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Radiator Service & Repair for Jeep Wrangler

Is It Time for Service on My Jeep Wrangler Cooling System?

It can be tough to know when to have your Jeep Wrangler radiator serviced if you don't know what it does, but it's still extremely important. The radiator is in the cooling system of your car, and it helps your engine temperature stay within a safe range. So, what happens when the radiator isn’t working quite like it should? You guessed it – your engine overheats, and it may even break down completely.

Regular, proactive service on the radiator in your Jeep Wrangler is crucial to keep your engine in the best possible shape for years to come. Jeep recommends that you replace coolant (also called antifreeze) at certain intervals, but it’s also wise to keep an eye out for signs of a failing radiator. You could be on the verge of a radiator-induced engine breakdown if you see coolant leaks under your car, high engine temperatures, or a dashboard light that indicates low coolant. When you experience one or more of these issues, head to your local Firestone Complete Auto Care for a Courtesy Check.

Jeep Wrangler Coolant Fluid Exchange

What does radiator repair include? When you come to Firestone Complete Auto Care, we’ll begin your radiator repair with an in-depth inspection of the cooling system in your Jeep Wrangler. We then do a machine-powered radiator exchange, replenish flushed chemicals, sealants, and lubricants, and then pressure check for leaks.

Radiator problems often go hand in hand with water pump problems. Some services for your Jeep Wrangler engine can wait, but the water pump is one part that you can't put off repairing or replacing. This vital part keeps coolant moving through the engine, hoses, and radiator. If it’s not working well (or at all), your engine can easily overheat. Our technicians can take a look at your radiator’s components to ensure everything is operating as it should. When it comes to radiator service and repair, we’ll take excellent care of your Jeep Wrangler at Firestone Complete Auto Care. We stand behind our work with our Triple Promise: Fixed Right, Priced Right, Right on Time.

Jeep Wrangler Radiator Q&A

Take care of your Jeep Wrangler radiator and it will last. Check out our top questions and answers about Jeep radiators below, and visit your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care at the first sign of an overheating engine.

  • Why is the coolant light on my Jeep dashboard on? If the coolant light illuminates on your dashboard, your engine could be overheating. Pull over to a safe area and wait for the engine to cool down. Then, head to your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care for a coolant system check.

  • What are the puddles in my driveway or garage floor? Notice a leaking fluid that's green, bright orange, or pink and feels sticky? It might be antifreeze. Antifreeze is toxic but has a sweet smell and taste that's attractive to many cats and dogs. Do your pets a favor and have an antifreeze leak investigated ASAP. Then hose down the driveway or garage floor!

  • Can Jeep Wrangler radiators be cleaned? To keep your Jeep Wrangler radiator running well, it’s wise to get it cleaned out a few times a year.

Sours: https://vehicle.firestonecompleteautocare.com/jeep/wrangler//maintenance/radiator/

ALLOYWORKS 3 Row Full Aluminum Radiator for Jeep TJ/YJ Wrangler Chevy V8

ONLY FOR Jeep Wrangler YJ TJ L L L L Chevy Mopar V8 Conversion

This radiator Upper Hose locate Driver Side, Bottom Hose locate Passenger Side

Some Jeep Wrangler YJ Upper and lower radiator hoses are on the opposite to.

Radiator Configuration:

Material:Full Aluminium

High Performance Racing Spec.

3 Row of tubes Core Racing Design

Core DIMENSIONS: 18 1/2" WIDE x 20 1/8" HIGH


Tank Size: 2 3/4 x 20 1/2

Inlet Hose Connection: 1 1/2" Driver Side

Outlet Hose Connection: 1 3/4" Passenger Side

Transmission Oil Cooler: 1/2 20 STRAIGHT THREAD G1/4

OEM Style Brass Petcock Drain

CNC Machined Filler Neck and Cap

Customer Questions & Answers

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Sours: https://www.ubuy.co.id/en/product/3T7HVISTA-alloyworksrow-full-aluminum-radiator-forjeep-tj-yj-wrangler-chevy-v8
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Wrangler 1988 radiator jeep

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Jeep Wrangler YJ Thermostat Replacement

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