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22RE to 3RZ swap

The headgasket I put in the Bastard last year didn't last, dunno if I screwed it up or it was defective or what, so I pulled the whole motor. I was in the middle of tearing it down for a complete rebuild and upgrade when I found a 3RZ and most of the conversion bits for a decent price (thanks, 90cherokee!). I had waffled back and forth on rebuild vs swap several times, I was willing to rebuild the 22RE and even kinda looking forward to it, but I had decided that if I found a 3RZ at the right price that I preferred hp from a stock 3RZ to hp from a warmed-over 22RE. So the Bastard is now officially down while I figure this out. I'll use this thread to try and keep my head on straight while I dive into this, and hopefully some day it might be of use to somebody else.

Troy asked me why I chose the 3RZ over all the other (bigger) motors out there. I had a couple reasons. One, the 3RZ bolts up to my existing drivetrain - I don't have to fab a crossmember for a different transmission/tcase, I don't have to mess with driveshafts, I don't have to pay for aftermarket adapters, etc. Two, the 3RZ is a roughly 50% increase in power over my little 22RE without taking a mileage hit - I drive this truck a lot and I need to stay near or over 20MPG, and power for weight the 3RZ brings more to the table than any other motor I considered. Three, it fits in the engine bay with ample room around it for my thick hands, I don't need to worry about clearancing the hood or core support or putting on a body lift or anything else, I like that. Four, it's Toyota. I admit that I'm a bit of a Toyota fanboy (ok, more than a bit), but I've been lurking Toyota forums for years and even though I've never owned a 3RZ truck, I've still picked up a bit about the motor through osmosis, and it's not that far from the 22RE I'm already familiar with. There's other swaps out there that are just as well documented and just as viable, depending on your priorities - I rejected the 5VZ motor because of drivetrain concerns, I rejected the 7MGE because it's reported to have oiling issues at low RPM, I rejected the smallbock Ford and Chevy motors because I don't know them and to be honest, I'm already a bit outside my comfort zone. A Ford would kick ass, maybe I'll do that to my next truck.

Regarding legality, I don't have any hard answers yet. I spoke to a fellow at Salt Lake county, who was very friendly and willing to talk - he told me that as far as the state is concerned, as long as I pass safety they don't care. The County is who cares about emissions, and since the Bastard is pre-OBDII, all I need to make them happy is make sure I still have all the emissions from the old truck and the new motor, and then pass a tailpipe test. I think that means that as long as I retain the charcoal canister and EGR, I should be good to go (and in a couple years, I won't even need that ;)). Once I've ID'd exactly what year this block is (more on that later) I can call them back and we can discuss specifics, but there's no huge roadbock in my way like there would be if I was using an older motor or a diesel or something.

This swap is well documented all over the internet, so I won't be breaking any ground here. This is good, because I'd wouldn't even think about taking on a project like this if I didn't have a road map to follow. Here's some good links I've been reading:

(hmm - can't get to the Marlin Crawler boards from work. I'll add those links later.)

These guys have conversion stuff - harnesses, motor mounts, exhaust bits, etc:

What I have, right now -
Early 3RZ motor (year unknown, it's set up for a distributor, making it a '95 or '96?)
T rear sump oil pan (for axle clearance)
Tacoma bellhousing/clutch/friction plate/etc
Complete engine bay harness, most of the dash harness (some bits are cut, I haven't figured out exactly what yet. They may not matter?)
Computer (it's labeled for a '97, which is the first year of the coil packs? May not work with this setup. Research is required.)
Various other bits - manifold, motor mounts, intake and throttle body, etc)

What I know I'm missing -
Power steering pump
MAF and intake box
One fuel injector is missing (I need to call Dylan and see if that fell out in his shop)

None of the yards in town that I've called so far have a 3RZ truck that I can come pick over, so I'll have to pick this stuff up piece by piece (www.car-part.comis a good resource). There's two different starters and two different air boxes for the '97 trucks, but I may not even have a '97 here, so that's got to get figured out before I can move forward.

What I need to do -
  1. Get the existing 22RE out of the truck, sell it, clean up the engine bay.
  2. Get the 3RZ on the stand, check the bearings, see if I can hook up a starter and check the compression. If I can verify good bearings and good compression, I won't tear this motor down before I put it in. I might get lucky, we'll see.
  3. Figure out motor mounts. The 22RE and 3RZ motor mounts are pretty much identical. The place they bolt to the frame is different - I might move the frame mounting location, or I might hack together an offset mount like Chilkat sells. One concern is clearance between the intake plenum and the dual diaghram brake booster waiting patiently on my shelf, so I need to hang the motor in the bay and see where everything sits before I make up my mind here.
  4. Replace the clutch and bearings. I don't HAVE to do this, but the friction plate that came with the motor is looking thin, and it'd be a PITA to have to replace it anyway a year from now, so I need to make room in the budget for new parts here, and I need to get them on the truck.
  5. Install the motor to the engine bay.
  6. Figure out intake. The intake and exhaust are flipped from how the 22RE is set up, and I've got a battery where the 3RZ airbox wants to go. I might move the battery to the other side, but I'm more likely to build a custom intake to share the space with the battery. Might even set up a snorkel - I've never come anywhere needing one, but you never know, right? I got quoted $ for a stock 3RZ airbox (just the box!), so for that price I might as well put on a cone filter or something and call it good. They aren't my favorite, but it'd be a lot less work.
  7. Figure out the exhaust. I read that these motors don't respond as well as the 22RE to just an aftermarket header, and I don't have the bucks to do any other upgrades to go with it, so I'll probably skip that for now. I have the stock manifold - I'll probably just use that and have a muffler shop build a crossover to my existing cat and add the necessary O2 bungs. I need to verify with the County if my stock cat will pass or if I need to use a cat designed for the 3RZ.
  8. Hook up fuel, clutch, steering, etc. I read that the fittings on the fuel line and high pressure PS hose are the same, so some extension or trimming will be necessary, but I shouldn't have to chase down any parts. The clutch line needs moved, and I might get away with using the 22RE clutch slave upside down? I havent looked closely. At worst, I'll need a new clutch slave and shift fork.
  9. Figure out wiring. Everything else is just turning bolts, and I can handle that. Wiring is the part that scares me. The guy I bought the motor from offered to help, and I have a mechanic friend willing to pitch in as well. If all else fails, I can buy an aftermarket conversion harness for around $, but that's a lot of money I don't have so I'd rather not if I don't have to.
  10. Start the truck.
  11. Go wheeling.

Budget - right now I've spent $ This number will go up :D. I budgeted $ for the whole deal, and I can already see where I'm going to blow right past that and land closer to $ if I don't find some deals on parts.

So that's where I'm at. My deadline is mid-April there's a Moab trip on the books that I don't want to miss, and there's a boy due in May that'll take a huge slice out of my free time, so I need to get my butt in gear. I'll update this post as I run into stuff I need that I don't have, and as I get stuff done. I'll probably take some pics along the way, but probably not a lot. Feel free to give me advice or tell me I'm doing it wrong or whatever.

I'm looking for another engine hoist, if anybody has one they're willing to sell (or loan indefinitely). The one I'm currently borrowing needs to go home, and everything for sale on KSL is outside the budget.


Sours: https://www.rme4x4.com/threads/22re-to-3rz-swap/

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Thread: Hilux 22r to 3rz -fe

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    Default Hilux 22r to 3rz -fe

    Hi there

    I have a hilux manual 22r. Want to convert it to a 3RZ-FE ()auto. Can someone tell me what parts I will need and has anyone done it???

    If anyone know where I can get good cheap parts also?????

    If anyone knows anywhere in Melbourne also who will do a good job with it please let me know.

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: Hilux 22r to 3rz -fe

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    Default Re: Hilux 22r to 3rz -fe

    there must be someone who knows bout this??

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    Default Re: Hilux 22r to 3rz -fe

    guys let me fill you in
    i already drive a subaru liberty turbo
    i have found a cheap hilux 97 model with very high ks to buy (on gas) as my work car
    i want something thats that not too sluggy as i hate sluggy cars. It has to be kinda cheap and can carrry my tools

    i also dont wanan be ripped off and i dont know too much bout toyotas yet!!
    so any advise will help

    so thnaks in advance people

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    Default Re: Hilux 22r to 3rz -fe

    no offence taken at all mate!!!
    yes im retaining the gasthats why im buying it fuel is killin me
    the engine has well over k;s i think done a lot of work
    thats why i want a fresher one that i can keep for 10 years!!

    does that make sense or sound stoopid???

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    Default Re: Hilux 22r to 3rz -fe

    well if anyone else knows where and how much feel free to let me know
    and thanks jon

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    Default Re: Hilux 22r to 3rz -fe

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  • Sours: https://www.toymods.org.au/forums/

    ORS 3RZ-FE / 2RZ-FE Conversion Wiring Harness


    The 3RZ-FE / 2RZ-FE (L or L) fuel injection system is entirely different from that of the older Toyotas. This means the 3RZ electronics and circuit will have to be installed in your older vehicle in order to make this engine swap possible. The Off Road Solutions 2RZ/3RZ Conversion Wiring Harness will provide the donor vehicle engine and transmission control circuits in your older vehicle for use with the Toyota engine 3RZ/2RZ computer and components.

    Please not that this product is for both the 3RZ-FE and 2RZ-FE engine swap. We will continue our description using the term 3RZ for simplicity.

    From the factory, there are 2 primary parts of the OEM 3RZ fuel injection wiring circuit. The first is the engine wiring harness. This is the harness that is primarily attached to the engine. This is sometimes called the injector harness. This harness connects the engine components such as the fuel injectors, ignition coils, air flow meter, etc. to the engine computer (ECU) and the body harness.

    The second part of the 3RZ electronic fuel injection circuit is built into the body wiring, along with the rest of the vehicle’s circuits. The body wiring includes the &#;under-dash&#; harness, the engine-bay harness (including fuse box), and even the wiring to the rear. About 40% of the 3RZ fuel injection’s wiring circuit is contained in this harness.

    We offer our 3RZ Conversion wiring in 2 main formats:

    • Our 3RZ Conversion Adapter Harness is designed for applications that have a used, good-condition, intact engine wire harness from the donor vehicle. Our Conversion Adapter Harness will connect directly to the engine wire harness and the ECU, and works along with the donor engine wire harness to fully complete the engine wiring circuit. Note: The Adapter Format of our conversion harness will not work with “JDM” engine wiring (from Japanese Domestic Market); our Engine wiring format is recommended with JDM donor engines. Once again, the Adapter version requires the use of donor engine wiring that is intact and in good condition; from a North-American-based donor vehicle.
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    We also accommodate 2 main recipient vehicle types:

    • Our 22R-E/3VZ-E Vehicle option is for ’’95 Truck/4Runner and ’’94 T vehicles that originally had the L 3VZ-E engine or the fuel injected 22R-E. This version requires that the original body wiring and fuse box is still in place and will plug directly into the body wiring for a simple install. Very little splicing is required to install this version, it is nearly % plug-and-play. The original wiring in your older Toyota will not have to be torn apart, and this version will accommodate your OEM gauges (tachometer will require some additional work during the install), speed sensor, reverse lights, 4&#;4 system and 4&#;4 indicator lamp.
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    Donor vehicle pricing options are for the Adapter format and depend on the engine harness donor application.

    This product is built per order, please allow weeks for order completion. This time can vary by season, if completion time is crucial, please contact ORS before ordering.

    Notice when ordering: Please include the following information in the “Order Notes” box or a separate email when placing your order. If sending a separate email be sure the name on the order will be obvious.

    From Donor Vehicle:

    • VIN, only if % certain of engine origin, OR part numbers requested below
    • Toyota ECU part number (x-xxxxx)
    • For Adapter Harness version: Toyota engine harness part number (xxxxx), this is found on a paper tag near the ECU connections.
    • Model Year
    • Model
    • 4WD or 2WD
    • Manual or Automatic Transmission

    From Your Vehicle:

    • For 3VZ-E/22R-E type: VIN
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    • Model
    • Original Engine
    • Manual or Automatic Transmission (originally)
    • Indicate specific transmission to be used in conversion
    • 4WD or 2WD
    • If 4&#;4, indicate transfer case application, original to transmission or changed
    • Front suspension type (original or modified)
    • For Truck, 4Runner, Indicate if ADD (Auto-Hub) system is in use
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    Core Connectors for 22R-E/3VZ-E recipient type:
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    Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

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    Swap 22r to 3rz

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    Project 3RZ - Engine Conversion Part 1

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