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Survival Ranger Build

GW2. A list of easy to play builds for learning PvP and which class you wish to play as. 2021.

These builds are designed with good self sustain and minimal difficulty to allow players with little experience in PvP to focus on their surroundings while trying to learn how the game mode or their class works. There is one build for each class so you can figure out which class fits your preference. Rather than playing a class because it is good for beginners, you should play the class you like from the start using one of these easy builds and go from there once you feel comfortable.

The survival ranger has a lot of pet synergy so learning to control it can increase your effectiveness a lot, but simply pressing F4 to swap pets will give plenty of bonuses in combat. This build has a very powerful but well rounded playstyle because survival skills cleanse conditions, break stuns, and grant fury which which the marksmanship traits grant heavy damaging opening strikes.

Stick to your longbow until the enemy starts to use line of sight to avoid you, then swoop in with your greatsword and use the pet swap for quickness on your maul combo of 2>5>2. Use your greatsword block to get back out to safety and begin damaging from ranged again. You must swap between staying at range and going into melee, so this build teaches you positioning as a ranger.

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The condition warrior gets a lot of its damage from having the longbow burst skill (F1) down constantly and forcing the enemy to fight in that field to contest the objective while also surviving long enough for the damage over time conditions to add up.

Use your burst skills off cooldown on both of your weapon sets because they grant you condition cleanse and healing over time when you land them. You get adrenaline very easily because of the passive gains from being hit, being in combat, and swapping weapons. You also gain more adrenaline from critical hits. In fights where you are trading blows often you get to deal more damage and heal more. This build is great for teaching skill priorities because the burst skills are so valuable that you often use your other skills around them.

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The signet necromancer uses the spite trait signets of suffering to give their powerful signets extra potency and duration during their shroud (F1). Simply being in combat will grant life force to feed them more shroud where they thrive and survive.

Use the dagger 3 to inflict self bleeding to keep yourself in combat and generating life force even when enemies are not nearby. Use the 2 on axe and dagger to deal damage to single targets. When in shroud use the 3 to fear and gain quickness to use your hard hitting shroud 1 skill quickly. This build teaches you how to manage risk by going in shroud when it is dangerous and moving out of dangerous situations when your shroud is almost up.

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The meditation guardian uses instant cast virtues and meditations to give themselves sustain and high impact boons while doing damage on the move. They are a less selfish DPS because of the stability and cleansing they provide to their team, making them great for team play.

Use your virtues or heal skill before dealing damage because those give retaliation which increases your damage and crit chance. Landing your greatsword 2 and focus 4 will do the most damage, so try to land those more than anything else while using your ports on sword 2 and judge’s intervention to land bursts. This build teaches you to be aggressive because it rewards activating your cooldowns often with their low cooldowns.

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The condition D/D thief is more straight forward than the average thief build. It can go in team fights and do lots of AoE damage, so the rotational awareness is not as necessary. The thief class uses initiative on weapon skills instead of cooldowns which means you can keep using the dagger 3 which is where most of your damage will come from.

Try to time your death blossom (dagger 3) just right. If you are too close you will fly right over them and if you are too far away you will not reach them. The thousand needles preparation can also be used ahead of time to unleash a burst of damage all at once if you can place it strategically. This build will perform well if you learn your timings.

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The staff elementalist gets value from the range of its abilities while summoning elementals to distract the enemy during the long cooldowns of the staff abilities. It also has access to powerful overloads a few seconds after entering an elemental attunement by reactivating that same attunement. These abilities increase the cooldown of the attunement, but the air attunement recharges on crit with fresh air, allowing air overload to be used often for wide damaging effects.

Start fights using the earth overload for protection and using the earth CC to keep the enemy at a distance and for your elementals to have more time. Use the lesser elementals in air attunement and the greater elemental in air or water depending on if you need stuns or healing. Swap between your water and air attunements whether you need healing or damage, and fill in some fire and earth attunements skills quickly before going back to air to overload more. This build teaches you how to position to land your skills while also avoiding damage from the enemy.

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The condition mirage is not a straight ahead fighter. It uses illusions and stealth to wait for the right moment and then once the burst is ready it shatters its clones.

Gather clones with your phantasm spells and your scepter 1/2. Dodging allows you to use ambush skills which replaces your 1 skill very briefly after you dodge. Your clones also use ambushes automatically when you dodge because of the infinite horizon trait. Once you use your ambush you can shatter to follow through. Generally the F2 is the best shatter. F4 can be used defensively to gain invulnerability based on how many clones you have. This build teaches you which fights to take and which not to take with its ability to disengage with stealth on the torch, signet of midnight, and mass invisibility.

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The core upkeep revenant has tons of resource to manage from swapping legends (F1) while under 10 energy to gain 75 energy instead of 50. Also the F2 will give 25 energy. This allows constant upkeep of the vengeful hammers and impossible odds which gives damage and sustain from the steadfast rejuvination trait.

Use sword when you need to be aggressive and staff when you need to be defensive. Swap legend stances as often as you can so try to deplete your energy to below 10 before doing so. This build teaches you how to think ahead and manage resources.

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The flamethrower engineer simplifies damage to the flamethrower kit’s 1 ability and has the passive effects of traits. Swap to the med kit and use the 3/4/5 to sustain or the rifle 4/5 to protect yourself when under pressure. This build teaches you how to use your mouse to move your character quickly in order to aim your flamethrower.

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For more information about PvP in Guild Wars 2, I recommend that you read this guide:

Beginner’s Guide to Guild Wars 2 PvP

If you want to know about the META PvP Builds, check out here: PvP Builds



GW2. Valkyrie Remorseless Ranger PvP Build. 2021.

The Valkyrie Remorseless Ranger is a Duelist that gets high crit modifiers from the Valkyrie amulet while not being squishy due to the vitality. It makes up for the lack of precision through Intelligence sigils and the Remorseless trait which occurs whenever you gain fury and makes your next attack have 100% chance to crit and deal 25% more damage. Using these buffs and singular but hard hitting attacks, you can do great burst damage while still being relatively tanky.

Basic Combos: Pet Swap > Axe 3 > Weapon Swap > Greatsword 2 > Greatsword 5 > Greatsword 2

Smokescale F2 > Greatsword 3 > Pet Swap > GS2 > GS5 > GS2 > Weapon Swap > Axe 3 > Dagger 4

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Ranger - Power Survival

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Note: Please note that builds will default to plain icons, these may not be as accurate. We apologize for the inconvenience.


A PvP Power Ranger build meant to win smaller skirmishes. Can be used by F2P players as well.

Skill Bar


Slot Changes

Healing skill:

If you do not own any of the expansions, take the following pets:

Template Code





  • Take if you want to focus more on Longbow bursts, or just don't want to work with .


Superior Sigil of Exposure
Superior Sigil of Exposure.pngSuperior Sigil of Exposure

Your next attack after you swap to this weapon while in combat inflicts 5 stacks of vulnerability for 5 seconds. (Cooldown: 9s)

Superior Sigil of Separation
Superior Sigil of Separation.pngSuperior Sigil of Separation

Deal 5% extra damage to targets more than 500 distance away.

Superior Rune of Divinity
Superior Rune of Divinity.pngSuperior Rune of Divinity

(1): +8 All Stats(2): +10 All Stats(3): +12 All Stats(4): +14 All Stats(5): +16 All Stats(6): +18 All Stats, +10% Maximum Health

Berserker Amulet
Berserker Amulet.pngBerserker Amulet

+1200 Power+900 Precision+900 Ferocity

Equipment Changes



  • Superior Sigil of IntelligenceSuperior Sigil of Intelligence
    Superior Sigil of Intelligence.pngSuperior Sigil of Intelligence

    Your next three attacks after swapping to this weapon while in combat has a 100% critical chance. (Cooldown: 9s)

    Superior Sigil of CleansingSuperior Sigil of Cleansing
    Superior Sigil of Cleansing.pngSuperior Sigil of Cleansing

    Remove 1 condition when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)

    - the build already has a fairly high critical hit chance and plenty of trait synergy that pushes it to 100% from time to time, but if that's not enough for you and want to make sure that your opening burst always crits then feel free to pick Intelligence.



  • should be used just before leaving spawn to grant AoE SwiftnessSwiftness to the team through . In combat, to get the most out of the fact that it can grant you extra boons, try to use it if your pet has Protection and QuicknessQuickness. Swapping pets in the middle of channeling your healing skill is something you should aim for.
  • Dodging applies ProtectionProtection, which also heals thanks to the trait .
  • Survival skills cure 2 conditions and grant Fury. (if taken) can cleanse 4, because it triggers another Survival skill from .
  • has many uses.
    • It can be used offensively for the Quickness, most notably to boost , , or Greatsword autos for downed cleave.
    • Defensively by keeping your pet swap ready in case you need to cleanse 2 conditions.
    • Alternatively the SuperspeedSuperspeed can help you escape damage or chase down targets while on Greatsword.
  • Pet swapping acts as a Blast finisher thanks to . Being instant, you can have Smokescale place a under you (even while you're stunned), and swap pets for AoE stealth.
  • is the easiest way to gain stealth in this build, but if the projectile misses then it won't be applied. To reduce the chance of that happening (and considering how the damage of this skill is horrible) you should fire it at pets, mesmer clones, and other AI whenever possible. Alternatively, use it to quickly get rid of BlindBlind or AegisAegis because it's the fastest projectile on this weapon.
  • is extremely useful against direct damage spikes, but you have to use it proactively and sometimes even predict when the burst is coming. Use it too late and it's wasted, too soon and your opponent can just delay its plan until the signet runs out.
  • Juvenile SmokescaleJuvenile Smokescale's F2 is a useful combo field:
    • Projectile finishers like and could BlindBlind your target, increasing your sustain.
    • or the trait proc from could be used to stack StealthStealth. While your kit isn't the best for stacking stealth, dropping this field before a fight for your team to execute combos in is generally a good idea.

Doing damage

  • Using before a burst makes it less likely to get interrupted whilst also increasing your damage.
  • Most of the build revolves around burst combos and just surviving / using fillers inbetween.

The Longbow burst combo is rather simple:

  1. CC people with
  2. Optional - get QuicknessQuickness from either or
  3. Immediately follow up with while you have FuryFury.

Greatsword burst combo:

  1. Already in combat, swap pets to trigger which grants FuryFury and QuicknessQuickness. Fury gives you for increased damage.
  2. Use
  3. your target for CC, hopefully a proc, and to refresh Maul.
  4. again.

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Guild Wars 2: How To Create The Ultimate Longbow Ranger Build

The Ranger from Guild Wars 2 is not just for Pokemon roleplayers but also for serious damage dealers. Because in Guild Wars 2, DPS is the answer to everything, and dealing as much damage as possible shortens the grind or lessens the time spent on dealing with bosses. That's why the "ultimate longbow Ranger" will always be one that prioritizes DPS.

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For someone who might not be familiar with the current Guild Wars 2 META, this might be confusing especially with the plethora of options available. It's easy to mess up your Ranger character or any for that matter. That's why we're here, to ensure that your ultimate longbow Ranger lives up to its name.

Craft Ascended Gear Or Better

Step one in ensuring you have the most efficient Ranger build in the game is by grabbing the best items stat-wise. In Guild Wars 2, the Ascended item rarity or class is the best-in-slot. It's actually the second rarest, right after Legendary but they have the same stats anyway.

Besides, crafting Legendary gear takes too much time. Ascended gear and weapons for a class can be completed in about a month or so. Now, for the bare minimum, you still can't go wrong with Exotic rarity gear but don't go below that as that's already a small downgrade in terms of damage.

Use Berserker/Zojja Weapons

As for which gear or weapon stats to look for, that would be Zojja's or the Berserker stat combination. For the uninitiated, Berserker stats consist of Power, Precision, and Ferocity with power being the highest value.

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Simply put, craft a Zojja's Greatbow or if you're feeling fabulously grand, a Pharus or Kudzu. As for the alternate weapons for swapping, Zojja's Razor in the main hand and Zojja's Reaver in the off-hand are considered as the best even if that means switching to melee.

Use Berserker/Zojja Armor

Of course, a Berserker weapon won't do much by itself without the supplementary Berserker armor. If you don't have ascended medium armor yet, then acquiring Zojja's medium armor (Visage, Shoulderguard, Guise, Grips, Leggings, Striders) is undoubtedly the hardest part of crafting ascended stuff.

Still, they're very much worth it as they provide higher boosts to Berserker stats combined than the weapon. If you go for Ascended, you can consider them an investment since the Engineer and the Thief also use the same armor.

Use Berserker Trinkets

Speaking of Ascended investments, the accessories are probably the easiest to acquire. Even if players can't craft or don't want to, they can still grab these in the Fractal lobby or in some guild quests.

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As for the stats, obviously, go for the Berserker ones as well. There are many variants of them but again, Berserker's stats are Power, Precision, and Ferocity with Power having the highest value. The backpiece is the most difficult one to acquire but the Living World maps provide plenty of opportunities to get them for free.

Sigil Of Force & Sigil Of Impact

Now on to the weapon slots. Sigils that complement the Berserker stats best have often been a subject of debate in the community. For the Ranger who uses a longbow, it seems the current META dictates usage of a Superior Sigil of Force and a Superior Sigil of Impact.

The first one gives a generous +5% damage while the other one grants as much as +10% damage to stunned or knocked-down enemies, +3% if they're upright. The same sigils go into the alternative weapons of the Ranger.

6 Superior Runes Of The Scholar

Much like Sigils, Runes are also a hot topic in the community as many players are constantly doing math and theory-crafing regarding the best. At the moment, the Superior Rune of the Scholar reigns supreme for ultimate DPS setups. The longbow Ranger is no exception.

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Slotting in six Superior Runes of the Scholar in your Berserker armor gives a ton of Power and Ferocity along with a +5% damage increase. The catch is that players have to maintain their health above 90% in order to make use of the +5% damage increase. That shouldn't be too hard with the Ranger.

18 Mighty +5 Agony Infusions

Now the beauty in Ascended gear is that they also come with the bonus of Infusion slots which are separate from the Rune and Sigil slot. Infusions are a must for Fractals which are essentially upgraded dungeons in Guild Wars 2 but for the endgame.

It just so happens that the best Infusions also grant a bit of stat boost. For a DPS build, a blue-rarity Mighty +5 Agony Infusion gives +5 to the Power stat. It might not seem like much but there are 18 Infusion slots in total so that's +90 Power which helps a bit and adds up to the damage multipliers well enough.

Marksmanship + Skirmishing + Soulbeast Specializations

Now that the item requirements for the ultimate longbow Ranger build are settled, it's time to discuss the specializations. For the Ranger, pick Marksmanship and under that tree, pick Hunter's Gaze, Moment of Clarity, and Lead the Wind. Step two is picking the Skirmishing tree and then choosing Trapper's Expertise, Spotter, and Vicious Quarry.

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Last but not least, select the Soulbeast tree and then under that, grab Live Fast, Essence of Speed, and Oppressive Superiority. You can change up the tree talents but changing the trees or specializations themselves isn't that advised unless you know your math.

Juvenile Red Moa & Juvenile Rock Gazelle For Pets

The best part of being a Ranger in Guild Wars 2 is getting to pick your pets. That's also one of the reasons why they're one of the easiest classes to play; they have helpers that can soak damage and the enemy's attention. Other pets provide utility or big bonuses.

The Juvenile Rock Gazelle is the Ranger's recommended first pet as it can provide a lovely situational crowd control by tossing the target into the air. Meanwhile, the second pet should be a Juvenile Red Moa that provides Fury for better critical rates and a heal.

The Right Skill Bar Combinations

Don't embarrass your pets by being a suboptimal Ranger now, it's time to carry your own weight with skills. For the Ranger, the most popular META healing skill is "We Heal As One!" For utility, pick Signet of the Wild for more Ferocity for you and your pets. Also grab "Sic 'Em!" as it's a universal pet command.

The final utility skill is situational and depends on your preference but "Protect Me!" or Frost Trap helps a ton. Meanwhile, for the elite skill, either One Wolf Pack or "Strength of the Pack!" should ensure maximum damage.

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