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Visitation Policies

The visitor's name must be on the approved visitation list, which is filled out by the inmate during the intake process. Only two names may be placed on the list. The list may be revised or updated every thirty days. Any visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, unless they are legally considered an adult (emancipated). Visitors may visit only one time per week. Individuals who live more than 50 miles away from the facility where the inmate is housed and who are not on the inmate's visitor list may have a 'one time only' special visit. Inmates on suicide watch are only allowed attorney visits unless otherwise authorized by the Division Commander, Bureau Commander and medical staff. Adults and Teenagers (ages 13-17) must present at each visit a valid State issued picture ID before being allowed to visit. All visitors will be required to successfully pass through a metal detector (additional searches may be required). Visitors will secure all personal property (purses, outer wear, diaper bags, strollers, cigarettes, lighters, cell phones, pagers, etc.) prior to being admitted to the facility for visitation. Lockers are provided in the visitor waiting area for your use. Locker rental is .50 cents. Visitors are not allowed to bring any items with them during visitation. Any visitor who attempts to provide inmates with contraband will be subject to suspension or revocation of visitation privileges. If the item attempted to be given to the inmate is a weapon, alcohol, drugs, or other contraband, criminal charges may be initiated against the visitor. Professional visitors (attorneys, approved clergy, probation/parole, etc.) do not need to be placed on the inmate's visitation list. However, if you are related to the inmate, you will not be allowed to visit, except in accordance with the regular public visitation guidelines. Any detention facility personnel have the right to deny and/or restrict your visitation at any time for violations of policy.


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Guilford County Jail Inmates

As of 2021/10/15 13:45:35

NameBooking #ImageBond Amt
CARTER, RONALD99C91002799Mugshot5500
HILL, ADRIAN99C90002299Mugshot57000
BETHEA, JOHN99C89002999Mugshot15000
NANCE, BILLY99899699Mugshot500
WHITAKER, TYJUAN99861799Mugshot1260
GOVAN, XHAHMIR99860499Mugshot200000
POSEY, JEREZ99702499Mugshot500000
ROPER, ASHLEY99649099Mugshot100
MASSEY, CHRISTINA99644499Mugshot25000
SPRINGS, MERCEDES99643299Mugshot0
FLOWERS, RYAN99616299Mugshot0
ALLISON, BRIAN99585099Mugshot100000
SLADE, QUINTON99559799Mugshot100
BLAKE, MATTHEW99532599Mugshot50000
BARLEY, RACHEL99526899Mugshot25000
SUTTON, BRITNEY99474299Mugshot0
KIVETT, FRANKLIN99413999Mugshot5500
COLE, BOBBY9931299Mugshot0
JACKSON, JERRETT99192899Mugshot0
HAITH, JONATHAN99136899Mugshot0
EVANS, HEIDI991049799Mugshot0
GILMER, MARANDA991048999Mugshot0
BAKER, LAMONICA991048199Mugshot0
RICHARDSON, AARON991042399Mugshot25010
TRAYHAM, JOHN991030999Mugshot0
ANDERSON, LOUIE991027099Mugshot1000
FIELDS, JACQUEZ991013799Mugshot2500
COOLEY, MELVIN98C93003398Mugshot100000
WADE, WAYNE98C90000698Mugshot1000
WALSH, ROBERT98988098Mugshot0
BROCK, KEENAN98981798Mugshot5000
BURI, OMAR98896598Mugshot0
DOGGETT, WILLIAM98896098Mugshot6500
PARADISE, KAYIN98860798Mugshot0
MATTHEWS, AIMEE9878598Mugshot100
SMITH, TYLER98777698Mugshot25000
GRAGG, JUSTIN98774798Mugshot50
NELSON, JAMAAL98762398Mugshot500
RAZO, JOSE98728698Mugshot0
KING, ROBERT98642398Mugshot103000
ZIMMERMAN, DELATHIAN98618798Mugshot1719
MATTHEWS, STEPHON98570998Mugshot50500
LYNN, DAIREEN98570398Mugshot10000
FERRELL, JOSHUA98552398Mugshot0
DUNCAN, LINDA98525898Mugshot0
POTTS, BRAXTON98514998Mugshot1000
COLE, MIRANDA98458498Mugshot0
BISHOP, DANIEL98428098Mugshot60000
QUICK, DEONNE9835798Mugshot0
FOX, DAVID98307598Mugshot10000
RUPARD, ROBIN98210598Mugshot10500
HOEGEMEYER, ROBERTA981052398Mugshot0
SMITH, JESSICA981050698Mugshot10000
NELSON, CHARYSHEA981050198Mugshot50000
DRIGGERS, HOWARD981049798Mugshot0
LIGGS, GREGORY981049198Mugshot0
PRUDENCIO, JULIAN981040398Mugshot0
LOCKLEAR, LOGAN981023198Mugshot300
FALKENER, CAMERON97C91005397Mugshot0
FARRIS, EMILY97978197Mugshot5000
NJIE, PIERRE97970697Mugshot15000
ADAMS, KENNETH97955197Mugshot250000
SMITH, YAIME97954597Mugshot52500
NICHOLS, TONY97948797Mugshot10000
CLEMENTS, DAQUAN97946297Mugshot100
PAGE, RAYMOND97932897Mugshot0
GUTKOWSKI, CRAIG97893597Mugshot2500
GASPARD, GERALD97893397Mugshot3000
SALINAS, LUCAS97863297Mugshot100
MULLINS, DARRELL97862797Mugshot0
RICHARDSON, EMILY97794897Mugshot16100
DUNGEE, WHITNEY97737797Mugshot0
COUCH, JERMAINE97726297Mugshot1000450
SIMMS, TERRELL97693397Mugshot1000
CRISP, GARRETT97685397Mugshot50000
GAINEY, EVAN97555097Mugshot1000000
WOOD, MELISSA97507497Mugshot0
MITCHELL, CODY97400597Mugshot3000
PARKER, KYLE97339097Mugshot1002000
SPAUGH, ANNE97131097Mugshot0
HUNT, BRITTANY971051097Mugshot1000
GRIFFIN, JACK971047197Mugshot0
PATE, ANDREW971044797Mugshot500
TEPFER, ANDREW971040697Mugshot45000
DUKE, THOMAS971034897Mugshot55000
JOYNER, RITCHIE971032897Mugshot5000
EVANS, MARQUIS971032697Mugshot0
JONES, MALEK971016897Mugshot25000
BROWN, JEREMY971016597Mugshot1760
DURHAM, WHITNEY971004997Mugshot1000
LACKEY, DAVID96C89007396Mugshot200
JOHNSTON, STEPHANIE96C89005396Mugshot13500
BLACKWELL, SHERRY96986096Mugshot1500
ELLIS, JERRY96980896Mugshot0
BREEDEN, XAVIER96945196Mugshot10000
WILLIAMS, MARCUS96906596Mugshot1200
OSHAUGHNESSY, DAVID96830896Mugshot1000
EWING, PAUL96723996Mugshot1500
JONES, BOBBY96668796Mugshot93000
REHMAN, AJMAHL96617896Mugshot20100
DALTON, MARCUS96612996Mugshot25000
WALKER, CHRISTIAN96561196Mugshot1500
PHOEUN, SAROY96533896Mugshot500000
SOLOMON, WAYNE96529096Mugshot1500
SPROUSE, MICHAEL96510396Mugshot4000
JOHNSON, TWAIN96489396Mugshot500
GOAD, JENNIFER96485796Mugshot5000
CAPEL, MICHELA96395296Mugshot50000
LITTLE, MAURICE9623696Mugshot0
MOORE, STEPHEN96116496Mugshot0
WILLIAMS, CENSERE961048196Mugshot2500
SAMUELS, KENNETH961048096Mugshot100
FIGUEROAPAGAN, DORIS961016396Mugshot700
WOODS, JAMES95C91002595Mugshot140000
CUTHRELL, SHELDON95999195Mugshot150000
EVANS, TRAVIS95947095Mugshot0
MCCOY, DUSHONTE95883995Mugshot0
LEACH, JIMEL95875295Mugshot50
GREENE, LIONEL95740295Mugshot2000
JOHNSON, CHARLES95702895Mugshot1500
WHEELER, DIVINE95671295Mugshot190000
BROADNAX, DAVID95619195Mugshot0
GAYTEN, MCKINLEY95612795Mugshot0
CRAIG, THOMAS95534095Mugshot0
AMADOR, DAVID95464195Mugshot0
HART, DANA95441595Mugshot1000
WILLIAMSON, CEDRIC95350095Mugshot100000
SCOTT, LEEOTHIA95323395Mugshot15000
SISK, DARRELL95233395Mugshot500
BROWN, DAVID951051395Mugshot0
JENKINS, NATHAN951048195Mugshot0
NANCE, PHELEPEO951040295Mugshot1000
AVERN, MATTHEW951000395Mugshot5000
ANDERSON, EUGENE94C91005494Mugshot1000
PAYNE, KANDA94996694Mugshot0
RODRIGUEZ, ELISSA94996494Mugshot500
SHAVERS, TREVON94992594Mugshot5000
HOLT, ANDREW94991394Mugshot0
CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL94989694Mugshot15000
STEVENSON, DAYRON94923594Mugshot0
ONLEY, CHRISTOPHER94820294Mugshot55100
NEAL, JAMEL94766694Mugshot0
DYSON, HAROLD94743994Mugshot3500
DALTON, JOHN94731694Mugshot21000
MULLINS, AIRTT94671494Mugshot100
JACKSON, DWIGHT94560194Mugshot0
JACOBS, ASHLEY94557694Mugshot11000
DUNLAP, CARLA9455194Mugshot0
PRATT, MARQUI94506594Mugshot200
BROWN, ASHLEY94488694Mugshot30000
LUNDY, HEATHER94481094Mugshot1000
GILLARD, DONNELL94279594Mugshot10000
BOLEN, CHRISTOPHER94278394Mugshot2000
KNOWLES, LEON94173794Mugshot61000
KING, BILLY94162594Mugshot0
MILTON, AMANDA941050194Mugshot32500
GEORGE, GLENDA941046894Mugshot0
KELLY, BYRON941046094Mugshot0
WALKER, KEITH93C89008593Mugshot0
POTTS, DARRYLQUAN93950893Mugshot350000
KING, FALESSHA93947693Mugshot0
PURVIS, CODY93939493Mugshot100000
CLEVELAND, KARONTAE93885793Mugshot1500
DAY, JASON93871993Mugshot45000
LAMBETH, KAILEY93842093Mugshot10000
BUTLER, BRADLEY9383993Mugshot182500
KINDLE, JAHLEK93814593Mugshot10000
ANTHONY, QUATEISHA93808993Mugshot1000
BROWN, DAVID93753393Mugshot20000
MARSHALL, TRAYQWAN93706793Mugshot0
CARTER, JEREMY93697593Mugshot1103000
FOX, NATHANIEL93690693Mugshot1000
KENNEDY, NICHOLAS93579393Mugshot0
LYLES, ANTHONY93440193Mugshot25000
GREEN, JARMAN93432193Mugshot0
FOX, ISAIAH93384793Mugshot2120000
HENDRIX, IVY933293Mugshot10000
STIMPSON, NICHOLAS93310293Mugshot205000
BOSWELL, ANDREW93306493Mugshot1000
HAYES, FRANKLIN93189093Mugshot0
MATULEVIC, JOSHUA93161393Mugshot300000
GIBSON, ANTHONY931050393Mugshot0
DICK, ROBERT931045093Mugshot25000
WILSON, CHRISTOPHER931043493Mugshot97500
RIDDICK, JAVONN931026393Mugshot9000
SAMS, JAMES92C93001192Mugshot39000
HUNTLEY, RODNEY92C91004292Mugshot10000
COPPADGE, JOHN92C89005292Mugshot0
MADKINS, BREONTA92999992Mugshot35000
MCMILLIAN, DOMINIQUE92970392Mugshot20000
WILSON, EDDIE92940992Mugshot2000
HARRIS, ROBERT92940792Mugshot3150000
WILSON, LINDA92904692Mugshot20500
SMITH, MICHAEL92876892Mugshot10000
CRUMP, KENT92862592Mugshot0
DOUSE, LEON92835692Mugshot0
SHAW, JOEL92825092Mugshot1000
COLE, AKIL92585792Mugshot500
MASON, ROBERT92556292Mugshot0
ATKINSON, WAYNE92544592Mugshot0
SUTTON, JAMIE92537492Mugshot50000
WILLIAMS, JIHAD92520292Mugshot5000
HANSON, KENNETH92401592Mugshot500
HOPKINS, ANTHONY92381192Mugshot600
BIGELOW, TYRONE92375792Mugshot72300
WELKER, JEFFREY92327292Mugshot100
CANALES, DEBBIE92288292Mugshot1000
WEAVER, MURAD92137992Mugshot20000
TAYLOR, PAUL921052292Mugshot0
GRAHAM, MARI921051392Mugshot500
LUU, HUNG921050092Mugshot500
LEONARD, ANGELA921048992Mugshot1000
JOHNSON, THI-KING921038692Mugshot1200
MURRAY, ANTHONY921032292Mugshot0
JUDD, DWIGHT921030992Mugshot0
DIAZ, JOSE921019492Mugshot79080
JORDAN, TIMOTHY91C91005291Mugshot1050
WILSON, GLORIA91C90003491Mugshot500
BROWN, LARRY91C90002991Mugshot10000
PACE, IRVING91C88002891Mugshot10000
LESTER, PAUL91975291Mugshot5000
BOBBITT, KELSIE91971891Mugshot1000
NASH, JAVON91947091Mugshot0
COBBS, COLISHA91901091Mugshot52000
COMPAORE, ALAIN91885491Mugshot0
ALLI, GAMIL9186591Mugshot0
WATKINS, MONTRELL91849891Mugshot10000
MITCHELL, ANTHONY91838591Mugshot0
MOSLEY, MICHAEL91821091Mugshot0
WILLIAMS, DESHAWN91798191Mugshot10000
LETTERLOUGH, MAURICE91785091Mugshot50000
SPEAR, CRYSTAL91668391Mugshot30000
GRAY, CARL91631991Mugshot500000
WHACK, CRYSTAL91613791Mugshot250000
BENNETT, TEVIN91566291Mugshot0
HARRIS, DAIRONTE91455791Mugshot0
TAYLOR, SHAWN91405691Mugshot21000
WEST, CHASSE91341391Mugshot0
MCGRAW, TERRY9133591Mugshot2000
CORREA, JULIO91276091Mugshot0
PETERKIN, NOEL91149291Mugshot0
NEWBY, TRAVIS91110891Mugshot0
PEREZ, MIGUEL911051091Mugshot0
GOURDINE, ALEX911050691Mugshot0
MCDOUGAL, NIKHOLAUS911046491Mugshot0
DAVIS, JACOB911040791Mugshot400
TUTTLE, NEIL911040691Mugshot1000
DAVIS, JAMES911038291Mugshot1000000
WALKER, GREGORY911031291Mugshot7500
REAVES, RODNEY911016391Mugshot0
EASTERLING, WILLIAM90C88000790Mugshot1000
BRIGHT, ANTHONY90879690Mugshot5000
DAVIS, DARNELLE90865890Mugshot500
SMITH, MARCUS90861890Mugshot60500
THARP, WILLIE9085190Mugshot0
LINDSEY, SHACOBY90766090Mugshot75000
ROBLES-AYALA, JUAN90750590Mugshot500
WOODARD, AARON90719990Mugshot7500
JONES, KENYON9063090Mugshot75000
MAJAK, ZAKARIA90627590Mugshot25000
BELL, VINCENT90559590Mugshot0
HASAN, JIHAD90556390Mugshot5000
MEKITA, STEPHEN90472890Mugshot15000
HYATT, MATTHEW90400190Mugshot2000
FRIERSON, CORRY90380490Mugshot0
FARLEY, JOHN90363490Mugshot2000
LITTLE, ANDRE9033990Mugshot116000
MARSHALL, BRADLEY90249290Mugshot8500
BUTLER, JERMAIN901050590Mugshot5000
GIBSON, JOSHUA901048790Mugshot0
YARBRAY, THOMAS901046590Mugshot25000
FAULKNER, MORGAN901038690Mugshot16000
DODD, MELVIN901036090Mugshot3100
GARDNER, JAYDA901030590Mugshot0
GARRISON, DYLAN901012990Mugshot25000
RICHARDSON, DUANE901005990Mugshot4000
VOID, STEVEN89C93000389Mugshot0
GANT, THOMAS89C88001289Mugshot151000
DAVIS, JAMES89962489Mugshot1500
LEE, ANTONIO89955489Mugshot1625
JOHNSON, HAKIM89949289Mugshot60000
KING, RONTAE89948889Mugshot0
MIAL, ANTONIO89923589Mugshot0
RAGSDALE, BALIK89890989Mugshot0
SCHWAN, JOHNATHON89876789Mugshot20150
JENKINS, DONTRELL89871189Mugshot750000
FISHER, DARELL89848689Mugshot0
JOLLY, TEVIN89795489Mugshot250000
MOORE, CHRISTOPHER89670289Mugshot0
RAMEY, JEREMY89639089Mugshot5000
OXENDINE, NYQUAN89558089Mugshot10025
MILLER, TERRANCE89453889Mugshot13500
TAYLOR, DEMETRIUS89416489Mugshot539000
RIDDLE, ASIA89333789Mugshot0
THORNE, DAVID89214889Mugshot200000
XAYACHAK, SOMPHANE89188889Mugshot1000
LEACH, ANTHONY89155989Mugshot500000
TILLEY, KENNETH89135689Mugshot20020
YONKOSKY, NICOLE891051089Mugshot0
WHITAKER, BREANNA891050589Mugshot500
LOPEZ, CIELO891050189Mugshot0
DARMETKO, ROBERT891048789Mugshot0
MIRANDA, EVAN891047589Mugshot20000
ROWE, CASEY891014789Mugshot3500
JOHNSON, ANTHONY88914288Mugshot0
SANDERS, TERIQUE88907288Mugshot25000
HUTCHENS, MICHAEL88854588Mugshot10000
POOLE, JUSTIN88728088Mugshot101000
NEAL, DEMETRICE88604088Mugshot75000
RICKERT, MATTHEW88566988Mugshot2000
WOMACK, PRESTON88396188Mugshot0
LYTCH, MARKISE88378588Mugshot1000000
SPINKS, DARIS88335688Mugshot500000
MILLS, OCTAVIUS88322788Mugshot0
EASTER, JASON88298588Mugshot0
KIRKMAN, BROOKS88146588Mugshot0
DEFIORE, RAYMOND88112188Mugshot0
LOPEZ, ARELI881050588Mugshot0
MATHURIN, HORACE881044788Mugshot500
MILLER, JEFFERY881027788Mugshot1000
MCKELLAR, EDWARD87C89001987Mugshot500
CRUMP, JAMAL87995087Mugshot20000
FLEMING, WESLEY87994887Mugshot110000
MERRITT, TAMARIUS87959887Mugshot6500
SMALL, MIQUAN87956387Mugshot150000
TOWNSEND, DEVON87947087Mugshot150000
LINDSAY, ORLANDO87828787Mugshot0
BRILEY, DENNIS87741287Mugshot0
CHESSON, KYLE87733887Mugshot2500
COFFELT, VICTOR87711087Mugshot8000
BRANDON, CHRISTIAN87699287Mugshot0
BURGESS, CHRISTOPHER87597087Mugshot1500
ELKINS, BENJAMIN87585087Mugshot1700
DAVIS, RENWICK87531987Mugshot20
GRANT, LEONARD87353587Mugshot1500
JEFFERIES, HUESTON87329487Mugshot3000
POWELL, BRANDON87300787Mugshot1000000
SPARKS, JACKIE87269187Mugshot27000
BREWER, SHONTAY8726387Mugshot0
FLAKE, JOHNNY87219987Mugshot296
THOMPSON, RAYMOND87174987Mugshot0
BRYANT, MARIO87164987Mugshot65000
MATTHEWS, JOHN8713387Mugshot25000
WHITAKER, MISTY871050587Mugshot500
BROWN, KANDICE871047587Mugshot0
BARKSDALE, RAQUAN871042787Mugshot110000
BYRD, OSCAR871014187Mugshot0
WILLIAMS, ANGELA86C92003786Mugshot5000
HORTON, SIDNEY86C91003386Mugshot5000
BUCHANAN, DWAYNE86C89000686Mugshot0
BOONE, ASHLEY86939686Mugshot2500
MOLLISON, JEREMY86924986Mugshot7500
BROWN, RAYMOND86890886Mugshot15000
KOTO, OSWALD86866486Mugshot0
DICK, DOMINIQUE86773986Mugshot5000
RUCKER, MAURICE86762086Mugshot0
GEARY, JEFFREY86750986Mugshot0
JOHNSON, KENNETH86744686Mugshot1000300
BARKER, RYAN86693186Mugshot0
SCALES, DEXTER86683186Mugshot0
BRANSCOME, SHAWN86614886Mugshot2000
WADDELL, ALVIN86573386Mugshot2500
BARNETT, STEVE86514286Mugshot0
INGRAM, AARON86513486Mugshot0
JOHNSON, DANIEL86389286Mugshot0
LEMONS, WILLIAM86324986Mugshot1000
CAMPBELL, DANIEL86318086Mugshot1600
WEAVER, RICHARD8630886Mugshot10050
SCOTT, TELLY86252586Mugshot5000
BEERS, KIMBERLY861051086Mugshot100500
LOVE, JESSICA861049786Mugshot0
ODISHO, SAMUEL861048786Mugshot0
CASTILLO, RAMON861048686Mugshot5000
BROWN, PAUL861047586Mugshot0
PARKER, CHRISTOPHER861040086Mugshot10000
JAMISON, ALLEN861021886Mugshot1000000
WELLS, CHARLES85962485Mugshot40000
MADUJIBEYA, UCHENNA85958285Mugshot200000
DAWSON, PENNY85824785Mugshot10000
LEWIS, JEREMY85816985Mugshot25000
DIETZ, MARY8579985Mugshot50000
SHAW, KUSHAINA85791685Mugshot1500
HAMPTON, ANTONIO85642185Mugshot0
RICH, THOMAS8553985Mugshot1000
SMITH, ERIC85471685Mugshot1500
GYANT, DEVIN85413085Mugshot50000
ZOLL, JAMES85317085Mugshot2500
SELLARS, TIMOTHY85147885Mugshot0
ANDERSON, DAVID85127085Mugshot0
ANDREWS, CHARLES851049785Mugshot0
WHITESIDE, TREMAINE851048685Mugshot0
WASHINGTON, DARUIS851039885Mugshot150100
BROWN, NATHAN851005285Mugshot52000
HAIRSTON, YVES84C93003384Mugshot0
QUICK, LAMONT84C89007684Mugshot0
HAM, ALPHONZO84C89001484Mugshot10
REID, JERRY84C88002984Mugshot1000
HOLMES, MICHAEL84996484Mugshot500000
LOPEZ, FERMIN84923584Mugshot7500000
BAREFOOT, ADAM84923084Mugshot700
MALONE, TEACO84910784Mugshot1000
TEAGUE, JOHN848984Mugshot5000
ROLLAND, MICHAEL84874084Mugshot0
SCHNEIDER, VLASTIMIL84795484Mugshot1000
BONNER, WILTON84770684Mugshot0
HEDGEPETH, KEVIN84749084Mugshot1000
MOORE, KADIJAH84652184Mugshot10000
EZEKIEL, PIERRE84488084Mugshot200000
MCCAULEY, KELVIN84465284Mugshot100000
BYRD, MARK84446384Mugshot0
FISHEL, JOSHUA84437284Mugshot7000
NEWKIRK, TASHUN84355284Mugshot2000
HAGOOD, ROBERT84334084Mugshot5000
SPANN, LATONYA84307084Mugshot0
WILLIAMS, TONY84140684Mugshot0
SMITH, JONATHAN84118284Mugshot15000
ALLEN, JAZMYN841048684Mugshot0
STENBAR, KALONE841047684Mugshot50000
HERRERA, WALTER841047584Mugshot0
SMITH, STEVEN841037784Mugshot231000
THOMPSON, KIERRA841027784Mugshot0
RANKIN, JOSEPH83C88003183Mugshot1050
NUNEZ, MARCOS83996483Mugshot0
OLIVEIRA, CHRISTINA83975683Mugshot50000
WALL, TYQUASHA83975483Mugshot0
CUMMINGS, EBONY83957483Mugshot200000
DAVIS, MARCUS83938283Mugshot0
BASTIAN, ENOCH83933283Mugshot0
HUMPHREY, KARL83868083Mugshot71500
BELL, ASHTON83802983Mugshot5000
WHITE, STAN83764783Mugshot
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Detention Centers

The Guilford County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the care and custody of inmates incarcerated at three separate detention facilities, Greensboro Detention Center, High Point Detention Center and the Sheriff's Prison Farm.

Our goal is to provide a safe, sanitary environment for inmates, visitors and staff while maintaining security for the community. Approximately 19,000 inmates are booked into the detention facilities each year. The average daily population at all jail facilities combined exceeds 800 inmates.

Due to the size and population of Guilford County, detention facilities are maintained at three sites in Guilford County; Greensboro, High Point and Gibsonville. All facilities are governed by the same policies. Inmates may be assigned or transferred to any location at any time.

There are many reasons a person may be detained in the County Jail. The following is a list of some of those reasons:

  • A person has been charged with a crime in Guilford County and is awaiting trial. These crimes can range anywhere from a traffic violation to murder.
  • A person has been found guilty of a crime and is waiting for a sentence.
  • A person has been sentenced less than a year for a crime, and is serving that sentence in the County Jail.
  • A person has been sentenced to a year or more and is awaiting transfer to the North Carolina Department of Corrections to serve that sentence.
  • A person may be held in the Guilford County Jail on a warrant from another jurisdiction awaiting transfer to that jurisdiction.

Regardless of the reason someone is being held in the Sheriff's custody, certain services must be provided. In many ways the jail is its own city. The following is a list of some of the services and programs the jail operates:

  • Food Service
  • Healthcare Services
  • Mail Services
  • Commissary Services
  • Banking Services
  • Educational Services
  • Religious Services
  • Work Programs

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Jails & Prisons in Guilford County, North Carolina

There are 6 Jails & Prisons in Guilford County, North Carolina, serving a population of 517,197 people in an area of 646 square miles. There is 1 Jail & Prison per 86,199 people, and 1 Jail & Prison per 107 square miles.

In North Carolina, Guilford County is ranked 93rd of 100 counties in Jails & Prisons per capita, and 18th of 100 counties in Jails & Prisons per square mile.

List of Guilford County Jails & Prisons

Find Guilford County, North Carolina jails, prisons, detention centers, departments of corrections, and penitentiaries.

About Guilford County Jails & Prisons

A Guilford County Jail or Prison is a secure facility located in Guilford County, NC where individuals, referred to as inmates, are involuntarily confined and their freedoms and movement are restricted as a consequence of criminal behavior. Guilford County Jails are short-term facilities where inmates either await trial or sentencing for a crime, or serve relatively short sentences. Guilford County Prisons are longer-term facilities where inmates serve out a prison sentence, usually of a year or more, for their crimes.

You may contact Jails & Prisons for questions about:
  • Locating Guilford County inmates
  • Finding out who is in Jail or Prison
  • Searching for criminal records
  • Performing Guilford County background checks
  • Contacting, visiting and sending money to inmates

Guilford County Jail and Prison Statistics

Find Guilford County Jail Admissions By Race, Pretrial Jail Population, Jail Held Inmates, Prison Admissions, and Prison Population By Race. Data Source: U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics; National Prisoner Statistics (NPS) Program, Prisoners In 2015.

Total Jail Admissions19,462
Total Jail Population806
Female Jail Population90
Male Jail Population687
Asian Jail Population3
Black Jail Population519
Latino Jail Population38
Native Jail Population3
White Jail Population214
Pretrial Jail Population699
Female Pretrial Jail Population75
Male Pretrial Jail Population618
Jail Population Held for State Prison14
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison-
Jail Population Held for State Jail-
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail-
Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies21
Jail Population Held for ICE-
Total Prison Admissions1,009
Female Prison Admissions99
Male Prison Admissions910
Asian Prison Admissions-
Black Prison Admissions705
Latino Prison Admissions33
Native Prison Admissions9
White Prison Admissions254
Other Prison Admissions3
Total Prison Population2,567
Female Prison Population141
Male Prison Population2,426
Asian Prison Population14
Black Prison Population1,796
Latino Prison Population150
Native Prison Population18
White Prison Population573
Other Prison Population12

Jails & Prisons near Guilford County

Guilford County Public Records

Other Guilford County Offices


County jail guilford

Lookup Inmates in Guilford County, North Carolina. Results May Include: Arrest Detail, Date, Agency, Type, Officer, Location, Offense Date, Description, Related Incident, Bail Amount, Bail Type, Court #, Inmate Details, Address, Jail Housing Location, Incarceration Date, Scheduled Release, Race/Gender.

Guilford County

400 West Washington Street

Greensboro, NC  27402

(336) 641-2700

County History:

The county was established in 1771 and its county seat is in Greensboro.  It is third on the list of counties with the most citizens and since 1938, a second seat is in High Point, NC.  The state’s first and only public institution of higher learning for women was established in 1932 in Greensboro.  It later became part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  The area has a history of racial unrest.  

County Population:  506,610

Area Code(s):  336

Jail Website:  

County Sheriff:  BJ Barnes

400 West Washington St
Greensboro, NC 27402

Deputy Sheriff:  Chief Deputy Colonel T.R. Powers, [email protected], (336) 641-3694

Crime Stats for Greensboro:  Greensboro’s violent crime rate has been consistently above the national average since 2001.   

Per 1,000 residents, Greensboro has 2.35 or 671 officers, which is above North Carolina’s average of 2.39

County Clerk:  Unknown:  

Inmate Search Instructions:  

Visiting Hours:  Greensboro Detention Center only

The general visitation schedule for the Greensboro Detention facilities are as follows:

Tuesday – Friday

  • 8:30 am – 10:30 am
  • 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
  • 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday

  • 8:30 am – 10:30 am
  • 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

For inmates housed in Administrative Segregation:


  • 8:30 am – 10:30 am
  • 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
  • 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm


  • 8:30 am – 10:30 am
  • 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

All Visits at Greensboro Jail Central must be scheduled in person at the visitation kiosk or at the reception window. Visitors need to register and schedule their visit one day in advance. Visitors may visit only one time per week for at least 20 minutes.

Sending mail to Inmates:  No information available

Sending funds to inmates:  

The public can deposit paper currency, cashier checks, or money orders into an inmate’s account at the reception area of both the Greensboro and High Point facilities. Cash for inmates is accepted Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm except during visitation hours and holidays. Money orders, certified or cashier checks may also be received through the mail.

Working at Guilford County:  

Sex Offender Search:  

Bail and Bail Bondsmen:  No information available

Guilford County Jail Statistics
Number of Persons Confined861
Avg Daily Population863
Full time payroll231
Full time total employees235
Total salaries and wagesnot applicable
Other operating expendituresnot applicable
Total construction costsnot applicable
Equipment, furnishings, etcnot applicable
Year of original construction1975
Year of major renovationnot applicable


Guilford County Unemployment and Median Household Income
Civilian Labor Force Annual Average, 2016258,800
Number Employed Annual Average, 2016245,306
Number Unemployed Annual Average, 201613,494
Unemployment Rate, 20165.2
Median Household Income Annual Average, 201548,283

Sources: Unemployment – Bureau of Labor Statistics LAUS data, Median Household Income – Census Bureau SAIPE data, Rural Classifications – USDA Economic Research Service

Guilford County Poverty Data
Estimate of People of All Ages In Poverty 201478,783
Estimate Percentage of People of All Ages In Poverty 201515.7

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Model-based Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates (SAIPE)

Woman dies at Guilford County jail; new video shows how detention officers responded

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