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Garmin ALPHA 200i + TT15 GPS Dog Tracking E-Collar Combo

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  • Free 2+ Hours VIDEO Set-up / Operation Guide
  • Improved ECOLLAR with 3 side buttons
  • "Touchscreen-free" option w/ customizable top buttons
  • Text from ANYWHERE w/ Satellite inReach subscription
  • Life-saving SOS button calls the helicopter
  • Free GDS multi-color collars on multi-dog systems

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    UPDATE: Backordered with the manufacturer. Expected to ship January 2022.

    Call 800-624-6378 to pre-order.

    No risk to you. Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed with our 30 Day "No Questions" Money Back Guarantee. Hassle-free returns & exchanges.

    You get 30 days to train your dog RISK-FREE!
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  • Larger 3.5" sunlight-readable touchscreen display
  • Three side buttons for even more versatility
  • 16 GB of internal memory -- 4X the memory that was in the Alpha 100
  • Compass Pro View lets you see the direction and distance to your truck and your friends' Alpha handhelds on the Compass Screen
  • Interactive SOS alerts and two-way messaging via the 100% global Iridium satellite network (active satellite subscription required; jurisdiction restrictions may apply)
  • Preloaded TopoActive maps
  • Directly download BirdsEye satellite imagery to your Alpha
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Hunt Metrics data shows each dog's hunting patterns and behaviors so you can keep them healthy and safe
  • Compatible with the Garmin Explore app and website for managing tracks, routes, and waypoints, as well as reviewing statistics from the field

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    Overview | Features | Collar | Remote | Comes With | Range | Batteries | Available Accessories

    Garmin ALPHA 200i + TT15 Combo

    Garmin listened to your user feedback:

  • Simplify to only screens you use
  • Declutter screens to only show info YOU care about
  • ProView Compass shows multiple dogs on one compass screen
  • WIFI means automatic updates and easy birdseye install

    The NEW Garmin Alpha 200i takes everything we love about the Alpha 100 and squeezes it into a sleeker package with even more features.

    All the way back in 2012, Garmin gave us the best-selling Garmin Alpha 100: the first-ever Garmin GPS tracking collar combined with a Tri-Tronics remote trainer. For the first time, you could track and train your dog using one handheld and one collar with the added versatility of a touchscreen.

    Now after all these years, Garmin gives us their second-generation Alpha handheld: the 200i.

  • Bigger Screen:
  • The Alpha 200i features a larger 3.5" touchscreen compared to the Alpha 100's 3" screen, giving you more detail and better control.

  • Three Side Buttons:
  • In addition to the three front buttons carried over from the original Alpha 100, the new Alpha 200i adds three side buttons for improved usability.

  • More Internal Memory:
  • The Alpha 200i has 16 GB of internal memory. That's FOUR TIMES MORE than what was in the original Alpha 100. More memory means more detailed maps, more dog data, and more functionality.

  • Compass Pro View:
  • In addition to your dogs, you can now see the direction and distance to your truck and your friends' Alpha handhelds on the Compass Screen.

  • Built-in InReach Technology:
  • The Alpha 200i has a built-in InReach communicator, so in an emergency you can send interactive SOS alerts and two-way messages via the 100% global Iridium satellite network from anywhere in the world with no cellular service needed. Note that a satellite subscription is required to use the InReach functions, but is NOT required for tracking or training your dogs.

    Some other cool new features of the Alpha 200i include:

  • Preloaded TopoActive Maps
  • Directly download BirdsEye satellite imagery to your Alpha
  • Barometric Altimeter
  • Hunt Metrics Data
  • shows each dog's hunting patterns and behaviors so you can keep them healthy and safe
  • Compatible with the Garmin Explore App and Website
  • for managing tracks, routes, and waypoints, as well as reviewing statistics from the field

    The Garmin TT15 GPS tracking and training collar helps you keep up with your dog with a number of features.

    LED Beacon Lights give your dog extra visibility in low-light conditions. See your dog more easily while he is running at night, and help other people and oncoming traffic see your dog better as well.

    You can track TT15 and TT15 MINI Collars plus Astro T5 and T5 MINI collars with your Alpha or Astro handheld. This allows Alpha users who need a tracking system for competitions to legally run T5 tracking collars. It also lets people who buy the Astro 430 with T5 collars continue to use them in the future if they decide to move to an Alpha handheld.

    The black top-mounted GPS / Galileo receiver antenna gives you better reception and makes it easy to tell which collar you are running (TT15 vs. T5). The T5 has an orange GPS receiver, while the TT15, TT10, and DC 50 all have black GPS receivers.

    Steve Snell

      Garmin ALPHA 200i + TT15 GPS Dog Tracking E-Collar Combo
    • Track and train your dog with just one handheld on just one screen
    • One less system to keep charged and carry around
    • One less collar to weigh your dog down
    • Quick-charge batteries with a long run time mean more hunting, more training, and less charging
    • Track your friends' Alpha handhelds in the field
    • Top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS / Galileo receiver for increased signal reception
    • Rescue Mode preserves battery life so you can find lost dogs
    • Emergency Alert lets you send your dog's last known location and an alert message to other Alpha users in the area
    • Send interactive SOS alerts and two-way emergency messages via satellite anywhere in the world with built-in InReach technology (subscription required for InReach functions, not required for tracking or training your dogs)

    • Track up to 20 dogs or other Alpha handhelds
    • Track Alpha TT15 / TT15 MINI / TT10 collars plus Astro T5 / T5 MINI Collars (T5 collars must be set to Alpha mode and do not offer training functions)
    • The Compass Screen shows your dogs' direction, distance, and speed
    • The Map Screen lets you see your dogs' trails on the TOPO map
      • See if your dog is approaching a highway or property line
      • See if your dog is out of gun range
      • See if your dog is running too big BEFORE he gets too far out
    • 2.5 second dog status update rate
    • Know when your dog is on point or has treed with Pointing and Treeing Alerts
    • Preloaded TopoActive map features not just major highways and waterways but smaller roads, creeks, and streams
    • Includes a 1-year FREE subscription to BirdsEye satellite imagery

    • Customizable buttons plus touchscreen controls for maximum versatility
    • Create your own configuration with specific stimulation types and settings for each dog
    • Access your custom settings immediately -- easier and faster than setting manual controls
    • Use to train the most stubborn to the most sensitive dogs
    • Reinforce known commands and stop problem behaviors / break trash
    • 18 levels of continuous and momentary STIM
    • Non-stimulating vibration and tone functions
    • Expandable to 20 dogs with additional collars

    • Not available to Canadian addresses. This product is approved for use in the US only. Collar-to-handheld radio communication may be disabled in Europe and other prohibited areas.

      Garmin ALPHA 200i + TT15 GPS Dog Tracking E-Collar Combo
    • Large 3.5" (diagonal) sunlight-readable touchscreen that works when wearing gloves
    • InReach technology adds interactive SOS alerts and two-way messaging via the global Iridium satellite network (subscription required; jurisdiction restrictions may apply)
    • Dedicated emergency SOS button
    • Sleek, streamlined design is less bulky
    • Fully rubberized outer coating with an over molding
    • Meets tough IPX7 waterproof standards
    • Quad helix GPS / Galileo antenna for improved signal reception
    • Removable VHF antenna
    • Barometric altimeter
    • 3-axis compass
    • 16 GB internal memory
    • Micro SD card slot (max. 32 GB class 10 or less) for preprogrammed MapSource mapping detail such as US TOPO, Inland Lakes, BlueChart and City Navigator, or add more memory by installing a blank MicroSD Card
    • Garmin "backbone" accessory mount plus lanyard attachment point
    • Power Button Control Screen includes button lock feature
    • Micro-USB port for data updates via PC or Mac
    • See ambient temperature data by adding the Garmin Tempe (available separately)
    • Backward compatible so it will work with your existing collars and other Alpha compatible devices
    • Transfer location data between compatible Garmin devices

    Alpha Handheld Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 2.7" x 6.4" x 1.3" with antenna
    • Weight: 9.9 oz.

    • Preloaded TopoActive maps
    • Map Screen Options let you show or hide Dog Status, Distance, Names, and Offscreen Dogs
    • Zoom to Map Dogs: automatically see all dogs on your map screen no matter how far they are from you
    • Dog Trails: choose from Complete History, Partial History, or No Trail History
    • Dog Set Up Menu with universal dog settings including Update Rates and Dog Types
    • Dog Alerts: choose tone-only, vibration-only, or tone and vibration
    • Hunt Metrics: shows each dog's hunting patterns and behaviors so you can keep them healthy and safe
    • Directly download BirdsEye satellite imagery to your handheld (1-year subscription included)
    • Share your dog info with other Alpha handheld units
    • Save up to 1,000 waypoints, 50 routes, and 10,000 track points
    • Compatible with the Garmin Explore app and website for managing tracks, routes, and waypoints, as well as reviewing statistics from the field
    • GeoFence and Radius alerts
    • Area calculation feature
    • VIRB Control on the TT15 collar lets you start or stop VIRB video recording with the Alpha handheld (VIRB camera not included)

    • Customizable settings let you create your own personal configuration with ideal stimulation types and settings for each dog
    • 3 front + 3 side buttons and touchscreen controls
    • Train and track up to 20 dogs from one screen
    • Adjust stimulation levels from any screen
    • 18 levels of continuous STIM
    • 18 levels of momentary STIM
    • Non-stimulating vibration and tone options
    • Choose from two stimulation configurations:
      • Traditional STIM -- 6 levels with each level having a low, medium, and high for a total of 18 levels, replicating the “classic” Tri-Tronics stimulation setup
      • Linear STIM -- 18 levels that exactly match the low, medium, and high levels used in Garmin / Tri-tronics PRO series collars for those who prefer a slightly faster way to raise and lower levels

      Garmin ALPHA 200i + TT15 GPS Dog Tracking E-Collar Combo
    • Full-featured GPS TRACKING + TRAINING collar
    • Can be used alongside TT15 MINI and T5 / T5 MINI tracking only collars
    • Waterproof to 1 ATM (10 meters)
    • 1" plastic-coated nylon collar strap is durable and odor-free
    • Fits neck sizes 13"-22"
    • K-9 metal collar buckle with metal keeper
    • 21" long-range braided-steel VHF whip antenna to handle whatever abuse your dog can give
    • Top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS / Galileo receiver for improved signal reception
    • Remote activated LED safety beacon lights for added visibility
    • Connect to your computer via USB for easy software updates and exporting GPS dog data
    • 24- to 48-hour run time depending on update rate
    • Rescue Mode activates at 25% to preserve battery life
    • Battery life indicator tells you when to recharge your collar
    • 4-hour collar charge time
    • Also compatible with the Alpha 100 and Astro 430 (tracking function only)

    TT15 Collar Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 1.75" H x 3.5" W x 1.85" D
    • Weight: 10 oz. with collar strap and antenna

    • Alpha 200i handheld with TopoActive Map
    • TT 15 GPS dog device
    • User-replaceable Li-ion rechargeable batteries in collar and handheld
    • Belt clip
    • AC adapter
    • Charging cable
    • USB cables (micro and mini)
    • Short and long contact point sets with wrench
    • 5" handheld antenna
    • Braided-steel collar antenna
    • Owner's manual
    • 1-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription
    • 1-year Garmin warranty
    • Up to 20 user-replaceable 1" collar straps (depending on number of collars purchased)

      # of CollarsIncluded Collar Strap Colors
      2Black & Red
      3Black, Red, & Orange
      4Black, Red, Orange, & Blue
      5Black, Red, Orange, Blue, & Green
      6Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, & Yellow
      7Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, & White
      8Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, & Silver
      9Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Silver, & Pink
      10Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
      11Black, Red (x2), Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
      12Black (x2), Red (x2), Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
      13Black (x2), Red (x2), Orange (x2), Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
      14Black (x2), Red (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
      15Black (x2), Red (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green (x2), Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
      16Black (x2), Red (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green (x2), Yellow (x2), White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
      17Black (x2), Red (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green (x2), Yellow (x2), White (x2), Silver, Pink, & Violet
      18Black (x2), Red (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green (x2), Yellow (x2), White (x2), Silver (x2), Pink, & Violet
      19Black (x2), Red (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green (x2), Yellow (x2), White (x2), Silver (x2), Pink (x2), & Violet
      20Black (x2), Red (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green (x2), Yellow (x2), White (x2), Silver (x2), Pink (x2), & Violet (x2)

      Interactive SOS and Two-Way Messaging

      Should you have an emergency or accident, the Garmin Alpha includes InReach technology so you can send an SOS or other message via the Iridium satellite network from anywhere in the world (subscription required).

      Download Detailed GPS Dog Trail Info

      Map the area you and your dog covered during the day's hunt on your computer using the Waypoints and Tracks and Dog Tracks features on the Alpha Handheld. Download your hunt using either MapSource or and see your hunt on a TOPO map or Google Earth.

      Avoid Getting Lost with Hunter-Friendly Icons

      Mark and label your vehicle, UTVs, blinds, hunting lodge, food plots, and other outdoor features with waypoint icons specially designed for hunting.

      Keep Up with Birds Using the Covey Counter

      Mark the exact location of your coveys on the map with this special waypoint feature and record the time of day, elevation, number of birds in the covey, and number of birds taken.

      Although the Garmin Alpha was originally designed for hunting dogs, many of our non-hunting customers have found that the Alpha is perfect for spending time outdoors with their dogs and allowing them to run off-leash. Whether hiking, camping, biking, or horseback riding, the Garmin Alpha gives your dogs more freedom while letting you keep a close eye on them and find them if they get lost. Since the Garmin Alpha is also a full-featured GPS, it will help keep you from getting lost as well!

    • Li-ion batteries in both handheld and collar
    • Less than 6-hour charge time
    • Handheld and collar batteries both user-replaceable
    • Snap-on charging clip for no exposed charging jacks
    • Dual-lead charger lets you charge the collar and handheld at the same time

      Handheld Battery Runtimes:

      ~16-20 hours without InReach technology enabled
      ~11-15 hours with InReach technology enabled

      Collar Battery Runtimes:

      ~24 hours with 2.5 second update rate
      ~34 hours with 5 second update rate
      ~38.5 hours with 10 second update rate
      ~42.5 hours with 30 second update rate
      ~48 hours with 120 second update rate

      The Garmin Alpha handheld and collar have a "line of sight" range of up to 9 miles.

      The Alpha handheld and dog GPS collar communicate using a VHF radio signal. To get the maximum range out of the system there needs to be nothing obstructing this signal.

      Realistically, this won't happen in most places we spend time with our dogs, so the actual usable range will be MUCH less than 9 miles depending on hunting/training conditions, weather, terrain, presence of cover, etc.

  • Includes free Garmin TopoActive map and 1-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery
  • Supports optional map data including TOPO U.S. 24K, autorouting with City Navigator, and Garmin Custom Maps

  • Annual 12-month Contracts

    Lower monthly fees -- Ideal for people who either plan on using their inReach all year long, or who want the peace of mind of having a continuously active SOS device.
    • Ideal for year-round use and peace of mind
    • 12-month contract
    • Lower monthly fees
    • Move up a plan at any time for free
    • Initial account activation fee of $19.95
    • Move down a plan at any time for $24.95

    Freedom Plans

    Requires only a 30-day commitment -- Allows you to pay for satellite airtime service when you need it on a rolling monthly basis. You can change plans, up or down, or suspend your service at no charge.
    • Ideal for seasonal or occasional use
    • Move up or down a plan for free
    • Suspend your service when you don’t need it
    • Keep all your account data, tracks and details when suspended
    • Minimum 30-day commitment
    • Annual freedom program fee of $24.95

    Text Messages1040UnlimitedUnlimited
    Preset MessagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
    Tracking Intervals10 minutes+10 minutes+10 minutes+2 minutes+
    Tracking Points$0.10 eachUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
    Location Pings$0.10 eachUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
    Monthly Charges
    Annual/Contract$11.95 / Month$24.95 / Month$49.95 / Month$79.95 / Month
    Freedom Plans$14.95 / Month$34.95 / Month$64.95 / Month$99.95 / Month
    Overage Charges
    Messages (each)$0.50$0.50N/AN/A

    Note: Monthly plan prices do not include the federal Universal Service Fund Fee and any applicable state and local taxes. Prices subject to change. These plans are for individual consumers in the U.S. only. See for more information.

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    Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan.


    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    Garmin 010-02230-00 753759237189

    You get 30 days to train your dog RISK-FREE!
    Learn more here -- Steve

    Customer Reviews



    I jumped on this as soon as I heard about it. The fact that it had an inReach built into it helped because we’d been considering getting an inReach for a while. The Alpha 200i is a tiny bit thinner and has a bigger screen than the Alpha 100, which I’ve used nearly flawlessly for years.

    The main reason anyone would have a GPS handheld for upland bird hunting is to track their dogs in undulating terrain where they’re not always visible. The Alpha 100 immediately increased the number of points I was able to get to on each hunt.

    I’ve completed 10 hunts of about 4 hours average with the Garmin 200i and TT15 Mini collars. The dog tracking on my 200i is rubbish. At best, it points about 15 degrees from where the dogs actually are. At worst, the compass dial spins and jumps around, or points 180 degrees off (see the video below). I’ve done all the updates on the handheld and the TT15 Mini collars, consulted with Garmin’s tech support team, Gun Dog Supply’s (where I bought it – they’re awesome) tech support (more knowledgeable than Garmin’s), calibrated and re-calibrated the compass, and it’s proving to be worth than useless in locating the dog.

    I reached out to some readers who I knew had pulled the trigger on the 200i to see if they’d been experiencing anything like my problems with it. One person said it was working fine for him, but he’d heard from several others who were having similar problems. I immediately flashed back to having bought the Garmin Fenix a couple years ago because I wanted to use a watch instead of the clunky handheld to find my dog, but its compass was also rubbish, and I returned it. I’m not sure if this is just bad luck or if I got a lemon from Garmin (twice), but it seems like they might not have done adequate testing on this in the field before putting it out there for mass consumption.

    If you do decide to go for it, and you have issues like this, Garmin’s tech support person told me that they hope users will contact Garmin if they have problems so that they can work on them. This seems bass-ackwards to me, but what do I know? I probably shouldn’t be using these kinds of toys anyway.

    The other problem, which pales in comparison to the compass disaster, is that the touchscreen on the Garmin 200i does not work with gloves. WTF? It worked with a “tech finger” glove, but not with a light leather glove. The Alpha 100 worked fine with any glove I threw at it.

    Below are some visuals of the issues with my Garmin 200i. At the very bottom of this post are some comparison photos between the Alpha 100 and Alpha 200i.

    Like this:


    1. Double shower rod
    2. Scarecrow stardew valley
    3. 2010 cadillac srx

    Garmin Alpha 200i is the newest version of the Garmin dog tracking system, which is a device for tracking and training multiple dogs at the same time. This handheld device is perfect for dog owners who specialize in dog training for hunting and other adventurous activities. This Alpha 200i features its system called inReach Iridium satellite technology which is designed to make tracking all of your puppers’ location more accurate, much faster, and reaching farther tracking distance than any other GPS tracers out there. 

    Main Features of Garmin Alpha 200i (And Why It Costs $749)

    • Integrated with inReach Iridium technology
    • Sunlight-readable touchscreen
    • Improved mapping and sensors
    • Replaceable batteries with longer battery life (up to 20 hours; up to 15 hours if inReach enabled)
    • Monitor up to 20 dogs at the same time
    • 18 levels of stimulation
    • Pro View Compass Mode that shows the direction and distance of your dogs
    • Multi-GNSS Support (GPS and Galileo) for better and accurate tracking
    • Preloaded Topoactive Maps for a more detailed view of terrain, elevations, summits, rivers, lakes, coastlines, parks, geographical points, etc. 
    • Downloadable Birdseye Satellite Imagery for better graphics of your trailheads, routes, clearings, etc.
    • Navigation Sensors uses a barometric altimeter for accurate monitoring of ascent and descent, trends in air pressure, three-axis compass which helps keeps your bearing
    • Additional mapping options such as HuntView Plus and TOPO
    • Two-way text messaging with other devices with inReach technology
    • Interactive SOS in case of emergency for 24/7 monitoring and response
    • Track and share your location with your friends or family at home or in the field
    • Uses 100% Global Iridium Satellite Network, therefore, no need to rely on mobile coverage

    Pros and Cons of Garmin Alpha 200i


    • The device is integrated with inReach technology
    • A sunlight-readable and a larger touchscreen
    • A new feature includes compass pro view
    • Customizable top front buttons to avoid using touchscreens
    • Top and side buttons which are helpful for easy access to other functions of the device
    • Compatible with TT15 and TT15 mini, and T5 and T5 mini collars

    How does Garmin 200i Work and Who Is It For?

    Garmin Alpha 200i works both as a tracking device and a training device at the same time; It is not only designed to locate your dogs while in the field and tell you what they are doing, but also gives you the ability to give commands and train from the handheld device. 

    This handheld gadget is specifically made for people who specialize in training a large group of dogs, and for dog owners who are into hunting with their dogs. Now, this device comes with four different combinations. 

    While the Alpha 200i mainly specializes for people who train dogs and hunt with them when paired with regular TT15 track-and-train collar or TT15 mini track-and-train collar, but if you are not into hunting and training, and your main purpose is for only tracking your dogs, you can get with regular T5 collar and mini T5 collar. 

    When Do You Need Garmin Alpha 200i?

    You need Garmin Alpha 200i if you are a dog owner who loves going for a hunt with your dogs. This is a device specially made for you as it is great both for tracking them while they are out there hunting in the field while remotely training them at the same time using the handheld device. 

    Garmin Alpha 200i Tech Specifications

    Garmin 200i Technical Specifications

    The dimension of the handheld device is  6.8 x 16.2 x 3.4 cm excluding the antenna weighing 280g with a sunlight-readable touchscreen with display size measuring 4.7 W x 7.7 H cm; 3.5 inch diag (88.9 mm), display type being color TFT transflective touchscreen, and display resolution of 282 x 470 pixels. 

    The Garmin Alpha 200i includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 20 hours in one charging, and up to 50 hours when used with inReach technology. 

    The handheld device has a waterproof rating of IPX7 which proves its durability than its predecessors. 

    • Connections, USB & Memory

    The device is Wifi, Bluetooth, and ANT+ enabled. The Alpha 200i device’s memory history is up to 16GB and has a slot for microSD card but it is not included upon purchase. The interface uses high-speed USB. The wifi compatibility allows you to download BirdsEye data directly to the device and update its software without the need to connect to your PC. 

    Garmin Alpha 200i General Features

    Garmin Alpha 200i with general features on the screen

    • Integrated inReach Technology

    Garmin Alpha 200i features this inReach Satellite Technology that we consider the best addition to Garmin’s Track and Train devices. With this communication technology, it enables you to send and receive text messages to phones even if you are out of any cellular services, and this is because the messages go through the Iridium Satellite network. You also have the option to add other location information and/or share your tracking with your family, friends, and hunting buddies. 

    You also have the option to connect the Alpha 200i handheld device to your smartphone using the Explore app which will make it easier for you to use the features of their inReach communication technology. 

    This device also allows you to send SOS to contact medical professionals in case of any emergencies. The SOS button is on the side but with cover to prevent accidentally pressing the button. 

    Garmin Alpha 200i uses a TOPO map that is already preloaded in its system. You also have the option to add maps and because this handheld is compatible with wifi, it allows you to download BirdsEye Satellite Imagery directly to the device without the need of using your PC. But the good news is, unlike the past Garmin devices, subscription is not required for you to be able to download and use BirdsEye Direct on the Alpha 200i. 

    • Hunting and Tracking with the Garmin Alpha System

    This device gives you the ability to perform different tasks while hunting. It allows you to mark your truck’s location so it will be easier for you to navigate back when you wander too far from your starting point. The Active Hunt Metrics also shows you not only the distance travelled and hunt time of each of your dogs with paired collar devices, but also your all your dogs’ statuses such as barking, point, and treed. 

    The Alpha 200i allows you to track up 20 dogs in one device, very convenient especially if you are a dog trainer and hunter. It can monitor all of them for up to a distance of 14.5 km which has an update rate of 2.5 seconds, although the distance will depend on the dog device you are using. 

    • Dashboards, Dog Display & Profiles

    A variety of dashboards on Garmin 200i Collar

    The Garmin Alpha 200i now features the main menu interface and can display 12 items in it. It is easily customizable as you can add and remove functions in the main menu for easier navigation. It also features a compass screen which also shows not only a compass but also your vehicle, and other handhelds with the dogs you are tracking. 

    This device also now has two pro view options of the compass screen; one view option can show four dogs at the same time including their distance and direction, and the second view option is the individual dog view which displays one dog at a time so it can be easier for you to read. 

    • Rescue Mode & Wireless Sharing

    The Garmin Alpha 200i also has a Rescue Mode which if enabled, lets you conserve the battery life at a longer time and lets you track your dogs when they get past the device’s range. 

    Is it worth it to purchase Garmin Alpha 200i?

    Absolutely, yes, especially if you are mainly going to use the device for hunting and training dogs as this is the best device for such purposes. We think that all the new and improved features of the Garmin Alpha 200i greatly compliments the high cost of the product and the subscription. We also included Garmin Alpha 200i in our list of the best GPS trackers for dogs.


    Garmin Alpha 200i/TT 15 Mini Dog Tracking and Training...

    Main Feature

    Dog tracking & activity monitoring


    Garmin Alpha 200i/TT 15 Mini Dog Tracking and Training...

    Main Feature

    Dog tracking & activity monitoring

    Garmin Alpha 200i Compared To Competitors And Other Garmin Collars


    Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 Mini Bundle


    Garmin Alpha 200i/TT 15 Mini Dog Tracking and Training...
    Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle, Includes Handheld and TT 15...
    Garmin Astro 430/T 5 Mini Dog Tracking Bundle
    Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking Bundle, GPS Sporting Dog...

    Can Track Up To


    Battery Life

    Preloaded TopoActive Maps


    Best In 2021


    Garmin Alpha 200i/TT 15 Mini Dog Tracking and Training...

    Battery Life

    Preloaded TopoActive Maps



    Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 Mini Bundle


    Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle, Includes Handheld and TT 15...

    Battery Life

    Preloaded TopoActive Maps



    Garmin Astro 430/T 5 Mini Dog Tracking Bundle

    Battery Life

    Preloaded TopoActive Maps


    Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking Bundle, GPS Sporting Dog...

    Battery Life

    Preloaded TopoActive Maps


    We know how expensive the Garmin Alpha 200i costs but because of all the additional features, you will forget how much it cost you because it will save you money in the long run. One reason is mainly that not only does it already feature a built-in TOPO map, but also allows you to download additional BirdsEye directly to the device via wifi. The inReach communication technology is a sweet additional feature for this device as it lets you send text messages even without any cellular network present, which in my opinion is very useful so as not to worry your family or friends and other hunting buddies when you stray away from your path or in case you get lost. I’d highly recommend you to get Garmin Alpha 200i if you consider one! 

    Garmin Alpha 200i Final Review

    If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.  2021-09-30


    Read Steve's Garmin ALPHA 100 with TT10 Review

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    Garmin ALPHA with TT10 GPS + Ecollar

    Reviewed: July 31, 2012
    Rated 5Stars

    By Steve Snell

    Click to enlarge
    When Garmin bought Tri-tronics last summer, we knew an all-in-one GPS / Ecollar system was coming.

    Introducing the Garmin ALPHA: A GPS tracking collar by Garmin with an E-Collar from Tri-Tronics.

    Track and train from a single screen. One handheld. One collar.

    The Garmin ALPHA improves upon the GPS features of the best-selling Garmin Astro and combines this with the functionality of the best Tri-tronics dog training collars.

    GPS Improvements include faster update rates, touch screen, longer battery life, rescue mode, "buddy" tracking, tracking up to 20 dogs, and my personal favorite - the direction option in the Compass screen.

    E-collar improvements give you the full functionality of a $500 Pro-500 for only $250 more than the price of the Astro alone. You can also recreate your favorite Tri-tronics e-collar, or build a custom set-up with the perfect stimulation types and settings for each one of your dogs.

    And there's a new user interface with the touch screen. Instead of using toggle switches to change dogs, and intensity dials to select stimulation levels, the touchscreen interface lets you customize your ALPHA collar as much or as little as you want.

    All-in-one, combination products tend to be the worst of both worlds. Seldom does combining two products into one lead to a piece of gear that's as good as either of the originals.

    Fortunately, the Garmin ALPHA is more than just a GPS and an e-collar stuck together.

    A lot of work went into designing the ALPHA resulting in an elegant system with very intuitive controls. The folks at Garmin were very responsive to our feedback in what we wanted in a COMBO system.

    The end result? Not only will consolidating GPS + dog training collars into a single system save time, space, and money -- the ALPHA will make hunting and running your dogs a lot more fun.

    I hope you enjoy this review. Please drop me a line with any questions or comments. -- Steve

    P.S. PLEASE NOTE: The ALPHA is NOT compatible any other Garmin Astro or Tri-tronics collars. We wouldn't have the faster 2.5 second update rate AND we wouldn't have the 20-dog expandability if the ALPHA was backwards compatible with any other systems.

    First, take a look at it:

  • GPS antenna on top / electronics on bottom
  • Improved RF Antenna
  • Plastic-coated nylon collar strap so it doesn't get smelly.

  • Main difference is the touchscreen
  • 3-buttons for E-collar

  • ALPHA is GPS + E-collar. Astro is only GPS. The Alpha is a GPS tracking system AND a remote training collar in one. The Astro is only a GPS tracking system.

    ALPHA tracks 20 dogs. Astro tracks 10 dogs. The Alpha can track more dogs than the Astro. The Alpha can track up to 20 dogs and Buddies compared to the Astro only tracking a total of 10 dogs.

    ALPHA can track Handhelds ("Buddy Tracking") like dogs. Astro cannot. Track additional handheld ALPHA units like you would track another dog.

    ALPHA has 100 ID Tracking Codes. The Astro has 50.

    ALPHA has a 2.5 Second Update Rate. Astro starts at 5 seconds.

    ALPHA battery has a 34 hour run-time (in the 5sec update). Astro is ~22 hours.

  • Faster update rate (2.5 seconds)
  • Track up to 20 dogs.
  • Track your friends' handhelds
  • Longer battery run-time
  • Tougher collar whip-antenna (braided steel)
  • Touch-screen that's easy to use and works while wearing gloves
  • Free topographic map 100K ($100 value) included
  • Running directional Compass arrows show direction dogs are moving
  • Rescue mode (gain extra tracking time with low battery)
  • Geofences alert you when dog enters or leaves a specific area
  • Radius Warnings audio alert when your dog reaches a certain distance
  • Live Laptop Tracking using BaseCamp

  • buy discount  Better: Faster 2.5 Second Update rate
    ALPHA has a 2.5 Second Update Rate. Astro starts at 5 seconds.

    UPDATE RATE is the rate at which the GPS collar radios the Handheld and updates the position, speed, direction, and activity of the dog. A faster update gives you more information, but drains the collar battery faster.

    The upside to a 2.5 second update rate is that you'll know if your dog is on point or has treed twice as fast as before.

    A 2.5 second update rate isn't real-time, but it's twice as fast as the current Garmin Astro. This is another good thing that folks have been wanting added to the Garmin GPS systems. Whether or not we can get much faster than that in the future is a good question. 2.5 Seconds is still pretty awesome.

    buy discount  Better: More ID Codes
    ALPHA has 100 ID CODES. Astro has 50 ID CODES.

    The ID CODE is what differentiates one Garmin ALPHA collar from the next, so you can run many Alphas in the same area without interference.

    If you are only running 5 dogs, instead of only having 50 codes, now you've got 100 codes which should really eliminate interference for the guys that aren't running that many dogs.

    For the 99% of the folks, increasing the number of ID CODES and eliminating more chances for interference is a great feature. 50 extra codes will help guys running a huge number of dogs, but it's not going to completely eliminate interference.

    NUMBERING SYSTEM Garmin also changed the way they are numbering ID CODES. The Astro is numbered 1-50. The ALPHA has five numbered sets, and then each number has 20 subsets. 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and it goes all the way up to a 5-17, 5-18, and 5-19.

    This is designed to keep folks from thinking that you can track and Astro and an ALPHA at the same time (which you cannot).

    buy discount  Better: PIN Codes are built in.
    ALPHA has PINs enabled by default. Astro PINs are not on by default.

    The TRACK CODE is a 5-digit PIN number so other handhelds can track your dog.

    The TRAIN CODE is a 5-digit PIN number that allows other handhelds to track AND stim.

    Unlike the Astro, the Garmin ALPHA has the PIN CODE feature built-in -- mainly because of the STIM option.

    With the ALPHA, you cannot track a dog just by knowing (or guessing) the ID CODE. On the ALPHA, you must have either the collars TRACK CODE (track on handheld only) or TRAIN CODE (track and train on handheld) to see the dog on a different handheld.

    buy discount  New: Track your Friends' ALPHA Handhelds
    Track other hunters while running your dogs. "Contact tracking" allows you to track other ALPHA handhelds just like you would track another dog. Each ALPHA handheld can track a total of up to 20 dogs / handhelds.

    When using this option, your buddy's ALPHA unit shows up on your handheld screen just like one of your dogs (but with a different icon)

    For example, say you and I are hunting together. I can put your ALPHA handheld into my system, and I'll be able to not only watch where you are, but I can also locate you the same way that you could a dog. "BUDDY TRACKING is a useful feature if you hunt in deep cover, hunt where folks spread out a lot, or simply want to keep up with other folks coming and going."

    BIRD HUNTERS -- When I was bird hunting with my dad, at some point later in the day he'd say, "OK, I've had enough. I'm going back to the truck." It would have been nice to know where he was. ALPHA can do this.

    For hound guys, hog folks, or rabbit hunters, CONTACT TRACKING is a pretty big deal, because rabbit hunters have a tendency to spread each other out a little bit when they are running rabbits.

    We pheasant hunters get into some really tall cover sometimes, and keeping up where everybody is can be difficult. Knowing where your friends are walking while hunting is just safe hunting.

    The only downside to CONTACT TRACKING is that you have to keep the handheld on to be tracked, because it has to send out a ping which drains the battery.

    ALPHA battery has a 34 hour run-time (5sec update). Astro is ~22 hours

    Garmin has significantly improved the collar battery life with the ALPHA.

    Even using the twice-as-fast (battery draining) 2.5 second update rate, the ALPHA has around 24 hours of battery life compared to about the same run time with the slower (5sec) update on the Astro.

    Garmin has figured something new out with these batteries. Right now we're getting around 23 hours of runtime with five second update on the Astro DC-40. I was expecting the ALPHA's 2.5 second update rate to be more like 12 or 15 hours of run time, but we are getting 24 hours at a 2.5 update and 34 hours out of the 5 second update. And that's without using the new feature called Rescue Mode.

    This collar antenna is tougher (made of braided steel) so it can handle the rough environment where you run your dogs.

    It's glove-friendly.

    buy discount  New: Pre-loaded with 50-State USA 100K TOPO Map
    The Garmin ALPHA comes pre-loaded with a detailed 100K topographic map which normally retails for $100. TOPO maps are great for hunters because they show roads and waterways which make it easier to find your dog. For example,it's much easier to find your dog when you know that your dog is on one side or the other side of a creek or river.

    buy discount  New: Running Pointers / Directional Arrows
    The COMPASS SCREEN (screenshot) has an arrow pointing to where the dog is in relation to you, how far away he is, and an ICON shows you if the dog is moving or stationary. You cannot see the direction he's moving in.

    If you turn on RUNNING POINTERS, when your dog is moving it changes the ICON from a running dog to an arrow that points in the direction that he's moving.

    buy discount  New: RESCUE MODE
    When the battery on a tracking collar dies, finding a missing a dog gets a lot more difficult. When the collar battery drops to 25% life, RESCUE MODE changes the update rate to a 2-minute ping to extend battery life which gives you up to 12 hours to find a lost dog.

    Rescue mode is not the default setting. You have to turn it on under SETTINGS.

    I can't think of a good reason NOT to run your collar in rescue mode because there's no downside to running in rescue mode. If you know where your dogs are with 25% battery life left, you can manually switch to a faster update rate from the ALPHA handheld and keep on hunting.

    Garmin has added two new location alerts to the Alpha: Geofences (from the GTU tracker background) and a new Radius option that tells you when your dogs get a certain distance away from you.

    buy discount  New: Geofences
    A GEOFENCE is an area on the GPS map that you define. You set a zone, and get alerts on your ALPHA when you dogs enters or exits a Geofence area. Know where your dog is without having to watch the screen the whole time.

    To create a GEOFENCE you go into the location alert menu and set an area on the map—you can make them as big or as small as you want to, within reason—and then your warnings will tell you if a dog enters or exits this area.

    For example, your dog doesn't know what land you can or cannot hunt on. Set up a GEOFENCE for your hunting lease.

    I've also used GEOFENCES to mark a spot where I don't necessarily want my dog to go -- like posted land next to my lease. Once he enters that area it's going to tell you.

    GEOFENCES are great for around the house, too. Your ALPHA will tell you if your dog leaves your property.

    buy discount  New: RADIUS Alerts
    The RADIUS ALERT feature isn't for when you can see your dog -- it's for when you CAN'T see your dog. Set a RADIUS alert, choose a distance, and when your dog gets that far away from you, your ALPHA alerts you with an audio tone and/or vibration. Benefits:

    Keep dogs within gun range. Keep dogs close in heavy, heavy cover. Run bird dogs big enough but not TOO big. Audible alerts so you don't have fixate on screen. With multiple dogs, know when one dog is out too far before it's too late...

    Having automated, audible RADIUS warnings from the ALPHA lets me spend more time hunting, and less time worrying about my dogs and looking at that screen.

    For example, when I'm pheasant hunting with my flushing lab, Roxy, I want her to always stay within gun range which is about 25 to 30 yards away from me. Sometimes I can't see her because we're hunting in cover that's tall and thick. With the Astro, I have to look at the screen to tell when she gets out of range.

    With the ALPHA, I select a radius setting, and as soon as she gets 25 yards away from me it will warn me. Roxy is trained to come back to me when she hears a Tri-tronics TONE signal. All I have to do is wait for my ALPHA to tell me she is out of range, press the tone button, and she's going to come back into gun range. I don't even have to look down to press the tone button.

    RADIUS is a great feature for pheasant hunting, and keeping Roxy within gun range makes for a better hunt. Multiple Radius Alerts: Run bird dogs big enough but not TOO big

    You can also set multiple radius alerts with the ALPHA which is very helpful with big running pointing dogs. Make sure the dogs are hunting big enough, but not out too far.

    Occasionally when I run two or three dogs on the ground, I can get distracted and have one get further out from me than I want, and not realize it until I have a problem. Having multiple RADIUS alerts solves that.

    For example, Stud, one of my English pointers, has a tendency to get away from me very quickly. In most places that I quail hunt, I like my pointers to run between 100 and 250 yards.

    If dogs are within 100 yards then either we're in birds, or they are not running quite big enough. However, if a dog gets out past 400 yards, he's stretched out a little bit more than I want, so I use 100 yards and 300 yards for my two RADIUS settings.

    With the multiple RADIUS settings, once Stud gets out past 300 yards, I get an audible alert. I check the ALPHA to see where he is, and which way he's moving. It's very easy to make a correction to get him going in the right direction if needed.

    Track your Dogs on a Bigger Screen

    One of the features that they've added is you can take your handheld, and while you're tracking dogs, plug it into your computer and you can view your dogs on the screen.

    First download Garmin's Base Map Software. Then plug your Alpha Hand held into your computer's USB and you can see the Tracking screen on your computer.

    We've got guys that are working out of vehicles and they are tired of looking at a small screen all the time. They want to set up a computer in their vehicle and be able to view the tracking.

    You still having to have a handheld to track, but you'd be able to use the screen of your computer instead of having to look at the small handheld screen.

    They're saying it'll track on the computer real- time, but it's not. It's not real-time; it's the same update rate that you have on your system.

    buy discount  New: Collar Lights
    Another new feature on the Garmin Alpha is collar lights. Similar in concept to the Tri-Tronics tracer lights, the Garmin Alpha lights are built into the collar and activated from the handheld.

    Choose between solid light, slow-flashing or fast flashing.

    For safety, if you're running dogs at night, Collar Lights are a good thing to have when your dog gets out on the road.

    The only downside is that there will be some additional battery drain - especially with the solid light. We expect a solid light will cut battery life in half while the flashing lights will only cost you around an hour or two of run time.

    buy discount  New: Easier changing Dog's ICON Color
    You can now easily pick and change the icon color for your dog in the Dog Info Screen.

    Matching the dogs colors to your collars strap colors on the Alpha is a bigger deal especially with the e-collar part.

    Now you can say, "I want this dog to be BLUE on the handheld," and you can put a BLUE collar on this dog, "And I want this dog to be orange; I'll have an orange collar on this dog. I want this dog to be red. We'll put a red collar on this dog." And you can very easily, from the dog info screen, adjust those colors so you know which dog is which.

    Not only are your trails and your compass lines going to match those colors but you will also match the e-collar portion of the system. It will help tie all those things together and help make sure you do not correct the wrong dog.

    While the Alpha comes with the preloaded TOPO map you also have the option of adding additional maps both in the Onboard Memory Capacity and via the Micro SD Card Slot.

    Extra map space allow you the option to use multiple maps in the same handheld.

    Garmin has also included the option for loading highly detailed Birds Eye Satellite Imageryinto the Astro 320. By now, most everyone has seen Google Earth, and the Bird's Eye maps are very similar. For $29.99 a year, you can download these aerial images into your Garmin Alpha

    Quickly transfer high-resolution satellite imagery to your Garmin handheld device to get a true representation of your surroundings with a 1 year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. Use your BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription with BaseCamp software to quickly transfer an unlimited amount of satellite images to your Garmin device and seamlessly integrate those images into your handheld's maps whenever you need them. Transfer an unlimited number of satellite and aerial image segments to your device with this subscription and free software BaseCamp. High-resolution sub-meter color satellite imagery captures the world in brilliant clarity and detail. Allows you to layer the Garmin vector maps on your handheld (such as TOPO 100K, TOPO 24K or City Navigator) with BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for a real-life view of roads, buildings and terrain. Makes it easy for hunters to perform preseason scouting, determine placement of stands and locate game pinchpoints. Helps hikers and campers find trails/trailheads and clearings for camping areas. Lets geocachers determine the terrain type around a cache and identify parking areas close to the caches. Allows travelers to view tourist hot spots and landmarks from an aerial view to make excursions memorable without getting lost.

    My favorite thing about Garmin purchasing Tri-Tronics is the STIM levels. The ALPHA has the consistent stimulation levels that Tri-Tronics has used for years.

    Track and train from a single screen. One handheld. One collar.

    The Garmin ALPHA combines GPS with the functionality of the best Tri-tronics dog training collars.

    E-collar improvements give you the full functionality of a $500 Pro-500 for only $250 more than the price of a Garmin GPS-only collar.

    You can also recreate your favorite Tri-tronics e-collar, or build a custom set-up with the perfect stimulation types and settings for each one of your dogs.

    The Garmin ALPHA system works really well as BOTH a training collar AND a hunting collar.

    For example, if you are strictly using a collar to stop dogs from running trash, the ALPHA is going to work great for that -- just use the BASIC setting right out of the box.

    But if you are also training your dog -- doing fine tuning and gradual stimulation increases, and you are using low level stims to communicate with your dog, the ALPHA gives you those options as well... It's easy to customize!

    I was expecting the Alpha to only be a hunting collar for me, and I was going to have to keep something else for the way that I train. I can use the ALPHA as my only dog training system if I want to.

    The ALPHA a versatile enough remote training collar that no matter how you use your collar, the Garmin Alpha will work for you and how you train your dogs.

  • Train up to 20 dogs per handheld
  • 3 physical buttons
  • Touchscreen controls
  • STIM levels, STIM type, Dog Selector
  • Adjust STIM from any screen

  • Audio Tone

  • NEW: 18 Levels of STIM
    • 18 levels of Continuous STIM
    • 18 levels of Momentary STIM

  • Different labels for same STIM (called "Training Method")
    • Linear mode, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.
    • Traditional mode, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Low / Medium / High)

  • Basic Set-up w/ dedicated M C T buttons
  • Custom Set-up with multiple pages for multiple dogs

  • Combining dog training collars and GPS tracking collars into a single system is a very powerful idea, but be careful! Some folks will make corrections solely based on what the screen says the dog is doing.

    Using the Garmin ALPHA makes giving "blind" corrections safer than in other situations, but you need to remember that there always a short delay between what your dog is doing and what you see on the screen. The length of this delay is based on the update rate you select.

    While that short delay isn't a big deal while tracking a dog, you MUST take that delay into account when you are making any correction based solely on what you see on the screen because your dog may have turned back or stopped misbehaving before the screen indicates that.

    Track and train from the same screen. Press button,stim the dog -- the DASHBOARD slides out. Here you can change STIM level or TYPE of STIM. To change levels,press + / -. Move between buttons with KEYS or move between PAGES.

    buy discount  NEW: Stimulation Levels and Tone -
    My favorite thing about Garmin purchasing Tri-Tronics is that the ALPHA has the consistent stimulation levels that Tri-Tronics has used for years.

    Garmin has given us two different ways to pick / label the 18 stimulation levels. TRADITIONAL

    The first is called "Traditional" and matches the 6 levels with each level having a low, medium and high that Tri-Tronics has used for years for a total of 18 levels. This will allow folks to exactly match stimulation setups of any of any of the existing Tri-Tronics systems. LINEAR

    If you prefer a slightly faster way to raise and lower levels with the ALPHA, then I recommend the "Linear" stimulation setup. It gives you 18 levels that exactly matches the low, medium and high levels that TT uses in it's 1-6 L,M,H. TONE

    We also have the exact same tone so if you dog has been trained with it, there shouldn't be any issues. We are also pleased that the ALPHA tone is a good bit louder than we have seen from TT collars lately.

    You can make your ALPHA E-collar Set-Up as simple or as complicated as you need depending on how you train your dogs.

    For example, if you're running one or two dogs, or trashbreaking any number of dogs, you can run your ALPHA the way it comes out of the box and do everything you need to do using the Basic Set-up.

    However, if you're doing more complicated dog training, or running multiple dogs with huge differences in temperament, the custom set-up is perfect for you.

    buy discount  Basic Set-Up
    You can use the Basic Setup where you have one dog per screen with dedicated buttons for Continuous, Momentary and Tone. You can raise and lower the levels as needed.

    In this mode the the left button is always Momentary, the Middle Button is always Continuous and the right button is always tone.

    You have one setting for the stimulation level and you can raise and lower it as needed. The level is always the same for both Momentary and Continuous.

    In the Basic Setup levels are independent of each dog so you can work multiple dogs from the same handheld with different stimulation levels. When you raise or lower stimulation for one dog, it does not change the stimulation level for any of the other dogs on your hand held.

    buy discount  Custom Set-Up
    If you prefer to customize your Remote Training Collar, you have the option of changing the training button mode. In this mode you get to customize each button. You can select the dog, the kind of stimulation (M, C or T), and the level of stimulation (1-18)

    In the Custom Setup, you can have multiple stimulation PAGES for each dog, if you want to have multiple levels available at the same time.

    You can fine tune the stimulation levels as much as you want. If you need two or three screens per dog to get all the stim level choices that you want, that's easy to do.

    buy discount  Multiple Dog Pages
    You can also have pages set up for multiple dogs so that you can make corrections on up to three dogs from the same screen without having to change pages. This will be a setup that many folks will prefer to use when they are running multiple dogs at the same time. One button per dog but you can have different levels for each dog.

    Both of these mode options will allow folks to set the unit up the best way that fits what they prefer. This system is going to work really well as both a training collar AND a hunting collar.

    Both the collar and the handheld use rechargeable batteries.

    One of the new features of the Garmin ALPHA is a rechargeable battery pack in the handheld instead of using AA batteries like the Astro.

    Garmin says that you are going to get between 16 and 20 hours from a full charge. The handheld battery must be inside the unit to be recharged.

    The advantage of not using AA batteries is that it will save you some money on buying either replacement batteries or buying a set of rechargeable AAs and a charger. The downside to not using AA batteries is that you can't just throw some extra batteries in your pocket, and pop them in the handheld if it goes dead in the field.

    The ALPHA comes with a Car Charger, so if you are working out of a vehicle or if your battery runs down and you need to track a dog, you can plug it into your 12 Volt on your car, plug that into the handheld, and it will track while it charges.

    You also have the option of buying an additional backup battery pack in case you want an extra for in the field. This is what I recommend for folks like myself that hunt multiple days in a row and might need a backup.

    Charge time: 4.5 hours for a full charge. Collar Battery Run time:

    ~24 hours with 2.5 second update rate ~34 hours with 5 second update rate ~38.5 hours with 10 second update rate* ~42.5 hours with 30 second update rate** ~48 hours with 120 second update rate

    It's really tricky to give exact run times on the Garmin ALPHA because there are so many variables. Collar battery run time is most affected by update rate, but will also vary depending on use of remote STIM, tone, and collar lights.

    buy discount  Improved Dual Lead Charger
    Charge both handheld and collar from the same plug

    The other new improvement in the charging system is that the lights now tell you when your collar has a complete charge. When you snap the charger to the collar, the light flashes red while it is charging. When it is finished, the light glows a solid green. If you are not getting a charging connection, there will be no light.

    Due to varying regulations, this version of the Alpha is approved for use only in the United States. The sale and unlicensed use of the Garmin ALPHA GPS Dog System in any form is presently prohibited by the Canadian government. According to a document published by Industry Canada dated June 2009, the MURS radio frequency used by the Astro will be permitted to be sold and operated on a license-free basis at the end of a five-year transition period (June 2014). Read this;$FILE/sp17-ps17-eng.pdf Industry Canada Ruling on Garmin Astro in its entirety (PDF file). Parties interested in the implementation of this spectrum utilization policy or with questions should contact their local Industry Canada office.

    buy discount  U.S. Garmin Astro and Alpha Use in Europe
    The radio communication frequencies utilized for the United States models of Garmin Alpha and Astro products may not be authorized for use in Europe. To ensure compliance with local laws, the radio function that allows U.S. Garmin Astro and Alpha dog collars to communicate with their respective handheld devices will be rendered inoperable when used in Europe.

    For products sold before this modification, the radio function will be rendered inoperable with future updates of those products' firmware or software. Please note the GPS functionality of these systems will not change and will continue to work in Europe.

    buy discount  Thanks to our friends at GARMIN
    Special thanks go out to Bryan, Ted, Nik, Jimmy, Mike, and all those engineers that we love at Garmin for putting up with another year of all my calls and questions. I absolutely love the directional arrows in the compass screen.

    A very special thank you to Bob West of Purina for hooking me up with Garmin back in 2007.



    Review garmin alpha 200

    Garmin Alpha 200i Review

    It’s been a long time coming — 8 years to be exact — but it was worth the wait. Garmin has officially added the all-new Alpha 200i to its Track and Train line up.

    And no … this isn't an April Fools Joke. We promise.

    To be honest, the first time we laid hands on the Alpha 200i was like a kid in a candy shop. Not only does it have all the groundbreaking new features covered in this review, it’s packed full of little gems you never knew you needed but will soon learn you can’t live without.

    Alpha 100 vs Alpha 200i — Should You Switch?

    To ease some minds, as someone hooked on the Alpha 100, we were worried about how painful it would be to switch to the new Garmin Alpha 200i. To our surprise, the learning curve was surprisingly low from the first time holding the unit.

    At home, we had zero issues adding collars and prepping for a hunt. That part of the process was very familiar, similar to the Alpha 100. But the true test came using the device in the timber. Using the Alpha 200i never left the user feeling  “lost“ it was a familiar feeling.  We were able to enjoy our hunt without the frustration of learning a completely new system —

    If you are easily intimidated by technology, you can rest easy when making the jump to the Alpha 200i handheld will be an easy transition if you’re already familiar with the Alpha 100.

    Purchase Alpha 200i Here

    Hunters Spoke, Garmin Listened

    Overall, we feel that the Alpha 200i is more user-friendly than the previous Alpha 100 model. We know everyone has their own ideas on how Garmin could have made the Alpha 100 better, and it seems Garmin really tried to keep an open ear and consider hunters’ suggestions when designing the 200i.   

    Honestly, the Garmin Alpha 200i dog tracking system has far too many small improvements to cover in-depth in just one review, but these are a few that we found both pleasantly surprising and extremely helpful in the field.

    So, let’s dig into some of our favorite features of the Garmin Alpha 200i.

    Integrated inReach Satellite Communication Technology

    We can’t help but talk about this first since it’s what I consider the biggest change and greatest addition to the Alpha lineup of Track and Train systems. As someone who carries an inReach Explorer+ anytime we hit the mountains, we can’t express how excited we are to have a Track and Train system with inreach lifeline all in one package!

    Is it a huge deal to pack two separate devices? Not for most. But the first trip back to the truck when you forget to grab your inReach in all the excitement really helps you appreciate this cutting-edge integration.

    Using the built-in inReach technology, you can send text messages to cell phones and email addresses when you’re completely out of cell service. Messages are sent via the Iridium satellite network (subscription required) so you can check in with your spouse, kids, the babysitter — whoever — while you’re hunting in the most remote places. You can also choose to add location information and share your tracking with contacts so they can see exactly where you are.

    Connecting an Alpha 200i to your smartphone is easy using the Explore App and makes all the inReach features a breeze to use in the field. It’s really not much different than sending normal text messages from your phone.

    That said, thanks to the larger touchscreen and integrated QWERTY keyboard, sending messages from the 200i itself is much easier than I expected. The ability to still send and receive inReach messages from the Alpha without a cell phone is also possible.

    The biggest piece of mind the added inReach technology brings to the Alpha is the “SOS” button. By triggering an SOS, you can alert Search and Rescue along with other emergency services that you are in need of help. This alert will also send them your updated GPS location during the rescue giving you the peace of mind that help will be there as soon as possible.

    If you’re not so sure about the idea of the SOS button, this is not something that can really be accidentally activated, so don’t be afraid or worried about having Search and Rescue coming to track you down because you accidentally pushed a button. The dedicated SOS button is protected by a flip-up cover to prevent accidental presses. When pressed, however, the unit will give an audible tone as well as a countdown timer on the screen with the option to cancel and keep the alert from being sent.

    Talk about a great way to merge two awesome products!

    Purchase Alpha 200i at DuSupply

    Direct-to-Device BirdsEye Satellite Imagery Downloads

    (Drumroll playing in the background)

    This is it!! The answered prayer to every technically-challenged and computer-illiterate Garmin user out there (we include ourselves sometimes in this statement!) …

    For everyone who hates dealing with the painful process of Birdseye downloads with Garmin BaseCamp program on your computer, the solution is finally here and it’s called Birdseye Direct.

    Since the Garmin Alpha 200i connects directly to WiFi, you can download all your BirdsEye Satellite Imagery directly to your Alpha without using a computer.

    We were amazed at how easy the process was to download my imagery. All we needed to do was select the area, push a button, then sip a cup of coffee while the download was completed. It really can’t get much better than that! Just keep in mind that download times will vary depending on your Internet speeds and the size of the BirdsEye file.

    Unlike in the past where a paid BirdsEye subscription was required, there’s no subscription fee for using Birdseye Direct on the Alpha 200i and you can download as much imagery as will fit on the device. This is going to be especially helpful for people who hunt multiple states and do not want to purchase a different map for each one.

    Now you can download all your favorite areas from coast to coast directly to your handheld.

    A Pinch-to-Zoom Touchscreen You can Actually See in the Sun

    The new screen of the Alpha 200i, looks, feels and functions a bit differently than the old screen of the 100. Instead of having a recessed screen (which notoriously collects debris around the edges), the new screen of the Alpha 200i is flat and flush with the body of the device, more similar to the new Montana 700-series or Oregon-series handheld GPS devices.

    Though it isn’t a huge jump in size, the 3.5” screen of the 200i feels much larger and is easy to read in any conditions — even in blinding sunlight. It doesn’t seem as affected by rain either. The new design also allows you to “pinch-to-zoom” instead of relying on the + and - icons on the map screen. Of course, you can still use the map icons to zoom, but this new functionality just makes using the Alpha 200i seem, for lack of a better term, “natural.”

    What Are All these Extra Buttons on the Alpha 200i?

    To be honest, the side function buttons took a bit to get used to at first. However once a user’s able to get comfortable with how they work, These extra buttons on the 200i help navigation of training and screen use amazing.

    The idea behind the function buttons is to allow users to scroll through the training pages and assign “hot buttons” without needing to use the touchscreen. Once set up it makes for easy navigation which allows the user to make corrections much faster than the touchscreen-only navigation offered with the Alpha 100.

    This button-based navigation is going to be a great advantage for those hunting in cold climates or anyone who wears gloves. It’s like the Alpha 200i has a built-in “glove mode.”

    With the function buttons, you can change dogs, stimulation type, stimulation levels and even access features like your map, compass, dog list and others without even needing to use the touchscreen.

    This is a great addition; however we recommend playing and learning with it a bit to get comfortable, there is a learning curve to having these buttons. We go into much greater detail on how versatile and customizable these buttons are in our Alpha 200i podcast.

    Last Communication Timer — A True Easter Egg

    This is one of many little jewel’s that someone might not notice at first. Like with previous Garmin tracking models, you will get a “?” icon when you lose GPS or comm with your dog devices. But with the Alpha 200i, you can see exactly how long it has been since the last transmission was received!

    The first time we noticed the Last Communication Timer when coming around a ridge to get in front of the dogs and couldn’t figure out what the numbers were next to my dog icon … and then the light came on.

    Pros and Cons of the Garmin Alpha 200i

    The more we dig into what the Alpha 200i can do, the more we discover how well thought out everything is. But that said, like everything else in life, it isn’t a 100% perfect product and a Double U Review wouldn’t be the same without our list of cons.  We feel it’s important we go over both the pros and cons of the Alpha 200i.

    This is far from a complete list but I hope gives you an idea of what you might be getting yourself into with the 200i.


    • inReach built-in — If you hunt by yourself or far out of cell service, this will change how you hunt knowing you have a lifeline if you need it.

    • Buttons on the side — Takes some getting used to but the function buttons are very helpful for changing dogs for training or quickly accessing other device functions.

    • Buttons on the Top — The new training buttons can be programmed for training, just like on the Alpha 100, but can also be set to perform other functions, (Buddy’s personal favorite: Show Next Device on Map)

    • Compatible with TT15’s/TT15 Mini & T5/T5 Mini collars — I think we can expect Garmin to keep the Alpha 200i compatible with most foreseeable future products (No promises or guarantee)

    • Pairs and broadcasts to other Garmin devices — Using ANT+ technology, the Alpha 200i is compatible with the full “Garmin Ecosystem” including Drivetrack, fenix and Instinct watches, Montana 700, etc.

    • Groups! — Now you can pair up to 100 different dog collars and Alpha devices to the 200i, and activate and disable them at will when hunting with different buddies and dogs using the new Groups feature.

    • A solution or dealing with conflicting ID’s — With the Alpha 200i, you can simply deactivate a conflicting collar whereas with the Alpha 100 you had to remove the dog collar entirely before adding a conflicting ID.

    • WiFi compatible — In addition to using BirdsEye Direct, by connecting the 200i to a WiFi network, software updates can be downloaded over-the-air instead of connecting to a computer.

    • Removable Lithium Ion Batteries — We’re very happy to see that a removable, rechargeable battery was used over a sealed built-in battery that can’t be replaced. There are too many functional benefits to removable batteries that a built-in battery could never compete in our eyes.


    • Charging port — There’s no getting around it … the charging port stinks. It uses a microUSB charging cable, which is fine, but it’s the location of the port that will require customers to be extremely careful when plugging it in. We were really hoping for USB-C or some other reversible connector. Unfortunately, this was not in the cards.
    • OnX Maps Not compatible. At the time of writing this Review, OnX Maps are not compatible with the 200i. This may change in the future but at this time you will need to use a Garmin Map Chip for Landowner information. Customers who use OnX maps will not be able to use the map in the 200i.

    • Buttons are a little lighter to the touch — Which means they may be a bit easier to press accidentally. For this reason, I recommend using the screen lock function so you aren’t bumping buttons by mistake.

    • Customization options can be overwhelming — The Alpha 200i can be fine-tuned to adapt to many different hunter’s needs, which is a good thing, but to the new user, this high-level of customization is a bit intimidating.

    • Battery Life — The same batteries used in the Alpha 100 are used in the Alpha 200i, and while it’s a pro that they’re removable, the 200i’s battery life unfortunately made the cons list. Using the device heavily can and will drain the battery, especially the inReach functions and training commands.

      Even though we’re marking this as a con, Buddy wanted to make a special notation about this:

      “As I understand Garmin could have made a product with a longer-lasting battery, they would have needed to go with a “built-in” battery that was not field-changeable. So, no way to swap out batteries in the field. So, although I consider the battery life of the Alpha 200i a con, Our recommendation and agreement with the decision to keep a field replaceable battery, even with the cost of shorter battery life.”

    Sorry Folks, The Alpha 200i Does NOT have Radar

    Last but not least, the Alpha 200i does not have Radar! For those customers who watched our April Fools video in 2014 making a joke about an Alpha 200 product back in 2014, you’ll understand the joke. If you haven’t watched it, check out our fun April Fools video from 2014 and you’ll get the joke. No Radar, no dogs texting you back, or any of the other crazy things we spoofed a video about many years ago!

    The Garmin Alpha 200i Release Date is … Now!  Want more information,  Please visit the Links below to purchase or learn more about it.

    You can Purchase the Alpha 200i now at Double U Hunting supply!

    Purchase Alpha 200i at DuSupply

    Click the link below to listen to our Podcast on the Alpha 200i along with other topics
    Overview Of The Garmin Alpha 200i

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