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The Too Much Tingle Pack is a Tingle DSiWare app.[1] It includes several applications like a calculator, a dancing Tingle image, the Tingle Reader, a timer, and a coin-flipping minigame. The game can be downloaded for 500 Nintendo Points. It is currently only available in Japan, as DSiWare is region-locked.



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Language Name Meaning
JapanJapaneseできすぎチンクルパック (Dekisugi Chinkuru Pakku) Too Much Tinkle Pack

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    For players who couldn't get enough of Tingle, there was the Too Much Tingle Pack: a small collection of applications including a fortuneteller, a calculator, a timer, and weirder things all said to be made by Tingle himself."
     (Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books) pg. 312)

Too Much Tingle Pack

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Too Much Tingle Pack

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Too Much Tingle Pack (できすぎチンクルパック) was a Tingle DSiWare application. This game released on June 24, 2009 on the Nintendo DSi Shop Channel in Japan as a promotional application for Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love.

Too Much Tingle Pack is a collection of five mini-games/applications, detailed below. The game could be downloaded to the Nintendo DSi for 500 DS Points,[1] until it was taken down from the DSi Shop Channel on January 6, 2010.[2] A demo for the fortune-telling game could be played at the game's teaser site.[3]


There are five mini-games/applications in Too Much Tingle Pack.[4]


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  1. Dr dish shooting drills
  2. Gas fireplace remote kit
  3. Csl online screening
  4. Imperial synthetic turf

tingleNintendo’s middle aged fairy is starring in two separate titles. One of them is available right now on DSiWare, but it’s not a game.


Too Much Tingle Pack is a compilation of five tools. You get a fortune telling app, a timer, a calculator (Nintendo really loves calculators), a marionette dancer than jiggles on photos, and a coin flipping program. Tingle’s calculator also can divide a check between girls and guys based on a proportion you set. Too Much Tingle Pack is available on DSiWare now for 500 DSiWare Points ($5).


The second title is Color Changing Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love. In this Nintendo DS game players help Tingle find a girlfriend. Neither title has been announced for any other region, but Nintendo localized Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland for Europe so there’s a chance of these games going international somewhere.


Due to some requests about them, I'd like to change pace a little and talk about two of the lesser known games in the Tingle spinoff series - the Too Much Tingle Pack and Tingle's Balloon Fight DS.

It's something that's been asked about quite a few times, in fact a couple of people have asked on this blog.

Are we also going to translate the Dekisugi Tingle Pack, better known in English as the Too Much Tingle Pack?

A brief history lesson here for those who haven't heard about this game.

Basically, back when Balloon Trip of Love was released, the Nintendo DSi was relatively new on the market. One of it's most touted features came in the form of the DSi Shop, an online store that you could download small games that were aptly titled "DSiWare". (If this sounds familiar, than you wouldn't be wrong - the DSi was Nintendo's first foray into digital gaming on its handheld systems, so it was essentially the precursor to the eShop.)
These games were usually very small and weren't usually as deep (or expensive) as retail games. Shortly before Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love was released, Nintendo and Vanpool released a small DSiWare on the Japanese DSi Shop called the Too Much Tingle Pack. This was meant to promote Balloon Trip of Love, and as such it wasn't a full game. If you're interested in learning more about the actual game, you can read this page.

Now, since this is such a small game, it would make perfect sense for us to translate and release it along with Balloon Trip of Love, right? I kind of agree; aside from one minigame that is very text heavy, the rest of the Pack is light on text. It also uses the same graphical engine as Balloon Trip of Love, so I would have no problems with the graphics.

So why not do it?

Well the answer lies in the way the ROM is coded itself. TWL games (games built for the DSi such as DSiWare and DSi Enhanced games) employ a special system within them that consists of "digest sector hashtables". That may sound like a mouthful of technical garble, but essentially they serve one purpose - to prevent any editing to the file system of the ROM. If even one byte is changed, the game will refuse to boot. Obviously this is a problem for a fan translation.
The only way to resolve this would be to patch these sector table checks out of the ROM - something that I have tried and failed several times to do. Until (and if) this problem is resolved, a fan translation for the Too Much Tingle Pack is impossible.

So there you have it :) . Sorry for such a negative post (I didn't mean for it to feel that way), but I figured you guys deserved to know why this won't be happening. I'll be discussing Tingle's Balloon Fight next time, which is a different situation :)

And of course I wouldn't leave without giving an update on the game we're actually translating. Honestly nothing notable has happened since last time. Progress has been somewhat steady, and I'd say we're still on track to at least meet that deadline that I gave a while back :)

Until next time!

*Oh yeah, I almost forgot. That title logo mockup was done by FShadow a while ago. Thanks to him for that!

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Too Much Tingle Pack - Trailer

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