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It was the executioner of the Big House, the regional administration of the NKVD. A rare bastard named Rhodes ", he applied inhuman tortures to the interrogated, and one, the most stubborn, shattered his knees. Creature.

What is it. "Vanya asked. Combined heating pad and enema at the same time," the father explained. He picked up the bag and went to the bathroom, the son followed him. The father chose a heating pad from the bag, unscrewed the cork at the end of it, then poured some water.

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This cow is the only reminder of past happiness. Do not destroy, sir !!. ", I will give you a dozen other cows.

She was frightened of him: and accepted. - It was: it. - He.

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I didn't want it to stop anymore. Noticing this, he relaxed. I turned around, and he began to kiss my neck, lick, dropping to the breast, he sucked my swollen nipples.

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Oksa said no and began to ask to forgive the thief, I shouted at her and she tried to leave, but Zhenya. (as it turned out her name) burst into tears in earnest and began to grab Oksa by the arms, asking to forgive her. Having brought her to the required condition, I agreed to forgive her directly, saying that for this I want sex with her, she again sobbed nodded.

Her head in agreement. I took her to the car, telling Oksana that I was waiting for her there, and then suddenly this bitch said that our deal was over, I.

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I myself, asked Natasha and began to draw warm water into the pear. Then I smeared the tip with Vaseline for a long time and thoroughly. When everything was ready, she handed me an enema and got down on all fours again. - Natasha, try to go lower, it will be more comfortable for me, I pressed lightly on her shoulders.

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