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Listen To Fabspeed&#;s Grumbling C8 Corvette Exhaust Upgrade

By Michael Van Runkle


Fabspeed shows off what's possible for the C8 Corvette when the entire exhaust system has been worked over.

The redesigned C8 Chevrolet Corvette has been on the roads for about six months now, as GM managed to get enough cars built and shipped before coronavirus-related shutdowns and slowdowns ground the automotive industry to a halt. But higher-spec Corvette variants remain delayed extensively, which means that plenty of outgoing C7 and even C6 Corvettes are actually more powerful performers than the new mid-engined cars. Tuning companies like Hennessey Performance have vowed to rectify that problem, though a reliable twin-turbo C8 hasn't yet appeared on the market—as one YouTuber found out when she blew up her engine. All that remains for C8 owners are bolt-on mods, like exhaust, though that's not such a bad thing judging from a recent video posted by Fabspeed featuring a C8 Chevrolet Corvette with a redone exhaust system that sounds downright amazing.

Turn Up The Volume

In the video, Fabspeed shows off what's possible for the C8 Corvette when the entire exhaust system has been worked over. While the result isn't quite as bat-outta-hell intense as Hennessey's exhaust system, Fabspeed's sounds more like a quintessential V8's rumble. The car in the video benefits from a set of headers from Kooks, plus Fabspeed Valvetronic Maxflo exhaust and high-flow catalytic converters. The video features revs at a stand-still, plus a few drive-by roars in both directions to really show off how the V8 sounds when paired with the Doppler effect.

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Get It Going

The full performance gain for the setup remains something of a mystery until some dyno numbers emerge—but the price sure isn't. On Fabspeed's website, the sport cats cost $2, and the Valvetronic exhaust system costs either $3, or $3, depending on the selection between polished stainless steel, carbon fiber, and satin black tips. A set of Kooks headers, meanwhile, stickers for $1, and is on sale currently for $1, Add installation to the total, and somewhere around $10, buys you enough sound to make up for the fact that a stock C7 can demolish your C8 off the line.

Sources: youtube.com and fabspeed.com.

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Chevrolet Corvette (C8) Exhaust Systems

Vetter in Every Way

Corvette C8 Exhaust BORLA

Watch to learn more about the challenges of exhaust design for the Chevrolet Corvette (C8), and the unrivaled engineering behind the breakthrough Borla system.

Strap in. Breathe deep. This isn't going to feel like the stock exhaust. The volume will be higher. The note more aggressive, more scary, more Vette. The Borla C8 performance exhaust with Polyphonic Switchfire® tuning represents over a year of intensive engineering, fabrication and testing by the best minds in the exhaust industry. The result combines dramatically improved sound, upgraded heat shielding and motorsport valving, exclusive technologies and stunning looks in a landmark achievement of automotive art and innovation.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Cat-Back Exhaust System with Heat Shields

Industry-Leading Heat Shielding

The C8’s mid-engine bay is tightly packed with heat-sensitive parts and critical components, leaving little space for exhaust to cool before exiting the tips. Borla engineers spent countless hours developing an integrated exhaust heat-shield system that ensures the maintenance of safe temperatures. Subjected to relentless testing, this shielding (shown above) has been proven to perform flawlessly under peak driving demands.

Choose your Tip Finish & Style

Besides the sound, nothing shows off a Borla exhaust upgrade better than the fine-crafted tips. Featuring swept edges that follow the C8’s distinctive rear lines, the tips on the Borla system are available in Carbon Fiber, Polished or Black finishes.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Tip Options

Valves that Take the Heat

Using upgraded valves designed and manufactured in-house, the Borla C8 system is fully compatible with GM’s cylinder deactivation and active exhaust modes. Proven to perform flawlessly through prolonged hard driving, Borla valves are subjected to intensive heat simulations that exceed high-performance requirements over tens of thousands of cycles.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Exhaust Valves

Pick your Sound

With computer modeling, extensive prototyping and advanced frequency-spectrum analysis tools, Borla’s acoustic engineers have dramatically enhanced the exhaust note of the C8, creating two options to suit your preference. Choose ATAK® for stadium-level volume with amazing clarity, or S-Type for a slightly more subdued note. Each includes our exclusive Anti-Drone technology that ensures a pleasant in-cabin experience with zero drone for any gear, speed or rpm.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Sound Options

The Flow & Clarity of SwitchFire™

Within the tight plumbing of the Borla C8 system is a revolutionary type of X-Pipe called SwitchFire™. Unlike a traditional X-Pipe where exhaust flow collides in the center, SwitchFire™ uses a patented crossover configuration to smoothly blend exhaust gas and combustion frequency waves from all cylinders. The result is a crisper exhaust note with more clarity and energy, and less efficiency-robbing turbulence.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Switchfire Technology

Polyphonic Harmonizing

Playing the right notes together on a pipe organ creates a satisfying textured sound with dramatically more acoustical depth than a single note. This is the basis for the patented technology of the twin Polyphonic Harmonizers within our C8 system. Using the same principles as an organ, pipes of different diameters and lengths within the Harmonizers are tuned to create our signature ATAK® or S-Type sounds for the C8. A straight-through design ensures zero performance loss.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Polyphonic Technology

The Science of Flex Joints

Every component and feature of the Borla C8 system has been thoroughly engineered, tested and refined, and the flex joints are no exception. Rather than simply rely on universal joints, we designed our own to handle the specific weight and vibration properties of the Borla system, and ensure the joints respond properly to key bending moments during challenging driving conditions and terrain.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Flex Joint

Inspired by it's mid-engine design, supercar looks and iconic heritage, we put tremendous resources into the development of this exhaust. There's never been a better Corvette, or better Corvette sound. Tap or click below, and we'll notify you via email when systems begin shipping. Get ready to lead the heard.

Sours: https://www.borla.com/chevrolet-corvette-exhaust-systems/
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[VIDEO] Hennessey Makes Installing Their C8 Corvette Exhaust Upgrade Look Easy

There are always enthusiasts who want to add their personal touch to their Corvettes, and Hennessey Performance has been there for years to offer their special touches for these owners.

The company&#;s latest product recently arrived in the form of a custom hand-built, in-house fabricated, polished stainless steel Hennessey exhaust for the new mid-engine C8.

To show advanced DIY&#;ers just how easy it is to install this exhaust, Hennessey recently released an eight-minute video showing the process from start to finish.

[VIDEO] Hennessey Makes Installing Their C8 Corvette Exhaust Upgrade Look Easy

While I&#;m not particularly handy around cars, I could still see how someone with mechanical knowledge could take care of this exhaust upgrade on their own without too much trouble. Be warned that the process means removing the rear bumper and various other parts at the back of your Stingray, reminding us that sometimes it&#;s better to just eat the hot dog than to see how it is made. If we were inclined to change out our exhaust, we&#;d likely leave the installation to the professionals, an idea actually endorsed by Alex, host of the video.

Regardless of how the Hennessey exhaust winds up being installed, you can be assured that the increased performance will make it worth your while.

The new system has been dyno-documented to increase horsepower by 21 and torque at the rear wheels by 19 lb-ft., Hennessey says. Furthermore, it tips the scales an impressive 11 pounds less than the stock exhaust.

[VIDEO] Hennessey Makes Installing Their C8 Corvette Exhaust Upgrade Look Easy

Alex points out that everything you need to install the new exhaust is included in the “beautiful white box,” except for the tools. And that shouldn&#;t be a problem at all for most mechanics as the list is quite short – T15 and T25 torx sockets, five other sockets (7mm, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, and 18mm), a 10mm wrench, and a panel tool.

According to Hennessey, their C8 exhaust includes a lifetime warranty and is state compliant.

If you hurry, you can even get $ off the price. The first customers will pay $2,, with the cost then jumping to $3, after that.

Watch the video, and let us know if you&#;d be willing to attempt the installation on your own.

Hennessey Performance / YouTube

[VIDEO] Hennessey Unleashes a C7 HPE Corvette Z06 on their Test Track
[VIDEO] Hennessey Sets Top Speed Record in the Corvette at MPH
[VIDEO] Hennessey Shares the Sweet Sounds of the World’s First Twin-Turbo C8 Corvette


Mitch Talley

Mitch Talley has loved Corvettes since he was just 8 years old. He's owned 10 Corvettes since , including examples from the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth generations. His goal is to own first, second, and seventh generation cars someday. He and his son, Chris, also a Corvette enthusiast, served as Captains of the Georgia Corvette Caravan.

Sours: https://www.corvetteblogger.com//07/22/video-hennessey-makes-installing-their-c8-corvette-exhaust-upgrade-look-easy/

Listen to the Sweet Snarl of Hennessey's C8 Corvette Exhaust System

The aftermarket setup adds 21 hp to and Chevrolet Corvettes.

If a 12,hp Corvette sounds a bit like overkill, then Hennessey has another delectable C8 upgrade for you. Hennessey Performance has introduced a new exhaust system that boosts output on the eighth-gen Corvette and gives the sports car an even sweeter soundtrack.

In the video below, Hennessey walks customers through the kit's somewhat involving installation process. While the tuner recommends taking the parts to a professional auto tech for installation, expert assemblers can certainly DIY the upgrade if they have a few tools on hand. Made of percent stainless steel, the exhaust upgrade adds 21 hp and 19 lb-ft of torque to the Corvette's mid-mounted V-8 engine. Top speed is mph, according to Hennessey.

The upgrade also sheds 10 pounds from the regular Corvette's stock exhaust. Hennessey claims the upgrade is emissions-compliant in all 50 states and comes with a lifetime warranty. Delivery takes up to four weeks.

So how much does it cost for a leaner, meaner Corvette? The first customers pay $2,, and after those orders are filled, the price jumps to $3, Hennessey only plans to build 1, units for and model year Corvettes.

A year after its introduction, the Corvette is even more enticing. The Chevrolet Corvette maintains the same starting price as its counterpart while adding new tech features, paint colors, and stripe packages. Our Car of the Year remains one of the best sports cars on the market today, with the performance to rival exotic supercars, while also sporting a spacious and comfortable cabin that renders it an everyday driver.



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Sours: https://www.motortrend.com/news/hennessey-chevrolet-corvette-c8-exhaust-details-photos-video/

Corvette upgrade c8 exhaust

Hennessey C8 Corvette Exhaust Upgrade Limited to 1, Units, Priced at $3,

Lighter by “around 10 pounds”or kilograms over the stock system as per Hennessey, the exhaust is made exclusively from T high-quality steel. Thanks to a bit of chromium and nickel, this steel is easy to form into various shapes and a lil’ more resistant to corrosion than the regular stuff.

Only 1, units will be made for the and model years, and the first orders are listed at $2, excluding installation. As for the latter exhausts, the Texas-based tuner is charging $3, per upgrade.

Proved to miles per hour ( kph)as you know from a previous story on autoevolution, the HPE exhaust system comes with a certificate of authenticity, a serial number, and it’s state emissions compliant. The cat-back design requires bolt-on installation, and Hennessey recommends using a professional technician for that instead of doing it by yourself in your garage.

A lifetime warranty needs to be mentioned as well, along with the fine print that reads “to the original purchaser.” Made by hand and with pride in Sealy, Texas, the exhaust features a hand-polished finish instead of the chrome-looking finish of most other stainless-steel units. Delivery in the U.S. takes from three to four weeks as HPE produces only 20 examples per week.

According to the dyno sheet provided by Hennessey, 21 horsepower and 19 pound-feet of torque are to be expected over the factory exhaust system. In the case of the development vehicle, make that horsepower ( PS) and pound-feet ( Nm) of torque at the rear wheels.

Video thumbnail
Sours: https://www.autoevolution.com/news/hennessey-c8-corvette-exhaust-upgrade-limited-tounits-priced-athtml

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