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At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Mitsubishi 3000gt body kits so that you have all the options you want. In fact, we carry more body kits than any other company on Earth! We have more than 40 brands of ground effects (including our own line of body kits that we manufacture in house), and we carry body kits for more than 200 different vehicles! Our store is full of car body kits and truck body kits, so take a look at our fantastic selection. Whether you are looking for a top-of-the-line Mitsubishi 3000gt body kit, a cheap Mitsubishi 3000gt body kit, or some mild-looking but clean Mitsubishi 3000gt ground effects, we've got great choices for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Mitsubishi 3000gt body kit needs!

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Mitsubishi 3000GT Vader Duraflex Full Body Kit 114696

    91-93 Mitsubishi 3000GT Vader Duraflex Full Body Kit!!! 114696

  • Fits: 1991-1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT
  • Brand: FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics)

    This Kit Includes:

  • 1991-1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT Duraflex Vader Body Kit - 4 Piece - Includes Vader Front Bumper (114660) Vader Rear Bumper (114661) Vader Side Skirts (114662)

Extreme Dimension's new DURAFLEX premium aerodynamics combines fiberglass, plastic, and flex resins to obtain its unique features. The new DURAFLEX technology obtains a much higher durability rate than the average fiberglass product, resulting in reduced shipping damages up to 75%. This revolutionary product allows you to receive a premium fiberglass product at an affordable price. Due to high consumer demand, our entire fiberglass line of 5,000 products has been converted to the new DURAFLEX technology.


  • Black primer finish

  • High quality mesh grille

  • Reduced damage rate up to 75%

  • Extremely affordable, roughly half the cost of polyurethane

  • Extreme Dimensions, Inc. is a world renowned automotive aerodynamic company headquartered in the United States. With a 200,000 square feet distribution center, Extreme Dimensions currently manufacturer and distribute over 6,000 products globally including North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. From humble foundations since 2000, Extreme Dimensions has striven to offer the largest variety of premium aerodynamic products at the most affordable prices. Through the years, Extreme Dimensions has surpassed industry standards by dedicating to excellent customer service.

    Since the beginning, Extreme Dimensions has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing aerodynamic products for the Sport Compact, Domestic, European, Truck, and SUV industries. What sets Extreme Dimensions apart is that they only manufacture high quality fiberglass, carbon fiber, and polyurethane composites. Last year, Extreme Dimensions stormed the industry with our new hybrid DuraFlex fiberglass line while Carbon Creations continued to set the standard in premium carbon fiber aerodynamics.




    Sours: https://www.bodykits.com/i-31598345-mitsubishi-3000gt-vader-duraflex-full-body-kit-114696.html
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    Body Kits & Conversions

    Product ImageItem Name-ModelPrice1999 3000GT Conversion Kit

    1999 3000GT Conversion Kit

    This Conversion package is great for 91-93 3000GT's and Dodge Stealth's looking for the parts needed for there conversion. This package includes all the parts you will need in your conversion...

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    $2,550.00  $2,488.00
    Save: 2% off

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    Novara Body Kit (1991-1993)

    Novara Body Kit (1991-1993)

    Our Novara body kit was designed to stand out from the rest. Hand crafted restyling of the 3000GT and Stealth to update the overall styling and give the car a modern exotic look. Highlights: Lower...

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    $1,450.00  $1,188.00
    Save: 18% off

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    Novara Body Kit (1994-1999)

    Novara Body Kit (1994-1999)

    Our Novara body kit was designed to stand out from the rest. Hand crafted restyling of the 3000gt and Stealth to update the overall styling and give the car a modern exotic look. Highlights: Front...

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    $1,450.00  $1,188.00
    Save: 18% off

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    Torino Body Kit (1994-1999)

    Torino Body Kit (1994-1999)

    This body kit was designed to stand out from the rest! The Torino front bumper took in many aspects of the stock form and added to them, with an Integrated lip and a enlarged front opening to add...

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    $1,450.00  $1,088.00
    Save: 25% off

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    Body kit 3000gt

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