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Top 100 Cosmic Dog Names for Males & Females

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If you’re looking for the best cosmic dog names for your out-of-this-world pooch, you’ll love my list!

One of my favorite topics, astronomy and astrology can lend knowledge about the unpredictable to certain people.

Whether or not you believe in a higher power, I think we can agree that a dog is a wonderful gift from the universe (or the heavens, depending on your philosophy).

As you might know, a lot of stars, galaxies, and planets have a connection with Gods.

To show your dogs your appreciation for their steadfast loyalty and love, why not give them a name fit for the stars?

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Cosmic Male Dog Names

If you're looking for the best cosmic dog names for your out-of-this-world pooch, you'll love our list! Check out the top 100 ideas for males & females!

When it comes to choosing cosmic dog names for male pups, you literally have an entire universe of options!

From mighty mythological gods to distant constellations to wonderful planet names closer to home in our own solar system, there’s definitely no shortage of ideas!

Check out some of my favorites!

  1. Astro -Greek for “dog,” and also the name of the Jetson’s pup!
  2. Atlas – The strong being that has the world propped up on his shoulders.
  3. Comet – Because sometimes your dog zips by at the speed of a comet.
  4. Cosmo – It means “universe” in Greek.
  5. Galaxy – It’s where we are and encompasses all we know, it’s our everything, just like our dog.
  6. Jupiter/Zeus – The God of all Gods, the largest planet in our solar system.
  7. Mars/Ares – The red planet and the God of War.
  8. Mercury/Hermes – The messenger.
  9. Neptune/Poseidon – A great one if your dog loves to swim!
  10. Pluto/Hades – Mickey’s dog and the God of the Underworld.
  11. Saturn/Cronus – God of Agriculture and the planet with the beautiful rings.
  12. Uranus/Caelus – God of the Sky
  13. Gemini – The twins
  14. Sirius
  15. Galileo – The famous physicist, engineer and astronomer.
  16. Spirit
  17. Big Bang
  18. Sputnik – A satellite
  19. Orion
  20. Enterprise – For the Trekkies out there.
  21. Star
  22. Crater
  23. Pegasus – The flying horse.
  24. Alpha
  25. Centauri
  26. Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice) – A constellation
  27. Leo
  28. Polaris
  29. Eclipse
  30. Orbit
  31. Quantum
  32. Solaris
  33. Flare
  34. Milky – After the Milky Way
  35. Asteroid
  36. Draco – Not after Draco Malfoy, the antagonist and rival of Harry Potter, but it’s more for galaxies.
  37. Rigel – A super star
  38. Taurus – The bull. For birthdays from late April to late May.
  39. Aries – The ram. For birthdays from late March to late April.
  40. Vulcan – Another one for the Trekkies, the home of the famed stoic race.
  41. Callisto
  42. Archer
  43. Aquarius – For birthdays from late January to late February.
  44. Capricorn – For birthdays from late December to late January.
  45. Apollo
  46. Zenith- the point in the sky that’s directly above you
  47. Nadir- the geographical opposite of the zenith.
  48. Hoag- after Hoag’s Object, one of the most unique galaxies.
  49. Centaurus – a galaxy far, far away!
  50. Circinus – another really neat galaxy!
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Whether your dog is the shining star in your life, or he just loves to follow in your footsteps and orbit around you much like a moon, you can find the perfect name for your fur baby boy above.

Naming your dog after a planet that has a God for a Greek counterpart is a stellar choice.

Now some of the names above can be unisex, but we have also compiled a list of names just for otherworldly female dogs.

Cosmic Female Dog Names

If you're looking for the best cosmic dog names for your out-of-this-world pooch, you'll love our list! Check out the top 100 ideas for males & females!
  1. Andromeda – The nearest major galaxy to the Milky Way
  2. Aurora
  3. Nova
  4. Luna – Meaning moon
  5. Venus/Aphrodite – The Goddess of Love and Earth’s sister planet.
  6. Europa
  7. Gaia – The Mother Earth Goddess
  8. Anthe
  9. Cassiopeia
  10. Ursa – For Ursa Major and Minor
  11. Star – For the shining star of your life.
  12. Ariel – A moon
  13. Divine
  14. Corona
  15. Nasa – The federal agency for space research.
  16. Supernova – If Nova just isn’t enough.
  17. Libra – The Scales. For a dog with a birthday in late September to late October.
  18. Virgo – For a dog with a birthday in late August to late September.
  19. Estrella
  20. Stella – Without the “r” to normalize the name more.
  21. Halley – Named after Halley’s Comet.
  22. Astra – Female form of Astro.
  23. Lyra
  24. Carina
  25. Terra
  26. Columbia
  27. Vega
  28. Bellatrix – Sure, it’s after a Death Eater in Harry Potter, but it’s also the name of a star.
  29. Capella
  30. Beta – Because you are the alpha
  31. Delta
  32. Gamma
  33. Astrid – Gorgeous Goddess
  34. Calypso
  35. Cordelia
  36. Sunflower- it’s the name of a galaxy.
  37. Carina
  38. Hydra – More of a villainous name if you are a fan of the Avengers, but it’s also the name of a constellation.
  39. Miranda – A major moon of Uranus, or the independent lawyer in Sex and the City.
  40. Ophelia – A little moon of Uranus.
  41. Titania – A large moon of Uranus. (Uranus has a lot of moons).
  42. Columba
  43. Elara – One of Jupiter’s moons.
  44. Lyra
  45. Pandora – Saturn’s moon.
  46. Portia – Another one of Uranus’s moons.

There are a lot of extraterrestrial things to name your dog after.

A lot of the stars and galaxies have beautiful names that embody the majesty and grace of all above us.

Bellatrix is a great name to give your puppy if she is not only beautiful life a star, but also has a naughty streak.

If I could do it again, I would love to name my dog after cosmic forces.

I believe my best friend and beloved companion was sent to me from above.

My favorite is Andromeda or Aurora for a female and Star for a male (or female).

Which are your favorite female and male Cosmic dog names? Share your thoughts with us below!

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Astronomy or Cosmology is the scientific investigation of the physical universe all in all, it bargains most regularly with celestial bodies in space, for example, nebulae, or planets or stars. It requires the utilization of science, material science, calculations and chemistry so as to endeavour to clarify the development and evolution of those celestial articles.

Now a days it is often difficult to discover a totally unique and extraordinary pooch name from the earth, at that point you could think about something divine or celestials. Celestial canine names incorporate those of planets and their satellites, groups of stars and single stars. This will indicate the entire universe of names to look over. To know continue to look at our assortment of celestial canine names for more creativity.

How to Choose a Name for Your Dog

Celestial Dog Names

The most prevalent names are short, sweet and simple to state. People tend to pick something basic over a name muddled and loaded with syllables. There will be times when you have to rapidly get back to your pooch in broad daylight. It’s simpler to yell out something that is speedy and simple to state. In a similar view, ensure your canine’s name is something you’re open to broadcasting outside. 

A few names which appear to be prominently clever at home can all of a sudden sometimes become humiliating in a jam-packed park! On the off chance that you have little kids, pick a name that is simple for them to learn. That way they can help train your Goldie to react to their new name easily!

Best Celestial Inspired Names for Male and Female Dogs

50 Male Astronomy Dogs Names

Astronomy Dogs Names

When it comes to celestial names, we have this suspicion that celestial names are female in nature, however that is not the case at all. Truth be told, there are such a significant number of male celestial names for you to look over for a wide range of canine names. A few names are delicate and sweet while others are progressively alpha like in nature. Here are a few of them.


Male Astronomy Dogs Names With Meaings

HerculesIt means a Grandiose gift. It’s of Latin origin
AtlasIt’s a Greek word with mean Not enduring
ArcherIt means a Bowman and is of English origin
GalileoIt’s a Hebrew origin word which means A rolled sheet
CastorA common name meaning Beaver. Its origin is Greek
EugeniaIt means of noble descent and is a Greek word
FranciscoSimply means From France and is a Latin word
BastMeans a Devourer and is a word from the Ancient Greek
BrooksIt refers to a brook, stream. It finds its origins in English.
CometIt is an English word which means A celestial body
CoronaMeans Crown and is of Latin origin
CosmoA word of Greek origin which means Order
DanielIt means the phrase God is my judge. It’s a Hebrew word
EstellaThe word means a Star and is a Latin word
FerdinandIt means Peaceful venture and it originated from German language
FinlayThe  Gaelic word means Fair warrior
GeminiA zodiac sign also. It means Twin and is a Latin word.
HalaIt means the Halo around the moon and is an Arabic word
AquilaIt refers to the bird – the Eagle. The word is of Latin origin.
KhorshedIt means the Sun and is Arabic in origin.

50 Best Female Astronomy Dog Names

Does your pooch appear to have a breezy and rich aura about her? Or on the other hand a character that is bold and valiant? As we know astronomy is wealthy in history with names beginning from varying backgrounds. A few names might be progressively ladylike while others are increasingly confident and assertive, be that as it may, paying little heed to the names, there’s one perfect name for each puppy out there.


Female Astronomy Dog Names with Meanings

CiraIt is and English word which means Sun
BelindaThe Latin word means Beautiful serpent
AuroraIt is a Latin word which means Dawn
CelesteIs a pretty common French word which means Heavenly
AnilaThe word is a Sanskrit word which means Air, wind
AsiaApart from being a continent it also means the east.
CatalinaIt is a Greek word which means Pure
AprilApart from the name of a month it also means Open and is a Latin word.
ArceliaThe word means Altar of heaven and is of Latin origin
AstaIs a Norwegian word which means Love
AstraThe meaning is Star and it’s a Greek word
AtlasThe word means Not enduring
AyselA great Turkish word which Moonlike
BiancaA common Italian word which means White
CalypsoIt’s a Greek word which means to Conceal
CarinaA Latin word which means Beloved
ChandraA Sanskrit word which means The moon
ChavaIt is a Hebrew which means Life
AndromedaA great Greek word which means the Ruler of men
AlulaIt’s an English word which means First Born

40 Best Names of Dogs motivated by Constellations

Best Names of Dogs motivated by Constellations

Whoever said choosing the perfect name for you dog would be easy was probably lying. That’s what you are thinking right? After all there are so many choices and yet no choices at the same time. Here are a few more names for your dogs which are related to constellations.

AdharaCentaurid Major
Cepheus MensaAlgol
CetusMinorAlpha (Alf)
CygnusPegasus (Peg)Aquarius

Names with meanings

  • Leo: refers to the  lion constellation of the Zodiac, Leo references the Nemean Lion, whose hide was impervious to weapons
  • Luna: Luna is the Roman goddess of the moon
  • Procyon: it is a Greek word which means the little Dog Star.
  • Rigel: it’s one if the parts of the Orion and is the brightest of them all.
  • Sirius: the name The Dog Star and brightest star in the sky, Sirius was the faithful hunting companion of Orion. 
  • Tarvos: A moon of Saturn. It was the name of a Gaulish mythological deity.
  • Taurus: Taurus is one of the constellations of the Zodiac. 
  • Virgo: Virgo refers to the virgin goddess of justice, Astraia. It is also a zodiac sign 
  • Ursa: Ursa Major is the collection of stars often known as the Big Dipper.
  • Vega: Vega is the fifth brightest star in the sky.

40 Names of Dogs inspired by Moons


Next up on the list is a set of names inspired by Moons. These names really take you back to the Shakespearian ages. There are some beautiful and unique names for you to choose from. Let’s have a look!

HimaliaPerdita Hyperion 
PuckCressida Moon
Rosalind DesdemonaOberon

Name with meaning 

  • Aysel : A great Turkish word which Moonlike
  • Helene: Helene is a moon of Saturn, named after Helen of Troy.
  • Tarvos: A moon of Saturn. It was also the name of Gaulish mythological deity.
  • Titan: The largest of Saturn’s moons
  • Europa: The smallest of the Galilean moons, she was discovered by Galileo.
  • Anthe: A small moon of Saturn, Anthe is named for one of the Alkyonides.
  • Chandra : A Sanskrit word which means The moon
  • Luna: this is the Latin word for Moon.
  • Terminator: The line on the moon or on a planet that divides the lit part from the part in shadow
  • Ida: An asteroid well known for having its own moon

40 Best Names of Dogs Inspired by Astronomy

Miranda HyperionAries
CordeliaMiranda Puck
Cressida MoonRhea

Names with meanings – 

  • Asta: Is a Norwegian word which means Love
  • Astra: The meaning is Star and it’s a Greek word
  • Atlas: The word means Not enduring
  • Aysel: A great Turkish word which Moonlike
  • Bianca: A common Italian word which means White
  • Cosmo: A word of Greek origin which means Order
  • Daniel: It means the phrase God is my judge. It’s a Hebrew word
  • Estella: The word means a Star and is a Latin word
  • Ferdinand: It means Peaceful venture and it originated from German language
  • Finlay: The  Gaelic word means Fair warrior

40 Best Names of Dogs Aspired by Astronomy

Now we all know Astronomy is a large umbrella and a lotta things come under it. From astronomers to planets and stars there are a lot of cool names out there for you pet.

FayeMagnetosphere Azimuth
Blueshift CelesteChaos
Hartmann RocheTrojan

Names with Meanings

  • Bast : Means a Devourer and is a word from the Ancient Greek
  • Corona: Means Crown and is of Latin origin
  • Cosmo : A word of Greek origin which means Order
  • Daniel: It means the phrase God is my judge. It’s a Hebrew word
  • Estella: The word means a Star and is a Latin word
  • Hala: It means the Halo around the moon and is an Arabic word
  • Aquila: It refers to the bird – the Eagle. The word is of Latin origin.
  • Aurora: It is a Latin word which means Dawn
  • Celeste: Is a pretty common French word which means Heavenly
  • Anila: The word is a Sanskrit word which means Air, wind

40 Best Dog Names Inspired by the Solar System

  • Earth: The Earth is the only planet in our solar system not named after a Greek or Roman God, and it is the only one that can fully support life.
  • Sun: The sun is a star and is nearly 5 billion years old. It is incredibly large–one million Earths could fit inside of it. The Sun is also the closest thing to a perfect sphere that has ever been seen in nature. 
  • Venus: Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, and it is the hottest planet in the solar system. 
  • Neptune: Neptune is the farthest planet in the solar system, and only one spacecraft has ever done an up close observation of it.
  • Moon: The moon actually has its own time zone, and is actually the moon’s nearest neighbor.
  • Pluto: Pluto used to be considered a planet, but in 2006, was deemed to be too small, and is now considered a dwarf planet.
  • Luna: The word Luna refers to anything relating to the moon.
  • Solar: Solar is of, or relating to, the sun.
  • Jericho: Jericho is an Arabic name that means “city of the moon”
  • Sunny: Sunny is a classic take on sunshine

40 Best Dog names Inspired by the Skies Above


Names with Meanings

  • Estella: The word means a Star and is a Latin word
  • Hala: It means the Halo around the moon and is an Arabic word
  • Aquila: It refers to the bird – the Eagle. The word is of Latin origin.
  • Aurora: It is a Latin word which means Dawn
  • Celeste: Is a pretty common French word which means Heavenly
  • Europa: The smallest of the Galilean moons, she was discovered by Galileo.
  • Anthe: A small moon of Saturn, Anthe is named for one of the Alkyonides.
  • Chandra : A Sanskrit word which means The moon
  • Luna: this is the Latin word for Moon.
  • Terminator: The line on the moon or on a planet that divides the lit part from the part in shadow

40 Best Dog Names Inspired by Heaven:

Dog is God spelled reverse and that’s what he surely deserves! A name inspired by the heaven to mark the presence of this heavenly friend that you have. A dog is not only a pet but is also a forever companion and therefore, a soft name inspired by heaven and its angels will be perfect for it:


Heaven Dog Names with Meaings

  • Andromeda: The largest galaxy; very close to our Milky Way
  • Engel: The German variation of the word Angel.
  • Ange: French word meaning ‘The Messenger’
  • Angelus: Latin word for Angel
  • Cherub: A winged innocent looking child.
  • Fravashi: Zoroastrian word meaning guardian angel
  • Gabriel: The warrior of God
  • Abaddon: Hebrew variant for the word Angel
  • Sword: The weapon of Angels
  • Neveah: the word Heaven spelt backwords.

40 Best Dog names inspired by Science:

For every geek household or a home where a geek lives in, dog names based on science are the best. Naming your dog inspired by science will only promote a healthy scientific environment at home and make sure that you have a smart dog too.

Lithia NitroCarbo
PicoPlatina Vapor
Tin TantaRadia

Dog names inspired by Science With Meaings

  • Amina – Variant of “amino acid; it’s a simple compound”
  • Argon – name of a noble gas
  • Arso – variation of the chemical compound “Arsole”
  • Atom – The basic unit of every element
  • Boro – Suits a brown dog; variation of “Boron.
  • Benzy – Variation of an aromatic compound “Benzene”
  • Beryll – variation of  “Beryllium”; a hard gray metal. 
  • Beaker – A vessel for conducting reactions.
  • Bury – Variation of “Burette”. It is a tube with a tap at the end
  • Carba – variation of “carbon, a metalloid”

40 Best Dog Names Inspired by NASA Starships and Star Trek Alien Races:

NASA has been contributing to the space science since 1958. Most of the Americans are very proud of NASA. So why not name your dog on NASA Starships and Star Trek Alien Races and remember them forever?

RosettaVulcanBig Bang

Dog Names Inspired by NASA With Meanings

  • Picard: Legendary captain of USS Enterprise-D. 
  • Worf: Chief of Security and the Son of Mogh
  • Data: Name of Lieutnant Commander Data
  • Miles: Name of Transporter Chief Miles O’Brein
  • Barclay: Name of System Diagnostic Engineer of USS Enterprise-D
  • Apollo: NASA’S first programme which resulted in moonwalk.
  • Launch: Inspired from the word Launchpad; from where the rocket is launched.
  • Vulcan: A species from Star Trek
  • Spock: Most famous character from Star Trek
  • Neil: First man to walk on Moon; in 1969

40 Best Dog Names Inspired Space Terminology

 Admit it, it must have been on more than one occasion when you wanted to name your dog after something scientific and based on space since these names are cool and geeky. Name placed on space terminologies are not only unique but also quirky and out of the box.

  • Kazak: Hound of Space 
  • Sirius: Brightest star in the sky
  • Canis: Name of a Major Constellation
  • Orion: Constellation that looks like a hunter.
  • Leo: Lion constellation
  • Pluto: most distant body in solar system; now not a planet.
  • Cosmo: anything that related to the space.
  • Nova: Large flare of light created on birth or death of a star.
  • Apollo: NASA space program
  • Archer: another variant of Orion.

40 Best Dog Names Inspired Comet 

Dusty snowballs that orbit the Sun are called comets. These are made of ice mixed with dust. Comets are believed to be speeding celestial bodies and if you want your dog to be agile and energetic, go for a name based on comet.

GilmoreHill Lemmon
StattamyerIRAS MeyerCasesar

Inspired Comet 
Dog Names With Meanings

  • Tuttle: variation of comet named Swift tuttle
  • Hale: name of Comet Hale-Bopp
  • Bopp: Name of comet hale-bopp
  • Borre: variation of Borrelly
  • Halley: name of a periodic comet
  • Levy: anme of a famous comet Shoemaker Levy-9
  • Encke: comet see in every 3.3 years
  • Gera: variation of a famous comet named Churyumov–Gerasimenko
  • Chiron: Comet in the out solar system
  • Seki: variation of the comet named Ikeya Seki

40 Best Dog names inspired by Astronauts:

Astronauts are the people who drive the spaceship to the space. They are one of the most knowledgeable and technically sound people on Earth. Naming your dog on astronauts not only immortalizes their names; it also makes your dog sound cool and quirky.


Astronauts Dog names with Meanings

  • Sergei: He spent 803 days in space
  • Duke: youngest astronaut to walk the moon
  • Mattingly:  flew Apollo 16
  • Eugene: last person to walk the moon
  • Deke: member of Mercury Project
  • Harrison: most recent person to walk moon; member of Apollo 18
  • Peggy: Female commander of International Space Station
  • Cooper: He flew the Mercury mission
  • Buford: first Afro-American to go to space
  • Digger: pilot of Columbia


Naming your dog on science and space will attract intellect and knowledge for your dog. One of the reasons to choose space and science based names for your dogs are that they are quirky and unique. Many names are Latin-based which makes them unique and special. Dogs are men’s best companions and they deserve names that are special and interesting. 

  1. Sun dolphin boat
  2. Cheapest flights to yangon
  3. Turbo paint sprayer
  4. 2 car trailer craigslist
  5. Pelvic floor pt seattle

65 Space-Inspired Names for Dogs

Looking for an absolutely stellar dog name? Look to the stars! Our very own galaxy is jam-packed with out-of-this-world dog-naming inspiration. From planets, to constellations, to your favorite space-themed movies, we've rounded up some of the most unique space-themed dog names out there.

Dog Names Inspired by Planets & Space Phenomena

Sure, there are an estimated 500 solar systems in our galaxy alone, but why not start with the one we call home? Our neighboring planets and amazing space phenomena can provide some seriously cute and creative dog-naming inspiration.

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Neptune
  • Pluto
  • Comet
  • Aurora
  • Nova
  • Cosmo
  • Star
  • Orbit

Tips for Naming Your New Dog

The countdown to bringing home doggo is on! After stocking up on nutritious dog food, choosing a comfortable, cozy bed, and loading the toy box with lots of engaging toys, there's only one thing left on the doggy to-do list: Choosing the perfect name.

Choosing the ideal name for your new dog can be tough. Not only do you have to choose something that matches his or her personality, but you have to get the whole family on board with the name, too. Not sure where to begin? Here's our advice:

  • Consider names that contain hard consonants and one to two syllables. These names will be easier for your dog to hear and understand.
  • Avoid names that could sound like a command or other word. Think: "walk" and "Dock" or "sit" and "Kit."
  • Avoid "funny" or potentially embarrassing names. If you'd be embarrassed to shout your dog's name across the park, choose something else.

Tips for Naming Your Dog or Puppy

Dog Names Inspired by Space Explorers

Space research, technology, and travel has led to some of history's most amazing—and scariest—moments. Pay homage to the brave men, women, and animals of space exploration with one of these totally heroic monikers.

  • Shepard: In 1961, Rear Admiral Alan Shepard became the first-ever American to travel into space.
  • Armstrong: Neil Armstrong was the first human to ever set foot on the moon. Does the phrase, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" ring a bell?
  • Buzz: Neil Armstrong's partner, Buzz Aldrin was one of the first two humans to land on the moon.
  • Sally: Sally Ride became the first American woman to go into space on the 1983 Challenger mission.
  • Valentina: A member of the Russian state Duma, Valentina Tereshkova was the first—and youngest—woman to go to space in 1963.
  • Mae: Mae Jemison made history when she became the first Black woman to travel into space aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor.
  • Laika: Laika was a Soviet stray that was recruited for the Sputnik 2 mission in 1957. She was one of the first animals to enter space and the very first to orbit Earth.
  • Newton: One of history's most influential scientists, Sir Isaac Newton formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation. Without his work throughout the 17th century, the space program would have never launched.
  • Halley: Edmond Halley was an English astronomer who first discovered Halley's Coment.
  • Albert: The first primate to ever enter space, Albert was a rhesus macaque who rode in a V-2 rocket launch in 1948.

Dog Names from Space Movies

Whether you prefer classic space movies, like Star Warsand Alien, or prefer more contemporary flicks, like Moon, the silver screen is chock-full of creative, space-inspired dog names. Here are some of our favorite monikers from some of the most popular. movies on this side of the Milky Way.

  • Chewie (Star Wars)
  • Thor (Thor)
  • Ripley (Alien)
  • Leia (Star Wars)
  • Jack (Apollo 13)
  • Capa (Sunshine)
  • Luke (Star Wars)
  • Eve (WALL-E)
  • Bell (Moon)
  • Watney (The Martian)
  • Roy (Close Encounters of the Third Kind)
  • Yoda (Star Wars)

Space Names for Female Dogs

Your newest good girl is obviously going to become the center of your universe, so it only makes sense to give her an astrological name, right? Here are some of our top picks for female dogs.

  • Andromeda
  • Aster
  • Calypso
  • Cassiopeia
  • Gamma
  • Halo
  • Luna
  • Marsha
  • Nebula
  • Phoebe
  • Stella
  • Selene
  • Solstice
  • Sora
  • Ursa

Space Names for Male Dogs

There's a reason Sirius is often called the Dog Star—it's the brightest, most visible star in the night sky, from anywhere on the planet. Sounds a lot like your new furry family member, huh? Check out these space-inspired names for your good boy.

  • Atlas
  • Archer
  • Aries
  • Blaze
  • Boomer
  • Crater
  • Falcon
  • Harlow
  • Jet
  • Leo
  • Orion
  • Rocket
  • Rover
  • Scout
  • Sputnik

Other Dog Naming Ideas

Want even more inspiration for your new dog's name? Be sure to check out:


101 Fun Dog Names for Every Type of Pet Owner

Choosing a name for your dog is a big decision. This is the name you’ll be calling for years to come! Picking the perfect name can be tricky, so we’ve put together this list of fun and interesting dog names for inspiration.


These dog names are old-school cool, for people who like to stick to the classics. After all, they’re classics for a reason.

  • 1. Buddy
  • 2. Fido
  • 3. Fluffy
  • 4. Lassie
  • 5. Lucky
  • 6. Rex
  • 7. Rover
  • 8. Spot


Even the Queen of England loves dogs! For anyone who stayed up late to watch the royal wedding live on TV, these royalty-inspired dog names are for you.

  • 9. Duke
  • 10. Elizabeth
  • 11. King
  • 12. Kate
  • 13. Princess


These days, “people” names for dogs are all the rage. Chances are you already know a pup with one of these trendy dog names.

Popular Girl Dog Names

  • 14. Annie
  • 15. Bella
  • 16. Emily
  • 17. Emma
  • 18. Maggie
  • 19. Molly
  • 20. Sophie

Popular Boy Dog Names

  • 21. Barney
  • 22. Charlie
  • 23. Dexter
  • 24. Jack
  • 25. Jake
  • 26. Max
  • 27. Oscar


These floral-inspired dog names are perfect for anyone with a green thumb (or paw!).

  • 28. Daisy
  • 29. Lily
  • 30. Rose
  • 31. Tulip
  • 32. Violet


Rev your engines! Whether you’re a car lover or not, these car-themed dog names are super cool and unique.

  • 33. Cooper
  • 34. Ferrari
  • 35. Jazz
  • 36. Kia
  • 37. Ranger


Attention, foodies! Naming your dog after your favorite food is a recipe for sweet, sweet success.

  • 38. Chef
  • 39. Cocoa
  • 40. Cookie
  • 41. Olive
  • 42. Peanut
  • 43. Pork Chop
  • 44. Pumpkin
  • 45. Sugar
  • 46. Sushi


For dogs whose pet parents check their horoscope every morning, you can’t go wrong with these astrological dog names!

  • 47. Comet
  • 48. Cosmo
  • 49. Luna
  • 50. Pluto
  • 51. Star
  • 52. Stella
  • 53. Venus



These cute pet names are great for bookworms, movie lovers, and super-fans alike!

Literary Dog Names

  • 54. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
  • 55. Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)
  • 56. Holden (The Catcher in the Rye)
  • 57. Horton (Horton Hears a Who)
  • 58. Sherlock (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)

Lord of the Rings Dog Names

  • 59. Bilbo
  • 60. Frodo
  • 61. Gandalf
  • 62. Gollum

Game of Thrones Dog Names

  • 63. Arya
  • 64. Daenerys
  • 65. Khaleesi
  • 66. Tyrion

Harry Potter Dog Names

  • 67. Dobby
  • 68. Draco
  • 69. Hedwig
  • 70. Hermione
  • 71. Neville
  • 72. Snape

Star Wars Dog Names

  • 73. Chewy
  • 74. Jabba the Mutt
  • 75. Leia
  • 76. Vader
  • 77. Yoda


History buffs may want to follow in the footsteps of former presidents and name their dogs after a presidential pooch. Or cut out the middle man and name your dog after a president!

  • 78. Bo (Barack Obama)
  • 79. Bruce (Woodrow Wilson)
  • 80. Checkers (Richard Nixon)
  • 81. Juno (John Adams)
  • 82. Otis (Rutherford B. Hayes)
  • 83. Sebastian (James Monroe)
  • 84. Veto (James Garfield)


Sometimes one dog just isn’t enough. These names are great for littermates or just dog BFFs!

  • 85. Batman and Robin
  • 86. Ben and Jerry
  • 87. Chip and Dale
  • 88. Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • 89. Romeo and Juliet


These geographic dog names are perfect for jet-setting, world-traveling, dog-loving pet parents!

  • 90. Alaska
  • 91. Denver
  • 92. London
  • 93. Paris
  • 94. Sydney
  • 95. Vegas


If your new puppy is also your future hiking partner, these nature-inspired dog names are for you.

  • 96. Bear
  • 97. Meadow
  • 98. River
  • 99. Rocky
  • 100. Storm
  • 101. Sunny

Dogs solar names for

Space Dog Names: Inspiration For Planetary Pups!

Even well before our first ascent into the stars and more recent plans to explore the surface of Mars, humans have always been fascinated by the space. For centuries we’ve gazed up at the stars in awe, pondering the vast galaxies beyond our borders.

If you think of yourself as an expert in space expeditions, or you’re simply a star-gazing enthusiast, consider naming your four-legged friend something space-inspired. The sky offers endless options for any pup; there’s no shortage of stellar celestial names for your new pooch!

Planet Inspired Names

  • Saturn: Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun, and it’s the farthest planet that can be seen with the naked eye. Additionally, it has the most well-defined rings of any planet studied in the solar system. Saturn is a pale yellow color with sections of orange, and it’s color is even noticeable to trained eyes on Earth.
  • Mars: The planet Mars was named after the Roman God of war, and it’s appearance embodies Mars’ fiery attitude, thanks to its intense terrain and color. Mars contains the highest mountain in the solar system, as well as the largest dust storms.
  • Mercury: Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system, but it still has a lot going for it. It is the second hottest planet, Mercury likely contains a molten core. The name of the planet was inspired by the Roman messenger of the gods.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter is comprised mostly of gas, and as such is called a gas giant. It is an incredibly massive planet, being two and a half times larger than all of the other planets in the solar system combined. Being such a large and powerful planet, it was named for the Roman king of the gods.
  • Earth: The Earth is the only planet in our solar system not named after a Greek or Roman God, and it is the only one that we know harbors life.
  • Sun: The sun is a star and is nearly 5 billion years old. It is incredibly large — one million Earths could fit inside of it. The Sun is also the closest thing to a perfect sphere that has ever been seen in nature.
  • Venus: Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, and it is the hottest planet in the solar system, thanks to its runaway greenhouse effect. It is sometimes considered Earth’s “sister planet,” as it has a number of things in common with our planet.
  • Neptune: Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun in the solar system, and only one spacecraft has ever observed it up close. Neptune is famous for it’s beautiful blue color, which some think make it appear like a marble. The blue color is due to a thick layer of methane surrounding the planet.
  • Moon: The moon is a satellite rather than a planet, as it directly orbits the Earth (but in doing so, it also orbits the sun). In terms of size relative to the planet it orbits, the moon is the largest satellite in the solar system. The moon actually has its own time zone, and is the Earth’s nearest neighbor.
  • Pluto: Pluto used to be considered a planet, but in 2006, scientists implemented a new definition of the term “planet.” This new definition included three criteria a body must exhibit to be considered a planet. Pluto satisfied two of the criteria (it orbits the sun and is massive enough to have achieved a round shape), but it fails to satisfy the third criteria: clearing its orbital neighborhood. Accordingly, Pluto is now considered a dwarf planet.
  • Luna: The word Luna refers to anything relating to the moon.
  • Solar: Solar is of, or relating to, the sun.
  • Jericho: Jericho is an Arabic name that means “city of the moon”
  • Sunny: Sunny is a classic take on sunshine

Constellation Inspired Dog Names

Constellations are groups of stars that trace various shapes in the sky. The stars in constellations are often unthinkably far from each other, but from our viewpoint on Earth, they can appear as though they’re in the same stellar “neighborhood.”

  • Aquarius: Aquarius is one of the most famous constellations, although it is generally quite hard to see. The name means “water-bearer”, and its shape is of a man carrying a large jug of water.
  • Aquila: Aquila is also known as “the eagle,” as its shape is that of an eagle with outstretched wings.
  • Aries: Aries is a well known constellation due to its relation to zodiacal significance. It is the shape of a charging ram, and is comprised of relatively dim stars.
  • Cassiopeia: Cassiopeia is a constellation that can be best viewed during the fall and winter. She is a mythical queen who sits upon a chair in the sky. She appears in the shape of a large, flattened “W” spread across the sky.
  • Cygnus: Cygnus is drawn in the shape of a swan, but appears in the sky in the form of a cross. Due to the cross shape, this constellation is also known as the “Northern Cross” and is visible on late summer evenings.
  • Leo: Leo is one of the most well known constellations, and it generally does look like what it was named for: a lion. Leo is most visible in late April and May.
  • Lyra: Lyra is in the shape of a harp, and is based on a Greek myth about Orpheus and his love for a beautiful woman named Eurydice. The legend states that Orpheus’ harp was placed into the sky following his death.
  • Orion: Orion is formally known as Orion The Hunter, and can be easily spotted by his well-known “belt” made up of three bright stars. He is shaped like a man brandishing a sword and shield.
  • Perseus: The story of Perseus follows a young man who saved a beautiful woman from a sea monster. He is formally known as Perseus the Hero, and the brightest star in his constellation, Alpha Persei, is actually brighter than the North Star.
  • Taurus: The stars that make up Taurus the bull form the “V” of his horns, and the star in his eye is visibly red.

Star Inspired Dog Names

  • Andromeda: The daughter of Cassiopeia
  • Bootes: A cattle herder
  • Cetus: Meaning “the whale”
  • Columba: Translates to “the dove”
  • Equuleus: Translates to “the little horse”
  • Pavo: Means “the peacock”
  • Sirius: Sirius is a binary star system, comprised of two different stars.
  • Estrella: Estrella, with the double “L” pronounced as a “Y” sound, is the Spanish word for star.
  • Stella: Short for “stellar”, which refers to anything of or from the stars.

Comet Inspired Dog Names

  • Comet: Often called “dirty snowballs,” comets are large hunks of rock and ice that orbit the sun.
  • Halley: Halley’s comet is one of the most famous comets, and can be seen once every 75 to 76 years.
  • Holmes: Holmes was at one point the largest comet in the world.

Astronaut-Themed Dog Names

  • Armstrong: Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon in the year 1969.
  • Buzz: Buzz Lightyear is a famous fictional character, who is a space ranger.
  • Galileo: Galileo was a famous astronomer, known as “the father of observational astronomy.”
  • Vulcan: Vulcans are a fictional species from Star Trek.
  • Spock: Spock is the most famous Vulcan in the Star Trek franchise.
  • Atlas: Atlas was known as the Greek God of navigation and astrology, and he was condemned by Zeus to forever hold the sky upon his shoulders.

Space Terminology & Tool Inspired Dog Names

  • Apollo: The name of the NASA program that resulted in the first ever moonwalk.
  • Rocket: A vehicle designed to take satellites or humans into space.
  • Jet: A jet is generally a small aircraft that is powered by small jet engines.
  • Phoenix: Phoenix not only refers to a fiery mythical bird, but is also the name of a spacecraft that was sent to Mars.
  • NASA: NASA is the name of the famous American space agency that was responsible for placing the first man on the moon in 1969.
  • Launchpad: A launchpad refers to the platform from which rockets take off.

Other Space Themed Dog Names

  • Aurora: Aurora refers to what is commonly known as the Aurora Borealis — a natural display of the polar lights.
  • Astra: Astra refers to astrology.
  • Libra: Libra is an astrological sign, in the shape of the balance.
  • Nova: Not only is the word Nova a reference to an award winning documentary series, but it is also the word for a new, bright star.

Do you have any other clever ideas for space-themed dog names? Share your picks in the comments!

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90 Cosmic Names for Dogs From the Heavens, Science and Sci-Fi

Barbara Fitzgerald is an AKC Breeder of Merit and author of the column "Conversations with Champions" for the BCSA magazine, Borderlines.

The ancients looked to the heavens for guidance and the origins of universal truths. Stars of ancient mythology live on as the stars in our evening sky. Many of the Roman and Greek gods and heroes are immortalized in the names of our most visible stellar bodies; these celestial names make for unique, cosmic names for dogs.

Cosmic Dog Names From Stellar Bodies With Greek Names

  • Andromeda: The nearest large galaxy to our own, the Milky Way. Andromeda is named for the daughter of Ethiopian King Cepheus and his wife Cassiopeia. In the Greek myth, Cassiopeia vainly brags that her daughter is more beautiful than any of Poseidon’s daughters, the Nereids. Outraged by the insult to his daughters, Poseidon sends the sea monster, Cetus, to ravage the coast of Ethiopia. The only remedy to assuage Poseidon’s ruffled feathers is to chain the king’s daughter, Andromeda, to a rock and sacrifice her to the sea monster. Happily, Perseus happens to fly by on his winged sandals, just as Cetus is preparing to devour the young beauty. Perseus swiftly slays the sea monster and claims Andromeda as his bride. The descendants of Perseus and Andromeda are known today as the Persians.
  • Anthe: A small moon of Saturn, Anthe is named for one of the Alkyonides. In the Greek myth, the Alkyonides were nymph daughters of the king of the giants, Alkyoneus. When Heracles slays their father, the nymphs cast themselves into the sea in despair. Taking mercy on them, Poseidon’s wife, Amphitrite, transforms the girls into kingfishers.
  • Astro: Derived from the Greek word for star, astron, Astro is also the name of The Jetsons' pet dog.
  • Atlas: One of Saturn’s inner moons, Atlas has a distinctive flying saucer shape. In Greek mythology, Atlas is the Titan god condemned to hold the heavens on his shoulders for leading the Titan gods in their war against the Olympic gods. Atlas makes a good name for a powerful, obedient male dog.
  • Aurora: A naturally occurring electrical phenomenon that creates streamers of green and reddish lights in the skies near the Northern and Southern poles. Aurora is the name of the Roman goddess of the dawn.
  • Betelgeuse: The ninth brightest star in the sky; it has a reddish tint. Betelgeuse is part of the Orion constellation and makes a good name for a red-coated dog.

Unique Dog Names From the Cosmos

  • Atom: The basic building block of all matter.
  • Calypso: A Trojan (trailing) moon of Saturn, Calypso is named for the Greek nymph who held Odysseus captive on the island of Ogygia for seven years. Calypso music is a light-hearted Caribbean genre originating from Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Celeste: A French name derived from the Greek root word for celestial or heavenly.
  • Comet: A small celestial body comprised of frozen gases, dust and rocks. Comet makes a cool name for any of the merle coated dogs.
  • Corona: Derived from Latin, corona means “crown.” The corona is the aura that surrounds the sun and other stars in the universe.
  • Cosmo: Cosmo is derived from the Greek word Cosmos, which is a philosophical term referencing the universe.
  • Europa: The smallest of the Galilean moons, she was discovered by Galileo. In Greek myth, Zeus was so taken by the beauty of Europa that he disguised himself as a white bull, and when she thought to try to ride him, he whisked her away to a distant land. This distant land was named Europe in her honor.
  • Galaxy: Originally referring only to the Milky Way, galaxy is derived from the Greek word for milky, galaxias.
  • Gemini: One of the constellations of the Zodiac, the Gemini refers to the twins, Castor and Pollux of Greek mythology, also known as the Dioscuri. Gemini was also a series of NASA space missions, in which ten crews flew in the two-man Gemini spacecraft.
  • Kelvin: Unit of thermodynamic temperature zero degrees on Kelvin (-273 degrees Celsius) is absolute zero.
  • Nova: A star suddenly showing a dramatic increase in brightness, then returning to normal brightness, typically after several months.
  • Quantum: The smallest chunk anything can be divided into in physics. Quantum makes a cute name for a small dog, such as a teacup or toy dog.

Roman and Greek Names of Moons, Planets, and Constellations

  • Helene: Helene is a moon of Saturn, named after Helen of Troy. In Greek myth, the abduction of Helen, by Paris, begins the Trojan War. Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, is also known as theface that launched a thousand ships.
  • Jupiter: The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is named after the Roman version of the Greek god, Zeus.
  • Leo: The lion constellation of the Zodiac, Leo references the Nemean Lion, whose hide was impervious to weapons. The first of Heracles twelve labors was to slay the beast. Heracles accomplished this by wrestling it to death, then skinned is hide for his characteristic mantle.
  • Luna: Luna is the Roman goddess of the moon; her Greek counterpart is Selene.
  • Mars: The red planet, Mars is named for the Roman version of the Greek god of war, Ares.
  • Mercury: The smallest planet and closest to the sun, Mercury is named for the Roman god of messages, eloquence, commerce, travel, trickery and thieves. He also escorts souls to the Underworld. Mercury’s Greek counterpart of Hermes depicted with a winged helmet and sandals.
  • Neptune: Farthest planet from the sun and the fourth largest, Neptune is a cold dark gaseous planet. Named for the Roman god of the oceans, his Greek counterpart is Poseidon.
  • Pisces: Two large Syrian river fish assisted with the birth of Aphrodite from the sea foam and later helped to rescue her and Eros from the monster Typhoeus. Their reward was immortality in the heavens as the Pisces constellation in the Zodiac.
  • Pluto: A dwarf planet, Pluto is smaller than our moon. Pluto is the Roman counterpart of the Greek god Hades, ruler of the Underworld.
  • Procyon: Procyon is The Little Dog Star. Procyon, in Greek, means "before the dog," as this star rises shortly before Sirius, the Dog Star. Procyon is the eighth brightest star in the sky.
  • Rigel: Part of the Orion constellation, Rigel is the brightest star in Orion. A frequent destination for the USS Starship Enterprise, Rigel is the 7th brightest star on our sky.
  • Saturn: The second largest planet in the solar system, Saturn is a gas giant with rings encompassing its equator and sixty to moons in its orbit. Saturn is named for the Roman god of agriculture; his Greek counterpart is Cronus. Under Cronus’ rule, mankind enjoyed a golden age of prosperity.
  • Scorpio: From the Greek word Skorpios, meaning scorpion, this constellation is tied to the Orion constellation through mythology. When the hunter, Orion, boasted that he could slay all of the animals of earth, Earth goddess, Gaia, sent a giant scorpion to kill Orion and prevent the carnage. Following Orion’s demise, the gods placed him, his dog Sirius, and the scorpion in the heavens. Orion and the Scorpio are never seen in the sky at the same time.
  • Sirius: The Dog Star and brightest star in the sky, Sirius was the faithful hunting companion of Orion. After Orion's death, Sirius wandered the Earth mourning the loss of his master. The gods took pity on the lonely cannid, and allowed him to join his master's constellation in the heavens.
  • Tarvos: A moon of Saturn named after the Gaulish mythological deity, depicted as a bull with three cranes riding on his back.
  • Taurus: Named for Tauros, the Cretan Bull of Heracles’ Twelve Labors, Taurus is one of the constellations of the Zodiac. Following Tauros capture by Heracles, he then set the bull free in an Athenian countryside. Here the bull terrorized the denizens of Marathon until he was killed by Theseus. The gods made Tauros immortal, by placing the fallen bull in the heavens. Tauros’ union with Queen Pasiphae of Crete produced the Minotaur.
  • Titan: The largest of Saturn’s moons, the Titans were the predecessors of the Olympic gods.
  • Tycho: Lunar crater.
  • Virgo: A constellation in the Zodiac, Virgo refers to the virgin goddess of justice, Astraia. Distressed by the increasing lawlessness of the Bronze Age of mankind, Zeus took mercy on Astraia and removed her to the heavens.
  • Ursa: Ursa Major is the constellation of stars commonly referred to as the Big Dipper.
  • Vega: The brightest star of the constellation Lyra, Vega is the fifth brightest star in the sky.
  • Venus: The second planet from the sun, Venus is named for the Roman goddess of beauty and love. Her Greek counterpart is Aphrodite.

Cosmic Science and Scientist Names That Make Unique Dog Names






















Famous NASA Starships and Star Trek Alien Races




Big Bang






























25 Best Sci-Fi Dog Names from Science Fiction TV and Movies

These characters from Sci-Fi masterpieces introduce earthlings to the cosmos via warp speed starships and glimpses into our future. Name your dog after one of these heroic characters and imbue him with the Force, to be the best companion he can be.

Austin: Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man and former test pilot, crashed to Earth and is rebuilt, better and stronger than before with bionics. Name your dog Austin if you are seeking a companion better and faster than any of your previous canine companions.

Batty: Roy Batty, Replicant, returns to Earth to find his maker and extend his life in Blade Runner.

Blade Runner: Highly stylized Sci-Fi film starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Daryl Hannah and Sean Young.

Caesar: Leader of the genetically enhance chimpanzees in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. He secretly dreams of a rapprochement between the humans and the simians.

Chekov: Ensign on Star Trek, the Original Series.

Chewy: Nick name for Star Wars' Chewbacca, a cute name for any hairy, bear-like dog.

Deckard: Replicant hunter in Blade Runner, played by Harrison Ford.

Ewok: A small hairy species featured in the Star Wars Series.

Firefly: Cult Sci-Fi series.

Galactica:Battlestar Galactica, name your girl Galactica and you can call her Gal, with an extra nod to Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot.

Hal: The Hal 9000 computer controls the Discovery spacecraft in 2001: ASpace Odyssey. Hal has a mind of his own, and becomes a malevolent force for the crew of the Discovery.

Jedi: Those of the Order of the Jedi use the Force, which resides in all beings, and connects all beings to the universe, to enhance their combat skills.

Kenobi: Old Ben Kenobi, aka Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi master and mentor to both Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker.

Kirk: Captain James Tiberius Kirk, first Captain of the Enterprise.

Koenig: John Koenig, leader of Moon Base Alpha on Space 1999. Koenig is Dutch for King.

Maya: Shape-shifting alien and crew member on Space 1999.

Pris: Female replicant who returns to Earth with fellow replicant, Roy Batty, to extend their lives in Blade Runner, played by Daryl Hannah.

Ripley: Warrant Officer and sole survivor of the starship Nostromo in the film, Alien.

Scotty: Starship Enterprise's chief of engineering. Scottie makes a good name for and of the Scottish dog breeds.

Serling: Rod Serling, host of The Twilight Zone, took us to alien civilizations as well as our own future and alternative realities.

Solo: Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon in the first Star Wars Series.

Spock: A cute name for any prick eared dog.

Uhura: Lieutenant Nyota Uhura of Star Trek was a ground breaking role, a first in the USA where a black female was seen on TV, as an equal in intelligence and responsibility to the men of the series.

Wookiee:Star Wars species, of which Chewbacca is a member.

Yoda: A cute name for any small prick eared dog, especially the Chinese Crested breed.

Zulu: George Taki Star Trek character.

© 2018 Barbara Fitzgerald


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