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It’s quite certain that when Guccio Gucci started out, he never dreamed that his small luggage company would grow to one carrying such cultural significance. But since Gucci was founded in Florence in , the company has built a catalog of genuinely iconic trademarks. The interlocking GG logo; the bar-and-bit belt buckle; the bamboo-handle handbag; the omnipresent loafer—all of them have helped the brand penetrate mainstream culture like no other Italian label in history.

The groundwork for the company’s epic expansion was laid under the leadership of Guccio’s eldest son, Aldo. A flamboyant businessman, he transformed the business into the accessories destination of choice for Europe’s emerging jet set. By the end of the s, everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to Elizabeth Taylor was a patron.

In keeping with the father-son tradition, Aldo’s son Paolo ushered in Gucci’s next great era, in the late s, with the introduction of clothing. By the early ’70s, the lean silhouettes, fur-lined coats, and shiny satin lapels we think of today as Gucci hallmarks began to appear.

The popularity of the brand was both a blessing and a curse. By the early ’80s, overzealous licensing had tarnished the label’s identity. Meanwhile, vicious infighting led to the Gucci family ultimately losing control of the company in

Paolo’s legacy became the basis upon which a young designer named Tom Ford decided to build his vision when he became creative director in The now infamous Tom Ford look—what he later called “sexy, sensual, fuck-me clothes”—oozed power and prestige and reminded customers viscerally of the company’s glory days. In short order, Gucci was a global player once again.

The French holding company now called Kering, which had owned a portion of the label since , took managerial control in , to Ford’s extreme chagrin—and he departed, leaving the brand with a very big pair of alligator loafers to fill. Ford had taken the company from virtual bankruptcy to a value of $ billion. Enter the relatively unassuming Frida Giannini, an accessories designer: She had been part of the Gucci design stable for nearly five years when she was awarded the top spot, overseeing menswear, womenswear, and accessories in Her roughly year reign was marked by diminishing returns, and her onetime underling Alessandro Michele in turn replaced her in The reversal of Gucci’s fortunes has been nothing short of staggering.

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Gucci sells Indian kurta for Rs lakh, and desi Twitter can&#;t keep calm

Yes, one desi user suddenly came across the international brand selling an ivory white kurta, which the brand mislabelled as &#;kaftan&#; for $ Soon, the screenshot of the product started a conversation online with desi folks baffled and unimpressed.

&#;Gucci selling an Indian kurta for lakhs ? I&#;ll get the same thing for bucks,&#; the Twitter user wrote while sharing the images.

&#;Crafted from organic linen, this kaftan is enriched with a floral embroidery and self-tile tassels,&#; the description of the Made in Italy product read on the luxury brand&#;s website.

However, this is not the only kaftan the famous brand has to offer, and believe it or not, this is not the most expensive option in the category. The website lists many kaftans of various lengths and patterns, some even made of silk, with prices starting off at $ going up to $!

Desi folks couldn&#;t believe the exorbitant price, calculating how many dozens of outfits they can get for the same amount. Many also wondered who will shell out so much money to buy the product. Some also pointed out that the product isn&#;t a kaftan and should be best described as a kurta or a Kurti.

Here&#;s how netizens reacted to it:

However, it&#;s not the first time that an international brand tried to sell everyday south-Asian garment at a high price. In , Zara created a huge buzz online after it started selling a women&#;s skirt that reminded everyone of lungi.


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Set womens gucci

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Gucci Fall Winter 2020 Women's Fashion Show

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