1996 mustang replacement seats

1996 mustang replacement seats DEFAULT

1994-1996 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Front & Rear with Large Headrest Seat Upholstery Kit U651

1994-1996 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Front & Rear with Large Headrest Seat Upholstery Kit U651

This Acme Auto Headlining Co. Ford Mustang GT Convertible Seat Upholstery set is a high quality product following the factory pleat design, sewing pattern and factory attachment points. Includes instructions, hog rings and hog ring pliers. Requires physical seat be removed from vehicle, old upholstery removed and new upholstery installed. This is replacement seat upholstery; not slip on seat covers.

Head rest covers measure 18"x10-1/2"

Front Bucket Seats; Rear Bench

Box Size: 31�x13�x5� Weight: 14lbs

***Please click the link below for material and color samples***

Sours: http://www.acmeautoheadlining.com/19fomugtcofr.html

Ford Mustang Seats

A Ford Mustang might be the most stylish sports car you can drive. Being a notable American pony car, the Mustang outshines other vehicles in its class with bright exterior colors, a roomy cabin and an incredible amount of power for each model. If you own one of these cars, you spend plenty of time at the wheel, so it’s important to have soft seats.

Top Flight Automotive sells Mustang seat products for every vehicle generation. We are your premier source for bench- and bucket-style upgrades that will transform your Mustang variant for the better. From 1964 Classic Mustang seat covers to S550 replacement parts, we’ve got what you need.

Our Mustang Seat Products Boost Collector Value

It’s impossible to experience all that your Ford Mustang has to offer without supportive seats. These installations help you see over the dash and reach the brake and acceleration pedals. Factory-original interiors are nice, but upholsteries and seat foam deteriorate after years of use. Replacing materials that have stains or tears can make a world of difference.

The professionals at Top Flight Automotive hand-select the Mustang seat products you see online. Some selections replicate colors, patterns and textures produced in the Ford factory, while other listings provide you with a custom appearance. Maximize the value of your Mustang using our affordable solutions that are more durable than the factory originals inside your ride.

How to Know When You Need New Mustang Seats

Your Mustang’s seats should bounce back to their correct shape once you exit the cabin. For most drivers, it’s easy to tell when stock seats need replacement. Turn to Top Flight Automotive Mustang seat products if the details below sound familiar:

  • There are visible tears in stock seat upholsteries.
  • Food and drink spills leave stains on the seat covers.
  • You can see seat foam breaking apart.
  • It feels like you’re sitting on the floor of the cabin.
  • Your stock seats have an unpleasant odor to them.
  • There is noticeable color fading along your Mustang seats.

Browse Our Store According to Your Mustang’s Generation

Each Mustang series offers something unique for drivers. Top Flight Automotive supplies you with the vehicle upholsteries, replacement parts and hardware necessary to rebuild Mustang front and back seats. We have product filtering tools to narrow your results, so you can highlight details about your pony car for a compatible fit.

1964-1973 Classic Mustang Seat Products

Classic Mustangs are the main attractions at sports car museums and showrooms. Top Flight Automotive brings you 1960s and 1970s seat cover replacements from TMI Products for your restoration projects. Find complete seat cover sets made of durable vinyl materials that are thicker than what came in your Mustang decades ago. 

Most Classic Mustang seat covers from TMI Products have official licensing from the Ford Motor Company for accuracy. Our experts provide you with seat cover options in all original shades.

1974-1978 Mustang II Seat Hardware

The designers of the Mustang II vehicles focused more on looks than performance because of the U.S. oil crisis. Decades later, it’s common to see these pony cars in parades, as they’re monumental pieces of American history.

Top Flight Automotive stocks seat hardware for the Mustang II series. If rainwater and changing temperatures cause rust, consider our Mustang seat adapter kits for 1974-1977 models. Updated seat brackets make you feel stable behind the wheel by keeping your seat in place for optimal comfort.

1979-1993 Foxbody Mustang Seat Foam and Upholsteries

At Top Flight Automotive, we carry Mustang bucket seat foam replacements that fit inside your Foxbody release. Listings from TMI Products match original equipment manufacturer (OEM) seat foam density for a factory appearance.

We recommend changing Mustang seatbacks and bottom sections together. Foxbody seat foam sets arrive with pieces to enhance both front seats. When you order from Top Flight Automotive, you can pair your orders with brand new seat covers to complete your restoration project. Our team can help you find the best options for your reupholstered Mustang seats, and we have more than 500 seat cover listings available for the Foxbody generation. Reimagine a Mustang GT with leather, vinyl or cloth seat covers.

1994-2004 SN95 and New Edge Mustang Seat Covers

Some SN95 and New Edge Mustangs produce over 300 horsepower. We know you want your Mustang to look its best, so Top Flight Automotive is home to Mustang bucket seat covers for GT and Cobra submodels. Redesign your vehicle’s cabin with full upholstery sets from TMI Products. Take inspiration from your stock seats, or install upholsteries with Ford logos like the Tri-Bar Pony.

We’ll supply you with SN95 and New Edge Mustang seat covers in appealing colors like:

  • Charcoal
  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Saddle
  • Oxford White

2005-2014 S197 Mustang Bucket Seat Products

When it’s time to replace S197 Mustang seat covers, no one has a collection like Top Flight Automotive. We have premium leather seat cover sets available in all factory colors. Our S197 leather seat covers wipe clean, and your installations are more robust than alternative choices on the market. Most of our S197 Mustang seat covers are compatible with factory-style airbags.

Pick from seat covers that complement interior carpets and trims. Top Flight Automotive sells products in signature shades like Crimson Red, Dove Gray and Dark Charcoal.

S550 Mustang Replacement Seat Parts

Our experts ensure you have all the replacement parts you could ever need for S550 Mustangs. It’s our goal to keep you comfortable inside your Mustang, so you’ll discover products for upkeep and repairs. If your heated seats stop working, you can visit our store to fix switches, heating pads and wiring. Top Flight Automotive presents you with the finest S550 seat upgrades from companies like Distinctive Industries.

Purchase the Best Mustang Seats From Top Flight Automotive

You took the time to find the perfect Ford Mustang, so add in seats that enhance your driving experience further. For outstanding seat products and restoration supplies at terrific prices, choose Top Flight Automotive. We have a sales team with over 175 years of combined sales experience to help you find what you need.

Place your order now, as most items are in stock. You can also contact us to speak to a helpful representative.

Sours: https://www.topflightautomotive.com/products/ford/mustang/interior/seats/
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Roadwire Leather Seats for Ford 15-21 Mustang V6/Eco/GT Coupe Base Seats w/AB's, Pattern #650507, 001 Black


Part Number: 650507-HV

Roadwire leather seat kits are specifically cut and sewn to fit the year, make, model, and trim level of your vehicle. These are not slip-on seat covers, but rather they are designed to replace the existing factory cloth or leather seat covers in your car. No other factory style replacement leather seats look as good or are as easily installed as a Roadwire custom leather interior, and all at the lowest prices in the industry! Each leather upholstery kit is manufactured from automotive grade, top grain leather and includes: seat covers for all rows of seating in your vehicle, headrest covers, armrest covers, and in most cases door panels. Roadwire leather seats are built to last, which is why each leather interior kit comes standard with a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty.


Leather Content:Standard
Additional Description:BASE/ECO/GT w/BASE SEATS
Insert Style:Smooth
Airbag:Side Airbags
Fits Factory Leather:Fits, but sewing is different from Factory

Manufacturer's ColorRoadwire ColorCarpet Color

Price: $1,699.00

Retail Prices INCLUDE InstallationNOTE: Retail price for leather kits INCLUDES installation. After purchase you'll receive an email with instructions on how to arrange to have your leather installed with an authorized Roadwire installer. It's fast and easy, and you'll know it will be done right. Installation is not included for wholesale customers. For more information about installation, click here.
Sours: http://roadwire.com/s.nl/id.350079/.f

The Ford Mustang is a sports car that needs no introduction. This car has been legendary since it first burst onto the scene. The Mustang has always been a vehicle of great speed, good looks, and vast customization. Another way to customize your car and make it look even better is by adding custom Ford Mustang seat covers by Katzkin. Whether you’re driving the V8 Shelby or 4-cylinder Ecoboost, adding custom leather will greatly improve your Mustang.

Katzkin’s custom-fit, premium interiors, and Ford Mustang leather seats are created to transform your sports car. Replacing your original factory-installed cloth seats with a custom-designed leather interior from Katzkin will change the look, feel, and resale value of your car.

Ford Mustang Seat Covers

Katzkin makes top-of-the-line Ford Mustang seat covers. What makes them so special? They are specifically engineered and handcrafted to completely replace your Mustang’s cloth seats with a professionally-installed, upholstered custom leather interior. If you’re looking for Mustang seat covers, upholstery kits, replacement seats, or new leather seats, give Katzkin a try and see what makes us the best on the market. We can also add heated and cooled seats to your replacement seats during the process as well. That’ll really improve your interior!

Seat Options

One reason so many people choose Katzkin instead of the manufacturer is that we have so many Mustang leather options for them to pick from. Choose from our popular Ford Mustang Katzkin Designs, a Manufacturer Inspired Interior, or Create a Design of Your Own. We offer a choice of over 120 colors and materials including black, red, white, and blue with multiple trim options. We can make your Mustang leather seats look just the want. If you want a simple, single-tone look, we can obviously do that for you and so much more. We can add custom perforation, piping, stitching including TekStitch, embroidery, embossing, and two-tone.

We also have a huge variety of Mustang seat materials to choose from. A few of our seat options include suedezkin, Tuscany leather, Katzkin XT, alligator, and a whole lot more. Not only do we have a massive selection of pre-designed Mustang seats for you to choose from but you can also create your own design and we’ll make that happen. If you need help picking designing your new Mustang interior, our installers are experts at helping you know what looks great and will give you helpful advice.

Model Trims and Years

Katzkin’s Ford Mustang custom leather seat and interior options are available for the following model years:




In addition to being able to add high-quality, custom leather to a whole host of model years, we can also work on virtually any Mustang model and trim. The Mustang is one of the vehicles we add leather to the most. We can add custom leather seats to the Ecoboost, GT, Bullitt, and more!


Transform your Ford Mustang interior with Katzkin. Start now and find an installer today!

Choose Your Design
Sours: https://katzkin.com/what-do-you-drive/ford-mustang-leather-seats/

Mustang replacement seats 1996

Replacement Seats

Yo doublecam74,


The Bronco can accommodate many seats from almost all makes' trucks, vans, passenger vehicles such as:

"...All '80-96 Bronco & '80-97 F-series seats (bench, bucket, whatever) are interchangeable. The most you'd have to do is add wiring for the lumbar pump. The floorpans are identical where the front seats go...."

Source: by Steve

"...I have a set of leather buckets out of a Suburban and they seem a bit wider and fairly comfortable. Re-used the floor plate bracket and mounted the seats to a set of flat bars that then bolted to the floor bracket. That was for the powered driver seat, the other 3 new mounting holes in the seat rails and they bolted up to the floor mount bracket..."

Source: by 4drbronko

"...You can swap almost any OE seats (of any brand) in, depending you how determined you are. Chairs that mount to flat rails will be the easiest, but if you want 8-way power heated/cooled leather with memory, go for it..."

Source: by Steve

Installation (90's Cherokee) in a 90

Source: by 90Beater (Topher, Chris) at


Installation (Infinity) in a 95; "...so I came across these I30 Ifinity seats, $125 for two,a place in KC has a **** load of them in their attic space...must be like 20 diff. sets, leather, had to do a little mod...basically had to buy two pieces of plate steal 2"x1/8"x48", ..but they work great, electric too..."

Source: by 351cleveland at http://www.supermotors.net/registry/12157/33403

Installation Info & pic (95 Mustang GT) in a 91; ".... I got some out of a 95 GT, and I just had to drill a couple holes..."

Source: by Derrick36

Installation Info & pic (Explorer) in an 89; "Hardest part was drilling the holes and leveling the seats so there was no binding; Only one hole lined up for me, so I had to drill the other three. I did bend the front bracket a little to get it to contour a little better to the floor. Also, I would attach the front two bolts first, then drill the rear and shim level as needed. Other than that, it was pretty simple. I also put in a separate fuse block for the seats and my CB so I didn't have to run too much wire or tap into another source. *** Not sure what model mine were from, but tilting the seat forward and scooting it up all the way allows fairly easy access to the back from the passenger side. *** this is important!!! *** My driver's seat tilt lever is broke, so I haven't been able to test that side, but my old seats didn't tilt far enough either, so I never had anyone getting in on that side. Also, I removed my center console, so it's really easy to just climb over the front seat and crawl through the middle. At least with my electric Explorer seats, there was no easy way to unbolt just the floor brackets and keep the motors and such intact..."

Source: by hmthesing (Hunter T)

Installation Info & pics (300Z) in a 95; "... I swapped my torn up leather seats today for some 300Z seats. ($200.00 on Craigslist). I swapped out the tracks and the seat bases allowed 3 out of 4 holes to be drilled and bolted, but on the back corner I had to make a bracket. Driver side was power and I had to remove 2 of the three motors to make it work (Back and forth and up and down.) It took a good hour to figure out the driver seat rewire, but ultimately I was able to plug it into the lumbar air power source from my old seat after splicing the connector and some of the remaining wiring. Had to cut away some of the metal underneath to allow the tracks to fit properly, but it worked out very well I think and is a very neat installation. Seats sit about an inch lower than the originals, but feel awesomee.

Source: by J. Mark M (DAMIAN)

*** this is important!!!***

Installation Info (04 Expedition): "...put in seats outta an 04 expedition. They are very comfortable and the drives is power, but I had to make brackets for them. ***Worst of all, they don't fold forward so access to the rear seat is much harder***..."

Source: by Alan T (GearHead)

Installation Info (1999 F 150) buckets in an 88; "...I had to drill new holes in the stock bronco brackets to accomodate the studs from the f-150 seats. I also had to drill 2 new holes in the floor because the f-150 slider brackets are further apart about 1".. It worked out ok because there is a little reinforcement panel underneath the bronco body and you still hit it when re-drilling. For the passenger side, I added some angle iron to the bronco flip-seat bracket to get my extra width I needed, pretty simple actually..."

Source: by arvy88bronco (The Black Peach)

Installation Info (1999 F 150) buckets in an 88; "...I had to drill new holes in the stock bronco brackets to accomodate the studs from the f-150 seats. I also had to drill 2 new holes in the floor because the f-150 slider brackets are further apart about 1".. It worked out ok because there is a little reinforcement panel underneath the bronco body and you still hit it when re-drilling. For the passenger side, I added some angle iron to the bronco *** this is important!!!*** flip-seat bracket*** to get my extra width I needed, pretty simple actually..."

Source: by arvy88bronco (The Black Peach)

Installation Info (93-95 Lightning); "...I used the 93-95 Lightning seats in the bronco. I had to reuse the tracks from the bronco becuase the Lightnings seats were never meant to slide forward like the broncos because they were mounted to a steel frame that went accross the entire truck.. I simply bolted the bronco seats on at the front of the tracks from the bronco then re-drilled the rear locations to match the lightning seats holes..."

Source: by ROBSLXTASY (90 Griggs LX)

Measure the track width, length using this,

You must be registered for see images attach

and visit your friendly yard, hopefully you will find someone there that can get you into a late model vehicle that has the *** tilt, flip forward feature ***found in Mustangs and other 2 door vehicles.

For a YARD SEARCH on-line, I use; http://www.hollanderparts.com/A yard that uses Hollander Interchange can search other yards and have it shipped Can select certain parts -- or http://www.copartfinder.com/finder/searchMake.doHas Vehicle Pics! They show about 4 - 5 pics per vehicle incl. interior/dash, back seat, front & rear and engine bay. Can NOT Select certain parts .. http://www.car-parts.com/Can select certain parts http://www.picknpull.comThis is a Company name w/yard locations in various states Can NOT Select certain parts http://row52.com/SearchCan NOT Select certain parts Has Vehicle Pics AND.. Want a Part? It's Easy... 1 You create a Parts Wanted Listing. 2 Parts Pullers respond with offers. 3 You pick the best one. A Parts Puller gets the parts you need. **** for obsolete parts by Ford long version pn: http://www.partsvoice.com/http://www.rearcounter.comhttp://www.greensalescompany.com


Panels by our sponsor;

1992-96 Ford Bronco and F-Series Truck Door panels-Full power

1992-96 Ford Bronco and F-Series Truck Door panels-Full power

Item Number: 34458



1992-96 Ford Bronco

1992-96 Ford F150, F250, F350

Full power

Detailed Description

Ford replacement door panels are sold in pairs only.

They are designed to closely resemble the original factory door panels and includes weather stripping and a cloth insert.

They are attached with plastic fasteners inserted from the outside through pre-drilled holes.

Fasteners are included with panels.

Includes padded arm rests.

May reuse trim if applicable.


•Made From Durable ABS Plastic And Vacuum Molded For Perfect Fit

•Sold In Pairs And Include Padded Arm Rest

•Will Not Crack Under Extreme Temperatures

•Limited Lifetime Warranty

•Made To Order Shipped Within 36 Hours

•Live Customer Service

•Made In the USA

Also recommend part #34460B Pre-Cut Insulation Pads (Pair).



1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 Ford Bronco

1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 Ford Truck F150, F250, F350



Jeff at the Bronco Graveyard has offered a 2% discount to members of The BroncoZone for on line orders. To get your discount, enter the discount code BZMEMBER. Also you must include your BroncoZone User Name with the order.

Interior Trim Clips in factory colors



Bedside Panels:

ColorBond Application in an 86; "...cleaned the entire thing with purple-power twice. Then I lightly wiped it down with acetone. Then, just to make sure the factory paint did not cause a problem I wiped a section down with acetone until the factory coating was removed and it was down to the bare plastic. This is the lighter area in the picture below. Unfortunately this did lighten the texture a little. Took 5 mist coats to cover. The area with the factory paint removed was harder to coat, making me think it was sinking into the plastic, but sat on top of the factory paint everywhere else. Then again it may have just been the fact that that area was lighter. I let the Color Bond cure for 48 hours and then did a scratch test. I can not scratch it off with my fingernail anywhere and it takes a serious effort to scratch it off using a penny..."

Source: by Gacknar (The Mall-Crawler, Jeremy, "Big grey megga beast")

Carbon Fiber pics in a 93

Source: by race (bigskymt) at http://www.supermotors.net/registry/21715/72723

"...Got some of my interior trim pieces carbon fiber'd. I think they turned out really nice..I took my original stuff and mailed it to a place in Cali that does it..


but all the dash parts and stuff you can find on ebay pretty cheap?.

it was kinda pricey.. but it was faded really bad so I wanted to give it a cleaner look. I got the 2 door panel trim pieces done, the window/door lock panels and the 3 trim pieces on the dash done for a little over $250.

Bedside & Door Panel Krylon Fusion Painted pics in an 88

Source: by danmick (Daniel M, Big, White Mule) at http://www.supermotors.org/vehicles/registry/detail.php?id=11082&s=33705

Bedside Panel Custom Fabrication9; "...Making New Cargo Trim Panels. I know everyone wants to spruce up those cheap looking pieces of cardboard that Ford calls a trim panel on the sides of the cargo area. This tip is simple but the result is awesome. Take that scratched up piece of cardboard and lay it down on a piece of 1/4" plywood. Use it as a template to leave a nice outline. Hold on your not done yet, you might want to take a marker and mark all the ***** holes including the armrest. You can do both pieces on one piece of 4x8 and have enough on the end for the tailgate panel. Cut it out as good as you can and drill out all the holes (before you put the carpet on so they are easy to locate). This is also a good time to cut out any speaker holes you might want. You will find the perfect piece of carpet at www.crutchfield.com for $20 that will cover both panels and the tailgate panel. They carry materials to build speaker boxes. You might need a hand holding the carpet tight on both ends, lay the cut out piece of wood on the carpet in the place you want it. Trim around the wood leaving a couple of inches to work with. Using an ordinary staple gun, work your way around the edges starting with the long straight top edge. As you go around the turns it will want to fold to compensate for the turn. Just let it fold but keep the folds to a minimum. Carefully remove the V-shaped piece, the carpet hides this well so you shouldn't be able to see the seem. Add staples as necessary to hide the seem. Slap it back on your truck and be proud of yourself. Total cost: about $35.00 depending on how much the plywood is were you live..." by Chris C

Bedside Panel Custom Fabrication pics in a 95

Source: by Stringer 142 (BigGreenMachine, BAMF) at http://www.supermotors.net/registry/10441/66848

Bedside Panel Depth Measurement for Amp, etc. in a 94

Source: by Ken B (Kenny's 94) at http://www.supermotors.net/clubs/superford/vehicles/registry/9319/57361

Bedside Panel Parts Break-Out Diagram in 92-96 (XLT, Eddie Baurer & Sports Edition)

Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at

You must be registered for see images attach

Dye Information, Review & Source, SEM

Source: by BLOODSWEATSTEEL (Bigfoot) & Sixlitre (Malcolm H, Eddie Bauer) ..."The door panel thread got me thinking just how long it took me to find exact paint to match my interior trim. I tried almost every paint store in town in my search (and I even work in a 1,000,000 sq. ft. Sherwin Williams warehouse.) I purchased about ten different types in my quest for the perfect paint. While some were close, there was one CLEARLY above and beyond all the rest.

It is produced by a company named SEM, and is available through a few auto paint suppliers. The color I bought; "bluemist" was an exact match to the factory interior. I couldn't believe my eyes. It blew Krylon Fusion, VHT color-dye, all the popular aerosols, custom-mixed jobs........everything right out of the water. Come to find out, they are also the only Ford licensed aftermarket manufactrer of aersols out there. (prolly explains the match. .)

Anyways, may make it a little easier if anybody is having the same difficulty I had in my quest.

I had to get a can custom mixed because of aerosol importation problems this month, but it was worth it looking at the results;



Sours: https://www.broncozone.com/threads/replacement-seats.25364/
Installing S550 Convertible Mustang GT Seats in a 2003 SN95 New Edge Mustang (Seat Swap)

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