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Fortnite First Person Horror Map: Check Out Evil 15 First Person Horror Map Code And More

Fortnite has made some great advancements over the years, providing substantial substance to the players over the numerous seasonal updates. The latest season in Fortnite right now is Chapter 2 Season 7 and theme this time around has been set as Invasion. Through the new seasonal update, the players received numerous new weapons, skins, game modes, and boundless more content. Fortnite also has a creative mode, that allows the players to design and create their very own game modes. Many players wish to learn more about the Fortnite First Person Horror Map.

Fortnite First Person Horror Map

A creator called JKR_JULIAN has created a map called Evil This map is a horror game mode that has been designed to be played in the first person. This is a duos mode and the players can join this game mode in teams of two. This one of the popular first-person horror maps in Fortnite. The players will have to enter the First Person horror map code in order to join this map. The First Person Horror Map Code for the Evil 15 Fortnite Map is There are other scary Fortnite maps codes that players can use to join other creator’s creations. Check out some of the best scary Fortnite Maps Codes below:

  • Ducky Deathrun []
  • Infinite Dropper []
  • Oliver []
  • Jurassic Park Escape []
  • Sunken Treasure []
  • First-Person Horror []

How to use Fortnite Creative Codes?

After figuring out which creative game mode the players want to use and finding out which is the respective code for it, many still don’t know how to use the Creative Codes in Fortnite. These creative codes can be used to enter the lobby of a specific game mode. The creative codes will have to be fed into the game itself. Check out the steps to use Fortnite Creative Codes below:

  • First, the players should launch the Fortnite Application.
  • Then in the game selection menu, the players will have to select Creative Mode
  • Then the user will be able to see 3 options, Play, Create, and Island Code, they have to choose Island Code from these options.
  • Then the players will see three tabs, Enter Code, Recent Islands, and Favourites, they should choose enter code.
  • Then the players should enter the creative code for the map they want to play in the designated field.
  • The player can also walk up to any featured island in the Welcome Hub and enter the code there. After a brief load time, the game they’re looking for should display.


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'Fortnite' Creative 6 Best Codes: Horror & First-Person Maps for July

Fortnite Creative continues to evolve with more codes and new ways to play, so we're back with the latest rundown of awesome maps worth trying this July. Have you ever wondered what Fortnite looks like in first-person? Are you hunting for some multiplayer horror? Look no further than our new round of recommendations.

1) Ducky Deathrun []: With the launch of Season 3 last month, Fortnite has taken on a nautical twist. In this deathrun by letkyledothings2, the new aesthetic is used in full force in a variety of platforming challenges that involve avoiding boulders, running through spike-filled halls and hopping over watery pits that mean instant death. This deathrun shines in its sheer variety, and it features lots of level types not often explored in this crowded genre.

2) Oliver []: Multiplayer horror maps are hard to come by in Fortnite Creative, but this spooky romp for up to four players is well worth your consideration. This creation by roystoryq arms players with a single torch as they work to solve interaction-based puzzles in rooms that are never quite what they seem. Especially if you're a fan of the recent It films, this new code can't be missed. The escape portion isn't super-challenging, but it makes up for that with some truly awesome atmosphere.

3) Sunken Treasure []: After the chills have left your spine, why not try this new board game map courtesy of Demon-Rebel? In an aquatic affair, groups of up to four players work their way around a themed board to collect loot. Upgrades require specific challenges, and there are even bespoke tasks to work your way up to Legendary. Players must be good platformers and shooters alike if they wish to come out on top. There are lots of board games in Creative these days, but this one might be the best at igniting that summery spirit.

4) First-Person Horror []: If you'd rather try something cool by yourself, this proof of concept by Nevery7 is one of the most exciting developments we're seen to date. While not exactly a full-fledged game in its own right, this map demonstrates how Fortnite's engine can be bent to play a horror game in a full first-person perspective. The movement is slow and it feels a little wonky, but it's amazing to see how the current toolset has been repurposed to recreate something most enthusiasts thought impossible. Given this discovery, maybe a true first-person Fortnite mod is closer than we think!

5) Jurassic Park Escape []: Escape rooms are some of the most popular Fortnite Creative content, and this one by Wishbone_45 features a pretty decent representation of the iconic Jurassic Park. Up to 16 players can scour this lush environment to find a path to freedom. In our brief time with this map, we found most of its challenge was based on squeezing your character into concealed, tight spaces. If you don't mind crouching your way through a jungle, this escape room is tons of fun for big groups.

6) Infinite Dropper []: It's been awhile since we featured a Dropper on our list, but this one by PIMT offers unique gameplay elements with a sweet sense of style. Players continuously work their way down as they rack up points by falling through obstacles. The concept feels inspired by games like Downwell and Rez, but it functions competently here all the same. If you're a single-player score chaser, you shouldn't miss this bright and challenging experience.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile.

Those are our Fortnite Creative favorites, but what are yours? Will you be trying out this four-player horror map or first-person demo? Tell us in the comments section!

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The first person crazy has hit Fortnite! You can now create maps where you will no longer visually see your character model. It is zoomed in fully, so you are in what would be considered a standard FPS view. This is a really awesome addition to the game, and has the potential to lead to a whole lot of new ways to play! So, we're taking a look at the best Fortnite First Person Codes that are available right now. I'm sure there will be a lot more maps in the future, so stay tuned for more to be added.

Getting a player into first person is currently a bit of a hacked in method. We're hoping that Epic decides to add this as a feature in the future. So, for now this isn't as good as it could be. Maybe because of this glitch, Fortnite will get some native support and we could really get some great maps going.

Fortnite First Person Maps List

Here's our list of Fortnite's Best First Person Codes:

I will be going into more detail below on each of these maps and including some videos that should explain more about the course when necessary!

Do you have a Fortnite First Person Course you love? Send it to us at [email&#;protected] with a description of why and we'll add it to the list while giving you credit!

Evil 14 Awaits

Maybe you're a fan of the spooky? Well, then here's a creepy game with some jump scares and a haunting atmosphere. You're in an evil looking mansion, and all you have is a flashlight. Freaky things will start to happen as you traverse through the map! You'll find yourself jumping around, doors will open on their own, and some other creepy things will happen. This is all super intense in the first person perspective, so make sure you have the lights on!

First Person Prison Break

While this is a bit short, it's a fun little adventure map that will have you looking to break out of prison! This is all a bit more cinematic and feels a bit more real when you're in the first person mode, so you get a bit more out of it. You'll also get to drive around in a golf cart, which is a new exciting experience in this perspective.

First Person Box Fights

If you want to goof around with your friends in some crazy box fights, then doing it in first person will be one way to do it! It's pretty hard to edit in this mode, and the aiming is crazy, but that's what will make it so much fun to try out. There's not much to this map, you just jump in and engage in some box fights. Try to out-duel your friends while figuring out how to get better with the controls!

First Person Snipers

In this first person map, you'll be given some sniper rifles and you'll be challenged by a friend! You will find out who is the best sniper in this unorthodox 1v1 scenario in Fortnite. It will take some getting used to, but you should get a handle on sniping while in this mode. You can no scope and scope to try and land your shot. Make sure to account for movement and your distance or you might miss!

Fortnite Creative Maps Coverage

First Person Visual Escape Map

This first person business is really starting to catch on. I saw it first as a deathrun map, and it has now made its way into escape rooms. There appears to be a way that map makers can force you into a first person perspective, where you will move around like you were in an FPS. This changes things quite a bit, and will make simple jumps and figuring things out quite a bit more difficult. So, if you've been hoping Fortnite was going to add some first person functionality, you can check out how it might feel in this map!

First Person Deathrun

Wow, if you wanted to try something completely unique then this first person deathrun is the way to go. While this isn't perfect, it really actually creates first person mode in Fortnite. This has been something a lot of players have wanted to see, so it's interesting that someone was able to create it. This will challenge you quite a bit, because getting used to the perspective will take some time!

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