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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Level Cap, Hard Mode, Post-game and New Game Plus explained

What happens in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake postgame? Let us break it down. This guide has minor non-story spoilers for what unlocks once you complete the game.

Like any RPG, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is driven by character growth and progression. That comes in many forms - newly unlocked materia, new weapons and weapon upgrades, extra skills - and, of course, leveling up. And level ups mean there's a level cap - and a lot of people like to know what the level cap in a game is before starting, so they can plan ahead and possibly grind.

On top of that, FF7 Remake isn't strictly over once you finish the game. A bunch of new stuff unlocks, including the ability to replay chapters in hard mode, some new challenges and bonuses to make hitting that level cap easy. Here it all us explained

What is the Level Cap in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

While character levels in FF7 Remake in many ways aren't nearly as important as things like your equipped materia and chosen weapon upgrades, it is still a major part of character progression as it raises those all-important base stats. And in FF7 Remake, your level is perhaps more prominent than ever before, as your character levels persist across multiple play-throughs and into hard mode - more on that in a moment.

Anyway, the level cap in FF7 Remake is 50. Once your characters hit level 50, they won't go any further, and at that point character growth will all be on other areas. You can still gain extra SP to level up your weapons from finding special manuscript items out in the world, however, and you can still grow equipped materia through gaining AP.

By the time I finished the game, I had naturally progressed to level How can you go on to hit the cap without a shed-load of grinding? Read on, dear reader

Hard mode, the Postgame and New Game Plus in FF7 Remake

In a choice that is sure to prove divisive at the very least, it's not possible to start Hard Mode from the very start of FF7 Remake. It's also not possible to start an entirely 'new game' with hard mode - if you want it to or not, your progression from normal mode will carry over to hard mode once you unlock it by finishing the game and seeing the credits roll.

Hard more is basically a new option that unlocks at the end of the game. You also unlock chapter select - so in order to play the game on hard, what you basically have to do is select chapter 1 on hard and simply play forward from there. This is both your hard mode and your new game plus rolled into one, since as we said all your equipment, materia, Moogle medals, non-key items and upgrades carry over. Your progress with Chadley's Battle Intel Reports carries over, too.

Hard Mode and the postgame is also perfect for grinding, as you'll get double EXP and triple AP from every single encounter. The encounters on hard mode are worth more EXP and AP thanks to their increased difficulty, too - so I found I hit the level cap after just a few chapters of hard mode.

In terms of other post-game activities, it's worth keeping in mind that if you didn't beat every challenge in the colosseum or VR areanas, they are still available to you by replaying the chapters in which they appeared through chapter select. There are also story brenches to experience - and all of these are listed in the play log, found in the system section of the main menu alongside character select. Finally, there are all-new VR battles available in a special Shinra HQ VR suite - Chadley will guide you to this the next time you replay Chapter

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Is There New Game Plus?

By Anthony Puleo


For hardcore Final Fantasy 7 Remake players who are wondering if the game has a New Game Plus mode, the answer is a little complicated.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake delivered on all that it promised, providing an amazingly revamped yet still quite nostalgic experience. Even though the game just released last Friday, some hardcore gamers have already beaten the new Final Fantasyand are looking for an option for new game plus. But is there a new game plus?

The short answer is yes, Final Fantasy 7 Remakehas a new game plus. The long answer is not in the traditional sense, as the new game plus in this game is split into two separate features, the hard mode and the chapter select. By using these features together, the player can emulate new game plus.

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After beating the game on any difficulty, be it classic, easy, or normal, the player will unlock both hard mode and chapter select. Hard mode is exactly what it sounds like, a much more difficult version of the game, and chapter select allows players to replay any point in the story and make different choices while keeping everything they've acquired.

On its own, chapter select allows the player to return to previous points in the story in order to replay fun moments, grind experience and loot, finish up any side quests, and grab those easy to miss Materia. With this feature in the game, nothing can be missed in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which is certainly a nice touch. When paired together with Hard mode, however, it functions as the basis of Final Fantasy 7 Remake's new game plus. It is also worth noting that it is impossible to start a new game in hard mode, as the player must use their clear data and the chapter select to do so.

This implies that this was the intended use after all, and the difficulty scale of hard mode supports that assumption. Even after beating the game and with all the experience, materia, and gil that comes with that, hard mode will break the limits of players and force a much more strategic approach to problems. Items are completely disabled in hard mode, meaning the player cannot use potions to heal, ethers to restore MP, or Phoenix Downs to resurrect party members, and instead must rely entirely on spells.

To access chapter select, navigate to the system menu and it should be there so long as the player has beaten the game on any of the three base difficulties. Of course, hard mode's increased difficulty comes with increased rewards in the form of more experience, AP, and SP, even bringing new items and weapon manuscripts for the player to collect.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available now exclusively for PS4.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wiki Guide

Looking for something specific? Click the links below for more information!

Sink your teeth into this lengthy list of end game content that you can complete after finishing the game.

Unlock the Chapter Select Option

Upon completing the main story of Final Fantasy VII Remake, you will unlock the ability to use the Chapter Selection menu. This option will allow you to replay any of the 18 story chapters in the difficulty of your choice, including the brand new Hard Mode option!

Hard Mode Difficulty

Take on the games most difficult challenge yet, Hard Mode! Only available to those who finish FF7 Remake, Hard Mode will prevent players from using items and will increase enemy difficult quite substantially.

  • Read the Hard Mode Guide for tips and more details on the differences in Hard Mode and more.

Return to the Shinra Combat Simulator for Hard Mode Challenges

Unlocked in Chapter 16, players will have access to the Shinra VR Combat Simulator. Fortunately, after you beat the game you'll unlock several brand new bosses to fight and defeat for a number of new rewards.

The fastest way to return is by going to Chapter 17 via Chapter Select. You'll find a new entrance to the Shinra VR Combat Simulator nearby Chadley. To get there, just follow your party to Hojo's elevator from the starting room. You'll have to complete a short battle, head up the stairs after Red lifts the debris, and Chadley will be inside the lab that awaits, with the Combat Simulator nearby.

Note that if you take the long way to get to the Combat Simulator from Chapter 16, you won't have Aerith with you (so you can't play her Combat mission).

These brand new Rank 5 and 6 challenges are only available through Hard Mode and will reward players with all new Materia rewards and Manuscripts.

Defeat the Secret Boss

Arguably one of the most challenging bosses that you will face in Final Fantasy VII Remake is the Secret Boss that you can encounter upon completing the game.

In order to take on the Secret Boss, not only do you need to be playing on Hard Mode, but you will also need to complete the following activities and challenges:

Upon completing each and every one of these activities and tasks, you'll have the opportunity to battle Pride and Joy, the hardest boss in FF7 Remake. The battle definitely won't be an easy feat, which is why we highly recommend that you only take on this boss if your character levels are maxed out to

Earn Bonus EXP and Materia AP

As a result of completing the game, players will be recieve 2x EXP and 3x Materia AP bonuses to help make the process of leveling your character to the maximum level cap of 50 easier. These buffs apply automatically and stack with the AP Up and EXP Up Materia!

Finish All The Side Quests & Discoveries

Completing every Side Quest in FF7 Remake is no easy feat, which is why it's probably safe to assume that not everyone will have completed every Side Quest and Discovery during their first playthrough.

Marked as green and purple icons on your map, Side Quests and Discoveries are available during certain chapters of the game and can provide some pretty hefty rewards such as Gil, Armor, Accessories, and even Weapons.

To learn more about the games Side Quests, Discoveries, and Rewards, check out our complete guide below that breaks down every Quest in the game.

Complete All of Chadley's Battle Intel Reports

Unlocked in Chapter 3 - Home Sweet Slum, you will come across a young scientist named Chadley when exploring the Sector 7 Slums.

Chadley's Battle Intel Reports will have you traveling all over Midgar as you assess and defeat all kinds of different monsters. As a reward, Chadley promises to give you unique and rare Materia that can't found anywhere else.

If happened to miss some of Chadley's unique Materia's, consider checking out the guide below to discover the conditions and rewards for completing every Battle Intel Report.

Complete Every Colosseum Challenge for Unique Rewards

Got distracted and didn't manage to complete all of the available [Colosseum Challenges that were unlocked from as early as Chapter 9 - The Town That Never Sleeps?

Well, partaking in these battles will have you challenging a wide array of enemies. The use Items will be prohibited during battles, apart from a brief moment between enemies allowing you to partially heal up to 50% HP and 30% MP.

Winning these battles won't leave you empty handed though, as you'll find a number of unique rewards on offer such as all new Limit Breaks for each character, along with EXP, and Skill Points.

At first, the Colosseum Battle Challenges will only be available to Cloud and Aerith after defeating the Hell House in Chapter 9. As you return to Wall Street in Chapter 14 - In Search of Hope, the Corneo's Colosseum will be available for Barret, Tifa, and Cloud to use.

Unfortunately, Aerith will not be able to access the Corneo Colosseum Battle Challenges during Chapter So, be sure to finish her challenges while you can in Chapter 9, otherwise any of Aerith's unfinished battles will result in you having to revisit the Colosseum after you have completed the game.

It is worth mentioning, that the Battle Challenges will ramp up their difficulty as you climb higher through the four ranks.

Collect All 56 Manuscripts

With only 12 Manuscripts being available to collect throughout the entirety of the FF7 Remake main story, you may be surprised to learn that while playing in Hard Mode there are actually 56 Manuscripts available to collect

Manuscripts can be used to increase a characters Skill Points, along with upgrading their weapon cores. The player will receive Manuscripts by defeating certain enemies, completing Corneo Colosseum Challenges and even the Shinra Combat Simulator.

Collect All 31 Music Discs

There's no denying that the music in Final Fantasy VII Remake is incredible, so why not head back through the chapters and collect all 31 Music Discs that are scattered throughout the vast world of Midgar to unlock the Disc Jockey Trophy.Missed one of the 31 Music Discs? Check out the guide below to find the exact location of every Music Disc in FF7 Remake.

Assess All Enemies

Looking for the upper edge? Be sure to Assess all enemies to completely fill out your bestiary.

Our Final Fantasy VII Remake enemies list will give you the "must have" details on every enemy in the game, including their stats, items they may drop, and more. Find out more information by clicking the link below.

Get the Final Summon Materia

Beat all of the VR fights and Battle Intel Reports that Chadley sends you on to unlock the final VR Mission and to get the final summon. Most of these you’ll be able to knock out naturally just by playing the game, but a few of them require a bit of grinding.

If you’re struggling with the Stagger Effect Part 3, know that you can increase an opponent’s stagger percentage by hitting them with Tifa’s uppercut attacks.

If you’re having trouble mastering all 12 types of magic materia, well you might not even have all of them. Fortunately, you can buy all of them. 11 of them are in the vending machines, and the last one, Aero, can be bought at Chadley’s. See Materia Guide and List for details on how to get all the materia, and How to AP Farm to Level Up Materia on how to level it up.

  • Go to for exact tips how to beat this difficult boss. Warning: Spoilers as soon as you click on the link!

Unlock Every Dress for Tifa, Cloud, and Aerith

Making a return to the FFVII Remake, Cloud's infamous dress scene will have you wanting to collect every different dress type that is available in game. You will also find that both Tifa and Aerith will feature three unique dresses that they too can unlock.

Unfortunately, collecting all three of the characters dresses may not always be possible during your first playthrough, as they do happen to be locked behind the completion of Side Quests.

For more information, check our detailed guide below to learn everything you need to know about collecting every dress in game.

If you don't want to be bothered with unlocking them all yourself, you can click through the slide-shows below.

Tifa's Chapter 9 Outfits (Exotic, Mature, and Sporty)
FF7 Remake: Aerith's Dresses in Chapter 9
FF7 Remake: Cloud's Dresses in Chapter 9
Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/final-fantasyremake/Post-Game_Guide

While Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s post-game content is not the traditional new game plus you might expect from other role-playing games, you’ll unlock several new features when you beat the game.

After the credits roll, you’ll be kicked back to your options screen, and information panels pop up detailing what you’ve unlocked. Here’s what you unlock for beating Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

  • Chapter Selection: Replay any chapter.
  • Hard Mode: A challenging new difficulty for each chapter.
  • Double EXP and triple materia AP: Level up your characters and materia faster.
  • Play Log: See details like the amount of enemies you’ve Assessed, how many Battle Intel Reports you’ve completed, and more.
  • New VR battles: New battles from Chadley and the Shinra Battle Simulator.

Chapter Selection

Don’t worry if you beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake without completing every side quest, finishing every VR mission, duking it out with every colosseum enemy, or collecting all of the various manuscripts hidden in each chapter. After you’ve completed the game, you can go back and load any previous chapter.

Being able to replay chapters and make different decisions can be really helpful, especially if you’re trying to unlock the other two Chapter 14 resolutions you didn’t witness.

To use the new Chapter Selection feature:

  • Choose the System option in the main menu
  • Go to Chapter Selection
  • Choose the chapter of your choice

All of the progress you’ve made beforehand, like your experience level and unlocked equipment and materia, will carry over to the chapters you load.

Notable chapters to revisit in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

There are a few chapters worth revisiting with the Chapter Selection feature, especially if you’re trying to platinum the game. We’ve listed them below.

  • Chapter 3 to answer the prompt for Tifa’s different Night Market dresses
  • Chapter 8 to complete quests for Aerith’s different Night Market dresses
  • Chapter 9 to complete any of Aerith’s solo Colosseum Challenges and to complete different quests for Cloud’s Night Market dresses
  • Chapter 14 to complete the Colosseum Challenges with Tifa and Barrett
  • Chapter 17 to access the Shinra Combat Simulator

Hard Mode

Once you’ve selected a chapter to replay, you’ll be asked to choose a difficulty. If you choose Hard Mode, you will no longer be able to use items, and resting only restores HP.

While you can’t just restart the game with Hard Mode enabled for a traditional new game plus run, you can choose the first chapter and start from there. Enemies in this mode will also scale with your level.

If you head back to the Shrina Combat Simulator back in Chapter 17, you’ll also find several Hard Mode-only challenges that are the most difficulty combat encounters in the game. There are also several manuscripts that you can only obtain in Hard Mode.

PlayStation Plus


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Game ffvii plus new

Fans have had many questions about Final Fantasy VII Remake during its years of development, and when the game releases later this week, they will finally have all the answers. In the meantime, two of the biggest things people are wondering about involve what happens after the credits roll: Does Final Fantasy VII Remake have a new game plus, and does it have any post-game content to pursue? The game addresses both of those concerns with a single clever stroke – but in short, the answer on both fronts is “yes."

Warning: Even though it doesn't spoil any plot points, this article does discuss the flow of the game after completing the main story. 

You won’t see a new game plus option on the title screen, but the concept remains intact. After you finish the game, you unlock a feature that lets you jump to the beginning of any chapter while keeping all of your end-game progress (including levels, inventory, materia, and money). So, if you want new game plus, just select Chapter 1 (that's how I got the image above, with Cloud using a mid-game weapon in the first area). You’ll start at the beginning with your powerful characters and gear, and since the chapters continue flowing seamlessly into each other, you won’t have to manually select the next one to keep playing.

You can also just jump around back and forth between all of the chapters, which is useful if you’re hunting trophies. Some of those tasks – like completing all of the pull-up challenges, or getting the top score in darts – are only available during a small slice of the story. This approach is a little clunky, since it might involve replaying a decent chunk of a chapter that you don’t need just to reach the part you want. But once you complete your target minigame or grab your collectibles, you can jump back out.

However, the post-game pursuits don’t end there. Sure, it’s fun to play the game again with stronger characters and steamroll everything. But unlocking chapter select also opens up other options that are even more rewarding.

After you finish the main story, you gain a permanent boost to your experience and AP (which is what strengthens your materia). That makes it easier to hit level cap and get the useful higher-tier abilities on your materia. Why would you need that, though? Because with chapter select also comes a new, harder difficulty. You can choose hard mode only when starting a chapter; you can’t swap to/from it on the fly, like you can with the classic, easy, and normal settings.

Hard mode provides a fun challenge that adds new layers of strategy to fights you thought you'd mastered, partially because the enemies are more powerful and have different attack patterns, but also because you aren’t allowed to use items. You can't use them in battle, you can’t use them to recover between battles, and you can only restore HP (not MP) at rest points. This turns your magic into an extremely valuable resource that you need to manage carefully, and prevents you from just blasting your most powerful spells at everything constantly.

Lastly, a combat simulator in one of the later chapters has special battles that are only available in hard mode. These fights put your skills to the test; I tried tackling them as soon as they were available, and was quickly defeated. I’d recommend spending some time getting familiar with the game’s expectations in hard mode before taking these on.

Since finishing Final Fantasy VII Remake, I’ve been enjoying my dive into its post-story offerings. When you have a game this good, you don’t want the experience to end, and Final Fantasy VII Remake gives you plenty of reasons to stick around.

For more on Final Fantasy VII Remake, read the review and watch us play it on New Gameplay Today.

Sours: https://www.gameinformer.com//04/06/how-new-game-plus-works-in-final-fantasy-vii-remake
Final Fantasy VII Remake New Game Plus Part 1

Post Game Chapter Select

Here you can find a list of all unlockables that become available after clearing the main story of Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Rather than New Game Plus, Post-Game content consists Hard Mode, Chapter Select, and harder Battle Simulations! Learn how to % Clear the game and what to do after beating the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake doesn't offer a New Game Plus in the traditional sense, but instead gives you the option to change difficulties or revisit chapters to jump freely between them to clear the game %. While you could think of backing the game up to chapter 1 on hard difficulty with all of your old equipment as a pseudo New Game Plus, you will still be able to change chapters whenever you like, as well as difficulties.

For this reason, even if you passed up several missables on the first go around, you'll be able to pick them up after beating the game!

Chapter Select - Chapter 1

Clearing the main game unlocks the option. In Chapter Select, you can select any of the 18 chapters freely, and your characters' level, equipment and materia will be carried over, allowing you to power through FF7 Remake's version of New Game+.

How to Use Chapter Select
1Open the Menu
2Go to System
3Choose Chapter Select
4Choose the Chapter you want to play

After selecting a chapter, you will be asked which difficulty you want to play it on. Which brings us to

Hard Mode will be added to your difficulty options.
In Hard difficulty, you can't use items, and rest stops only recover HP. In addition, new Manuscripts and Shinra Combat Simulator challenges are available.

  • You cannot change the difficulty setting from the System Menu. To change the difficulty, you will need to use Chapter Select and go to the start of a Chapter with a different difficulty setting.
  • In Hard Mode, you can't use items at all. If you open the Commands Menu and hover over "Items", you'll see a notification that items cannot be used.
  • When using a bench at a rest area, your HP will be restored, but not your MP.
  • You'll receive Manuscripts for defeating most Bosses, as well as sub-bosses found within Side Quests.
  • New matches will be available in the Shinra Combat Simulator in Chapter

How to Change Difficulty

When you use Chapter Select to play a part of the game again, you will gain double Exp and triple AP when defeating enemies.

These bonuses should make leveling your characters and Materia a lot easier!

Your new best friend if you're aiming for clearing the game %, the Play Log, will also be unlocked when you clear the game.

Here you can see pratical information like how many chapters you've cleared on hard, how many Manuscripts you've collected, and most importantly, whether you've unlocked all Cloud's dresses or not!

Like Chapter Select, it can be accessed from System in the Menu.

If you go back to Chapter 17 after clearing the game, Chadley will have new Battle Simulations available for you.

During the Bike mini-game, you can pause and skip it. It's a pretty long fight, so we think it's a nice end-game addition!

The only Superboss found in the first installment of FF7 Remake, defeating Pride and Joy Prototype is one of the key tasks to complete after beating the game. To unlock the battle with Pride and Joy Prototype, you'll need to complete all the Battle Intel Reports, defeat all the enemies at the Corneo Colosseum, and win all the other challenges in the Shinra Combat Simulator, before unlocking a fight with the four Summon bosses, concluding with Pride and Joy Prototype.

On defeating the Pride and Joy Prototype, you'll receive Gotterdammerung, far and away the best Accessory in the game. You'll also receive one of the game's two Gold Trophies.

Although it's often pointed out that Pride and Joy Prototype can only be fought on Hard Mode, there's no need to set the Chapter's difficulty to Hard. You can actually select the battle's difficulty setting individually, regardless of the game's current difficulty setting. In addition, there's no requirement to complete any of the other Corneo Colosseum or Shinra Combat Simulator battles on Hard.

After completing all 18 Chapters on Hard Mode, you'll unlock the Hardened Veteran Trophy. Hard Mode is extremely difficult, but also allows access to Weapon Level 6 and most of the Manuscripts available in the game, the majority of which are exclusive to Hard Mode.

Hard Mode is witheringly difficult, with both souped-up monsters and Bosses and new draconian restrictions. Consumable items cannot be used, and benches will no longer restore MP.

It can be a good idea to work on defeating Pride and Joy Prototype first, to pick up the highly useful Gotterdammerung before going full-on into Hard Mode.

In order to clear the game %, you'll need to raise each of your characters to Level Doing so is also highly advised for finishing many of the other difficult challenges on this list, especially Hard Mode, so it's a good idea to go ahead and max out your characters' levels ahead of time.

How to Level Up Fast


Simply raising your characters to Level 50 isn't enough to unlock Weapon Level 6. You'll need at least 4 Manuscripts to do so, and past that, there are a total of 10 other Manuscripts to find for each character. Once you've found every Manuscript for a character, you'll be able to unlock every upgrade for each of their weapons.

Although most of the Manuscripts are obtained by defeating Hard Mode Bosses, zooming through every chapter on Hard Mode isn't quite enough to get every Manuscript – you'll need to defeat many of the sub-bosses found in Side Quests as well. Check our complete guide to learn where each Manuscript is located.

Locations of All Manuscripts

You can find CDs in Jukeboxes and Vending Machines throughout each chapter. After completing the game, you can check your total number of CDs from the Play Log. You'll be rewarded with a Silver Trophy for collecting all of them.

Locations of All CDs

In Don Corneo's audition in Chapter 9, Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith will each wear one of three dresses. Based on your sidequest completion in Chapters 3, 8, and 9, you'll be able to decide which of the dresses each character will wear. Upon viewing all nine total possible dresses, you'll score a Silver Trophy.

How to Get All Dresses Guide

Fans of the original FF7 will fondly remember the Enemy Skill Materia, which allows characters to learn new Abilities which Monsters against them. Although there were 24 Enemy Skills to learn in the original game, there are only 4 to learn this time around, though we're sure there will be more waiting in the parts to come! Obtaining all 4 will net you a Silver Trophy.

Locations of All Enemy Skills and Enemy Skill Materia


Based on your choices during the story, you'll be able to meet one of three characters in Aerith's garden in Chapter 14 – Tifa, Aerith, or Barret. This is reminiscent of how your in-game choices would lead to Cloud going on a ferris wheel ride with Tifa, Aerith or Barret in the original game, a scene which we're excited to see in future parts of the Remake.

The number of characters you've successfully met in this way is tracked in the Play Log, though you won't receive a trophy for meeting all three, so this achievement is recommended for full-on completionists only.

How to Get All Chapter 14 Resolutions


Using the Assess Materia, players can view a variety of useful information about enemies and Bosses, including weaknesses, Abilities, stealable items, and more. After assessing an enemy, this information will be permanently stored as Enemy Intel accessible from the menu.

Be sure to level up your Assess Materia to Level 2, allowing you to scan all enemies in a battle at once!

There's no reward available for getting Enemy Intel for all foes, but for real completionists, this is a must-have.

Locations of All Enemies

As the game doesn't require you to complete the entire Play Log unlocked after clearing the game, some might be wondering if there's some sort of Secret Ending that hints at what's to come next. Unfortunately while directed by Tetsuya Nomura, this isn't a Kingdom Hearts game (or a Marvel movie, as there is no scene after the credits roll) so there is no Secret Ending. Completing the Play Log is solely for personal % completion of the game.

All Tips & Strategies

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FF12 IZJS has Strong (easy) / Weak (hard) Mode as new game options after finishing the story / Trial Mode.

BTW, I'm not sure replay value means what you think it means.
There's plenty of replay value in FF5, Tactics or IZJS with trying out a different party setup, for example.

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FF12 IZJS has Strong (easy) / Weak (hard) Mode as new game options after finishing the story / Trial Mode.

BTW, I'm not sure replay value means what you think it means.
There's plenty of replay value in FF5, Tactics or IZJS with trying out a different party setup, for example.

well of course they all have replay value - probably wasnt the best choice of words. I meant more or less, extra things they give you after beating the game (like extra difficulties, etc.)
But as they said above, there isn't in most of them
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Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System. It's the Jpn-only re-release with several changes, the big one being a job system rather than the universal license board. One of the changes is the two extra difficulties; strong mode starts you at lvl 90? Can't remember. Weak mode starts you at low levels and you can't level up at all. Other than that they're both a regular new game, stuff doesn't carry over.

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most FF games up to 10 have a GREAT replay value, just no New Game+. rather than something like that, they throw in a whole bunch of sidequests and really challenging things to get the best gear in the game (try getting full onion gear without cheating in the NES/Famicom original version of FF3) so instead of just like "you can replay the game, but with your old stuff and levels", it's more like "you can replay the game because there are still at least 50 hours worth of things to do and accomplish and collect."


Do any of the final fantasy's have any replay value is pretty much what I'm asking, or have any bonuses it gives for completing a game? I've never fully finished any which is why im curious. getting far into 7, would be cool if there were difficulty settings/ double XP, idk. just would be cool.

Well, I mean, nothing like a separate ending or whatever because you unlocked an achievement if that's what you mean.

There are often optional and difficult side-objectives though, like the WEAPONs in FFVII. Also a lot of rare items to find or acquire that aren't really necessary to win but often make it easier.

Basically in any FF, we're talking about a lot of the replay value coming down to you enjoy finding/learning/levelling up abilities and magic and such for your team, like finding & levelling rare materia in FFVII, and if you do enjoy that at all, then the game with the highest replay for you will be FF Tactics. I'm sure I've spent at least a factor of 2x as much time on FF Tactics as any other FF title, maybe more.

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New game+ is probably the cheapest form of replay value there is. While it can be fun, finding secrets and things you never saw before, etc. is much more interesting.

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