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Organizing a home in a way that's both accessible and neat can be a chore, especially if you're one who loves to decorate and accessorize your home. While both a kitchen table or counter tops can be used as a display area, eventually hobbies and work stack up, but with Value City Furniture's variety in bookcases, clutter doesn't have to be an issue anymore. With classic display shelving and drawers to unique geometric shapes or minimalist designs, there's bound to be a bookcase among our collection that's a match for your home, bedroom, or even office. read more

Oftentimes, a major complaint about bookcases is they take up more room than they benefit, but with our massive selection of shapes and sizes, that isn't a problem anymore. Small bookcases like this white Plantation Cove Leaning Bookshelf are perfect for smaller spaces for displaying a few decorations or easy storage for well loved books or movies, while a larger and hardier bookcase like this Ashland wall bookcase are ideal for huge collections of just about anything.

While also coming in many sizes, these bookcases also come in a variety of colors and materials to fit with your personal tastes. For a delicate and sophisticated look, glass bookcases to display precious memorabilia on is a must, while some others prefer the stout and geometric appeal of bookcases like this brass Lynx Étagère. Whatever your specific needs, Value City Furniture bears a plethora of options for your home and office.

Designer's Dashboard: Looking for easy and accessible storage without putting anything on display for risk of dust or damage? Try Value City's collection of beautiful ottomans. Acting as both as a seat or a footrest, these blend in seamlessly with any home aesthetic and act as a storage unit without shelving them or putting them up in an attic bin for safe keeping.


Bookcases & Bookshelves

A bookcase is a place for our favourite treasures. Be it a collection of Shakespeare’s greatest, a full mint-edition set of hardback Harry Potter books or a home for photo frames, trinkets, and pot plants.
Bookshelves are so personal thanks to the things you choose to display, which is why it’s important to find bookcases for sale that will reflect your personality and room décor.


At Fantastic Furniture, we take pride in knowing that our range of office bookshelves is extensive, with everything from timber bookshelf options to shelving with glass-fronted doors. Take a look at our range to find which office bookcase best suits you.


Bookshelves for sale online


Whether you’re busy setting up a home office, furnishing an entire office, or simply trying to find a bookshelf to fill a space and add some storage, shopping online can make this experience that much easier.


Scroll through the options to easily view our entire range, and click on those that interest you for further details on exact dimensions so that you can see how well it will fit in your space. The info section will also tell you what it’s made from, warranty details, and anything else you might need to know.


If you already know what you’re looking for, such as the general size, colour, furniture range, or even price, you can narrow down your search results to meet your criteria by using the filter options. You can also save products for later if you need to get approval from the big boss, or compare options if you need to make a decision between your final favourites. 


Keep the process simple from start to finish by making the purchase online, and let us know if you’d like us to drop off your new bookcase at your office, or if you’d prefer to come and pick it up from your nearest Fantastic Furniture store.

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If you’re running your own business or just working from home regularly, setting up an office can really help to keep you organised, active and professional. If you’ve got room, it’s always a good idea to keep your work life and your domestic life separate, and furniture has a role to play in that too.

Take your bookcase, for example. You might have a bookcase in the living room with all your novels, travel books and other entertaining reads on them, but where do you keep all your work-related books and magazines? If you’re serious about maintaining a good work-life balance, keeping all your work books in their own bookcase will be a real help. From an organisational point of view, it can really help, but also it can help psychologically – you’re more able to switch off when your two lives are separated.

At Dunelm, we have a superb collection of bookcases, from small desktop ones to full-size bookcases and corner units for those who need a lot of reading matter in their work lives. They’re all designed to be smart and accessible, and have shelves to accommodate the whole range of book sizes.

The style of the bookcase will be determined by the style of your office, so we stock the complete range, from strictly business to homely and warm. After all, not everyone has the luxury of dedicating a whole room to their office – many home-workers just work from a particular corner of the room or from the couch, so having a style of office furniture that’s consistent with the rest of the decor in the room is vital.

If you do have a dedicated office, the rules might be a little different, as you can choose a bookcase that’s a little more pared-down, perhaps a budget bookcase, as you’ll spend most of your time on the computer or paperwork, and are probably trying to keep costs down. That’s not everyone’s idea of an office, of course – if you want to push the boat out and have a really slick office with modern boutique styling, we’ve got plenty of gorgeous office bookcases to choose from.

If you’re running the type of business where you regularly have clients round to discuss projects, it really pays to show them that you’re dedicated to the job, not just running a sideline – and a bookcase stuffed with professional books and business literature really helps convince them that you mean business.


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Sale for cube bookcases

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