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Find a first name or middle name with this baby name generator.

Try our baby name generator to help find a name for your baby. This generator has over 600,000 possible combinations for a baby boy name, or a baby girl name.

Thousands of first and middle names.

Picking a baby name.

Choosing a name for your baby can be difficult for many reasons. There are many factors that can play into your decision. Your partner may also want to have a say in what name you choose. Some of your concerns may be...
1. Do you name them after a family member?
2. Will they be teased?
3. Does the name sound good with their last name?
4. Does the name remind you of someone you don't like or respect?
No need to fret, when you see a baby name that fits for you, you'll know it. That's why we created this baby name generator. Now you can scroll through hundreds of thousands of name combinations and find many possibilities that could work for your new family member.

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First Name Generator

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Use this First Name Generator to find countless random first names for your next gaming adventure, story or any other kind of project. Enjoy!

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The first name generator for your next project

Coming up with a compelling first name for your next character can be difficult, so let us help you out. Use the first name generator to generate interesting first names. The tool contains thousands of possibilities, so chances are that your perfect result is in there.

What are good first names?

There's thousands of random first names in this generator. Here are some samples to start:

Idea #1Rudy
Idea #2Edwardo
Idea #3Burton
Idea #4Tomas
Idea #5Erin
Idea #6Mayra
Idea #7Nina
Idea #8Kathie
Idea #9Angie
Idea #10Tiffany

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First Name Generator

Name Generator>First Names

Do you want a new name? Are you unhappy with the one you were given? Do you want to go incognito? Or are you looking to create a fictional character for writing, gaming, or forums? Either way, our first name generator can help you find something new!

Creating First Names

We use a very large database that includes different name types, including ones popular today, old fashioned styles, and more unusual, romantic Celtic, biblical, and mythological styles. Whether you are looking for a change of identity because you're unhappy with the name you were given, or you're just trying to get away from the past, or whether you're looking to name a baby, or you're creating a fictional persona for forums, gaming, or creative writing, we can help! Instead of scrolling through big, confusing databases, you can just enter your surname and click a button, to see a new given name alongside your surname every time you click. You can look through random lists of names, or you can choose to select one at a time and read its meaning to see whether it's suitable for you.

About Your First Name

First or 'given' names are part of a person's full name, and are used to differentiate them from other people who bear the same surname (who will usually be members of the same family). The 'Western' order for names is given name/family name, whereas the 'Eastern' order (primarily used in many areas of East Asia, although also seen in Hungary, and some parts of India) is family name/given name. First names will usually be used by friends and family, and for informal and friendly situations, while more formal situations will see only the surname being used. They can be often be changed by choice, and they can also be changed in special circumstance – if a person ascends to royalty, they will often be given a Regal name that they will then largely be known by (for example, King George VI, who was born as Albert Frederick Arthur George Windsor, and was known publically as Albert until his accession in 1936), while joining certain religious orders will also require taking on a special religious or monastic name.

While most English names are traditionally gender-specific, there are unisex names like Jordan, Alex, Jesse, Sam, Ryan or Ash. Popular culture can now have a significant effect on naming, with names like Keira and Miley leaping suddenly to prominence in 2004 and 2007 respectively, thanks to the rise to stardom of Keira Knightley and Miley Cyrus. Other names have been actually created in works of literature – like Jessica, which first appeared in William Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice, or Pamela, created by Elizabethan poet Sir Philip Sidney in his prose work The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia. (Some names are also popularised this way, such as the previously obscure name 'Wendy' which was pushed to high levels of prominence when used by J.M. Barrie in the original play of Peter Pan.)

Given names can have a wide variety of origins, and come in a number of different types. Hebrew names like 'Michael', 'Hannah', 'Joshua' or 'Mary' are often used in historically Christian countries, while a small number of names are Germanic in source ('Robert', 'Edward', 'Rosalind'), and others are French forms of Germanic names ('Charles', 'Albert', or 'Henry'). Latin and Greek are also common sources, whether it's Latin examples like 'Justin', 'Marcus' or 'Julia', or the Greek examples of 'Alexander', 'Nicholas' or 'Jason'. Often they can derive from specific nouns, especially from colours, birds or nature – 'Rose', 'Rowan', 'Jade' or 'Jasmine' – while traits can also be used as names, most traditionally Christian virtues like 'Faith', 'Hope' or 'Charity'. Whichever way a person decides to go, there remains a multitude of options for choosing something distinctive and memorable.

Name tag designed by Freepik. Licensed under CC BY 3.0.


Name Generator

Masterpiece Generator refers to a set of text generator tools created by Aardgo. The tools are designed to be cool and entertain, but also help aspiring writers create a range of different media, including plots, lyrics for songs, poems, letters and names. Some generated content parodies existing styles and artists, whilst others are based on original structures.

Our first generator, Song Lyrics Generator was launched in 2002 as a student magazine project. After it proved popular, we expanded to include plots, and the project grew from there.

We're proud to see work we've helped you create pop up on blogs and in fun projects. We enjoy watching you read your creations on YouTube. We're currently developing a cool app based on our site.

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Generator first name

Ask the Genie

Alexis Cooper in Missouri

I'm testing your ability! I want to incorporate both of my grandmas' names in my girl name. Dorothy Vivian and Nancy Helen. Last name could be Cooper or Vinson so I need a name that goes with both. No common names but not too crazy of names either! Let's see what you've got! Thanks in advance! :)

Baby Name Genie:

Fortunately I've been studying in my lamp all night. A change on Dorothy's middle name and a restoration of Nancy's first gives you the gracious and lively Vivica Anne. Do I pass the test?

Alice in WA

Hi! I have two girls and one boy: Spencer, Sloane and Sawyer. We are expecting our fourth - a boy! We want his first name to start with "S" like his siblings. His middle names will be Memphis Faulkner. Can you help?

Baby Name Genie:

Ah, smart mom. This way, when you yell at them, you can start the "s" and hold it while you try to remember the rest of their name. Very clever! When the youngest gets in trouble, just remember his name is Stewart.

Breona in Phoenix

Here is a challenge for you: My husband and I are both Latin. My first son's name is Elias Alexander Leyva. I want to name my second son Ariel Jesus, but my husband disagrees. He thinks Ariel is a girl's name. I want a name with the initials A.E. Can you come up with a nice Biblical name?

Baby Name Genie:

You can thank Walt Disney and his mermaid for ruining the boy's name Ariel for you. Instead, try Aaron Ezra for a name perfectly suited for a young man.

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And the quiet sniffing of the grandma. Suddenly she groaned and, saying to her grandson: Zhenya, turn off the tap for now. ", Began to breathe hard through her mouth. "Grandma, what's wrong with you?", Everything is all right, Zhenechka, it will pass now.

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Yet a good heart beats in my slimy body. I have always respected brave enemies, especially if these enemies are young beauties. But what prevents me from making you a servant in the palace, Princess Leia.

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