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The Latin word coelica means "heavenly" or "celestial," and when Toyota first released the Celica in , the car was like heaven for sports car enthusiasts. The Toyota Celica was light, it was great on fuel, and its precise, racecar-like handling and prowess meant that the car could zip through corners and curves comfortably. The "Japanese Mustang" survived for three decades through numerous design changes, but it never has it deviated from its purpose as a sports car. The Celica has raced at many World Rally Championships, winning in Australia in The Celica was also a winner critically as Motor Trend named the Celica its "Import Car of the Year."

Since its debut in American markets in , the Celica cycled through seven generations before production stopped in During its entire run, the Toyota Celica existed in coupe, coupe convertible, liftback, and notchback forms, but limited its final generation to the liftback only. The first generation consisted of three trims (ST, LT and GT) and featured a L RC engine (upgraded to L by ). A limited edition Grand Prix GT liftback () and limited-run GT-S convertible () were added during the second generation. The Celica debuted at the World Rally Championships during the fourth generation (). The most powerful Celica (GT-Four) was created during the fifth and sixth generations. There were additional formats released, such as the coupe convertible and 25th anniversary editions. At any one time, Toyota could have up to 49 retail versions displayed in its showrooms.

Throughout its lifetime, the Toyota Celica has undergone numerous design changes in an effort to sustain its appeal for new audiences. The original Celica had independent front suspension systems, rear-wheel drive, five speed automatic transmissions (manual in cars before ) and chrome bumpers. By the third generation, the chrome-only bumper was replaced with a chrome and black rubber bumper and fuel injection was introduced. Numerous refinements to the front and rear lights occurred during this period. Meanwhile, Toyota made the switch to front wheel drive in the fourth generation, while the addition of airbags continued in subsequent generations, along with changes to the engine, tires and styling.

While the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration gave the Toyota Celica a four-star rating for its driver and passenger crash tests, the Toyota Celica has enjoyed a fairly clean safety record during its three decade lifespan. Model year car owners complained of knocks and pings that later resulted in engine failure. On the other hand, Recalls have been issued by Toyota involving missing weld joints on struts that could result in a strut coming out of its mount for models manufactured in the s, and ignition system and exterior lighting issues in models manufactured in the s.

The lengthy history of the brand has created an extensive Toyota Celica parts catalogue. Both Toyota Celica aftermarket parts and Toyota Celica OEM parts are crucial for repairing and maintaining the health of the vehicle. Rest assured that will have Toyota Celica auto parts in stock when you need it the most.

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About Toyota Celica

Toyota Celica is a sports car manufactured by Toyota from to The first Toyota Celica was introduced in at Tokyo Motor Show as a two-door hardtop coupe to compete with Ford Mustang. Until , it had been produced through seven generations. In its life, Toyota Celica had received Motor Trend Import Car of the Year for and and among Consumer's Digest "Best Buy" and Car and Driver Ten Best Cars.
In October , the sixth generation Toyota Celica (T; ) was launched for the model year. It was available in ST, ST-Limited, SR, GT, SX, SX-R, ZR and GT-Four (All-Trac) trims as well as an optional Sports Package (GT-S) in US market. ST, ST-Limited and SR were powered by a L 7A-FE inline 4-cylinder engine while GT, SX, SX-R and ZR were powered by L 5S-FE inline 4-cylinder engine. Engines were attached to a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 5-speed manual transmission. In July , the seventh generation Toyota Celica (T; ) entered production. It had ZZT powered by L hp 4-cylinder engine and ZZT powered by L hp 4-cylinder engine. At the meanwhile, a new 6-speed manual transmission was added.

Toyota Celica Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Superior performance is often the design idea for sports cars without exception for Toyota Celica. However, no matter how good it is, Toyota Celica still cannot run away from natural law. And as time passes by, these common problems would happen to it:
Number one problem is engine died. According to experienced Toyota Celica drivers, engine misfiring, rough idle, stalling and reduction in power and fuel economy is not rare in it. What's more, sometimes Check Engine Light would come on as it was in no-start condition. Generally speaking, you can have a thorough inspection on ignition coil, body control module, engine control module, oxygen sensor and spark plug first before confirming which auto part is out of order.
Second one is suspension and transmission issues. Normally, suspension issue is caused by a bad coil spring insulator and show signs including Toyota Celica bottoming out, giving out excessive grinding noise while turning. As for transmission, people noticed that gears could not go into accurately or have difficulty in shifting gears, which often could be attributed to a failed shift cable, broken synchronizer ring or transfer case seal. Once any similar signs show on your Toyota Celica, you can have an inspection on these auto parts first.
Sustaining your Toyota Celica at the prime condition all the time, you need take good care of every assembled auto part in it. Seat belt actions as a protector in any accident and needs to function well consistently. Door handle makes sure passengers entry and exist Celica conveniently. And wiper blade is helpful in providing bright and clear driving vision. They are all daily use and crucial auto parts; please add them all in your maintenance plan.
If you are looking for OEM Toyota Celica auto parts, you are highly recommended to choose one from our vast array of genuine Toyota Celica auto parts at the lowest price. You are promised that all OEM Celica parts coming with manufacturer's warranty and hassle-free return policy. We beat lots of sellers in price, quality, reliability and durability.

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