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Introduction: DIY Weber Grill Cart BBQ Station

This grill cart features a sturdy wooden base with an opening for a round charcoal grill, I used a Weber. The cart also has wheels so you can move it and a rack for pushing / holding tools. If you're looking for a better outdoor cooking experience, then this is perfect as it gives space for chopping, storing etc! Overall this is a great weekend project because it's pretty quick to put together, and if you're organized it can definitely be done in a couple of hours.

Step 1: Cleaning the Grill

The first thing I did was to clean the old grill. I sprayed it with water, scrubbed it with coarse steel wool and really focused on some rusty spots, and then I spray painted all those areas with some heat resistant black paint.

Then I took the grill apart, and removed the wheels - I'm going to be using those for the cart to make it movable.

Step 2: The Wood

Next up, the wood. I cut all the pieces to length on the miter saw, so they were all ready to assemble.

Step 3: Steel Pipes

OK, so I've got some steel pipes and connectors here. This is for a handle for pulling the cart and to work as a towel bar. Here I'm cleaning them up with some denatured alcohol before being spray painting, and I used an oil rubbed bronze color.

Step 4: The Top

Now, let's start putting this thing together! I started with assembling the top together. I put in two supporting pieces first underneath, and then put down the top pieces which I screwed down. Next I'm using a large compass, and I'm making a circle that is just a touch smaller than the grill's diameter. Then when I knew where the grill would come out to, I could mark and attach the last support piece. (watch the video for a clearer demonstration)

Step 5: The Legs

For the legs I'm putting together two 2x4s which I screw together. Two of the legs will be slightly shorter than the others to account for the wheels.

And here are the leg sections. I'm also going to add some support pieces in the middle, and then the wheels on the ends.

Step 6: The Wheels

Now before I left home, I drilled some very small holes in a steel rod, and the wheels will slide on the rod, and these cotter pins will make sure they stay in place. Then I drilled a hole in the two shorter legs for the rod to come through, and then I secured it with the pins.

Step 7: Cutting the Hole

OK, so time to cut out the hole for the grill with my jig saw.

I began with drilling a started hole, and then I followed along the marked circle with the jig saw.

Initially I had planned on putting in several screws in the wood to prevent direct contact with the wood. But after looking at it, I realized that the grill only touched a couple of areas, because the circle was not perfectly even, so I decided to skip that. There is no danger with this and if any scorching actually did occur it will be easy to add the small screws to decrease the contact.

Step 8: Bottom Shelf

I also decided to add some cap pieces on the ends to the cart to finish it off a bit.

On the underside I'm adding some cedar fence boards for a shelf, and this is where I picture you would store extra charcoal and things like that.

Step 9: Sanding

Next up - sanding, mostly on the top to make it nice and smooth.

Step Finishing Touches

Now remember the cart handle I painted, well here I have it assembled and just screwing this bar in on the side of the cart. And you can hold on to this when moving the cart, or use it to hang tools or whatever. Lastly I put on a thick coat of spar polyurethane on the whole cart to protect it from the elements.

Step Conclusion - Watch the Video

To get a look at the final result, and a much better idea of the process of the build, make sure to check out the video!

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Weber Q cart/table ideas?

For a Q, I would definitely go with one of the foldup carts. The reason I don't like putting them on a table or something like that is that they take up way too much room. Sure they are small grills, but that is the beauty of them. When you use a table or build a large cart for the grill, you essentially give it the footprint of a Genenis 3 burner or even bigger..
For example, when I camp with my travel trailer, I take along a 2'x4' portable table for my grill center. I used to put the Q on the table, but I found when trying to do bacon and pancakes or run the waffle maker with butter, oil, utensils, paper towels, etc the table got extremely crowded. I have since started taking a folding cart along. That puts the grill just off to the side and allows me the entire table top for accessories, accouterments and space for food prep.




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Introduction: Wooden Weber Q Stand

BBQ stand to suit Weber Q or any small portable bbq of choice.

Includes storage and preparation surface.

Step 1: INTRO - Design

My aim was to build a wooden stand for my Weber BBQ.

I decided to incorporate storage for tools, spices, sauces, and cleaning equipment, aswell as under bbq storage for hotplate and pizza stone! The first thing I did was design the project in Google Sketchup and Cinema 4D

The preparation surface will include a granite stone for meat prep.

Step 2: Constructing the Frame

I began by cutting 2 lengths of 42x32 Merbau at mm, and 4 lengths at mm.

I then marked and cut the Mortise and Tenon joints as shown, then glued and clamped the frame together.

Step 3: Constructing the Two 'Boxes'

The 'boxes' are constructed from mm lengths of x19 Blackbutt timber boards.

I prepared the boards by marking and cutting biscuit joints on a large flat surface, then clamping and gluing the boards to make 4 flat slabs.

These were then planed flat and cut to length using a circular saw.

I then glued the boards together as shown

To fit the granite stone slab I constructed a frame around the stone, and routered out a recess to fit a piece of mdf to the underside of the frame.

Step 4: Legs

The legs are constructed from recycled deck posts.

Prepare the posts by squaring them using a thicknesser.
I positioned them as desired, and used a diagonal lap joint to connect them together.
I also cut lap joints at the tops of the legs for the frame to sit on.
Using a forstner drill bit I bored holes so that the bolts holding the legs together would sit flush with the surface. (it is a good idea to drill a small pilot hole so that the bolt holes line up.

Step 5: Assembly

I drilled some dowels and used them to line the 'boxes' up with the frame, they will just sit on it and not be glued, allowing for easy disassembly.
The legs are then joined to the frame and boxes using bolts and coach screws.

To get a good surface finish I used an orbital sander with fine paper. Any outdoor furniture oil or vanish can then be applied to create a strong durable surface.

The granite stone can be held in using clear silicone, or sat in without attachment so it can be cleaned.

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15 Homemade Weber Grill Cart Plans You Can DIY Easily

When the summer comes around and the grilling season begins, you need a quality barbecue you can rely on to help you cook up the most delicious food for family and guests every time you throw a yard party – and that’s why Weber is among the most popular brands.

However, to get the most out of your Weber, you also need a cart for it, and rather than buy one for lots of money, building one yourself is a great option. And for anyone who wants to try, here are 17 plans for a DIY Weber grill cart that show you how to do it.

Table of Contents

1. DIY Weber Grill Cart BBQ Station

DIY Weber Grill Cart BBQ Station

To begin with, here’s a great plan for a DIY Weber grill cart from the excellent Instructables site. If you don’t know it already, Instructables is a fantastic resource for whenever you need a DIY plan for just about anything you can think of, and this one is another worthy addition to the collection. It gives you clear and easy-to-follow instructions for building the cart along with plenty of useful photos to help you understand what you need to do. A great plan we enjoyed reading and one almost anybody will be able to copy.

Check the Plan Details


2. How to Make a DIY Grill Table You’ll Love

How to Make a DIY Grill Table You’ll Love

If you like detailed plans with lots of explanations for what you need to do, this is one that should appeal. In it, you’ll learn how to make this amazing DIY grill cart for you Weber grill, and as you can see from the photos, it looks stunning. If you’re a DIY novice, you might think making something like this looks a bit daunting, but with a quality plan like this, it’s easier than you might expect – so why not give it a go?

Check the Plan Details


3. How to Build a BBQ Cart for a 22&#; Weber Kettle

The cart this plan teaches you to make is simple to build and won’t cost you too much to complete either. In the tutorial, this YouTuber takes you through all the steps for building it, clearly demonstrating everything you need to do. At around 30 minutes, it’s quite a long video, but it contains plenty of invaluable information for making a success of your project, and when you’ve finished watching, you’re sure to feel it was time well spent


4. DIY Grill Cart for a Charcoal Kettle

DIY Grill Cart for a Charcoal Kettle

If you have a Weber kettle grill, one issue will be that you need somewhere for food preparation and a place to put everything before it goes onto the grill as well as when it comes off. This blogger solved the problem by DIYing a cart to go with his grill, and as you can see, the result was perfect. It’s not a particularly difficult job either, so if you think you would like something similar, this plan will teach you how to do it.

Check the Plan Details


5. How to Build a Weber Grill Cart

As you can read in the introduction to this YouTube tutorial, these DIYers are obsessed with the cart they made for their Weber grill – so it’s safe to say they were pleased with the results! Having seen what they built, we have to say we can understand why, because it looks great. We also enjoyed the video since they’ve obviously taken the time to make it fun to watch. There’s also nothing in there that is too difficult to copy, making it a video that’s well worth checking out.


6. How to build a 22&#; Weber Kettle BBQ Cart DIY BBQ Table

This YouTube channel has to have one of the best names we’ve ever seen – it’s called “View to a Grill!” As you can guess from that, it features videos about everything barbecue-related, and in this tutorial, we learn how to make a highly professional table for a Weber kettle grill. In the video, we watch him as he takes us through the whole project while the voiceover explains everything he’s doing. It’s fascinating to watch him work, and the result is just perfect. So check it out if you want something similar.


7. Weber Grill and Chill Complete DIY Grill Cart

In this video, this DIYer gives us a “tour” of the cart he made for his Weber grill. It’s especially impressive since it’s a metal model, and as you can see, he’s thought of everything, right down to a bottle opener on a piece of metal he welded on especially. He doesn’t give you detailed instructions to copy, but if you have the necessary skills, it should give you something to follow – so if you’re not afraid of a bit of metalwork and welding, this is a plan that should be of interest


8. Pimp up your Weber Performer Grill

Here’s a different type of plan, because this one doesn’t really tell you how to build a complete DIY cart for a Weber – rather, he shows us how to give the Weber Performer grill cart a stylish makeover. The original has plastic surfaces, but this new version has a beautiful wooden finish. You might not have all the tools he uses, but most people will still be able to do something similar, making this a great project for Performer owners to try.


9. My Weber Kettle Custom Work Cart

This video about a Weber grill and a DIY cart is an interesting watch. In it, this DIYer shows the cart he made for his Weber grill and talks at some length about the relative advantages and disadvantages or different grilling setups. He goes a bit off-topic at the end, so you can just ignore that part – but the rest of the video should give you a few ideas about the kind of grill cart it’s possible to build.


DIY 26” Weber Grill Table

The grill cart this YouTuber has made for his Weber grill is one of our favorites because it looks so professional – you probably wouldn’t guess that this was a DIY job at all. He estimates it cost him around $ to make, but something like this would cost far more if you bought it from a store. So if you want something similar without spending a fortune on it, this is a video you need to watch.


DIY Barbecue Grill Cart

DIY Barbecue Grill Cart

If $ sounds like too much to spend on a DIY project, this plan should appeal to you. In fact, this YouTuber was unwilling to spend even $ on a cart, since he thought he could make one for half that price. It’s a very simple design, but if you just need something to give your grill a bit of extra mobility and you aren’t interested in making anything too fancy, this could be just the plan you’re looking for.

Check the Plan Details


BBQ Cart/Station with a Concrete Top

For anyone interested in exploring options other than wood grill carts, this is a plan that should be worth a look since it teaches you how to make a cart with a concrete top. Some people might be a little intimidated by the prospect of working with concrete if they haven’t done it before, but it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. And if you’re interested in finding out how, this plan gives you all the info you need.


Weber Grill Cart

Weber Grill Cart

As this blogger writes, he found plenty of plans online for Big Green Egg grills, but not so many for Weber models. Instead, he decided to simply make one himself – and here, you can see the result. There isn’t much in the way of detailed instructions, but least the photos should give you something to aim at – and for most moderately-skilled DIYers, that will probably be enough.

Check the Plan Details


Weber Charcoal Hanging Grill Table

This is another video that will appeal to the kind of DIYer who is looking for ideas rather than detailed instructions. In it, this YouTuber shows us the cart he built, pointing out some of the more original features he included, like the screws to hold the grill in place and the hook for holding the lid. Although a DIY beginner probably won’t be able to copy this, it shouldn’t be too hard for anyone with intermediate skills, and if that includes you, why not check it out and see if you feel like trying?


How to Build a Weber Grill Table

How to Build a Weber Grill Table

This plan shows you how these DIYers build a grill section for their Weber grill as part of a larger outdoor kitchen that also includes a wood-fired pizza oven and a working sink. The whole thing looks amazing – although perhaps a little “unpolished” – and if you want to copy it, this blog tells you how it was built.

Check the Plan Details


Loads of great plans to copy

As you can see, there are loads of great plans for Weber grills that are suitable for all budgets and skill levels. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching these plans as much as we have finding them for you – and above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the plan you needed to build a DIY Weber grill cart of your own.


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Weber Q Propane barbecue grill, How to Build a Stand

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