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Does the Lucky feat overrule the Halfling's Lucky trait?

I think this is pretty cut and dried with just what you have quoted. If you're a Luck Halfling and you roll a 1, you can re-roll it once and use the number. Then if you just don't like any number you rolled, even the re-roll, you can spend a luck point to re-roll (again). One doesn't replace the other, you simply have both features, and both operate exactly as they written.

First Case: Feature then Feat

So if you use Halfling Luck to reroll a 1, can you then decide to use a luck point and still get to choose any of the dice?



Let's say you roll to attack, and roll a natural 1. Your halfling luck kicks in:

When you roll a 1 on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll. (PHB, 28)

You get a, say 5. It still isn't high, so you choose to use your luck feat.

Whenever you make an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw, you can spend one luck point to roll an additional d20... You choose which of the d20s is used for the attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. (PHB, 167)

Second Case: Feat then Feature

Or if you use a luck point and that dice rolls a 1, do you reroll it with Halfling Luck and then still get to choose any?

Not quite. The roll is whichever you choose when you use in the feat Lucky. So, you could choose the 1, and then get to re-roll, as per RAW, but you'd have to use the number of that Halfling luck reroll not the previous two.


So, in this case you roll a 3 and use Luck Feat to roll again, you roll a 1.

Whenever you make an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw, you can spend one luck point to roll an additional d20... You choose which of the d20s is used for the attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. (PHB, 167)

You choose the 1, specifically to trigger your halfling ability. So, you've now effectively rolled a 1, and get to reroll it:

When you roll a 1 on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll. (PHB, 28)

\$\endgroup\$Sours: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/88892/does-the-lucky-feat-overrule-the-halflings-lucky-trait

Lucky Feat

“You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do ya, punk?”

It’s no secret that the Lucky feat is one of the most powerful in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Along these same lines, The Divination Wizard’s Portent dice allow them to use prerolled dice where they otherwise might be beholden to fate. While the Halfling racial feature Lucky is often grouped with these two abilities in discussion, it is a more limited feature, which can become overvalued by association.

Let’s compare the mechanical advantages imparted by each of these feat(ure)s, and see what kind of benefits a character obtains from each.

Lucky feat

Lucky gives you three shots at turning a potentially bad roll into a success. While this mechanically functions as advantage, the fact that you don’t need to use it until after rolling extends the mileage of your three uses.

Lucky gets some real power when faced with disadvantage, due to an interesting quirk in the way that the rule works. After rolling both dice, you can use Lucky to roll a third die and take the best of the lot. This basically turns disadvantage into super advantage.


When you’re making a regular roll, the Lucky feat basically gives you advantage on the attack. You can see this additional benefit in the red bars stacked on top of the regular odds. The percentages in the chart are the odds that the feat will assist you on a given roll.

With a regular roll, you will get a benefit from the Lucky feat on 4.8% to 25.0% of your rolls. On average, you will get a benefit from the Lucky feat on 16.6% of your rolls.

Lucky Feat - No Advantage

While having advantage does diminish the difference that the Lucky feat makes, it still has a strong influence on your odds of success. The Lucky feat with advantage can increase your odds between 0.2% to 14.8%. You will get a benefit in 8.3% of cases on average.

Lucky Feat - Advantage

Against disadvantage, the Lucky feat increases your odds between 9.7% to 63.1%. Your will experience a benefit from Lucky on 41.6% of your rolls on average.

Lucky Feat - Disadvantage

As you can see, this is where Lucky really shines. The Lucky feat can help you with disadvantage on up to 63% of your rolls. If you are faced with disadvantage, your worst-case scenario is that you’ll see a benefit in 10% of occasions. The greatest benefit is when you need a high roll–a miniscule success chance that becomes many times more likely with the Lucky feat. Any time you need a roll over 15 against disadvantage, the Lucky feat increases your odds of success at least sixfold.

Diviner Portent Dice.png

This comparison is a little tougher, since the Portent dice must be declared before the roll, unlike the Lucky features which allow you to roll again after the initial roll. When you get two Portent dice (at level #), the odds of having a die that can help you are the same as rolling with advantage. When you get three Portent dice (at level 14), the odds go up to three dice, as if you were using Elven Accuracy. The dice recharge on a long rest.


When you have access to the full unused set, Portent dice effectively give you advantage on any attack, ability check, or save. Since you need to apply the die before the roll, let’s just look at the straight odds of two dice and three dice.

Portent Dice

Portent dice are rarely useless. Since they can be used against opponent attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws, they are the most versatile mechanic in the rerolling sphere. Even a low roll can be useful in this context.

Halfling Lucky Racial Ability.png

Unlike the Lucky feat and Diviner’s Portent dice, the Lucky racial feature only triggers on a natural 1, which occurs 5% of the time. In a concession to the limited power of this racial feature as compared to the feat and class feature, there is no limitation on its use. It procs every time you roll a natural 1, regardless of whether you’re rested and recharged.

This feature is also limited in that it only applies to your own rolls. There’s no imposing disadvantage on an opponent attack (Lucky feat) or dice swapping to ensure that an opponent misses an attack or fails a save (Portent dice).


While Lucky may increase your chances to succeed on a given roll from 0.25% to 4.75%, this difference is quite small in comparison to the Lucky feat and the Diviner’s Portent dice. This is because Lucky only benefits you when you roll a natural 1, and then you are successful on the succeeding roll. To see how much this helps, you multiply 5% (the chance of a natural 1) by your chance of success.

Here’s the Lucky benefit for each die roll.

Halfling Lucky

The benefit is overall smaller with advantage, although it can be a little higher if you need to roll a 13 or better:

Halfling Lucky - Advantage

You experience about the same average benefit with disadvantage, although skewed to the lower range of rolls:

Halfling Lucky - Disadvantage

On average, you will benefit from Halfling Lucky on 2.4% of your rolls. When rolling with advantage, you will benefit from Halfling Lucky on 1.3% of your rolls. With disadvantage, you will benefit from Halfling Lucky on 1.5% of your rolls. These benefits are razor-thin as compared to the charts above.

On average, the Lucky feat is about 7 times as strong as the Halfling Lucky racial feature.

Thankfully, the Lucky racial feature applies to every roll, as opposed to being selected by the player after the fact. This is a nice synergy, where the racial feature extends the longevity of the feat. Elegant design seeks to complement in this fashion instead of stepping on the toes of similar design elements.

Here’s a summary of the findings above:

Lucky FeatDiviner PortentHalfling Lucky
Your Rolls AffectedAttacks
Ability Checks
Saving Throws
Ability Checks
Saving Throws
Ability Checks
Saving Throws
Ally Rolls
Ability Checks
Saving Throws
Opponent Rolls AffectedAttacksAttacks
Ability Checks
Saving Throws
When is it used?After RollingBefore RollingAfter Rolling
# of Uses32-3
Use ResetLong RestLong Rest
Average Success Improvement16.6%
8.4% advantage
41.6% disadvantage

1.3% advantage
1.5% disadvantage


Like this:




Sours: https://thinkdm.org/2018/12/08/lucky/
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D&D 5E Thoughts on Halfling "Lucky" trait and the "Lucky" feat

Dax Doomslayer said:

Hi Folks,
I was wondering what people's thoughts on the Lucky trait and feat. It seems to be somewhat powerful compared to others (excluding the whole GWM/Sharpshooter issue). I was just wondering what the general consensus was on these 2 features. The Halfling trait being an unlimited times a day is really the only thing that bothers me (it's essentially advantage always when you roll a 1 though it's less of an issue when trying to hit high AC). The lucky feat itself seems pretty powerful period. Out of curiosity, what do people think on these?

Click to expand...

I am one of the people who really doesn't have much of a problem with anything in the PHB (well, maybe a little bit of a grumble with monks :p). I have had at least two PCs with Lucky, one halfling, and an optimized half-orc GWM GWF Champion with a +3 Defender. I center my games around collaborative storytelling, I don't worry about killing PCs, and the features and feats in question have helped add to the enjoyment of the game for everyone. Additionally, the mentioned stuff has also saved the party in more than one situation.

Check the thread on nerfing GWM for my thoughts on it->http://www.enworld.org/forum/showth...eapon-Master&p=7090709&viewfull=1#post7090709

Halfling lucky saves against a 1 most of the time for halflings and is there iconic thing. It models how halflings get out of trouble. It works all the time, but doesn't save them from a 2.

You only get 3 Lucky feat rolls a day. They are powerful in that they can tilt the scales in a needed direction, but they do not protect from two bad rolls in a row. They are also really useful for death saving throws.

My suggestion is to let stuff run as written for a while with the understanding with your players that if something starts breaking the game and you cannot work around it that it will be modified and the player can rebuild their character. There are tons of things in the PHB that are powerful on a situational basis. I view these as places each PC gets to shine rather than something that is too powerful in its niche.


Sours: https://www.enworld.org/threads/thoughts-on-halfling-lucky-trait-and-the-lucky-feat.543352/

Thread: 5E - Halfling Luck

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    I bought a stack of extensions from DMSGuild, all of them by kentmccullough (& Rob2E I think). Well, I treated them just like have every other .ext i've used over the years. I dropped the lot of them into my extensions folder, no-mus-no-fuss. I started FG, activated them at the load screen, then quit FG and restarted it. All the other extensions seem to be working: auto flanking and range, auto critical damage, auto Halfling Luck, the miss text flavor e working...HOWEVER, the auto sneak attack doesn't seem to be doing anything. So, what step did I miss? All the other stuff are right out of the gates impressive. I checked the settings, I got nothing about sneak attack in there...what did I miss?

    <EDIT> For what its worth, all of these extensions are showing up as having loaded in the chat window on FG startup. And this is on FGC also...forgot to mention that earlier.

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