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A/N: Hey guys, so I'm sorry it has been a while since I updated. I posted a preference earlier, but here is another one shot . I hope you enjoy, and thanks to the amazing person who created the cover.

Imagine: You were having trouble sleeping and you called Jason.

I was there again... in that small, dark and damp cell. I had zero ideas as to why I would be here, all I knew was that I was tied to a chair and afraid. "Hello," I scream, but no one answers. I continue to twist and fight against my restraints while screaming like a banshee. Jason! Jason would come find me. "Jason," I scream repeatedly. "Jason help me!" Then suddenly, the door to the cell opens, but the person who comes in is not Jason. Instead it is a tall lanky man with glasses enters the room. "Oh my dear, I'm afraid Jason won't be joining us at the moment. He's... well he's dead."

"What," I yell; tears starting to pool in my eyes. "Oh my god," I continue to sob.

"Shh... shh... everything will be okay; I have the solution to your problems right here."

"There is no solution. Jason's dead."

"Yes," he says, and then a puff of yellow smoke appears in my face; I cough and accidentally breathe it in and that is when the room begins to spin. The world becomes warped and all of the sudden I am watching it; I am watching my boyfriend die. Jason was on the ground struggling to get to his feet, but a man with green hair kicked him in the ribs causing him to double over in pain. The next thing I knew, he was beating Jason with a crowbar. "Noooo!!!!" I screamed and I screamed, but it was like no one could hear me, not even Jason. Just as the man, the Joker went to deliver the death blow, it was over. I woke up gasping for air, tears running down my cheeks. "Jason," I whispered in a small voice. "Jason. I have to check on Jason." Instantly, I jumped out from the tangle of covers and ran for my phone. Quickly dialing his number, the phone rang a few times before he answered. "Jason," I said quickly.

"Hey you," he said sweetly. "What's up? Everything okay? You sound a little worried."

"I'm fine, I just had a bad dream and I needed to hear your voice."

"Aww I'm sorry babe. I'll tell you what, I'm almost finished with patrol, I'll swing by and pick you up on my way home. Pack a bag and I'll be there soon, you can stay at my place tonight."

"Are you sure," I ask. "I mean it won't be awkward with the rest of them there? They won't say anything?"

"No, and if they do who cares?"


"I'll sneak you in okay. I'll be there in fifteen, I love you."

"I love you too."

"Okay babe, I have to go, some idiot thought it would be nice to try and steal a lady's purse."

"Okay be safe," I say. "I'll see you in fifteen." With that said, he hangs up and is most likely going to break a man's hand and jaw...

I sigh in relief knowing that he is okay; the thought of losing him is just too much to bear. Without thinking about the dream too much, knowing I will end up a sobbing mess again, I focus on packing my bag for tonight. I strip and place my pajamas in my bag, then I change into jeans and a hoodie, and I grab other things like a tooth brush, brush, deodorant, phone, etc. Before I know it, there is a familiar knock at the window. I run to the fire escape and open the window; crouching outside is Jason still wearing his uniform. "Ready," he asks. I nod and he helps me out the window before closing it. "You have your keys right because I don't feel like breaking and fixing windows tomorrow."

"Yes I have my keys," I laugh.

"Okay well I'm parked in the ally. We better hurry before someone get's the bright idea to steal my bike." I nod again and begin climbing down the fire escape; when we reach his bike, he hands me the spare helmet which I put on. As we get on the bike, I wrap my arms around him like I always do and snuggle as close as possible; the stupid helmet makes it kind of impossible. Before I know it, we are speeding towards Wayne manor. Jason parks his bike in the batcave's garage and we begin sneaking around towards the elevator. We find it empty meaning the others are either out or upstairs in Wayne Manor. Jason takes off his helmet and takes my had, rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb. He hasn't asked yet even though I know it's killing him. As the elevator dings, signalling the doors will open in a moment, Jason lets go of my hand so he can see if anyone is out and about in the house.

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/421141555-batboys-x-reader-jason-todd-x-reader-nightmare

Cait Writes Stuff — #27. Nightmares - Jason Todd x Reader

#27. Nightmares - Jason Todd x Reader

It’s day 27 of the 30 day challenge! For the full list of the prompts I will be doing for this writing challenge and the ones I have already completed, go here. Enjoy!

You were peacefully sleeping one night when were awakened by Jason’s violent tossing and turning in the bed next to you. You were a bit annoyed that he had woken you up until you realized why he was so distressed.

“No! [Y/N] … don’t.” He moaned clutching his side in perceived pain. He moaned and turned to his side again to face you. His face glistened with sweat and was set into a hard look of discomfort. You moved your hand you brush against his face and push away the hair that was sticking to his forehead.

“Jay, wake up.” You speak softly in an attempt to pull him out of his dream. “Jason!” You repeated a bit louder, nudging his shoulders gently. His eyes fluttered at your touch and he shot up in the bed letting out a terrified yell.

“[Y/N]! Oh God, [Y/N]!” He cried when he realized you were by his side all along. He pulled you into  a tight embrace, refusing to let go. You let him hold you, knowing it was the least you could do to start comforting him from whichever nightmare plagued him tonight. A lot of terrible shit has happened to your boyfriend in his lifetime and frequent nightmares were its byproduct. You did what you could to help him but there were somethings he was still hesitant to tell you about his past, skeletons he wasn’t ready to dig out of the closet.

“Do you want to talk about it, Jay?” You whisper softly, gently rubbing his back. He buried his head in the crook of your neck and held you silently for a few more moments. You didn’t push it any further, knowing that sometimes he just needed to hold you. Sometimes that’s all the comfort he needed but you always wanted to be an open ear for him.

“They killed you, [Y/N].” He whispered almost inaudibly into your neck. “They killed you and I couldn’t do anything to stop them.”

“I’m here, Jay.” You say gently, running your fingers through his hair.

“You were bleeding out in my arms and there … there was a god damn Lazarus pit [Y/N]. I wanted to - God I wanted save you but not like that. I couldn’t - wouldn’t - put you through that kind of hell.” He said pulling away and framing your face with his hands. He rested his forehead against yours and brushed his fingers through your hair. “I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you [Y/N].” He whispered.

“I’m not going anywhere Jason.” You swore. He shook his head sadly.

“You can’t promise that. My life has a habit of destroying everything that I care for. I love you more than anything [Y/N]. I don’t want to imagine a world without you.” He responded sadly. You shook your head and took his face in between you hands.

“Jason Peter Todd I promise you that I will be by your side right up until the bitter end, whenever that may be. I don’t care what bullshit the universe throws our way. I love you and there’s no place I’d rather be than here with you.” You say passionately, staring deep into his soul. His sad eyes brightened a fraction and he guided you in for a slow bittersweet kiss.

“You’re more than I deserve.” He said burying his head in you neck once more and pulling you infinitely closer to him.

“You’re so very wrong, Jason. You do deserve me and I’m by far the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call you mine. I love you Jason.” You say pulling him into another kiss. The pain brought on by his nightmare was far from forgotten but you were glad that you could get his mind off such thoughts, even if it was just for the night.

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Not sure what the future of this account is but if you want to keep tabs on me elsewhere l post regularly on TikTok about books I’m reading and cosplay cute elf/fae ladies.

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Day 4 - Sweaters

You’ve heard of bed sharing, now I give you sweater sharing! Day 4 of @yoiadventcalendar: Sweaters

True days off are so rare for Victor and Yuuri, especially in December when the pressures of nationals and training and the Grand Prix Final get in the way of the couple taking a well deserved day to just do nothing. As rare as the occurrence is, today is a day that Victor and Yuuri both find themselves with a day off and no sponsor meetings to get in the way of that.

They actually have a day off.

Yuuri takes the opportunity to sleep in for the first time in months. Nothing, not even Victor, can coerce him to wake up before 10AM. Victor knows this and he silently slips out of bed that morning and lets his fiance continue sleeping in peace while he goes about his day off morning routine.

First thing’s first, he takes Makkachin out for her morning walk in the bitter Saint Petersburg snowy morning. Even Makkachin doesn’t seem to want to spend much time out here this morning. She does what she needs to do and they quickly retreat back to the comfort of their toasty apartment.

As Victor suspects, Yuuri is still asleep and likely still will be for an hour or two. Victor’s caught in the dilemma of not knowing what to do with his idle time. What did he used to do on days like this? Before Yuuri?

Victor supposes he could try and finish one of the many books that sat neglected on their living room table.

Victor makes himself a cup of tea, stirs in a spoonful of jam (much to Yuuri’s continued horror and disgust), throws on a warm sweater twice his size, and collapses onto their couch, tea in hand, reading glasses perched on his nose and a good book in his lap. Makkachin trudges over and hops up onto the couch with no invitation and collapses with a satisfied sigh curled up next to Victor’s feet. Victor reaches out and tenderly scratches the top of her head.

This had long since been their little day off tradition before Yuuri entered their lives. This was the rare bonding time he and Makkachin had where they can just sit on a couch all day cuddling and napping in silence. It’s been a while since they’ve had a morning like this. Usually, Yuuri is here cuddling with them squinting up at his DS while laying with Victor on the couch as he quietly reads a book. They don’t need words, they’re just happy to exist quietly alongside each other.

But for now it’s just he and Makkachin.

Victor reads his book and slowly sips at his tea. The morning is quiet and peaceful and Victor’s mind wanders over to the idea of retirement when these mornings would become more common. One day it will be nice to take life at a slower pace, preferably with his Yuuri here to cuddle with him.

Half past ten, Yuuri emerges from their bedroom with wild bedhead and a soft pout on his pretty lips. Victor watches silently as Yuuri shuffles over to him and lays in the space between Victor’s sprawled legs.

“Mmmm you’re warm,” Yuuri mumbles, snuggling into the soft oversized sweater.

“There’s plenty of room in here, if you want to join me,” Victor encourages, lifting up the hem of his sweater. Yuuri doesn’t need to be asked twice and he crawls inside of Victor’s sweater. He wraps his arms tightly around Victor’s waist underneath the sweater as Yuuri pokes his head through the neck of the sweater and rests his chin against Victor’s collarbone.

Yuuri places a soft kiss against the hickey he left on Victor’s neck the night before during their night of passionate lovemaking.

“You can’t make me leave now,” Yuuri says burrowing further into Victor and their now shared comfy sweater.

“You can stay as long as like, my Yuuri.” Victor says, kissing the top of Yuuri’s head.

Day 3 - Mistletoe

Day 3 of @yoiadventcalendar: Mistletoe

“Victor? Can you help me with these?” Yuuri calls out with his arms full of groceries and gently kicks the door closed. Grocery shopping is a task that they’ve both put off for three days too long. Yuuri finally broke down when he looked in the fridge that morning only to find ketchup and bottles of cheap beer.

Victor doesn’t answer Yuuri’s calls for help, in fact now that Yuuri thinks about it, their apartment is just a little too quiet.

“Victor?” Yuuri calls out once more, depositing the groceries down onto the kitchen counter.

“Bedroom!” Victor calls back from the far depths of their home. Yuuri takes off his jacket and drapes it over the back of a chair and lays out his snow soggy hat and gloves in front of the radiator to dry out before he continues his quest to find his fiance in their bedroom.

“What are you - ?” Yuuri starts to ask, pushing open the door but pauses when he’s sees what What Victor’s done to their bedroom. “Wow.” Yuuri blinks in stunned surprise.

In the amount of time that Yuuri had gone grocery shopping and come back, Victor had hung mistletoe on what is probably every available spot in their room. Mistletoe hangs from the door frame of their master bathroom, closets, the headboard above their pillows, and just about everywhere Yuuri figured Victor thought he could corner him.

“Look who’s caught under the mistletoe,” Victor teases with a grin, hanging up the last of the mistletoe from their ceiling light. Yuuri looks up at the doorway he was standing under to find Victor had in fact also attached mistletoe to this door frame too.

“I guess I am,” Yuuri blushes. Victor saunters over and takes Yuuri’s face in between his hand and presses a slow lingering kiss to Yuuri’s lips.

“Do you like my decorations?” Victor smiles confidently.

“I think you can kiss me whenever you want,” Yuuri points out.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Victor asks playfully, pulling an extra sprig of mistletoe from his pocket and hanging it above their heads. “Double kisses, Yuuri!” Victor leans in for another kiss but Yuuri pulls away and presses his index finger to Victor’s expectant lips.  

“Help me with the groceries first.” Yuuri bargains.

“Yuuri,” Victor mumbles underneath Yuuri’s finger with a pout.

“It will take five minutes. Then you can show me every place you put up mistletoe.” Yuuri propositions. Victor’s mood turns from pouty to eager in a millisecond as he rushes out to the kitchen to put away the groceries faster than Yuuri’s ever seen before.

Yuuri laughs and follows after his ridiculous fiance, spotting much more mistletoe hanging around their apartment that Yuuri failed to notice when he first came home.

It’s going to be a long night.

Day 1 - Bed Sharing

Today’s prompt for @yoiadventcalendar is Bed Sharing! This fic takes place during the summer of pining. 

Yuuri sighs and shifts in his bed again for what seems like the hundredth time that night. It’s been months since Victor inexplicably crashed into his life but yet his mind still can settle with the fact that his idol, his childhood crush, is sleeping just a thin wall away from him.

Restless nights have always been commonplace for Yuuri but lately thoughts of a silver haired man haunt him when Yuuri closes his eyes at night.

Yuuri gives up all hope of falling asleep, picks up his phone from his nightstand and squints up at the unnecessarily bright screen.

1:43 AM

Against his better judgment, and despite knowing full well that Victor expected him on the ice bright and early at 6AM, Yuuri opens up Instagram and mindlessly scrolls through post after post of Instadogs, skater friends, and other miscellaneous mindlessly entertaining. He spends probably twenty minutes doing this until his scrolling finger paused on a new post from a very familiar account.


[Picture of Victor laying in bed, the sheets are rumpled and pushed down just far enough to reveal his bare, beautifully sculpted chest. Victor’s hair is tousled, his eyes heavy and tired, and his lips adorably pouty.]

v-nikiforovWhere’s a man to cuddle when you need one?

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YOI Advent Calendar Prompt List!

We’re pleased to announce the final prompt list for the 2018 YOI Advent Calendar! Since we had so many fun and amazing prompts, and because of a certain character’s birthday, we decided to add an extra day, stretching the calendar from November 29 to December 26! That’s four weeks of fun and entertainment for everyone!

Thank you again to everyone who joined in on our survey and poll. ❤️

Without further ado, the prompt list:

❤️ Day 1 (November 29): Bed sharing | First snowfall [Yuuri’s birthday]

❤️ Day 2 (November 30): Winter spirits | Distractions

❤️ Day 3 (December 1): Free day! | Mistletoe

❤️ Day 4 (December 2): Frosted windows | Sweaters

❤️ Day 5 (December 3): Lights | Stuck in a cabin

❤️ Day 6 (December 4): Holiday traditions around the world | Fireplace

❤️ Day 7 (December 5): Candles | Ballet Tickets

❤️ Day 8 (December 6): Cuddling | Cultural differences

❤️ Day 9 (December 7): Holiday outfits/lingerie | Getting drunk

❤️ Day 10 (December 8): Free day! | Miracles

❤️ Day 11 (December 9): Baking cookies | First holiday together

❤️ Day 12 (December 10): Gift giving | Warmth

❤️ Day 13 (December 11): Winter myths | Holiday drinks

❤️ Day 14 (December 12): Family dinner | Music

❤️ Day 15 (December 13): Cold/Flu | Decorating/Decorations

❤️ Day 16 (December 14): Snowball fights | Christmas market

❤️ Day 17 (December 15): Free day! | Festivals

❤️ Day 18 (December 16): Christmas tree | Cold temperatures

❤️ Day 19 (December 17): Winter/Christmas horrors | Family time

❤️ Day 20 (December 18): Snowed in | Kotatsu

❤️ Day 21 (December 19): Absence | Stargazing

❤️ Day 22 (December 20): Fireside confessions | Marriage proposal

❤️ Day 23 (December 21): Magic | Locked out in the cold

❤️ Day 24 (December 22): Free day! | Big red bow

❤️ Day 25 (December 23): Free day! | A soft kind of love is born

❤️ Day 26 (December 24): Free day! | Caroling/Singing

❤️ Day 27 (December 25): Free day! | Giving yourself as a gift [Viktor’s birthday]

❤️ Day 28 (December 26) (BONUS): What is Christmas pudding? | Gift exchange with the skaters goes awry because someone switched out all the name tags! [Georgi’s birthday]

It’s been 3 years since my last 30 day challenge so let’s try this!

A fun extra video announcing our contributors! It is in the style of an antique projector. The  writers are announced first with their names in black text on 3 different art supply stock photos. Writers have typewriter and notebook paper stock photo background. Cosplayers have a thread and scissors stock photo. The title cards are earth Yuuri for artists, space Viktor and Yuuri for writers and Elf AU Yuuri for cosplayers– all art by our wonderful Mods!

Introducing our contributors for the Isekai: Another World Yuri On Ice AU zine!

Artists:@bapha  @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@izzyisozaki @[email protected]  @[email protected]   [email protected]  [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@haminnikiforov98​

Cosplayers:@youarevictuurious  La.Lionne.Cosplay on Instagram/ @lalionnepublishing

Writers:@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@okwtr  @[email protected]@[email protected]@asideoftrashplease

Mods:@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]

[Image description:  Isekai: Another World Contributors text in a pink-blue-pink gradient on a pink- blue gradient cloud background and pink and white striped frame. The second image has the same cloud background , but larger and with purple added and the same stripes. The header text for artists, writers and mods is in the gradient text with the contributor names in black text in boxes slightly darker than the background.]

Introducing our contributors for the Isekai: Another World Yuri On Ice AU zine!


@bapha  @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] @izzyisozaki  @[email protected]  @[email protected]   [email protected]  [email protected]@[email protected]

@[email protected]@haminnikiforov98​


@youarevictuurious  La.Lionne.Cosplay on Instagram/ @lalionnepublishing


@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@okwtr  @[email protected]@[email protected]@asideoftrashplease


@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]

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Sours: https://cait-writes-stuff.tumblr.com/post/149441919340/27-nightmares-jason-todd-x-reader
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  2. Home depot ladder bookcase
  3. Epic seven tier
  4. When should you use a perforated drain pipe

multi-fandom extraordinaire. — Right Here - Jason Todd x Reader

Right Here - Jason Todd x Reader

• Summary: When Jason has a nightmare, you’ll always be there.

• Words: 855

• Pairings: Jason Todd x Reader

• Warnings: Nightmares, yelling, feeling scared, anxious, fluff

• A/N: Jason has always been my first thing. Since Bucky took over slightly, I was hit with some badddd Jason feels. So here you go. I adore writing about this little sweetie. Also, Matthew Daddario will always be used when I write about him… That man is luscious, I tell you.


Originally posted by madyvh91

You walked inside the apartment you and Jason shared, not forgetting to slip off your blazer. You laid it across the back of the couch as you took your shoes off, holding them in your hands. You had a rough day at work which resulted in you arriving home at around two in the morning. You hated these late nights. You craved to be next to Jason, curled up next to him underneath the covers, not a care in the world bothering you.

You went into the bedroom, but when you approached the door, something caught your attention. The sounds of disturbed yelling filled your ears, making your heart jump into your throat. You grasped the door handle tightly before turning it and walking inside the bedroom to see what was happening.

When you got inside, you looked to your left to see Jason’s guns, helmet, and leather jacket settled on the table. When you looked to your right, you saw a frantic Jason tossing and turned, beads of sweat pouring from his forehead and down his face. You rushed over to him and jerked back the covers to see him shaking. You knew instantly what was happening.

He was having a nightmare.

You immediately did what you always had known to do. You climbed beside him and pulled him into your embrace. His cries were unleashed, his voice strangled. His chest was rising and falling rapidly, almost as if he couldn’t get a gasp of air into his lungs.

Bringing your fingers forward, you ran them through his hair, your lips pressing against his temple. “Jason, baby,” You called his name, seeing as he wasn’t calming down. You hoisted his long frame upward, allowing his head to nuzzle in the crook of your neck. His lips were trembling, fists clenched tightly, knuckles turning white. 

“G-Get away from me!” He screamed, not intending it to go towards you. “I-I swear you’re dead! Just stop!” He cried out, his arms wrapping around you. “Nobody’s here, Jay.” You tried to coax him with a soothing voice. “I’m here. You’re having a nightmare, sweetheart.” 

Jason’s eyelids fluttered quickly. “P-Please, don’t do it again… B-Bruce, you can’t let him hurt me… I-I thought I was your son?” Tears fell from his closed eyes, making you bite down on your bottom lip. “Jaybird, come on, wake up.” You rested your hand on his face, stroking lightly.

His breathing pattern slowed down. He gritted his teeth as he inhaled and exhaled deeply. He further nuzzled his head, seeking the warmth from the person who was holding onto him. “(Y-Y/N),” He stammered, eyelids fluttering open. You gave him a small smile as you ran your fingers through his hair. “Hey, gorgeous.” You chuckled. “Nightmare?” 

He nodded, tears streaming. “I-It’s the same one over and over again.” He sighed heavily. “I don’t understand it.” You shook your head. “It’s a strange reoccurrence, that’s for sure. But you’re alright. I’m right here.” You reminded him with an assured smile.

Jason slid down on the bed, his head resting against your chest. “I seriously don’t know what I would do without you.” He looked up at you with saddened eyes. You chuckled, not bothered by anything. “Jason, there’s nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do for you. I love you so much. Every nightmare you have, I’ll always be here to comfort you after it.” You kissed his cheek, then moved towards his lips. He didn’t waste anytime on kissing back. He held you against him even tighter, his hands running up and down your sides.

He was still antsy. His hands felt clammy, the sweat still dripped here and there. You pushed his wet bangs out of his face, stroking them upward and back to his head. Staring into those gorgeous orbs he called his eyes, you were falling deeper. Everything about him was truly magnificent. He had an extraordinary backstory about him. Something you grew to be fascinated by more and more.

He’s gone through so much. The nightmares make it a bit more rough on him, but when he had nobody, it was horrible. When he met you and you experienced it with him for the first time, it was as if you knew exactly what to do. Jason was a fragile person. He may looked like the baddest guy in town in his Red Hood getup, but deep down, he needs to depend on somebody. He needs someone he can hold, someone who assures him that everything is alright in his life. 

That’s why you were proud to be called his very own. He claimed you. He adored you. He was so thankful to have you walk into his life when you did. His world was crashing, yours was beginning. Jason is your everything and you’ll always be right there.

“Through any nightmare, I promise, Jay. I’ll be here.” You snuggled closer into his body, feeling how the heat began to radiate off of him and warm you. He accepted the need for closeness, his arms still wrapped protectively around you, clutching onto you.

“I love you.” Jason smiled gently.

Check out my story, Ricochet. Thank you!

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Points To You - Jason Todd x Reader

Request: For your Thanksgiving Prompt List can I request #’s 1 & 2 with Jason Todd? Please and Thank You ❤️ - @cas-backwards-tie

A/N: Wow, I’m such a big liar. I haven’t done well with these at all so far, haaaaa. But here I am, giving you this! Thanks for requesting! 

Prompt #1 - “What are you most thankful for?” - “My list could go on and on, but they all point back to you.”


Originally posted by fandomonio

“It’s November!” You squealed delightedly all through the flat you and Jason shared. He glanced up, noticing you as you made the rounds, circling the entirety of the apartment. “Babe? Are you okay?” He called out, chuckling. You finally returned to the living room where he sat, a wide smile on your face. 

“November!” You said again. “The month to be thankful!” 

Jason nodded his head, continuing to watch you closely.

“And?” He dared to ask. You zipped back around and faced him, your eyes boring into his own. Taking a seat beside him on the couch, you had to regain your breath. 

“You’re supposed to decide on what you’re thankful for.” You breathed out. “I already have so many things to be thankful for, I’d have to write them down in order to remember.” You giggled to yourself, pressing your head against his shoulder.

The silence brewed between you until you lifted your head to gaze up at him. “Jason?” His eyes flickered back over to you when he heard his name being called. “Yeah?” Your index finger traced the outside of his shirt. “What are you most thankful for?” You asked softly, not meeting his enticing gaze. 

Jason pondered for a moment.

What was he thankful for? His mind had to run a few times in order to come up with something. He didn’t just want to spit an answer out, he actually wanted to give it some thought.

“How about you give me an hour and I’ll get back to you?” He asked. You laughed, getting off the couch. “Take all the time you need.” You sighed, going back to the kitchen. And so Jason sat there, pondering. 

He was thankful for his life, that he was here in the moment with you. He was obviously thankful you walked into his life when you did, or else he wasn’t too sure where he’d be right now. He was definitely thankful you stuck by his side and didn’t toss him away after a few months of dating. Which enclosed his commitment issues, as he never really knew if he could trust someone like that again. 

But as Jason crossed his arms over his chest, an hour was too long. The more his mind ran through the events that had taken place within the last year, he was well aware of what he was thankful for. No matter how big list thankful list could be, they pointed directly towards you. You were the source of his true happiness, the person who lit up his world every time he felt down. You always picked him up each time he fell, even through his stubborn ways and outbursting attitude. 

“I know what I’m thankful for.” He announced. You walked back over to where he was and sat down. “Really? What?” You smiled softly. Looking into your eyes, Jason knew that his answer was just that much clearer. 

“My list could go on and on, but they all point back to you.” 

When the words fell off of Jason’s lips, you had to stop for a moment and let his words register in your mind. You could feel your heart racing in your chest, Jason’s hands reaching out to grasp your waist. He pulled you closer in, your lips inches apart. 

“My happiness is because of you, my life revolves around you, my everything points to you. You make my life better.” He pressed his forehead against yours, the warmth of his breath tickling your face. 

“Jason,” You mumbled his name, your hands resting on either side of his face. You pressed your lips against his, soaking him in. “That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.” You mumbled, pushing back a strand of dark hair away from his face. 

“I’m glad.” Jason laughed, holding you close. 


(features smut and/or is smut),

“I’ll be damned if my best friend is going to die…because he was dumb enough to trust me.”

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How They Propose - Batboys



Originally posted by cute-guysxx

  • He planned the entire thing out, months in advance 
  • He even asked Alfred how he should go about popping the question
  • “Alfred, I’m driving myself crazy.”
  • “Master Dick, Miss (Y/N) loves you. She’ll be good for anything. But make it special.”
  • which then led the poor guy to Bruce in despair
  • “Dick, you’re a charmer.”
  • so finally he decided to go about in a more romantic matter
  • flower petals in the shape of a heart
  • taking you to your favorite restaurant 
  • you were suspicious the entire night, noticing he had sweat collecting around his brow
  • “Babe, are you alright?”
  • “Me? Everything’s fine, don’t worry.”
  • he finally dropped down on one knee after dinner was over
  • tbh he almost cried himself 
  • you were overjoyed and immediately said ‘yes’
  • then he blushed so hard when everyone in the building started cheering and clapping 



Originally posted by shadowhuntersdoitwell

  • Jason? Proposing? This should go well 
  • he first had to run through and ask himself multiple questions
  • “Can I support her and myself?”
  • “She does love me, right?”
  • “oh my God, I forgot to buy a ring” 
  • Jason tried really hard to be cute about it 
  • But anxiety grabbed a hold of him and he asked you suddenly without thinking 
  • “Will you marry me?” 
  • “What?”
  • He fumbled around in his jacket pocket and pulled out the box 
  • “I have a ring. Will you marry me? I love you.”
  • “YES” 
  •  Jason felt so relieved
  • Alfred almost cried
  • “Jason’s finally settling down”
  • Not to mention the look on Bruce’s face when you told him
  • He was so happy, he literally did cry
  • First time you saw Batman cry
  • Good going, Jason.



Originally posted by lux-teen0

  • Timmy went three nights without sleep just searching for engagement rings
  • Alfred finally had to grab him by the ear and lug him to bed 
  • He had an in-depth talk with Bruce first of all
  • “Do you love her?”
  • “She’s my entire world.”
  • “Then marry her.”
  • He spent almost two hours in the jewelry store picking out your ring 
  • And when he finally purchased it, he almost fainted because he realized
  • “I’m proposing, omg.” 
  • He took you to the rooftop that overlooked Gotham City perfectly 
  • Tbh it was super romantic because that’s where you and Tim met 
  • He was quite fidgety
  • But that was probably due to the fact he was running off of Red Bull
  • He grabbed your hands and gazed deeply into your eyes, citing something he spent a little while making in his head 
  • “You’re the moon to my stars, the sun to my planets. With you, my world turns perfectly and I couldn’t imagine my life spent with anyone else but you” 
  • When he dropped to one knee, you were already crying 
  • You, of course, said ‘yes’ without hesitation 



Originally posted by har-rison-s

  • Talk about romance at its finest
  • Coming directly from Bruce Wayne himself, he pulled out all the stops to make you swoon 
  • He even asked Bruce and Dick to accompany him to pick out your ring 
  • “Little Wing is proposing!”
  • “Grayson,”
  • “Never thought I’d see this day happen,”
  • “FATHER”
  • Talia almost fell apart when Damian told her
  • Showing up in his suit, you and him spent the night away from Gotham City
  • It was sunset where you two were, and he figured now would be the time 
  • So he grabbed the box from his pocket and looked at you
  • Your mouth fell open, your heart racing 
  • “(Y/N), I love you. Far more than I ever thought I could. Will you do me the honors of becoming Mrs. Damian Wayne?”
  • “DAMI!” 
  • You practically tackled him to the ground, peppering his face in kisses when he just sighed and smiled to himself 
  • Your heart was thudding in your ears as he slid the gorgeous engagement ring over your finger 
  • Bringing you in for the most passionate kiss he had ever given you, you definitely swooned
  • He couldn’t stop saying he loved you after that


ALSO, DOES ANYONE HAVE A GOOD FANCAST FOR DAMIAN AS BEING GROWN? I looked everywhere and couldn’t find a good one! Thank you!

Lethal 》 Bucky Barnes x Reader

a/n: ok i’m not really good at this whole mob boss thing, so it would take me a minute to figure it out… but i wrote this nearly a week ago and was semi-afraid of publishing it, but figured i’d say screw it and go along with it. maybe i can generate some more ideas. i wrote it after i saw a Pinterest quote, looool. enjoy!

warnings: mature language, mentions of sex but not explicit

pairing: mob!Bucky x mob!Reader

summary: She knew he was coming for her, she just didn’t know when.

word count:843

**my requests are open!**

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Originally posted by bestofbucky


Originally posted by defiantroar

In a fight, they were lethal. But around each other, they would melt.

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Love in the Dark 》 Tom Hiddleston x Reader

request: heyyy, can you do an imagine with anyone based on either of the songs.
strange - celeste
love in the dark - adele

a/n: ahh! i listened to both and chose Love in the Dark by Adele. But I’m also writing one for Strange by Celeste too that will feature someone else! thanks so much for the request, i cried!

summary: You’re tired of it all. You have decided it’s time to leave London and Tom.

warnings: angsty, some language, heartbreak

word count: 1.5k

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Originally posted by steverogwrs

It was raining hard in London, your eyes blurred with tears as you finished packing your things. You sniffled, the images of the articles sifting through your mind relentlessly, only further crushing your heart. You wanted this to desperately work, but here you were, six months in and it was falling apart. Right through the cracks, it was slipping out of your hands and you were on the verge of collapse.

You already had your flight planned, deciding it was best to go back home. And you prayed that he wouldn’t show up until after you left. You couldn’t dare let your eyes come face to face with the iridescent blues that had shown you so much love over the last six months but also had himself hidden from you a majority of the time.

What did you expect?

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Reckless 》 Bucky Barnes x Reader

request: Can you do a bucky barnes story where the reader is really reckless and at first bucky didn’t care because they were enemies/didn’t really like each other but now he is starting to really care for them. When she almost gets killed on a mission he finally says something about it. She says something like I’m expendable or it doesn’t matter if I die. Sorry it might be kinda long but I saw this tik tok and I love this trope especially with bucky.

TikTok inspiration

a/n: ahh! i loved this! i also wanted to add a touch of humor to it, so there is banter from the reading quite a lot. i hope you enjoy! <3

summary: Deep down, you felt as though you were expendable, hence your fighting style. But Bucky hates to see you like this.

warnings: angst, fighting, mature language

word count: 2.1k

**my requests are open!**

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Originally posted by fockers-archive

Six months ago, you two were enemies, destined to kill the other. You both recalled the countless fights you found yourselves getting into as you each sprung into action, trying your utmost hardest to reach the goal. Until one day, Steve Rogers stumbled upon you himself, already knowing that you were a needed asset to the team. And since that day, you had become an Avenger.

But here was the weird part; you and Bucky Barnes absolutely hated each other. More than likely, it was due to you both becoming enemies, constantly pitted against each other in a series of fights that left you both bruised, battered, and broken. He was after the prized possession, telling himself he wouldn’t sleep until he had it in his hands.

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Red | Tom Hiddleston x Reader 》 chapter four


warnings (overall): smut, angst, fluff, mature language

parings: Professor!Tom x Student!Reader

“Sinking your teeth into your lip, you further dreamt, as he spoke so elegantly about whatever topic you were covering. He could make the most tragic news sound so beautiful. You felt yourself become so little against him. You craved the feeling of his large hand wrapped around your throat, telling you how much of a good girl you were.”


Originally posted by maryxglz

chapter four 》 accidents happen

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Sours: https://youlightmeupfinn.tumblr.com/post/146530937118/right-here-jason-todd-x-reader

Welcome — Nightmare (Jason Todd X Fem!Reader)

Requested: Yes
Request: Hi!! I’m such a big fan of your work :) Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where Jason has a nightmare and hurts the reader and he feels super guilty about it (it was an accident and he was disoriented) thank you!
A/N:  YO! *shows up three weeks later with starbucks* This was so long in my askbox and I finally finished it! Sorry it took me so long. Hope you like it! It’s a little bit more angst than I usually write but I tried. I really did.
Word count: 1856
Warning(s): Guns mentioned, Death mentioned, PTSD flashbacks
Tagged:@[email protected]@[email protected]@crescent-bluemoon
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Jason stirred next to you as you woke up from your dream.

It was pitch black and you opened one of your eyes, trying to adjust to the darkness in the room. Disoriented you sat up, your hair falling over your shoulder as you glanced over at the reason you had woken up.

Your boyfriend was tossing and turning like a maniac.

“Jason?” you asked into the darkness. His brows were furrowed and his hands were balled up into fists. He was still asleep. He said something you couldn’t quite understand and turned his head to the other side, away from you.

He was definitely having a nightmare again.

“Hey, Jason. Babe?” you said, a little louder this time as you placed your hand on his arm, trying to shake him awake.

You saw his fist shoot up in the blink of an eye.

The pain exploded in your head as the impact pushed you out of the bed and made you fall to the floor. It all happened too fast and before you could even register it a gun was pointed at you. You held your breath.

A moment of silence passed.

A moment in which Jason’s glassy eyes were filled with sleep and confusion. A moment in which his gun was firmly in his hand, pointed at you with his finger on the trigger.

“FUCK.” You heard Jason say before he practically leaped out of bed. The gun was gone as he kneeled next to you on the floor, taking your face in his hands while the pain on your face was starting to ache with a burning promise.

“Fuck. Babe, are you okay? I’m so sorry. Fuck this looks bad.” The words just burst out of him in sheer panic. His thumb brushed against your cheek and you knew that this would turn into a black eye.

“Are you in pain? I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it was you. I didn’t mean to- Fuck, I could’ve shot you! You could’ve died because of me! Fuck, Shit, I’m so sorry. Are you okay? Please just fucking say something.

“Jason.” Was the only thing you could bring out in your state. Everything moved a little too fast for you and your face was burning up like a stove. “I- I’m fine.” You pressed out but that was by far not enough to calm him down.

He looked utterly mortified.

“Can you get me some Ice? Uhm, for the eye?” you said, trying to occupy him for a moment until your brain allowed you to form longer sentences. That was a punch like you’ve never been punched before. Your whole face felt numb and in pain at the same time and your head was pounding like a jackhammer.

Jason looked at you, worried out of his mind. He didn’t want to let go. He wanted to make sure you were okay. It was as if he was afraid you would disappear or collapse as soon as he would look away for a single moment.

“Jason. I’m okay. I just need something cold, please. Now.” You said a little bit forcefully, but it seemed to be enough to ground him. At least temporarily.

“Okay. I’ll be right back.” He said reassuringly.

You watched him leave the bedroom while you scooted a little bit over to lean against the dresser. You could feel the swelling starting and you sighed. The silence was a little bit calming, but the adrenaline made your heart pump like crazy.

You heard Jason rummage around in the kitchen and you tried to focus on that for a moment. Just listening to the sound and his mumbled cursing as the seconds passed.


You opened your eyes and saw a bag of crushed Ice in front of you which you took and pressed against your throbbing eye. You also reached for the glass of water that he offered you before you scooted over, giving him some room to sit next to you.

He kept standing.

You looked up at him and frowned.

He was afraid. Afraid of hurting you again. Terrified that he had hurt you in the first place. He was supposed to protect you. Supposed to keep you safe from everything and now he was the one that hurt you. You were in pain and it was just because of him. What if he had shot you? What if he took a second longer to recognize you? Is this the life you deserved?

He didn’t say a word yet and you already sighed. Your head was pounding but you still knew exactly what he was probably thinking right now.

“Jason, stop it. It was an accident. Accidents happen. So please-“ you said, tapping the empty space next to you.

“I could’ve killed you, (Y/N)” he said and you couldn’t quite see his expression in the darkness of the room.

“You didn’t.” you said matter-of-factly.

“But what about the next time?! Or the time after that?? One day you might die because of me! I keep hurting everyone and I don’t want to hurt you too! Fuck, I could’ve SHOT you! How can you be so calm about this??” He ran his hands through his hair in frustration, not knowing what to do or what to think.

“So… Quick question: Does that mean you’re not gonna hug me?” you said, disappointed.

“(Y/N)…” The pain in his voice almost broke your heart.

You put the bag down, next to the glass.

“Jason. You didn’t shoot me and you are NOT going to shoot me anytime soon. Let’s just start there. Secondly, It was an accident like I said. You had a Nightmare and I startled you. It’s not as serious as you think it is. You might as well could have pushed me out of the bed in your sleep. It happens. So please sit down and comfort me now bc I seriously want a hug.” You looked up at him, underlining your last words with big pleading eyes, blinking up at him.

You waited for two heartbeats. Your eyes locked with his as you searched for a clue to what he was thinking. Something in his eyes flickered and he sighed in resignation.

You smiled when he sat down on the floor next to you, leaning against the dresser when you climbed onto his lap and sat down sideways. You didn’t feel like standing up yet until you felt the swelling on your eye go down a little bit, knowing you won’t be able to fall asleep anyways until the adrenaline in your system had left.

His arms wrapped around you hesitantly as you leaned your head against his chest.

You enjoyed his hugs more than anything else in the world. But if you had to be honest with yourself, you knew you insisted on this more for his sake than yours. It was your way of showing him that you felt safe with him. That you were safe with him.

How could you possibly ever feel threatened by someone that only made you feel like home?

“So… What was your nightmare about?” you asked after a while, pressing the cold bag against your eye while you listened to his heartbeat.

He didn’t answer but you felt his fingers slowly brush up your arm and then down again in an imaginary pattern.

You closed your eyes at that.

“Coffin.” He answered long after you stopped expecting a reply.

His voice cut through the silence and you didn’t move. Afraid he would stop talking.

And you wanted him to talk.

“I woke up in my coffin again.” You could swear that his fingers were slightly trembling, but his voice was clear and serious.

“I screamed but Bruce wasn’t there. I was alone.“ he stopped for a moment. “My lungs were burning.”

You squeezed your eyes shut at the mere thought of it.

“I was scared.”

His voice was quiet at that statement as if he wasn’t allowed to speak about it.

As if these words possessed some unknown power.

As if it would return if he spoke it into existence.

You bit your lip in silence.

“I had to dig. Through the dirt and it … never stopped. It just wouldn’t end.”

His fingers were gone from your arm as his hand dropped down. You felt his face buried in your hair.

You gave him a moment.

You placed the frozen bag down as you turned around, wrapping your arms tightly around him with your face nestled in the crook of his neck.

None of you spoke for a while as you two just sat there, letting the silence continue the conversation for you.

“I can’t lose you.” He said against your shoulder, but the words were crystal clear.

“You won’t.” you promised, determined.

Determined to stay for the man you loved.

For the man who protected the innocent.

For the boy that woke up in that coffin.



“How is your eye?”

Jason’s voice brought you back to reality as you tried to comprehend his words.

“Oh.” You said. “It's pounding like a bitch but I’ll survive it.” You said, your eyes widening in horror at your choice of words. But he seemed not to notice.

Or he decided to ignore it.

“You should go to sleep.” He said, brushing the hair out of your face in an affectionate way that was very rare for him. No snarky remark. No teasing. Not even a smile on his face as he just looked tired.

“You mean we should go to sleep.” You corrected him before he stood up, giving you his hand and helping you up too before you sat down on the bed.

“No, that’s not what I meant.” He said and you pulled him into the bed. At least you tried to, but he didn’t even move an inch as he just stood there, looking at you in confusion as to what you were trying to do there.

“Jason.” You said, realizing that you were too weak to pull him into bed. You wondered how you managed to do it all these other times. Maybe he just let you. “Please come to bed. At least try to sleep again? For me?”

You pressed the last word and he seemed on the fence.

“Please, Red.” you added, and it seemed like these were the magic words that finally made him budge.

You made a mental note of that before you cuddled into him on the bed. You felt tired and you were pretty sure Jason would leave once you fell asleep, which was why you wrapped yourself around him, entangling your legs and forcing him to stay nevertheless, even if you did fall asleep first.

Sometimes you wondered if you should feel scared by the lifestyle he lived or the danger that came with it. Maybe you just remained in a state of blissful ignorance to all the possible outcomes this could lead to.

But laying there, listening to his heartbeat underneath you and feeling his eyes on you just confirmed, that you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.


Sours: https://batboys-and-other-messes.tumblr.com/post/174314647705/nightmare-jason-todd-x-femreader

Reader jason nightmare x todd

Pairing: Jason Todd x Fem!Reader

Requested: nope, but I was bored.

Word Count: 1423

Summary: Few things have ever scared the Jason Todd, and one late night you have to meet the worst of them all.

Warnings: language

A/N: remember when I said I was all pumped and happy about Prelude to the Wedding? And how I said I hoped nobody would get hurt? And how I actually had hopes and dreams and had found happiness for the first time in a DC comic? Well, kill me, because Batman #50 was a freaking BOMB. And I swearrrrrr, one of the arguments Marvel fans use the most is how dark and twisted DC comics is, and how nobody can be happy, and I’ve always known it’s true but this sUCKS. Batman may be dark and stuff but he deserved being happy for once, and if the authors honestly believe that Bruce Wayne’s happiness would kill Batman then they’re so so wrong and don’t know their character at all. Everything that motivates Bruce to do the weird shit he does for his city and his people is LOVE. Love for his home, love for his parent’s legacy, love for his friends, love for his sons. By taking that from him you’re not making him a better Batman, you’re just messing with him more than you already have and thus making him darker than before, not better nor more efficient. In this essay, I will

Originally posted by thedarkwolfpupil

    If there was something you had learned about Jason after years of being with him, even when disguised as Red Hood, was that he didn’t scream unless something was horrifically wrong. Of course, Jason’s standards for something “horrific” did not match yours. While you screamed after getting shot by someone, Jason would tease you about it for ages. No wound was bad enough to make him worry more than necessary, and nothing was bad enough to keep him from cocking a brow at you.

    “Look, princess – you can’t scream because of stupid things.”

    “I was stabbed, Jason.”

    “But did it kill you, though?”

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Sours: https://jason-todd-rh.tumblr.com/post/175969213184/nightmare-jason-todd-x-reader/amp
Nightmare X Reader

I'll Write It Myself — Night Terrors (Jason Todd x Reader)

Can I offer you some angst with fluff in these troubling times? A request for my special reader who knows who they are. I really like how this came out! 

Request:  Can I request for Angst 1 (“Why are you awake?”) , the nightmare one, for Black Widow reader x Jason again??? 

Warnings: Violence, some gore, panic attacks

Word count: 1,400

You are being tested today. Today, your target will have a pulse, a heartbeat. Today your target is alive. 

You stare straight ahead, just as they taught you. You don’t flinch at the noises of pain that comes from your target. You don’t flinch when their body is thrown to the floor in front of you. You don’t flinch when they order you to shoot the target in the head. You don’t flinch when the gun fires. You don’t flinch when brain matter splatters against the walls. You don’t flinch. 

“Y/N…” A pained voice breathes out. 

Your blood freezes. You know that voice. No, no it can’t be. God, no please. Please, no. 

You look down to see Jason wheezing on the floor, blood oozing from his chest. 

“Don’t… do… this,” He gasps. “Please… don’t do…this…” He begs, his face scrunching up in pain. 

They order you to shoot again. You can’t move. They order you to shoot again. What did you do? They order you to shoot again. Why did you do this? They order you to shoot again. You still don’t move. They order you to shoot gain.You can’t move. You’re frozen in place. Your hands are shaking as more blood bubbles from Jason’s chest. He coughs with a pained groan and blood spills over his lips. 

“Please…” He begs, his eyes pleading. 

They order you to shoot again. They order you to shoot again. They order you to shoot again. They order you to shoot again. 

A shot rings out and Jason stops moving. His head lolls, his eyes empty. 

No. No. Nonononono. 

They lower their gun, turning to you in disappointment. 


You’re on a gurney, strapped down. You can’t move. 

“Be still and it’ll be over soon…” 

You jerk your head and yank uselessly at your restraints. Please no, not the white room. Anything but the white room. 

You hear a tsking above you. 

“The more you struggle, the more painful this will be.” 

Another restraint tightly wraps around your head, trapping it in place. You jerk again only to be met by a sharp slap. 

“Enough! How many times do we have to go through this?” 

You bare your teeth around the gag in your mouth, but you’re quickly silenced by the familiar sound of electricity buzzing in your ears. You squeeze your eyes shut, silently begging. Please no. But your begging is useless. 

The electricity gets closer, closer, closer until–

You jerk awake, your whole body shaking. Something is still wrapped around your neck. You claw desperately at the restraint, throwing it back only to realize it is the comforter on yours and Jason’s bed. You pant for a moment, frozen in shock and fear then feel the bed shift beside you. 

Jason turns slightly in his sleep, letting out a long breath as he resettles. 


You reach a shaking hand out and gently feel along his neck, quickly finding his carotid artery. It pumps steadily under your fingers. He’s alive. You let out a relieved, shaky breath, your whole body still trembling and your mind racing. 

Blood covers the walls. 

You squeeze your eyes shut. 

You’re not there. 

Leather restraints dig into your skin. 

A whimper escapes. 

You’re not there.

Electricity makes your muscles spams. 

You flinch.

You’re not there. 

Screams ring out around you.

You cover your ears.  

You’re not there. 

Pleads for mercy. 

“Stop…” You mutter into the darkness.

You’re not there. 

Moans of pain. 

“Please… Don’t do…this…”

Tears well up behind your eyes. 

You’re not there.

Desperate begging.


You squeeze your eyes harder, forcing tears to stream down. 

You’re not there. 

A loud ringing. 

You knot your fingers into your hair, trying to anchor yourself. 

Are you sure? 

You whimper again, a quiet, choked sob rattling from your chest. 

Are you sure? 

Are you sure? 

Are you sure? 

The bed shifts again, Jason’s arm blindly reaching out and gently curling into your shirt (actually it’s his shirt). He sighs contently, still fast asleep.


You scoot forward, resting your head on his chest, grateful that your boyfriend is a heavy sleeper. As he breathes in, you breathe with him, taking a shuttering breath in, then slowly release it. He breathes in again and you follow suit.  

You’re not there. You’re home, safe. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. 

You reach a shaking hand out, running it along the various scars on Jason’s body. Your fingers first find the thick scar on his neck from his encounter with Batman. They slowly trail over to a bullet wound then down to his autopsy scar. 

One, two, three, four, five, six you mentally count, cataloging the various places Jason got his scars from. You feel a thing scar on his rib cage with shaking hands. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. 

I can see my comforter, I can see my dresser, I can see my bookshelf, I can see my laptop, I can see Jason. 

I can feel my bed under me, I can feel the fan blowing wind on top of me, I can feel my shirt on my body, I can feel Jason underneath me. 

I can hear the fan swirling, I can hear my tinnitus, I can hear Jason’s heartbeat. 

I can smell my shampoo, I can smell Jason’s deodorant. 

You take a last shaky breath, your hands still trembling. Jason’s grip on your shirt tightens for a moment as he frowns in his sleep, but it quickly loosens, his face going content again. You noticed early in your relationship that Jason likes to hold onto something when he sleeps, whether it be a blanket, the bars on the headboard, or his favorite, you. 

You lay on Jason’s chest for a few minutes, his steady breathing and heartbeat almost lulling you back to sleep, but you jolt yourself. You don’t want to fall back asleep, not yet. You know when you do, you’ll be thrown right back into the dream. 

To avoid waking Jason up (since he seems like he’s getting a rare night of peaceful sleep), you pull the comforter up, gently pry Jason’s fingers from your shirt and instead offer the blanket. His fingers curl around the blanket, allowing you to quickly slip out of bed. You pause for a moment, admiring how peaceful he looks, press a soft kiss to his forehead then sneak into the living room. 

In the living room, you curl up on the couch, pulling your weighted blanket around your shoulders. Tim gave you the blanket after coaching you through a PTSD induced panic attack. He dropped the blanket off at your apartment, making an off-handed comment about dealing with panic attacks before and the weight helping ground him. You’re extremely grateful for him and this blanket. 

Unfortunately, nightmares are a common occurrence in your household, whether it be yours, Jason’s, or whichever of his siblings crash in your guest room to get away from the Manor, so finding a mindless cartoon is familiar. You pull the blanket tighter around you, only partially listening to the episode of Danny Phantom while your mind essentially plays elevator music in the background. 

You’re so spaced out on absolutely nothing that you actually jump when you hear a quiet voice ask you: 


You look over to see Jason sleepily squinting at you. You frown, hoping you didn’t wake him up. 

“Why are you awake?” You ask softly. 

“Got cold, I knew you weren’t there,” He frowns. “Why are you awake?” 

“Bad dream,” You murmur, opening your blanket in invitation. 

Jason’s frown deepens, but he slides behind you, the blanket now pulled around his shoulders and wraps his arms around your waist, pulling your back against his chest. 

“You could’ve woken me up,” He tells you, resting his head on your shoulder. 

You lean against him, reaching up to run your fingers through his hair. 

“You helped me more than you know,” You murmur to him. 

He tightens his hold, pressing a kiss to the side of your head and lays back, pulling you back with him. You pull your legs so they lay over Jason’s legs and tuck your head under his chin. Jason runs his fingers up and down your arms, lightly scratching the skin. He kisses the top of your head again. 

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asks. 

You shake your head, your hand tracing one of his various scars. 

“I just want you here,” You mumble to him. 

“You’re safe,” Jason murmurs to you. “I’ve got you, and I’m not going anywhere.” 

You press a sweet kiss to his jaw.  

You believe him.

“I love you,” He mumbles into your hair, tightening his hold for a moment. 

“I love you too.” 

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Nightmares Jason Todd x Reader

Jason’s nightmares are loud. This one is no exception. He thrashes and yells like he’s fighting something–he probably is–and tangles himself up in your bed sheets. It wakes you up almost instantly.

You scoot away, all the way to the edge of the bed. He’s hit you before, in his sleep, and it always makes him feel so much worse when he wakes.

“Jason.” You whisper. Not too loud, don’t startle him. Don’t touch him, either. You learned those two rules the hard way.

“Jason,” You whisper again, “Jason, you’re having a nightmare, wake up!”

He wakes violently, despite your soft tone of voice, and flails up into a sitting position. You watch as he looks around wildly for a few moments, still expecting to see his dreamscape and slowly taking in reality. His hands are shaking and he looks down to watch them.

You decide then that it’s safe to slide closer. You sit cross legged, facing him. Still watching silently, waiting for him to calm down enough to come to you. It almost hurts, having to wait. You want to wrap him up and reassure him as soon as he wakes up, but he doesn’t respond well to that. He needs a few moments to compose himself.

Once he’s had all the time he needs he sits up and crawls over to you. He straddles your lap and slowly lowers all his weight onto you. He knows he’s heavy, but he also knows you’re more than capable of holding him up in moments like this. He buries his face in the side of your neck and hides there. He’s still shaking, and you think you can feel a few tears hitting your skin, but you don’t say anything about it, you just rub his back gently and hold him tight.

“So,” You say, keeping your voice soft, “You’ll never guess what happened to me at work the other day.”

Jason doesn’t like to be shushed or consoled after a nightmare, but he loves to listen to you talk. He hums in encouragement and you tell him everything about work. The book you’re reading. The conversation you had with your mom the other day.

You talk until your voice is cracking a bit, and Jason is boneless and comfortable in your lap. Eventually he nudges you to lay down so you can both go back to sleep. He lays his head on your chest and you hope the sound of your heart beating is enough to keep the nightmares from coming back again in an hour or two,

Your nightmares, on the other hand, are quiet. Jason has said you cry in your sleep sometimes, but you never yell or thrash about. So when you jolt awake at three in the morning, it’s with nothing but a quiet gasp and Jason doesn’t stir beside you. Good, you think, he needs his rest.

You shift yourself to sit on the edge of the bed, trying to decide whether you want to sneak out and watch TV for a while or go back to sleep. That movement is enough to wake Jason though, and you feel a little bad when you hear him mumbling in confusion behind you.

He slots himself in behind you, one leg on either side of your hips, and lays himself across your back. He’s still pleasantly sleep warm and the weight of him against you is grounding. You sigh in relief and don’t feel so bad about waking him.

“Nightmare?” He asks, face buried in your hair. You nod and he squeezes you tightly.

“It’s alright,” He says, “I’m here.”

He squeezes you again, and your hands find his where they’re resting on your waist, entwining your fingers with his. Going back to sleep doesn’t sound so bad anymore.

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Sours: https://joyances.tumblr.com/post/174621227902/nightmares-jason-todd-x-reader

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