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Horizon Explorer

Point your camera at an unknown hill, village or landmark;
Horizon Explorer will tell you what you're aiming at

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Augmented Reality for Hikers

Horizon Explorer shows you information about hills, villages and landmarks on the horizon.
Or see a scale-model 3D map that you can walk around to really explore the terrain.

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Sturdy Technology

ARKit & ARCore mean labels stay fixed and clear

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Point your camera at a landmark to find out what it is

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Depuis la dernière mise à jour officielle d’iTunes en version courant septembre, Apple a simplifié son logiciel multimédia en supprimant tout le pan dédié à la gestion des applications. Si le chaland ne peut plus explorer les rayons de l’App Store depuis son ordinateur, il se retrouve également privé de la possibilité de gérer ses applications.

A priori, cela ne semble pas déranger les utilisateurs qui se sont habitués à n’utiliser que l’iPhone et l’iPad pour rechercher et installer des applications. Mais Apple a rétropédalé en dévoilant une nouvelle version d’iTunes, antérieure à la Malgré l’existence d’outils dédiés à la gestion d’un parc d’appareils iOS – notamment le programme d’achat en volume et Apple Configurator-, certains professionnels peuvent toujours avoir besoin d’iTunes pour procéder à l’installation d’applications sur des iPhone ou des iPad explique Apple dans une note de support.

Que vous soyez un professionnel ou non, vous pouvez donc procéder à l’installation d’iTunes pour retrouver l’accès à l’App Store ainsi qu’au panneau de gestion des applications, depuis votre PC ou votre Mac.

Il faut pour cela télécharger iTunes sur votre machine et lancer l’installation par-dessus iTunes

Télécharger iTunes – 32 bits pour Windows(Gratuit)
Télécharger iTunes – 64 bits pour Windows(Gratuit)
Télécharger iTunes pour Mac(Gratuit)

A la première ouverture d’iTunes , le programme devrait afficher un message d’erreur indiquant que le fichier « iTunes Library.itl » ne peut pas être lu par le programme, celui-ci ayant été converti pour une version ultérieure d’iTunes.

Voici les étapes à suivre pour remédier au problème 

1. Rendez-vous dans le répertoire Musique > iTunes de votre machine. Repérez le fichier iTunes Librabry.itl, et supprimez-le.

2. Entrez dans le répertoire Musique> iTunes > Previous iTunes Libraries pour copier la version la plus récente du fichier nommé avec l’architecture « iTunes Librabry aaaa-mm-dd.itl ».

3. Collez le fichier dans Musique > iTunes et renommez-le simplement iTunes Librabry.itl.

Après avoir ouvert iTunes, pour retrouver le volet des applications, cliquez sur le menu déroulant situé en haut à gauche, là où "Musique" est sélectionné par défaut, puis choisissez "Applications".
Vous devriez retrouver le panneau dédié aux applications d'où il est possible de lancer la synchronisation d’applications sur vos appareils iOS, mais aussi d’accéder à l’App Store.

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You found this really amazing app in the Android Market and you want to share it with your friend who has an iPhone.

Sure, you could tell your friend the name of the app and wait patiently while they fumble through the half a million apps in the App Store looking for it, or you could send them a direct link for the app in the App Store, right from your Android device.

A new app, iTunes App Store Explorer, allows Android users to browse the App Store directly on their device. Of course, you won't be able to download or install any of the apps you view in the app on your Android device. Now, this may seem like an obvious statement, but if you read through the Market reviews you will understand why it had to be made.

  • After installing iTunes App Store Explorer on your device, you will be taken directly to the top paid apps list in the App Store. From here you can either search for an app by name or developer, as well as view apps by category.
  • If you want to change the country or language for the App Store, you can do so in the settings pane.

This app will also come in handy for developers with apps across multiple platforms who want to keep tabs on their app's current ranking in the App Store.

iTunes App Store Explorer is free and available to download right now. 

(Source Addictive Tips)


As an Android user, there are many reasons why you might like to check out the goings-on of Apple&#;s rivaling App Store. Although apps are often released contemporaneously on the two leading OSes, iOS tends to get priority on the major releases, leaving many an Android user to gaze longingly at App Store gems such as Instagram.

Hitherto, there hasn&#;t really been any way for Android users to natively check in on how the other half lives. Of course, one can keep up-to-date via the web or through iTunes, but that is way too much hassle in an age in which we are accustomed to having everything at our fingertips. Well, never fear &#; iTunes App Store Explorer is here &#; and provides an excellent way for you to check out the latest ins and outs of the fruit company&#;s App cauldron from your Android device.


As the name implies, it&#;s an explorer, and allows you to scan every inch of the App Store in its entirety. It incorporates a great bunch of features and doesn&#;t leave a stone unturned for those seeking convenient app information. You can search via various different categories such as price, ranking and genre, as well as country and language. Indeed, the only thing apparently missing is an iOS emulator allowing you to test the games and apps for yourself!

iTunes explorer 1

It&#;s free, which is always a winner amongst consumers, although you do feel sticking a price tag on an iOS-focused app wouldn&#;t go down too well with Android users &#; many of which harbor a partizan affinity to the little green droid

As well as being a great spying tool for the voyeuristic droidster, it&#;s also pretty handy for developers, beta testers and app reviewers not in possession of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

iTunes Explorer 2

Although the aforementioned favoritism for the App Store still lingers, the Android Market has gained much ground, and with open-sourceness in its favor, the balance in power could, and maybe inevitably will, turn.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the app via the usual mediums below.

Download iTunes App Store Explorer for Android [Market Link]

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Атамекен аясында (09.10.2021)

You can now discover, view, and share maps on your Mac or iOS device using Explorer for ArcGIS, one of the many ready-to-use apps available at no cost from Esri.

Download the Mac app from the Mac App Store or ArcGIS Marketplace to your Mac desktop or laptop. Download the iOS version from the iTunes Store. If you are an ArcGIS Online subscriber and/or have a Portal for ArcGIS account, simply download the app, sign in, and begin exploring your maps and data. You can also try out Explorer for ArcGIS using a trial ArcGIS Online subscription. Sample maps are included.

Explorer for ArcGIS lets you see data in a geographic context and use maps to make more informed decisions. You can access maps authored by you or others within your organization and share them on Macs or iOS devices. It requires no GIS experience, so others in your organization can begin immediately accessing maps, searching for and visualizing data, and briefing stakeholders.

Tools for interacting with the map are simple and contextual. You can open and view multiple maps at the same time; dock and undock pop-up windows, and go full screen to take advantage of Apple&#;s Retina display. You can search for information about organizational assets, easily share that information, and use the sketching tool to mark up maps. Use the Explorer for ArcGIS interactive presentation feature to brief stakeholders using map slides that contain visible layers, an extent, and a title. You can interact with a live map during your presentation, viewing pop-up windows and sketching without interrupting your presentation.

An Android version of the Explorer for ArcGIS app will be available later this year. To learn more about Explorer, visit


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