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Does your current daily driver have an automatic transmission? If so, are you tired of that boring “slushbox” and want to feel the power and control of rowing through the gears yourself? In that case, you can do an automatic to manual transmission swap. But is taking on such a project really worth the effort?

What is an automatic-to-manual transmission swap?

An automatic-to-manual transmission swap is exactly what you think it is; the process of converting a car originally equipped with an automatic transmission to a manual transmission. Why would anyone want to take on such a project? Because it’s fun and if you happen to have a powerful car, like an older Ford Mustang or perhaps a Japanese tuner car, then the end product can be even more fun.

Aside from that, being able to shift the gears whenever you want can lead to a faster car in racing applications. And it possibly even lead to more horsepower since manual transmission components rob less power on the way to wheels than their automatic transmission counterparts.

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Which cars can be automatic-to-manual swapped?

If you’re into modifying cars, then chances are that you currently own a make and model that can be converted from an automatic to a manual transmission. However, with the right amount of money, time, and tools, you can technically convert any car.

However, dream platforms aside, automatic-to-manual transmission swaps are popular in a variety of tuner cars like Honda Civics and various Nissans and Toyotas, in addition to American cars like Ford Mustangs and Chevy Camaros.

What goes into an automatic-to-manual transmission swap?

While the actual swap process and parts can vary greatly depending on your car’s make and model, there is typically a lot that goes into this kind of swap. To give you an example, here is a list of general parts needed to swap an S13 Nissan 240SX from an automatic to a manual transmission, courtesy of TuningBlog.eu:

  • A manual transmission
  • A manual transmission ECU (engine control unit)
  • Clutch pedal with clutch master cylinder including expansion tank
  • Clutch slave cylinder
  • Process the narrower brake pedal from the MT or the old pedal so that it fits
  • Shift boot with cover for the hole through which the shift lever extends into the interior release bearing
  • Matching screws for flywheel
  • Sealing plates in two parts at the switch
  • Pilot bearing or support bearing, bearing puller to remove the old bearing
  • A good hydraulic line with a length of 1,50m for the connection from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder
  • The front part of the drive shaft (differs from the MT on the AT)

This is a pretty general list for an automatic-to-manual transmission swap, however, it does cover the basics for almost every compatible platform. Do note, though, that some applications can require cutting the frame or bodywork in addition to aftermarket engine or transmission mounts.

The cost to do this type of swap can vary greatly as well, however, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 for parts and labor to get the job done. But that is a rough estimate.

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Is it really worth it to do such a swap?

If you were to ask professional YouTube mechanics like Scotty Kilmer and Eric the Car Guy; no, it’s not worth it to do this swap. Considering the amount of mechanical and electrical work, in addition to any custom modifications, you’re usually better off buying a car with a manual transmission from the get-go.

But if you have the time, patience, and money to take on such a project, then it could be worth it for the added benefit of shifting your own gears and taking advantage of the engine’s full power potential.

Sours: https://www.motorbiscuit.com

Lexus IS300 Manual 350Z 370Z 6-speed Transmission Swap Kit

We have created a new way to get a 6-speed into your IS300 using any of the Nissan 350Z/370Z 6-speed transmissions. This Kit will get the 350Z(CD009) or 370Z(JK40x) 6-Speed Transmissions bolted up into your IS300 with minimal effort!

The Kit includes the following parts (which are subject to change at any moment without notice as better more readily available parts come onto the market)
-A340 Automatic Bell housing Adapter Plate (Requires A340 Automatic Transmission J1 or J2 bell housing (stock IS300 is J2), You can use any J3 bell housing as well at an additional cost, see the drop-down menu below)
-Aluminum light weight 3-piece Flywheel
-ARP Flywheel Fasteners (torque to 56lbftf in 20lbftf increments, alternating and adjacent)
-Clutch System to hold your torque requirement (specify your torque goals in drop-down menu)
-Clutch Fasteners (Are included if you purchase a clutch from us)
-T56 Slave cylinder
-Clutch line
-Adapter for clutch line to plug into your master cylinder
-Clutch line to mate up to your IS300 Master Cylinder (you provide IS300 Master Cylinder, Celica GTS master Cylinder works for IS300 Also) -Transmission Crossmember (with bolts)
-Transmission mount isolator
-1-piece Driveshaft (specify Steel or Aluminum in drop-down menu)
-Adapter plate bolts to Fasten the transmission to the adapter plate


This kit does not include the following parts that are required to complete the swap: 
-Aisin A340 Automatic transmission J1 or J2 bell housing (You Can Purchase this in the drop-down menu Below) (found on 1991-1997 SC300 Automatics, early model Automatic GS300, and most JDM 1JZGTE vvti Automatic Engine/Transmission swaps)
-Bell housing bolts to the block (this will come off of whichever automatic transmission you pull off the bell housing from)
-IS300 Manual Clutch pedal assembly
-IS300 Manual master cylinder (Toyota Celica GTS master Cylinder works for IS300 Also)
To eliminate the CEL and pass emissions we recommend using the following parts to simulate the stock Automatic Transmission Pump speed function, and solenoid resistance: Transmission Simulator: https://all4swap.ru/product/atemu 3 resistors to eliminate CEL: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/riedon/UAL25-10RF8/696-1497-ND/3886586

This kit comes with 7-pages of thorough instructions.
As Always, if you have any questions feel free to call or text us at 803-792-7189.

Sours: https://collinsadapters.com/is300-a340-350z-full-kit.html
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350Z G35 6MT Swap


The following parts are needed to get the car running and driving

  • Flywheel 
  • Flywheel Bolts
  • Clutch Kit
  • Pressure Plate Bolts
  • Transmission W/ Shifter and Throw out assembly
  • Driveshaft
  • [3.5 QT] GL4 Gear Oil
  • Manual Brake Pedal
  • Clutch Pedal
  • Clutch Master w/ Reservoir
  • Clutch Line
  • Slave Cylinder
  • Hand Brake
  • Manual Handbrake Midsection
  • Manual Shifter Trim
  • Manual Center Console
  • Manual Console Surround (2005+)

350Z Parts List:

The following parts are needed to get the car running and driving

  • Flywheel 
  • Flywheel Bolts
  • Clutch Kit
  • Pressure Plate Bolts
  • Transmission W/ Shifter and Throw out assembly
  • Driveshaft
  • [3.5 QT] GL4 Gear Oil
  • Manual Brake Pedal
  • Clutch Pedal
  • Clutch Master w/ Reservoir
  • Clutch Line
  • Slave Cylinder

We offer the service to convert your G/Z 5AT to 6MT. The swap will look and feel like OEM. The swap can be performed on any RWD VQ equipped vehicle (M, FX, ETC). Go ahead and contact us for more information.

Sours: https://www.hexagarage.com/350zg35-6mt-swap

Sikky Stage 3 Infiniti G35 LS1 Swap Package (w/ Wiring Harness)


Sikky Stage 3 packages are a master swap kit that includes a brand new wiring harness made by Wiring Specialties. This kit is ideal for those who want to buy an LS1 and drop it into their chassis with little left to do. The only pieces left to assembled are a fuel kit, intake, radiator and fans (coming soon from Sikky).


Fitment Notes:

  • Developed for 2 or 4 door left hand drive G35’s.
  • Requires no modifications to the factory cross member or subframe and does not hang below the crossmember when installed.
  • Transmission and Shifter – This kit is designed to work with the LS1 style T56. Supplied with our kit is a relocated shifter to allow for the shifter handle to locate through the factory hole. If you are choosing to go with an automatic transmission or a T56 magnum, give us a call and we can modify the package accordingly.
  • Requires use of LS3 style manifolds, bolts to stock style Cat-back.
  • Some AC compressor and bracket setups may interfere with the right side engine mount and require modification or changing out for different accessories.



Stage 3 Package Includes:

Aluminum Race Oil Pan

  • Designed to fit perfectly around the front sub frame of the Nissan 350z and Infiniti G35
  • To ensure proper fitment use with Sikky Mount kit
  • High capacity 6” deep rear sump design with side kick outs for maximum oil capacity
  • 1/2” thick CNC machined 6061 Billet Aluminum Flange and back plate
  • Turbo oil drain bungs on left and right sides of pan kickouts
  • 1/8” NPT oil temperature bung
  • Machined gasket surface to ensure no gasket leaks
  • Rigid design like the OEM GM pan to ensure maximum strength and durability
  • Included back plate compatible with factory dust covers to prevent debris entering the bell housing
  • High ground clearance design keeps the pan from hanging out the bottom of the car
  • High capacity 8 quart sump (does not include oil filter or oil filter relocation)
  • Comes with pan mounted side port remote oil filter adapter, dipstick assembly including tube, magnetic drain plug and hardware Kit (Pan install utilizes some factory hardware not included).

Remote mount filter Kit 

  • -10 AN Fittings (4) and Stainless Braided Lines (2)
  • Remote Oil Filter Base
  • High Quality Oil Filter
  • All Fittings and Hardware

Engine Mounts

  • CAD/CAM Designed CNC Machined Solid 6061 T-6 Aluminum Mounts
  • Custom Urethane Bushings with True Isolation
  • High Grade Hardware Kit
  • Proper Engine Placement and Axle Alignment
  • Lifetime Warranty on Engine Mounts

Trans Mount

  • CAD/CAM Designed CNC Machined Solid 6061 T-6 Aluminum Mount
  • CNC Bent Steel Mount Bracket
  • Urethane Bushing
  • High Grade Hardware Kit
  • Designed for use with the T56, T56 Magnum, TR6060, and CD009 using 1/2″ adapter plate
  • Lifetime Warranty on Transmission Mount


  • Steel One Piece Driveshaft with High Strength 1310 U-joints (aluminum upgrade available)
  • Designed for use with the T56, T56 Magnum, TR6060, and CD009

Mid Pipes

  • 350Z / G35 LS Swap Midpipes Stainless Steel 2.5″ Pipe (Gaskets and Hardware Included)

LS1 Wiring Harness

  • Supports any F-Body LS1 from 1999-2002 Camaro, Firebird, Trans Am or Corvette, any LS1 from 2004 Pontiac GTO or any Truck/SUV LSx/Vortec engine from 1999-2004 Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Escalade with DRIVE BY CABLE THROTTLE ONLY
  • NO CORE HARNESS or additional wiring required. Complete plug and play harness.
  • OEM wire colors used, where applicable
  • Fireproof fiberglass sleeving used in high-temp sections near the manifold & turbo (-40°C/-40°F to 450°C/ 845°F operating temperature)
  • Point-to-Point continuity tested on every wire
  • Constructed using exact OEM connectors and seals
  • Made with high temp TXL wire with adhesive shrink tubing (-40°C/-40°F to 125°C/ 257°F operating temperature)
  • Wrapped in lightweight nylon loom (-94°C/-137°F to 125°C/ 257°F operating temperature)
  • Includes a charge harness and improved grounds
  • Fully tested after production for an easy plug-and-play installation

sikky pdf350Z/G35 Mount Kit Installation

sikky pdfOil Pan Installation

Sours: https://www.sikky.com/product/infiniti-g35-ls1-swap-kit-stage-3/

Cost g35 manual swap

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Manual Swap on the G35!

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