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like E. Honda, wait Hardhat like a condom Your skull crack, then we crowned you Shark-bite to a flounder Bar-fight to a bouncer, wait All Franks
Don't leave me behind at the end of the night Cause I'm drunk, and I'm high and I'm out of my mind I'll end up break all my bones in another barfight
bar-fights, desire, duct-tape Parades and parks, a river becoming a lake I know i said: simultaneity, but I cannot be you, and you cannot be me So long,
that, it wasn't my right I had to know, drunk and torn, had you and him in my sights, barfight Wake up a new day you know I gotta try Wake up another day
Skyscrapers stoplights and barfights spill into the street I walk home at midnight I keep my eyes on my feet Loneliness dark and deep in the city
istället Det är storm påväg, bror, låt oss bygga arken istället Jag dras mellan Von Mises och Karl Marx. Ingen sprit, men på varje beat så har jag barfight
go I want trucks, motels, whores, mullets, barfights, horny sluts I want skulls cracking, whacking, slapping and titty grabbing What can I do, I'm
n she sure was mine I wanna tear off her panties Still drunk n high from a heavy last nite Cant remember startin a barfight Her ladyskills sure
the dead Auto-dictate my didact Vocab like a bar-fight with Gary Gygax I got this life-threatening heart disease that won't let me forget anything

Country Drinking Songs

Country music is what fuels our passion at the Grizzly Rose. All week long we rotate it through dance lessons, hangouts, live concerts, and, yup, especially during weekly specials and Happy Hour. Whether we&#;re in a feel-good mood, or just in need of a dose of nostalgia, there&#;s nothing quite like country music to get our blood pumping and our feet moving. We are inspired by the artists we listen to and all the stories they cover.

One thing we&#;re always trying to figure out is, what are the best country drinking songs? Certainly, drinking in its own right can make us giddy and ready to dance. But when paired nicely with a great country jam, the combination can be flat out intoxicating. Feel free to disagree, we know everyone has their own preference, but here&#;s our shortlist of the top country drinking songs in , with a few hat tips to the classic, too.

Want to add something more to this mix? Head over to our Facebook page and comment on our latest posts on your favorite drinking songs!

Best Country Drinking Songs

As a foreword, we didn&#;t put much thought into the arrangement of this list. Take it as you will, but if you find yourself with a whiskey or beer in hand and you&#;re joining us for Happy Hour, tell us to turn up the volume on these amazing awesome country tunes.

1. Garth Brooks
Friends in Low Places

Of course, this is the first song on the list. The ultimate country drinking song and when combined with alcohol it&#;s nearly guaranteed to create a bar wide sing along. Originally released in , it can be considered a &#;classic&#; by today&#;s standards, but nonetheless, one of the best country drinking songs. We all seem to relate to those lyrics, though, right?

&#;Cause I&#;ve got friends in low places
Where the whiskey drowns
And the beer chases my blues away
And I&#;ll be okay

2. Luke Bryan
Drinkin’ Beer and Wastin Bullets

Not every drinking environment is a bar or a party. Sometimes you just want to hang out with your friends nowhere in particular just talking and killing time. This song is about a similar situation, with the singer just kind of bored and passing time.

Luke Bryan is a more recent country star, with his debut album launching in and this song, in particular, showcasing later in He is definitely a crowd pleaser and continues to kill it on the country music scene. Grizzly Rose definitely plays more than one of his tunes weekly, and we&#;re always excited to hear this one. Can we talk about those lyrics?

Sittin&#; here
Waitin&#; on a deer
Drinkin&#; beer and wastin&#; bullets
Aiming at the empties
Missin&#; hittin&#; pine trees
Ain&#;t my fault them cans keep movin&#;

3. Alan Jackson
It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere

Drinking is always better when you have a good excuse, err- good reason. A good starting song to kick off the night, or afternoon, and say goodbye to the tedium of the workday that came before. Whether this phrase was adopted because of the song, or the song from the phrase, we&#;re not sure. We&#;d like to think that good country drinking songs inspire worldwide movements. And if you haven&#;t uttered these words before, we&#;d be hard-pressed to believe you.

Alan Jackson released this song back in , but it will remain among the list of top drinking songs in country music. After all, it always five o&#;clock somewhere.

And pour me somethin&#; tall and strong
Make it a Hurricane before I go insane
It&#;s only half past twelve, but I don&#;t care
It&#;s five o&#;clock somewhere

4. Runaway June
Buy My Own Drinks

We love a good girl power song any day! But this one hits close to home as Runaway June just recently played live at the Grizzly Rose in February As far as girl bands go, they&#;re rising stars in country music. For this song, in particular, you&#;ll be excited to celebrate a girls&#; night out with your BFFs. Strong, independent women everywhere will be raising their glass in sync to this tune.

I can buy my own drinks
I can pay my own tab
At the end of the night when they cut on all the lights
I can call my own cab
I can drop my own change in the jukebox
I can dance all by myself 

5. Toby Keith
I Love This Bar

While definitely a lot more mellow than some of the other selections on this list, the same “feel good” vibe is still here. This song is a celebration of all of the little things, good and bad, that can be found within Western bars and bar culture. Not to mention, Toby Keith remains a legendary country star and will continue to have fans everywhere requesting a toast to his tunes.

Can you blame us, though? These lyrics are on point with a great night at a bar.

I love this bar,
It&#;s my kind of place.
Just walk in through the front door,
Puts a big smile on my face.
It ain&#;t too far, come as you are.
Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, I love this bar.

6. Merle Haggard
I Think I&#;ll Just Stay Here and Drink

There’s something about Merle Haggard&#;s voice that just pairs well with alcohol. Most of us have felt exactly how Merle does in this song and no matter what&#;s happening in the world around us, we&#;d rather &#;just stay here and drink.&#; Throwing a classic into our mix is a must! This will always be among our favorite country drinking songs and for good reason!

Hey, putting you down, don&#;t square no deal
Least you&#;ll know the way I feel
Take all the money in the bank
I think I&#;ll just stay here and drink

7. Kenny Chesney
You and Tequila

&#;You and Tequila make me crazy&#;. A romantic, drinking ballad from Kenny Chesney that puts people in a good mood, especially when they are with good friends and significant others. Kenny teamed up with Grace Potter for this country drinking song.

8. Carrie Underwood
Drinking Alone

Who said drinking alone was a bad thing? There&#;s nothing quite like getting off from a long week of work, deciding on a sweet treat with me, myself, and I. Carrie Underwood, country extraordinaire, truly takes this sentiment to heart with her newest hit &#;Drinking Alone.&#; A more melancholy, but still catchy country drinking song, this one will definitely leave you feelin&#; some type of way. Give it a listen if you haven&#;t already because it definitely has good reason to make our list of the best country drinking songs

The misery loves company
Tonight all I need is a stranger
Lips with a whiskey chaser
And a corner booth kiss to make me forget that he&#;s gone
Oh, we should be drinkin&#; alone

9. Dierks Bentley
Drunk on a Plane

Who has never wanted to have a big ol&#; part on an airplane? This is a great country drinking song about lost love. The video is also hilarious with cameo&#;s from Bentley as two different characters. And we definitely love them both. If you&#;re in the mood for a more upbeat drinking tune, look no further. For the record, we hope we get to ride on a plane with him someday! I mean, does this not sound like a part&#;?

Buyin&#; drinks for everybody
But the pilot, it&#;s a party
Got this rocking like a G6
Stewardess is somethin&#; sexy
Leanin&#; pourin&#; Coke and whiskey

Brad Paisley

Drinking does things to people, both good and bad. This song is all about the things possible with alcohol and how it can affect people’s judgement. If that alone is not enough to make you wonder why we have it on our list, then look no further than the actual title. Duh! If any artist were appropriate for country drinking song choice it would most definitely be this one!

Personified alcohol is a twist on your usual ballad or country jam, but we love it nonetheless. We also love alcohol, for all of the good and bad times. Thumbs up if you agree!

I am medicine and I am poison
I can help you up or make you fall
You had some of the best times
You&#;ll never remember with me
Alcohol, alcohol

Blake Shelton
The More I Drink

This song is both a country drinking song and a warning about how the more you drink, well the more you drink. It&#;s a very honest song that probably hits home with a lot of drinkers for the better or worse. That being said, it&#;s a fun, catchy tune that also goes great with good friends and booze!

And in case you&#;ve forgotten, before Blake Shelton was a top judge on the Voice, he was a wild country card depicting wild drinking nights. It all hits home when we watch this throwback video of young Blake. Hats off.

&#;Cause the more I drink, the more I drink
Yeah, I&#;m the world&#;s greatest lover and a dancin&#; machine
I get loud, I get proud, and it gets worse

Little Big Town
Day Drinking

A classic country drinking song, especially if the sun hasn&#;t set yet! This fun video and great sing along song is perfect for when you get off work early. It&#;s a happy hour favorite for country music fans.

Day drinking? We all do it, and probably more frequently than we&#;d like to admit. But if you&#;re gonna day drink, at least turn up the volume on this great tune by one great band.

Don&#;t want to wait til the sun&#;s sinking
We could be feeling all right
I know you know what I&#;m thinking
Why don&#;t we do a little day drinking

Willie Nelson
Whiskey River

Country drinking songs are not limited to more recent hits. Whiskey River is an old school country drinking classic by none other than the legend that is Willie Nelson. If you&#;re drinking Whiskey with some buddies this is a fantastic song to listen more than once. Again, personifying alcohol is never a bad thing. A true classic for the best country drinking songs, but always among our favorites.

Whiskey river, take my mind
Don&#;t let her memory torture me
Whiskey river, don&#;t run dry
You&#;re all I got, take care of me

Hank Williams Jr.
Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

Love and Whiskey are both complicated things for many people and Hank does a great job of describing why. This is one of those songs that needs a bottle of Jim Beam sitting on the table while you are enjoying it.

Every time we listen to this song we can&#;t help but think: same! Because there&#;s nothing quite like finding our emotions at the bottom of a smooth glass of our favorite bourbon. If you&#;re in Denver, be sure to stop by the Grizzly Rose and come toast with us!

And I end up with some honkytonk special I found
Just as sure as the mornin&#; sun comes
Thinkin of my sweet girl at home
And I need to get whiskey bent and hell bound

Billy Currington
Pretty Good at Drinking Beer

Not everyone is cut out for digging holes or working in a bank. Some of us are just pretty good at drinking beer. This is a nice country drinking song for those who like to drink beer with their buddies in their free time. Still a new-ish hit by the standards on this list, but a great way to get yourself into that honky-tonk mood. For the record, we really love watching this official music video, too! We also couldn&#;t agree more with these lyrics&#;

So hand me one more
That&#;s what I&#;m here for
I&#;m built for having a ball
I love the nightlife
I love my Bud Light
I like &#;em cold and tall

Roy Rogers
Happy Trails

If you really want to hit someone in the nostalgia, this song will do the trick. Just imagine it- you’ve been out all night drinking with your closest friends, the bar’s about to close, you guys are downing your last drink, and this song comes up on the jukebox. A bittersweet ending to a fantastic night. Definitely sing along to this old-time classic by one of the greats!

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
Happy trails to you, keep smilin&#; until then.
Who cares about the clouds when we&#;re together?
Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.

Want to list to some more good country drinking songs? Check out our Country Drinking Music Playlist on Spotify.

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A word of caution: late nights of honky tonkin’ may lead to fightin'. And that’s exactly what’s going on with these country songs about fighting – at least in most cases. Country songs about fights are as old as the genre itself.

Musicians seem to have two different philosophies when it comes to these country songs about fights. On the one hand, some of these songs are cautionary tales, warning of the dangers of fighting and the possible consequences. One of the best country fighting songs is Kenny Roger’s heartbreaking “Coward of the County.” Tommy’s imprisoned father warns his young son to “walk away from trouble” if he can, reminding him, “Son, you don’t have to fight to be a man.”

On the other hand, some country songs about fighting celebrate the idea of kicking someone’s posterior. Modern-era country hits like “Small Town Throwdown” by Brantley Gilbert, “Dirt Road Anthem” by Jason Aldean, and “I Could Kick You’re A**” by Justin Moore are good examples.

Bar fights, parking lot fights, relationship throw downs, and more: they’re all here. Whatever side of the fence you’re on about fighting, mosey up to this list and pick your favorites – and then vote.



Bar songs country fight

27 Apr &#;The Winner&#; and other losers: country bar-fight songs

Elton John may have declared Saturday the night for fightin&#; and Link Wray may have been ready to &#;Rumble,&#; but sure as red, white and blue the soundtrack to a bar fight is honky tonk country. And like all good country music, there&#;s a story in all the best bar fight songs.

Honky tonks have been a primary setting for country music since Hank Williams crooned &#;Honky Tonkin'&#; in , and ground zero in the battle of the sexes ever since Kitty Wells&#; responded to a Hank Thompson tune with &#;It Wasn&#;t God Who Made the Honky Tonk Angels&#; four years later.

Other country standards carry an implicit rowdy brawl &#; there&#;s no doubt, for instance, that Garth Brooks got his ass kicked after taking the groom&#;s glass and toasting his &#;friends in low places,&#; or that any of several Loretta Lynn hits (&#;Sweet Thang,&#;&#;Fist City,&#; etc) ended in anything short of a cat fight. Through all those years we were warned rap music would corrupt the youth of America country singers have been treating the tavern like a playground. You&#;re already familiar with the setting, so let&#;s introduce you to the redneck mother who&#;s going to kick your ass&#;

Oklahoma native Ray Wylie Hubbard wrote &#;Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother,&#; and chose the tune to open his second album &#; but it what made it a country standard was a rendition on Jerry Jeff Walker&#;s live album, A Man Must Carry On. Hubbard&#;s own explanation of the song&#;s origin, at a birthday celebration for Walker, is just as funny:

Johnny Paycheck ran into the redneck mother in &#;Colorado Kool-Aid,&#; a tune from his hit album Take This Job and Shove It. It was on the flip side of the title track&#;s hit single, reaching #50 on Billboard&#;s country singles chart all by itself in Nearly a decade later, Paycheck walked into the North High Lodge in Hillsboro, Ohio and got into a similar disagreement. This very real bar fight ended with the country singer shooting a at a fan, grazing his head. Paycheck, who was quoted as saying &#;Do you see me as some kind of country hick?&#; before firing the gun, eventually served a small portion of his nine-year sentence before being pardoned.

One of the very best outlaw country tunes of the seventies was Charlie Daniels&#; &#;Uneasy Rider,&#; which tells the story of a &#;cosmic hippy&#; as described by Hubbard getting into a fight with rednecks in a Jackson, Mississippi bar after his car breaks down.

Daniels himself drifted to the right so strongly that his remake of &#;Uneasy Rider&#; is just about the opposite of the original song: the counter-culture is then represented with the same disdain Daniel&#;s had reserved for the rednecks of the Dew Drop Inn in

Bobby Weir introduces a novelty number on the Grateful Dead&#;s Reckoning by saying, &#;From a song about tragedy impending we&#;re going to move swiftly to a song about tragedy narrowly averted,&#; and that&#;s a fine description for this next song. Lynyrd Skynyrd is, of course, more southern rock than country music, but there are shades of Nashville in all of our favorite of their songs, including &#;Every Mother&#;s Son,&#; &#;The Ballad of Curtis Lowe&#; and of course &#;Sweet Home Alabama.&#;

&#;Gimme Three Steps&#; is a song about a bar fight we can presume doesn&#;t happen.


What better way to end a playlist of bar fight songs than with &#;The Winner&#; by Bobby Bare, a song written by prolific poet Shel Silverstein? Bare&#;s album The Winner and Other Losers is best remembered for producing one of the clumsiest country hits, &#;Dropkick Me Jesus,&#; but we think of &#;The Winner&#; as its best song. And to bring today&#;s post full-circle, the other side of the single was Bare&#;s version of &#;Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother.&#;


Granger Smith - Damn Strait (Official Music Video)

The 13 most outlaw country songs ever recorded

Ike Morgan | [email protected]

Who's an 'outlaw'?

It's not a genre. And it's not (always) literal.

There are hundreds of songs out there with debauchery in the lyrics or raw instrumentation. There are beloved "outlaw" artists who aren't on this list. But these songs stand out in some combination of these three areas:

1. Bucking country music's establishment while respecting its traditions

2. Challenging the listener lyrically and/or musically

3. Making an impact. Most of these were hit country singles. All have reached millions of listeners.

There are a few that didn't come out of the outlaw movement of the s, but they deserve a spot here for the influence they would have on that growing rebel spirit.

Don't Edit

Ike Morgan | @ikemorgan

Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? (Waylon Jennings)

"Outlaw" music is at its best when it's blazing new trails while keeping its country soul. The great ones have their own sound but also their own inner Hank.

Don't Edit

Ike Morgan | @ikemorgan

Mama Tried (Merle Haggard)

Sometimes "outlaw" can be literal.

People might not think the conservative country fan base can have sympathy for a convict. Those people are underestimating the love we have for Mama.

Ike Morgan | @ikemorgan

The Red Headed Stranger (Willie Nelson)

Sure, there's killin' in the lyrics of this song, but that's not what makes it truly outlaw.

It's not a Willie original (It was written by Edith Lindeman and Carl Stutz), but it was the song around which he wrote the rest of the "Red Headed Stranger" album -- an album during which Nelson took over creative control of his music. Without the success of this album, and perhaps the song that inspired it, we might not even be talking about "outlaw country" right now.

This is the first of only two songs on this list that weren't released as singles.

Don't Edit

Ike Morgan | @ikemorgan

Blood Red and Going Down (Tanya Tucker)

Tucker faced more controversy in the follow-up to this song, "Would You Lay With Me (In a Field of Stone)." People found that song, written by David Allan Coe, a bit racy for a year-old girl to sing.

But in "Blood Red and Going Down" (written by Curly Putnman) the teen sings about a girl who accompanies her father to a bar, where he murders her mom and her mom's boyfriend.

It's almost like combining the discomfort of a teen singing "Would You Lay With Me" with the horror of "Cedartown Georgia."

And that's pretty dang outlaw.

Don't Edit

Don't Edit

Ike Morgan | @ikemorgan

Family Tradition (Hank Williams Jr.)

Hank manages to (1) channel some habits of his daddy; (2) call out Nashville; and (3) declare his independence from both in this song, the title cut off the album that took him from being a superstar's son to being a superstar himself.

Don't Edit

Ike Morgan | @ikemorgan

Long Haired Country Boy (Charlie Daniels)

Before he was an outspoken conservative, Daniels had a libertarian side as thick as his beard. (Read more about country music's beards here.)

If this isn't the libertarian national anthem, then the libertarians are really missing out.

Don't Edit

Ike Morgan | @ikemorgan

Cocaine Blues (Johnny Cash)

It wasn't an original song, and it's one of only two on this list that weren't released as singles.

But here, Cash, a huge star in Nashville, sings about cocaine and murder.


While playing at a prison.

As the inmates roared with approval.

Don't Edit

Ike Morgan | @ikemorgan

Move It On Over (Hank Williams)

Think the lines between rock and country began blurring in the s?

Then listen to this song, recorded in , four years before Jackie Brenston's "Rocket 88" (which some people argue is the first fully formed rock 'n' roll recording) and seven years before Bill Haley and the Comets'  "Rock Around The Clock" (which sounds very similar to "Move It On Over").

Oh, and it was the first major hit for the man whose short career would change everything.

Don't Edit

Ike Morgan | @ikemorgan

Take This Job and Shove It (Johnny Paycheck)

The duality of the working man made this David Allan Coe-written song a huge hit. A good, honest American man wouldn't blow off a job that needs doing (but deep down he has a fantasy that would make him a legend among the boys at the factory).

P.S.: This video offers a bonus payoff if you're a fan of finer television programming.

Don't Edit

Don't Edit

Ike Morgan | @ikemorgan

It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels (Kitty Wells)

"Outlaw" doesn't always mean the bad guy.

In a music industry -- and a world -- where boys would be boys while women shouldered a lot of the blame, Wells answered Hank Thompson's "Wild Side of Life" (which blamed a "honky tonk angel" for abandoning her husband).

Wells' "reply" argues that women often have good reason to take to the wild side.

In its context, this song has gumption enough to be absolutely "outlaw."

Don't Edit

Ike Morgan | @ikemorgan

Copperhead Road (Steve Earle)

Country loves moonshiners. And in those old songs they're all like friendly Rafe Hollister eating biscuits and gravy with Andy and Barney in the Mayberry jail.

Country also loves war heroes. And country didn't get mad at the soldier for the politics of Vietnam.

But what happens when the Vietnam veteran son of a moonshiner joins the other side of the War on Drugs?

Outlaw stuff happens.

This is a rock song, and it didn't even chart in country. But because of its subject matter and because it's a genuine and large part of Earle's body of work, its biggest impact has been on fans and artists of outlaw country.

Don't Edit

Ike Morgan | @imorgan

The High Cost of Living (Jamey Johnson)

As bro-country was just beginning to take over country radio, Jamey Johnson released an the incredible "That Lonesome Song" album.

The sentimental "In Color" was a big radio hit from that album, landing in the top So naturally, Johnson would follow that up with a catchy, radio-friendly tune about cute girls sunbathing on the hood of his Chevy, right?

Wrong. "The High Cost of Living" describes a man whose addiction steals away his faith, his marriage and his freedom.

The result: A single that peaked at No. 34 but has become an outlaw standard.

Don't Edit

Ike Morgan | @ikemorgan

Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out of Hand? (Waylon Jennings)

With the feds still hot on his heels after a recording-studio raid, Jennings essentially confesses right there in the top 10 of the country singles chart.

"They got me for possession of something that was gone."

"Was it singing through my nose that got me busted by the man?"

Fortunately, Jennings went clean a few years later. But it wasn't because anybody told him to.

There are many people and songs who might be considered "outlaw" in country music. But there is only one Waylon.

Don't Edit

Justin Yurkanin | [email protected]

More on country music

Click on the following links for more country music picks:

10 songs that prove real country music is still alive

Essential summer country songs

Beards of country music

Country song titles that are real -- and the songs to prove it

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Her kind of loving is a little like a fist fight. Alright Well I've never seen Jimmy in that old Corvette He looks like hell Jimmy's in the next bar stool. Her kind of 

DOLLY PARTON LYRICS - A Lil' Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place
It's just a little bitty pissant country place. Ain't nothin' much to see. No drinking allowed, we get a nice quiet crowd, plain as it can be. It's just a piddly squatin' old  

Vietnam Song (Live From Woodstock) Lyrics - Country Joe
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Vietnam Song (Live From Woodstock)" from " Country Joe & The Fish": Intro Spoken, Give me an F! F ! give me a U ! U !, Give me

Lyrics to "My Kind Of Country" song by RANDY HOUSER: I don't mess with the Turn a bar to an all out love shack Old man Willie be banging on the G-chord

A cafe on Main Street that's been there so long. I am a hit country song. A jukebox and a barstool and old faded love. Mama and Papa, and the good Lord above

COLT FORD LYRICS - Ride Through The Country
Lyrics to "Ride Through The Country" song by COLT FORD: Thank Yall, How Yall Doin? See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads, bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet hunt, aint scared of a fight, love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,

Victim Of Life's Circumstances Lyrics - Delbert McClinton
And I'm a victim of life's circumstances. Well I was raised around bar rooms and Friday night dances. Singin' them old country songs. And half the time ending up  

LUKE BRYAN LYRICS - Blood Brothers
When we piled in an old pile of junk. It was one for all, You fight, you cry, you lie , you bleed. And you I got a scar on my cheek from a bar room brawl. Wasn't 

JIM CROCE LYRICS - Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
Badder than old King Kong And meaner than a Leroy shootin' dice. And at the edge of the bar Well the two men took to fighting. And when they pulled them 

Lyrics to "Backwards" song by RASCAL FLATTS: I was sitting on a bar stool In a barbecue joint in Tennessee When this old boy walked in And he sat But that's what you get when you play a country song backwards. Well I never heard it 

Lyrics to "I Hold On" song by DIERKS BENTLEY: It's just an old beat up truck, Some say that I Has had my back in a million bars. Singing every country song

I could sing those sad old country songs, oh but daylight finds me bored and blue , Well all the cowboys in this bar, oh and all those fools who play guitar,

Lyrics to "Country Life" song by BOONDOX: Front post livin swiggin wiskey and We on some otha level country like a Muthafucka liquor,cars and tittie bars

I been thrown out of every damn bar in this old town, In this old town. About the good times an' how country music's lost it's soul. I been beat up bad, I been 

KEITH URBAN LYRICS - John Cougar, John Deere, John
Marilyn Monroe in the Garden of Eden, never grow up, never grow old. Just another rebel in I'm a jukebox waiting in a neon bar for a quarter. And I'm a child of 

Neil Young - The Old Country Waltz Lyrics. They were playing that old country waltz In this empty bar echoin' off the wall When I first got the bad news that you 

THE ANIMALS LYRICS - The Story Of Bo Diddley
A little old country band began to play. Add two guitars Bo Diddley visited this country last year. We were Jerome said, Uh, where's the bar, man? Please 


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