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Those dream pantries you see in magazines and on home decor blogs aren't as far out of reach as they seem. By paring down your pantry staples and employing a few smart organization tricks, you can have the clean, sleek storage you've always wanted—without spending a fortune.

1. Coordinate your containers.

Consistency is key to giving your pantry a clean, streamlined look, so start with your storage supplies. Matching canisters in various sizes look great and keep everything in it's proper place.

BUY NOWOXO Slant Jar, $17,

2. Do a sweep of your spices.

Chances are you have about six jars of cinnamon hiding in your spice cabinet. Free up much-needed space by going through all your seasonings and tossing duplicates, plus any old or expired jars.

BUY NOWSpice Jar Chalk Label Set, $26,

3. Get cans under control.

We're obsessed with this genius idea for can storage. Inexpensive wire baskets allow you to store them horizontally to maximize your space, plus everything is in plain sight and it's easy to tell when you're running low on your favorite soup.

BUY NOWStackable Basket, $5,

4. Stock up on clear jars.

Grains, nuts and flours come in bags and containers of all shapes and sizes, which can be awkward to store and create unwanted clutter. Pour them into pretty glass jars instead to get avoid the eyesore.

BUY NOWGlass Jar With Fresh Sealed Lid, $15,

5. Embrace baskets.

Neatly labeled baskets are a major component of expert organization. No more causing an avalanche while digging through your pantry for the last box of pasta.

BUY NOWMontauk Kitchen Bins, $10-15,

6. Consolidate baking supplies.

There are plenty of pantry items that don't necessarily fit into a neat category, which is where bins come in. All those miscellaneous baking mixes and other odd ingredients can be corralled into one place that's easy to pull out when it's time to use them.

BUY NOWPantry Bins, $13,

7. Plan for pull-out drawers.

If you're getting ready for a kitchen renovation, consider making pull-out drawer storage a priority for your pantry project. Cans, jars and other short containers can be stored deep in the cabinet, but found in no time thanks to the drawer slides.

8. Put like items in plastic bins.

Load individually wrapped snacks into clear, plastic bins with drawers so you can throw together packed lunches in a flash. If you keep them at eye-level, kids can even help pick out their own treats to take to school.

BUY NOWClear Storage Cart, $61,

9. Make use of the doors.

The inside of your pantry door is an opportunity for more precious storage space. Install a shallow spice rack to keep all your seasonings within view or add a nook to slide in rolls of tin foil and cling wrap.

BUY NOWWall-Mount Spice Rack, $150,

10. Label with washi tape.

If label makers aren't your thing, keep the organization process simple by buying a few rolls of colorful washi tape. It comes in cute designs and is perfect for quickly labeling jars and other containers.

BUY NOWWashi Tape, $11,

11. Add whimsy with wallpaper.

Sure, your pantry probably isn't seen by guests on the regular, but there's no reason you can't spiff it up a bit. Add patterned wallpaper behind the shelving for a pop of color — it might even inspire you to do more home cooking!

BUY NOWPeel & Stick Wallpaper, $30,

12. Integrate custom cabinetry.

If you're lucky enough to have the cash, think about designing a custom pantry unit that has a place for your cooking supplies and even large appliances. Large drawers are great for stowing away bigger pieces like blenders and mixers.

13. Play with open shelving.

If you're really strapped for space, it may not be possible to keep all of your pantry staples out of sight. Invest in tasteful containers for a few frequently used ingredients—then put them on display on open shelving.

14. Have fun with chalkboard paint.

What better place to keep a running grocery list than right next to where you keep all the food? Chalkboard paint is a fun and functional way to add a personal touch to the pantry.

BUY NOWKrylon Chalkboard Paint, $20,

15. Create extra shelving.

Make use of the narrow space between the shelves and pantry door by screwing small baskets or desk organizers to the wall. These are perfect for holding spices and seasonings that won't fit elsewhere.

BUY NOWInterDesign Baskets, $13,

16. DIY a chip-clip rack.

Get crafty and use a spray-painted yard stick and curtain clips to make your own in-pantry snack rack.

BUY NOWCurtain Clips, $6,

17. Try tile for easy cleaning.

If you're revamping your pantry space, consider trendy subway tile. It looks sleek and is super easy to wipe down whenever your storage needs a deep clean.

BUY NOWWhite Tile, $36,

18. Learn to love lazy susans.

These old-school turntables are a bit out-of-date for your kitchen table, but they're ideal for keeping oils, sauces and other seasonings in order.

BUY NOWOXO Lazy Susan, $17,

19. Use what you have.

For an inexpensive storage option, turn a hanging shoe rack into a snack station. Granola bars, chips, pretzels and even K-cups are easily accessible, yet out of the way.

BUY NOWShoe Organizer, $15,

20. But bring in some glitzy accessories.

Beyond the functional aspects, have some fun with your pantry decor. A fancy light fixture, colorful cookbooks and more playful accessories will give the space a cheerful look.

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I’m always looking for ways to keep my house organized and I’m working on clearing up some space in my pantry. Not only does it make meal preparing easier, it also makes it easier to see what we need/don’t need. I hate when I buy something and then later find that we had plenty of it, but it was hidden behind something. That’s also why I like the clear bins, so you can see what’s inside, even what has fallen to the bottom.

Open Front Bin the taller sides are great for bottles or bigger bags (chips)

Lazy Susan I was surprised how much shelf space this frees up. Extra hot sauce, dressings & other oils/condiments that don’t need to be in the cupboard by our stove.

Pantry Bins I use these for kids snacks, pouches & bars.

Spice Rack is adjustable in length & fits in pantry or cupboard.

Water Bottle Holder the water bottles can get out of control! Really hoping this fits in our cupboard, if not it will go in the pantry. I like how you can see them all and pull them out, instead of having to dig for the one you’re looking for and them all falling over in the process.

Can Rack makes 3 rows of shelves, all easy to see & grab.

Airtight Food Storage I am often to blame for not closing up bags well and then foods going stale or spilling. These are air tight & easily stackable.

Under Shelf Basket for wrap, foil & baggies, these under shelf baskets frees up a shelf and work perfect when you have something lower on the shelf below. Could also work for boxed foods.

Pop Can Dispenser are a space saver in our fridge & pantry and makes cans easier to get & you can see what you have/have left.

There are so many great organization pieces on the market, but the hard clear bins have been our tried & true favorites. I like how clean they look and like I said, you can see what you have & don’t have as you’re making a grocery list. What are your pantry or kitchen organization must haves?

xx Becky

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The Best of Amazon: Kitchen, Pantry and Home Organization

As we've been unpacking House #6, I've been keeping a list of the must-have items we've used to get this house in order. So many little things have been crucial in organizing the general chaos that comes with moving an entire family from one house to a temporary apartment and into another house. 

We own everything on this list, and have brought most of it from house to house, depending on the layout of our spaces. 

The list turned out to be larger than I expected, so meet the Ultimate List of Amazon Home Organization Must-Haves! 

As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a commission on all qualifying purchases made via this blog post and corresponding social posts.

The Best of Amazon: Kitchen, Pantry and Home Organization

1. Stackable Shelf | 2. Food Storage Containers | 3. Stackable Fridge Containers | 4. Drawer Organzier Set | 5. Hanging Mop and Broom Holder | 6. Stackable Water Bottle Holder | 7. Velvet Non-Slip Clothes Hangers | 8. S Shaped Pant Hanger | 9. Clear Turntable with Divided Bins | 10. Stackable Under Sink Cabinet Sliding Basket Drawer | 11. Closet Shelf Dividers | 12. Set Of 16 Drawer Organizer Trays  | 13. USB Wall Charger with 2 USB Charging Ports | 14. Woven Storage Baskets with Handles | 15. Non-Skid Pantry Cabinet Lazy Susan Turntable | 16. 7 Adjustable Compartments Pan and Pot Lid Organizer Rack Holder | 17. Spice Rack 3-Tier | 18. 2-Shelf Lazy Susan

1. Expandable Stacking Shelf

Ok, this little guys is genius. It doubles your shelf capacity by creating a shelf within a shelf. I use mine on the cabinet shelf that holds mugs or short glasses. You can use this expandable shelf to fit the space and double them up. 

2. 24 Piece Air Tight Food Storage Containers

If you've binged a certain organization show on Netflix and are on the hunt for an affordable acrylic food storage set, this is the one! With 4 of each sized container, this is a great way to put your pantry staples in order quickly and efficiently. PS The set includes the labels, chalk marker and a set of measuring spoons.

3.  Stackable Fridge Organizers

I truly didn't believe in the magic of fridge organizers until I snagged a single egg container and can container for myself. Consider me converted! I wanted everything within a container so I can find it easily and quickly. This set includes 6 storage bins: 1 egg container with lid, 1 drink can holder, 2 wide bins and 2 narrow bins.

4.  Drawer Organizer Set

17 acrylic organizing dividers in 5 sizes! I broke this out and used it for multiple drawers including our junk drawer and my make up. 

The Best of Amazon: Kitchen, Pantry and Home Organization

5. Hanging Mop and Broom Holder

No more brooms and mops falling all over themselves! We stuck this baby inside of one of our new mudroom shelves and love the space we get back once everything is hung. 

6. Stackable Water Bottle Holder

We use this to keep both kids water bottles and adult Yeti cups in check. 

7. Velvet Non-Slip Hangers

Nothing saves more space in a closet than a thin, non-slip hanger. We slowly transitioned over to only using these and we couldn't be happier with them. 

8. S Shaped Pants Hanger

Ok, wanna know a secret? This is how I store all of my leggings. I use one S Pant hanger and hang every pair on one single hanger. If I need to double up, it's no problem because leggings are so lightweight. Saves me a ton of drawer space! 

9. Clear Storage Turntable With Divided Bins

Perfect for snacks and lunch box items, this clear turntable lets everyone see what's in stock and ready to pack. 

10. Stackable Under Sink Shelf With Sliding Drawer

We use two of these under our kitchen sink! It adds so much storage and can be set on either side of the sink pipes.

11. Closet Shelf Dividers

Perfect for storage folded pants, sweaters and sweatshirts, I used these across the long shelf in our last home to add more organized storage. 

The Best of Amazon: Kitchen, Pantry and Home Organization

Bonus Find: shop this bamboo silverware organizer here

12. Interlocking Drawer Organizers

This set of 16 drawer organizers can be locked into place once you find the perfect set up.

13. USB and 6 Outlet Surge Protector

There are just never enough outlets. I love this for our mudroom (where we charge the tablets) and our bedside tables for lamps, chargers etc! 

14. Woven Storage Baskets with Handles

These baskets can handle anything. We've used them to store miscellaneous shoes, gloves, mittens, etc in our coat closet for years. 

15. Non-Skid Lazy Susan Turntable 

We use these in our laundry to store bottles like stain remover spray, stain sticks and color catchers. The non-stick bottom makes this ideal in case there are leaks or drips!

16. 7 Compartment Pots and Pan Holder

I use this for storing our baking sheets/pans/cupcake tins/baking racks etc! It's perfect if you have tall storage to keep them all from falling into each other. 

17. 3 Tier Spice Rack

We've had everything from a designated spice drawer to pantry spice storage and in this house we have a little shelf that needs some help! This 3 tiered shelf allows you to see all of the spices and keep things contained. 

18. 2 Shelf Lazy Susan Organizer

This is perfect for those hard to wrangle corner cabinets! Available in 4 sizes with easy install, this little guy will be a game changer. 

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Whether you hate getting rid of things or, like me, purge items from your wardrobe multiple times a month just for fun, it's important to remember that while cleaning out your closet is a great step, organizing everything is just as important. And this is true whether you have a walk-in with more space than you know what to do with or a tiny closet that's busting at the seams. For starters, you can organize pieces by item type, color-code, and fold to perfection—all of which, as a plus, is technically "free" to do.

However, if you really want to take things a step (or 10) further, there are countless "solutions" you can buy that will have you wondering how you (or your beloved clothes and accessories) ever lived without them in the first place. Below, I've gathered 24 such pieces that have the amazing Amazon reviews to back them up. To see and shop all the closet organization essentials that I'm compelled to add to my cart right now, broken down by category, just keep scrolling.


Amazon pantry organization

5 Amazon Pantry Containers to Organize Your Pantry

pantry storage container from Amazon

With some simple Amazon shopping, you can be on your way to a pantry that is both beautiful and organized. Here are the 5 Amazon containers I recommend to get you started on organizing your pantry!


Do you realize how important your home is?

Buying or renting a home is one of life’s greatest investments yet they often get neglected and overrun by clutter. This leads to moms living in chaos and overwhelm. 


It is time to embrace our homes, give them the love and attention they deserve, and give you the peace you deserve. Big or small, renter or homeowner, first home or forever home, I want to help you LOVE your home.

{Click here} to finally organize, decorate, and celebrate the home you’re in RIGHT NOW.

Your dream home is closer than you think… you’re actually living in it. Let me help you realize its full potential today.

I believe YOU are the best person to organize and decorate your home, so what are you waiting for, let’s get started! {Click HERE}

An amazon pantry inspiration board.

2 Gallon Containers | Baskets with Liners | White Storage Bins | Gallon Jars with Lids|Cereal Containers

Before you purchase any containers for your pantry, make sure that you have read through my 5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Pantry. Following the steps will help you be more successful in your pantry overhaul.

How to use these 5 Amazon Pantry Storage Containers

You can click any of the pictures below to get more details!

Use the 2 gallon containers for items such as pancake mix, Bisquick , flour, sugar, oatmeal, etc. If the 2 Gallon jars are too big (check your shelf sizes and compare them to the dimensions on Amazon), these come in a bunch of sizes! I have both 2 gallon and 1 gallon in my pantry.

Use lined baskets to store lunch boxes, spare water bottles, and bags of food. These are also great for putting items that can be grouped together for storage such as extra condiments, bags of pasta, and potatoes or onions.

White storage bins are great for snacks such as granola bars, apple sauce packets, fruit snacks, and protein bars. Keeping like items together makes for a more streamlined space.

Gallon Jars with lids are great to store items such as protein powder, trail mix, and chocolate chips. The lids seal tight and keep items fresh. My absolute favorite are the 1/2 gallon mason jars, I love how they look all lined up in a row. I buy the 1/2 gallon jars at Walmart and Ace Hardware.

Cereal containers are obviously great for pouring in bags of cereal and ditching the ripped bags. Now you can see when you are running out of cereal instead of having empty boxes filling up your pantry.

farmhouse pantry half gallon mason jar storage

To see many of these elements in action, be sure to check out my pantry.

Click HERE for a video tour of our organized pantry!

Whether you have a few small cabinets or a large walk-in pantry, good organization and containers are a must for your pantry. What items do you find useful in keeping your pantry organized? Connect with the Hamm Homestead on Facebook HERE for more inspiration and ideas!

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pantry storage container from Amazon


Utopia Home Set of 8 Pantry Organizers-Includes 8 Organizers (4 Large & 4 Small Drawers)-Organizers for Freezers, Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets-Clear Plastic Pantry Storage Racks

The built-in handle assists immensely in handling and storing items in the organizer, providing a user-friendly experience at all times. The handle provides a perfect grip when in use so that you have a comfortable use of it. Also, its strong construction makes sure that the handle carries a good amount of weight.

It’s recommended to wash the organizer by hand only to give it an extended product life. Please keep in mind that the product is not dishwasher safe.

It’s a sturdily crafted organizer bin made using heavy-duty plastic that can easily store a good number of items without causing any sort of harm to the bin’s structure. The transparent body allows you to view the content, which is present inside, with ease so that you can pick the required item right away without making a mess of it. Also, it is stain and odor resistant to further enhance the value that is being delivered.


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