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Remnant From The Ashes: The 10 Best Armor Sets, Ranked

Almost every player wants to go after the biggest and shiniest weapon in Remnant: From the Ashes, ignoring some of the most important pieces of gear — the armor. Providing the defensive base and combining with a long list of unique perks, different armor sets can set a player up with the missing piece for their gameplay puzzle.

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With the huge array of enemies and bosses players will have to face throughout the game, it should be one of the most important tasks on the checklist. Luckily, Remnant doesn't punish its fans with long and arduous grinds in order to get their gear — picking the right set and planning for the best abilities can take a player from good to great quickly.

Updated August 5, 2021 by Tom Bowen: With the price of Remnant: From the Ashes now beginning to fall and a free next-gen upgrade available to all players, there's never been a better time to check out Gunfire Games' fantastic action RPG. As new players will quickly discover though, choosing the right armor set can have a huge bearing on how things play out, with weight, set bonuses, and resistances all needing to be taken into account. Though there are plenty of things to consider and a whole lot of sets to choose from, some armor sets in Remnant: From the Ashes are arguably a whole lot better than others.

10 Scrapper

Base Armor Value: 57

Armor Value At +20: 414

Total Weight: 41

Armor Set Bonus: Challenger - Increases damage dealt to enemies within 5 meters by up to 30% while also reducing damage taken by 15%.

A close-range armor set that works well with players who like to get right into the action, the set rewards high-risk plays that will put the character in the line of fire. While this is a good pick for the excitement factor, the Scrapper set will be especially hard to navigate when players are starting out.

If the Scrapper archetype isn't chosen, then the set will have to be purchased from Rigs. After settling into the set and powering through the first stages of the game, more melee and short-range weapons become available and open up the possibilities for those admirably reckless few.

9 Bandit

Base Armor Value: 35

Armor Value At +20: 370

Total Weight: 17

Armor Set Bonus: Freeloader - Increases the amount of ammo acquired on pickup by 25% while also providing a 35% chance of replacing spent bullets when the set is complete.

The opposite of the Slayer Set, Bandit armor is more beneficial for volume shooters that overwhelm enemies with a barrage of strikes. Granting a chance to recoup ammo as it hits the target, not only does it save ammo, but it also provides so much more.

A 25% increase in ammo picked up lets players be a little more reckless with their shots, making it perfect for suppressive fire or weapons with huge magazines that need a lot of shots to take enemies down. Getting hold of the set isn't easy though, with players needing to first get the Pocket Watch from Mud Tooth and then take it to Brabus at the Depot.

8 Hunter

Base Armor Value: 42

Armor Value At +20: 384

Total Weight: 21

Armor Set Bonus: Sharpshooter - Increases ranged and weakspot damage by up to 20% and also reduces bullet spread by 20%.

Those players that are confident in their aim should seriously consider equipping a hunting rifle and this armor. Not only does it provide a 25% increase to one of the most vulnerable mechanics in the game, but the Hunter set also builds upon any weapon's built-in weak spot modifier.

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Given that the ranged weapon already gets a 20% boost, a ranged weak spot shot can start to significantly amplify what one shot can accomplish. Adding any kind of stack multiplier will turn this into one of the biggest damage dealers in the game. With that in mind, it's definitely worth choosing the Hunter archetype or purchasing it from Rigs at some point during a playthrough.

7 Elder

Base Armor Value: 194.4 (+9)

Armor Value At +20: 382

Total Weight: 21

Armor Set Bonus: Believer - Dragon Hearts increase damage dealt by allies within 40 meters by up to 30% for 30 seconds. There's also a 25% chance that a Dragon Heart will not actually be consumed.

The star set for those that like to hunt in packs, the Elder armor provides a major boost for the entire team, as its set bonus causes Dragon Heart to increase the total damage dealt by allies in close vicinity, and even gives the player a 25% chance at not consuming the item.

Even though it doesn't focus on the player's stats, a 30% increase for all allies will end up being a much bigger benefit in the long run. With that in mind, it's definitely worth completing the Ravager Shrine Event on Yaesha to obtain it.

6 Cultist's

Base Armor Value: 43

Armor Value At +20: 386

Total Weight: 22

Armor Set Bonus: Blood Pact - Increases weapon mod duration by up to 100%.

Even though the Cultist's set is the most casual design of the armor list, it's also one of the best sets in the beginning stages of the game and is therefore a great armor to get from Ace. Any build that uses mods in the setup will relish the fact that it continuously recharges mod power over time, so even if players choose a different archetype, it's worth purchasing from Rigs at some point.

It will also increase the duration of the mods. Combined with other pieces of gear, the benefits it can add to any weapon will far exceed any downside present in the armor, especially considering the length of time it can extend the mod, doubling the time any effect is active.

5 Labyrinth

Base Armor Value: 58

Armor Value At +20: 416

Total Weight: 49

Armor Set Bonus: Power Surge - Increases total weapon mod damage by up to 50% while also refunding 10% of mod power on each use.

While the Labyrinth set doesn't boost the actual weapon's damage, it takes the mods to the next level. It increases mod damage up to 50%, and it will also restore 10% of the power to the mod allowing for a lot more usage.

Taking it to Adventure Mode, players will have to get the Cryptolith Sigil from the Iskal Queen, then take it to the Cryptolith and use it 3 times to open the portal to the Labyrinth set. Besides being one of the most unique-looking sets in the game, this also adds some serious importance to the much-overlooked mods.

4 Ossesus

Base Armor Value: 56

Armor Value At +20: 412

Total Weight: 38

Armor Set Bonus: Bloodlust - Increases ranged and melee damage by up to 35% after initial damage is dealt to an enemy and melee speed and fire rate are increased by 5%.

This piece focuses on using speed to get the job done, increasing the total damage dealt after hitting the same enemy consecutively. With a possible 10 stack, this armor would work best against slow bosses or those the player can zone in on.

It also increases the melee speed by 5, making that important 10 stack all the more achievable. The damage increase will be welcome when the character uses lighter weapons to get the hits in. Players will first need to buy all of Wud's secrets before they can get their hands on the Osseus set though.

3 Slayer

Base Armor Value: 194.2 (+8)

Armor Value At +20: 406

Total Weight: 34

Armor Set Bonus: Assassin - Reloading increases damage by up to 30% for ten seconds and reload speed is increased by 10%.

The ruler of the one-shot play, the Slayer set increases the total damage done after a reload, taking the big power of single-shot weapons and ramping it up a notch. It takes guns like shotguns and snipers to the next level, giving a 10-second limit after reload to deliver a devastating shot.

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This is only helped by the 10 percent cut that it gives to reload time, a crucial mechanic that usually takes the longest when it comes to one-shot weapons. To get their hands on the set, players will need to give the Guardian's Heart to the Iskal Queen in Corsus.

2 Radiant

Base Armor Value: 235 (+9)

Armor Value At +20: 438

Total Weight: 59

Armor Set Bonus: Momentum - Critical hits increase crit chance and crit damage by up to 3% and weapon recoil is reduced by 15%.

One of the heaviest options in the game, the Radiant set will need some accessories to make it perform at its peak. Increasing speed and focusing on critical hits will make the armor shine. There's a possible stack up to 10 that raises both the chance of a hit and the damage done.

The recoil being reduced is also a big component, letting those condemning hits find their mark. Though it can be one of the best pieces in the game, Radiant needs other moving parts to put it into top-tier territory. The grieves and protector can be purchased from the Stuck Merchant, but players will have to seek out the Radiant Visage in Yaesha's Guardian Shrine.

1 Void

Base Armor Value: 70

Armor Value At +20: 440

Total Weight: 63

Armor Set Bonus: Power Transfer - Standing aim movement increases by 25% while players also gain a damage boost or damage reduction of up to 25% depending on whether they are inflicting or sustaining damage.

The Void armor is one of the most versatile pieces in the game, shifting from offensive to defensive depending on how the battle's going for the player. If all hits are avoided for 5 seconds then the armor stacks and increases damage from all sources, and as soon as a hit is taken it then flips to damage reduction.

The Void set is a favorite among players because of its automatic shift, letting the player focus on gameplay rather than mechanics. It will cost 2500 scrap at Rohm at the Monolith and only becomes available once the wall puzzle is completed.

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Remnant From The Ashes: Every Armor Ranked From Light To Heavy

Armor sets in Remnant From The Ashes have varying weights that make them either light, medium, or heavy. This affects how movement feels while wearing it and your ability to spam the dodging button. With the number of additional mobs you get during a boss fight, spamming the dodge button is very much needed. But not mandatory. Especially when the heavier armor can sometimes offer more interesting buffs.

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For each world and progress you make within the game, there will be a themed piece of armor to go with it. There are Earth armor pieces, Rhom armor, Yaesha armor, and Corsus armor. Much like weapon mods, these armor sets share the same aesthetic and visuals of the worlds that they came from.

14 LIGHT: Adventurer's Armor

Adventure armor is the piece of clothing you were wearing in the tutorial and cutscenes. Classic, green, and simple. This set has missing pieces that require Glowing Fragments to acquire, such as the hero sword and the adventure goggles. Glowing Fragments can be obtained by playing the game in hard mode or buying the Swamp Of Corsus DLC and playing the rogue-like mode. The adventure armor set gives you up to a 35% increase in chance of getting materials when breaking breakable objects. Its weight is 14.

13 LIGHT: Bandit Armor

The bandit armor set is earth armor that requires a randomized event to take place. Through earth dungeons, you have to chance upon Brabus. There are multiple ways to deal with Brabus, from killing him, killling your friends, or walking away with armor. To get the armor set, you must have already met Mud Tooth at a checkpoint and exhausted his dialogue. This gives you a pocket watch which you then give to Brabus. The bandit armor allows you to horde ammo. You get a 25% increase in the amount of ammo you loot and up to a 35% chance to not lose bullets you hit. It comes in at a weight of 17.

12 LIGHT: Akari Armor

Akari armor is another set that requires you to find a randomized event within Rhom. You must get the dungeon that has three locked doors at the end which hold the set of armor. If you have this in your world, you will find Glowing Rods within dungeons. Looting these allows you to unlock those doors. The set allows you to ace your dodging skills and have that benefit you in the long run. You get up to a 30% speed boost depending on how many parts of the set you have on. If you make successful dodges, your firing, melee, reload, and evade speed is increased. Akari armor weighs 20.

11 LIGHT: Hunter's Armor

Hunter's armor is one of the beginner class armor sets that you automatically have access to. If you didn't already choose the hunter class, you can buy the other class' armor sets by speaking to the guy you upgrade armor at in Ward 13, Rigs.

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This set will allow you to perfect hunting enemies from afar. You get up to a 20% increase in both ranged and weak spot damage when all three pieces are equipped. It also reduces your overall gun spreading by 20. This armor weighs 21.

10 LIGHT: Elder Armor

Getting into the cooler-looking pieces, Elder armor can be acquired in Yaesha from a random event. This random event is a dungeon where the end puts you in a large room with a wolf carved in the wall at the very end. The wolf's eyes will turn red and hordes of enemies will appear. After surviving, you get this set. Elder armor grants you an overall 30% damage increase as well as Dragon Heart buffs. When you use a Dragon Heart, it buffs your damage further. The armor also gives you a 25% chance to not consume a Dragon Heart when using one, meaning you get to heal without your Dragon Hearts decreasing in number. Elder armor weighs 21.

9 LIGHT: Cultist's Armor

Another beginner class armor. If you didn't choose this class you can buy the armor off of Rigs. The cultist armor set is all about your weapon mods and getting the most use out of them. With every piece of the set equipped, you can get a 100% increase in mod duration. This means that your weapon mods will last very long, especially summons. Summons won't leave you after a couple of minutes but will instead stay with you on alert for a longer amount of time. Your weapon mods will also regenerate over time after use. The cultist armor weighs in at 22.

8 MEDIUM: Drifter's Armor

The drifter armor set is an Earth set that doesn't require a random event. You can easily get it if you explore The Founder's Hideout and keep a keen eye. It's one of the very first armor sets you can get in the game that isn't the class armor.

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Drifter armor gives you special stacks that can be seen under your health bar. These stacks increase in number as you sprint, evade, and slide across the floor. For each stack number, you will get a damage increase of up to 5% which lasts for ten seconds. Your stamina also regenerates a bit faster. Drifter armor weighs 32.

7 MEDIUM: Slayer's Armor

This piece of Corsus armor is both disturbing and radical at the same time. You can get it by buying it off of the Iskal Queen at one of the Corsus checkpoints. Slayer's armor makes it so that whenever you reload, you get a damage buff towards the next enemy you hit. Because of this, your reload speed is increased. The damage buff lasts ten seconds and can go up to around 30% extra damage. Slayer's armor weighs 34.

6 MEDIUM: Osseous Armor

Osseous armor looks both cool and kind of dorky at the same time. You can buy it off of the merchant, Wud, in Rhom who sits in a plane with a dog. This armor increases your maximum damage and allows you to stack damage to one enemy as you're attacking it. Ranged and melee attacks increase this damage by up to 35%. Because of this, your fire rate and melee speed are increased when you wear it. Osseous armor weighs 38.

5 MEDIUM: Scrapper Armor

The last of the three beginner classes. Again, if you didn't choose the Scrapper class, you can buy the armor set off of Rigs in Ward 13. This armor is all about being scrappy and up for a fight. Any damage you give to an enemy from any type of weapon or mod will increase and be given to any enemies within five meters of you. Because of this, you will receive 15% less damage to any enemies within those five meters. Scrapper armor weighs in at 41.

4 MEDIUM: Twisted Tree Armor

Twisted Tree armor is an Earth set that requires a random event to take place. You would find a random area that doesn't look like a boss fight or anything special. When going through the fog wall, you must defeat the waves of enemies. After that, a special altar will give you the armor set you must purchase or craft. Twisted Tree armor gives you stacks like the Drifter armor. These stacks increase every couple of seconds by doing nothing, but remove if you take damage. The stacks give you a damage boost per number of stacks up to 3%. The armor also passively heals you a very small amount. The armor weighs 47.

3 HEAVY: Radiant Armor

Radiant armor can be bought off of a merchant in Yaesha who is found near a large locked door and a large caravan. She offers secrets for money. This armor increases your critical hit chance and your damage. Every time you hit a critical hit, your critical chance and damage increase and this can stack. Because of this, your recoil will be reduced. This armor weighs 59.

2 HEAVY: Void Armor

The coolest looking armor that you'll see most players wearing. Void armor can be found on Rhom after solving a puzzle on the floor that will create an elevator downward upon completion. You'll find a world stone and squares on the ground. You have to press down the squares in a specific order, which is randomized every time. Then the middle square will open. Void armor gives you a damage boost, but on the condition that you are a perfect shot and dodger. This comes off as more of a challenge. You gain a total damage boost every five seconds, but if you take damage it turns into damage reduction, protecting you from more harm instead of making you stronger. Void armor weighs 63.

1 HEAVY: Leto's Armor

This is the heaviest armor in the base game. It was added after the developers came out with the Swamp Of Corsus DLC, giving us some free base game content. Leto's Lab is a random event you can find on Earth. When you go through this lab, there will be a teleport machine that moves you to another location. If you use this machine more than once, it will teleport you to secret locations, but you have to do it a lot. One location is an extra luminite, the other is this armor set. Leto's armor lowers your stamina cost by 25% and protects you from damage. The amount of health you're missing creates a stack that gives you a 10% damage reduction per amount of health. It weighs in at 90.

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Remnant From the Ashes Armor Sets

In Remnant: From the Ashes there are a number of armor sets for players to find. These armor sets give different bonuses and change how your character plays. To help you find the different Remnant: From the Ashes armor sets, check out our guide below. Status: Updating.

Class Armor Sets (Ward 13)

Image of the Hunter armor set.

When you start the game you will be prompted to select a class. The class you select has a specific armor set. If you want to get the other class sets go to Rigs in Ward 13 and purchase the other two from him. There are three class specific sets:

  • Hunter set.
  • Cultist set.
  • Scrapper set.

The class armor sets are the easiest sets to get in the game.

Drifter’s Set (Earth – Founder’s Hideout)

Image of the Drifter's Set.

In the Founder’s Hideout next to the bulletin board on the back wall there is a tall bookshelf. Break it with your melee then crouch through the hole and go upstairs. Upstairs you will find two pieces of the Drifter’s Set. The helmet is a random item find on Earth.

Drifter Set Bonus (Per Piece Equipped):

  1. -10% Stamina Usage.
  2. -20% Stamina Usage.
  3. -35% Stamina Usage.

Leto’s Set (Earth – Research Area Alpha)

Image showing the Leto's Set.

New set as of the September 19th update. Can be acquired by using Leto’s Machine with the algorithm off multiple times until you end up in B2. Here you will find the set down a hallway.

Leto’s Set Bonus (Per Piece Equipped):

  1. No effect.
  2. No effect.
  3. Reduces stagger level by 1.

Bandit Set (Earth – The Depot)

Image showing the Bandit Set.

To get the Bandit Set you will first need to get the Pocket Watch from Mud Tooth. Once you have the Pocket Watch head into the area after the church and look for The Depot (accessible through Cutthroat Channel). Once you reach The Depot speak to Barabus and give him the watch. He will give you the Bandit Set for you generosity.

Bandit Set Bonus (Per Piece Equipped):

  1. 10% chance to replace spent bullet on hit.
  2. 20% chance to replace spent bullet on hit.
  3. 35% chance to replace spent bullet on hit.

Twisted Set (Earth – The Gallows)

Image showing the Twisted Set.

On Earth look for The Gallows area after The Church siege section. The Gallows is a dungeon that can spawn in the city area before the world boss. Complete The Gallows survival mission then use the Root bench that appears to craft the Twisted Set.

Twisted Set Bonus (Per Piece Equipped):

  1. +0.3 health regeneration per second.
  2. +0.476 health regeneration per second.
  3. +0.666 health regeneration per second.

Osseous Set (Rohm – Wasteland Merchant)

Image of the Osseous Set.

Head to Wod’s (the Wasteland Merchant fast travel spot) on Rohm. Talk to Wod and purchase all the information he has. Once you’ve exhausted all his information he will sell you the Osseous Set.

Osseous Set Bonus (Per Piece Equipped):

  1. +7% damage increase for 5 seconds after killing an enemy.
  2. +15% damage increase for 5 seconds after killing an enemy.
  3. +25% damage increase for 5 seconds after killing an enemy.

Void Set (Rohm – The Monolith)

Image of the Void Set.

Go to The Monolith fast travel spot on Rohm and look for a round symbol in front of the tower. From this symbol you need to walk along the tiles so that they stay down (if you do it wrong the tiles pop back up). If done correctly the symbol will lower into the ground giving you access to The Monolith and the Void Set crafting station.

Void Set Bonus (Per Piece Equipped):

  1. +4% damage increase for 20 seconds after taking damage.
  2. +8% damage increase for 20 seconds after taking damage.
  3. +13% damage increase for 20 seconds after taking damage.

Akari Set (Rohm – Vault of Heralds)

Image showing the Akari Set.

To get the Akari Set you need to collect 3x Glowing Rods from around Rohm. These Glowing Rods Key Items spawn onto the map if you have the Vault of Heralds room. Once you have the Glowing Rods make your way inside the Vault of Heralds and open the three doors at the end of the dungeon. Inside these three rooms is the set. Note you unlock this set over multiple playthroughs if you can’t find all three Glowing Rods in one run.

Akari Set Bonus (Per Piece Equipped):

  1. +15% melee damage and crit chance for 5 second after perfectly dodging an attack.
  2. +30% melee damage and crit chance for 5 second after perfectly dodging an attack.
  3. +50% melee damage and crit chance for 5 second after perfectly dodging an attack.

Slayer Set (Corsus – The Elf Queen)

Image of the Slayer Set.

You can obtain the Slayer Set on the planet Corsus. Give the Elven Queen the Guardian’s Heart and she will give you the Slayer Set as one of your rewards.

Slayer Set Bonus (Per Piece Equipped):

  1. +10% damage dealt to next enemy after reloading.
  2. +20% damage dealt to next enemy after reloading.
  3. +30% damage dealt to next enemy after reloading.

Radiant Set (Yaesha – Stuck Merchant)

Image showing the Radiant Set.

Like the Osseous Set, the Radiant Set can be acquired through the Stuck Merchant on Yaesha. Simply acquire information from the merchant until they run out of dialogue. They will offer to sell you rare items. This allows you to buy the chest and legs. The helmet can be found inside a dungeon on Yaesha which is opened via the Strange Curio from the back of the Stuck Merchant’s chariot.

Radiant Set Bonus (Per Piece Equipped):

  1. +0.75% Crit Chance and Damage for 2 seconds after landing a critical hit.
  2. +1.5% Crit Chance and Damage for 2 seconds after landing a critical hit.
  3. +2.5% Crit Chance and Damage for 2 seconds after landing a critical hit.

Elder Set (Yaesha – Martyr’s Sanctuary)

Image showing the Elder Set.

The Elder Set can be acquired by completing the Martyr’s Sanctuary dungeon. This dungeon is a random spawn that can be reached through The Temple of the Ravager. To complete the dungeon you need to survive the siege while the wolf door opens. Once the door opens head inside to grab the Elder Set.

Elder Set Bonus (Per Piece Equipped):

  1. 10% to not consume Dragon Heart on use.
  2. 20% to not consume Dragon Heart on use.
  3. 30% to not consume Dragon Heart on use.

This concludes our guide to getting all the Remnant: From the Ashes armor sets. If you collect a total of 5 sets you will unlock the Equipment Collector achievement. If you collect 10 sets you will unlock the Equipment Enthusiast achievement. Good luck gathering them all!

Armor SetSet PiecesHow to obtainArmor Set BonusesArmor Set Bonus Effect Adventurer SetTunic and Leggings unlocked by default.
Adventurer Goggles unlocked by defeating 5 bosses without dying in Survival Mode. (Requires the Swamps of Corsus DLC)Treasure Hunter.pngTreasure Hunter

Increases chance to get loot from destroying breakables.
Increases the amount of Scrap picked up by 20%.

  • +10% Chance.
  • +20% Chance.
  • +35% Chance.
Akari SetFound at Vault of The Herald, each part is locked behind a door, only being unlocked by Glowing Rods, which can be found randomly in Rhom if you have this dungeon. Opportunist.pngOpportunist

Perfect dodging enemy attacks increases Movement, Firing, Melee, Reload, and Evade Speed for 10 seconds. Slight increases Evade Window.

  • +7.5% Speed.
  • +15% Speed.
  • +30% Speed.
Bandit SetGet the Pocket Watch from talking to Mudtooth, then when you next fight Brabus, he will ask you for the Pocket Watch, give it to him, then he will give you the Bandit Set. Freeloader.pngFreeloader

Chance to replace spent bullet on hit.
Increase Ammo acquired on pickup by 25%.

  • +10% Chance.
  • +20% Chance.
  • +35% Chance.
Bomber SetPre-order bonus from Twitch Prime.
There are no Body Armor or Leg Armor pieces for this Armor Set. Team Player.pngTeam Player

Increases the Range of the TeamworkTrait.

  • +10m Teamwork Range.
  • +20m Teamwork Range.
    (Currently unobtainable)
  • +30m Teamwork Range.
    (Currently unobtainable)
Cultist SetCan be bought from Rigs in Ward 13.
Also obtainable as the Ex-Cultist's starting Armor Set. Blood Pact.pngBlood Pact

Ranged and Melee Hits generate additional Mod Power.
Mod Power is generated slowly over time.

  • +15% Mod Power Generation.
  • +30% Mod Power Generation.
  • +50% Mod Power Generation.
Drifter's SetDrifter's Mask is found at a random location on Earth.
The rest of the Armor Set is found at the Founder's Hideout. Destroy a bookshelf to expose a hole in the wall, go through the hole, and you will find the Drifter's Overcoat and Drifter's Trousers. Wanderer.pngWanderer

Stamina Cost is reduced.
Stamina Regeneration is increased by 15%.

  • -15% Stamina Cost.
  • -25% Stamina Cost.
  • -40% Stamina Cost.
Elder SetFound in the Martyr's Sanctuary dungeon. Believer.pngBeliever

Dragon Hearts increase the Total damage dealt by all allies standing within 40 meters for 20 seconds. Gives a 25% chance to not consume a Dragon Heart.

  • +10% Damage.
  • +20% Damage.
  • +35% Damage.
Hunter SetCan be bought from Rigs in Ward 13.
Also obtainable as the Hunter's starting Armor Set. Sharpshooter.pngSharpshooter

Increases Weakspot damage. Increases the effective Range of all firearms by 2m.

  • +15% Weakspot Damage.
  • +30% Weakspot Damage.
  • +50% Weakspot Damage.
Leto's SetFound in Leto's Lab by using the teleporter until it teleports you to a room with burning skeletons. (Disable Leto's Algorithm first). Juggernaut.pngJuggernaut

3-Piece: Reduces base incoming damage by 10%. Gain an addtinal 10% per 10% Max Health missing. Max 5 stacks (50%).

  • -25% Stamina Cost
  • -1 Stagger Reduction
  • +10% Damage Reduction per Stack
Osseous SetCan be purchased from Wud in Rhom after buying all of his secrets. Bloodlust.pngBloodlust

Subsequent Ranged or Melee hits against the same enemy increases wearer's Total damage dealt to that enemy. Effect degrades over time. Melee speed and Fire Rate are increased by 5%.

  • +10% Maximum Damage.
  • +20% Maximum Damage.
  • +35% Maximum Damage.
Radiant SetThe Radiant Visage is obtained by using Strange Curio to open a door inside the Guard Shrine. The Radiant Protector and Radiant Greaves can be bought from the Stuck Merchant. Momentum.pngMomentum

Critical hits increase Critical Chance and Critical damage for 2.5 seconds, stacking up to 10 times. Recoil is reduced by 10%.

  • +0.75% Critical Chance and Damage.
  • +1.5% Critical Chance and Damage.
  • +2.5% Critical Chance and Damage.
Scrapper SetCan be bought from Rigs in Ward 13.
Also obtainable as the Scrapper's starting Armor Set. Challenger.pngChallenger

Increases Total damage dealt by wearer to enemies within 5 meters.
Receive 15% less damage from enemies within this range.

  • +10% Damage.
  • +20% Damage.
  • +35% Damage.
Slayer SetGive the Iskal Queen the Guardian's Heart. Assassin.pngAssassin

Reloading increases the Total damage deal to the next enemy hit with that weapon.
Reload Speed is increased by 10%.

  • +7.5% Damage.
  • +15% Damage.
  • +30% Damage.
Twisted SetTo obtain the Twisted Hood, Cage, and Tassets, complete The Root Shine event found in a dungeon on Earth.
To obtain the Twisted Mask kill the Twisted Mask Merchant in the Junktown dungeon.
(The Twisted Mask and Hood are interchangeable for the armor set, only difference being defensive stats and appearance.) Regrowth.pngRegrowth

Slowly regenerates a static amount of Health over time. While at full health, gain stacks that grant bonus damage.

  • +0.75% Damage Bonus per Stack
  • +1.5% Damage Bonus per Stack
  • +3% Damage Bonus per Stack
Void SetBought from The Monolith after completing the floor puzzle. Power Transfer.pngPower Transfer

Gain a damage stack and remove a defensive stack every 5s. Taking damage transfers damage to defense. Damage stacks increase Total damage. Max 5 stacks.
Standing Aim Movement Speed is increased by 30%.

  • +1.5% Damage.
  • +3% Damage.
  • +5% Damage.

Sets remnant armor

Remnant From The Ashes is not a very famous game, but there is a huge community that plays the game. It is a pretty challenging game even with friends, but that is what makes the game fun. Some of the bosses are only hard because of the smaller enemies hoarding you, but other than that, the game is really good. One huge part of the game that I didn’t even get into was the armor sets that you can get in the game. There are 15 different armor sets in the game and when I played, I didn’t even find any others besides the class armor sets. Here are all the armor sets in the game and where to find them:

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Page Contents

Adventurer Set

  • Increases chance to get loot from destroying breakables. Increases the amount of scrap picked up by 10%.

All you have to do to get this armor is to just start a new game. This is the armor set you start with when you start a new character and is probably one of the worst sets in the game. Once you get your class armor, never use this armor again unless you want a challenge where you only use the starter armor for the entire game. Don’t make the mistake of not trying to get other armor sets because they help you a lot in the long-run.

The Set Bonus is actually very good on this though because you get more scrap from killing enemies. scrap is basically your way of upgrading pieces of armor so you could use it for farming scrap if you want to. If you equip a bracelet or necklace that boosts your scrap intake, then do that. Other than that, try to stick with another armor set.

Akari Set

  • Perfect dodging enemy attacks increases Movement, Firing, Melee, Reload, and evade speed for 7 seconds and increases crit chance by 15%.

This is a Set that you have to find out in the game world. There are 3 pieces to this set and they can all be found in the same place. They can be found at Rhom, in the Vault of the Herald. All you have to do to get them is find the Glowing Rod on the ground in multiple areas and open the secret vault door. Once it is opened, go into the room and collect your armor. It is not hard to get in, you just have to find a Glowing Rod and you basically have the whole set.

The Set Bonus is super helpful if you know how to dodge enemies’ attacks. You must have all three pieces of the armor set to activate the Set Bonus so keep that in mind. Also, the more you level up the Set, the faster your character will move. This armor set is very light and if you can dodge correctly, boosts your speed and damage for a short period of time.

Bomber Set

  • Increases the Range of the Teamwork trait

This is not really an armor set, it is just a hat. Basically, the only way to get this is if you pre-ordered the game on Prime Day, you would get this exclusive hat with the game automatically. It is not really that great and you don’t need this to get the Achievement for having all the Armor Sets. Don’t worry if you don’t have this because there are way better items to use later on.

Cultist’s Set

  • Hits generate additional mod power. Mod Power is generated slowly over time.

This is a set that you get from choosing the Ex-Cultist Archtype at the beginning of the game. There are 3 pieces to this armor and is important if you like using Mods in the game. If you like using the weapons without the mods, then this armor set is not for you. If you chose another class, you can purchase the armor from Rigs after you choose your class. The armor set is very light and agile so it does not have that much defense, but you can get out of situations very quickly.

The Set Bonus is actually very helpful if you like using Mods because it boosts the damage of basically any Mod that you have equipped. It does make it regenerate slower, but it has more of an impact when used against any enemy. Always look at the armor’s stats before you equip it so you can best fit your playstyle.

Drifter’s Set

  • Stamina usage is reduced. While aiming and standing, Movement Speed is increased by 25%.

This armor set is probably the most useful in my opinion because it dramatically reduces your stamina usage. Stamina is very important in the game because that is what you use to dodge and run away from danger. You are also faster when aiming down sights as well. To find this armor, you can find the helmet basically anywhere on Earth, and the other 2 pieces can be found at the Founder’s Hideout, behind the shelf next to the hanging corpse on the wall. It is very easy to get and a very important armor set to use.

Elder Set

  • Dragonhearts will heal allies within 30 meters for 50% base effectiveness and increases their damage dealt for 10 seconds.

This armor set is very important if you want to help your teammates. The set can be found on Yaesha, in Martyr’s Sanctuary. Basically, what you need to do is make your way through the fog gate, and survive the attack. Once completed, the Elder Set will be revealed to you. What is good about this set is that whenever you use a Dragonheart, if there is a teammate 15 meters away, it will heal them as well. This is important for team play. Use this armor to your advantage to help out your fellow players.

Hunter Set

  • Increases Ranged damage on targets greater than 10 meters away. Increases weakspot damage by 15%.

This is another Archtype armor ou get when you choose to be the Hunter class at the beginning of the game. There are 3 pieces to this armor set and it can be purchased from Rigs later on if you don’t already have this armor set. It is light, so it is easy to dodge, and you also have more damage on your guns. This armor set is for you if you like sniping and using your ranged weapons rather than the melee weapons.

You also have increased critical hit damage so you can do massive damage to any enemy you encounter if you have a good shot. Generally, you want to stay back and let the melee people take out most enemies while you take out the larger enemies with your guns. It is more offensive than defensive.

Heavy Plate Set

  • Reduces stagger on hit. Enemies targeting the hero take an additional 5% damage.

This armor set is found at Leto’s Laboratory, in the room with the Teleportation Chamber in it. After turning off the algorithm, repeatedly enter the teleportation chamber until you are teleported at random to a new room with burning skeletons. Here you will find Heavy Plate Helmet, along with the rest of the Heavy Plate Set. I am pretty sure you can only get this armor set when the Leto challenge is going on so if you can’t find it, there is not a lot of the information on the subject.

Ossesus Set

  • Subsequent Ranged or Melee hits against the same target increases damage dealt to that target. Effect degrades over time. Melee speed and Fire rate are increased by 5%.

This armor set is found in the Scouring Wastes on Rhom and can be purchased from Wud for 3,500 scrap. Before you can purchase the set, you must purchase his secrets for 500 scrap, so in total it is about 4,000 scrap. This is an important armor set just because the more damage you do to an enemy, the higher the damage output will be. Basically, the longer you hit one enemy, the faster you will kill it. It is not a hard set to get, all you have to do is get to Rhom and it is basically yours.

Radiant Set

  • Critical Hits increase Crit Chance and Crit Damage for 2 seconds. Stacking up to 10 times. Recoil is reduced by 10%.

This set is really good if you are constantly getting critical hits on enemies. You can buy the armor and boots from a small merchant named Stuck Merchant in the Yaesha area, and the helmet is in a small dungeon unlocked with the Strange Curb item. It is a pretty easy set to get, but very helpful nonetheless. It is a heavier set to wear and it gives very good defense, but you do walk a lot slower than normal. It is a great set if you have heavy guns and melee weapons.

Scrapper Set

  • Increases damage dealt to all enemies within 5 meters. All stagger damage in this range is increased by 20%.

This set is what you get when you choose the Scrapper Archtype at the beginning of the game. It can also be purchased from Rigs if you chose another class beforehand. This is the class to choose if you want to use your melee weapon a lot because it boosts the damage of your weapons to any enemy within 5 meters of you. Shotguns and melee weapons are the best things for the Set Bonus of this class and it is important to follow the Set Bonuses. It is medium weight so the defense and speed are balanced all around.

Slayer Set

  • Reloading increases the damage dealt to the next enemy hit with that weapon. Reload speed is increased by 10%.

This is the armor set in which you give the Iskal Queen the Guardian’s Heart instead of the Undying King. There are 3 pieces to this armor and the Set Bonus increases the damage of your weapons after you reload it. It is not the best armor in the game but it is balanced with medium weight so you do have an easier time with losing less stamina. Remember, to get this armor you are missing out on the Riven melee weapon which takes enemy health and gives it to you. To get both items, you are going to have to play through the campaign twice.

Twisted Set

  • Slowly regenerates health over time. Melee hits steal health from enemies.

This is another set that is probably one of the best in the game because of its Set Bonus. It constantly regenerates your health even without healing items. Even though it is slow, it still brings your health up. There are 4 total pieces, but there are 2 helmets to choose from. it can be crafted after completing The Root Shrine event at Earth where you need to defend a tree called The Root Shrine. After defending the tree, you can use it to craft all pieces of the set. This set is all around a good set to use.

Void Set

  • Gain damage stack and remove a defensive stack every 10 seconds. Taking damage adds a defensive stack and removes a damage stack. Max 3 stacks each. Slightly increases the evade window.

It can be purchased for 2,500 Scrap at Rhom, at The Monolith –  after completing the floor tile puzzle. The solution of the puzzle can be found written on the wall at the back of the tower. Here is how to complete the puzzle:

Each of the symbols of the written code on the back of the tower represents one of the 4 directions North, South, East, West. The diagram in the very center of the puzzle shows which symbol means what direction, with “North” being towards the monolith tower and the very starting point of the puzzle is from that diagram. You’ll know you’re doing the puzzle correctly if the floor panels you step on go down, and stay down, in one continuous path. Once you press the initial starting panel if you step on an incorrect one they will all come back up and random enemies will be spawned nearby.

Bandit Set

  • Chance to replace spent bullet on hit. Increases Ammo acquired on pickup by 25%.

The only way to get this set is if you have the Pocketwatch. Once you have it, go to Brabus and give it to him. He will then reward you will the full Bandit Set. This is a great set because it is light and agile while having you lose less ammo from your weapons. It also increases the amount of ammo you pick up off the ground as well. With this armor set, you will never run out of ammo.


In conclusion, there are plenty of armor sets in the game to choose from. All you have to do is choose the one that best fits your playstyle. If you have to, play through the campaign plenty of times to get all the sets. The campaign is not long at all, it just takes a few playthroughs to get the achievement. I would hope that you have beaten the main story so you can just go through and easily collect all the armor sets. I hope you have fun collecting them all.

Remnant From The Ashes - All Armor Sets Showcase

Remnant From the Ashes Guide – All Armor Sets, Locations and Perks

remnant from the ashes

We’ve covered the vast number of weapons present in Remnant: From the Ashes but there’s plenty of armor to collect as well. On top of different resistances and increased defense, not to mention different weight (which can affect i-frames while dodge-rolling), each armor set has a set of perks that can enhance your play-style. Let’s take a look at all of the sets here, where to find them and what they do.

Adventure Set

  • Location: Provided at the start of the game.
  • Pieces: Adventurer Tunic, Adventure Leggings, Adventurer Hat
  • Perk: Increases chances of obtaining loot from destroyed objects by 10 percent (1 piece), 20 percent (2 pieces) or 30 percent (3 pieces)

Akari Set

  • Location: Vault of Heralds in Rohm. After finding three Glow Rods, place them into the Vault and you’ll obtain the set.
  • Pieces: Akari Mask, Akari Garb, Akari Leggings
  • Perk: If you perfectly avoid enemy attacks, then melee attack speed is increased while melee critical chance is increased by 100 percent. The effect lasts for 10 seconds and varies between 5 percent (1 piece), 10 percent (2 pieces) and 20 percent (3 pieces).

Bandit Set

  • Location: This depends on Mud Tooth spawning in your instance but if he does, ask him to tell some stories. Keep asking for more until he eventually gives you the pocket watch. Take this to Barabus in The Depot – he’ll trade it for the Bandit Set.
  • Pieces: Bandit Mask, Bandit Jacket, Bandit Trousers
  • Perk: Chance for a recently fired bullet to be replaced. One piece provides a 10 percent chance; two pieces provides a 20 percent chance; and three pieces provides a 35 percent chance.

Cultist’s Set

  • Location: Obtained for free when choosing the Ex-Cultist class. Can also be purchased separately from Rigs in Ward 13.
  • Pieces: Cultist Hat, Cultist Duster, Cultist Britches
  • Perk: Increases mod power from critical hits by 12.5 percent (1 piece), 25 percent (2 pieces) or 40 percent (3 pieces).

Scrapper Set

  • Location: Obtained for free when choosing the Scrapper class but can also be purchased from Rigs.
  • Pieces: Scrapper Helmet, Scrapper Bodyplate, Scrapper Workboots
  • Perk: Enemies within 5 meters take increased damage. Damage increase varies between 5 percent (1 piece), 10 percent (2 pieces) and 15 percent (3 pieces).

Hunter Set

  • Location: Obtained for free when choosing the Hunter class. Can also be purchased separately from Rigs in Ward 13.
  • Pieces: Hunter Trenchcoat, Hunter Pants, Hunter Shroud
  • Perk: Deals increased ranged damage to enemies that are over 15 meters away with one piece providing 7 percent more damage, two pieces providing 15 percent increased damage and three pieces offering 25 percent more damage.

Drifter’s Set

  • Location: In the Founder’s Hideout on Earth, go upstairs and look for a room with a bookshelf. If you break the bookshelf, there will be a hidden area containing the overcoat and trousers. The mask is in a random location when exploring Earth.
  • Pieces: Drifter’s Mask, Drifter’s Overcoat, Drifter’s Trousers
  • Perk: Reduces stamina usage by 10 percent (1 piece), 20 percent (2 pieces) or 35 percent (3 pieces).

Elder Set

  • Location: In Yaesha, there’s a random event called Survive the Attack that can spawn in Martyr’s Sanctuary. It’s denoted by a wolf door – head inside the dungeon and defeat the foes to unlock the Elder Set.
  • Pieces: Elder Headdress, Elder Raiment, Elder Leggings
  • Perk: When using Dragonheart, there’s a chance that teammates within 15 meters will also be healed. One piece grants 10 percent chance; two pieces provide 20 percent; and three pieces give 30 percent chance.

Ossesus Set

  • Location: In Rohm, you’ll find a merchant named Wud at The Scouring Wastes. Purchase secrets from Wud for 500 Scrap each and once he’s all out, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the Ossesus Set. The entire set costs 3,500 Scrap.
  • Pieces: Ossesus Helm, Ossesus Husk, Ossesus Kilt
  • Perk: After killing an enemy, deal increased damage for 5 seconds. Damage increase varies between 7 percent (1 piece), 15 percent (2 pieces) and 25 percent (3 pieces).

Radiant Set

  • Location: In Yaesha, you’ll encounter the Stuck Merchant. Chat with him to purchase the Radiant Greaves and Radiant Protector. Once you find the Strange Curio (located behind the merchant), venture into a side dungeon to find the Radiant Misage. Make sure you purchase the greaves and protector from the merchant before venturing into the dungeon – a Root Terror will spawn. If it kills you, it will disappear, locate the Stuck Merchant and kill him, preventing the other pieces from being acquired.
  • Pieces: Radiant Misage, Radiant Protector, Radiant Greaves
  • Perk: Critical Hits will increase Critical Hit Chance and Critical Damage for two seconds with the effect stacking up to 10 times. Crit Chance and Damage varies between 0.75 percent (1 piece), 1.5 percent (2 pieces) and 2.5 percent (3 pieces).

Slayer Set

  • Location: In Corsus, after killing Ixillis and obtaining the Guardian’s Heart, give it to the Iskal Queen. She will provide the Slayer Set and a Crossbow as rewards.
  • Pieces: Slayer Mask, Slayer Mantle, Slayer Boots
  • Perk: Reloading will cause the next shot to deal increased damage. Perfect for sniper rifles and crossbows. One piece increases damage by 10 percent; two pieces increases it by 20 percent; and three pieces provides a 35 percent damage increase.

Twisted Set

  • Location: In The Gallows on Earth, you’ll encounter The Root Shrine and have to defend it against enemies. Defeating all enemies will allow you to craft the Twisted Set.
  • Pieces: Twisted Mask, Twisted Cage, Twisted Tassets
  • Perk: You slowly regenerate health with one piece providing 0.15 health per second, two pieces providing 0.238 health per second and three pieces providing 0.333 health per second.

Void Set

  • Location: In Rohm, there’s a mysterious location called The Monolith. You’ll spot a circular plate at the entrance. Solve the puzzle using the symbols located behind The Monolith to obtain the set.
  • Pieces: Void Skull, Void Carapace,Void Greaves
  • Perk: Taking damage from enemies provides a damage boost that lasts for 13 seconds which stacks up to three times. Damage boost ranges between 4 percent (1 piece), 8 percent (2 pieces) and 13 percent (3 pieces).

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