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The Nightmare in Ivory


Common; Draconic

I know your scent now.


Gelidon, pacing outside the party's dome.[1]


Gelidon, the Nightmare in Ivory, is an ancient female[2]white dragon. As an NPC, Gelidon is played by Matthew Mercer.



Gelidon is "of hoarfrost color"; in other words, a white dragon.[3]


Gelidon has a personality similar to that of a spurned bride, with much frustration and anger fueled by a failed courtship years earlier. [4]



Gelidon has occupied her territory in the Greying Wildlands of Wildemount for some time. When Vorugal began encroaching upon Gelidon's territory in Wildemount (approximately twenty years prior to Campaign 2, or around P.D.), a courtship began between the two ancient white dragons. However, Vorugal was killed by Vox Machina before anything could happen between them. Gelidon was frustrated that the one prospective mate that came into her territory never came back.[5]

"Manifold Morals" (2x74)

In the Vellum Steeple Archives, Beau read a book that spoke of a cursed location to the far eastnortheast of Uthodurn, known as Mythburrow, about miles away. It talked of an ancient dragon of hoarfrost color and quaking roar was thought to possibly nest there, but unseen in nearly a century. The dragon’s name is Gelidon, the Nightmare in Ivory.[6]

"Rime and Reason" (2x75)

The Mighty Nein and their aasimar druid ally Reani attempted to scope out Mythburrow, Gelidon's supposed lair, with hopes of turning the mythril bar in their possession into iceflex via a white dragon's breath. In doing so they killed the present members of a group of yeti living inside, and discovered cave drawing-like depictions of the yeti delivering gifts to a large, winged lizard. Knowing that white dragons prefer freezing their prey before eating, the party hatched a plan to bait Gelidon out with an offering similar to those of the yeti, but hid the mythril bar nearby in hopes it would be blasted by proximity from the dragon's icy breath. Once everything was in place, the massive form of the ancient white dragon Gelidon burst out of her lair to inspect the offering, and killed it with two subsequent frozen breath attacks. Everything seemed to be going smoothly for the Nein until Gelidon tore her frozen prize out of the ground and flew back to the lair with the mythril bar still attached to the underside. With no other options and noticing that the bar had been turned into iceflex before being carried off, Nott, Jester, Beau, and Reani (in giant owl form) snuck into its lair, retrieved the mythril, and successfully escaped back to the Tiny Hut, also taking with them some chainmail[7] and a rainbow-colored stone.[8] Caleb then teleported the party back to Uthodurn.

"Fair-weather Faith" (2x)

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Monster Analysis: Gelidon, the Nightmare in Ivory (Eiselcross)

  • First Appearance: Rime and Reason

  • Encounter Appearance: Fair-weather Faith

  • Armor Class 20

  • Speed 40 ft, 80 flying (Immune to difficult terrain by cold weather)

  • Blindsight 60 ft, Darkvision ft, Passive 23

  • Immune to Cold Damage

  • Legendary Actions, Legendary Resistances

  • Estimated Total HP:

  • Total damage taken: +unknown

The last time the Mighty Nein drew Gelidon’s attention, the level 9 party infiltrated her lair just long enough to borrow her breath before escaping with their lives. Four levels later and caught out in the open of a frozen wasteland with a fragilly aligned rival party, the Nein gave us our first taste of combat against a legendary dragon this campaign.

For those new to dragon combat in Critical Role, Matt has historically increased their HP to rival a party of seven so they stick around long enough to live up to the terrifying infamy they carry with them. This health bar proved especially useful with an even larger number of opponents; Gelidon quickly learned that the puny “ants” that had invaded her lair before came with almost double the numbers and were not as puny as before.

The Battle

Despite having the aerial advantage, Gelidon was extremely unlucky this encounter. Her breath weapon went severely underutilized, caused by both the parties spreading out and her own failure to regenerate it.

Yasha’s battlecry was absolutely critical for protecting everyone from Gelidon’s Frightful Presence and round 1 breath attack. The advantage she granted was also responsible for three critical hits on Gelidon by Yasha, Lucien, and Fjord, the latter of which tied Jester’s record for most single-target damage in Campaign 2 of

The alliance’s three clerics all busted out high level damage spells, Fire Storm and two Harms, as well as two high level Heals. Realizing that abilities that required a save in order to work (Stunning Strike, Slow) were practically useless against Gelidon, most of the party stuck to damage dealing the massive, white-scaled sack of hit points.

Had she stuck around any longer, Gelidon wouldn’t have been able to make her escape. The Tomb Takers were content to fight her so long as it was convenient to them; as soon as she took off, they saw it as a problem solved and moved on.

The Aftermath

Several important things came out of this battle.

  1. The Mighty Nein spellcasters burned almost all of their higher level spells.

  2. Lucien revealed that he has legendary actions.

  3. Cree burned through two of her higher level spell slots.

  4. We learned that Tyffial and Lucien are at least Level 14 Blood Hunters, based on their Esoteric Rites.

  5. Otis stole the Bag of Holding while hiding behind Fjord (and bickering with Veth), and nobody noticed until hours later. 

    1. Potentially. It’s possible that Otis stole it while the Tomb Takers and Mighty Nein were all in the tower instead, but Otis did nothing but conveniently hide behind Fjord during a round when they could have been fighting the dragon, so the Nein’s suspicions aren’t unfounded.

    2. Otis sucks.

  6. Gelidon took a lot of damage, but survived. Should the Nein stay in the area for long enough, there’s a possibility she could be back for revenge. Along with a giant frost worm. And an angry band of like-minded… well, that’s another article. (Fortunately, nesting rocs and deep sea scions don’t tend to travel this far north.)

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Monster Analysis: Gelidon, the Nightmare in Ivory (Ancient White Dragon)

  • First Appearance: Rime and Reason

  • Armor Class 20

  • Speed 40 ft, 80 ft flying

  • Blindsight 60 ft, Darkvision ft, Passive 23

  • Immune to Cold Damage

  • Legendary Actions, Legendary Resistances

  • Suggested Average/Max HP: ,

White dragons may be least clever of their type, but their ferocity, unrelenting persistence, and perfect memory make them among the most feared hunters. They decorate their icy lairs with the trophies of those they fell. Coins, diamonds, magical items, anything of value is frozen in solid blocks of ice the dragon can easily bore through, but would take would-be thieves well over an hour to chisel to even touch. Bribes of any value are seen as a grave insult; why accept your piddling offer of platinum when they can just take it over your cold, dead body? That’s how they like it, after all.

This is the third white dragon we’ve seen on Critical Role. Half of Vox Machina took on a “mere” adult white dragon, which provided a very dangerous challenge to the party of five level 11 characters. Later, all of VM successfully battled an ancient white dragon. It had over HP and required the assistance of a powerful fiend just to soften it up for a party of level 15 adventurers with a few Vestiges of Divergence and their own ancient dragon. Keep in mind that the suggested HP values are those presented by the Monster Manual; the dragons of Exandria are made of much tougher material.

The Nightmare in Ivory

Gelidon hadn’t been seen for a hundred years prior to their encounter, and the Nein learned why after their first battle in Mythburrow. The yetis that made the antechamber of Gelidon’s lair home worshipped her and provided her with everything she wanted- food and riches- without the dragon having to do much work. Gelidon got to sit comfortably in her lair and only come out when the yetis called to her. She would make quick work of whatever unlucky creatures they brought to her hunting tunnel, take its remains back to her lair to eat, then seal herself in again.

Combat wasn’t an option for the Nein. This encounter was a heist.

The Plan

1. Caleb casts Leomund’s Tiny Hut.
2. Jester places the mithral on a shield near where their bait spider will stand that is tied to a rope that goes back to the hut
3. Fjord holds the rope within the hut
4. Jester and Nott hide in a place where they can see the mithral together
5. Beau invisibly hides where she can see the mithral and get to it quickly if it turns to iceflex
6. Reani summons an ice spider queen and directs her to stand by the mithral
7. Jester calls for Gelidon through Thaumaturgy
8. Gelidon arrives and breathes on the spider and mithral, turning it to iceflex
9. Gelidon goes away with her quarry
The Mighty Nein takes the iceflex
Caleb casts Teleportation Circle

As with any heist, things started out well enough. The yeti “guards” had already been dealt with the day before, allowing the Nein to set the scene undisturbed. Jester, Beau, and Nott were all positioned to observe if the task had been completed, grab the iceflex unseen, and get back safely to the magical hut. Reani summoned her ice spider queen, Jester called for Gelidon, and the game was afoot!

Reani’s choice of summoning an ice spider queen was the lynchpin to this whole plan working at all. The spider was big enough to get and keep Gelidon’s interest, and its resistance to cold damage allowed it to live long enough for the dragon to blast the mithral twice, imbuing it with enough energy to convert it to iceflex. Without Reani, the Nein would have needed to turn someone into a creature through Polymorph, putting themselves at risk from the very beginning. Plus, once Gelidon tore through their polymorphed form’s hit points, they would have reverted to being a humanoid right in front of the dragon rather than just disappearing like the spider. 

And as with any heist, there had to be a change in the plan. The risk of putting the mithral so close to the spider was that it would get eaten as Gelidon tore into the spider or would get frozen to the spider, and the latter came to pass. Beau’s decision to cut the rope attached to the mithral was panic-inducing at first, but worked out in the Nein’s favor. There was very little chance that the Nein were going to win a strength contest against an ancient white dragon to pull the mithral away from it. Had they tried, it likely would have gotten Gelidon’s attention, drawing them into battle with her in a room that they had described earlier as “fish in a barrel.” With the mithral frozen in the block of ice where the spider used to be and squarely in the dragon's nest, the team had to utilize each of their strengths to distract the mark long enough to make off with the prize (as well as a few extra accessories).

Sours: https://www.critrolestats.com/blog//8/20/monster-analysis-gelidon-the-nightmare-in-ivory-ancient-white-dragon

For episode 71 (chapter 6, episode 2), see Vorugal (episode).

Vorugal, the Frigid Doom


Common; Draconic[presumed]


Skysunder (child, destroyed by Vox Machina)

First seen

"Omens" (1x39)

You! Betrayer! RAAAUUGHH!

Vorugal, the Frigid Doom, was an ancient white dragon and a member of the Chroma Conclave. As an NPC, Vorugal was played by Matthew Mercer.



Vorugal was an ancient white dragon. He was covered in white dragon scales and hide, with piercing blue eyes and gnarled teeth. It was not uncommon for icicles to hang from under his chin.


Vorugal was mentioned by Lady Allura to be the most bestial member of the Chroma Conclave. Although white dragons are just as intelligent as their other chromatic counterparts, Vorugal chose to be a hunter and collector of treasures like others of his kind, rather than a deceiver and schemer. Vorugal was fascinated with the hunt and the thrill of stalking worthy prey. He was however overly jealous of the power of others and would challenge any creature that undermined or questioned his superiority. His goal was to find a creature more powerful than him, a hunt that provided a real challenge, which ironically proved to be his undoing.

Sours: https://criticalrole.fandom.com/wiki/Vorugal_(character)

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Allochka smiled for real, and they both disappeared in an unknown direction. And we went to the nearest cafe. We dined slowly, talking about this and that, like old acquaintances.

Trial of the Take - Critical Role: VOX MACHINA - Episode 18

Head of the bed there was a throne (seriously, such a large carved wooden chair). On it sat a mighty woman, at least two meters tall, broad in the shoulders, with a strong-willed face, which was cut by several scars. Coming closer to her, he noted for himself that she had a thick head of black hair with already noticeable gray hair, braided into a.

Thick braid, as well as an outstanding bust, which cannot be hidden by any armor, as it seems to me.

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