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The offices of K/M Resorts is about a mile from Camping World in Fife, Washington.

So a little back story before I continue. My mom and dad had a long time membership with NACO/Thousand Trails. I'm not sure how that happened as my parents were not campers. My dad liked to fish, but otherwise you were more likely to find him inside reading than outside doing anything else. I'm guessing my mom played the fishing card to get him to agree to the membership. Sadly, he never had a chance to use the membership before he passed away. My mom did use the resorts once a year to prepare her income taxes (no phones, no TV - this was before cell phones and satellite TV) and occasionally to take the grandkids camping for a weekend. She only used the rental trailers that were on-site at the reserves. When my mom's health deteriorated, she gave her membership over to me.  By this time, our kids were over 18, and both Kim and I were busy working most of the time.  I did a lot of traveling.  We just never got around to using the membership.  I knew we would, at some point, be buying a rig and traveling around the US and Canada, so I hung on to it, paying the approximately $500 dues each year.  It's been 5 years now. 

Once we knew we were definitely buying a rig, I called NACO/Thousand Trails about what resorts/reserves were available to us, and other details about full time RVing.  Imagine my surprise to find out, that if you read the fine print, if you buy or are gifted a membership from another party, after 3 years, the membership reverts back to a bare minimum basic account.  I had access to only the original NACO resorts.  No access to Thousand Trails.  No access to Leisure Time Resorts.  And when I asked to talk to someone at NACO about options, there was no one available to answer my questions.  I was told there were meetings about upgrading memberships that were held from time to time.  I was peeved that I should have to upgrade a membership that was already at the highest level when it was purchased.  It losts its level because it was given to me.  I'll admit it was in the fine print, but it was never mentioned when my mom called to inquire about transfer of membership.  Why was that?

We sat down at the offices of K/M Resorts with Kevin Bibeau.  Long story short, after describing all the benefits and resort affiliates available through K/M Resorts, and answering my many questions, we got down to talking about money and costs.  We did receive the $2000 credit for purchasing our 5th wheel from Poulsbo RV, and we were offered a very fair trade in value for the limited NACO membership.  Kim and I asked for a few moments to confer, and after some very quick cost comparisons we figured the membership would pay for itself within 6 months.  Yes, there will be annual dues, but I was already paying more than K/M Resort dues to NACO for far less benefits. 

So we took a deep breath, and wrote out a check.  Now normally, I don't spend that kind of money without taking a day to think about it.  And I will say that Kevin did not use the high pressure "This is a one time only offer.  Sign today or the deal's off" tactic.  If he had, I would have walked out the door.  This sales experience was very low key.  The facts were laid out.  All my questions and concerns were answered.  (Thanks to NACO, I knew some appropriate questions to ask).  Did we make the right decision?  I think so.  I'm very happy with the investment.

If you are looking at an RV Resort Membership, we'd like to refer you to Kevin Bibeau at K/M Resorts.  Phone number is 800.392.5722.  The K/M Resort website is  Tell Kevin that Kim and Betsy Brown referred you.  We do get some credit for referrals.  For every referral that attends a presentation, we receive a $25 gift certificate to Olive Garden.  If memberships are purchased from those presentations, we receive a $100 cash for the first referral, $200 cash for the second referral, and our Dues Waived For Life for the third referral.  I'm aiming for the Dues Waived For Life level.  It will take the sour taste about NACO, and all the dues I paid to them, away I'm sure! 

So give Kevin a call and listen to what he has to say.  We were extremely pleased with his service!

ADDENDUM:  This original post was published in September 2009.  It is now July 2017.  I will no longer be publishing comments to this post outside of my own.  If you want to promote K/M Resorts or any salesperson, write your own blog.

RV campground reviews

RV park reviews from our valued customers

At KM Resorts, we strive to provide the best RV parks for our members. Here are a few of the RV campground reviews shared by our members.

Dick Vilog, Kent, WA

“It’s my second full year and have enjoyed ALL the resorts such as Ocean Breeze, Maple Grove, and Old American. They are all very clean. There are always smiles on the staff with great weekend activities.”

Don Halterman, Spanaway, WA

“In 2001, my wife and I purchased a 2001 presidential 36′ fifth wheel. A short while after that, we found the K/M Resorts, looked at their camping program, liked it, and bought it. In the past 12 years that we have owned this program, we have visited most of the K/M campgrounds and have found them to be very well run. We found clean, friendly people running them and have enjoyed our time with them. At this time, we have a 43′ Holiday Rambler and still find that the K/M facilities can accommodate our larger rig with no problems at all, and we have never found that there wasn’t room for us whenever we wanted to go. I would gladly recommend K/M to any of my friends, knowing that they would enjoy the facilities as much as we have.”

Guy Cambone, USAF Retired

“My wife and I joined up in April and have spent over 40 nights between 5 of the locations to date. I was going to wait until we stop for the year to send you my notes on each stay, but we just returned from the Travel Inn Resort in Elma, WA and we’ve had the best time! What a wonderful set of people there running the resort. For a small town area, the park is the diamond amongst the rough. Everything is well maintained and kept. You feel at home right from check-in. Everyone goes above and beyond any expectations.

P.S. Their pig roast was outstanding too!”

Sherry Phinisey, Tacoma, WA

“Two weeks ago, my husband and I visited Ocean Breeze Resort in Ocean City, WA. If you like a secluded, private campsite with lots of trees you will love this location! My husband was especially appreciative of the really clean restrooms. It was a peaceful place to go walking, and the host of the site and everyone that worked there was very friendly. We can’t wait to visit K/M’s other Washington campgrounds.”

T.J. Foreman

“Good afternoon. I just wanted to say thanks for the great weekend. We love Diamond Point and it is sure to be one of our favorite parks. The pot luck last night was very good—the almond chicken casserole was very good!”

An RV is an all-access pass to the natural wonders of the Northwest — a perfect way to make lasting family memories.

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) On the plus side, our space was near a very clean bathroom/shower facility, and also a nice clubhouse with a lovely poolThey had an indoor spa, but it too was out of service The next day we went down to the office to meet with the repWe were instructed to drive our rig back to our space and someone who had come in from the home office in Fife would pick us up and give us a tour insteadOKSo we took the tour, then sat down with the new guy(Not sure what happened to the other guy?) He showed us posters of all the nice features of the various locations, and a typical marketing videoThen he sat down with a "questionnaire" and proceeded to tell us that he was an expert and would interview us to help determine exactly what we needed! What we needed (and wanted) was what we had earlier been promised -- but NOAs it turns out, that was total BAIT 'N SWITCHOur "complimentary membership" only entitled us to make our "home" at one Washington location (their least desirable, in Elma, in the middle of nowhere)We could stay there up to days at a time, but had to leave at least days between visitsSo, basically we could only stay there once a monthWe could pay more for privileges in their national network, but were similarly limited to one stay every so oftenAnd it was very expensive He said quickly, "I can see this package is not for you, that you need more." And proceeded to tell us how he could "upgrade" us to a level where we could get what we really needed (what we were told we would get for $335/a year) for an $7,feeThe good news? Our $2,discount could be applied against that, so we ONLY owed $5,And our annual fee went down to the $range and the restrictions were removed Doing the math in our heads, we were acutely aware we would save a lot of money by going the KOA and/or state campground routeAnd they were nicer these generally have wireless, and cable, and grates on the campfires so you can BBQ Then we got the big pitch about how it was so much better to "own than rent," and how we could pass this down to our kids, etc As a last resort, he informed us that at K&M we could rest assured that we would be secure, that only "good people" were members there, and that state campgrounds and KOAs were filled with ne'er-do-wellsHe informed us that Jeffrey Dahmer had in fact been apprehended at a KOA! If you're laughing now, you are doing what we were trying very hard NOT to do at this pointAt least out loud He further informed us that "60%" of people who received our presentation bought the package on the spot, because it was such a wonderful dealWe then told him we were in the 40% that would would need to go home and think about it "Well," he replied, "you certainly have the right to do thatHowever, once you leave the premises here, the deal expires and you lose your $2,discount." I guess these kind of strong-arm, high-pressure marketing, bait 'n switch tactics work with some peopleNOT USHe could have offered a membership to us for FREE at this point, and we would have told him to take a flying leap off an ocean bluff Well, we did have a nice two-night stay (other than that, and the aforementioned shortcomings of the park)We enjoyed a hearty complimentary breakfast and used as much of their free power and water as we could before leaving forever


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