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Name: Eclipse  

Age: 8

Gender: Female

Crush: Akechi

Tribe: Nightwing/Icewing

Powers: Animus, has a very small power to read minds and has a small ability to use foresight, other powers are unknown.

Personality: Emotionless, (Around new dragons) mysterious, and calm around other dragons, but is secretly kind, caring, fierce, blunt, compassionate, and short-tempered

Likes: Collecting dragon stuff, despite being a dragon, hermit crabs, swimming, researching ancient history, and exploring.

Backstory: Eclipse is a mysterious dragon that is said to have no memory of her past. She is currently being raised by a dragon called Phoenix who apparently saved her while she was still an egg. Eclipse's scales are many shades of blue colors along with black and silver colors on her scales. Her wings have tons of stars on them, but only some of those stars are white colored. She also has a odd lunar moon design on her left wing, that she believes it linked to her past. She is close friends with two dragons going by the names of Behemoth and Akechi, but she has romantic feelings for Akechi, who is a nightwing/skywing hybrid. 

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The first solar eclipse of 2021 will appear as a “ring of fire” shining from behind a dark circle from some parts of Earth, EarthSky reports.

On the morning of Thursday, June 10, the new moon will pass between the Earth and Sun, causing a solar eclipse, the report said. However, the moon is too far from Earth to fully cover the Sun so its outer rim will not be hidden from view.

Parts of Canada, Greenland, Siberia and the Arctic Ocean will see the annular eclipse, often described as a “ring of fire” eclipse, the report said.

For Michiganders, it will be a partial eclipse with 80% of the sun’s left side covered by the Moon. The eclipse will begin at 5:58 a.m. and end at 6:37 a.m. on June 10. Those with an unobstructed view toward the east will see a fiery crescent at sunrise. Find exact times and eclipse magnitude for your location here.

It is unsafe to look directly at the sun unless you have special eclipse glasses for eye protection.


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"Wow" said Peril, after finding her voice again "That was harsh, even for an icewing"

"No wonder Eclipse hates Phyrria" said Quicksand "He was exiled and imprisoned on an island for most of history" 

"Hey" said Peril "let's get out of here" 

"Okay" said Quicksand "But before we head back to Jade Mountain can we stop by the Hideout?"

"The what?" asked Peril

"The Hideout" answered Quicksand "Where I was trained to be an assassin"

"Oh" said Peril "Sure!"

Quicksand but the slab of ice in one of his pouches and together they jumped into the glowing river and swam out to the ocean.

When Peril and Quicksand reached the Kingdom of Sand, Quicksand flew East until Peril and him came to a giant sand dune with a weird hollow stone pillar coming out of the top.

Quicksand said "Well there's the Hideout" and flew down on top of the sand dune and peered into the stone pillar.

When Peril tried landing on the top of the sand dune, Quicksand pointed to the bottom of the sand dune with his tail and said "Wait there, the door will open in a second", as Quicksand reached his talon in the hollow pillar and felt for a pebble sticking out the side and pushed it in.

All of a sudden there was a loud grinding sound and sand flew everywhere from the front of the sad dune and a thick metal door swung open from inside the sand dune and Quicksand jumped down with Peril.

"Well" said Quicksand "Ladies first" and Peril walked into the Hideout and Quicksand followed her as the metal door swung shut with a loud bang.

Quicksand had a flashback from when he was 8 as he walked in the doorway: 

"No one followed you right?" said the Historian for the Family of the Ancient Dust (you'll find out more about this faction in the next chapter)

"Right" said Quicksand as he started walking towards the bunk room, when suddenly there was a loud scraping sound as the metal door was forced open and several Sandwing soldiers came in and the Historian yelled to Quicksand "Run, grab the Mask and Heirloom Necklace from the treasury and fly as fast as you can" as the Historian attempted to stab a Sandwing soldier with his tail barb, but was impaled by a spear through the throat. "Nooo!" screamed younger Quicksand as the flashback ended.


"And who do you usually do them t.Mom, and if she is not around, then grandmother. You are the first outsider, besides the man who gives me an enema, "she confessed. Nothing, Oksanochka, I promise that I will curse you the best.

Fire eclipse wings of

The heavy figure of the doctor, filling the carriage, radiated calm and confidence. Before the closed eyes of Dr. Joseph, the young figure of Antoinette, her cherry-colored eyes and a thin delicate neck, dimly floated: - Tomorrow I will have to.

Continue my experiments, the doctor thought half-asleep. The carriage crossed Greve Square and stopped at his house.

Total Eclipse of the Heart - Grey's Anatomy - Jill Andrews (Traducida al Español)

The blindfold was all wet with tears. I dont know how much time has passed, but the pain in my stomach began to pass. And somehow, unexpectedly, I like the beginning.

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