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Tinting vs. Your Car’s Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirrors

Technology enhances our driving experience and makes us safer. The BMW X5, for example, is a standout model for safety and style. Adding window tinting improves the look, the comfort, and has a host of other benefits. However, not all forms of technology are cohesive with the whole – auto-dimming rear view mirrors, for example, don’t always play nice with window tinting.

If you really want to tint your windows nice and dark, please consider that auto-dimming rear view windows may continue to auto-dim despite the darker rear windows. The dimming sensor may be up front, closer to the mirror itself or somewhere on the dashboard, so the light readings come from the front windshield, which isn’t dimmed at all. With particularly dark tinting, this can turn into a major safety hazard.

In many cases, the auto-dimming feature cannot be adjusted. Added by the manufacturer before it even hits the dealer lot, this is a feature designed to improve safety while driving at night. Unfortunately, if window tinting is necessary to make driving bearable during the day, you’re going to have to make a decision.

Give us a call – we can take a look at your car and give you our recommendations. We’ve had years of experience with car window tinting, especially on the BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz sedans and other vehicles with auto-dimming features.


Car Window Tinting - BMW X5

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Driving a luxurious car like Mercedes-Benz is a dream come true for most people. Experience the luxury and beauty of the iconic brand of the new Mercedes-Benz model car.

The brand is known for the design of its luxury vehicles from the exterior to the interior, but Mercedes models are also designed to provide maximum comfort to drivers and passengers.

A black matte Mercedes with shiny windows

Black cars are great to look at but because of heat absorption due to the color could end up seeming like you’re traveling in a greenhouse.

When the sun beams down it raises interior temperatures which also end stressing your on-board air conditioners. Applying window tint will help to maximize fuel efficiency as the interior temperature of the car is more stable.

Driving under strong sun is difficult for your eyesight, but you no longer need to wait until the sun has set to enjoy driving during summer. With GLASSTINT window films you can move around at any time of the day.

Car window tinting also provides safety and privacy by preventing potential thieves from “shopping” your belongings, no matter where you park.

What are the Features of GLASSTINT Sunset?

GLASSTINT offers this hybrid of metallic and ceramic car window tinting.

GLASSTINT Sunset provides protection from UV rays including UVA (the one responsible for causing skin cancer) and reducing solar gain (interior heat) since it has a mirror effect on the outside which apart from looking stylish helps to repel IRR and also cut down on glare from the sun.

GLASSTINT Sunset is a shiny window tint film that blocks the solar energy that would penetrate through the glass so it maintains a stable temperature inside the car. It blocks solar energy up to 85% infrared ray rejection.

GLASSTINT Sunset Mirror Effect

The windshield of this black matte car was tinted with the reflective window tint GLASSTINT Sunset 30, while the side front, side back and back window was tinted with GLASSTINT Sunset 10.

GLASSTINT Sunset has a shine that looks good on matte and shiny cars and makes them stand out with style and elegance.

Do you want it in your car too?

Check out our global partners to find the distributor nearest to you.


All About the NY Window Tint Law

One of the nicest luxuries available in modern vehicles is the ability to choose the level of light in your car, whether that’s coming from a panoramic sunroof (like the E-Class, S-Class, or GLE-Class), ambient lighting (as is available on the 2018 S-Class), or even a rear-window shade (like the one that’s present on the Maybach S 560). As innovators of luxury, Mercedes-Benz have always focused on increasing the level of comfort in their vehicles by giving drivers and passengers control over cabin light.

This got a bit harder on January 1, 2017 with the implementation of the brand new window tint law in New York. This law didn’t change the standards that were on the books for window tinting. Laws on the books for over 25 years have stipulated that light tinting is allowed on front-side and windshield windows, but can’t obscure more than 30% of light passing through.

Some vehicles are also required to meet this criteria on their rear-side windows, as well.

A lesser-known portion of this law also requires that, in the absence of side mirrors, a vehicle’s rear window must comply with the 70% pass-through regulation. Certain medical conditions, such as Pigmentosa, Xeroderma, Porphyria, and Drug Photo-sensitivity which affect sensitivity to light may be used as justification for an exemption.

2018 mercedes-benz e-class side mirror window exemption window tint law nyc long island_o

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles released the following video to help explain what’s expected and how testing is performed on vehicles during the annual inspection.

Why Do Window Tinting Laws Exist?

Window tinting laws exist for a few reasons. The first, and most crucial, is for law enforcement. During a traffic stop, and especially a traffic stop for an unlicensed vehicle, a tinted window could allow a stopped person to conceal a weapon or other dangerous substances.

The second benefit of window tinting laws like the New York one, and their subsequent enforcement, is that drivers are better able to see other drivers. If a driver is turning left without properly signalling, a driver is able to see them looking in the direction they want to turn and deduce that they’re planning to drive into their path. This is not possible when light through the front windshield is obscured by tinting.

2018 mercedes-benz e-class ny window tint law nyc long island city silver star_oWindow Tinting Tested During Annual Inspection

So if window tinting standards have been law for a quarter century, what does the new law actually do? The new law makes window tint testing a mandatory process during annual vehicle inspections. If a vehicle is found to have tinted windows that don’t allow 70% or more light to pass-through, they will fail inspection, regardless of success on other components.

Should your vehicle fail, you will have until the date of your registration expiring to fix the problem. If you wait until the day of expiration for your annual inspection, well…just don’t wait until the date of expiration for your annual inspection. Tickets written for illegal window tinting can be up to $150.

How Do I Know if My Windows Are Tinted Too Dark?

Since New York state law is the same as federal law, vehicles sold in the United States are already compliant. If your vehicle has had aftermarket tinting work done, you may be culpable. If you have any doubts as to the legality of your window tinting, you should schedule a vehicle inspection to make sure. $150 is a lot of gas to burn in a fun Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

If you know your windows are tinted too dark, many shops will remove excessive tinting. Although it’s also an excuse to reevaluate your vehicles, and swing by to test drive one of the luxurious and thrilling new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Contact us today to schedule a test-drive!


Schedule a Mercedes-Benz Test Drive in NYC




Mirror mercedes tint benz

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