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These are the 30 most popular YouTube stars in the world, from PewDiePie to Ryan Kaji

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  • YouTube has produced a new generation of celebrities and influencers that have turned posting videos online into lucrative full-time careers.
  • The most popular YouTubers include video game commentators, makeup artists, and vloggers.
  • These are the 26 most-subscribed YouTube channels from independent personalities who got their start on the video-sharing platform.
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YouTube has become the de-facto launchpad for the next generation of celebrities, personalities, and big stars.

Well-known names like PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, and Smosh have racked up millions of subscribers over the years by uploading videos on YouTube and forming seemingly personal relationships with their fans. From comedians to gamers to vloggers of all kinds, YouTubers have harnessed the video-sharing platform to build their followings and brands from nothing more than a video camera and a solid internet connection. 

To get a closer look into which stars rule YouTube, we looked at the SocialBlade rankings to see which channels have the most subscribers. We focused on independent YouTube creators, disregarding YouTube channels from music artists and record labels, multi-channel networks, and those without a face to the name.

These are the top 26 YouTube personalities with the most subscribers:

30. Smosh — 25.1 million subscribers

smosh youtube

AKA: Ian Hecox and the Smosh cast

Location: United States

Video type: Smosh was started by comedy duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, and the channel was one of the first YouTube sensations. The channel is known for its various written sketches and comedy series spinoffs. It's since expanded into other channels dedicated to video games and Spanish language content.

Smosh has been active since 2002, and has grown tremendously since then. One of the founders, Anthony Padilla, left the channel in June 2017. Smosh has expanded beyond Hecox to include other personalities that host the channel's series and appear on Smosh's spinoff channels. The Smosh brand was acquired in early 2019 by Mythical Entertainment, a company owned by YouTubers Rhett & Link.

29. James Charles — 25.3 million subscribers

James Charles opened up on Naomi Campell's YouTube show on October 6.
Bryan Bedder/WireImage/Getty Images

Location: United States

Video type: James Charles came to fame for his beauty content, but he also posts a number of vlogs, musical covers, and activities that bring in a number of other influencers. He's notably been involved, or tangential, to some of the biggest YouTube and TikTok drama over the course of the past several years.

28. VanossGaming — 25.4 million subscribers

Vanoss youtube

AKA: Evan Fong

Location: Canada

Video type: VanossGaming is a gaming commentator, but what sets him apart are his compilations of funny moments while he's playing that are stitched together. 

26. JackSepticEye — 26.3 million subscribers

WME CLIENT Seán McLoughlin AKA JackSepticEye,  McLoughlin has more than 20 million YouTube subscribers and is the UK’s biggest gamer   Credit WME

AKA: Seán McLoughlin

Location: Ireland

Video type: JackSepticEye initially came to fame when PewDiePie mentioned him in a video in 2013. His channel is centered around the Let's Play-style of video gaming videos with accompanying swear-riddled commentary and charity livestreaming.

25. AuronPlay — 26.9 million subscribers

auronplay youtube

AKA: Raúl Álvarez Genes

Location: Spain

Video type: A popular Twitch streamer, AuronPlay's YouTube videos are a mix of vlogs, internet commentary, and gaming content. 


TOP 10 Fastest-Growing YouTube Channels in 2020-2021

With the pandemic, more and more people choose to spend their time on YouTube, watching entertaining and educational videos or other content. Finding videos on YouTube is getting easier as advanced algorithms now find content that perfectly matches your interests and goals. This makes YouTube the winner among all other social media based on time spent on the platform.

Competition continues to grow as more and more people introduce their content on the platform. But this doesn’t mean that all interesting ideas have already been created and that all views are divided between top channels. If you create high-quality, trendy, and unique content, you have a good chance to boost your channel on YouTube regardless of the niche. Especially since YouTube introduced an update that changed everything at the beginning of 2021 :)

We will look at the 10 fastest-growing YouTube channels of 2021 proving that despite the huge competition you can grow and rank in your niche on YouTube.

Notice that it’s not a typical list of big-name channels. These are channels that grew the fastest in 2021.

Let’s compare their channel metrics at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.


Social videos
Theme: 99% of the channel’s content is #Shorts - vertical videos on modern social issues.
Created - February 25, 2021
They’ve received over 4 million subscribers and over 4 billion views since the moment of creation.
Imagine, the channel had 0 subscribers and 0 views.
Now - 4 million subscribers, 3.5 billion views a month (in May 2021).

Topper Guild

Theme: Entertaining videos (pranks)
This creator is also popular on TikTok with over 23 mil subscribers.
This YouTube channel was created in 2014 but at the end of 2020 they had only reached up to 3 million views a month.
In April 2021, the creator accepted the ‘new rules of the game’ and started using the new YouTube feature #Shorts that are quite similar to TikTok videos.
With #Shorts, the channel received 390 million views in April and 3.5 billion views in May!

The channel had 400K subscribers with over 3 mil views a month.
Now - over 3 million subscribers with over 3 billion views a month.


Theme: Fitness content
In 2020, this was a regular fitness blog. But at the beginning of 2021, the author created the first #Shorts video that received over 1 million views. Since then, the channel posts short videos mixing them with a regular fitness blog format.
The author posts 1-2 regular videos and about 100 Shorts videos per month, which attracts a lot of traffic to the channel.

The channel had 40K subscribers with 50K views a month.
Now - 1.7 million subscribers with 1.5 million views a month.

Ilysm Nails

Theme: Nail art.
The channel posted short videos about nail art that received few views.
At the beginning of 2021, the author started using #Shorts and as a result, some videos immediately gained several million views. The channel continues posting #Shorts and receives hundreds of millions of views.

The channel had 10K subscribers with 400K views a month.
Now - 760K subscribers with 200 million views a month.

5-Minute Crafts Recycle

Theme: DIY videos
The main channel content is Do-It-Yourself videos and is very successful.
At the beginning of 2021, the channel started using YouTube Shorts.
The author had been posting for 2 years but had unstable results.
With #Shorts, the channel traffic grew 30 times.

The channel had 40K subscribers with 30 million views a month.
Now - over 7 million subscribers with over 400 million views a month (in May 2021).

Dan Rhodes

Theme: Magic tricks
For over 4 years the author posted long and short videos of different magic tricks.
At the beginning of 2021, the author started using YouTube Shorts.
The first #Shorts video received 27 million views (at the time this article was written). The author continues to post high-quality videos in a #Shorts format receiving billions of views a month and redirecting traffic to other social media.

The channel had 20K subscribers with 500K views a month.
Now - 3.8 million subscribers with 1.4 billion views a month.


Theme: Pranks on friends
The channel authors posted regular videos in 2019/20, but at the end of 2020, they stopped posting.
Then, at the beginning of 2021, when YouTube introduced #Shorts they decided to revive the channel with the new feature and succeeded.

The channel had 385K subscribers with 200K views a month.
Now - 2.8 million subscribers with over 900 million views a month.


Theme: Pranks and testing life hacks in real life
This author is famous on TikTok with over 5 million subscribers.
The YouTube channel was created on March 5, 2021, with only #Shorts videos. TikTok videos are a perfect fit for YouTube Shorts and the channel author took advantage of this new feature to attract additional traffic on other platforms and develop his personal brand.

The channel had 0 subscribers and 0 views.
Now - (info about subscribers is hidden), 1.5 billion views a month (in May 2021)

Satisfying Mix

Theme: Entertaining videos
99% of the channel content is relaxing videos with various materials (fruit, paints, etc.), or subjects + life hacks
This channel posts #Shorts videos only.
The channel had 0 subscribers and 0 views.
Now - 1.2 million subscribers, 1.2 billion views a month (in May 2021).


Theme: Family pranks and challenges
The channel was created on January 13, 2021, for YouTube Shorts videos.
Besides regular pranks, this couple also plays with creating illusions.

The channel had 0 subscribers, 0 views.
Now - 3 million subscribers, 1.5 billion views a month.

It doesn’t really matter what your niche is. If you create unique high-quality content and use a trendy format, which is currently YouTube Shorts, you’ll receive access to a huge amount of traffic with your audience.

Channels in the kids segment and other popular channels are still ranking on YouTube. But channels like those we mentioned on our list are catching up fast and receive more traffic with YouTube Shorts, current platform trends (short relaxing or funny videos receive more views than regular videos), and high-quality content.
Shorts give great opportunities to new creators that are ready to work hard and fight for views and attention. But it doesn’t mean you have to stop making regular videos. :)

In spite of the fact that YouTube Shorts can’t be monetized at the moment, the feature gives great opportunities: personal brand development and attracting additional traffic for other purposes (to grow other social media accounts, sales, etc.).
The most valuable thing on the market is people’s attention. The largest companies spend billions to attract attention. Creators that use #Shorts understand this well. They accumulate attention and use it for other purposes.

YouTube provides many options and you have every opportunity to use them to become #1 in your niche, while others are still debating whether they should try #Shorts.
We highly recommend new features, including YouTube Shorts, to test whether you can gain millions of views on your channel very soon.

Finally, we’ll share a little secret with you :) YouTube announced that they will enable monetization for YouTube Shorts in late 2021. If it happens, creators that already use YouTube Shorts will become millionaires by monetizing their views. Or maybe they’ve already become millionaires:)).
So, don’t lose your chance and boost your channel growth rate.

Good luck with your YouTube growth and algorithms!

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The Most Popular YouTubers of 2021

The Most Popular YouTubers of 2021

Were you also wondering who rules over the global digital platform that is YouTube? We’ve had a look and found the Top 12 influencers who are acing the social network with their viral videos, according to the number of subscribers to their channels. We’ve excluded all celebrities, singers, or other public figures who did not achieve fame via the platform itself from this YouTube ranking. For example, the top worldwide channel T-series (with now over 156M subscribers) is an Indian film production and distribution company. We didn’t define this company as a ‘YouTuber’ and therefore have not included it in our selection.

Without further ado, discover our top 12: an eclectic mix of worldwide influence featuring Brazilians, Ukrainians, Americans, gamers, kids, and more…


1. PewDiePie

110M subscribers

Felix Kjellberg is the UK-based Swedish gamer who’s been running this channel since 2010. He is YouTube’s number one in terms of popularity and number of subscribers and has reigned YouTube for a while now, even if he’s fought for this spot with other famous YouTubers, notably Smosh. Mainly a gaming influencer, he also likes to diversify into comedy sketches and Vlogs, and even published a book recently.


2. ✿ Kids Diana Show

81.4M subscribers

This channel puts the limelight on 6-year-old Diana as she plays with her family, including her brother Roma, and her friends. The channel is all about childhood, with toy unboxings, stories, and games, this little Ukrainian girl quickly came to dominate YouTube’s children entertainment sphere.


3. Like Nastya

75.6M subscribers

Still in the kid’s sphere and not far behind Diana is Nastya and her cute vlogs. Covering new toys, family games or trips with her friends, Nastya shares her daily life in her vlogs and has become the most subscribed to channel in Russia. What’s more, this channel is only one of the many channels run by Nastya and her family: for example, Like Nastya Vlog and Like Nastya Show also have several millions of subscribers.


4.Vlad and Niki

70.1M subscribers

Yet another children’s channel, showing the enormous popularity of the genre itself. This is the story of Dubai-based Russian-American brothers Vlad and Niki as they play games, often with their mother as well. The channel is run by parents Sergey and Victoria Vashketov, who add animation and music to target each episode at young kids. They have 16 channels and translate the content into 13 languages, attracting more than 112M subscribers in total and making the growth of this only three-year-old channel most impressive!


5. MrBeast

65.2M subscribers

Launched in 2012, this is one of YouTube’s most random, dazzling, and attention-grabbing channels. Jimmy Donaldson from the USA is known for his viral challenges, like eating the world’s largest slice of pizza, and his charity stunts, like giving away $1M dollars with only 1 minute to spend them. It’s hard not to be drawn in by these original and extraordinary videos!


6. Dude Perfect

56.5M subscribers

This sports entertainment channel was started in 2009 and is run by “5 best buds” from Texas. It includes a lot of sports with a good dose of comedy. It originally started with basketball trick shot videos, but now the entrepreneurs make videos on lots of different sports but also nerf battles, funny stereotypes, and lots of trick shots. Their unique mix of sports and humor explains their huge success.


7. HolaSoyGerman/JuegaGerman

43.9M subscribers

Germán Garmendia is Chile’s biggest YouTube star. An actor and musician, he started by posting comedy sketches and vlogs, while his second channel JuegaGerman, launched in 2013, is focused on gaming videos though its also expanded into comedy. Even though he hasn’t posted on his first channel for years, it remains in YouTube’s top listings and has only recently been narrowly superseded by JuegaGerman, which is still being updated frequently.


8. Whinderssonnunes

42.7M subscribers

Close behind Germán is Whindersson Nunes Batista. This is a young Brazilian singer and comedian with a fierce sense of humor. He’s been uploading different sorts of comedic content since he was 15: songs, travel vlogs, podcasts, movie reviews, or vlogs about his daily life…


9. Felipe Neto

42.6M subscribers

This Portuguese-Brazilian influencer and entrepreneur has many strings to his bow: manager, vlogger, actor, writer… You may also know his brother, Luccas Neto. He started on YouTube by talking about celebrities and movies, always offering a critical and comedic twist, and was the first YouTube channel to reach 17M subscribers in Brazil. Now he focuses on general entertainment and offers varied content to his followers: comedy, vlogs, challenges, gaming…


10. Fernanfloo

42.5M subscribers

Luis Fernando Flores is a Salvadoran YouTuber. He mainly makes gaming videos, though not exclusively, sometimes offering more personal vlog-style videos. He has a whole playlist of animation videos and plays all sorts of games, from horror, to GTA5, to GOW and random indie games.


11. Você Sabia?

40.9M subscribers

The Brazilian duo Lukas Marques and Daniel Molo present interesting and fun facts. ‘Você Sabia?’ meaning ‘Did you know’, goes from 10 facts on random themes (like 10 deaths caused by video games or Disney’s 10 biggest secrets) to the weirdest videos found online or most expensive fruits in the world.


12. ElRubiusOMG

39.9M subscribers

Rubén Doblas Gundersen is a gaming YouTuber, amongst other fun videos and challenges. He doesn’t stick to a specific game, but mainly plays in the horror and FPS genres. He also creates “epic Vlogs” of his travels, lifestyle, and is well known for his comedic montages of random video games. Rubén is Spain’s top YouTuber in terms of subscribers and number of views.



For more information, visit our website here: Influence4You

And if you are looking to launch your next influence campaign, contact us here



Be Consumer Fit

YouTube is huge. It’s the most searched for website, has well over a billion users, and people spend countless hours on the site. It’s also become a platform for YouTubers to become superstars in their own right.

From cooking shows to streamers, YouTube has videos on every topic conceivable. Below, we’ve put together a list of the channels and YouTubers with the most subscribers. It’s a pretty varied list.

20. Sony SAB (54.9m subscribers)

Kicking things off is the Sony SAB channel, which belongs to a television channel of the same name. It specialises in Hindi comedy, drama, romance, and other genres.

19. BangtanTV (55.6m subscribers)

You're never more than a few clicks away from some BTS content. Well, we don't know if that's 100% true, bu the Korean pop band have become global megastars over recent years. Their official channel makes 19th in our list.

18. Dude Perfect (56.6m subscribers)

Next up is Dude Perfect, a sports entertainment channel run by five guys from the US. They originally started with basketball trickshot videos, but they’re now one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, and the second most popular sports one.

Dude Perfect make videos on a whole range of stuff, although sport is still a main focus. On their channel you can find content about drones, lasers, and, of course, trick shots.

17. Goldmines Telefilms (56.8m subscribers)

Goldmines Telefilms is a Hindi-language channel showcasing films, songs, and comedy. Incredibly, it was only launched in January 2021, meaning its rise has taken place at an impressive speed.

16. Zee TV (58.6m subscribers)

Zee TV is an Indian TV channel that’s managed to drum up a lot of interest online, taking advantage of the 500m Indians who use the internet. It’s also not the TV channel’s only entry on the list.

The channel’s content is much like any other TV channel’s one: trailers and clips from programmes, promos, and interviews with their stars, all to get more people paying for their TV shows.

15. HYBE LABELS (60m)

K-pop has grown significantly in popularity in recent years, so it will surprise no one that related channels appear on this list ore than once.

The Big Hit Labels channel is run by Big Hit Entertainment, the company that manages huge K-pop acts, including BTS. The channel hosts videos from various acts. You can expect to this channel move up the rankings soon.

14. BLACKPINK (63.6m subscribers)

Now we have our first pop group in this list, and our second K-pop listing. Introducing BLACKPINK, one of the biggest K-pop, and pop in general, acts in the world.

Their channel is exactly what you’d expect. Music videos, interviews, and general video content about the band.

13. Justin Bieber (64.5m subscribers)

Pop clearly gets you far on YouTube. Next we have child music sensation turned just regular music sensation, Justin Bieber. Bieber was actually discovered on YouTube, so it makes sense for him to be so far up the list.

His channel’s videos are what we’ve come to expect from musicians: music videos, promo material, interviews, and behind the scenes footage.

12. Canal KondZilla (64.6m subscribers)

Back to music, this time we’ve got Konrad Cunha Dantas’s channel Canal KondZilla.

Dantas is a music video producer and owner of KondZilla Records, and he posts music from KondZilla on his channel.

Centered around the funk ostentação genre, the popularity of this music has translated well to YouTube. The channel unsurprisingly includes loads of music videos, plus some behind-the-scenes footage.

11. MrBeast (65.9m subscribers)

Viral expert and YouTuber megastar, MrBeast's videos are some of the most watched and most liked on the platform. With efforts underway to expand his business, expect him to hold his place here for some time.

10. Vlad and Niki (70.5m subscribers)

The first kids channel of the list, Vlad and Niki features two brothers. The videos are mostly of the two playing and engaging in usual children activities.

The channel has only been around since 2018, making its appearance in the list even more impressive.

9. 5-Minute Crafts (73.2m subscribers)

Into the final three, and we have 5-Minute Crafts, a DIY channel that covers a whole range of subjects.

Originally started in 2016, it’s gone from strength to strength since and is the most subscribed to channel of its type.

Along with craft videos, 5-Minute Crafts also includes life hacks for every part of your life, along with content for kids and parents.

8. Zee Music Company (75.6m subscribers)

Sticking with music, we have the Indian channel Zee Music Company (also not the only Indian music channel in the list).

The channel’s content is made up of music videos, some of which are from films and television shows. The channel says it’s aggregated over 220k hours of video content.

7. Like Nastya (75.9m subscribers)

Kicking off the list is the most subscribed to channel in the Russian Federation. Aimed at kids it features Like Nastya, and her parents who run the channel, recreating scenes from films and TV shows, singing songs and nursery rhymes, and going on trips.

Like Nastya also has another channel, with 15m subscribers, simply called ‘Like Nastya’, it puts out similar videos, but with more of a focus on playing and trips to amusement and activity parks.

6. WWE (79.8m subscribers)

WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, is the most popular sports channel on the list.

Hugely popular the world over, WWE have pulled in tens of millions of subscribers from every corner of the planet.

The WWE channel has recaps of recent matches, full matches, and plenty of footage from their archives, including classic fights and interviews.


5. ✿ Kids Diana Show (81.8m subscribers)

Children’s channels are hugely popular on YouTube, so we have a few like this in the list. This one is focused on a girl called Diana, with the content focusing on her life and what it’s like to be a kid (who is constantly filmed, I guess).

The videos include toy unboxings, challenges, trips out and about, and other activities that children get up to. A concept that would have sounded bizarre just a few years ago, but here we are.

4. PewDiePie (110m subscribers)

Our last individual YouTuber on the list is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie.

By far the most famous YouTuber in the world, in part thanks to a number of controversies and his rivalry with another channel, T-Series, he’s also one of the highest earners on the platform.

PewDiePie’s main focus is gaming, including livestreams of him playing. He also does a lot of vlogging, collaborations with other YouTubers, and his own meme review series.

3. SET India (111m subscribers)

Into the final five and we have Sony Entertainment Television, or SET, India.

Obviously Sony-owned, this Hindi-language channel is run by the Indian television channel of the same name.

The channel has what you’d expect from a TV channel including full episodes of TV shows, teaser trailers, and episode clips.

2. Cocomelon (116m subscribers)

Our only children’s channel in the list, it’s high position represents how much young kids watch YouTube videos. The platform has become an easy way for parents to keep their kids entertained, especially with its autoplay feature. (Note: This trend isn’t always good.)

The channel itself has exactly what its title suggests. A huge bank of nursery rhymes about a range of subjects, featuring CGI characters and locations in a cartoonish design.

1. T-Series (189m subscribers)

For 1,920 days PewDiePie was the most followed YouTube channel. And then came along T-Series, a record label and film production company from India. Despite PewDiePie trying his hardest to stay ahead of T-Series, he’s now far, far behind.

The content on the channel is a huge collections of music videos, film, clips, and trailers from T-Series creative output. Only time will tell if PewDiePie can ever retake the top spot.


Five youtube channels top

The 15 Biggest YouTube Channels Right Now

YouTube has provided us with some amazing videos over the years, and new viral clips and music videos blow up on the platform every day. But what does it take to maintain constant domination? To see what types of web-only entertainment attract loyal fanbases, we asked the site to compile a list of its most-subscribed-to indie content creators—meaning no VEVO-esque, professional, or in-house channels. So with apologies to T-Series—the Bollywood channel that's surpassed controversial YouTube gamer PewDiePie for top spot in the overall YouTube subscriber race—and the insanely popular children's channel Cocomelon, here are the site's top 15.

Subscriber counts are estimates from July 2021. We'll update this post as totals and ranks change over time.

click to play video

15. Luisito Comunica

Subscribers: 36.8 million
What to know: Luisito Comunica is the channel hosted by Mexican vlogger Luis Arturo Villar Sudek. Luis' videos largely focus on his world travels, from Central America to Europe, documenting his adventures in whatever major or small city he visits. As he immerses himself in a new culture, Luis compares price points on food, activities, and attractions on his stops to show first-hand how you can make your global vacationing as worthwhile and cost-effective as possible.
Most popular video: Probando COMIDA CALLEJERA EN CHINA!
click to play video

14. Like Nastya Show

Subscribers: 38.3 million
What to know: One of the most popular spaces in the world of YouTube is shows for children, hosted by children (and produced by their parents, obviously). Nastya, a 7-year-old Russian-American girl, is one of those teeny YouTubers, and she has a massivevlogging empire. This is just one of her many channels (and first of hers on this list), which features her and frequently her dad making scripted adventure stories or playing with different toys.
Most popular video: Nastya and Baby go to the zoo
click to play video

13. elrubiusOMG

Subscribers:39.9 million
What to know: Though Rubén Doblas Gundersen, 31, primarily streams gameplay, the Spanish star also sprinkles the occasional interviewand Chatroulette adventure into his feed. His secret to success? Maybe his love for Pikachu and big beat drops? Maybe not.
Most popular video: Minecraft – "Miner" ft StarkinDJ
click to play video

12. Você Sabia?

Subscribers:40.8 million
What to know: Você Sabia belongs to not one, but two YouTubers—the Brazilian duo Daniel Mologni and Lukas Marques. The two have been producing content together for awhile, dating back to 2013 when they ran a news blog, which naturally evolved into their channel as they know it that explores a wide range of conspiracy theories and curiosities (you know, everything from murder mysteries to urban legends). Like many of their YouTuber peers, that's not without a bit of controversy—offensive tweets from Marques have surfaced in the past—but that hasn't stopped them publishing books based on their web show.
click to play video

11. Fernanfloo

Subscribers: 42.4 million
What to know: Luis Fernando Flores is the kind of gamer who's known for his wacky commentary and love of indie titles. Hailing from El Salvador, the 28-year-old also loves wearing the color green, doing the moonwalk, and sharing the spotlight with man's best friend.
Most popular video: The Fernanfloo Rap
click to play video

10. Felipe Neto

Subscribers:42.5 million
What to know:Felipe Neto is in many ways the epitome of YouTube's nonsensical popularity contest. The Brazilian vlogger reacts to celebrity news and cultural events, makes comedic videos, and generally talks to the camera at 60 frames per second, all in front of an amateur home set. And 42.5 million fans are here for all of it. There's no amount of explanation that can account for the strange alchemy of YouTube stardom.
Most popular video: REBULIÇO - Paródia DESPACITO
click to play video

9. whinderssonnunes

Subscribers:42.6 million
What to know:Brazil's most beloved and shirtless YouTuber, Whindersson Nunes, 26, keeps viewers sated with a steady stream of rant-y vlogs. If those don't win you over, his portfolio of pop parodies—including The Weeknd's "Starboy" (above), Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself,"and Adele's "Hello"—might.
click to play video

8. HolaSoyGerman.

Subscribers:42.7 million
What to know:Chilean comedian and musician Germán Garmendia is a mega-popular YouTuber. HolaSoyGerman is his OG channel, and even though it's sustained quite a following, he actually doesn't even upload new videos to it anymore. At one point, though, it was home to his comedic clips and rants about unusual topics. He's moved elsewhere on YouTube (see below) and in the fame stratosphere, now selling books, playing in a band, and collaborating on campaigns with Greenpeace. Dude's everywhere, just bein' himself.
Most popular video: Brothers
click to play video

7. JuegaGerman

Subscribers:43.9 million
What to know: Here he is again! Contrary to its name, Germán Garmendia's game channel isn't just video games (because, as he says, he's bad at playing them). When the 31-year-old isn't mashing his keyboard, you'll find him riffing on everyday topicsand exploring the internet.
Most popular video: Singing comments
click to play video

6. Dude Perfect

Subscribers:56.4 million
What to know:This endlessly entertaining channel startedin 2009 with a sandwich, a camera, and 20 "I can do better than you" buckets. Since then, with jaw-dropping skills and a message of faith, Tyler Toney and his band of Texas A&M alums have sought to impact the lives of trick-shot devotees everywhere. "Our ultimate goal is to glorify Jesus Christ in everything that we do," saythe dudes. "We want to use this platform for something much bigger than us."
Most popular video: Water Bottle Flip 2
click to play video

5. MrBeast

Subscribers: 64.8 million
What to know:Jimmy Donaldson, best known as MrBeast, is like a philanthropic foil to fellow YouTube prankster Jake Paul. While many of the 23-year-old's videos are absurd stunts, like him counting to 10,000 in one day or punking his friends, he's actually made a name for himself by giving most of his uploads a charitable leaning or coming up with challenges to give back. Largely through brand donations, he's been able to give money to various homeless shelters, St. Jude's Research Hospital, and other organizations.
Most popular video: I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend's Backyard
click to play video

4. Vlad and Nikita 

Subscribers: 69.8 million
What to know: Vlad and Nikita are brothers who have a children's channel similar to Nastya of Like Nastya Show. These two make vlogs with their mom about their day, including anything from their morning routine to pretend play. They largely focus on themes of togetherness and sharing since, you know, there are two of them.
Most popular video: New funny stories about Toys for children
click to play video

3. Like Nastya

Subscribers: 75.2 million
What to know: This kid may as well be the princess of YouTube. Among her insanely popular offshoot channels, this is the one that started her reign in the first place and remains one of the most subscribed in the land. There isn't a whole lot of difference between Like Nastya and Like Nastya Show, but on this channel you'll find their vids with a bit more imaginative, fantastical scripts. Expect souped-up play castles and princess costumes galore.
Most popular video: Nastya and papa sleeping at farm sheep Family fun trip
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2. Kids Diana Show

Subscribers: 80.9 million
What to know: The toy-verse of unboxings and simulated play with a variety of new toys on YouTube is alive and well, because, for whatever reason, kids can't get enough of watching other people play with toys they want. It's this trend that has contributed to the fame of Kids Diana Show that mainly focuses on the titular Diana and her pretend play brought about by a new toy—think mini carriages and giant building blocks. Sometimes her brother Roma appears, too, but he's got his own channel(that pales in comparison to Diana's having only 13.3 million subscribers).
Most popular video: Diana - LIKE IT - Kids Song (Official Video) 
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1. PewDiePie

Subscribers: 110million
What to know: Chances are you already know all about Felix Kjellberg, the long-reigning, problematic Swedish king of YouTube. The 31-year-old loves to review memes and make vlogs that play like more manic versions of Conan's "Clueless Gamer" segments, but he's landed himself in hot water multiple times now for dropping racial slurs, anti-Semitic videos, sympathizing with Nazis, and a whole bunch of other gaffes that reveal what he really thinks about the world that probably should have disqualified him from being a celebrity, but alas; the fans are loyal to a fault. Though Disney broke off their relationship, YouTube canceledone of his series, and Google took him offits Preferred Premium Ad Tier Status, he made it clear in half-baked apology videos that he's still sticking around.
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10 Richest YouTubers of 2021 (MrBeast, David Dobrik, PewDiePie, Dude Perfect)

The biggest YouTube channels

If you’re just now checking out YouTube, the sheer volume of content can seem overwhelming, and it can be hard to choose what to watch first.

But looking at subscriber numbers for the streaming site’s channels can actually help refine your options. Sometimes, high-quality content and entertaining videos can be found on channels that have millions of subscribers.

Just curious about all the hype surrounding the popular streaming site’s content? We can help satisfy that curiosity a bit with our list of the 10 most-subscribed-to channels currently on YouTube. We’ll also discuss what to expect in terms of the kind of content featured on each channel.

From YouTube’s own themed channels to pro wrestling to children’s programming and more, here are the 10 most-subscribed-to YouTube channels to date.

YouTube channelNumber of subscribers
Sports75 million
WWE78.6 million
Kids Diana Show80.2 million
Gaming89.5 million
SET India107 million
PewDiePie110 million
Cocomelon — Nursery Rhymes114 million
Music115 million
YouTube Movies138 million
T-Series186 million

10. Sports (75 million subscribers)

YouTube Sports channel main page.

The Sports channel on YouTube, like a few other channels on this list, merely aggregates content from other YouTube channels under a related theme. In this case, the Sports channel pulls sports-related videos ranging in content from news to highlights to live sporting events. This channel began on December 15, 2013.

9. WWE (78.6 million subscribers)

WWE YouTube channel main page.

While WWE has fallen out of our top 10 list of the biggest YouTube channels before, it currently reigns as our ninth most-subscribed-to YouTube channel, with over 78 million subscribers. If you’re not familiar, WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, and it’s basically an entertainment company that features, you guessed it, pro-wrestling.

On this channel, you can find clips and videos of full matches from WWE’s most famous shows, such as Raw and SmackDown.

8. Kids Diana Show (80.2 million subscribers)

Kids Diana Show is essentially a children’s show hosted by a child named Diana. Diana’s videos often involve activities such as unboxing toys, vlogs, songs, playing with her brother, Roma, and various educational topics. The channel first began on May 12, 2015, and has received over 58 billion views since then.

7. Gaming (89.5 million subscribers)

YouTube Gaming channel main page.

The Gaming channel appears to be another auto-generated channel by YouTube. In this case, the Gaming channel curates and pulls together gaming-related content from other YouTube channels. Such content includes live games and other trending gaming videos. According to Social Blade, this channel was created on December 15, 2013, just like the Sports channel.

6. SET India (107 million subscribers)

Moving to the No. 6 slot is Sony Entertainment Television India, a 24-hour, Hindi-specific channel with 107 million subscribers. SET India launched as a station in 1995 and entered the YouTube space in 2005.

This channel originally played top-10 artists like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Now, it has a library of thousands of videos, including comedy specials like The Kapil Sharma Show and police docudramas like Crime Patrol.

5. PewDiePie (110 million subscribers)

After a long time on top, PewDiePie is now only the fifth most-subscribed-to YouTube channel, with 110 million subscribers. Viewers describe his content as goofy, obnoxious, and filled with profanity. He could also be considered quite a controversial figure.

Created in 2010 by Swedish comedian Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, the PewDiePie YouTube channel is best known for its Let’s Play videos and blogs, as well as Kjellberg’s following.

After dropping out of college to focus on creating content, PewDiePie surpassed 1 million subscribers just two years after his channel’s creation. Kjellberg’s influence on the social network has also had a positive effect on the sales of indie video games, particularly Goat Simulator and McPixel.

He maintained a feud with the now most-subscribed-to channel, T-Series, throughout much of 2018. They stole the top position from each other multiple times, but Kjellberg eventually capitulated and has now fallen far enough behind that it would take something quite special for him to retake the top spot.

That said, his subscriber numbers are still strong. They remain at a steady 110 million subscribers in June.

4. Cocomelon — Nursery Rhymes (114 million subscribers)

Cocomelon — Nursery Rhymes is a channel focused almost entirely on nursery rhymes and original songs for children set to 3D animation.

Originally called ABCkidTV, Cocomelon is one of the longest-running top channels on YouTube. It published its first video in September 2006, and while it experienced steady growth over the years, its popularity exploded in 2017. That’s when it began garnering more than 100,000 new subscribers a month.

3. Music (115 million subscribers)

YouTube Music channel main page.

This is yet another YouTube auto-generated channel that pulls and aggregates content from other channels under a theme. Here, you can find music videos and song playlists. This channel was created on September 24, 2013.

2. YouTube Movies (138 million subscribers)

This is less an aggregator for YouTube content and more of a hub for YouTube’s movie rental/purchase service. On this page, you can rent or purchase a variety of movies, or you can choose to watch movies with ads for free. According to Social Blade, this channel was created on June 10, 2015.

1. T-Series (186 million subscribers)

Finally, eclipsing the former longtime YouTube king is T-Series. It’s a popular Indian music channel with 186 million subscribers and more than 157 billion views since its beginning.

T-Series is best known for its Bollywood music soundtracks. It’s the most-subscribed-to Hindi-language and Indian YouTube channel. It’s also the first channel to reach 100 million subscribers.

Although the T-Series channel launched in 2006 (YouTube started in 2005), the T-Series company, which runs the channel, opened its doors in the 1980s. The company’s breakthrough came in 1990, with the film soundtrack album Aashiqui. The soundtrack sold more than 20 million units in India, making it the bestselling Bollywood album of all time.

Rankings are based on Social Blade findings and subscription statistics listed on YouTube channels as of June 2021.

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