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If you’re someone who likes to keep your stuff organized, you would agree that you can never have enough of storage baskets. Apart from helping you organize things, these storage essentials often feature attractive designs that can add a fresh look to your home decor. Whether it is stowing grocery, stacking up magazines, or storing medicines, a storage basket can make your life so much easier. Also, if you have to spend hours searching for a particular item in your wardrobe, it's time you bought a storage basket. You can compartmentalize items according to their usage. For instance, you can store all the accessories in one basket and your socks in a separate basket. This will not only help you save time, but it will also spare you the irritation of not finding a particular item that you might need urgently. When it comes to brands, you can checkout the collection from CSM, Red Hot, Alex, Jaypee Plus, Howards and Kuber Industries. Boasting quality materials, these brands have received good reviews from the consumers. Let us have a look at some of the best-selling products:

Evana Storage Basket

Keeping your baby’s clothes organized is a challenge. Not anymore, this Evana laundry bag is going to help you sort it out. You can conveniently store your baby’s clothes and toys in this laundry bag. It features a bright color and a Mickey Mouse print - something that kids love. Who knows, this might just be the motivation your kid needs to start storing his clothes and toys in this bag? It is made of mesh and features a semi-transparent design. This will help you spot things kept inside the bag easily. 


Bring home this pretty-looking, non-woven fabric storage box to sort, organize and store your special clothes. Made of 100% polyester fabric, this box features a steel frame. It’s lightweight and you can easily carry it conveniently while travelling. When you are not using it, you can conveniently fold it to save space. It features an attractive design with polka dots. 

Jaypee Plus Karma Basket

Whether it is storing medicines, cosmetics, baby items or any other tools - this plastic storage box will come to your rescue. This storage basket comes with a lockable lid, handle and a horizontal removable tray to help you keep your stuff organized. Since it is closed, you don’t have to worry about dust accumulating on your items. The knit design provides ventilation and prevents bad odour. Thanks to the one-sided lock, your items remain secure. It is made of plastic and is quite easy to maintain.


Buy Storage Baskets Online

Online shopping sites offer a wide variety of storage boxes in the comfort of your home. You can make use of the filters to narrow down your search. You can have the items delivered at your doorstep without any hassle. If you’re lucky, you might avail discounts. So, What are you waiting for? Log on to your favourite shopping site and shop for storage baskets, containers, bottles, as well as kitchen and household items.

Trending Kitchen & Household Items Brands:

Trending Kitchen & Household Items


Storage Boxes & Baskets.

A Place For Everything Logo

Storage boxes and baskets to keep your bits and bobs under control. From wicker and seagrass to plastic and fibreboard, we've got storage boxes for every room of the house.


We’ve carefully selected only the very best storage boxes and baskets for you. Each storage box has passed our most demanding quality tests. From plastic to leather, mesh to metal, fibreboard to cardboard, wicker to woven fabric and even giant LEGO® boxes. You’ll find the storage furniture you want for every need for every room.

Plastic Boxes

At A Place For Everything, all our plastic boxes and containers are all of robust, durable quality. So they’ve been tested to extremes of temperature including frost – ideal for your freezer – see all our Kitchen Storage Collection.

We always aim to work towards carbon neutrality with our plastic boxes. All our plastic containers are recyclable.

Clearly better: with our see-through plastic containers, it’s easy to see it, store it and withdraw it. So at a glance you can spot which pair of shoes, or lipliner you want. Plus, which is the right box for the baubles or batteries.

You name it, we’ve a box for it. So we’ve plastic boxes for batteries and baubles, fridges and first aid, craft items and Christmas decorations. So in your bedroom we have shoe boxes, boot boxes, shirt and sweater boxes. And all of these can be fit inside or on top of your wardrobe.

For your office, home office or study, we’ve Plastic Boxes for Suspension Files and Paperwork. Plus, we’ve also Waterproof Plastic Boxes for VIP documents, passport and house deeds. Waterproof plastic boxes are also ideal for storing items in your garage, cellar, attic or loft. Or have them in your shed, greenhouse or for summerhouse for garden furniture cushions.

We’ve Garage and Workshop Plastic Boxes, DIY Tool Plastic Boxes and Household Tool Plastic Boxes. So you can store everything from nuts and bolts to odds and ends. Plus, from screws and raw plugs, to spanners and drill bits - and from scrapers and smoothers, to files and fillers.

For crafters we have stylish storage to finally tidy everything away in one place. So now everything is easy to find, easy to identify and easy to get to. So we have Plastic Craft Boxes for beads and sequins, jewellery and paper. Plus, we’ve Plastic Art Boxes for artist materials paints and pads, brushes and boards.

For Christmas, we have Plastic Boxes for Christmas Decorations, Christmas Lights, Christmas Tree Baubles. Plus, for Easter, Halloween, for parties and barbecues, we've Plastic Boxes for party lights,  monster decorations and Easter egg and bunny decorations.

We’re big on Plastic Underbed Storage too. We even have 120 litre XL underbed storage on rollers so they’re easy to pull out and push back under your bed.

Wicker & Seagrass

We have a range of storage in wicker baskets, seagrass baskets… rattan, willow and water hyacinth baskets.

Woven baskets and boxes are less formal and more flexible. Items have room to ‘breathe’ and dry out as it has an open structure and large surface area. Often the baskets are lined, for a more finished look – plus it prevents smaller items from getting stuck or lost in the cracks.

For bathrooms they’re great for towels and toiletries. For bedrooms, we have woven Underbed Storage Baskets for clothes, shoes and toys etc. For kitchens, pantries and larders we have Fruit and Vegetable Baskets. For utility rooms they’re useful as Washing Baskets or Laundry Baskets. For the lounge we have Newspaper and Magazine Baskets Waste Paper Bins and Log Baskets. Plus, even in a hallway, we have Woven Umbrella Stands.

They have so many uses for craft and sewing items to make-up and beauty, pens and stationery, sticky take and staples. Plus all those bits and bobs that we all need, but that don’t seem to have a natural home.

Sustainably sourced

15% of global seagrass resource is facing extinction due to sedimentation from deforestation alongside agricultural and sewage run-off. We've searched long and hard to source all our seagrass baskets and storage boxes responsibly and from sustainable resources.


We have luxurious genuine Real Leather Storage Trunks that are robust, spacious and beautiful. They also make great side tables.


Fibreboard and cardboard boxes and baskets – acid-free, ethically sourced, and Swedish made in great choice of colours.

They’re surprisingly robust – with many having reinforcing studs to make them an incredibly strong, plant-friendly storage solution. So they hold and store a multitude of items around the home to clear clutter.

We also have specific Fibreboard and Cardboard Boxes for Hats, CDs and DVDs, Office Organisers, File Boxes, Magazine and Newspaper Boxes.

Plus, when you’re moving home or wanting to store more in your attic, we can help. We’ve a Set of 5 Cardboard Boxes that are double-lined for extra strength, so they’re really robust and safe storage.

Fibreboard and Cardboard Underbed Boxes are a planet and pocket-friendly way to store everything from clothes and shoes, bedding and blankets to throws and towels.

Some Cardboard boxes even have frosted fronts, so it’s quick and easy to identify what you need with the minimum of fuss.

Weave & Reed

Our Weave and Reed Boxes and Baskets are different to the Wicker and Seagrass versions. So they are either made entirely of felt, hessian, pandan, canvas, fibre, nylon – or they cover over MDF, fibreboard or cardboard.

We have Log Baskets, Magazine Racks, Laundry Baskets, Underbed Storage Cabinets, Storage Bags, Storage Boxes and Cubes, plus space-saving Foldable Storage.

Mesh & Metal

Mesh and metal boxes and baskets – robust, durable storage solutions that lasts the test of time.

Excellent quality, our Metal and Mesh Boxes and Baskets are all rust-resistant. So they’re ideal in kitchens for cupboards and work surfaces; in living rooms for magazine racks, storage trunks and firelighters. Plus, have them in utility rooms for pegs, soap powder and cleaning products. Or in bathrooms for towels and toiletries, make-up and beauty care items.


We’ve strong, beautiful hand-made Steamed Wooden Boxes and Solid Wood Cubbyholes. They’re easy to stack to make the most of your vertical space in your hallway, bathroom, bedroom or lounge. Of course, cubbyholes can also be used as bedside cabinets, or as side-tables next to your favourite sofa or armchair. They’re great for toys and teddies in bedrooms and playrooms too.

Our Wooden Garden Chests – ideal for cushions, toys and tools. Plus our Wooden Courier Crates: ideal for deliveries that you’re expecting.

Giant LEGO Boxes

These are genuine LEGO boxes, sold under licence. And of course, being LEGO, they stack. So you can have giant strong plastic stacking boxes in primary colours. You can even stack smaller LEGO boxes either inside or on top of these giant boxes.

  1. Copy and paste
  2. Camellias tale clothing
  3. Kayak fishing message board
  4. Alien gear holsters
  5. Moen 2000 series sink


A variety of combinations for everywhere

MUJI provides a range of storage units from drawers, baskets to carry boxes. Different sizes create numerous variations in combinations tailored to fit different usage purpose and living space.

  • PP Drawer Deep-Half

  • PP Drawer Shallow-3 Rows

  • PP Drawer Thin-2 Rows

  • PP Drawer Deep-2 Unit

  • PP Drawer Deep

  • PP Clothes Drawer

  • PP Wide Drawer Large

  • PP Case Drawer A4 Deep

  • PP Carry Box

  • PP Folding Box

  • PP Carry Box With Lock

  • PP Sturdy Storage Box

  • PP 3Rows Wagon with Caster

  • 3 Drawers Unit with Castor

  • 4 Drawers Unit with Castor

  • 5 Drawers Unit with Castor

  • 7 Drawers Unit with Castor

  • PP Wide Drawer Chest 4 Drawers

Meet the basic needs of daily life

MUJI Home Appliances naturally blend into your life with simple design and functions that are truly necessary in nature, bringing convenience to everyday life.

  • Electric Kettle

  • Pop-Up Toaster

  • Rice Cooker

  • Juicer Mixer with Mill

  • Solar Cooking Scale

  • Kitchen Timer

Customized storage solution for your room

Create more space for your room by using storage furniture such as Wood Stacking Shelves and Unit Shelves. Start a new life with an organized environment and a refreshing mood.

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf 2 Layers

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf 3 Layers

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf 5 Layers

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf Wide 2 Layers

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf Wide 3 Layers

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf Wide 5 Layers

  • Walnut Wood Stacking Chest 4 Drawers

  • Walnut Wood Stacking Chest 4 Drawers

  • Oak Wood Stacking Chest 2 Drawers

  • Pulp Board Drawer

  • Pulp Board 2-Drawers

  • Pulp Board 4-Drawers

  • Steel Unit Shelf Steel Shelf Set

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Set

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Walnut Wood Set

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Set Walnut Wood

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Oak Wood Set

  • SUS Steel Side Panel

Start a new life with a comfortable sleep

Enjoy a comfortable sleep with a bed frame distinctive for its simplicity of form that blends into your bedroom and a firm mattress that provides support to your body.

  • Oak Wood Bed Frame

  • Walnut Wood Storage Bed

  • Oak Solid Wood Bed

  • Pocket Spring Mattress - Single

  • Bonnel Spring Mattress - Double

  • Flame Retardent Non-Coil Mattress - Queen

  • Bed Frame Canvas Basket

  • Oak Wood Underbed Drawer

  • Oak Wood Storage Bed Additional Unit

Freshen up your bedroom for spring

Enjoy spring life by using MUJI bed linens which are made of organic cotton by different production methods. Look out for fresh, clean and warm palette for a restful and calming mood that improves your sleep.

  • Organic Cotton Double Gauze Bed Linen

  • Organic Cotton HD Satin Bed Linen

  • Organic Cotton Jersey Bed Linen

  • Organic Cotton Seersucker Bed Linen

  • Organic Cotton Waffle Bed Linen

  • Organic Washed Cotton Bed Linen

5 or 10 years later

Designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, the kitchen tools are distinctive for their simplicity of form and function, and use of resilient materials.

  • Stainless Aluminium 3-Layer Saucepan

  • Stainless Aluminium 3-Layer Saucepan

  • Stainless Steel Kettle

  • Stainless Steel Bowl

  • Stainless Steel Vat

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Tray

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Basket

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Basket with Handle

  • Heatproof Glass Measure Cup

  • Storage Jar

  • Stainless Steel Tongs for Cooking

  • Stainless Steel Peeler

Choose the right hanger based on your wardrobe and purpose

Choose the texture and thickness of hangers by considering the silhouette and wearing frequency of your clothes to protect your clothes from deformation and keep them in their best condition.

  • PP Hanger

  • Aluminium Tie Hanger

  • Aluminium Hanger

  • PP Thin Shoulder Hanger

  • Aluminium Skirt Hanger

  • Red Cedar Block with Sand Paper

  • Red Cedar Hanger Thin

  • Beech Wood Thin Hanger

  • Stainless Hanger Square

  • Aluminium Square Hanger

Combine a personalised filing system with multi-functions

File and organise documents, newspapers and magazines with the lightweight and durable box files. The stackable design can be used with MUJI storage furniture, providing simple design and colour tone that blend with home environment harmony.

  • PP File Box

  • PP File Box Wide

  • PP Stand File Box

  • Cardboard Stand File Box

  • Cardboard File Box

Make your cosmetic items be organized and easy to identify

PP makeup boxes provide different depth and width for selection. It can be using alone or stacking for combination that caters to different needs. The translucent PP material let you identify the content easily while it is easy to clean.

  • PP Makeup Box Full Size

  • PP Makeup Tray Mirror

  • PP Makeup Box with Lid

  • PP Makeup Box with Lid Half

  • PP Makeup Box with Partition Half 1/2 Size

  • PP Makeup Box Vertical Half 1/4 Size

- All product price and information is subject to in-store display.
- Available while stock lasts.
- Some products are available at designated stores only


The Best Storage Containers for Every Room, According to Professional Organizers

Shop the best-of-the-best with these storage recommendations from the pros.

Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links.

Walking the aisles of The Container Store makes my organization-loving heart pitter-patter, but many times I leave empty-handed, feeling lost and overwhelmed with options. With so many wonderful baskets and bins available, it's hard to choose the right one for the job.

So, I reached out to the experts and picked their brains for suggestions on the best storage containers. Of course, each decluttering strategy is different, requiring unique tools, so I listed their picks by room so that you can find the exact product to fit your needs. Read on to see the top storage containers that professional organizers recommend.








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Storage Rack for Plastic Bin Organizers

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