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PS5 Modded Controllers by ModdedZone

Destroy the competition online. Play completely undetected! Our PS5 modded controllers are all 100% custom made to order. You select the options. You control the price! ModdedZone is offering controllers at a more affordable price without compromising quality.

Each Playstation 5 modded controller we offer is Made in the USA quality, constructed from brand new Sony controllers and is completely customizable with tons of exclusive add-on mods to choose from including adjustable rapid fire, jitter, drop shot, auto burst, auto aim, auto spot, jump shot, quick scope, quick aim, sniper breath, active reload and thousands of mod combinations more. Our mods have been optimized and tested to ensure compatibility with all the latest first person shooter games and are 100% undetectable on Playstation Network.

PS5 Custom Modded Controllers
PS5 Custom Modded Controllers
PS5 Custom Modded Controllers
PS5 Custom Modded Controllers



Build Your Own PS5

What is rapid fire exactly?

In a nutshell rapid fire allows you to shoot your weapons at the maximum rate of fire the gun allows. This is accomplished by our exclusive rapid fire chip that is installed inside the controller.

How does rapid fire work?

Our technicians install the rapid fire chip inside the controller. The chip inside the controller simulates the triggers being pulled automatically at the highest rate the gun allows.

What type of games are modded controllers compatible with?

Our controllers are compatible with any first person shooters that feature single shot and semi-automatic weapons.

Which weapons does rapid fire work on?

Rapid fire is optimized for all single shot and semi-automatic weapons. It has no effect on fully automatic weapons other than it may reduce the recoil on certain automatic weapons by slowing the rate of fire.

Are modded controllers illegal?

Rapid fire has been around for several years and is not considered illegal. Microsoft is only concerned with modded consoles which allow people to play pirated games.

What if there is a patch released to block rapid fire?

The way rapid fire works is that the chip inside the controller is simulating the triggers being pulled at the fastest rate the gun allows. There is no way to completely block or patch rapid fire.

Can I get banned on PlayStation Network for using a modded controller?

Absolutely not! All our controllers are fully undetectable online. There is no communication between PlayStation Network and our modded controller.

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Modded PS5 Controllers for Sale

DualSense PS5 Controller with Mods

Modded controllers have seen a surge in recent times, and with PlayStation 5 hitting the market, the need for owning a modded controller has become a necessity. So what are modded controllers? Why do you need them? What are the benefits of playing on a modded PS5 controller?

If you have these questions in mind, you have landed on the right page. Our modded controllers incorporate various useful features and take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

We have different color schemes on offer and also allow buyers to customize their controllers to unleash their gaming fantasies. Please check our controller’s page for more options.

What is a Modded PS5 Controller?

Unlike standard PS5 controllers, modded controllers come with various modifications. It gets new features, capabilities, and functions that make your gameplay more convenient and engaging. It enhances your gaming experience and increases your performance. Additionally, it improves accuracy and speed to provide a better gaming environment.

The mods include several performance boosters, including extended triggers and back buttons. Other features also include fast reload, rapid-fire, and a whole lot more. If you consider modded controllers for PS5, the MegaMods gamepad will provide ease of use and excellent performance for any game title.

Controller Features and Mods

The MegaMods PS5 controller comes with various features that will improve your gameplay. Our modded controllers are among the best controllers you can get in the market with pre-equipped customizable settings and pre-configured modifications.

We have improved on various aspects and kept every single detail to elevate your gaming experience. These are the features that will enhance your gaming experience and will help you to perform better in any game.

Rapid Fire

One of the reasons that our PS4 controller was such a hit among the masses is because we implemented an impressive rapid-fire mod. With the launch of the latest PS5 controllers, this feature has evolved to provide a better experience. Our modded controllers allow you to shoot fast, and so you will always have the upper hand on your opponents.

This feature gives you a technical advantage, which also comes with manually adjustable firing rates. With this mod, you will empty your clip faster than your opponent, which results in better performance and accuracy. The rapid-fire mod also supports quicker reload times that allow you to have better fluidity and a significant advantage over your opponents.

We have improved our rapid-fire mod from our previous generation controllers, and these PS5 controllers will allow you to have excellent gaming experiences.

Quick Shots

If you are a die-hard fan of first-person shooting games and love to use sniper rifles to eliminate your opponents, our quick shots mod will undoubtedly make you the king in any FPS game. This mod steadies your aim automatically and allows you to fire quick shots accurately. You will love to use this feature as it makes you a beast with sniper rifles, and opponents will fear your presence.

Our PS5 mod works with all FPS games, including leading titles. Order your MegaMods PlayStation 5 modded controller today and become the king of sniper rifles in any FPS game.

Fast Reload

We know it is maddening to die while reloading your weapon. Gamers often work out different ways to counter this problem, but few offer complete satisfaction. With improvements to our already faster fill times on our PS4 controllers, these PS5 controllers take the game a little further. Our controllers provide quicker reload times, which allows you to have excellent gaming experiences.

With quicker reload times, you can inflict more damage and have the upper hand on your opponents. This feature lessens the reload time and will help you edge over your opponents, especially in heated situations. Fast fill times also improves your kill to death-ratio and can save you a lot of deaths.

Auto Aim (Aimbot)

Many gamers may often call it cheating, but having an auto-aim feature is always exciting and engaging. Our PS5 modded controllers come with an auto-aim (aimbot) feature that allows you to have outstanding gaming experiences. This mod pack works like an aim-assist but adds added accuracy to your shots.

The aimbot mod will help you get easy headshots as it automatically aims at your opponents and gives you more accurate results. You can activate this function with a flick of a button, and it will help you get headshots at will.

Auto Sprint

The most annoying thing for a gamer is clicking the left joystick every time for sprinting. You can get into situations where firing and running may be required, and you die because of multitasking. Our modded controllers for PS5 come with an auto-sprint feature that allows you to engage sprint freely with a click of a button.

This feature allows you to concentrate more on your opponents and promotes better accuracy and fire control. It is an excellent feature to have and will enable you to focus more on firing than multitasking. This feature will improve your accuracy and will save you a lot of deaths.

Button Remapping

Customization is crucial for any game, and many gamers will love to have a customizable controller that allows for button remapping. Our PS5 modded controllers come with an easy to use interface that will enable you to get used to it in no time. These controllers allow you to remap the buttons according to your needs and game requirements.

You can assign different functions, which can vary for other sets of games and titles. This feature also ensures that you can configure a single click instead of continuously pressing the button to keep you running. It improves your performance and also extends the life of the controller buttons.

Akimbo Dual Wield

Close-ranged fights are common in FPS and Battle Royale games, but what if you can fire guns with both hands at the same time. Our controllers come with this excellent feature that allows you to operate two guns together.

This feature will help you to have the upper hand over your opponents and will let you win close-ranged encounters easily. Our PS5 modded controllers will help you master close encounters with precise speed and accuracy despite firing two guns simultaneously.

RGB LED Lights

One of the best reasons for owning a modded controller is the ability to incorporate LED lights according to your choice. You can choose to have different light configurations on our controllers, which may also extend to the buttons for better night visibility.

Our controllers come with LED’s installed on them, but you can have your imagination play the game. Players can opt for different colors or relocate the LED lights to different positions to suit their style.

High Quality Materials

Though our controllers feature budget-friendly price tags, the products are of high-quality grade. We use high-grade materials for our controllers and offer ergonomic designs to provide a comfortable and seamless gaming experience.

The modded PS5 controller has improved in every aspect and features more robust and sturdy construction than other controllers out there. This design element with excellent features helps our modded controllers to stand out from the rest, and the cheap pricing is undoubtedly the icing on a cake.

Skins & Wraps

As we mentioned earlier, apart from providing modded controllers with stunning designs and colors, you can also choose different skins for added personalization. They come in different textures and prints, offering more variety to suit your personal preference. It also protects your controllers from scratches and provides a better grip on the DualSense controller.

We use high-quality skins, which are removable, lightweight, and durable. They also come with dust and water-resistant features, which protect the controllers from accidental spills and dust formation. Our skins feature an accurate fit, and you will never have an issue with your customization.

What are the benefits of owning a Modded PS5 controller?

One of the most significant benefits of owning a modded controller is having better, faster control over your game. As we mentioned earlier, a modded controller makes your gaming experience seamless by incorporating better reload speeds and accurate, quick shots.

These features allow you to enjoy your game more and help you get better results otherwise not possible on a standard PS5 controller.

These are some of the benefits using a modded controller:

Hand and mind synchronization

As you own a modded controller designed according to your gaming needs, it becomes easier for you to get the controller’s feel. As the buttons follow your preferred setup positions, it allows you to have better hand and mind synchronization, which helps you get accurate results. You will have better control over the controller and will outperform your opponents with ease.

Better performance with newer games

With every passing day, game developers develop ways to make their game more demanding and complicated. The DualSense wireless controller comes with many exciting features, but as the games evolve, you might not find it efficient in the future. This situation calls for an expert, and a modded controller is the perfect answer to this question.

Modded controllers come with the flexibility of adding additional features anytime, which makes them more reliable in the long run. You can add tweaks and mods to your existing modded controller if some game developer wants to up the ante.

Customize your gameplay

Besides offering various features to provide a better in-game experience, modded controllers also allow you to customize the games itself. You can have different settings for different games according to your requirement and occasion. Our controllers will enable you to have enhanced gaming abilities without downloading additional apps and can choose from various perks and functions to customize your favorite games and titles.

Reshaped Paddles

Every player has a distinctive style, which also includes holding the controller. While standard controllers feature ergonomic design and place buttons and paddles, keeping in mind overall players, some players may not find the paddles ideal. For instance, you might want your paddles to be longer or twisted inwards or outwards, which is impossible with standard controllers.

However, modded controllers follow your design philosophy and extract the same design that you will feel comfortable to hold and play on. You can send a request regarding your controllers shape and size to MegaMods, and we will be more than happy to serve you.

Why are MegaMods PlayStation 5 controllers the best?

MegaMods have been in the industry for years, and we understand how every gamer feels for their game. Our controllers help you connect better with your titles and provide you with features that offer more battle skills. These controllers will help you to get better firing accuracy and reload speeds with all-round enhancements.

Some of the abilities that the mods allow you to do include:

  • Using handguns from both hands using one button
  • Making a move while shooting
  • Fast ammunition reloads
  • Enhanced sniping capabilities
  • Rapid-fire
  • Accurate, quick shots
  • Auto-aim on your opponents
  • Button remapping

These features help you to control your game better and allow you to customize your controller for better feel and comfort. You can choose from the available variants or add your personalized skin on your controllers to match your gaming style.

Why buy from MegaMods?

Top-Notch Quality

Our products feature top-notch quality, functionality, and durability that outstand from the rest. We also offer various types of designs, mods, and accessories.

Highly Customizable

We offer gamers complete control over customization and have excellent options with high-quality skins and designs. We also provide button remapping and paddles reshaping for a comfortable and engaging gaming experience.

Worldwide Delivery

Your gaming should not take a halt, and so we deliver our products to all parts of the world.

Quick Shipping Services

We take customer service very seriously, and so we ensure that you get your orders delivered as soon as possible. We have a dedicated team of professionals that ensure that you have a seamless gaming experience.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

As we mentioned earlier, customer satisfaction is our top priority, ensuring that it is guaranteed. Our customer service will help you with all your queries, complaints, and calls with maximum satisfaction.

Why do you need modded PS5 controllers?

As we mentioned earlier, modded controllers take your gaming experience to a whole new level. The ability to shoot and reload fast enhances your gaming experience and lets you enjoy your game more. These controllers have extra features built-in that allow you to play longer, unlike typical PS5 controllers.

The seamless experience that you get from a modded controller makes you excel in any game. The ability to customize your buttons and engineer them to work better unleashes your potentials. This feature helps you have more control over your games and allows you to have the perfect gaming experience.

Modifications also mean that you can customize your controller and shade them with your favorite colors. Whether you want to reflect your favorite gaming title or portray your inner self, you can get any paint job at MegaMods. The prints use high-quality works with any combination that you have on your mind. We also do multi-color shades to provide more options to the gamers for customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Modded PS5 controllers legal?

You may have concerns regarding modified controllers as they seem to sound illegal. However, there isn’t a concern; you can use a modded controller with your PlayStation 5 and enjoy all your favorite games. Modified controllers come with a special modchip that accelerates the button-pressing sequence.

This chip comes with several features that enhance your gaming experience by incorporating modified controls for better accuracy and speed. You will never have issues regarding their legality, and they are okay to use with leading Xbox and PS5 makers.

Is using a modded controller regarded as cheating?

No, using a modded controller does not make you a cheater, as it never alters the codes in a game. The controllers employ smart designing and engineering that minimizes pressure on your hand, which is a typical discomfort for many PlayStation players.

As you spend hours playing with your standard controllers, you tend to develop some pain on your fingers. Modified controllers minimize this pressure by incorporating multiple functions in single buttons, which is more convenient for players.

As these controllers do not alter with the game codes, you learn the game like any other player by familiarizing yourself with the various aspects of your favorite games. MegaMods controllers are a way to enjoy your game better, and we never help players cheat or win a game.

Will I get banned using modded controllers?

Modded controllers on PS5 only use a special chip that enables you to perform actions and execute commands with ease. These controllers never interfere with the game codes and never help you win a game. Whether you are playing on a modded controller or a standard one, it is the skills and gaming strategies that make you a professional eSport star.

Therefore, game developers will never suspend or ban you for using modded PS5 controllers on their platform.


Best PS5 Mod Controllers By Mega Modz

The PS5 controller is a next-gen gaming controller that offers innovative ways to play and a new level of immersion into the on-screen action. Enhanced adaptive triggers, new haptic technology, 3D audio, and a built-in mic come in the product by default.

PlayStation 5 modded controllers are designed to help the gamer become competitive and enjoy playing favorite first-person shooting titles without getting killed every two minutes. Greater gaming performance is reached by using mods functions and extra abilities they add to your character's skill set.

State-of-the-art PS5 Controller Creator allows building your perfect gaming pad from scratch in terms of exterior and performance enhancements. Adding mods to your item configuration can be completed with two clicks via individual selection or through game-specific pre-configured multi-mode packages. More gameplay enhancing options, such as Remappable Back Buttons are available on the platform as well.

Mega Modz is known for its advanced modding technology and developing exclusive features that offer a competitive edge in the most popular shooting and battle royale series. A detailed review of DualSense controller modifications, either available or being worked on, can be checked out here.

Rapid Fire is one of the most popular mods and Mega Modz offers a Tactical sub-mode allowing Rapid Fire to be in the waiting mode and be quickly disabled or enabled, which can be very handy in the heat of the moment.

Armor Repair Assist mod has been created for COD Warzone allowing the user to efficiently repair the armor while staying competitive.

One of the latest and most fans demanded add-ons is an Auto Mark mode which comes as part of Auto Spot mod and allows to easily auto mark enemies in Warzone.

A separate line of Mega Modz products for PlayStation 5 is presented by an exclusive Macro Remap Controller with the functionality that differs from standard mods performance. It comes with special macro abilities and the most popular button inputs including turbo mod and button continuous press.

If you are looking for a complete set of features available for PS5 Modded Controllers, you should not miss out on adding Mega Modz Advanced Back Buttons for ultimate performance. The feature is very similar to the macro remap functionality and comes with many more capabilities than standard remap.


Modded controllers ps5

Modded PS5 controllers

What should you know about Modded PS5 Controllers and AimControllers?

As we all know, it’s not the hardware that makes a gamer good. However, without good tools, everything becomes heavier. For console gamers, the gaming tools are, of course, predesigned ps5 controllers. The regular ones that are available to everyone and given away when you buy a console are not tailored to individual gamers. That’s why we want to introduce you to playstation 5 controllers that make gaming easier with great features.

PS5 Controllers

In our shop you can choose the layout of your PS5 controller. The wide range of colors offers something for those who are minimalists as well as those who prefer more striking patterns. More specifically, in our offer you will find:

-Matte Controllers – ideal for minimalists

-Camo Controllers – The camouflage style will fit in well with many games, especially shooters!

-Hydro – is a group of ps5 controllers, which includes patterns referring in their style to many works of pop culture, as well as games. It’s a good choice for those who don’t intend to play one type of game, but want a unique looking controller.

-Joker – Our audience is sure to include DC Comics fans. It doesn’t matter if you know the Joker character from movies, games or comics. A pattern with his image will definitely appeal to you!

-Grid – This 3D pattern is another nod to those who prefer a minimalist look. The design gives the controller an elegant style that will catch the eye of all who use it!

-Reaper-Z – Do we have Zombie fans here? You sure do! This style is perfect for those who like to destroy a few green heads after school or work!

-Neon Shadow – The design that goes with everything else. The neon glow that goes from the bottom to the top of the controller looks great in the player’s hand!

Modded Playstation 5 controllers

Keep in mind that your controller must fit your tastes! Our layouts are only a proposal of how your own ps5 controller may look like. Use them as a base for further changes or create something of your own from scratch! Keep in mind that we give you the opportunity to design every element of the modded playstation 5 controller. Its color, glow and pattern!


As we wrote at the beginning of this text, your ps5 controller must be the perfect tool for gaming. That’s how you make the heavy elements in games easier. We have said a lot about the great layouts we have prepared for you. If they fit your taste we are glad! However, they are not the ones that are ultimately supposed to enhance your comfort while playing. So let’s move on to the functional improvements we have implemented in our products.

PS5 Controlers modifications

You’ve probably noticed that every single controller for the PlayStation 5 has the word Aim in its name, right? That’s because special sticks have been implemented in each controller to help you maintain good accuracy in shooters. In games in which aiming with a gun does not exist they will increase the comfort of using the modded PS5 controllers. If this is not enough for you, you can adjust it to your own requirements. Your customized sticks will not only look the way you choose, their height is also up to you!

Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers

The specially designed buttons on the back of the modded PS5 controller allow you to act faster when you need to! Their design based on a digital mechanism makes them perform much better than the usual ones found in normal controllers.


Each of us gamers knows what is the matter of comfort felt in hands after a long game. Using regular controllers it fades away taking the fun out of the game. We hope we’ve proven to you that with our modded PS5 controllers, it’s not a threat. The last of the features in our Playstation 5 controllers are the paddles. The back of the device improves its comfortable holding in your hands even for many hours, and additionally increases the effectiveness of the game.

If improving comfort is not enough for someone paddles also have special features. You can assign a button of your choice from the front panel (circle, x, square, triangle). Every game is a different use for these buttons!

#PlayLikePro with Aimcontrollers

We’ve listed lots of reasons why you should invest in a modded PS5 controller. A great-looking controller will not only be a joy to look at, it will also be a pleasure for everyone who sits down to play with you. Plus, what better decoration for a gamer’s room than great looking hardware? Of course not! By choosing the look of your device you can make it literally one of a kind, how? In our shop you can tag your device with an inscription of your choice!

Personalization isn’t just about customizing the color scheme to your taste, it’s also about the many great comfort features designed by gamers. We’ve written about them a lot above, so we hope we’ve convinced you of the superiority of modded controllers over regular ones!

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