine that would be used in their automobiles until 1953 when the Dodge 241 came into production.

The 230 inline six continued in the Dodge and Plymouth lineup until the end of 1959 when it was replaced by the Dodge 225 slant six. Like most of the older Chrysler 6 cylinder engines, the 230 was for the most part very reliable even though the horsepower was extremely low.

Engine Specifications

1950 - 1953 with 1 Barrel Carb

Max Brake Horsepower: 103 @ 3600 rpm
Max Torque: 190 @ 1200 rpm
Stroke: 4.625
Bore: 3.25
Compression: 7.0
Firing Order: 153624

1954 with 1 Barrel Carb

Max Brake Horsepower: 110 @ 3600 rpm
Max Torque: 190 @ 1600 rpm
Stroke: 4.625
Bore: 3.25
Compression: 7.25
Firing Order: 153624

1955 with 1 Barrel Carb

Max Brake Horsepower: 123 @ 3600 rpm
Max Torque: 194 @ 1600 rpm
Stroke: 4.625
Bore: 3.25
Compression: 7.4
Firing Order: 153624

1956 with 1 Barrel Carb

Max Brake Horsepower: 131 @ 3800 rpm
Max Torque: 203 @ 2000 rpm
Stroke: 4.625
Bore: 3.25
Compression: 7.6
Firing Order: 153624

1957 - 1958 with 1 Barrel Carb

Max Brake Horsepower: 138 @ 4000 rpm
Max Torque: 208 @ 1600 rpm
Stroke: 4.625
Bore: 3.25
Compression: 8.0
Firing Order: 153624

1959 with 1 Barrel Carb

Max Brake Horsepower: 135 @ 3600 rpm
Max Torque: 205 @ 1200 rpm
Stroke: 4.625
Bore: 3.25
Compression: 8.0
Firing Order: 153624

Plymouth flathead Weber 32/36 conversion

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