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21 Reasons You Need Wire Shelving in Your Home

Wire shelving is functional, affordable, and space efficient. It’s the preferred choice of many businesses and homeowners. Plus, it comes in a variety shapes, sizes, and colors to suit individual needs and personalities.

Still need convincing? We found 21 wire shelf photos that prove metro shelving will rock your world.

Let’s take a look at the list below.

21 reasons you need wire shelving in your home

 1. It makes for the perfect pantry

chrome wire shelving pantry


A pantry organized with chrome wire shelving is pretty as well as functional. You can see what you have and what you need with ease. BONUS: It’s also a pest deterrent. Mice like to hide, but with this type of pantry, there is nowhere to hide.


2. Declutters the garage like a boss

organized garage with washer and dryer decorated walls and chrome storage shelves

I Heart Organizing

Good chrome wire shelves can store up to pounds. This makes them very durable and ideal for decluttering a messy garage. They&#;re perfect for storing sporting equipment, tools, and hardware.


3. Allows for more storage room in your bathroom

chrome shelf for the bathroom utilizes the space above the toilet

Apartment Therapy

Make that awkward space above the toilet useful. Style it up with shelves, and you have a more functional bathroom. Bonus points for renters; as this is not a permanent change and you can take it with you if/when you move out.


4. It’s a closet’s best friend

white wire closet organizer kit in a pretty well organized closet

Closet Maid

Wire shelves are the simplest solution to a wardrobe nightmare. They also look amazing when done correctly. The functionality speaks for itself. FYI: for smaller closets, you can modify this look by adding a garment rack directly inside the closet.

5. Compliments your house plants

chrome wire shelving holding houseplants and books

Brooklyn Limestone

Soften the industrial look of metro shelving by neutral-colored accents and plant life. This creates a drool-worthy home decor look you’re going to want to show off on Instagram.


6. Provides dust-free wine storage

chrome wire shelving being used to store bottles of wine on their side


If you love wine but hate dust, then get a set of chrome wire shelves. Your wine cellar will thank you. There are shelves for storing bottles of wine on their side like such (aka the proper way to way to store corked wine).


7. Makes an excellent bookcase

nicely decorated chrome wire shelving bookcase

Apartment Therapy

Wooden bookshelves are out, and chrome shelves are in! This bookcase is modern, screams “I’m a smart cookie with style,” and like the wine shelves, won’t collect dust.


8. Causes major shelf envy

chrome wire bakers rack displayed in a kitchen holding cook books kitchen aid measuring cups utensils baking ingredients paper towels

Precision Tools

Initially designed to help bakers cool off their baked goods, the baker&#;s rack has evolved into a useful and trendy piece of kitchen furniture. All home chefs should have one; they are the envy of your dinner guests.


9. Works wonders in your man cave

two chairs and a chrome wire shelving unit set up as an entertainment center


Create a sleek and modern entertainment center. Why go for the big, clunky furniture when you can have dust-free, space efficient chrome?


Ideal for a home espresso bar

chrome bakers rack set up as a coffee bar holding an espresso machine and accessories


You can DIY a handy and stylish coffee bar for your home using a bakers rack and a nifty butcher block. No need to wait on long lines at Starbucks anymore. Customize it to fit your coffee personality and impress your guests.


Perfect kitchen island alternative

chrome wire shelving unit with casters and butcher block counter top being used as a kitchen island

Apartment Therapy

Do you ever watch HGTV and cry because you don’t have a beautiful kitchen island in your home? (Maybe that&#;s just me). Turns out a chrome unit with a butcher block counter top makes the perfect alternative. Plus, you can add casters for mobility.


A way to hang pots and pans

chrome wire shelf displaying hanging pots and pans

Good Things by David

Hanging your pots and pans is an excellent way to save cabinet space. If you have a small kitchen or an abundance of pots and pans, hang them to maximize your space.


It’s the ultimate addition to your Girl Boss Office

gold wire shelf in a pink room holding feminine office supplies

Swoon Worthy

A wire shelf may be just what your office needs to go from drab to fabulous! Why shouldn&#;t you work in style?


Tidies up a kid’s room like no other

black wire shelving unit with baskets holding children's toys

KidSpace Stuff

Make space for stuffed animals, bouncy balls, and other toys. Basket shelves help keep oddly-shaped items in place. The overall look adds character too, which is perfect for a child’s playroom or bedroom.


Provides shelf help for craft supplies

6 shelf chrome wire with bins holding ribbon and fabric craft supplies


Creative spaces and craft rooms always seem the hardest to organize. But with a wire shelving unit and a few bins, you can get your supplies in order.


You can transform it into a gift wrapping station

black wire shelf holding tissue papers and gift bags

The Old Park Homestead

This is simple but effective organization solution for frequent gift givers. Or those with a stash of recycled gift wrapping supplies. It&#;s also a great addition to any craft room and makes a helpful wrapping/packaging station.


You can travel with it

open car trunk with wire shelving to help transport sporting equipment and luggage


Add a shelving unit to the trunk of your car for organized luggage and sporting equipment.


You can paint it for a rustic look

two chrome wire shelving units painted gray with wood bloc shelves and holding kitchen items

The Crux Design

A coat of paint can work wonders on a chrome shelf. Even the slight transition from metallic silver to matte gray changes the look and feel of this unit.


You can add fabric for a cozy touch

chrome wire storage units with castes and floral patterned fabric shades on the sides

The Inspired Room

You can also warm up the appearance of chrome with a fabric covering. BONUS: You can also create fabric curtains to go over your unit for a more private storage solution.


Brighten up your décor with shelf liners

white wire shelves in closet with yellow and white floral pattern shelf liners

Nature Walkz

Cute shelf liners can make your décor pop. They also serve as a way to prevent certain objects from falling through the gaps of the wire shelves, so it’s a win, win.


Turn it into a greenhouse

black wire shelf holding potted plants and draped in greenhouse plastic

Hatching a Plot

Turns out a greenhouse doesn&#;t have to cost a lot of money. DIY one using a sturdy wire shelving unit and greenhouse plastic.


So, do you want to buy wire shelves?

We thought so 😉

For more wire shelving ideas and home decor inspiration, head to our Pinterest page!

Omega specializes in durable, high-quality products to keep you clutter free. We provide wire shelving & organization solutions for both commercial and home use. Check out our Home & Kitchen Storage Solutions.


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Author: Toni


Toni is a firm believer that organization is the key to productivity and brings her design eye into the mix. She loves to write, owns a garment rack in each room of her house (for just her clothes alone), and is on a mission to discover the best home and office decluttering tricks.

Sours: https://www.precisiontools.com/blog/reasons-you-need-wire-shelving-in-your-home/

For tiny kitchens short on storage, freestanding wire shelves can be a game-changer: They’re durable, affordable, and can seemingly hold everything from a few bottles of wine to a giant KitchenAid mixer. The flip side of that: They can get cluttered very quickly, acting as a catch-all rather than an intentional part of your kitchen. Extra shelves won’t do you much good if they’re constantly in a state of (highly visible) chaos.

Open shelving of any kind can be challenging, mostly because all those mismatched Tupperwares and novelty coffee mugs are usually best tucked behind closed doors. Even if you happen to be blessed with an aesthetically pleasing collection of stoneware dishes, vintage glassware, and minimalist storage containers, finding the balance between aesthetics and ergonomics can be tricky. It’s hard to maximize the space on one’s shelves without overcrowding them, and it’s tricky to aim for style without sacrificing function.

So we asked a few kitchen and design professionals how to make the most of these ubiquitous shelves in a way that actually makes sense for your kitchen and doesn’t look like garbage. One unanimous piece of advice from the pros: As annoying as it is, make a concerted effort to keep them tidy. (And, on that note, consider buying a good duster for quick sweeps.)

Consider ergonomics

At the tiny Portland, Oregon restaurant Beast, wire shelves serve not only as storage for the seat restaurant, but also, in some cases, as an active (albeit miniature) work space: a large Boos butcher block transforms a wire shelf into a bread and coffee station for front-of-house staff, says Katie Sombat, the restaurant’s operations manager. It might not be enough space for a full prep area, but there’s no reason a cutting board atop a wire shelf couldn’t pull double-duty as a mini martini bar or a Chemex setup for the home.

Tone down the heavy metal

Wire shelves already look industrial; stacking them with appliances and clunky cookware can quickly veer into Restaurant Depot clearance rack territory and clash with the rest of your space. “While somewhat industrial in style,” says Sombat, “their presence in a room can be neutralized by not over-stocking, using similar containers to store items, and adding style like live plants to break up the metal, industrial feel.”

Even if there are a few appliances on there, to soften the overall vibe, prop stylist Ginny Branch likes to incorporate cotton or mesh produce bags, and hangs aprons or tea towels from hooks. Stacks of wooden cutting boards add some warmth to the shelves. Consider what you place around the shelves, too: When flanked by a sizable houseplant and, say, a handsome recycling bin, the vignette feels more intentional and less like an afterthought, says Branch.

Interior designer Brigette Romanek adds that, if silver isn’t your jam, you can always spray-paint the shelving — that way, the color looks intentional, rather than purely functional, she says. “You could also line the bottoms with a nice fabric, making it a design choice instead of a utilitarian function.”

Pick a few items for “display”

When prioritizing what to store on your shelves, Branch recommends you ask: “Do you need it to be a workhouse in the space, or can it be more of a visual statement?” If you have room for a bit of both, interspersing a few well-placed items for display can add additional visual impact without sacrificing too much functional shelf space. “If you have a beautiful or unique collection of dishes, servingware, vases, or cake stands, this would be an excellent space to spotlight them,” says Branch.

Vary up the stacks of stuff

Playing around with shelf heights and, more importantly, of the items stacked on top of them can make things look more interesting (and intentional), rather than identical pile after pile of dishware. Branch likes to use cookbooks for this purpose, and says you can get creative with organizing the books by color (or going fully monochrome). “I have utilized this in my own kitchen in one area, but it’s just stacks of white hardback cookbooks, some with the book jackets removed,” says Branch.

Stacking items also about maximizing vertical storage, too. At Beast, storage containers with lids are prioritized because they’re stackable. Sombat adds that they tend to buy multiples of the same storage containers, which adds a little bit of neatness and uniformity.


Containers and baskets not only wrangle loose items, but add style to the shelves without eating up too much valuable real estate. Sombat has found a wealth of stylish, functional storage items on Etsy, including neutral, faux-leather bins in which they stash their silverware. (These faux-leather cups also fit the bill.)

Branch uses baskets to keep stacks of folded linens neat and tidy; she often finds them at thrift shops and estate sales. She also recommends Bisley five-drawer filing cabinets for a clean, utilitarian storage solution for silverware (the smallest cabinets are only 11 inches by 15 inches and come in a range of colors, from turquoise to sunny yellow). Trays — from punchy high-gloss to fancy metallic (or even rainbow) — can add style while keeping canisters from sliding around and going overboard. And while you can’t go wrong with glass jam jars, Branch adds that shops like Terrain, Hawkins NY, and ABC Carpet and Home stock more modern storage containers that also pull double-duty as visually pleasing objects of interest.

Romanek loves the natural look of wooden bowls (some of her favorites are made by designer Michael Verheyden), especially when filled with colorful citrus. “A bowl of beautiful, fresh lemons can change a kitchen’s look,” she says.

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Sours: https://www.eater.com//11/21//how-to-use-wire-shelves-kitchen-like-restaurant-pro
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Nine Ideas to Organize a Small Pantry with Wire Shelving

If organization befores and afters are your thing, well, do I have a treat for you today! I think I like organization makeovers even more than full room makeovers because it isn&#;t just about adjusting design and aesthetic; it&#;s about creating systems and improving functionality with smart solutions. It&#;s tricky though. Because we all have different sized spaces, filled with different &#;stuff&#;, with different needs, it&#;s highly unlikely you can take a page of The Container Store catalog and replicate it to a &#;T&#;. And, if you did, the chances of it working well for you aren&#;t great. It&#;s about coming up with ideas for your own spaces that will work for your own stuff with your own family. A lot of us don&#;t have the luxury of a large, walk-in pantry; I&#;ve even seen pantry rooms with windows (#dreams #goals) and while I am sharing ideas to organize a small pantry with wire shelving, most of the principles will still apply for even the dreamiest food storage spaces ;).

*Posts on KelleyNan.com may contain affiliate links. Click HERE for full disclosure.*

NOTE: All sources and organization solutions can be found linked at the bottom of this post.

Here are the full stats for me (and my pantry):

  • Family of two (no kids)
  • (Plus three dogs)
  • Cook dinner most evenings and we are home 99% of the time
  • But, we try to only keep a lean stock since we meal plan, weekly
  • We do shop at Costco and buy some items in bulk
  • We have a reach-in, small pantry closet with wire shelving that we don&#;t want to change at this point

Pantry organization ideas

It was a real struggle to capture the photos in this post. The pantry closet is in a corridor with zero windows (natural light) and the inside is so tiny, I couldn&#;t use a tripod or get a full shot with even  my widest angle lens. Nonetheless, you will be able to see what a huge difference there is from where we started to how our pantry looks today. As I share the solutions and ideas that worked best for our space, I&#;ll share nine tips to consider when you&#;re tackling your own.


Most anyone will tell you this but seriously, don&#;t cheat. Take every single thing out of your pantry. EVERY. SINGLE. LAST. THING. My kitchen counters were already cleared so as I pulled everything, I separated items into categories. And, I checked the expiration date on every last item. The two most shameful discoveries- a can of beans that expired in (which means it made its way through multiple moves), and bread crumbs that expired in I actually had a few organizational pieces in the pantry (like the can risers I&#;ve used for years and even the Elfa door system from our last house that made the move with us), but I never actually took the time to fully organize and implement a system. And when you don&#;t, this is what ends up happening&#;

Overflowing before of an organized pantry

Another thing- you can have as many baskets and containers lining the shelves as you want, but if they aren&#;t dedicated and the correct size for what they are allocated for, it won&#;t do you much good. Here&#;s the crazy part. Of course, we purged expired food (we didn&#;t have much that needed to be tossed other than that), and with some simple solutions and refining, here is where we ended up. Keep in mind- most everything shown in the first picture is, in fact, still in the pantry.

Organized pantry before and after for tiny closets with wire shelving


Sort, organize like items, and purge. I had multiple freezer bags filled with picnic plasticware that I knew we would never use. I sorted and kept the nicer silver and gold, and sent the rest with Dave to donate to his break room at work.


The back-of-the-door baskets were my first introduction to Elfa about five or six years ago. This one has a clamp on the bottom and top and attaches with no screws. You can customize the baskets with the number and sizes you want, depending on what you plan to store. Here is what it looked like before last week&#;

Cluttered Organized pantry before

And here is how we transformed it.

Organized pantry ideas for small reach-ins

It allows the main pantry shelves to be free from Costco-size bottles that will ultimately transfer to the fridge, a container of chip clips, a shelf for baking (sprinkles, cupcake liners, etc.), and finally, an organized space for koozies. Speaking of koozies, we had a huge basket filled with them before I started the project. I kept the koozies from special events and to keep things &#;responsible&#;, I allowed myself to keep ONE from each wedding we attended (not the three and four we had somehow ended up with).

Door organization ideas for pantries with koozie storage


Depending on your categories (which should become apparent when you take inventory of your kitchen counter piles), your system may look different from mine. If you have kids with a ton of bulk lunch snacks or, if you have zero dry snacks in your home, your needs may be totally different. Our solutions are based off of what we keep in the pantry&#; not what I think we need. Here is where we started (obviously, NO system in place)&#;

Before of a small cluttered pantry

and here is where we ended up after categorizing and storing our food appropriately.

Food storage in a small kitchen

I actually had two expandable shelves for cans before, but one was the &#;original&#; and one was the &#;large&#;. The &#;original&#; doesn&#;t hold full sized cans as well and since that&#;s what we really needed, I traded the smaller in for two large. They actually expand wider than what is shown but the shelf bracket restricts how far I can expand them on our shelves. (If you use a full Elfa shelving system, you don&#;t have to worry about this ;)).

Organized pantry ideas with can risers


One of the biggest downsides of wire shelving is not having a solid surface for not just food, but for organizers (like the expandable shelf). Shelf liners may not be necessary for every single shelf, but you can find them perfectly pre-cut HERE. Also, they are easy to cut yourself if they are too long. I didn&#;t measure before I &#;went for it&#; so some of my dimensions are slightly off 😉 Most of my liners are 12&#;x18&#;.

Organized pantry ideas for wire shelves


I label baskets (that we can&#;t see inside or that are holding several items) for easy, instant identification, but labeling every single thing can be a difficult system to maintain. My rule is that if I label one bin out of necessity, I will label the others, also, but, I keep categories more general unless it&#;s a basket I have designated for a food item I always have on hand.

Organized pantry baskets with labels for pantries with limited space storage

I use these black chalkboard tags (they come in a pack with two sizes) and this chalk marker for my labeling.

Chalkboard labels for organized pantry baskets

If I have a clear container with pasta, I don&#;t label it &#;pasta&#;. If I have a clear container of flour, I will label it, along with other containers (like in my spice/baking cabinet here). See the full spice/baking cabinet organization project HERE.

Organized Spice and Baking Cabinet- Kitchen Organization- favorite kitchen ideas for cabinet organization


Whether it&#;s a corner that is difficult to reach, a place that is hard to see/disappears, or you don&#;t want to put items in front of each other in a line, lazy susans are the answer to so many dilemmas.

How to organize a small reach-in pantry

A 16&#; actually does work; it just overlaps the intersection of shelving a tad. I only needed the 11&#; since the space to the sides were more valuable. Mine are categorized into salad toppings (one of our most important/frequently used), spreads, and cooking oils.

how to organize a pantry with wire shelving


How often I use an item actually helps determine whether it gets corralled into a basket, or gets its own designated POP canister. For example, I love the cereal pourers (and maybe one day I&#;ll feel differently), but with us having multiple cereals on hand and buying different types often, it makes  more sense for us to keep boxes in a large cube on the top shelf.

How to organize your kitchen pantry in a small space

Brown rice, pasta, goldfish, ritz&#; those are items we always have on hand and always replace when we run out. They are permanent staples. They get their own designated Pop canisters. I love them (and you know I have them everywhere) for freshness and the style of easy seal they have, but also not having multiple cardboard boxes and plastic bags to spill out and get crushed is huge. I also only use plastic/acrylic food storage. When I am stacking/arranging on shelves, I only see potential accidents with glass jars. If it&#;s something I reach for often, I totally don&#;t trust myself. For us, glass would be reserved for the counter.

low cost, budget pantry organization ideas

My favorite POP canisters by far are the large slanted containers. I have them here for easy, reach-in dog biscuits and my new favorite- plastic bags. You. Guys. I had an unwieldy bag holder (with no elastic) hanging on a small nail before. It fell every time we shut the door. This compact slanted POP canister actually holds MORE than what I had in the designated, fabric bag holder.

Plastic bag storage in an organized pantry

You may remember, I also have one of these babies under the sink for dishwasher pods. Favorite solution ever. You can see my full post on organizing under the kitchen sink HERE.

Clear Pop Canisters for Pantry Organization


One thing that held me back before organizing the pantry is that I had several container and a lot of baskets lining the shelves before, but they didn&#;t make sense. They were too big (aka wasted space) and I couldn&#;t locate/sift through them, and several were awkward, too tall and obviously required more effort than I was willing to give to keep them filled with the content for which they were intended.

Pantry handle baskets for spice storage

OXO Pop Canisters pantry organization and storage ideas

You can look to some items you have on hand to see what could actually be useful (I did), but when it comes to the bulk of your bins, don&#;t settle for just &#;whatever you have&#;. Make sure they are the correct size, and, having the same repeated bin allows things to fit more nicely. You aren&#;t competing with edges and angles of multiple types of storage. PS: POP containers are designed to stack 😉

Dry stock for pantry storage and organization

Pop Canisters for pasta in organized pantry

Two items I did use that I had on hand were a couple of magazine files I laid on the floor to hold folded cloth bags, and a desktop file that was the perfect size for my huge stock of beverage napkins.

Sours: https://kelleynan.com/nine-ideas-to-organize-a-small-pantry-with-wire-shelving/

Kitchen wall organization & storage

Organize like a pro

Anyone can have a professional kitchen at home. All it takes to unleash your inner chef is a little planning and the right organization.

See the KUNGSFORS series

Storage solutions all hoarders can get excited about

We know what it’s like when you’re short on drawer space but don’t want to give up on your favorite tools and utensils. Why not use the walls? Wall organizers help you keep everything close at hand while also making your utensils a part of the décor.

See all wall organizers
A KUNGSFORS wall grid in stainless steel with ginger, condiments and cooking utensils displayed in containers and from hooks.
A black HULTARP rail against a grey kitchen wall. There is a frying pan and kitchen utensils hanging from HULTARP hooks.
Sours: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/cat/kitchen-wall-storage/

Wire kitchen white rack

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kitchen wire shelving

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