500 ft hdmi cable

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Brightlink’s new FT Long Range HDBaseT HDMI Extender over Cat6 is our farthest HDBaseT extender using our advance HDBaseT chipset inside that allows distances of ft/m at p and ft/m at 4k.

Even over these long distances these extenders keep your HDMI signal free from attenuation giving you crisp clear images just as a short HDMI cable would do and at the same time in FULL HD Uncompressed signal.

These HDBaseT extenders also support KVM / USB extension, Dual POC / POE (only TX or RX has to be powered), Audio Extraction, and Wide Band band (38KKHz) Bi-Directional IR allows you to either control your display from your source or your source from your display.

The Dual POC/POE features allows you to power the Transmitter from the Receiver or the Receiver from the Transmitter through the cat5e/6 cable so only one power supply is needed.

The slim design of these extenders make them easy to install behind today ultra slim HDTVs.


  • NEW HDBaseT / HDMI Long Range Extender over Cat6
  • Transmit up to ft/m @ p - ft/m @ 4K
  • Bandwidth up to 18Gbps, resolution up to [email protected] YUV HDR10
  • KVM & USB Pass Through
  • Bi-Directional wide band IR and RS Pass Through
  • Dual POE / POC ( TX can power RX and RX can power TX)
  • PCM,Dolby,DTS
  • HDCP/ HDCP Compliant
  • Slim design for easy install


Sours: https://brightlinkav.com/brightlink-new-4k-long-range-hdbaset-hdmiextender-over-catft-atpft-at-4khz.html

Fiber Optic HDMI Cable FT (m) - ARC HDMI 18Gpbs [email protected] - PET Braided Cord and Gold Plated Connector Support 4K, UHD p, HD p, 3D, Xbox , PS4, Computer

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  • meters / feet HDMI AOC fiber optic Cable,
  • Thin wire with standard HDMI Interface, Ultra slim (mm Diameter) and lightweight cable makes cabling easier, you can route the flexible cord around the tight space as you want
  • Provide the best A/V quality with Gbps bandwidth, it ideal solution when copper HDMI can not transfer [email protected] for long distance
  • HDMI to HDMI cable delivers 18Gbps bandwidth to handle [email protected] // up to feet with barely signal loss
  • HDMI Cable, Supports HDR/3D/CEC/EDID. connects your HDMI devices to your 4K HDTV, monitor, projector, enjoy ultra high definition image& video for gaming or entertainment, fit for PC, Laptop, PS4 PS4Pro, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Blu-ray Player and so on.


Sours: https://www.medkartin/wp-product/info/fiber-optic-hdmi-cableftm-arc-hdmigpbs-4kpet-braided-cord-and-gold-plated-connector-support-4k-uhdp-hdp-3d-xboxps4-computer?id=72dcfd8a6c2a01e
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Fiber Armored Fiber Cable, /, Plenum Rated, ft

12 Fiber Indoor Distribution Interlocking Armored Fiber Optic Cable, Multimode /, Plenum Rated, Orange, Spool, ft - Part Number: 13FNF

12 Fiber Indoor Distribution Interlocking Armored Fiber Optic Cable, Multimode /, Plenum Rated, Orange, Spool, ft - Part Number: 13FNFDoes Good Quality Plenum On Cables Really Matter?

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Product Description This is a fiber orange foot spool of fiber optic distribution cable intended for large installations of short range runs at LAN Speeds. It is composed of 6 multimode fibers ( micron core) inside an Aramid yarn wrapped in an orange PVC outer jacket. Multimode fiber is optimized to work with fiber optic equipment using light wave lengths of nm (nanometers) or nm. The cord is duplex (two fibers) which means it permits synchronous communication between devices. The cladding diameter is microns. The armor eliminates the need for a separate conduit. The Graded-Step core and cladding of our orange bulk / distribution fiber optic cable is constructed using a high quality multimode fiber that is compliant with TIA/EIA AAAA-A, IEC and ISO/IEC (type OM1 fiber). This particular cable is Plenum Rated. Plenum spaces are the area between floors or above office areas for heating/cooling airflow. If an office were to catch fire, this plenum area could easily allow the spread of the fire to more floors or across the entire building. Plenum rated cables are jacketed with a fire-retardant plastic jacket of either a low-smoke polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a fluorinated ethylene polymer (FEP) for less toxicity during a fire. * This is not gopher cable.

Part #: 13FNF

12 Fiber Indoor Distribution Interlocking Armored Fiber Optic Cable, Multimode /, Plenum Rated, Orange, Spool, ft

  • Warranty:Lifetime
  • End 1:Bare end
  • End 2:Bare end
  • Length feet
  • Color:Orange
  • Weight lbs
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Sours: https://www.cablewholesale.com/products/fiber-optic/bulk-fiber//productfnf.php

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Ft hdmi cable 500

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How far can a Fibre Optic HDMI cable go? - TechManPat

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