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Batman Coloring Pages for Your Children

We all know that Batman is one the superheroes that every kids can recognize. With the bat logo in its chest he flaps his wing in the black suit. Your children will be happy to wear the outfit and to impersonate Batman. If they are tired to flapping the wing it is the time for them to play something relaxing, which is coloring activities. Batman coloring pages give your children to release their agitation in softer way than wandering around and depleting their energy. Batman cartoon coloring pages surely will calm then.

It is easy to color batman. Batman coloring pages explore the dark color such as gray and black because it is his dress code as a superhero. You can also use the picture of its logo which is from the big flashlight that is attached by a picture of bat. Your kid will love coloring him when he tried to save town or when he was in the disguise as Bruce Wayne.

Important Coloring Supplies

Coloring can be hours of fun and creating beautiful works of art is all about being prepared. For a great day of coloring, here is our shortlist of supplies you want to have on hand.

Batman Coloring Pages of His Episodes

Batman coloring pages help our children to understand the chronological order of the story according to the movies. A set of the coloring books usually tells us a story from beginning until it ends. We can give a book full of Batman as the solo superhero because in the start of the story marvel introduced him this way. Later we can give the coloring pages that featuring Robin Hood and we can explain our kids that Robin will always help Batman to fight injustice in Gotham city.

Batman begins coloring pages can be given afterward as it is the following story that happen in the movie as well. The movie that was made by Nolan in 2005 tells about Batman in his childhood age, why he can be the batman. Batman coloring pages in Batman Begins theme will give the same story line with the movie to introduce your children. If they have watched it, it can ring their bells about several significance actions that were captured in the coloring books.

Batman dark knight coloring pages then can be used after they have finished the previous books. The story tells us about the fight between Batman and Joker, his nemesis. It will be a new experience for your children to color the antagonist of the story in the batman coloring pages. You can tell your children that bad people will always exist, not only in the movie but also in the real life. We need to react wisely whenever we encounter them. Physical battle could be one of the ways with the explanation also why we only hit bad people, not the innocent ones.

Batman coloring pages are good resources to teach our children the idea of justice. We can teach our children in a fun way while they are coloring batman in his mobile suit, batman when he fights cat woman, or even when you give your boys a spin off story when Batman meet with other superheroes like Superman and Spiderman. This sure will be a lovely activity for your kids.

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Batman Coloring Pages for Your Children

Written by: Jack Best

Batman Coloring Pages for Your Children

5 / 5 stars

Don’t Forget Your Supplies

Before you go, make sure to quickly buy these must-have coloring supplies. Trust us, your kids with thank you.

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Top 35 Batman Coloring Pages For Your Toddler

Joker and Harley Quinn Colouring Worksheets for KidsJoker and Harley Quinn Huntress With Weapon in Hand Coloring Pages to PrintHuntress With Weapon in Hand

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Batman is a world-famous comic book superhero created by writer Bill Finger and Bob Kane. ‘Batman’ is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, a business tycoon in the US. He dons the avatar of Batman to avenge the death of his parents.

Kids and adults alike love Batman, because unlike other superheroes, he does not rely on some superpower to fight the villains. He uses his detective skills, strong will power, intelligence, advanced technology and martial art skills instead.

Top 25 Batman Coloring Pages For Kids:

Batman coloring sheets are one of the most sought after varieties of coloring sheets. These coloring pages of Batman are extremely popular with young boys as the varied images allow them to stand beside their favorite hero as he battles the villains. Here is a collection of 25 free Batman coloring pages to print and color.

1. Batman:

Batman is the protagonist and titular character of the comic series and film “Batman”.


  • He operates in Gotham city, assisted by his friend Robin, police commissioner Jim Gordon, Batgirl and his butler Alfred Pennyworth.
  • Batman is shown wearing a black costume without any stripes or checks, but you can use your own coloring skills to fill the image neatly and properly.

2. Batman Logo:

Here is a coloring image of the iconic black and yellow Batman Logo. He is also referred to as the “Caped Crusader”, “World’s Greatest Detective” and “The Dark Knight”.

  • The symbol brings together all the attributes that make Batman remarkable.
  • The Batman logo has graced many Hollywood films, comic series and cartoon.

3. Robin:

Dick Grayson, better known as Robin is the friend, second kick and partner of Batman. He is the junior counterpart to the superhero Batman.

  • Robin has blue eyes that are hidden behind a black and white domino mask.
  • His costume consists of green tights, red vest with “R” over his left muscle, a green short-sleeved shirt and a black cape.
  • Here is a coloring image of Robin as seen in “The Batman”.

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4. Joker:

Joker is the most iconic comic book villain ever created. He is the archenemy of Batman.

  • Joker is a psychopath with a sadistic sense of humor. He is portrayed as a criminal mastermind.
  • He moves and fights like a monkey, using his feet as dexterously as his hands. He also hangs from the ceilings and wall.
  • Joker has had a number of origins in these seven decades of publication.
  • The most popular is when he falls into a tank of chemical waste that bleaches his skin white, turns his lips bright red and hair green. This disfigurement drives him insane.
  • He wears purple-sleeved jacket, orange shirt and dark purple leggings.

5. Batgirl:

Barbara Gordon, better known as Batgirl is the female counterpart to Batman. She is the daughter of the police commissioner of the Gotham City.

  • She allies with Batman, Robin and other prominent heroes of the comic series to fight the villains of the Gotham city.
  • She is an excellent athlete, trained in several forms of martial art skill, including kickboxing.
  • She has a utility belt that contains gas grenade, a gas mask, flares, radio, flashlight, and grappling hook with the line, handcuffs and an emergency medical kit.

Her mask lenses are capable of emitting a powerful burst of light that can electrocute anyone tangled in them.

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6. Nightwing:

Nightwing is the secret identity of Dick Grayson, after he gives up the mantle of Robin.

  • He is an acrobat who originally serves Batman as his sidekick Robin and then later became Bruce Wayne’s adopted son.
  • He has also served as Batman during Bruce Wayne’s absence.
  • The costume of Nightwing comes equipped with gloves that store weapons along with detachable utility belt.
  • He also has expandable wings underneath his arms that allow him to glide.

7. Alfred Pennyworth:

Alfred Pennyworth is the butler, assistant, confidant, guardian and the staunchest ally of Bruce Wayne.

  • He was employed as the valet of Bruce after the death of his parents and aided Bruce in his quest to become the Batman.
  • The sarcastic and cynical attitude of Alfred adds humor to the dialogue between himself and Batman, serving as a comic relief in the series.
  • Alfred is the skilled actor who is also proficient with mechanical and computer techniques.
  • Here is a coloring page of Batman and Alfred fixing the Batmobile.

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8. Red Hood:

Red Hood is the anti-hero of the “Batman series.

  • He is a young, street orphan who Batman had caught while he was trying to steal the tires of the Batmobile.
  • Batman then later employed him in place of Robin.
  • Red Hood was murdered by Joker and was resurrected in a damaged state only to be killed again.

9. Ace the Bat-Hound:

Ace the Bat-Hound is a German shepherd who helps Batman and Robin solve several complicated cases. He helped Robin locate a missing child by the power of his acute smell.

  • The dog was originally owned by an engraver named John Wilker.
  • He was found by Batman and Robin while fighting a gang of counterfeiter.
  • He also appears as Bruce’s guard dog and companion in the television series of “Batman”.
  • Here is a coloring page of Ace, wearing a black mask and black cape.

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10. Batwoman:

The Batwoman is a wealthy heir and a former West Point Cadet, who went on to become a superhero in the “Batman” series.

  • She is excellent in martial arts and had once defeated three monsters with ease.
  • Batwoman, just like Batman does not have any superpower.
  • She relies on her martial artistry and Batman-inspired equipment to fight the bad boys of the Gotham City.

11. Cat Woman:

Catwoman (Seline Kyle) is the adversary and love interest of Batman.

  • She was originally an amnesiac flight attendant, who had turned into a criminal after suffering a blow in her head during a plane crash.
  • As an ally to Batman, she assists him against Lex Luthor in the reconstruction of the city.
  • She is a trained athlete and gymnast, excellent in hand-to-hand combat.

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12. The Huntress:

Helena Bertin, the Huntress, is the daughter of a slain mafia family.

  • She serves as an agent of a spy organization, Spyral that works for the Birds of Prey.
  • She gave up crime and took to patrolling the Gotham city as an anti-heroine.
  • Here is a coloring page of this stunning super-heroine.

13. Harley Quinn:

This is a coloring page of Harley Quinn, the super villain in the “Batman” series.

  • She is the accomplice and girlfriend of Joker, the arch villain of Batman.
  • Harley is always seen clad in the manner of a traditional harlequin jester.
  • She is a wicked woman who is immune to most poisons and toxins due to Poison ivy’s injection. She is also trained in the field of psychiatry.

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14. Poison Ivy:

Pamela Isley, also known as Poison Ivy, is one of the most prominent eco-terrorists in the world. She is a charming, clever and a quick-tempered schemer of the “Batman” comic strips.

  • She is a high school student, totally obsessed with plants and nature.
  • This evil, half woman/half plant creature has the ability to control anyone who gets a whiff of her plant hormones “spores”.
  • Poison Ivy wears a one-piece costume covered with leaves, yellow-green stockings, and green high heels.

15. Cassandra Cain:

Cassandra Cain is the Black Bat of the “Batman” series. She was trained by her father from her childhood to become the ultimate martial artist and assassin.

  • She is the leader of the League of Assassin and the adopted daughter of Bruce Wayne.
  • Her brain is trained in such a way that she can read other people’s movement and body language with accuracy.

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16. Bane:

Bane is the escaped convict from an Island prison in South America. He is Batman’s most intelligent and powerful enemy.

  • Bane is best known for breaking Batman’s back in the “Knightfall”, leaving him paraplegic.
  • Bane is an extremely powerful character who develops super strength through several experiments involving the drug Venom.

17. Green Arrow:

Green Arrow is considered one of world’s greatest archers in the DC Universe. He functions as an archery themed analogue of Batman in the comic series.

  • Green Arrow is the owner of Queen Industries. He is a top-notch athlete and a swordsman.
  • Green Arrow is an archer who invents arrows with special functions like time bomb arrows, explosive arrows, tear gas arrows, glue arrows and even a Kryptonite arrow.

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18. Martian Manhunter:

Martian Manhunter is one of the major characters of the “Batman” series. He came to the earth in order to prevent The Joining from destroying it.

  • Martian usually stays undercover for the majority of his stay; but eventually joins Batman to destroy the Joining for the last time.
  • Martian has the ability to see through the solid objects and generate optic heat beams.
  • His telepathic power allows him to project his thoughts and receive other’s thoughts.
  • He later joins a league consisting of Hawkman, Green Arrows, Green Lantern and Batman to save the earth from global threats.

19. Blue Beetle:

Blue Beetle is an ally of Batman. He is the sponsor of the Birds of Prey and a close friend of Barbara.

  • Blue Beetle considers Batman as one of this closest people and can even risk his life to save him.
  • Here is a coloring page of Blue Beetle in action.

20. Green Lantern:

Alan Scott, also known as Green Lantern is another superhero of this series. He fights the evils under the masked identity of Green Lantern.

  • Green Lantern was created by a young artist named Martin Nodell. Martin Nodell, inspired by green railway lantern, sought to create a superhero who would wield magical powers from a magic ring.
  • He worked for seven years with Bill Finger and Max Gaines to come up with the concept of Green Lantern.
  • Here is the coloring page of Green Lantern in his sleek suit, ready to battle the villains.

21. Plastic Man:

Plastic Man or Eel O’Brian is a crook that developed super powers after falling into a chemical bath. He was brought into the League by Batman to help him save the world.

  • He makes a life for himself in the Gotham City after joining the All-Star Squadron and FBI.
  • He is a money lover who tries to sneak stuff in behind his teammate’s back.
  • The Plastic Man has a good sense of humor and provides comic relief in intense situations.

22. Zatanna:

Zatanna is a powerful stage magician, sorcerer in the film. She is the daughter of famed magician Giovanni “John” Zatara.

  • Zatanna is a human born with the affinity to manipulate magic.
  • She discovered her magical powers while investigating the disappearance of her father.
  • Zatanna can only cast the spell by speaking or reading backwards.
  • Zatanna is also the former member of the Justice League of America and assisted them on a number of cases.

23. Black Canary:

Black Canary is the super hero appearing in the Batman comic books. She is paired with Green Arrow both professionally and romantically.

  • Black Canary is an ally of Batman and is noted for her “Canary Cry” and martial arts.
  • She is a former member of the Justice Society and one of the first superheroes to appear in comic books.
  • She is also a founding member of the Justice League of America.
  • Black Canary, like the rest of the characters in the series, does not possess any super powers.
  • She believes in hand-to-hand fighting.
  • She also poses as a criminal to take down the criminal organization.

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24. Batmobile:

The Batmobile is the main mode of transportation of Batman. This gadget-laden car is used by Batman in his crime fighting activities.

  • The car is parked in Bat cave that can only be accessed through a hidden entrance.
  • The car has been customized over the time into a sleek, street machine. It has distinct wing shaped tail fins and a prominent bat motif.

25. Batman And Robin:

Robin is Batman’s partner and sidekick. Robin’s real name is Dick Grayson and he worked as an acrobat in a circus.

  • Bruce took Dick to his home after his parent’s death and trained him to become Robin.
  • Here is the coloring image of Batman and Robin saving the Gotham City from Joker and mean cat woman.

So grab the crayons and start coloring these super-interesting free printable Batman coloring pages from the world of Batman. Print all the batman coloring pages online and present it to your child to pack his day with action and adventure.

If you have a different set of batman coloring pictures, we would love to see them. Do share them with us! Do not forget to share your colored batman coloring book with us, in the section below:

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