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If weapons like Dual Blades and Switch Axe are about continuously cycling through an elevated state of the weapon, then Charge Blade is about saving that elevated state for when it most matters. It gives you the best of both worlds in terms of the small hack and slash damage of the Sword and Shield and the huge sweeping damage of the Great Sword. One of the most technical weapons of the game, it can be a hard one to master, but the payoff is explosive.

The Basics

Let’s start off easy. The Charge Blade, like the Switch Axe, has two states it can switch between ala Bloodborne. In this case it’s two states being a sword and shield and a great axe. You’ll notice in the top left corner when using the weapon, icons of a sword shield and 5 vials. The goal of the Charge Blade is to *cough* charge the vials and then use them in attacks in the great axe form for additional damage.

Sword and Shield form:

You’ll begin by hitting the monster in your sword and shield state. At some point you’ll notice the vials will be glowing yellow, at this point you are ready to charge three of your vials. You can either store this energy by pressing R2 followed by circle, or you can continue swinging until they glow red. Once in this state, all five vials will be charged when the energy is stored. Be careful about pushing it too far though. A few swings past red and they will fill red, indicating overcharge. At this point your weapon will bounce off anything it hits until you store that energy.

Axe form:

Now that you have more pent up energy than an enraged Odogaron, it’s time to put that axe to work. You’ll morph into your axe form by pressing R2 and then triangle simultaneously. In this state any attacks using circle will deal additional damage, while simultaneously using 1 vial per attack. You can also use a combination of triangle and circle that will deal massive damage in an animation that will have you end back in Sword and Shield form. Once all your phials are out, time to get back to work charging. Rinse and Repeat.

Advanced Tactics

In addition to using your vials in the great axe attacks, you can also shift that energy back into your sword and shield for an extended buff to your damage done in that state, while simultaneously emptying your vials to free up space for extra energy. There’s a reason this is under advanced tactics however. You’ll want to practice this move a few times in the training field or fighting a low tier monster before you pull it out against the big boys as it’s fairly complex.

You’ll start by charging up your phials as explained above. You can shift as many phials into your shield as you want, however the extent of the buff extends with each phial you add, so aim for five. Once here switch to axe form. In axe form you’ll want to start the Amped Element discharge attack (triangle and circle together) but DON’T LET IT FINISH. Instead press R2 during the animation and you’ll see the phials empty and your shield icon begin to glow pink as you pull out of the attack.

Now that you have your shield energized, time to move on to your sword. While your shield is charged from the process outlined above, press R2 but instead of pressing only circle as you would to charge the phials, hold down triangle and circle together. You’ll see a three tiered animation of the shield enclosing around the sword, followed by an overhead slash when you let go. Notice that now your sword icon is glowing yellow in the upper left. Congratulations! You’ve buffed your sword and shield for the Charge Blade, now master it in combat.

Charging these both up, and then further charging your phials, will give you the highest damage output in axe form you can get, with a very satisfying Elemental Discharge attack should you land it.

What’s that you say? “I’ve mastered all that already, you filthy casual”? Ok then, let’s end with some Useful Combos to send you on your way to your armorless G Rank Rathalos hunt and I’ll tip my cap to you sir:

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Charge Blades worth getting
Progression Builds
Impact Builds
Elemental Builds
Focusless Builds
Specific Anti-monster Builds
Meme Builds


Last Update

Improved Fatalis Impact Focusless builds (thanks PaintedJ)
Added Safi-Fatalis Hybrid Elemental builds (focus 3 and focusless)
Added Fatalis 4 Elemental builds (focus 3 and focusless)

Added more Savage axe focused Anti-Fatalis builds
Added elemental focusless Fatalis and Velkhana hybrid builds

Added Fatalis Impact Focusless build, added Power Prolonger variant to Fatalis Impact build

Updated Anti-Fatalis build, added Anti-Fatalis post-clear builds with 2 and 4 armor pieces

Added Fatalis Impact build and variants

Added Anti-Fatalis build
Fatalis armor builds will be coming soon


This page is a collection of armor sets including decorations for Charge Blade in MHW Iceborne. While most of the builds are for endgame/postgame where all decorations are available, there are also progression builds starting from the beginning of Master Rank. Many builds require event equipment but I provide (weaker) alternatives without event equipment where possible.

I have also written a Charge Blade guide for Iceborne which can be found at the top of the page or here. The guide is made to be easily digestible for people starting with zero experience with Charge Blade, but also contains info up to techniques that even advanced players may not know.

Most of the builds on this page are geared toward maximizing offense rather than defense. There are a few reasons for this. More damage equals shorter fights, which means less time for the monster to attack you, less time chasing the monster to other areas, less time for your stamina to deteriorate, less time recharging your shield, etc. Also, more damage means the monster will flinch and topple more frequently, meaning even more openings for damage and even less time where the monster is attacking you. Two exceptions are Guard and Health Augment, but Guard is not strictly a defensive skill as it can give you more openings to counter monster attacks and Health Augment is just too convenient. If you find yourself fainting too much with these builds, feel free to substitute some Attack, Critical Eye, or Offensive Guard for Health Boost and Fortify as they are the most slot efficient defensive skills.


Except for progression CBs, these are ranked from strongest to weakest. However, depending on events available at the time you may need to settle for something other than the strongest one.


Saber’s Maw II (Great Jagras tree)
Dear Rosetta (Pink Rathian tree) OR Chrome Fortress III (Iron tree)


1. True Fatalis Charger (EVENT: Fatalis)
2. Safi’s Shattershield* (EVENT: Safi’Jiiva)
3. Lightbreak Charge Blade (Raging Brachydios tree)
4. Kjarr Strongarm “Crusher” (EVENT: MR Kulve Taroth)
5. Dante’s Devil Sword+ (EVENT: Code Red & EVENT: A Shocking Climax)
6. Royal Star Shield (EVENT: 50 Shades of White)

* you can get other status CBs if you want, Blast is the best general purpose one


1. Kjarr Strongarm “King” (EVENT: MR Kulve Taroth)
2. Safi’s Hellshield (EVENT: Safi’Jiiva)
3. Glavenus Bardred (Glavenus tree)


1. Kjarr Strongarm “Water” (EVENT: MR Kulve Taroth)
2. Safi’s Aquashield (EVENT: Safi’Jiiva)
3. Deep Terroir II (Jyuratodus tree)


1. Kjarr Strongarm “Spark” (EVENT: MR Kulve Taroth)
2. Safi’s Boltshield (EVENT: Safi’Jiiva)
3. Demonlord Blade (Furious Rajang tree)
4. Despot’s Thundergale (Zinogre tree)


1. Kjarr Strongarm “Ice” (EVENT: MR Kulve Taroth)
2. Deep Schnegel II (Beotodus tree)


1. Kjarr Strongarm “Decay” (EVENT: MR Kulve Taroth) & Alatreon Morphblade (EVENT: Alatreon)
– Situational, Morphblade can be better with Focusless Velkhana 2 piece build
3. Safi’s Drakshield (EVENT: Safi’Jiiva)
4. Deathaxe Vaal Aspida (Vaal Hazak tree)


#Mid-story Builds

MR 1 star, no decos

MR 3 star, no decos

MR 5 star, no decos

#Post-story Builds

Pre-Lightbreak, no decos

If you are unable to farm Raging Brachydios right away (see below explanation), here are some builds you can continue building towards until you can get Raging Brachydios gear. Chrome Fortress III can be replaced with Dante’s Devil Sword+ or Royal Star Shield (both from events).


Lightbreak Poverty, no decos

Raging Brachydios is a substantially difficult encounter which can be attempted as soon as the story is complete (and fighting its prerequisites Rajang and Stygian Zinogre). However, it may be too overwhelming for players until they get at least a few augments and better decorations (especially Health augment). If you cannot farm it effectively (you need multiple Immortal Reactors) I recommend waiting until you can make and augment a Beotodus CB with Health augment (MR 50+) and make a build with Guard 5 and Antiblast 3.

When you get a Magazine jewel (R7), replace the helm with Raging Brachydios a+. When you get an Ironwall jewel (R7 or combination) and Charger jewel (R8 or combination), replace the waist with Raging Brachydios a+.

Lightbreak Poverty, only R8 decos and under

Helm can be either B+ or a+, B+ will be used more later.

Lightbreak Poverty, only R10 decos and under


Note that builds are (more or less sorted) from strongest to weakest. However, the strongest builds usually require event equipment. If you can’t make a build, keep scrolling until you find one you can make.

#Fatalis Impact

SAED 😍   Savage 😍   Sharpness 😍   Comfy 😍
Required Event Equipment: Fatalis, MR Kulve Taroth

No need to have different builds for Master’s Touch and Artillery 5 any more, this build does everything! But good luck making it!

Build variants:
-4 Attack Boost, +4 Guard
-1 Handicraft, -3 Evade Window, +4 Guard
-2 Handicraft, -2 Evade Window, +5 Divine Blessing
-3 Handicraft, -1 Attack Boost, +3 Power Prolonger, +5 Divine Blessing

#Safi Impact Master’s Touch

#Safi Impact Artillery Secret

#Lightbreak Master’s Touch

#Lightbreak Artillery Secret

#Kjarr Crusher Master’s Touch

#Kjarr Crusher Artillery Secret

Note that builds are (more or less sorted) from strongest to weakest. However, the strongest builds usually require event equipment. If you can’t make a build, keep scrolling until you find one you can make.

#Kjarr Fatalis

Required Event Equipment: Fatalis, MR Kulve Taroth, Arch-Tempered Velkhana
Water, Fire, and Thunder use similar builds.
Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons!

#Kjarr Safi + Fatalis Hybrid

Required Event Equipment: Fatalis, MR Kulve Taroth, Safi’Jiiva
Water, Fire, and Thunder use similar builds.
Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons!

#Kjarr Element Safi 5 (Critical Eye)

SAED 😍   Savage 😄   Sharpness 🙂   Comfy 🙁
Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva, MR Kulve Taroth
Kjarr Fire, Thunder, and Dragon are identical in stats and use the same builds as Fire.
Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons! Kjarr weapons’ high natural affinity and Safi 5 bonus 40% allows abandoning Weakness Exploit and having 100% affinity all the time when your weapon is drawn.

Build variants:
Ice Guard 5
Water Guard 5
Fire/Thunder/Dragon Guard 5

#Kjarr Element Safi 5 (Weakness Exploit)

SAED 😍   Savage 😄   Sharpness 🙂   Comfy 🙁
Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva, MR Kulve Taroth
Kjarr Fire, Thunder, and Dragon are identical in stats and use the same builds as Fire.
Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons! These builds are slightly stronger (and more health boost) than the above but are reliant on tenderizing to hit 100% affinity. Thanks to Nethersaw for suggesting running 2 Weakness Exploit.

Build variants:
Ice Guard 5
Water Guard 5
Fire/Thunder/Dragon Guard 5

#Safi + Escadora Hybrid

SAED 😄   Savage 😄   Sharpness 🙂   Comfy 🙂
Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva, Alatreon
Kjarr Fire and Thunder are identical in stats and use the same builds as Fire.

Similar power to Safi 5. Sacrifices a few slots for lots of elemental defense, but you are locked into eating for elemental resistance food (which is lost if you faint).

Build variants:
Alatreon Morphblade

#Escadora Morphblade

SAED 😄   Savage 🙂   Sharpness 🙂   Comfy 😍
Required Event Equipment: Alatreon

For those that actually want to use the new armor and weapon. It’s not stronger than Kjarr weapon or Safi armor, but it is REALLY hard to die using this build. It still does respectable damage. You can get Guard 3 or 5 by changing the decorations in the helm (losing Offensive Guard and/or Expert).

Build variants:
Focus 3

#Kjarr Element Master’s Touch

Build variants:
Ice Guard 5
Water Guard 5
Fire/Thunder/Dragon Guard 5

#Safi Element Safi 5

#Safi Element Safi + Teo Hybrid

#No Event Equipment Cookie Cutter (Master’s Touch)

#No Event Equipment Cookie Cutter (4 Namielle)

#No Event Equipment Cookie Cutter (True Critical Element)


If playing a Savage Axe centric playstyle, you may opt to drop Focus (and Artillery for Impact Phials) to maximize your physical damage using the logic that if you don’t use SAED at all, you don’t need the extra phial generation from Focus. Note that even for this playstyle, dropping Focus has some downsides: making your Double Slash and Condensed Elemental Slash (sword buff) charge slower, and occasionally costing you extra attacks in sword mode (compared to Focus 3) before you can reload and attack in Axe mode.

Both Impact and Elemental builds are in this section.

#Fatalis Impact Focusless

SAED 💀   Savage 😍   Sharpness 😍   Comfy 😍
Required Event Equipment: Fatalis, Alatreon

Compared to regular Fatalis Impact, this basically gains Power Prolonger 3 and Peak Performance 3 in exchange for Focus 3 and Artillery 5 without losing any Handicraft.

Build variants:
Guard 3
Guard 5

#Safi Impact Focusless

#Lightbreak Focusless

#Kjarr Fatalis Focusless

Required Event Equipment: Fatalis, MR Kulve Taroth, Arch-Tempered Velkhana
Water, Fire, and Thunder use similar builds.
Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons!

#Kjarr Safi + Fatalis Hybrid Focusless

Required Event Equipment: Fatalis, MR Kulve Taroth, Safi’Jiiva
Water, Fire, and Thunder use similar builds.
Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons!

#Kjarr Alatreon + Fatalis Hybrid

Required Event Equipment: Alatreon, Fatalis, MR Kulve Taroth
Water, Fire, and Thunder use similar but not identical builds. Dragon is outclassed by the Velkhana Gamma hybrid below.
Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons!

#Alatreon Morphblade Alatreon + Velkhana Hybrid

Required Event Equipment: Alatreon, Arch-Tempered Velkhana

#Kjarr Element Safi 5 Focusless

SAED 💀   Savage 😍   Sharpness 🙂   Comfy 💀
Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva, MR Kulve Taroth
Kjarr Fire, Thunder, and Dragon are identical in stats and use the same builds as Fire.
Remember that you can add custom upgrades to Kjarr weapons!

#Kjarr Element Master’s Touch Focusless

#Safi Element Safi 5 Focusless

#Safi Element Safi + Teo Hybrid Focusless

#Safi Element True Critical Element

#Safi Element Safi + Velkhana Hybrid



Build variants:
No Kjarr (Beotodus CB)
No event equipment (Beotodus CB)


Required Event Equipment: None


Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva

Tenderize uptime is not great on Kulve so you may trade some Health Boost or Razor Sharp for Expert if you want.

Build variants:
No event equipment (Lightbreak CB)

#Anti-Raging Brachy

Required Event Equipment: MR Kulve Taroth, Safi’Jiiva

Safi 5 set will deal more damage but the bleed makes this fight much more difficult than using an MT set.

Build variants:
No event equipment (Beotodus CB)


Required Event Equipment: MR Kulve Taroth, Safi’Jiiva

You can trade Protective Polish for Hard Water Res but I recommend dropping Coalescence if you do this.

Build variants:
No event equipment (Glavenus CB)

#Anti-Alatreon (Defensive)

Required Event Equipment: MR Kulve Taroth, Safi’Jiiva

Match weaknesses with the starting element of Alatreon. Savage Axe playstyle deals the most damage to Alatreon but this build can play either Savage or SAED.

Recommended mantles: Temporal and Rocksteady (can be risky) or Glider. A surprisingly strong strategy that doesn’t sacrifice any damage is for your whole party to equip Glider mantles with 2 Wide Range+ decos.

Build variants:
Poverty build TBA

#Anti-Alatreon (Offensive)

Required Event Equipment: MR Kulve Taroth, Safi’Jiiva

Match weaknesses with the starting element of Alatreon. A more aggressive anti-Alatreon build that is only for Savage Axe playstyle, and is not immune to blights in order to proc Coalescence.

#Anti-Fatalis (pre-clear)

Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva

Above: SAED build & Savage build

Be warned that Charge Blade is a rough time vs this monster, at least before getting its armor. AED and SAED are easily punished by Fatalis, it has almost no openings from guarding attacks (so Guard isn’t worth taking), and CB has a hard time dealing head damage when the monster is not toppled. Not being able to easily break the head means dealing with full strength blue fire in the last phase unless you are multiplayer and your teammates can help break the head.

Savage has higher damage potential and does more head damage but requires a difficult playstyle where you mostly stay in Axe mode (therefore cannot block) and use Rising slash and Downswing combo.

Other tips:
Fatalis cannot be KO’d or clutch claw staggered
Fatalis topples from head break, mount, dragonator, one-shot binder, cannon shots (after 7-8), and ballista damage to the chest while flying
A hunter with Ghillie mantle can set up a topple from the get go using two fully loaded cannons (the player doing this should use Heavy Artillery 2)
Flinch shot does not launch Fatalis forward unless he is crawling (not standing)
There are two one-shot binders in the arena, one near the shield that is melted by the first nova and the other near the ballista on the opposite side
Paralysis is basically a topple but takes a long time to apply

#Anti-Fatalis (post-clear)

Required Event Equipment: Fatalis (head and arms)

After your first one or two clears you should be able to make this. You may have to mix and match if you get unlucky and don’t get any eyes for the head.

Required Event Equipment: Fatalis (head and waist)

Savage Axe version.

Required Event Equipment: Fatalis (4 pieces)

This is after you can make 4 pieces of armor and its weapon. Artillery 5/Flexible version.

Required Event Equipment: Fatalis (4 pieces)

This is after you can make 4 pieces of armor and its weapon. Savage Axe only version.

#Sword Only

Required Event Equipment: MR Kulve Taroth, Safi’Jiiva

Three interesting properties coincide to make this strategy stronger than you expect: (1) “overcharged” sword (when you attack too much before reloading) is forced to bounce on every attack (2) if you prevent an attack that would normally bounce from bouncing, it will have no hitstop (3) Charge Blade can give itself Mind’s Eye on all sword attacks by charging the sword. Basically, you can attack SUPER fast when your sword is overcharged and get tons of sword phial explosions (Video).

This is only recommended for elemental CBs as you get the benefits of much higher damage phial explosions and Critical Element. Also, it can still work without charged sword as Shield Thrust always creates a phial explosion (you will need Mind’s Eye decoration if you do this). Power Prolonger is also optional.

#Girros Cosplay

Required Event Equipment: MR Kulve Taroth

Is this build good? Probably not. Does it have 860 Paralysis and Critical Status? Absolutely. For more raw, you can swap the charm for Challenger Charm V and drop to 2 Paralyze Attack.

Like this:


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  3. Country living kitchen islands
  4. Diy weber q stand

This is a guide on how to use everyone's favorite versatile weapon in Monster Hunter World , the Charge Blade. Read on more to learn about their controls and how to effectively use it.

Aim Slinger (unsheathed)
L2.png+ R2.png
Fire Slinger
L2.png+ O button.png
Fire Clutch Claw
After Attack L2.png
Slinger Burst

When using the Charge Blade, the player is able to charge the shield using the Phials, if there are any. Having a charged shield will make shield attacks benefit from the Phials and apply Phial Damage while also allowing the player access to restricted moves like the Super Amped Elemental Discharge.

The player may also have the option to charge the sword while in the Sword Form. Same with charging the shield, this allows sword attacks to benefit from the Phials and apply Phial Damage and also gives the player Mind's Eye which prevents the weapon's attacks from bouncing on the enemy.

This mode is exclusive to players who own the Iceborne DLC. In order to enter the Savage Axe Mode, players need to have a charged shield, and Phials beforehand. Next players need to press L2 when executing an SAED to cancel it and enter Savage Axe Mode instead.

This mode is very powerful for the Axe Form because it allows attacks from the Axe Form to hit the monster multiple times instead of 1 per attack. This also benefits from the Phials and applies Phial Damage to the Axe Forms attacks. The downside to this mode is that when you run out of Phials, the Savage Axe Mode will disappear and you will need to reactivate it again.


The Super Amped Elemental Discharge or "SAED", is one of the highest damaging attacks for the Charge Blade. In order to accomplish this move, your shield needs to charged and you also need at least one of the phials filled up.

When you have both the requirements for the SAED, all you need to do is press △ + O while in Axe mode to execute this move.

There are also other ways to execute this move as part of a combo, but the easiest and fastest way is through a Guard Point which is further explained below. Here are some of the combos you can do to execute an SAED.

Hold O button.png> Triangle button.png+ O button.png> Triangle button.png+ O button.png
After a Guard or a Guard Point Triangle button.png+ O button.png

Sword Combo.gif

The Sword Combo is the basic combo that players use in order to charge up their sword and gain some phials. Players mainly use this combo to dish out some extra phial damage if their shield has been charged.

To execute this combo you simple need to hold the O button and follow up with △ + O after the Double Charged Slash.

Hold O button.png> Triangle button.png+ O button.png

Axe Combo.gif

The Axe Vombo is also one of the highest damaging combos for the Charge Blade. This move becomes more effective if the player activates the Savage Axe mode for the Axe Form.

This combo is extremely effective against stationary or downed large monsters. If the player a charged shield and an active Savage Axe mode, their moves will hit the monster multiple times while adding some phial damage to the combo.

HachikoBanner.pngGame8 TeamThe Savage Axe mode is only available if you own the Iceborne DLC for the game.

Guard Point.gif

A Guard Point is an advanced move for the Charge Blade where the player is considered to be blocking during a move. If a player has the requirements for an SAED, they can immediately follow it up right after a successful Guard Point.

The player can execute Guard Points when they receive an attack from the front during a move where the shield is placed in front of them. Below are a few examples which put the shield in front of the player:

Sword Form
R2.png+ Triangle button.png
Guard Point is in the beginning of the Morph Slash
Axe Form
Guard Point is at the end of the Morph Slash

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How To Use Charge Blade Guide - Recommended Combos & Tips

Check out this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide and walkthrough on how to use the weapon - Charge Blade! Learn recommended combos, skills, play tips, & more!!

How To Use Dual Blades

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Should I Use Charge Blade In Iceborne?

Bit Weakened In Iceborne

New features Power Axe Mode and Clutch Claw empowered Charge Blade. However, new monsters in Iceborne have significantly high defense, making monsters hard to flinch & looping combo became bit difficult.

Few Damage Adjustments Made

The damage of Element Discharge and Amped Element Discharge decreased & other attacks increased. You could say that chance of survival increased because you won't be depending on Element Discharge so much.

Other Major Changes

Power Element PhialRange of phial explosion after Amped Element Discharge shortened, allowing you to hit multiple times more easily
Amped Element DischargeLose all of the phial when attacked during Amped Element Discharge

Power Axe Mode Adds More Options

Power Axe Mode

Power Axe Mode revolutionized axe mode of Charged Blade. By using it, you can supplement the weakening of Amped Element Discharge. This mode buffs other attacks as well, adding more variety to your moves.

New Charge Blade Moves In Iceborne

Clutch Claw Adds More Damage

Clutch Claw Charge Blade

Clutch Claw soften's the monster's hide. Attacking wounded part will do higher damage.

Maintain Power Axe Mode

Power Axe Mode

There will be additional damage during Power Axe Mode. Even Raising Slash can damage monster heavily. This mode will also buff Element Discharge as well.

Tips On Power Axe Mode

  • You need phial to activate
  • Deactivates when phial is empty
  • Gradually uses phial overtime

Power Axe Mode uses phial overtime. Make sure you check how much phial you have when doing any action requiring phial. By charging phial, Power Axe Mode extends.

Charge Blade - Overview & Strengths

Weapon With Two Modes Of Attack

Weapon With Two Modes Of Attack

The Charge Blade is a versatile weapon that offers Hunters two modes of attacking in combat situations. The two modes are a fast sword & shield mode, while the second is a devastating axe mode!

Features A Phial System To Boost Attributes

Features A Phial System To Boost Attributes

When in Sword mode, hitting monsters will charge up to 5 phials. The energy stored in these phials can be used to increase your shield's defense, or increase attack power in axe mode. There are two types of phials: Impact and Elemental.

Phial Types & Effects

Phial TypeEffect
ImpactIncreases damage & chance to knock down a Monster
ElementalApplies extra elemental damage during attacks

These phials give an extra depth to the Charge Blade weapon. Please note that certain skills will only affect specific phials such as the Artillery Skill only affecting impact phials.

Guard Point Is A Unique Feature

Guard Point Is A Unique Feature

The Charge Blade possesses the Guard Point feature which is key to mastering combat with the Charge Blade. When the shield is facing forward during certain attack animations, it will block incoming attacks, allowing you to counterattack much faster!

Timing & Positioning Is Key In Guard Point

Certain attack animations will take time to move the shield to the front. Certain attacks will also move your character's position. Make sure to be in good position and master the timing to correctly execute the Guard Point!

Charge Blade - Recommended Combo List

Combos To Charge Phials

Fastest Phial Charging Combo

  • 1. Charged Double Slash
  • 2. Shield Thrust
  • 3. Charged Double Slash

This is easiest and fastest combo that will deal some damage and at the same time, quickly charge up your phials.

Hit & Run Phial Charging Combo

  • 1. Forward Slash
  • 2. Charged Double Slash
  • 3. Spinning Slash
  • 4. Evade
  • 5. Spinning Slash

Despite not being able to charge your phials as fast as the first combo, this is also a viable combo for charging up your phials since it integrates getting in and out of the monster's attack range. This keeps you safe from danger when charging your phials.

Mobile Phial Charging Combo

  • 1. Charged Double Slash
  • 2. Sliding Slash
  • 3. Charged Double Slash

This combo is similar to the fast phial charging combo, with a minor tweak. Instead of using a shield thrust, you now move around to avoid getting hit by the monster's attacks. This keeps you safe from incoming attacks when charging your phials.

Important Combos To Remember

Axe Smash To Super Amped Elemental Discharge

r2 iconsankaku icon+maru icon

When your shield is charged, you can quickly get off a Super Amped Elemental Discharge attack from when the weapon is sheathed. This will allow you to do a big amount of damage for when there is only a small window of opportunity to do so.

Converting Super Amped Attack To Amped Attack

This attack cancel is useful if you want to save up some of your phials for a better opportunity later on in the fight. Cancel the Super Amped Elemental Discharge to an Amped Elemental Discharge to consume one phial and save the rest for later.

Sheathed To Super Amped Combo

r2 iconmaru iconmaru icon

This is a great combo to remember since you can get a lot of attacks off from when your weapon is sheathed. Remember that your shield needs to have energy stored within it to execute the super amped attack!

Charge Blade - Recommended Skill List

Boost Attack Power & Reduce Charge Time

Since the Charge Blade is most effective when its phials are fully charged, focus on increasing your attack damage, while at the same time lowering the time you need to charge up your phials. This will allow you to increase your DPS in a short amount of time!

Recommended Skills To Boost Attack

Attack Boost
Increases your raw attack power and increases affinity after Level 4
Maximum Might
Increases affinity
Weakness ExploitAttacks that hit weak spots have a percent increase in affinity
Critical BoostIncreases damage dealt by critical hits
ArtilleryIncreases power of each attack

Recommended Skills To Reduce Phial Charge Time

Increases gauge fill rate and reduces charge times
GuardDecreases the impact of attacks, and reduces stamina depletion after level 2
EarplugsPrevents stun from monster roars

Charge Blade - Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Charge Blade Attacking Procedure

1Store energy in phials using sword and shield mode
2Strengthen your shield with energy in phials
3Continue charging up your phials in sword and shield mode
4Unleash the energy from phials using strong axe attacks
5Repeat the process

To get the most out of this weapon, players must follow the procedure written above. You will get the most bang for your buck by following the steps since it increases your damage output, but will also reinforce your defenses when fighting monsters!

1. Store Energy In Phials Using Sword & Shield Mode

Store Energy In Phials Using Sword & Shield Mode

Your hunter will start storing energy into the phials when attacking monsters using the sword and shield mode. This is shown by the phial icons below the sharpness gauge. The energy changes color from "white -> yellow -> red -> overheat".

Be Cautious Of Overheating

Be Cautious Of Overheating

If there is too much energy stored in your phials, your weapon will overheat. This will cause your attacks to bounce off targets regardless of sharpness. Make sure to move the energy of the phials elsewhere when it is overheating.

2. Strengthen Your Shield With Energy In Phials

Strengthen Your Shield With Energy In Phials

Once you've stored enough energy in your phials, move this energy to your shield to gain various benefits and effects! You will know that you've strengthened your shield when it or its icon is glowing.

List Of Benefits To Strengthening Shield

  • Defense is better when guarding
  • Axe attacks are more powerful
  • Shield Thrust attacks now apply elemental discharge

Shield Charge Has A Time Limit

Once your shield has been charged, keep in mind that there is a time limit before the shield loses its charge. This is why you should keep on repeating the process to keep the shield charged, and gain the benefits indefinitely.

4. Unleash Energy From Phials Using Special Axe Attacks

Unleash Energy From Phials Using Strong Axe Attacks

When you have enough energy stored in your phials, you can then unleash the energy via strong axe attacks for the maximum amount of damage! Since this is a slow attack, it is best used on knocked down monsters.

Charge Blade - Basic Move List

Sword & Shield Mode: Basic Move List

Axe Mode: Basic Moves List

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Charge blade mhw

Monster Hunter World: Charge Blade guide - how to get the best from your builds and combos

At its surface level, the combat system in Monster Hunter World is quite simple - you hit giant monsters on the head with even bigger weapons until they fall over. Once you start to dig deeper though, there’s tons of tactical play, strategic combos and hidden mechanics to wrap your head around before you can truly master the art of monster hunting. Here’s our guide to the Charge Blade, one of Monster Hunter World’s most interesting weapons, so you can get the best out of your builds and combos.

If you’d prefer to watch or listen along, we’ve embedded a video from Arekkz below that goes over all of this information below.

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Monster Hunter World Charge Blade Tutorial:

The Charge Blade is a complicated weapon that functions both as a sword and shield and a huge great axe. Unlike most other weapons, you also have the added nuance of managing phials of energy, and releasing it at the right time.

The sword and shield is great for defence and offers good mobility, while the axe can dish out incredible damage with a long reach. This makes the Charge Blade an exceptionally versatile weapon.

In its default sword and shield mode, the Charge Blade begins to charge its phials with each attack you land - they go yellow first, then red when they’re fully charged. If you keep attacking in sword mode when your phials are red, they’ll start to flash and your attacks will start to bounce off creatures.

When using axe mode, you can use that energy to deal damage. You can also transfer it to your shield to boost your defences.

Monster Hunter World best Charge Blade combos:

Because of its versatility in both sword and axe mode, there are a number of viable combos that get the most out of the Charge Blade.

When in sword and shield mode, pressing Triangle or Y starts you most basic combo, while holding and releasing Circle or B performs a charged double slash. Don’t hold circle for too long though, or you’ll overcharge the attack and it’ll be much weaker.

Pressing Triangle and Circle or Y and B at the same time at the start of a combo performs a forward slash which is great for closing distance between you and a monster quickly. It does more damage than your basic Triangle or Y attack, so it’s good to kick off combos.

If you press Triangle and Circle or Y and B at the end of a combo though, it performs a shield thrust attack. Combining a charged double slash and shield thrust is your most efficient combo for charging your blade’s phials, so it should be one that you use often.

So the best quick combo for building up your Charge Blade’s phials is:

Hold Circle > Triangle + Circle
Hold B > Y + B

Another great move to work into combos is the sliding slash. This lets you reposition yourself during attacks and is performed by pressing the left stick in and pressing Circle or B.

How to charge your shield - Amped Element Discharge:

One of the Charge Blade’s most powerful attacks is the amped element discharge, which is performed by pressing Triangle + Circle or Y + B three times while in sword and shield mode.

This combo incorporates a forward slash, shield attack and overhead axe chop that deals a lot of damage. If you’ve got phials stored, the final attack will deal extra phial damage.

This combo can also be used to transfer phial energy to your shield to boost its defensive capabilities.

You do this by pressing the Right Trigger (R2) after the third Triangle + Circle or Y + B input. This cancels the overhead axe attack animation, instead performing a backhanded spinning sword slash.

Triangle + Circle > Triangle + Circle > Triangle + Circle > R2
Y + B > Y + B > Y + B > Right Trigger

When you’ve transferred energy to your shield the icon below your health bar will glow red and you won’t be knocked back as far when you block things with your shield, your axe attacks will be more powerful, and your shield thrust will deal additional phial damage.

Charging your shield also opens up the Charge Blade’s most powerful attack: the Super Amped Element Discharge. This is performed by pressing Triangle + Circle or Y + B three times when your shield is charged and your phials are full, changing the combo’s final hit into a long-reaching smash that deals exceptionally high damage.

How to charge your sword - Condensed Element Slash:

You can also transfer charge into your sword. You do this by pressing the Right Trigger + Circle or B, and then holding Triangle or Y during that animation. When the sword locks into the shield after a second, release the button and you’ll unleash an overhead slash. Don’t hold it too long, or you won’t get the bonuses.

This combo makes it so your sword attacks deal more damage and can’t bounce off of monsters.

How to morph into axe mode:

From sword mode, you can change your Charge Blade into axe mode by pressing the Right Trigger to guard and then Triangle or Y. Alternatively, you can just press the Right Trigger when your weapon is sheathed to go straight into axe mode. When you’re in axe mode, you can press the Right Trigger again to perform a spinning slash and morph back.

You basic combo in axe mode is weak, but really useful for hitting flying enemies like Mernos or tall monster’s tails and wings. This is performed by pressing Triangle or Y twice. Moving forward while you press Triangle or Y turns the attack into a dashing chop.

One of the Charge Blade’s most useful attacks is the axe mode Elemental Discharge combo, where your hunter whirls the giant axe around their head, hitting everything in a large area. This is done by pressing Circle or B three times.

To change this into a more repeatable combo, replace the final input of Circle or B with a Triangle or Y. This turns the final attack into a quicker rising slash rather than an all-in slam.

(In axe mode)
Circle > Circle > Triangle
B > B > Y

A great combo that takes efficient advantage of the axe’s damage dealing potential then quickly returns to the more mobile sword and shield is:

R2 + Triangle > Circle > R2
Right Trigger + Y > B > Right Trigger

What are Guard Points? How do you do them?

Guard Points are parts of the Charge Blade’s animation that shield you from damage without having to specifically press to raise your shield. They occur during attack animations when your hunter puts their shield out in front of them while performing another movement.

For instance, when you press the Right Trigger and Triangle or Y to morph into the axe, your character slots the sword into the shield in front of them. If you’re hit by a frontal attack during this part of the animation, you’ll be protected from damage.

Other attacks with Guard Points are the end of the final spinning slash in the basic triple Triangle or Y combo, as well as the spinning slash performed by pressing the Right Trigger to transform back into sword mode from axe mode.

The sliding slash after pushing in the left stick and pressing Circle or B during a combo has one too.

The timing of these can be tricky to master, and are best represented in video. So if you’re stuck, try watching from 12:07 in the Arekkz video above to get a better idea.

Guard Points are exceptionally useful, not only because hits blocked with them inflict less knockback, but because you can easily follow them up with a combo of your own.

The most useful Guard Point follow-up combo is the high-damage Amped Elemental Discharge. This combo is performed by pressing:

R2 + Triangle (for the Guard Point at the start) > Triangle + Circle
Right Trigger + Y (for the Guard Point at the start) > Y + B

This is an advanced maneuver that takes practice to master, but is a powerful weapon in your arsenal against hard-hitting monsters like Diablos and Nergigante.

If you’re looking to master ranged weapons as well as melee, check out our bow tutorial.

MHW: Iceborne - MR Glavenus - Solo [5'13] Charge Blade

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