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Editor’s Note: This post is presented by StickerYou.com. StickerYou makes every kind of sticker and label you can imagine, including stickers for your honey jars. For the record, I have no financial interest in running this article. The simple truth is I never outgrew my childhood love of stickers. My mom even had to buy a special tool to remove them from the furniture and woodwork.

Even now, right here in my desk, I have a drawer full of miscellaneous labels, and little bees are stuck all over my laptop (including one solidly covering the selfie camera). StickerYou.com has a lot to choose from, but I especially like the clear plastic labels that let the beauty of your honey shine through.

So, you are a newbee in the industry, and you’re beginning to produce some delicious honey. When it comes to packaging your honey, you have a few options. Do you create your own labels at home, or do you have a third-party printer print your custom packaging for you? Here are some benefits of outsourcing your packaging and branding for your honey business.

Clear plastic honey labels on two jars of light amber honey.

Superior Quality and Durability

Most suppliers of print-at-home materials use lower quality materials, as they are printed using your home printer. This means that they will get ruined when coming in contact with fluids. Many third party printers use higher grade material that are waterproof and durable. This ensures your packaging will look sleek and professional for the whole shelf life, and long after!

Easily Removable Adhesive

Let’s face it, print-at-home labels are often times paper-based materials that are very sticky and messy when removed. If you’re a supplier that re-uses your jars, or has a recycling program, getting your stickers printed on a removable vinyl allows for easy removal of the stickers off your jars, and will save you a ton of time. No more soaking your jars in hot water to get all of the adhesive off!

Professional Design Advice/Help

Most third party printing companies either offer art services, or have an art team to look over your files and provide art fixes/adjustments. This is potentially a free set of eyes to look over your artwork and ensure everything will print visually pleasing and error-free.

Solid white honey labels with an artistic blue design.

Bright, Vivid Ink Options

Large-scale printing companies use wide-format digital presses and expensive die-cut machinery. This allows them to print with a four color process, and achieve bright and accurate ink colors. This will ensure your branding is consistent across products, and colors will print as they appear on screen. In terms of how vivid your logo and branding is, the options are endless!

Place Your Order Online

If you’re working with a printing company, most allow you to place your order online in just a few minutes! Not only is this a great time saver, but you will often be assigned a rep that you can keep in contact for future orders and questions/concerns.

To learn more about honey labels, visit StickerYou.com.


Sours: https://www.honeybeesuite.com/the-benefits-of-having-your-honey-labels-printed/


Best Honey Label Designs


A big inky splat to you!

Hot off the press is a sweet set of honey label designs that we love so much that we’re happy to make a big buzz about their distinct styles and share them with you. If you’re looking for inspiration, these awesome honey label designs will definitely get your light bulbs firing!

If you’re still at the stage where finding inspiration for your own honey label designs isn’t coming by too easily, you’re not alone. Don’t beat yourself up; many designers and small business owners have gone from Study A to Study Z before achieving that perfect honey label design.

In the meantime, get inspired and take a look at our best honey label designs list, for remarkable labels that are both relevant and eye-catching!



Inkable Label Co.’s

Best Honey Label Designs List





Best Honey Label Designs


Local beekeeper Jay Williams is a man on an extremely important mission. His remarkable journey—from his endeavors in film studies, to becoming a professional firefighter, to ultimately learning about Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)—has shaped his passion and dedication to the preservation of honeybees and, by extension, the lush agricultural landscape of North America and Europe. And while his earlier inexperience led him importing a queen bee (now at six years old) to start his very own apiary (starting with only two hives), he has since then strived to cultivate wild, self-sufficient bees that are hardy against pests.

Best Honey Label Designs

Williams Honey Farm’s staunch philosophy of letting bees function and thrive in an environment that is natural, supportive, and caring means that they avoid synthetic growth hormones, medicine, and pesticides, and welcome nature and her omniscience to sort the strong from the weak. The result is the establishment of bee colonies having each feral member that may look smaller than average, but is definitely strong and up to the task. Each bee is considered a member of the family—Williams Honey Farm’s mission is to simultaneously feed the bees in new and interesting ways while creating bee conservationists they affectionately call “Polleneers”.

Best Honey Label Designs

Responsible apiculture also meant preserving and respecting the natural rhythm of bees: unlike other apiaries, they harvest the honey all at once, at the end of June and never earlier. This patient manner, waiting until the end of the flow, is by virtue of their understanding and genuine love for their bee colonies, insisting that bees should have their fair share before the season is complete.

“1 in every 3 bites you take is thanks to a honeybee.  If you feed the bees then you’ll feed the world.  We are ready to do this one flower at a time.”

Operating in and around Williamson County since 2008, their raw, treatment-free produce include Wildflower Honey, Comb Honey, Cream Honey, Honey Flasks, Honey Straws, and Lip Rescue Lip Balms (made from beeswax of wild beehives that they rescue). The best part is that ultimately customers are assured that they enjoy honey products that are the fruits of sustainable beekeeping practices.

Best Honey Label Designs

Best Honey Label Designs

Best Honey Label Designs
Their honey label designs and format aren’t contained to a single, unified set. Depending on the product and product extension, their packaging comes in either jars, tall and short vials, and plastic tubes. Each product has its own identity, and this is kept consistent with the beautiful bee icon. We especially love the lip balm honey label designs because they also feature the “bee story” (with no text) as well as remind customers of the advocacy of Williams Honey Farm and the humble beginnings of the honey products.

Best Honey Label Designs

Best Honey Label Designs

Best Honey Label Designs

Photo credits: Logo and all images by Williams Honey Farm


  • Tailor-fit your packaging and labels to your product’s needs—both aesthetic and functional.
  • In this example, opaque labels give a solid real estate on the labels and that extra wraparound space gives you more flexibility in the planning of the appearance (of the more important) front panel.
  • Clear labels gives that “no label look” and will feature the color of the contents of your packaging. The black print on clear stock is nicely highlighted by the bright gold of the honey, for great contrast.





Best Honey Label Designs


Located on 20 acres of restored prairie and oak forest, and 25 miles south of the Twin Cities, Turkey Hill Apiary is perfectly situated in a rich and undomesticated landscape, enjoying its synergy with local food produce growers and hardworking small businesses. They are part of a thriving community in Minnesota, bringing to the table something distinct and truly delightful. Their proximity to the backwoods is also strategic—in the area are less than a dozen hives of Russian and Minnesota Hygienic bee breeds happy and content as they buzz around indigenous flowers, wild plum and heirloom apple trees, and various hardwood trees.

Best Honey Label Designs

Turkey Hill Apiary is proud of the special qualities of their honey, and rightfully so. Apart from the inherent value of their breeds (their bees can deal with cold temperatures, and are naturally resistant to mites, parasites, and other diseases) a true “job well done” is only realized and recognized in the ardent servitude to the bee colonies themselves (respecting their natural rhythms, providing pesticide-free forage, and the maintenance of bee health) and for the company these are key factors that greatly affect the quality of their honey. This give-and-take works extremely well for Turkey Hill Apiary, and their responsiveness to their bees’ needs fortifies the respect and admiration they have for these intelligent creatures.

“The bees need to visit almost a million flowers to produce a single pound of honey. With all that work, it’s the least we can do to make sure they are happy and healthy.”

As consumer products, they are divine. The bourbon honey is developed from harvested wildflower honey that is aged for several months in bourbon barrels, with its natural flavors intensified and made more stimulating by the charred, bourbon-saturated oak wood, lending undertones of booze and smoke. This smokiness and vanilla softness goes well with any bourbon drink, or dashed over a bit of strong cheese. Another delight is a rye whiskey honey (aged in rye barrels) that manifests mildly spicy undertones, with flavors of white grape and apple.


Best Honey Label Designs

beastpieces.com // studioonfire.com


Studio On Fire created the exquisite label concept and designs for Turkey Hill Apiary. We love the vintage yet stylish look and feel of the impressive line work on the delicate stock. They successfully emulated the aesthetics “of an old liquor bottle or newspaper” and this, coupled with letterpress, gives a visual premium.


  • Creating exceptional labels can boil down to the additional finishing touches—this makes all the difference in transforming the final look and feel of your labels. While letterpress is a true visual and tactile delight, it can get very expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose to do embossing instead.
  • A good identifier for quick segregation is color. Color schemes or template layouts work well with providing cohesion to your label designs. This gives a visual skeleton that is easy to follow for your customer especially when looking for a certain flavor or variant.




Best Honey Label Designs

Owner Corky Luster has always had a naturally good pulse with bees. But what had begun as a hobby was consequently transformed into a journey of a certainly grander nature. As an offshoot of an especially good harvest, in 2009 Corky decided to establish the Ballard Bee Company—starting with only four hives in his yard. Fast-forward to today and his company now runs two dozen hives in the city and owns an additional 130 hives, all housed outside of Seattle at Local Roots Farm and at Camp Korey.

Best Honey Label Designs

An urban bee company with a series of hives stretching from one neighborhood to the other meant that the raw honey produced would be specific not just to a particular region, but to a particular neighborhood. Depending on where the bees would be foraging, each flavor profile would be different. From first to last nectar flow, bees would be feeding on pollen from bigleaf maple trees, to blackberry bush flowers, to the Japanese knotweed plant. Ballard Bee Company is particularly fond of the last flow, which has a caramel and fig delectableness—it’s called Dark Cream Honey, and it recently received national recognition as a 2015 Good Food Awards winner.

Best Honey Label Designs

Despite big wins, Ballard Bee Company is still very selective and refuses to go on-shelf with the big retailers, opting rather to support small businesses and make its honey available only in specialty boutique stores, local restaurants, and small distributors in Washington and Oregon.

Best Honey Label Designs

Apart from marketing honey, the company makes it a point to encourage the keen interest of novice beekeepers by offering consultation sessions and beekeeping supplies. Corky also successfully helped some of Seattle’s finest chefs to set up their own rooftop apiaries, with the primary goal of imparting responsible beekeeping education and information.

Best Honey Label Designs

Best Honey Label Designs

Their honey label designs are clean and dynamic, taking on a modern packaging approach that suggests that it is medicinal and not merely a sweetener. The “Bh” symbol figures prominently in all their labels, an original symbol that looks like it is meant to be part of the periodic table of elements. This connotes that the product is its own element and cannot be broken down further, with a purity that is to be enjoyed in every bottle.


Photo credits: Logo and all images by Ballard Bee Company (Jim Henkens)


  • Try to explore branding concepts. This example presents an organic product far removed from the traditional quaint packaging design. Instead, a more cosmetic look is applied to achieve an entirely different identity compared to other honey brands. A word of caution though: being different isn’t always good—before you commit to a concept, get more sets of eyeballs to look at your labels to ensure that the message is clear and isn’t lost in a vague theme or packaging concept. Discuss the final look with your creative team, if able.
  • Your honey label designs are mainly identifiers of what your product is to your customer and who you are compared to competition. That being said, don’t be afraid to deviate from traditional design schemes if this suits your brand personality.





Best Honey Label Designs


Oh Honey is a sustainable apiary with hives in both NY and NJ, and have since expanded to Brooklyn and Columbia County, NY. Their commitment to establishing a treatment-free beekeeping system includes raising queen bees from their strongest stock (of winter survivors) to create new bee colonies that are strong, resilient, and winter-hardy. This is especially fundamental in their production of their treatment-free, 100% raw honey—they opt to go as natural as possible, avoiding chemicals, acids, essential oils, antibiotics, or any medication in both hives and honey. Their products are 100% raw (not heated nor filtered), gathered using the cold extraction method to ensure that all the most valuable components of the honey is left intact, directly from the comb, and this includes propolis and pollen. This cold-extracted, unfiltered honey, bottled fresh for their customers, means that you can even see small bits of propolis and pollen floating on top! Since the crystallization process sets in faster than in treated honey, their products have that extremely creamy texture. More recently extracted honey is liquid, because crystallization has not begun yet.

Apart from being a healthful treat, honey as a treatment for seasonal allergies is advocated on their site (with the propolis figuring largely in its health-enhancing properties) for honey that is “chock-full of good stuff”.

Best Honey Label Designs
Their honey products are favorites at the local Farmers Market, in both raw form (Jersey City Raw Hex, Hudson Valley Raw, Hudson Valley Raw Muth, Jersey City Raw Japanese Knotweed Honey) and raw crystallized form (Raw Crystallized Honey From Hudson Valley and Jersey City Raw Crystallized Honey). Another new Oh Honey addition also boasts of therapeutic and curative properties: a healing balm of ribwort plantain made with their treatment-free beeswax (the wax is as pure as can be and a desirable ingredient in cosmetic products). While not a honey product, the salve’s main component is plucked from Oh Honey’s upstate apiary and has been traditionally used as a homeopathic remedy for infections of the skin and respiratory tract, as an insect bite/wound/diaper rash soothing balm, and a chest liniment in the case of respiratory infections. Other beeswax-based products include several types of lip balms (both plain and tinted) and an amazing healing cream that contains another valuable bee product in addition to the beeswax, namely propolis. Hives are covered in this amazing pest-resistant substance which research shows to be not only anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, but may also be anti-carcinogenic. This product line up supports the business’ philosophy and active call for a more holistic appreciation of the environment and its amazing synergy, and the preservation of the nourishing gifts from nature.

Best Honey Label Designs

Best Honey Label Designs

Best Honey Label Designs

The business was built by Darius Plavinskas, who came to US to continue his expression of art through his house project, encountering a different kind of art—beekeeping—and loving it enough to dedicate his time and efforts to learning everything he could about bees. The proof of his hard work, passion, and patience is seen in around 60 hives all over NY, which started just on his and wife Tine’s roof deck in Jersey City, NJ! With an honest dedication to his craft, he apportions time to regularly attend conferences that further best practices for sustainable and organic, responsible beekeeping. And Oh Honey’s raw honey is definitely natural—you’ll be able to see the difference versus filtered honey, which has been pasteurized and filtered to a clear finish. Darius is proud of his honey that is cloudy and will crystallize over time, intimations of beneficial and prime nutrients, live enzymes, and a complete flavor profile of how honey should be.

Best Honey Label Designs

Labels and branding is Oh Honey’s “in house” project–one of their friends, Nataliya Byrne of NB Lettering Studio, is a calligrapher and lent her capable hand to produce the script featured in the label, while Darius put together the final design of the entire label. Wide, hexagonal jars get a landscape label. Antique-looking bottles get a vertical label and a natural cork stopper. The black, white and gold design perfectly contrasts the rich tone of the honey.

Best Honey Label Designs

Photo credits: Logo and all images by Oh Honey


  • If you have a vision, put it down on paper and consult with your designer to see if your concept is feasible in terms of execution. Darius, wearing both hats of co-owner as well as designer, enjoys full control over how brand identity is translated into both product development and product presentation.
  • As demonstrated by this example, a matte finish works to create muted colors and a soft finish. This affords a delicate overall look. When finishing your labels, consider the correct finish (gloss, matte, satin) to complete the “demeanor” of your packaging.




Best Honey Label Designs


Friends Casey and Morgen, the makers of Bees Knees Spicy Honey, knew that they had something extraordinary when they were able to grow quickly from a small batch honey business into an exceptionally successful online shop. Now with a strong presence in retail, their delicious products are the efforts of bringing together unexpected ingredients “that basically throw a party for your taste buds”. Working tirelessly to create and test a multitude of flavor and spice combinations has paid off, and they’ve come a long way since establishing Mixed Made, the umbrella brand that carries Bees Knees Spicy Honey and Trees Spicy Syrup. Selling $170,000 of spicy honey in 10 months was a veritable milestone that they also hope serves as a testament and inspiration to other entrepreneurs, showing that while it takes a lot of effort, it can be simple to launch your own small business.

Best Honey Label Designs
Best Honey Label Designs

Their brand flourishes in Brooklyn, NY, with their hot honey meant to delight with its indiscreet chili-infused sweetness. The versatile sauces use only two ingredients: honey and chili peppers. Spicy honey is a new category, and their first product—Bees Knees Spicy Honey—is a unique and innovative offering that is concocted by mixing raw honey (sourced from a small farm in Hudson Valley) with a special blend of chili peppers, dishing out the perfect balance of sweet mellowness and spicy intensity. It really is extraordinary, and an undeniably versatile honey-hot sauce delectation.

“We at MixedMade believe in the unexpected.

We believe food can taste extraordinary in its simplicity.

We believe in filling our bottles (and our bodies) with nature’s finest.

And we believe life should be fun.”

All these principles are the guiding credos that make this range of switch-hitting hot sauce-honey goodies possible. Each bottle is certified free from corn syrup, vinegar, additives, chemicals, and each batch is handmade—infused, mixed, made, bottled, and shipped straight from their kitchen. The perfect balance of sweet and spicy is further highlighted and enhanced in food pairing suggestions, with recipes and advice on how to add an intense kick in and on everything from roasted root veggies, to feta cheese, to figs, to fried chicken. To sweeten the deal, they offer a “Sting-free Guarantee”: If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, they send you your money back.

Best Honey Label Designs

Best Honey Label Designs

Best Honey Label Designs

We love the crisp and contemporary design of MixMade’s spicy honey jars, and the nice touch of changing the standard, square bar code into the outline shape of a chili. The look is simple and classy. The no-nonsense design is in-your-face, and even bad eyesight wouldn’t stop anyone from distinguishing their bottles from afar.

Best Honey Label Designs

Best Honey Label Designs

Photo credits: Logo and all images by Mixed Made


  • Clear packaging with simple labels will make your product (and, of course, its ingredients) “shine” through.
  • A plus with simple labels: Styling goes a long way. You can “pose” your products in a very involved setting and add embellishments without making each product shot too complicated and confusing.




Labels carry the heart and soul of your brand, and we don’t take this huge responsibility lightly. We’re always excited to discuss branding and Prepress until we’re absolutely happy with the end result. We hope you enjoyed our best honey label designs post–stay tuned for more label design inspiration soon!

*Just a note that we believe that branding isn’t everything: what makes your honey labels work in the long run is the dedication you put into your products and services, from defining your brand values, to your company culture, to speaking about things that you care about through your brand’s voice.



Sours: https://www.inkablelabel.com/blog/best_honey_label_designs/
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Fun honey label ideas (for gifts, not for sale)

What fun things do people put on honey labels?

And yes, I’ve seen these posts:

With a big crop coming from my 3 hives have made some labels in anticipation [image] The watermark won’t be included

I’d say start with a catchy name? I’m in the same boat currently- need my own label. If you plan to sell to shops lots of them would like a barcode. You have to buy them. That’s about as far as I’ve got…

@Andrew I did a degree in Multimedia and Web design, Photo manipulation, Film, video and editing techniques, 3D Animation etc but I have not got the use of expensive software any more nor licences so have to use Open Source kit (which is strangely enough what my dissertation was about) - so don’t judge me too critically … I follow the KISS method [image] My Honey Label [image] And my product Label:

Though some of these terms have not been specifically defined, I would disagree somewhat with this: Right now these words could mean?? Local – could be from China and sold in Texas as “Local” It’s true no one has “defined” it, but local is definitely not from China if you are in Texas. I’m sure you could sue someone for fraud for saying that. It wouldn’t pay, of course. Raw – Has no meaning At what temperature does it cease to be raw? Again, it has not been “defined” but the concept i…

I’m NOT talking about what is required or the regulations in your area/country, but what fun ideas do people have?

So far, I’m giving my honey away to friends and so far have a front label that says honey in the local language here in Rwanda (see picture below).

Ubuki is honey in Kinyarwandan.

The label is designed by a graphic designer friend who needs work, if you want to hire her!

But have a ton of space on the back label that I don’t know what to do with.

Things I’ve seen on other labels include:

  • 100% pure
  • natural
  • all-natural
  • organic
  • natural
  • yummy
  • tastes damn good
  • hive aged
  • my honey is 100% organic
  • pure
  • raw
  • additive free
  • Rwandan
  • peaceful

And my wife had the idea that I have an outlined, simple map of Rwanda with a star from where the honey comes from.

What fun ideas do you have? Please don’t get all technical on me, I’m giving this away and will not entertain critical or annoying responses!


Sours: https://forum.honeyflow.com/t/fun-honey-label-ideas-for-gifts-not-for-sale/14401

Honey label ideas


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my own Honey label?

If you want an amazing honey label that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world. Designers from around the world pitch you ideas.

What's the best name for a Honey label?

After going through all sorts of ideas that included watermelons, fairies, forests, rainbows, picnics, zoos, and swimming parties, "yellow" soon became the clear favorite. Then she saw a cake shaped like a bee-hive and she was sold. There was no… Label designs for a DFW apiary selling honey to local restaurants, Whole Foods and farmer's markets.

How can I print labels for honey jars?

Customize the following pre-designed label templates for your homemade honey jars, then print yourself using any laser or inkjet printer. Shop blank honey jar labels .

What kind of packaging does Honey Come in?

Their honey label designs and format aren’t contained to a single, unified set. Depending on the product and product extension, their packaging comes in either jars, tall and short vials, and plastic tubes. Each product has its own identity, and this is kept consistent with the beautiful bee icon.

Sours: https://useenglishwords.com/results/honey-label-ideas/

Labels ideas honey

Find out what you need on your honey labels

All honey labels in the U.S. must adhere to federal regulations. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) does not have any specific federal legislation so you must follow the FDA legislation for food labels. They do offer some additional guidance for honey labels on top of the required FDA regulations.

Accurate, consistent labeling of honey packaging and honey products ensures that the products are not adulterated or misbranded. It will also enhance your consumers’ ability to make an informed choice, according to the FDA.

In this article, we’ve put together an easy-to-read guide on what you must have on your honey packaging, as well as other items that are good to have. We also included this handy PDF that you can print out featuring required and optional items.

Downloadable PDF featuring honey label guidelines

We recommend you check FDA guidelines for any changes or updates before doing any labeling. Also, be sure to check with your state’s Department of Agriculture for labeling requirements as many states have their own specific requirements.

The FDA offers two options for honey labeling. You can place all required label statements on the principal display panel (PDP). The PDP is the portion of your packaging that is most likely to be seen by consumers at the time of purchase. Or you can place certain specified label statements on the PDP and other required items on an information panel immediately to the right of the PDP.

What you must have on your PDP label

1. Common name

This is what your product is – honey. It must be included on the Product Display Panel (PDP) of your product. This is not the brand or trade name but it must be easy to locate and see. It doesn’t have to be on the inner container of a product, but putting it in both places is often helpful to consumers.

Honey with sweeteners

Honey containing a sweetener cannot be labeled with the common
or usual name “honey”. You must describe the name of your honey to distinguish it from simply “honey”. For example “Blend of honey and corn syrup,” if there is more honey than corn syrup. Or “Blend of corn syrup and honey” if your product contains more corn syrup than honey.

You will also need to list the common name of each sweetener in the ingredient statement listed in descending order of predominance by weight.

Honey with Flavors

If you use any direct or indirect representations of flavors on your label using words or images – other than through the statement of ingredients – your honey is considered to have a characterizing flavor and must be labeled as such. The name should accurately describe the honey with its characterizing flavor, such as “ginger-flavored honey”. And, as mentioned above with sweeteners, you must include the flavor in the ingredient statement in descending order by weight.

2. Net weight

You must state the amount of the actual product without any of the packaging or container. Measure your honey by weight. The net contents must appear within the bottom 30% of the PDP of the outer container and on an informational panel on an inner container.

What to include on the information label

Place the information panel label directly to the right of the PDP. If your honey jar doesn’t have space, then the information label needs to be on the next available area directly to the right of the PDP. Include the items below on your PDP label if you have room.

1. The name, address of the manufacturer, packer or distributor

Sometimes called the “signature line” customers must have a way to contact the manufacturer or distributor. The name and address are required on an informational panel on both the outer and inner packaging of your honey.

This information must appear on the information panel or the PDP. If space permits include the full address and telephone number. The information must be in a type size that is at least 1/16 of an inch tall.

2. Ingredient declaration

If you have any other ingredients in your honey, besides honey, you must include them on an informational panel or on the PDP. There are some exceptions such as spices, flavorings, and incidental additives, which have special rules.

Use letters that are at least 1/16 inch in height. The letters must not be more than three times as high as they are wide, and the lettering must contrast sufficiently with the background so as to be easy to read. Smaller type sizes may be used for information panel labeling on very small food packages.

You can’t add information that isn’t required by FDA between the required labeling and information panel. This is considered intervening material and can be as simple as an image or small text.

Optional honey labeling information

There are many items you can include on your honey label to help consumers. None of the items below are required by the FDA but can add value to your honey in certain situations.

Brand: The FDA does not require your brand to be on your label but obviously if you want repeat sales, including your brand name on the PDP is a good idea.

U.S. Grade: Adding the Grade of your honey to your label is also voluntary but can increase sales if you have a high grade. Grade is primarily assessing the moisture and color of your honey. If you use a grade, it must be accurate and must declare the country of origin.

Warnings: It isn’t required by regulation but a warning statement on your honey labels indicating “Do not feed to infants under one year of age” is a good idea. Naturally occurring Clostridium botulinum spores that are present in some honey can be fatal for some infants.

Source of honey: You may include the source where your honey came from such as “Clover Honey” on the label but it is not required. Make sure any claims you make are truthful and not misleading.

Honey nutrition facts: You are exempt from including a nutritional information label on your honey if:

  • The honey is offered for sale by a person who makes direct sales to consumers and who has annual gross sales/business done of not more than $500,000
  • The honey is offered for sale by a person who has annual gross sales/business done in sales of food to consumers of not more than $50,000
  • Your honey does not bear any nutrition claims
  • Company producing the honey employed fewer than 100 full-time equivalent employees and fewer than 100,000 units of product were sold in the U.S.

Country of Origin: Imported honey must include the country it came from.

How to make your honey labels

Once you’ve confirmed everything you want to include on your honey label, Avery can make the rest easy.

You can easily design your labels online with our free honey label templates. We have professional designs you can personalize for free or use our blank templates to upload your own artwork.

Then you can easily order custom honey labels professionally printed by Avery WePrint. Or you can print your own honey labels with our blank labels by the sheet or our packaged retail labels.

Avery recommends waterproof labels that can stand up to washing and won’t peel or wrinkle for labeling honey jars and honey bottles. You can also order squeezable film labels on rolls from WePrint for squeeze bottles or unique shapes.

If you have any questions about what label material to choose or how to get the right size label, feel free to call our Customer Care Team at (800) 462-8379 and they’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Keep up to date on all the latest labeling tips, ideas, and offers by subscribing to our Avery newsletter above.



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33. Beaver Creek Candles label design. After creating the Beaver Creek logo, having the opportunity to design the candle jars labels, was an amazing experience. The final label design has the same rustic elegance and sophistication as the logo, a bit of the-new …
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This honey jar label and easy design video will premiere on YouTube on December 13, 2018 @ 12:00 p.m. CT. I just wanted to make a short video today because o...
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Custom honey labels are great for backyard beekeepers! Our custom honey labels can have your name, type of honey, & more! We print custom honey bottle & jar labels with YOUR text making them perfect for the farmer's market or to gift-give to family & friends. Choose from round & oval honey labels …
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ITEM DESCRIPTION: Print-ready honey jar label and lid label. Easily editable. Fully vector files. Text/Font and Colors can be altered as needed. All Image are in vector format, so can customise easily. It can be used in Similar product too. Mockups are only for representational purposes. SIZE: Jar Label: 5,7”width X 2,75”height Lid Label…
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Jun 5, 2019 - Explore Consolidated Label Co.'s board "Jar Labels", followed by 1724 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about jar labels, packaging design, jar.
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  • WILLIAMS HONEY FARM. FEED THE BEES AND YOU’LL FEED THE WORLD. Local beekeeper Jay Williams is a man on an extremely important mission. His remarkable journey—from his endeavors in film studies, to becoming a professional firefighter, to ultimately learning about Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)—has shaped his passion and dedication to the preservation of honeybees and, by extension, the lush agricultural landscape of North America and Europe.
  • TURKEY HILL APIARY. BARREL AGED HONEY. Located on 20 acres of restored prairie and oak forest, and 25 miles south of the Twin Cities, Turkey Hill Apiary is perfectly situated in a rich and undomesticated landscape, enjoying its synergy with local food produce growers and hardworking small businesses.
  • BALLARD BEE COMPANY. Owner Corky Luster has always had a naturally good pulse with bees. But what had begun as a hobby was consequently transformed into a journey of a certainly grander nature.
  • OH HONEY. A TREATMENT-FREE APIARY. Oh Honey is a sustainable apiary with hives in both NY and NJ, and have since expanded to Brooklyn and Columbia County, NY.
  • MIXED MADE. BEES KNEES SPICY HONEY. Friends Casey and Morgen, the makers of Bees Knees Spicy Honey, knew that they had something extraordinary when they were able to grow quickly from a small batch honey business into an exceptionally successful online shop.
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Jars have gold lids and also come with a sticker on the bottom of the jar to identify the ingredients. Each Jar is 1.5oz and features an white label (2 5/8" w x 1 h") with your customized design. Click through the pictures to see a few examples of what your label could look like -- the possibilities are endless! **Please place your order at least 2 weeks prior to your event to ensure ...
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Mar 20, 2017 - Explore H Zimmermann's board "honey jar label ideas" on Pinterest. See more ideas about honey jar, honey packaging, honey jar labels.
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ITEM DESCRIPTION: Print-ready honey jar label and lid label. Easily editable. Fully vector files. Text/Font and Colors can be altered as needed. All Image are in vector format, so can customise easily. It can be used in Similar product too. Mockups are only for representational purposes. SIZE: Jar Label: 5,7”width X 2,75”height Lid Label: 2,5” diameter ITEM DETAILS: • Very organised ...
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Organic Honey Label Template. Easy to edit and customize for professional looking and aggressive presentations. Our creative templates to help you start, run & grow your business like a pro! View detail Organic Honey Label Template> View more Medical & Healthcare designs from dLayouts. Our layout templates are easy and ready-to-use, you just ...
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Apr 14, 2019 - Explore alannacaples's board "honey jar labels" on Pinterest. See more ideas about honey packaging, honey jar labels, honey jar.
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May 25, 2019 - Explore Yoanna Yordanova's board "Honey label design" on Pinterest. See more ideas about honey label, honey label design, honey.
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Aug 20, 2014 - In this post I provide Adobe Illustrator files that you can modify to make your own customized honey labels. UPDATE: July 2016. I'm sorry but this file is no longer available for download due to a hard disk failure. After harvesting my honey this year, I decided to add a decorative label to make the jars look a bit nicer. Searching the internet, I found a number of pre-printed ...
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Oct 10, 2012 - Explore Creative Labels of Vermont Inc's board "Honey Labels", followed by 566 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about honey label, honey packaging, honey.
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Check out our honey jar label design selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.
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Apr 7, 2017 - Explore Joanna Williamson's board "Honey Labels" on Pinterest. See more ideas about honey label, honey, honey packaging.
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CUSTOM large OVAL Cute Honey labels, customized honey bottle & mason jar labels for backyard beekeepers gifts, honeycomb bee sticker. CanningCrafts. 5 out of 5 stars. (5,639) $6.75.
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For big inspiration on honey packaging, here are some of the best honey label designs we've seen! INKABLE LABEL CO. | Printing Custom Labels + Bags + Tissue + Tape. 67 followers . Label Design. Honey Bottle Labels. Honey Jar Labels. Honey Label Design. Jar. Food. Honey Bottles. Honey Label. Honey Brand. More information.... More like this. Bottle Design. Food Packaging. Honey. Organic Honey ...
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When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures.
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Mar 26, 2018 - Buy Honey label template by Muamer24 on GraphicRiver. PRINT READY • FULLY EDITABLE- CMYK • Size 171mm × 68mm (6.73 × 2.67 inch) for 500ml jar • 300 dpi • …
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Aug 31, 2020 - Explore Ava Czapalay's board "Jam labels" on Pinterest. See more ideas about honey label, honey jar, honey jar labels.
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Jan 17, 2017 - Silky-smooth premium raw honey. Brilliant white honey bottled fresh on our honey farm. Direct from our bees to you. Eat like a beekeeper! Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Log in . Sign up. Explore ...
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Get inspired by these amazing jar label designs created by professional designers. Get ideas and start planning your custom jar label today! Categories. How it works. Find a …
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