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Whether you have a long winding driveway or a short road leading to your garage, driveway sensors—like our top pick, Guardline—are a smart way to monitor vehicles entering and exiting your property. These devices are easy to install and fit a range of budgets for long and short driveways.

Take a look through the different sensors and their effective ranges, and think about the geographic features around your home. Heavy foliage and hills may reduce those ranges, so figure out which sensor would work best for your home—and never be surprised by a visitor again.


What is a driveway alarm system?

Driveway alarm systems consist of two main parts: a sensor and a receiver. You can use driveway sensors as standalone units or as part of a larger security system. They can help folks who live in homes with long driveways—you’ll know when someone is coming down your driveway before they're in your yard.

The downside to driveway sensors is that they're prone to false alarms. Squirrels and larger animals can trigger the sensors—hassle you may not deem worth it.

Best wireless driveway alarm reviews

1. Guardline: Best overall

The Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm allows for a quarter mile between the sensor and the receiver, although heavy foliage and thick walls will reduce this distance. The sensors can withstand all types of weather and work without interference, and the receivers come with a battery backup as well as a 12-volt relay to link them to additional external alarms.

Guardline claims two years of testing went into each product, and the reviews seem to back that up. With over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, the Guardline earns consistently high ratings—an impressive track record, no matter the product.

Pro Heading


Pro BulletCustomizable tones for each sensor
Pro BulletUp to 16 sensors
Pro BulletLifetime warranty
Con Heading


Con BulletLimited range
Con BulletFalse alarms

The Guardline driveway alarm comes with more than 30 customizable alert sounds and can be expanded to include multiple sensors—up to 16, or four zones with four sensors and one receiver per zone. You can pair specific sounds with specific sensors so you’ll always know where the motion is without looking.

2. Chamberlain: Best long range driveway alarm

The Chamberlain base system comes with a single sensor and receiver. You can add up to three more sensors later, but you must purchase them separately. When someone (or something) breaks the sensor’s line, the receiver sets off an alert with both light and sound.

The sensor detects motion up to 30 feet in front of it and will reach a receiver up to a half-mile away. However, it needs line of sight to function properly. The receiver uses AA batteries or an AC adapter, allowing you to carry it with you into the yard.

Pro Heading


Pro BulletLarge receiver range
Pro BulletAffordable
Con Heading


Con BulletFragile equipment

Chamberlain is one of the better-known driveway alarm companies out there. As far as features go, the Chamberlain is rather barebones. But it's also the most affordable brand on our list so that makes it a great pick for folks on budget.

The 1byonewireless driveway alarm system starts at around $26 for the receiver and one sensor. Additional sensors can be purchased for about $16 each. You can pair up to five sensors with one receiver. 

Despite its low price, the 1byone has a decent range for its receiver (1,000 feet) and sensors (24 feet), which should be more than enough for a suburban home. 

Pro Heading


Pro BulletThree alert options
Pro BulletPlug-and-play installation
Pro BulletPassive infrared sensor
Pro Bullet36 chime options
Pro BulletChimes from 25 to 80 dB
Con Heading


Con BulletLooks obvious
Con BulletRelatively low range

If you want a hidden driveway motion sensor, keep looking. This one looks pretty obvious. But we do like the customizable chimes and the option to have visual alerts, audio alerts, or a combination of the two. The fact that the speaker can reach 80 dB makes this a good option for people with limited hearing.

4. Rodann Electronics: Best sensor range

The Rodann Electrics unit is composed of a sensor and a receiver that sends out a sound when triggered. The unit is small and unobtrusive, and runs on two AA batteries. The receiver has no battery backup and relies on a 12-volt power supply to operate. The receiver also has an LED display that shows how many times the sensor has been activated.

The downside to this device is the cost. The Rodann starts around $130, but for so few features it seems the price should be lower. The unit has solid reviews from its customers, but there are other less-expensive options that provide far more features and reliability.

Pro Heading


Pro BulletSensor range up to 50 ft.
Pro BulletSimple setup
Pro BulletLED trigger counter
Con Heading


Con BulletSteep price tag

The receiver range of Rodann driveway alert system is limited (up to 500 feet), but the sensor can detect objects up to 50 feet away from the sensor. It's the best sensor range on our, though the shorter receiver range keeps it confined to smaller properties.

5. Safety Technology: Best solar driveway alarm

The Safety Technology sensor can be as far as 1,000 feet from the receiver, but it has a maximum detection range of only 12 feet. What this sensor does right is ignore shadows, animals, and people.

The driveway monitor will be triggered, in theory, only by passing cars. It uses a magnetic sensor to detect passing vehicles, and the sensor itself is powered by a solar panel—so there’s no need to change batteries in it. However, the cost is a bit steep at around $150.

Pro Heading


Pro BulletEasy to install
Pro BulletTailored to sense vehicles
Pro BulletDesigned to blend in
Con Heading


Con BulletLimited sensing range

The Safety Technology driveway monitor is sneaky in that it looks like a solar driveway light more than an alarm. The installation doesn’t require any wiring, which makes it much easier to set up than other driveway alarms on our list.

Even though Guardline isn't the most affordable driveway alarm sensor, it includes a lot of thoughtful features like unique alarm tones, a long wireless range, and support for up to 16 sensors.

When paired with other outdoor security equipment like security lights, outdoor cameras, and other motion sensors, driveway sensors can keep you aware of what's happening at your home whether you're there or not.

Driveway sensors use similar technology that of other motion sensors.

  • An infrared beam senses movement with heat and is more common in trail cams and outdoor sensors. Sometimes this is called a passive infrared or PIR sensor.
  • A magnetic probe only senses metal, making it less prone to false alarms triggered by pets or kids playing in the driveway. However, a magnetic probe motion detector is expensive.
  • A rubber hose sensor looks like those at a professional garage or drive-thru. When a car or heavy vehicle drives over the hose, the sensor triggers.
  • Photo beam sensors use light. When an object blocks the sensors, you’ll get an alert from the sensor.

Yes, it depends on the sensor type, but driveway sensors can pick up activities from people or animals. If you’re concerned about home invaders, package thiefs, or other threats, installing a security camera in tandem with your driveway sensor.

It depends on your driveway. If your home borders a busy road, it’s best to move the sensor closer to your home to avoid false alarms from traffic. Sensors for longer driveways may be best halfway between your home and the beginning of your driveway.

Quick example

 If you live in a rural area, you may have a driveway that looks more like a road than a private path. Putting a driveway sensor right at the front would result in too many alarms; after all, people often get lost and use driveways to turn around.

But if you put a driveway sensor about halfway down your drive, you’ll know when someone is coming to your home.

Driveway sensors do little more than let you know someone is approaching your home. However, this serves as the first line of defense in your home security system. Many driveway sensors can be connected to other devices, and from there they can be linked into your security system as a whole.

Imagine if someone triggers your driveway sensor, which in turn activates your outdoor security camera. It would begin recording long before that person ever stepped within range.

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Smart Lighting Motion Sensor

Smart Lighting Motion Sensor - Black
Smart Lighting Motion Sensor - White
Smart Lighting Motion Sensor - Black


Battery-powered outdoor Motion Sensor that links to the Ring Bridge to activate connected Ring Smart Lights, Ring doorbells and cameras whenever motion is detected.

FREE Expedited Shipping on Orders over $49

*Requires Ring Bridge for smart controls. Sold separately. One Ring Bridge supported per household.

**Batteries not included

***Ships to the US and Canada.

Please enter a valid number

Your first line of defense.

Extend the range of your Ring Smart Lights, Ring doorbells and cameras with a battery-powered motion sensor that connects to the Ring Bridge to activate your devices whenever motion is detected. It supplements the built-in motion sensors in your Ring Smart Lights, Ring doorbells and cameras, so you can shine Ring Smart Lights and capture video even earlier than before.

Extended Range

Add an extra 15 feet of motion detection to connected Ring Smart Lights, Ring doorbells and cameras.

Expansive Pairing

Link to the Ring Bridge to connect Ring doorbells and cameras and Ring Smart Lights to the Motion Sensor.

Battery Powered

Enjoy up to a year of protection on one set of batteries under normal use.*

Weather Resistant

Place it almost anywhere outdoors to extend the range of your Ring of Security.

Make brilliant connections.

Link Ring Smart Lights to Ring doorbells and cameras, and select Alexa-enabled devices with the Ring Bridge. Then create combinations to get the most out of your home security. If one connected Ring Smart Light detects motion, it can activate your entire Ring of Security.

Smarter security. Simple setup.

Use our included toolkit to get your Motion Sensors setup in no time. Simply insert batteries and place Motion Sensors in ideal locations, connect them to the Ring Bridge and your Ring Smart Lights, Ring doorbells and cameras, and you’re ready to go.

‘Alexa, turn on the lights.’

Link Ring Smart Lights to the Ring Bridge and connect with select Alexa-enabled devices to activate Ring Smart Lights and adjust settings at the sound of your voice. Plus, Alexa will let you know when motion is detected, so you’ll never miss a thing.

It all starts with Ring Bridge

Tech Specs

Size and Color


Power and Connectivity



$24.99Free expedited shipping over $49

Smart Lighting Motion Sensor


Please enter a valid number

Sours: https://ring.com/products/smart-lighting-motion-sensor
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Ring Smart Lighting Motion Sensor review: A useful accessory, but not an essential one

Ring says its outdoor motion sensor “lets you monitor for motion in areas where you don’t need a light, doorbell, or camera….” That seems like a silly justification at first blush. If you need to monitor for motion in a location outside your home, wouldn’t you at least want a light there to illuminate what’s moving? But after I thought about how I’ve deployed other outdoor Ring products, I found the perfect use case.

Mentioned in this article

I have a Ring Floodlight Cam and a Ring Wired Floodlight mounted on either side of the front of my garage, but years before I installed those devices, I put a Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera floodlight on my back porch. I really like Netatmo’s device. It has a more attractive industrial design than the utilitarian Ring lights, which I appreciate because we entertain on the patio. We don’t congregate around the garage, so utilitarian is fine for that location. When I exit through the patio door at night and go around to the garage, however, the Ring Wired Floodlight doesn’t fire up until I come around the corner—too late to help me avoid tripping over things on my path that I can’t see in the dark.

So, I mounted the Ring Motion Sensor on the wall outside my patio door. Now as soon as I swing the patio door open, the Netatmo lights up my exterior patio and both Ring floodlights light up so I can more safely see where I’m going. From a security angle, if someone is prowling around my back patio, Netatmo will capture them on video, and if they run toward the garage, the Ring Floodlight Cam will also capture them on video. The obvious downside of my setup is needing to use two different apps to review captured video.

ring motion sensor mountMichael Brown / IDG

The squarish Ring motion sensor measures 2.83 x 2.40 x 2.32 inches and friction-mounts to a base that you attach to an exterior wall. Ring provides screws, anchors (for installing in masonry), and the handy double-ended screwdriver it bundles with nearly all its products. The motion sensor has a 120-degree field of view and detects motion up to about 15 feet. You can pivot the sensor left/right and up/down on its base to aim it in the direction in which it will be most effective. The Motion Sensor requires three AAA batteries (not included), which Ring says should last about one year, while an icon in the Ring app shows you how much battery life remains.

If you don’t have other Ring devices…

ring motion sensor linked devicesMichael Brown / IDG

Buying the Ring Motion Sensor, however, makes sense only for folks who’ve deployed other Ring devices outside their home; particularly, Ring Smart Lighting products that also require the Ring Bridge. That’s because the Ring Motion Sensor is useless without the Bridge, and the Bridge costs $50—twice as much as the motion sensor. Spending $75 just to get a motion-event history on your smartphone just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Most Ring Smart Lighting devices operate on battery power, so they communicate with each other over a proprietary low-frequency wireless network. When the Motion Sensor detects motion, you can program it to trigger other Ring Lighting devices to turn on, and you can configure it to trigger Ring devices with cameras—including Ring Video Doorbells—to record video.

The key advantage to having a discrete motion sensor trigger another device that has a motion sensor of its own is that the triggered action happens sooner. This is particularly valuable for devices with cameras—they can already be recording when an intruder walks into their field of view.

ring motion sensor battery indicatorMichael Brown / IDG

The Ring Bridge operates on AC power and forms a bridge between this network and your Wi-Fi network. This enables you to receive alerts from the various Ring Lighting devices on your smartphone, and you can use the Ring app to send commands back to those devices via the Bridge to control them.

The Bridge is limited to supporting 50 Ring Smart Lighting devices, and you can’t deploy more than one, but most homes will never approach that limit. Also, other Ring products—video doorbells, floodlight cameras, and spotlights—connect directly to your Wi-Fi network and don’t count against that limit.

Should you buy a Ring Motion Sensor?

I was about to criticize the Ring Motion Sensor for being expensive, but then I remembered that Signify charges twice as much for its Philips Hue Motion Sensor. Unlike Ring’s product, however, the Hue sensor can also trigger lights to turn on inside your home. That makes for an even better burglar deterrent, because it will make the intruder think someone is home. Most burglars don’t want that kind of confrontation. Ring does support IFTTT, so I suppose you could come up with a workaround, but….

To put a couple more ticks in the Ring ecosystem’s column, on the other hand, Signify doesn’t offer any security cameras, and it expects you to electrically hardwire most of its products. Battery-powered products are so much easier to deploy.

The bottom line is if you’ve committed to Ring’s outdoor lighting and cameras, the Ring Motion Sensor is a very useful accessory, but not an essential one.

Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

  • Ring Smart Lighting Motion Sensor

    Folks with outdoor Ring smart home devices will find the Ring Motion Sensor useful, but not essential.


    • Extends motion detection range for any or all outdoor Ring devices
    • Can trigger any or all outdoor Ring devices (turn on lights, record video, etc.)
    • Very easy to install


    • Can’t trigger indoor lights
    • Could be cheaper

Michael covers the smart-home, home-entertainment, and home-networking beats, working in the smart home he built in 2007.

Sours: https://www.techhive.com/article/3446720/ring-motion-sensor-review.html

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