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Ford offering emergency strobes on Super Duty trucks [w/video]


If you're driving a Ford Super Duty, chances are you've got a job to do. It could be construction or maintenance, or it could be something big you're hauling, but either way, you may need to warn others in the vicinity that you're on the job. Which is why Ford is now offering strobe warning lights on its F-Series Super Dutytrucks.

The $700 option includes a pair of amber LED strobe lights on the hood (by the base of the windshield), another pair at the back on either side of the high-mounted stop light, and a trim panel with four switches on the center stack inside. The equipment can be factory-installed or dealer-installed after sale, are covered by warranty, require no drilling for installation (to reduce risk of corrosion), are programmable in different patterns and can be seen from up to a mile away at night or a thousand feet during the day.

See a demonstration in the video below.

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Ford to Offer Factory-Installed LED Strobe Warning Lights on F-150

Warning lights are available to fleet customers

Ford is expanding the availability of factory-installed LED strobe warning light kit to the F-150 range for the first time. The automaker already offers LED strobe warning lights on the larger 2016 Super Duty truck range.

Designed for use by utility, road construction, and municipal crews who need enhanced vehicle visibility on the work site, the LED strobe light kit will be able to warn motorists that workers are present in a specific site, letting them know to drive with extra caution. Ford's LED strobe light kit uses weather-resist, low power LED lights that have been specifically designed to work with F-150's all-aluminum body.

Front- and rear-mounted amber lens strobe lights can be seen from up to 1,000 feet during the day and up to a mile at night time. Forward-facing signals are mounted high at the rear edge of the hood for optimum visibility while the rear-facing signals are positioned on either side of the high-mounted stop light to provide 180-degree lighting. Customers will also be able to program the lights' flash patterns to meet specific fleet requirements.

"Ford designed the first-ever factory-installed LED warning light kit based on fleet customer input," said Kent Bock, Ford's commercial accessory business development manager, in a release. "Because it comes directly from Ford, customers can trust that this light kit is Built Ford Tough. Ordering is as easy as checking a box, and the truck is delivered to your dealer with the system installed."

The factory-installed LED strobe warning lights are a no-drill option and come with a warranty of three years or 36,000 miles. Ford also says that the strobe lights are not susceptible to corrosion issues that can be the result of aftermarket installation and are serviceable at all dealerships.

Source: Ford



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Chester Client Adds Ford F-250 Super Duty Safety Lighting

A client from Chester recently dropped by Extreme Audio while researching 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty safety lighting options. He works in the pavement industry and was referred to us by a regular client who’s in the same type of business. Since the truck is often sitting on the side of busy roads, having some sort of strobe lighting to make it stand out was a must.

We spent some time on looking at the truck to figure out the best mounting locations for the strobes and decided they would fit right into the same positions we’d used previously in other trucks. We put a plan together and he booked an appointment for the following week.

We added four LED strobe pods to the front of the truck inside the grille. Each strobe has six LEDs, and in this case, half amber and half white. This gives the client multiple options when it comes to strobe patterns.

In the rear of the truck, we replaced the reverse light bulbs with LED pods. The bright-white pods also double as brighter-than-normal reverse lights when the vehicle is backing up. Up top, we replaced the white lights in the third brake light with two more white LED strobe pods. The back end of the F-250 looks totally factory. All the lights are controlled by the factory “upfit” switches in the overhead console.

Are you involved in roadwork, landscaping or towing? If so, we have a variety of safety lighting available for you. Swing by one of our Richmond, VA-area locations, in Midlothian or Mechanicsville. You can also contact us here.

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F250 strobe lights ford

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2019 F-250 Strobe Lights for Pickup Trucks

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