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Third Circuit Court - Criminal Division

History of Recorder's Court

The Recorder's Court, in Detroit, Michigan, before its merger in , was limited to hearing felony criminal matters in the City of Detroit. It did not hear any civil matters.

It traces its roots to the Mayor's Court in Detroit, formed in

It was formed in the 19th century and was merged into the Wayne County Circuit Court, the general jurisdiction court in Wayne County, following the pattern of the rest of the state of Michigan in October

Third Circuit Court

Merger into the Wayne County Circuit Court was made pursuant to a state law which also consolidated the state's probate courts into a family court. A lawsuit brought by Richard Kuhn opposed the merger, but did not prevail.

The court is now housed in the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice located at Saint Antoine St, Detroit MI   The main phone number is ()

  • Wednesday: AM - PM
  • Thursday: AM - PM
  • Friday: AM - PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: AM - PM
  • Tuesday: AM - PM

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Frank Murphy Hall of Justice is located at St Antoine Room , Ste in Detroit, Michigan Frank Murphy Hall of Justice can be contacted via phone at () for pricing, hours and directions.

  •   ()
What is the phone number for Frank Murphy Hall of Justice?

The phone number for Frank Murphy Hall of Justice is: ()

Where is Frank Murphy Hall of Justice located?

Frank Murphy Hall of Justice is located at St Antoine Room , Ste , Detroit, MI

How big is Frank Murphy Hall of Justice?

Frank Murphy Hall of Justice employs approximately 20+ people.

What days are Frank Murphy Hall of Justice open?

Frank Murphy Hall of Justice is open:
Wednesday: AM - PM
Thursday: AM - PM
Friday: AM - PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Monday: AM - PM
Tuesday: AM - PM

How is Frank Murphy Hall of Justice rated?

Frank Murphy Hall of Justice has a Star Rating from 75 reviewers.

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Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan

Car How Can I Go Frank Murphy Hall of Justice?
  • Address : Saint Antoine Street, Detroit, MI
  • Phone Number : +1
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Street Number :
  • Route : Saint Antoine Street
  • Postal Code :
  • Locality : Detroit
  • State : Michigan (MI)
  • Country : United States
  • Website :
  • twitter Twitter: 3rdccorg

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Electrical problems persist at Wayne County Circuit Court buildings

Detroit — Electrical problems persist Wednesday throughout the Third Judicial Court system's offices downtown following an outage at the Penobscot Building where computer and power servers for the court system are located.

The power outage was first reported Tuesday and interrupted telephone connections for the Third Circuit Court system. The problem has halted Zoom capabilities with some of the court's facilities, officials said. 

As of Wednesday, phone service remains limited for court offices at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and the Lincoln Hall of Justice. Court officials are urging those with scheduled court proceedings Wednesday to call their assigned courtroom for further instructions or log on to the court's website at

All Family Domestic and Friend of the Court hearings scheduled Wednesday are being reset. Those who have scheduled matters will get a new notice from the court about new dates, officials said. 

 Efforts continue to identify and fix the power problem. 

Chief Judge Timothy Kenny told The News late Tuesday that a flood at the Penobscot Building is believed to have caused the problem. Efforts to reach officials with the Penobscot building on Wednesday were unsuccessful. 

"There apparently is some significant water damage in the building," he said.

The outage, he added, has knocked out email and Zoom capabilities to facilities in the Young center and at Frank Murphy.

"It's hindered us," Kenny said. "We're trying to do some creative things so we can serve the public."

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Number frank murphy phone

Phone service has been out for weeks at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice

Judge's gavel with stand on the table

The Frank Murphy Hall of Justice has been struggling with poor phone service for the last several weeks, disrupting court business since early December, building employees familiar with the situation told the Free Press.

A number of important offices and courtrooms are inside the Detroit criminal justice building on St. Antoine Street, including: 

  • The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office
  • The Wayne County Clerk's Office criminal finance division
  • The 3rd Judicial Circuit Court Criminal Division

Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Maria Miller said she noticed some phones in the prosecutor's office stopped working toward the end of the week of Dec.  

There is concern about making sure people can get in contact with the offices at Frank Murphy, and Miller said they've been advised to keep track of their voicemails.

Read more:

In Trump victory, appeals court says Iraqis may be deported

Sheriff: Missing MSU student's body found more than 2 miles from car

Some employees have remotely programmed a prompt on their landline numbers advising callers of the building's telephone issues and providing an email address or alternate phone number, she added. 

Miller said building employees have been told that AT&T began work on this issue starting on Dec.  

Executive Court Administrator Zenell B. Brown addressed the phone issues in a Dec. 18 news release. 

"The Frank Murphy Hall of Justice is experiencing telephone issues due to an apparent problem underground with the phone lines. AT&T is addressing this matter as quickly as possible. If you have an emergency that needs to be directed to Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, please call , press 0 for Court Administration," Brown wrote. 

AT&T officials said the company is working to fix the issue.

“We are working to repair lines damaged by heat from an underground steam line in the area," a spokesperson said in an email to the Free Press. "We have already restored many of the lines and hope to complete the remaining repairs soon.”

Contact Aleanna Siacon at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter: @AleannaSiacon. 

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Jason's Frank Murphy Compilation (Part 1)

36th District Court of Michigan

The 36th District Court is one of the largest and busiest courts in the United States. Most of the citizens of Detroit will have their first contact with the judicial system through the district court. For this reason, it is often referred to as the "People's Court".

While the 36th District Court processes over , cases each year, it is a court of limited jurisdiction. This means that its authority is limited to only those actions that have been defined by state law. This court has original jurisdiction for the following actions occurring in the city of Detroit:

| All Traffic and Ordinance Violations

| All Criminal Misdemeanor Cases

| Preliminary Examinations for Felony Cases

| Small Claims Suits

| Civil Lawsuits (other than small claims) for Amounts up to $25,

| All Real Estate Matters Involving Rent and Land Contract Disputes

A chief judge presides over the Court and oversees 30 judges and six magistrates.

A Court Administrator oversees all of the operations of the Court and approximately

3rd Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan

The Third Judicial Circuit is the largest circuit court in Michigan, with 63 judges and three operating divisions.

The Third Circuit Court has jurisdiction over civil, criminal, and family matters arising in the County of Wayne.

The National Center for State Courts has cited the Third Circuit Court as one of the model urban courts in the United States for case flow management and the timely disposition of the Court's docket.

Court Division Locations:

Civil and Domestic Division
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI

Criminal Division
Frank Murphy Hall of Justice
St. Antoine
Detroit, MI

Juvenile Division
Lincoln Hall of Justice
East Forest
Detroit, MI

Friend of the Court Division
Penobscot Building
Detroit, MI


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