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miller beer steins

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Here at Steinland we also carry a near-complete collection of Miller steins dating from to the last year of   The   Miller Holiday steins   appear from the oldest to the newest. The latest years show towards the bottom of this page. 

Thanks for looking!

Miller stein                 $     SALE!  $ 


MillerLeft.jpg ( bytes)MillerRight.jpg ( bytes) Miller stein                 $   SALE!  $


 KittyHawk7in.jpg ( bytes) Miller "Kitty Hawk Flight"    $

(First stein of the series of 5)


ModelTMiller.jpg ( bytes) Miller "Model T Ford"        SALE!  $


TrainMiller.jpg ( bytes) Miller "Transcontinental Railway"     $   SALE!  $


RiverSteamerMiller.jpg ( bytes) Miller "River Steamer"         $   SALE!  $


MillerAstronaut.jpg ( bytes)

Be sure to click on images to see a much clearer picture!

Miller "First Man on the Moon"  $   

(Last stein of the series of 5)

Millerjpg ( bytes) Miller "Paul Revere's Ride  "         $


(First stein this series of 4) 

Millerjpg ( bytes) Miller "Signing of the Declaration of Independence "   $


Millerjpg ( bytes) Miller "Washington Crossing the Delaware "        $



Millerjpg ( bytes)

Be sure to click on images to see a much clearer picture!

Miller "Lewis & Clark, "   $   (Last stein this series of 4)  


MillerFront.jpg ( bytes) Miller  "Pleasures of Winter"   $ (First in a series of 3 steins featuring the artwork of Terry Redlin)   


MillerLidded.jpg ( bytes)MillerLiddedRight.jpg ( bytes) Miller  "Pleasures of Winter" Lidded Stein  $ (First in a series of 3 steins featuring the artwork of Terry Redlin)   Features a pewter figurine of a cabin with a snow-covered roof. This stein was a limited Edition of up to


Millerjpg ( bytes) Miller "The Sharing Season"    $  MillerLidded.jpg ( bytes)MillerLiddedRight.jpg ( bytes) Miller "The Sharing Season" Lidded Stein    (Limited Edition of up to steins)


Millerjpg ( bytes) Miller "Welcome to Paradise"   $ (end of this series of 3)  Millerjpg ( bytes) Miller "Silent Sentinel"  artist:  Kevin Daniel   $


Millerjpg ( bytes) Miller "December Dusk"  artist:  Eric Bryant      OUT Millers copy.jpg ( bytes)

Be sure to click on images to see a much clearer picture!

Miller  (non-lidded version)  "Winter Watch" artist: Janice Forrester  $     (end of series of 3)  


Miller67%.jpg ( bytes)

Miller Stein   "Package From Home"  Second in a new series.            $   MillerSport.jpg ( bytes)Miller Stein "Sport"  Third in the latest series.     $MillerEagle.jpg ( bytes)Miller Stein   "Freedom's Spirit"   A great new wildlife series being introduced by Miller.      

 Only issued as an unlidded stein.    Very hard to find stein these days!

RosieLeftA.jpg ( bytes)RosieRightA.jpg ( bytes)Miller Stein  "Rosie the Riveter"  Fourth and final stein in series.     $MillerLeft.jpg ( bytes)Millerright.jpg ( bytes)Miller Stein   "Winter's Guardians"   Second in the new wildlife series by  Miller.        $     


Miller Lidded Stein   "Winter's Guardians"   Second in the new wildlife series by  Miller.        $  

   (only the unlidded stein is shown at the left)


Miller.gif ( bytes)Miller Stein   "Four Seasons"  Third and final in the wildlife series by  Miller.        $  

Miller Lidded Stein   "Four Seasons"           $  

  (only the unlidded stein is shown at the left)


MillerLiddedStein.jpg ( bytes)MillerStein.jpg ( bytes)   "Silent Sunset"

First stein in a series of steins 

by artist Terry Redlin 

Miller Stein:      $ 

Miller Lidded Stein       $

Miller.jpg ( bytes)MillerLeft.jpg ( bytes)  

Be sure to click on images to see a much clearer picture!

  "Peaceful Evening"

Second stein in this series of steins 

by artist Terry Redlin 

Miller Stein:         $   

Miller Lidded Stein      OUT

Miller.jpg ( bytes)"Leaving the Sanctuary"

Third stein in a series of steins 

by artist Terry Redlin 

Miller Stein:          OUT


Miller Lidded Stein       $  

MillerJPG ( bytes)

"Twilight Glow"

Fourth stein in a series of steins 

by artist Terry Redlin 

Miller Stein:             OUT

Miller Lidded Stein       OUT

Miller.jpg ( bytes)


Miller stein "Evening Chores"                 $


Miller lidded stein  "Evening Chores"          $

Be sure to click on images to see a much clearer picture!

More Miller steins listed below. These are not from the annual series of steins, however.

MillerBock.jpg ( bytes)Miller Bock  hofbrau stein, a modern reproduction of a bottle label.            $  MillerGlobe.jpg ( bytes)Miller "Around the World"  7 1/4" tall, this stein holds a whopping 73 ounces! Features the continents around the world in raised relief and shows locations of the international offices of Miller Brewing. Limited edition of only and comes with a certificate of authenticity and is gift-boxed.      $      

Miller beer stein 0,5 liter

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Exclusively available at Montags 0,5 liter with a flat pewter lid Get any of the more
Product information "Miller beer stein 0,5 liter"
    • Exclusively available at Montags
    • 0,5 liter
    • with a flat pewter lid

Get any of the Occupation steins engraved on the top flat pewter lid.

And make it an outstanding personalized gift for everyone.

"Müller" is the German word for Miller.

Very nice designed authentic German beer stein.

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