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101 Amazing Samurai Mask Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

A Samurai mask tattoo is for men & women who love Japanese culture, as well as some amazing and popular Japanese symbols. Guys who like traditional Japanese tattoo ideas will find 9 amazing samurai mask tattoo options down below!

What Does A Samurai Mask Represent?

Samurai was a warrior in Japan culture that people loved and worshipped. A samurai protected nobility and had a task to demolish enemies. Samurais used to wear masks that would protect them in these fights.

What Does A Japanese Mask Tattoo Mean?

Japanese masks are used in theaters and in rituals and are connected to some myths and stories that exist in Japan. These masks can represent good, bad, evil ghosts, as well as some animals. 

Top 9 Samurai Mask Tattoo Designs

1. Samurai Tattoo Designs Sleeve Tattoo

Samurai mask tattoo

If you are a fan of ancient tattoos and you want a body tattoo that will stand out, go for this chest & shoulder cover-up. A dragon, as well as tribal prints, will make this tattoo pop and come to life.

2. Awesome Tattoo Art Samurai Warrior

Samurai mask tattoo1

This samurai helmet tattoo can look great on your upper arm. Get a black tattoo since it can look amazing even after some time, as well as once it starts to fade. Even if it becomes grey, you will love it!

3. Traditional Samurai Mask Tattoo On Leg 

Samurai mask tattoo2

Guys who are on a lookout for a bigger tattoo that will stand out will like this design. If you work out and you are proud of your calves, get this inked on your body. The search for the perfect tattoo can finally be over! Just make sure you find a good tattoo artist.

4. Cool Samurai Tattoos Over Back

Samurai mask tattoo3

This samurai mask tattoo is a giant masterpiece. If you like bold tattoos that represent strength and you want to get several different elements, give this tattoo a chance. A koi fish, helmet, dragon, and armor are great pieces to start with for the perfect Japanese tattoo.

5. Sleeve Samurai Japanese Tattoo 

Samurai warriors

This samurai mask tattoo will look great on your shoulder. The helmet will stand out and you can also add some dragon, cloud, or flower elements on top. Start at your forearm, and see where it takes you. In time you can get an entire sleeve. This symbol is mysterious and will suit men who have a loud personality.

6. Traditional Black Japanese Samurai Mask Tattoo 

Samurai mask tattoo4

This tattoo is super small and perfect for your hand placement. This samurai head can look great black & grey or once done in colors. It will take you around 3-4 hours to get this samurai mask tattoo.

7. Arm Tattoo Sleeve Samurai Helmet Tattoo 

Samurai tattoo ideas

Your samurai mask tattoo can look very modern and colorful. If you want you can decorate it with flowers. Guys who like black ink and who want this helmet to stand out should go for a larger samurai tattoo on their shoulder.

8. Tattoo Japanese Style Samurai Helmet Tattoo 

Samurai helmet tattoo

Samurai helmet tattoo such as this one should be done over your shoulder. You can pair this tattoo with a sword and stick with some red elements such as flowers etc. There are no deeper meanings with this design, but this Japanese samurai mask tattoo will look better and more dominant if you stick with this ink.

9. Traditional Warriors Tattoo Samurai 

Samurai tattoo

This helmet tattoo is pretty unusual. You can place it on your upper arm and stick with some unique or bright ink. Green & red shading is pretty vibrant, so stick to this combo if you want your mask to stand out.

On That Note

Guys who love warrior inspired tattoo designs and symbols will enjoy these 9 samurai helmet tattoo options. Continue browsing through your options and find your perfect design.

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samurai mask tattoo
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samurai mask tattoo
samurai mask tattoo
samurai mask tattoo
samurai mask tattoo
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samurai mask tattoo

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Top 61 Best Samurai Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Few rivals stood a chance against the Samurai’s masterful martial arts skills. The iconic warrior class of Japan make for elaborate and exciting tattoo designs.

The samurai followed the practice of Bushido and pledged themselves to principles such as courage, honor, and respect. In times of life and death, these were the guiding values that kept them strong in times of chaos.

The noble warrior tattoo is hugely popular from a technical and design standpoint, while the iconic menpo or Samurai mask, are also utilized in a range of tattoo styles and colors.

These medieval and early-modern Japan design showcase a fine collection of the top 61 best samurai tattoo designs ideas you can apply to your next tattoo decision.

1. Samurai Back Tattoo Ideas



Japanese Samurai Tattoo Sleeve For Men On Back

Back Samurai Tattoo Designs For Men

Man With Floral Flower Samurai Tattoo On Back


2. Black and Gray Samurai Tattoos

Samurai With Bird Back Tattoo Men

Men's Samurai Skull Tattoo

Men's Back Horse Riding Samurai Tattoo

Masculine Tattoos Samurai On The Back


Samurai Back Tattoo Men

Men's Japanese Samurai Back Tattoos

3. Samurai Upper Arm Tattoo Ideas

Men's Japanese Samurai Mask Tattoo Half Sleeve

Male Samurai Warrior Arm Tattoo

Male Samurai Head Tattoo

Half Sleeve Japanese Samurai Warrior Tattoo Designs Men

Guy's Samurai Jack Tattoo On Arm

Dragon Samurai Men's Tattoo On Arm

Samurai Warrior Tattoos For Males

Traditional Japanese Samurai Men's Tattoo

Small Samurai Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Skeleton Samurai Tattoo On Man

4. Samurai Side Tattoo Designs

Samurai Armor Tattoo For Men On Ribs

Samurai Fighting Dragon Men's Tattoo On Ribs Side

Samurai Warrior Sword Tattoo For Men

Samurai Tattoo Meaning For Men

Samurai Red Tattoo For Men On Side Of Body

Side Rib Cage Japanese Samurai Mask Tattoo Designs For Males

Masculine Samurai Tattoo Ideas For Men On Ribs

5. Hikae: Chest Panel and Arm Samurai Tattoos

Japanese Tattoo Samurai On Men's Chest

Shoulder Japanese Samurai Tattoo Designs For Men

6. Samurai Sleeve Tattoo Ideas


Samurai And Dragon Men's Tattoo

Men's Traditional Samurai Tattoo Sleeve

Men's Samurai Sleeves Tattoo

Samurai Tattoos Designs For Males

7. Samurai Leg Tattoos


Men's Samurai Tattoo Design On Legs

Samurai Champloo Sleeves Tattoo For Men

Samurai Sword Tattoos For Guys

Leg Sleeve Japanese Samurai Tattoo For Men

Manly Samurai Warrior Tattoo Designs Full Leg Sleeve

8. Black and Gray Samurai Tattoo Ideas

Samurai Sword Tattoo For Men

Samurai Masks Face Tattoos For Guy's Hands

Men's Samurai Tattoo Sleeve On Arms

Best Samurai Tattoo Sleeve Ideas For Men


9. Samurai Mask Tattoo Ideas









10. In Progress Samurai Tattoo Ideas

Samurai Helmet Tattoo For Men On Arm

Samurai Back Tiger Tattoo For Men

Men's Tattoo Samurai Cover Up Design

Men's Samurai Tattoos On Back Of Ribs

Samurai Tattoo FAQs

What are Japanese traditional tattoos?

Traditional Japanese tattoos that are done by hand are referred to as tebori, however tattoo technology has caught up and most designs are now done by artist’s using a machine.

Japanese traditional design feature rich patterns and heavy single fill and bold outline designs often covering large areas of skin.

Did the Samurai have tattoos?

While Japanese tattoo culture is linked to the outlaw Yakuza class and carry a negative connotation in ultra conservative Japanese society, the truth is that some Samurai did have tattoos.

Samurai tattoos were not widespread however they were implemented to help identify warriors killed in battle, through duelling, or ritual suicide.

What is a Yakuza tattoo?

When traditional Samurai culture was abolished, Japanese Warrior honor systems branched out to business, military, and outlaw offshoots.

The Yakuza (Japanese organised crime clans) chose Irezumi as a method of remembering their Samurai origins and as identification for their separation from normal society.

What is the meaning of a Hannya mask tattoo?

Hannya masks depict a woman so completely overcome with anger, envy and a thirst for vengeance that she takes on the form of a jealous demon.

Hannya masks are popular tattoos because the fearsome visage is used to represent different stages of emotion when etched into skin using different colors.

What does the Japanese demon mask mean?

The Japanese Oni mask differs from the Hannya mask in that the demon describes aspects of good and evil. Traditionally, Oni mask tattoos represent the punishment of humans for acts of evil and injustice.

The Oni mask tattoos are particularly popular with Yakuza tattoos because of the connection to criminality.

How much does a color Japanese sleeve cost?

A full color Japanese Irezumi sleeve tattoo is at the top of the pricing spectrum. A Japanese sleeve will cost at least $1500 -2000 USD, even at a comparatively cheap average price of $150 per hour.

Experienced artists and Japanese tattooing specialists will charge more, while a sleeve from a Japanese tattoo artist master like Horiyoshi III could cost upwards of $10,000 USD for a colorful nagasode arm piece at a Tokyo or Osaka tattoo studio.

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Want some ideas for a samurai tattoo? Don’t miss these designs and the meanings behind them.

samurai with sword in forest

The word “Samurai” refers to a special social class of people in ancient Japan, who were also called the “men of weapons” as they were supposed to provide protection to the high ranked nobles in those times.

These men were brave and noble and fought battles in what was a matter of honor for them. They carried special weapons like sabers, wakizashi, and katanas.

samurai skull tattoo on arm

Samurais not only occupy a key position in Japanese culture but are also revered in the form of Japanese Samurai tattoo art, with special designs celebrating the honor and bravery of the Samurais.

These special tattoos have become incredibly popular not only in Japan but also in Asia and other parts of the world, where people appreciate the Samurai designs for their grace and honor.

samurai wearing mask tattoo

These tattoos are really eye-catching because they feature a great deal of detailing and use lots of vibrant colors.

Also, they are larger in size in comparison to conventional tattoos as the intricate detail can only be effectively depicted in larger tattoos which cover a wider surface area.

back tattoo of samurai

Samurai art is one type of body art that is getting more and more popular throughout the world. A lot of men and women tattoo lovers are engraving this intensely stunning body art on their bodies.

Such body adornment has a very important role in Japanese culture, especially during ancient times.

samurai tattoo on upper arm of man

Samurai was the general term used for these special warriors in Japan during Medieval times. These warriors were the ones who were tasked in protecting the very important people in ancient Japan.

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Such a position could be achieved easily though. You needed to be a son of a samurai before you could become one, or you could simply get married into the samurai tradition.

samurai tattoos

Table of Contents

Samurai Tattoo Meanings

Samurai body art will not only enhance your physical appearance but also help you to build a very intriguing personality. More and more people will become curious about you, especially your very unique personality.

Here are some of the meanings and symbolism that you must know about this type of body art:

  • Honor – One very significant thing that is being symbolized by the samurai is honor. What’s the reason for this? Well, it is simply because being one of the samurais in ancient Japan was a great honor for those ancient Japanese people. This was the main reason why there were lots of Japanese in the past years who did their best just to become a member of those elite Japanese warriors.
  • Respect – Just in case you don’t know, the common Japanese people had enormous respect for these elite warriors. Samurais were recognized by their strength and dutiful nature. For this reason, it’s surprising that samurai arts are still commanding respect to this day.
  • Service – Being a samurai in ancient Japan was actually more of a service than an achievement. These elite warriors never became arrogant or boastful when they became a highly respected samurai. Instead, they focused their energies on serving their masters in an effective way.
  • Bravery – Bravery is another important thing that samurai art represents. They never cared that their lives might be put into danger when protecting those Japanese nobles.
  • Loyalty – Samurais were known to be extremely loyal to their masters. They always followed the ancient Japanese nobles to whom where they were serving. They were more than willing to die just to protect their privileged masters.

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samurai with flag tattoo

Samurai tattoo designs

In case you’re considering getting tattooed with samurai arts, then you should be very happy to know that these body adornments can offer you a lot of options when it comes to design.

All of these designs are assured to be very gorgeous. You might be thinking these tattoos only involve plain samurai images of weapons and armor but there’s a whole lot more to it. Here’s a brief run-through of what’s on offer:

  • Samurai Weapon Design – In the 15th century, the ancient Japanese samurais were already using firearms when protecting ancient Japanese nobles. Even so, you should know that samurais were very popular because of their very sharp and beautifully designed Japanese swords. If you are one of those people in the world who are captivated with these Japanese swords, then wearing a samurai weapon tattoo would be a great way to celebrate this.
  • Women Samurai Design – If you were married to a samurai man, then you automatically became a samurai woman. This is something that you could not change in the future years. If you were not ready for the responsibilities of a samurai woman, then you would not dare to get married to a samurai man. A lot of very brave women tattoo lovers in the world are choosing this particular design.
  • Samurai Armor Design – Another design worth considering is the samurai armor design. Samurais were known to have a very sturdy and heavy armor, which was very intricately detailed. This design is a common choice of male tattoo lovers across the world since it symbolizes masculinity.
  • Samurai in Full Regalia Design – The most popular design is the samurai in full regalia. This design depicts a samurai ready to do his noble duties and defend the honor of his masters.

samurai tattoo on side


Traditional samurai tattoos come from Japan and use a special technique to create them, which is a bit different from the techniques used in conventional tattoo art.

The traditional Japanese technique used for creating body tattoos is called Irezumi, which refers to the insertion of tattoo ink in the body of the tattoo bearer.

vintage samurai tattoo

While modern tattoo art makes use of advanced machines for inking tattoos, the traditional Japanese Samurai arts are done with the old fashioned technique of Tebori. The Tebori technique makes use of bamboo sticks fitted with lined needles to create these tattoos

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The method is far more painful than the mechanical method and should not be tried out by the weak-hearted. Despite being a difficult and painful process, both male and female tattoo lovers are not dissuaded from getting traditional samurai designs done on themselves.

traditional samurai back tattoo

These tattoos look stunning when done on large surface areas such as the back, chest, thigh, and the whole sleeve or full leg, which can be utilized to feature a whole story related to the life of a Samurai warrior, such as a fight against an enemy, an animal or for protection of a noble or a woman.

whole back samurai tattoo

When one decides to get Samurai art inked on oneself, the design of the tattoo should be carefully considered, along with its symbolic meaning as it involves a great deal of expense as well as pain to have such a tattoo done.

Also, only an expert designer should be trusted to deliver Samurai tattoo designs as these tattoos are large in size and very intricate.

Zen and Samurai Tattoo

Well-Detailed Samurai Tattoo on Entire Back

Strong Samurai Tattoo

Smoke and Samurai Tattoo on Arm

Skull Samurai Tattoo with Red Sun

Skull Samurai Tattoo

Scary Samurai Tattoo During Dawn

Samurai Winning a Battle Tattoo

Samurai Wearing Mask Tattoo

Samurai Warrior Mask Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo with Red Sun

Samurai with Red Flowers Side Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo with Castle, Flowers and Writing

Samurai Tattoo on Scalp

Samurai Tattoo on Entire Leg

Being the elite warrior class, the Samurais occupy a place of honor in Japan and were known for their special code of conduct called the bushido, literally translated as the way of the warriors.

The code defines seven main virtues as a part of the life of a samurai warrior, which included courage, kindness, honor, loyalty, sincerity, rectitude and politeness, all to be an integral part of the personality of the Samurai.

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They focused on strengthening their bodies and mind so that they could fulfill their duties well. The Samurais were supposed to conquer the fear of death, living life to the fullest.

A woman who married a Samurai warrior was also bound by the same code and was supposed to incorporate all the virtues of the code in her life. They wore armor which bore intricate designs, which stood as a symbol of power.

Additionally, they are shown wearing impressive helmets and masks and using skulls, which depict that they were fearless against death. These designs also present them along with their weapons and signify bravery, strength, and power.

These tattoos are masculine and represent the mission of the Samurai, to serve and protect the nobility and the upper class, due to which they command a great deal of respect and honor in society.

They are mostly favored by men, but even women can have them inked. The main aim of Japanese samurai style art is to represent honor and respect of the family, culture, tradition and the special code of conduct lay down by the bushido.

Symbolically, these tattoos remind the bearer about things that are sacred to the Samurais and incorporate all of them in their lives.

The symbolic meaning, as well as great visual appeal, makes them an excellent choice for tattoo lovers who are looking for something different to adorn their bodies, than the conventional flowers, arrows, anchors, hearts and tribal designs.

Samurai Tattoo on Back

Unfinished Samurai Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo on Arm

Samurai with Dragon Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo for Men

Samurai Skull Tattoo with Cherry Blossoms

Samurai Skull Tattoo

Samurai Saving the Kingdom Tattoo on Upper Back and Arm

Samurai Ready for War Tattoo

Samurai and Skull Tattoo

Sad Samurai Tattoo with Falling Leaves

Moon at the Back of Samurai Tattoo

Lonely Samurai Tattoo

Lady Samurai Tattoo

Japanese Samurai with Mask Tattoo

Another popular design element commonly seen in Samurai designs is the symbol of yin and yang, which complement each other as a single complete whole.

Some other common designs include other objects from the Japanese culture such as the Fuji Mountain, koi fish, snake, Samurai mask, waves and clouds, Japanese fan and many more designs and patterns.

Certain Samurai designs feature special tales and stories, which are depicted through these detailed designs, making them even more popular. These can define the real purpose of the lives of the Samurais, such as protecting the elite and fighting the evil forces.

Many tattoo designs are done in single colors like black or grey, while some are done in an array of bright colors, but both look equally great.

Final Words

A samurai tattoo is definitely one of the most beautiful and most meaningful tattoos that you can have on your body. This will certainly make you look awesome in the eyes of many people.

Just be careful to choose the best design that perfectly fits your physical appearance and unique personality.

Japanese Samurai Tattoo on Back

Japanese Half Sleeve Samuurai Tattoo

japanese Culture Samurai Tattoo

Handsome Samurai Tattoo on Sleeve

Geisha Loves a Samurai Full Sleeve Tattoo

Geisha and Samurai Full Sleeve Tattoo

Samurai Wearing a Mask Tattoo

Samurai Side Tattoo

Eagle with Samurai Tattoo

Detailed Samurai Tattoo

Cross Covered with Samurai tattoo

Colorful Samurai Tattoo

Samurai Riding Horse Tattoo

Colorful Battle of Japanese Samurai Tattoo

Cherry Blossoms with Brave Samurai Tattoo

Cherry Blossom and Samurai Tattoo

Brave Samurai Tattoo

Black Samurai Tattoo on Chest

Grey Ink Samurai Tattoo on Right Shoulder

Badass Sleeve Samurai Tattoo

Angry Samurai Tattoo with Red Sun

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Are you a fighter, or someone who loves to support fighting scenes, justice, as well as Japanese culture? If any of these statements apply to you, you will enjoy our article since we will talk about someone in particular – Samurai origin, as well as gorgeous Samurai tattoo options.

Girls who love to look bold and guys who loved watching Samurai Jack while growing up will enjoy our list and top 30 tattoo recommendations that are listed down below!

10 Large Samurai Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Samurai Mask Tattoo Over Shoulder

Samurai Mask Tattoo Over Shoulder

Those who enjoy sleeves and larger tattoos will naturally gravitate toward this one. It is a time-consuming piece, yet a beautiful solution for those who love to stand out.

This warrior with a skull will symbolize your inner skill to achieve all you want and fulfill your deepest darkest wishes.

2. Samurai Tattoo Design Detailed Scary Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo Design Detailed Scary Tattoo

If you’re a fan of mystical and unusual designs this one will suit you. Guys who love unique lines and precise tattoos that are fierce and powerful will want this sleeve with this effect.

This samurai stands for your attention-seeking side and your wish to achieve bliss and perfectionism at any given point.

3. Japanese Samurai Tattoo Pop Of Color

Japanese Samurai Tattoo Pop Of Color

If you’re someone who enjoys a pop of color with their tattoos and you love to combine color with your black ink, consider going for a pop of blue. This tattoo is one of a kind, which means that you will need a skilled tattoo artist to achieve this print.

Blue is a color of elegance and purity. If your heart and your soul are as pure and you know that you’re powerful and fully confident with your abilities or skills, show it with this samurai concept.

Did you know that Samurai followed a code bushido – a way of the warrior?

4. Samurai Warrior Tattoo Over Back

Samurai Warrior Tattoo Over Back

Back tattoos are usually worn by guys who have masculine and dramatic backs. If you work out and you enjoy your gym experience, you will need this giant samurai design placed over your back.

A samurai helmet stands for your power and your will to protect yourself from bad influences and from bad people. If you know how to win an argument and you’re naturally an assertive person this concept may interest you.

5. Samurai Sleeve Tattoo

Samurai Sleeve Tattoo

Stick to arm tattoos and enjoy this black and white concept. If you have a passion for demon-inspire designs and you enjoy monochrome ideas this one will suit you.

Show that you know how to protect yourself and that you value your dignity. Honor is everything to you, right?

6. Oni Samurai Tattoo Black Idea

Oni Samurai Tattoo Black Idea

If you’re not afraid of the needle and you enjoy scary and big tattoos this concept will suit you. Heads up since it is a time-consuming print to go for. Make sure that you have 5-7 hours to spare before you begin the tattooing process.

Show your graciousness and your proud attitude with this noble design. It is quite basic and like the most normal samurai tattoo that you’d expect, but it is perfect for fans of simplicity but in a bigger format.

Fun fact: only high-class samurai was allowed to ride a horse.

7. Samurai Tattoo With A Tiger Print

Samurai Tattoo With A Tiger Print

Black and white ink doesn’t have to be plain or too simple. In fact, you can rock a gorgeous animal-inspired tattoo along with your samurai symbol. This one will take you 4-6 hours to place over your body.

A tiger will suit you if you’re an animal lover. Show that you know how to value your personal thoughts, inner beliefs, and your spiritual journey with a samurai and tiger concept.

8. Samurai Helmet Tattoo Over Back

Samurai Helmet Tattoo Over Back

If you’re a fan of giant back tattoos this one will suit you. Men that love to hit the gym frequently will also like this concept. It is masculine and flawless in its own way.

Show that you know how to overcome any challenges or obstacles since there’s a true warrior within you.

9. Samurai Tattoo Scary Design

Samurai Tattoo Scary Design

Not all samurai prints are small, delicate, or happy-looking. In fact, you can also go for a fierce and horrific samurai, if you’re a fan of scarier or horror-like tattoos.

This one shows the world who’s the boss and that you love to assert dominance and attention everywhere you go.

Did you know that they used swords at first, and katanas later on?

10. Sleeve Samurai Tattoo Black Idea

Sleeve Samurai Tattoo Black Idea

Anime fans or people who enjoy cartoons will enjoy this one tattoo that has a lot of silly and funny elements. Let the world see that you’re a creative person and someone who loves to look funky.

You will come off as a dominant yet silly individual who is often right and knows how to get what you want in your charming way.

10 Colorful Samurai Tattoos

1. Retro Samurai Tattoo

Retro Samurai Tattoo

Are you an artist yourself? How about someone who enjoys colorful ideas and funky art? This tattoo is retro and perfect for those who have a way of embracing cheerful ideas.

This orange design and a cat symbol will let the world see you as a trendsetter, as well as someone who knows how to have fun in your way and on your own terms.

2. Funny Frog Samurai Tattoo

Funny Frog Samurai Tattoo

If you enjoy back tattoos this colorful one will suit you. It is funky and funny while being perfect for those who know how to have fun. People of any age can rock this design, as long as if they have a sense of humor.

A red frog dressed as a samurai means that you’re a cheerful person to be around and that you know how to overcome any battles or tough moments but in your own way.

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3. Samurai Head Tattoo Design

Samurai Head Tattoo Design

This arm or shoulder tattoo is ideal for fans of smaller tattoos and minimalism. If you dislike the feeling of a needle pressed against your skin you will enjoy this mini concept.

Samurai and swords are common go-to tattoo ideas. Show that you’re aware of the cultural appreciation and stories that are behind it before you end up getting this design.

Fun fact: clothing items played a huge role throughout history, also known as hakama.

4. Colorful Samurai Tattoo Cat Idea

Colorful Samurai Tattoo Cat Idea

If you’re a cat lover or an animal lover in general you will want this funky tattoo. It is super colorful and playful in its own way.

This design shows that you value the life around you. You are well aware of your surroundings and you’re always trying to be positive and happy.

5. Colorful Samurai Sleeve Tattoo

Colorful Samurai Sleeve Tattoo

Half sleeve tattoos are for men who don’t want to look too overpowering with their chosen design. This idea is quite bright, bold, and colorful, and it might cost you a bit more than you’d expect, so heads up.

This samurai idea will show others that you’re fierce and stubborn, yet you know how to overcome small and big issues on your own while being a warrior in the heart.

6. Samurai Head Tattoo Sword Print

Samurai Head Tattoo Sword Print

Black and red ink is a common choice for a lot of men and women. If you want to rightfully represent and show off your warrior design you will adore this combo.

You can show the world that you’re a fierce and powerful guy. No one can mess with you, since you know who you are and where your power lays.

Did you know that they had to shave their head just to make their helmet fit more comfortably?!

7. Dramatic & Scary Samurai Sleeve Tattoo

Dramatic & Scary Samurai Sleeve Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos are for guys who are always rocking sleeveless shirts. If you’re someone who is dominant and bold, as well as naturally buff + you workout you will want this samurai print.

Red is a color of power and energy, as well as balance. You will come off looking like a giant who knows how to overcome any big or small challenge.

8. Samurai Helmet Tattoo With Lion Print

Samurai Helmet Tattoo With Lion Print

If you’re an animal lover and you think of yourself as the king of the jungle you will appreciate this duo. A samurai and a lion will look so beautiful over your back.

This tattoo shows that you’re in tune with your surroundings and that you know how to stay positive no matter what. You will also look like an actual beast who is always hunting for your prey.

9. Samurai Tattoo With Flowers

Samurai Tattoo With Flowers

Those who want something a bit different will enjoy this design with some colorful flowers. It is for men and women who enjoy sweet tattoos.

You can show that you’re a warrior and someone who has that soft and delicate side. Show that you’re in tune with your emotions yet that no one can mess with you.

Fun fact: their armor was made with lacquered plates of metal or leather.

10. Funny Samurai Cat Red Ink

Funny Samurai Cat Red Ink

This is another great tattoo for cat lovers and samurai lovers. This color combo is sweet and unusual, ideal for fans of ambitious and energetic tattoos.

Your cat dressed as a samurai will let your surrounding know that you’re a fighter with a heart. You are deeply connected with your closest ones and you love to gift for what is right.

10 Small Samurai Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Leg Samurai Tattoo Design

Leg Samurai Tattoo Design

Knee or leg tattoos are usually quite common among guys. If you’re someone who loves to show off your legs you will enjoy this idea.

Black ink is the best choice for this simple art. Let everyone see you as a fighter who is good at balancing your private and business life and show that you’re a boss at every given moment.

2. Black & White Geisha Samurai Tattoo

Black & White Geisha Samurai Tattoo

If you live for realistic tattoos you will also enjoy this idea. It is black and simple yet done with such precision.

Show the world that you’re a realist and that you’re a person who is always winning in life, but only at your own pace.

Did you know that katanas are nowadays forbidden to own, even in Japan?!

3. Precise Samurai Tattoo Black Ink

Precise Samurai Tattoo Black Ink

You can also go for a foot or ankle tattoo. This idea is great for those who enjoy the precision and who are into defined lines.

Show that you can balance your life and your thoughts with your own approach. Everyone will see you as a persistent guy, does this sound like you?

4. Samurai Tattoo Over Back For Guys

Samurai Tattoo Over Back For Guys

Neck tattoos are not that popular. This is because their placement is quite tricky and painful. However, if you can withstand the pain and you’re not afraid of the tattooing process you can easily enjoy this concept.

This idea shows that you’re not afraid of anything or anyone. You can jump in the ring at any given moment and you can get what you want, no matter the cost.

5. Scary Oni Mask Samurai Tattoo

Scary Oni Mask Samurai Tattoo

Chest tattoos are quite common as placement when it comes to samurai ideas. If you’re a masculine guy you will enjoy this as your next go-to.

This samurai holding a sword is unique since it has that demon vibe. Let the world see that you’re always ready for a good challenge since you’re a little demon yourself, aren’t you?

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6. Forearm Samurai Mask Black Idea

Forearm Samurai Mask Black Idea

If you’re a fan of anime and cartoons you will always want and need something similar. It is great for anyone who is personally connected with inner beliefs and emotions.

This idea is unique since it shows the beauty of growing up. Show that you’re always growing and that you can represent all of your emotions with this samurai ink.

Fun fact: samurais were educated and highly-literate.

7. Samurai Tattoo Design Over Forearm Minimalistic

Samurai Tattoo Design Over Forearm Minimalistic

This forearm tattoo is for those who want something medium-sized and cute. If you’re a fierce warrior and someone who knows how to act and walk with the dignity you will gravitate toward this design.

It shows your powerful and positive side. Make sure that your intentions come through with this design. If you’re a leader and a conquer you can go for this design.

8. Giant Thigh Samurai Tattoo Black Idea

Giant Thigh Samurai Tattoo Black Idea

Giant thigh tattoos are for those who love to stand out with their choice. If you’re not afraid of tattoos and you love the tattooing process this one will be bearable for you.

You will look like the main character of your story and your journey. Show that you’re stubborn and that you’re always ready to win, no matter the circumstances.

9. Colorful Samurai Helmet Tattoo Print

Colorful Samurai Helmet Tattoo Print

Go for a red samurai since it is a symbol of good deeds and powerful male energy. You will look like a fierce man who is always pushing his limits.

This design won’t take too much of your time to achieve. Once done the tattoo will show your will to find a way and to always overcome new challenges and scary situations.

Did you know that there were also female warriors?!

10. Funny Samurai Mojo Tattoo

Funny Samurai Mojo Tattoo

Last, but not least, you can get a funny samurai tattooed over your skin. This is the perfect piece for those who have watched Cartoon Network while growing up, and those who loved the evil character – Mojo Jojo.

Mojo Jojo is looking so stunning, wouldn’t you agree? This idea is for fighters and people who will love cartoons throughout their lifetime. Show that you’re a samurai yet a little kid still at heart.

Samurai Tattoo: More FAQs

1. Who Can Get A Samurai Tattoo?

Samurai tattoos are for anyone who is trying to express their bold side and their way to conquer the world. Men and women can both rock samurai designs, as long as they are natural fighters who know how to get whatever it is that they want.

2. Where To Place Your Samurai Tattoo?

The best placement for your samurai idea is over your chest or your leg. Samurais wear their bruises and their scars proudly, which is why you will enjoy showing off your teeth, literally, to the rest of the world with either chest or leg/knee placement.

3. Does The Tattooing Process Hurt?

These ideas don’t have to hurt too much. If you end up placing the design over the thicker parts of the body (and avoid placements that are close to the bone) you will easily wear any samurai design that we’ve reviewed in this article. If you’re thick-skinned you can easily wear and rock your new samurai tattoo idea.

4. Are These Tattoos Pricey?

You can expect to pay around $200-500 for your new samurai tattoo. The bigger the design, the pricier it is. Also, expect to pay more money for a colorful and bright tattoo that stands out and that is different from the rest.

Back tattoos, for instance, can and will cost a lot more money due to the bigger surface that is used in the tattooing process. Smaller samurai tattoos, such as ankle or foot designs will be a lot more affordable.

5. Where To Find Your Inspiration?

If you’re not too sure what are some other famous samurais or where to get the inspiration from, consider thinking about Samurai Jack (from the Cartoon Network), Jackie Chan (the ultimate warrior that we all loved watching when growing up), as well as any historic characters that you could have watched when growing up or have read about in your historic books.

Commit To Your New Tattoo

In the end, make sure that you let us know which one tattoo is your favorite and a must-have from the list. We have tried to incorporate as many as possible unique and different ideas for everyone’s liking. Our article will suit everyone’s preference and taste, so make sure to let us know which is a must-have tattoo in your opinion, as well as where you plan on placing it over your body.

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Tattoo samurai warrior

As you probably assumed before coming to this page, there are some great samurai tattoo meanings to choose from for those who decide to get one of these designs. And speaking of designs, you also have a large selection of those that you can choose from. Below we will take a look at some of the most commonly used samurai tattoo meanings as well as some reasons why one of these cool designs might be great for you.

Hailing from traditional Japanese military hierarchy, the Samurai were noble warriors trained from birth to be masters of battle. In many cases, this is one of the main reasons why people get samurai tattoos. You can use both the nobility and warrior meanings in a single design. Some people will get a single warrior lashing his sword, while others will show a larger scene of multiple warriors going to battle. In either case, these samurai tattoo meanings will come attached to the design.

The Japanese warrior’s distinctive armor and prevalence in traditional Japanese art work creates an iconic image of the formidable warrior. If you want to get a tattoo that shows that you have a warrior’s mentality, then you might want to go for the full getup. Sure, you can use the exact same samurai tattoo meanings in a small tattoo of just a samurai sword, but people often want to get a full-bodied samurai since they look so cool in ink and it makes it clear that the meanings attached to your tattoo really are significant to you.

The armor is a representation of strength, bravery, tact, discipline and above all else, honour. If you want to use one or all of these samurai tattoo meanings, you’re in luck since you really don’t have to tweak any samurai tattoo design to use them. However, if you want the meanings to be a little bit more obvious, you can add in other symbols that also represent those meanings. If you do opt to include other images, you’ll want to make sure that they blend in well with your samurai design.

Often accompanied by a katana (a type of sword used by samurai) or bow and arrow, the samurai have been a sort of police force in periods of Japanese history. And that brings us to or next meaning: protection. If you are the type of person who protects for a living or you simply take pride in being there for your friends and neighbors, then a katana or other samurai weapon might be a fantastic tattoo idea for you.

The samurai consistently conduct themselves with the utmost sense of duty and honour, following a strict moral code. This is why the samurai tattoo is seen as a great military tattoo, regardless of where the soldier is from. The samurai are the classic militants and most people would feel a lot of pride with one of these designs on their skin.

Zen Buddhism is often associated with the way of the samurai, attesting to their level of discipline and desire to uphold the good in society. A lot of people wrongly assume that the samurai were trained to be aggressive fighters, which actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Aggressiveness is definitely not a samurai tattoo meaning, but if that’s what you want you will find that there are plenty of other designs that do have that meaning attached to them.

Their signature armor, o-yoroi kozane armor, was a type of lamellar armor worn and adapted over centuries. It is iconic of the samurai and its depiction along with the image of the samurai creates an authentic look. The small leather plates (also made of iron and other materials) of kozane armor creates the appearance of scales. This effect symbolizes the might of the dragon, lending the samurai an even fiercer stance.

Additionally, samurai have protected themselves with chain mail armor and steel, bronze, or iron plates. Regardless of the material used, the broad shoulder plates and pleated tunic style armor is typical iconography of the courageous warriors. You will definitely want to look into getting this samurai gear if you wanted to your courage as your meaning.

Not only will you be adding the “protection” and “courage” samurai tattoo meaning to your tattoo with the armor, you also get a chance to have an insanely attractive piece to put on your skin. Yes, highly detailed armor can cost a little bit of money, but it’s definitely worth it if the meanings work for you and you have a top tattoo artist do the work.

Samurai are closely tied to traditional Japanese arts, having been of the aristocratic status. The dignity and sophistication of the samurai was upheld for hundreds of years, only recently having declined with the modernization of Japan. That’s why some people will still use the “royalty” samurai tattoo meaning regardless of design. This meaning will not be as obvious as the others, but that might actually be what some people want. If you do want the meaning to come through, you can add in other royalty symbols to your design, such as a crown.

In traditional Japanese art, samurai are most often portrayed riding a horse in full armor with an air of bravery. If you are interested in getting a tattoo that symbolizes bravery and you want to go all-out with the design, then this one might be for you. The samurai on a horse tattoo looks best as a back tat, but you certainly can shrink it down a little bit to make it work somewhere else. As with most of the other tattoo designs listed on this page, you should expect this one to be pretty costly, but worth it if the samurai tattoo meaning works well for you.

The image of the samurai illustrates the rigid sense of duty and courage of the Japanese warriors. If you have a warrior in your design, you can be sure that these meanings will come through clearly to whoever sees you tattoo. You shouldn’t just get it because it looks cool, though. It’s far more important that you get a tattoo that represents who you are, then as an added bonus you will also have an attractive design to look at.

Only a dedicated and honorable soul is able to take on the protective responsibilities of the ancient order of the samurai. This is why so many people take pride in their samurai tattoos and why their meanings are loved throughout the world. Most of us want to be protectors of those who we care about, but there are only some who can be called modern day samurai in their protective abilities. That’s also why the samurai tattoo is not for everyone; there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t have the protective instincts that the great samurai did.

No matter what type of design you decide to get or what samurai tattoo meanings you decide to use, you absolutely have to find an artist who you can trust to get your design right. These are both meaningful and heavily detailed in most cases, so you will want to hire someone who either has experience with samurai tattoos or who has done plenty of intricate design work in the past. Your chances of getting the exact tattoo you want skyrocket when you work with a tattoo artist who you can trust.

If you feel like one of these samurai tattoo meanings are right from you, then chances are you will end up loving your design even more because it will define who you are as a person. Most people who get samurai tats wear them as a source of pride since they feel a connection to those warriors of the past that would do anything to protect those around them. Just be sure that you take your time through the design process and find an artist who can make all of these great samurai tattoo meanings come to life through the ink on your skin.

Samurai Tattoo Meaning 2
Samurai Tattoo Meaning 17
Samurai Tattoo Meaning 19
Samurai Tattoo Meaning 21
Samurai Tattoo Meaning 24
Samurai Tattoo Meaning 25
Samurai Tattoo Meaning 33
Samurai Tattoo Meaning 39

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Tattoos with the Samurai motif are quite the rage among the Japanese and are slowly gaining a foothold in the mainstream. The tattoos depicting the Samurai tend to be colorful and very detailed. They are depicted in numerous ways and come in many colors. The size of these tend to be on the larger size due to the details that are added on the tattoo.


The samurai tattoo is supposed to symbolize the very quality of strength and bravery that are associated with the noble samurai. Due to this and their stunning detail work they make excellent tattoo designs to be worn on the sleeves. You can embellish the tattoo with other design components.

Due to the rich history and cultural value attached to the Samurai, the tattoos tend to have a lot of symbolic value. Many a man would pick up the samurai tattoo due to the tales of bravery and immense masculinity associated with the Samurai. Considered noble warriors whose life mission is to server and protect the higher ranking people in the society, the samurai where highly regarded and respected.

The Samurai’s prescribed to a certain way of living that was based on honor and service. It was based on Zen Buddhism and samurai were required to remain calm of mind while focusing on their duty. They were skilled at all the arts of war. Though born to protect and fight they would shun unnecessary slaying. They followed “Bushido” which was based on the principles of disciplining the self, bravery, honor and respect. These principles were held in greater value than their life by the brave and noble samurai.

They overcame their fear of death and would face every day of their life as if it was their last day on this earth. They were to bring order to all things around them. Marriage was part of the culture and by marrying a samurai the woman would also become samurai and be bound by the same code of conduct.


Therefore we can imagine that the samurai tattoo would symbolize all these things like discipline, bravery, masculine strength, duty and honor, noble and higher thinking, honor above death among many other such qualities.When a person gets a samurai tattoo it is not only for the detailed and painstakingly exquisite design but also for the noble and great qualities that are represented by the Samurai. The tattoo would remind you to live your life to the fullest and to make each moment count as if it were the last one. The samurai were among the elite and pains would be taken to indoctrinate them in the qualities that will build their strength and character even further.


The samurai and the samurai culture are essentially Japanese; thereby tattoos having this motif would also inculcate other elements that are to do with the Japanese culture. This could include sayings, swords, cherry blossoms as well as samurai in different poses. The addition of Yin and Yang symbols, dragons, tigers and the Katana are also quite common.

Since the samurai tattoo is full of deep symbolism and can have many elements added to embellish the tattoo, you would be well advised to do your research. And do not limit yourself to just the designs, do concentrate on the other elements and make your choice with great care. This way you will find that you have a tattoo design that means a lot to you looks great and is well designed. Like always do consider the money, time, pain and future implications of getting inked before you proceed. This way there will be no second thoughts.


The Meaning and Symbolism of Samurai Tattoo:

Samurai tattoos were commonly adorned by the noble Japanese warriors who were outstanding in their ability to overcome the fear of killing and of death during combat. The samurai tattoo design below is an expression of a warrior who is fully armed.


Wearing samurai tattoo design was considered as an expression of bravery and an act of patriotism amongst the Japanese. Just like in the Samurai tattoo design below, the outlook of the tattoo depicts a brave face of someone with and fully armed for battle.


Some of the common features and elements in samurai tattoo designs is the sword and it symbolizes protection and strength.  The power behind the demonstration of bravery by the samurai’s came mainly from their strong belief in values like courage, respect and honor. Meditation was also a major practice that they identified with just as shown in the design below.


Samurai tattoo designs have become quite popular and not only with the Japanese but other cultures as well. The meanings associated with the tattoo expresses what majority of tattoo lovers may want to identify with.


Apart from Japan, the samurai tattoo designs are also common in Asia, America and other parts of the world. Samurai tattoos can be worn in any part of the body provided the space is large enough for the preferred design.


Meanings Associated with Samurai Tattoo Designs:

There are various meanings associated with samurai tattoos and what often comes to the mind whenever samurai tattoo is identified is an expression of a warrior or a fighter. It also symbolizes protection, strength, courage and discipline.


Samurai tattoos are mostly preferred by men because of their masculine nature and again most of the attributes associated with the tattoo are those that men greatly value. Samurai tattoo design below looks quite spectacular on the arm where it is worn and works to greatly enhance the features of the wearer.


There are various elements and features that are associated with samurai tattoo design like in the design below. The beautiful color combination and other incorporated features makes the design to be quite stunning.


Use of horses during battles is a common experience and incorporating horses in samurai design just like in the design below has a way of enhancing the overall outlook of the design. The various elements incorporated in the design below blends quite well making the design to look fabulous.


The samurai tattoo design below looks fascinating with the warrior aboard clearly caught in motion which creates such a breathtaking feel. The color used and the great artistic work makes the entire design to look spectacular, it also fits quite well on the back where it is worn.


Wearing samurai tattoo is a constant reminder of the values reflected by the elite Japanese warriors, the barriers they were able to overcome and the sense of strength they demonstrated in fighting battles. The samurai tattoo design below looks quite complex with numerous features and elements incorporated together in the design.


Samurai tattoos are normally very versatile and greatly expresses the personality of the wearer. Samurai tattoo design below expresses a very powerful figure with a sword in the hand. The tattoo can be quite intimidating and scaring at the same time especially when viewed by other people.


The place the tattoo is worn below looks perfect with the size of the samurai tattoo and the artistic design creating such an appealing and elegant look. The tattoo also enhances the masculine features of the wearer and can be perceived as a demonstration of courage and strength.

Japanese Samurai Tattoo Designs

Samurai warrior tattoo design below is a great work of art with the helmet and the warrior like attire looking perfectly design. The elements incorporated in the design enhances the entire outlook of the wearer and blends well with the complexion.


There are different collections and ideas of samurai tattoo designs and most of them carry that feel of power and versatility. Before settling on a particular design, remember to choose something that resonates well with you as the kind of design chosen may have some significant impact on your personality and how you are perceived.


There are common elements that are associated with samurai tattoo like the dragon, octopus, koi fish, geisha amongst others. The elements incorporated in the tattoo often helps in enhancing the beauty and meaning of the tattoo.


Many tattoo lovers especially those that wear  samurai tattoo designs have a reason behind wearing the tattoo and a meaning they associate with the design. Having the tattoo on somehow creates that feeling of strength to the body and mind with a strong desire of conquering every challenge that they face.


Some of the samurai tattoo designs can be quite complex and creepy especially when combined with different elements like the one below. The design looks great with all the features and the colors used blending quite well.


The samurai tattoo design below is a combination of an intricate helmet that symbolizes power with the facial expression looking so creepy and scary. The design expresses elements of rage and power towards the enemy.


The below design looks like a samurai ghost tattoo and can be an expression of the unique powers that the samurai’s possess. The tattoo is well designed but quite scary although it works well to send fear and chills towards the enemy.The one color used in expressing the design makes it to look entirely eye-catching.


Samurai tattoos also remind wearer’s of some sacred lifestyle and the best way to express that is by incorporating features that express the sacred nature of the design. The samurai tattoo design below looks quite complex with the combination of koi fish making the entire design to look quite spectacular.


Use of weapons are part of samurai tattoo designs and works well to enhance the meaning and complexity of the design. The design below looks quite spectacular with the color combination and the clouds creating such a magnificent outlook.

The samurai tattoo design below is an expression of great artistic work with the facial expression showing courage and strength. It takes great expertise and experience in tattooing to be able to design such intricate designs.

The samurai design below looks so real like the image has been sticked at the place. The fully armed samurai tattoo design enhances the masculine features of the wearer and the overall outlook

Modern tattoo inking has made it possible to ink intricate designs with high level of precision. The samurai tattoo design below is a real indication of bravery and it is inked with great precision.

Samurai tattoo designs can also be worn by ladies especially when beautiful combination of elements are used like in the design below. The combination of the sword and flowers makes the entire design so cute and ideal for ladies.

Samurai tattoo designs is not for the weak hearted especially if inking is done in the traditional way given its extremely painful than the modern inking methods. The tattoo is also large which also makes the process of inking to last quite long.

Samurai tattoos are generally large and tends to look stunning when done on the large surface areas of the body like the back, the upper arms, chest and other ares. The samurai tattoo design below looks spectacular with the lighting and half moon incorporated which makes it to look quite complex.

Before settling on the samurai tattoo to ink, one should take time to think appropriately consider the different types of samurai tattoo and their symbolic meanings. The inking should also be done only by an expert tattoo artist with experience in samurai tattoo designs.

Popular Images of samurai tattoo Designs

There are images that are known to be popular with samurai tattoo designs like the inclusion of a hose, sword, helmet and war attires. The design below incorporates some of the features which makes the entire design to look so breathtaking and elegant.

The samurai design below looks creepy yet stunning with the colors blending so well. Use of elements like the skull in samurai tattoo designs is normally common and the appearance of skull can be scaring to many people who sees the design.

The upper part of the body like the arm is one of the places in the body that is commonly used for inking large tattoos like the samurai tattoo.

The samurai tattoo design below looks spectacular with the color combination and other features blending so well. The place the tattoo is worn also enhances the overall outlook of the wearer.

The samurai tattoo design below looks quite complex with features and colors combined in a magnificent way. The place the tattoo is worn also enhances the overall outlook of the design.

The samurai tattoo design below expresses a very focused samurai who is fully armed and ready for battle. The elements used alongside the tattoo also creates such a complex outlook of the wearer.

The tattoo of a striking samurai is such a unique and magnificent design. The color combination is great with the skull element making the design to look more creepy while at the same time adding complexity to the design.

The samurai tattoo design below is an expression of a samurai that is fully armed and focused on the attack. The facial expression and the elements around the design creates such a cool expression of the design.

From the dragon element to the scary looking face, the helmet and lightning, all the elements combines well in the samurai tattoo below resulting into such a hostile and scary look.

The samurai tattoo design below is simple yet stylish with all the colors and elements combining quite perfectly. The place it is worn also makes the design to look spectacular.

Wearing samurai tattoo that covers the entire back require some element of boldness and love for the art. The samurai tattoo design below is an intricate design with a combination of elements like the dragon, the skull and other features that makes the design to look more versatile.

The samurai tattoo design below looks great with one of the most important feature, the sword inked in such a magnificent and fabulous way.

The samurai tattoo design below is a versatile piece of art with features that look scary and stunning for the tattoo lovers. The tattoo design cover the entire arm which also enhances the overall outlook of the wearer.

Although most samurai tattoo designs are large and complex, it is possible to have a simple and sizable samurai tattoo design just like the one below.

The color combination in the samurai tattoo design below looks spectacular with most of the elements blending perfectly well.

Samurai tattoos are known to express courage, discipline, tenacity and a great resolve to overcome and just like in the samurai tattoo design below, the samurai looks well armed and fully focused for the battle.

The sword is a very important element in samurai tattoo designs and the tattoo design below looks spectacular with the colors used blending perfectly well.

The samurai tattoo design below is an expression of the dynamic helmets used by the samurai’s that gives protection to the entire head. The design looks cool with the use of one color highlighting the unique features of the design.

The samurai tattoo design below looks so real with the samurai looking fully armed on the upper part. The design looks spectacular on the arm where it is worn.

The design below is a combination of elements that make samurai tattoo a great piece of artwork. The skull, geisha and other features provides such a rich blend to the samurai tattoo.

The samurai tattoo design below looks unique with colors that makes the elements to blend quite well. The colors used are magnificent and the design fits well in the open space where it is worn.

The samurai tattoo design is a symbol of the helmet and facial expressions worn by the samurai’s which is quite intimidating and scary. The color combination and the place the tattoo is worn looks quite fabulous.

The samurai tattoo design below looks great with the helmet and facial cover showing what the samurai’s wore in the battlefield.

The samurai tattoo design below shows the geisha staring at the samurai who is fully armed and in the mood of a battle. The design looks great and highlights the overall outlook of the wearer.

The below colorful samurai tattoo design looks great with all the elements blending quite well. The place the tattoo is worn is also appealing and greatly enhances the wearer’s outlook.

The samurai tattoo design below is a complex piece of artwork with all the features blending quite well. The color combination looks great with the numerous elements combining quite well.

Samurai tattoos carry great expression of strength and power and the samurai tattoo design below is a unique piece of artwork that is combined with features like the skull that makes the design quite magical.

The samurai tattoo design below covers the entire back and arms with the blend of the colors and other elements combining quite well. The samurai tattoo is whole huge statement by the wearer as it takes a great level of love for the design to endure all the pain that goes with such a gigantic design.

The samurai tattoo design below comprises of some creepy and scaring images that identifies well with the feeling that the samurai’s would create in their enemies. The elaborate use of blue color blends well with other colors.

The samurai tattoo design below is a complex piece of artwork and shows the picture of the samurai’s while in a meditation mood. The design looks great with the features like the trees and the flowers blending well with the design.

The samurai tattoo design below comprises of a helmet and a scary skull which identifies well with the samurai’s. The elements used in the design makes a good combination with the features blending quite well.

The samurai tattoo design below is an amazing piece of artwork with the appearance of a ghost like creature around a pool of blood. The design shows the samurai staring on something after an attack.



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