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16 Genius Makeup Storage Ideas to Help You Organize

Genius Makeup Storage Ideas

Looking for makeup storage ideas? Everyone loves clean and organized makeup storage. After all, keeping makeup storage clean and organized makes life easier. With such storage, what you need to do is to sit down and start applying makeup straight away.

Here, we gathered 16 clever ideas to help you organize your makeup storage. There are many creative ways that you can try. Alright, now let’s get to the ideas.

Copper Makeup Storage Box

makeup storage ideas for small spaces

It won’t take much to make the makeup storage more organized. Even something as simple as a bronze makeup storage box can help. This bronze box can be used to contain various makeup tools, particularly ones that have rectangular shapes.

Due to its color and see-through design, you can use the bronze makeup storage box to showcase your makeup tools inside it. So yes, it is both functional as storage and decorative as it showcases what’s inside.

Makeup Storage Portable

makeup storage ideas cheap

The next in our makeup storage ideas list is makeup storage portable containers. This kind of storage is ideal for women who move around a lot or like redecorate their makeup room from time to time. With portable storage, the makeup tools will be a lot easier to manage.

Makeup storage portable containers also keep things clean and neat. They are easy to clean so there is no need to worry about cleanliness. With multiple containers, you can also put each makeup tools based on their category.

By the way, are you in need of some inspiration to design your makeup room? If you are, here we have some makeup room ideas that will inspire you. So, check them out!

Creative Makeup Storage Cabinet

makeup storage ideas small spaces

Makeup storage cabinet comes in various size, shape, and style. This cabinet has a rather unique style. It looks like intersecting rectangles, each has a different size. If you like

  1. an artistic touch for your makeup room
  2. storage for the makeup tools
  3. showcasing your makeup tools collection
  4. then this idea is perfect for you.

This makeup storage cabinet doesn’t look like the regular cabinet you usually see. This is the reason why the cabinet is attractive.

If you install this cabinet in your makeup room, none of your guests will be able to ignore it. Functional? Of course. Interesting? Certainly.

Makeup Storage Ideas

makeup storage ideas

Not everyone has the luxury of having a large makeup room. Some of us have to make do with a small makeup room. If you have a small makeup room, keeping things organized is a must. Clutter will make it feels cramped and looks smaller. Of course, you don’t want that.

To make the best of the available space, use small containers that are stacked vertically. This way, it won’t much space and gives you the storage you need. Compared to the previous makeup storage ideas, this one fits better for a small makeup room.

Makeup Storage Drawers

makeup storage ideas for drawers

“Hidden’ storage, including makeup storage drawers, is always fascinating. How could they not? They can appear with their contents when you need them. When you don’t, you can just ‘hide’ them away and they won’t be visible.

The above is an excellent example of how ‘hidden’ makeup storage drawers are. Notice how the drawers are used in two ways: first as a table where there are mirrors, essential makeup tools, and a few decors, and second as storage for the rest of the makeup tools you need.

Makeup Trolley

makeup storage ideas ikea

Are you an individual who moves around a lot and bring your makeup tools with you? Unlike most of our makeup storage ideas here which are unsuitable for such a lifestyle, this idea does. Rather than have cabinets or containers to organize your makeup tools, use a makeup trolley instead.

Notice that the trolley has wheels under it, allowing you to bring it to anywhere you want with ease. Each tier is also expandable, which makes it easy to access makeup tools even if they are stored in the bottom tier.

Makeup Storage Overhaul

makeup storage ideas pinterest

If you have only a few makeup tools, you won’t need large makeup storage to store them. You can just go for a small makeup storage box instead.

The number of the box is, of course, depends on your need. Some women may need only one or two boxes, while some others may need more.

The best things about these boxes are that they don’t use a lot of space. So if you have a few makeup tools, you can organize them in an orderly manner without taking a lot of space. The boxes tend to be transparent as well, allowing you to peek what is inside.

Organized Drawers

makeup storage cabinet ideas

The previous idea is for women who don’t need much storage. But what if you do? What if you have lots of makeup tools that need to be organized? In that case, go for organized makeup storage drawers like the above.

The drawers are long, meaning you can store a lot of makeup tools within each drawer. To make things simple, try storing tools that are in the same category inside one particular drawer. This way, it will be a lot easier when you are looking for a certain makeup tool.

Rose Gold Mirrored

makeup storage ideas diy

There is nothing wrong with wanting a makeup storage box that looks beautiful. A makeup tools storage box that looks beautiful will surely make applying makeup enjoyable.

The above example is among beautiful makeup storage ideas in our list. The box is reflective while having its own bronze color.

It can store lots of makeup tools, from brushes, lipsticks to creams. Since this box is pleasant to see, you can even turn them into a focal point in your makeup room.

Stylish Makeup Storage Ideas

makeup storage vanity ideas

There is nothing wrong with wanting something stylish, either. So, if you want stylish makeup storage furniture, just go ahead.

This large drawer is an excellent example of stylish makeup storage furniture. You can even say that the drawer is both aesthetical and functional.

Due to its size, it can store not just various makeup tools but also accessories, too. If you have a large array of makeup collection, this kind of storage is the perfect choice for you.

Acrylic Material for the Storage

makeup storage organization ideas

This one is unlike the previous makeup storage ideas we have here. While the other storage tends to be closed off, this one is open.

That means not only can you see what tools are on the storage, you can also access any makeup tool directly. There is no need to open anything. You just grab and go.

Open storage like this makes preparing for any occasion a lot easier. This is especially true if you often don’t have much time to apply makeup.

Cabinets on Both Sides

makeup palette storage ideas

On which side should you put your makeup storage cabinet? Is it on the right or the left? If you have lots of makeup tools to store, you probably need both.

Storage on both sides may take a lot of space in the room. However, it is well worth the sacrifice as with cabinets on both sides you can manage and organize your makeup tools better. If you place a seat and a mirror in-between, you can apply makeup easier as the tools will be within your reach.

Makeup Storage Cabinet

large makeup storage ideas

Sometimes, less is more. This one is another example of simple makeup storage ideas. Well, that shouldn’t be surprising. It is, after all, a minimalist cabinet. If you are a minimalist yourself, you’d love this kind makeup storage cabinet.

On one hand, the cabinet looks simple and plain. On the other, it showcases each and every makeup tools stored inside. This creates an interesting look. You can make this cabinet stands out even more by adding lighting in it.

Tiered Storage

makeup storage ideas for small bathroom

Do you want makeup storage solutions that look unique and practical? Consider adding tiered storage like the above. On its own, the storage already looks unique and interesting. What makes it even more interesting is that it has tiers that become larger the lower they are.

Due to being tiered, this storage helps you to prioritize your makeup tools. For example, store the essentials makeup tools inside the tier that is the easiest to access for you. To make the storage stand out, you can paint it with a dark neutral color.

Makeup Storage Vanity

clever makeup storage ideas

The corner is often left unused, even in a makeup room. Don’t let yours left unused. Make the best of the corners instead.

For example, you can install two drawers near a corner and install shelves on the corner. This is a space-efficient way to make the best of a corner while giving you the storage you needed.

Makeup Organizer

makeup collection storage ideas

The last idea in our makeup storage ideas is something simple yet fabulous. Just look at the makeup storage drawers above. They look very, very simple. There are two containers on both sides. Each container has three drawers in it.

What makes it special is the bridge between the containers. This bridge is not decoration purpose only. It is also functional. You can use this bridge to showcase your other makeup tools, especially the essentials.

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Small space and limited storage are huge problems for most of us regarding beauty and makeup products. Organizing plays a significant role in keeping your makeup storage space uncluttered, non-essential beauty products out of sight and those used on a day-to-day basis easily accessible. After all, no one likes to rummage through the crammed pouches, digging through a hundred zips, fumbling in countless purses, or piled up drawers tracking for your favorite eyeliner or lipstick on a busy morning. Budget-friendly makeup storage ideas for small spaces can maximize your space and make them more functional for your daily needs.

15 Brilliant Ways to Store Your Beauty Products

Your favorite make-up sets don’t always need a large dresser, fancy vanities, separate drawers, and cabinets for storing them. However, keeping all your beauty needs in one place is never an easy job because you never use all of them at once. Many items can be stored in vanities, depending on the size and type of vanity you have. Most often, taking time out to declutter your vanity can be a problem. Alternately, if you have limited space, all you need is to organize the items in trendy makeup organizers and elegant storage kits to avoid being fashionably late at an important event.

These ingenious storage solutions not just complement your eclectic makeup items but work as classy décor accents for your room. Even if it may not be the time for spring cleaning yet, it never hurts having all your everyday essential makeup products neatly stored and arranged in drawers and compartments that help to keep your ever-growing collection under control. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist with a rather substantial collection of products or have a minimalist approach to cosmetics, you could probably benefit from smart makeup organizer ideas that will keep your ever-growing stashes under control.

Instead of breaking the bank, try a DIY makeup organizer at home that looks supremely sorted to suit your preference and needs. Moreover, a well-organized beauty collection will look far more stylish and visually appealing. Here is a list of pretty and practical ideas for makeup storage systems that will inspire you to tidy up your cosmetic collections.

1. Desk Drawer Organizer Tray

One of the best makeup drawer organizer ideas for small spaces, different-sized drawers help keep everything stored out of sight. Opt for trays with adjustable dividers to sort out your favorite products according to their colors and application.

2. Over-the-door Cabinet

Over-the-door makeup organizers are the best way to set your accessories and makeup well organized. They don’t take much space and hang perfectly on your doors or even walls. Sometimes, they come with a long mirror so you could simultaneously see and choose the makeup you need. An over-the-door makeup organizer may come with different shelves and side hooks attached to the cabinet door, which you can use to store the brushes.

3. Makeup Case With Dividers

Mainly used as a portable travel bag, you can easily use this case with dividers at home to organize your everyday essentials easily. Its multiple compartments and pouches not just keep things separated but offer a designated place for your skincare and makeup items.

4. Tiered Tray

A tiered cosmetic storage tray keeps things well organized. It may come in a two or three-tiered design that makes displaying your prized perfumes on bathroom countertops and vanity simple and easy. The freestanding design makes it easy to place wherever more storage is needed.

5. Acrylic Lipstick Organizer

If you own a substantial lipstick collection, a transparent tiered lipstick organizer tray with individual slots makes it super easy to spot which tube of red you’re looking for.

6. Divided Lazy Susan

Although most typically found in a kitchen, you can use your acrylic lazy Susan to store beauty products like compacts, makeup tools, and makeup remover. Choose the one that features clear, removable dividers or two-tiered designs that allow you to organize more makeup easily.

7. Caboodles Case

After a meticulous edit of products and deciding what makeup you wear on an average day, consider a caboodles case with an auto-open tray and mirrors. It can be highly functional, while dividers and various-sized compartments offer spacious storage.

8. Glass Shelves

If your bathroom lacks storage, mounting narrow glass shelves to the wall provides the perfect perch for your everyday essentials. Consider a sleek, chrome-finished rail that prevents items from toppling off.

9. Old Candle Jars

Repurpose your old candle jar as a holder for your makeup brushes. This beautiful container keeps a countertop tidy, protects brush bristles from wear and tear, and adds a splash of style to your bathroom.

10. Caboodles Acrylic Train Case

Boost your organization game with this spacious case that has square cantilevered trays, deep interior storage, and comes with a locking latch with keys. Its large capacity with lots of compartments is suitable for loading numerous cosmetics.

11. Plate Storage

This no-brainer storage idea requires only a medium flat plate topped over a small soup bowl. You can use a cake plate to arrange your makeup and perfumes on it so that you can find them conveniently.

12. 360-degree Rotating Cosmetic Organizer

Free up your counter space with a makeup tower divided into compartments on top of one another. Its space-saving vertical design makes it perfect for a small home. Choose a four-tier multicompartment makeup organizer that rests steadily on a rotating plate, swivels enough for you to access your products while giving them visible placement.

13. Magnetic Make-up Board

If you want to keep track of all your makeup and are always in a hurry, a DIY magnetic board can be used to make all of your products visible and accessible while saving space. You can use a vintage tray or a metal cookie sheet and glue magnets to the back of small, lightweight cups that can be adhered to the board. Next, please place your items in order inside the cups to make them look visually appealing.

14. Holes Acrylic Bamboo Brush Holder

An acrylic bamboo brush holder with holes can hold up your makeup brushes nicely and keep them fluffy while protecting them from dust and damage. Its stylish design containing leather/acrylic/bamboo drawer can be closed and opened easily.

15. Wall-Mounted Jars Make-up Storage

When it comes to makeup storage ideas for a small bathroom, you can either upcycle your old jam jars or use mason jars, metal strings, and reclaimed pieces of wood to upcycle storage jars for a rustic touch. Remember to secure the mason jars to the wood piece first and then hang it up on your wall. Fill the jars with makeup brushes, cotton balls, and glasses.

Instead of being merely a luxury, a makeup organizer is a necessity that helps enhance your cosmetics’ usage, keeps you from buying products twice, and makes your makeup lasts longer by avoiding spillage and breakage. A makeup organizer ensures that what you apply to your skin or eye is clean to prevent skin irritation caused by dirty brushes and expired products. Just as putting makeup has always been a kind of therapy for us women, a makeup organizer is every makeup enthusiast’s best friend.

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Baani Sethi


I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to my makeup and skincare, I’m not exactly the most organized person. As someone who writes about beauty for a living, I receive an excessive amount of products—and, for the life of me, I’ve never been able to figure out how to keep everything neat and tidy.

Up until a few weeks ago, my apartment looked like the back stock room of a Sephora…and not in a good way.

So I decided to hire California Closets to help design a space that would best suit the needs of all of my products—and then, I enlisted the help of a professional organizer. (If you haven’t yet read it, I did a full review of California Closets and details about how much it cost here. )

california closets

Lisa Jacobs, the founder of Imagine it Done, sent her team over to my apartment for a complete organizational overhaul—and while they were here, I picked up a ton of incredible makeup organization ideas and tricks that I’m excited to share with you.

Below you’ll find links to all of the products that I bought to keep my mess in check as well as tips from the IID team.

9 Makeup Organization Ideas

1. Be prepared to purge.

Before you even begin re-organizing your stuff, use it as an opportunity to go through everything and assess what you actually use, what you’ve been hanging on to for too long, and what needs to be tossed because it’s expired.

You’d probably be shocked to find out how many things you own that are well past their prime. (FYI: I have a blog post that explains everything you need to know about makeup expiration dates.)

makeup organization ideas pinterest

2. Keep your most used products visible.

The items that you reach for every morning while you’re getting ready for work should be front and center, and easily accessible. For example, I really only wear eyeshadow when I’m doing a glam makeup look (which isn’t often) so my eyeshadow palettes are tucked away in a drawer. But my everyday makeup products—like my favorite foundation, bronzer, and eyelash curler—are right on top of my vanity within arm’s reach.

3. Acrylic organizers are the best way to see everything you have.

If you’ve storing your products in makeup bags or random drawers, it can be super challenging to find things—and keep track of what you actually have. Acrylic storage will be a GAMECHANGER. Trust me. Not only does it look visually appealing, but there are also dozens upon dozens of different sizes, shapes, and combinations to fit your exact space and needs.

This stackable system is amazing and inexpensive. (It’s what I have.) I also like the fact that the top part is open, which helps to accommodate products of varying heights.

Out of all the options, I prefer drawers that are a bit wider and deeper, because I find the narrower drawers to be a bit limiting.

makeup organization ideas

4. Use acrylic risers to save space and maximize visibility.

The Imagine it Done team uses acrylic risers for everything and I can see why. They give you twice the amount of space because you can store products on top of the riser, as well as underneath. Plus, the added height means that you’re able to see things that might have otherwise been hiding in the back.

5. Get one of these cheap dividers to store palettes in drawers.

Before I used this divider, my palettes were all over the place and stacked on top of one another, so inevitably, I would just end up using the one that was on top. Now I’m able to see everything—and they’re actually taking up less space.

I also like using these super basic drawer inserts to keep everything organized in my drawers, rather than rolling around.

makeup organization ideas

6. Try this DIY makeup brush organizer idea.

One of my favorite hacks is to use turn my old candles into holders for makeup brushes, wands, rollers, etc.

There are a number of ways to do it, but what I do is put the candle glass in the freezer overnight when you’re finished burning the candle. The remaining wax in the bottom of the vessel will shrink, and you’ll be able to pry it out using a fork or knife.

If there’s still a little wax on the bottom or on the sides of the glass, run it under hot water and then wipe it clean with a paper towel. Throw it in the dishwasher (unless it has a delicate label that you want to keep in tact) and then you’re good to brush organization idea DIY

7. Store hair products, lotions, and skincare in a Lazy Suzan.

This is probably the most useful organization idea that I learned from the IID team. Not only do they keep your products organized, but they also make it easier to find things. This is the one I have—I love that it has removable bins, which can be lifted out, swapped, or moved around. 

What’s also nice is that it makes use of vertical space that might have previously been overlooked.

makeup organization ideas

8. Organize skincare and makeup by type.

Before I had a team of professionals come in, my makeup vanity was a bit of a mess. There was no rhyme or reason behind where things were located, which made getting ready in the morning a bit hectic, especially when I was in a rush.

I had eyeliners mixed in with brow pencils, brushes, and lipglosses—so if I had to grab something quickly, I never knew what I would be getting. The same goes for moisturizers, serums, and hair products. Now, everything is neatly categorized, so I know exactly where to find something if I need it in a hurry.

9. Get a spice rack organizer.

Another genius hack that I learned was to use a spice rack organizer for things like foundations and skincare. The levels make it easy to see everything—even the things all the way in the back. Bonus points if you organize by category. For ex: daytime skincare items on the first level, nighttime skincare on the second level, backup products on the third.

makeup organization ideas

Here are some of the products that we used in my beauty closet and vanity. Would love to hear about your favorite products, tips, tricks, and hacks too—leave them in the comments below!

apartmentbeauty productshome decormakeupmakeup organizationmakeup organization ideas


Ideas makeup pinterest storage

1. Cake stand = nail polish holder

Because, let's be real, your pastel polishes are cuter than cupcakes.

2. Lantern jars for beauty essentials

Blogger, Hayley of London Beauty Queen, found a cool-but-clever way to keep her makeup oh-so organised.

3. A revolving spice rack = skincare organiser

No dressing table should be without one.

4. Plant pots for makeup brushes

Moral of the story? Don't skip the gardening aisle at B&Q.

5. A wine rack will hold your hairsprays

No more bulky bottles cramming up your draws.

6. Turn old candle jars into makeup brush holders

As IF we needed another reason to <3 Jo Malone

7. Fill candy jars with nail polishes

SO pretty.

8. Magazine holder = hair tool heaven

No more tripping over rogue wires.

9. Big mugs are the perfect place for makeup brushes

A cooler cuppa.

10. A spice rack is the ultimate DIY perfume display

Prettier than rosemary and garlic, that's for sure.

11. Ice cube trays work as eyeshadow organisers

Order them by colour for extra insta points.


12. Empty wine bottles can hold your hair bands

Bring on the vino...

13. Shoe organiser = the holy grail makeup holder

The clear plastic pockets make it the easiest (and neatest) way to store ALL your beauty bits.

14. Stick door hooks inside cupboards to hang your hair tools


15. A bar cart = moveable makeup organiser

Tres chic ?


16. Use a cutlery holder as a draw organiser instead

No more knives and forks.

17. A vintage straw dispenser means dust-free makeup brushes

Plus, it's pretty AF.

18. Store bulky makeup palettes in a letter organiser

Easy to flip through and find your faves.

h/t Cosmo US

Victoria JowettDigital Beauty DirectorVic is the Digital Beauty Director here at

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Makeup Organization \u0026 Storage

Genius Ikea Hacks For Organizing Your Makeup

Whether you have a Pinterest-worthy collection or you’re a minimalist who surrounds yourself with only the essentials, keeping your makeup stash organized is the key to streamlining your beauty routine (and quite possibly your life). So to make sure you never have to settle for a less-than-perfect lipstick shade all because you couldn’t find your favorite in a cluttered vanity drawer, we’re rounding up the best (and prettiest) storage ideas for you to copy. Ahead, the inspiration and Ikea shopping list you need to make your makeup arsenal neat and easy to navigate.

Convert your ordinary, run-of-the-mill spice rack to something you'll actually use. Hang a few on the wall to hold everything from makeup brushes to lipsticks or even your favorite skincare and nail polishes. The best part is they're not too bulky and fit literally anywhere.

Shop The Product

Keeping items like your makeup brushes, lip liners and eyeliners in pretty cups and clear containers not only keep your most-used items organized, but at an arms reach. Store brushes by size, color, or brand and never misplace another item again.

Shop The Product

Perfect for the beauty junkie who needs to maximize her small space, the floating vanity allows for just the right amount of storage and workspace, without eating up valuable real estate. Hang a single shelf or opt for one the has a built-in drawer to neatly tuck away your essentials.

Shop The Product

Who said bookcases can only be used for books? Certainly not a beauty junkie. We love using tall shelving to display and store our makeup collections. Opt for a modern glass bookcase or customize a wooden one with marble-printed contact paper.

Shop The Product

All you really need is a good mirror and better lighting. If you're looking to downsize even more, opt for a single mirror that has a shelf attached directly to it. Set up your every-day products and hang it by a window. You'll always look polished and you won't miss the clutter.

Shop The Product

A reflective tray does more than add some sparkle and glamour to your space, it also serves as a catchall for all your go-to products. Load it up with your prettiest makeup and get ready for the compliments to roll in.

Shop The Product

If you prefer not to put your makeup on display, camouflage your stash by storing it in secret containers and adding them to a cube storage shelf. Customize your space to convert for multiple activities and display your favorite decorative items.

Shop The Products

Ikea is known among beauty junkies for their Alex drawers, a series of makeup-friendly storage options. Ranging from tall, deep drawers, perfect for taller items, to shorter ones with shallow spaces for nail polishes and lipsticks, this option is a crowd favorite for those with large collections.

Shop The Product

Now that you have your drawers, you're going to need a way to keep all your favorite products in place. Opt for short boxes and dividers to keep your products organized at all times.

Shop The Product


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Declutter your vanity or bathroom countertop for good with these genius makeup storage ideas and makeup organization tips!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Therefore, this post may contain affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission on qualifying purchases made through these links, at no additional cost to you.


If you’re a makeup and skincare lover, you likely know the struggle of keeping your makeup drawers and bathroom countertop organized.

Luckily, there are so many chic makeup storage ideas that you can copy to declutter your space and help improve the efficiency of your morning routine.

Check out our top 29 makeup storage ideas below for some major inspiration!

+ Check out all of my favorite DIY skin care products here!

If you're looking for a nice acrylic makeup organizer under $50, this might just be the perfect makeup storage system for you. Equipped with two small and four large makeup drawers, plus a lipstick organizer, this is an ideal all-in-one makeup organizer for anyone who has a lot of beauty products to store.

Another one of my favorite makeup storage ideas is simple stackable acrylic drawers. These drawers can hold anything from makeup products, to hair accessories or nail polish and still appear chic and organized on your bathroom counters.

If you have more makeup products than you can count, this 7 drawer makeup organizer is definitely for you. This is a great way to divide out your different makeup products and keep everything organized in separate makeup drawers.

If you have multiple makeup drawers, drawer labels are one of the best makeup storage ideas. This bathroom and makeup drawer label set offers so many different options for labeling drawers, acrylic containers, and more. It's the perfect way to get your entire bathroom organized and under control!

We all know how cluttered bathroom drawers can get. This is especially true in our house, since my husband and I share a bathroom. We love these acrylic drawer organizers though to help keep all of our bathroom products (and my makeup) separate and easy to locate when we need them.

While this rolling cart can be used for a variety of purposes, it makes for one of our favorite makeup storage ideas too. Featuring 10 drawers, there are plenty of opportunities to divide out products so you can easily find each and every makeup item you're looking for exactly when you need it.

If you find that your makeup drawers always end up getting too crowded, try a rotating makeup organizer instead. This acrylic rotating makeup organizer offers the space to organize makeup brushes, skincare items, actual makeup products, and more.

Working with a small space? We know the feeling. This 3-tier corner storage shelf is the perfect way to take advantage of an unused corner on your counter to not just organize your makeup but also display all of your favorite products (because we all love a good #shelfie, right?).

If you're looking for makeup organization ideas that can hold a variety of products, this 2 tier makeup organizer is a great option. With plenty of space on the bottom for lotions and skincare products, there's still room on top for your daily makeup as well.

This rolling makeup storage cart is the ideal makeup storage idea for a small space, especially if you don't have room for a countertop makeup organizer.

If you love lipstick as much as I do, you need this rotating lipstick organizer in your life! It seriously makes your bathroom feel like you're at a beauty counter, it's that chic.

Take your bathroom style up a notch with this brass lipstick holder. It's hard to see in the picture, but there's even a clear organizer in the bottom to make sure your favorite lipsticks and glosses stay upright and separated. We think the top on this lipstick holder and the fact that it's made of actual glass make this lipstick organizer one of the chicest options out there.

If you're a perfume aficionado, you definitely need a mirrored perfume organizer to style (and organize) your bathroom counter.

If acrylic isn't your style, this modern gray octagonal makeup brush organizer is cool option that also offers three different cups for organizing different makeup brushes.

A simple and affordable option, this makeup organizer is a great fit for anyone not looking to take up too much real estate on the bathroom countertop but still stay organized.

As someone who owns a LOT of makeup and skincare products, this personal 4-drawer makeup organizer is my go-to makeup organizer. There's so much space on top and also four drawers to store even more products below, so it's an amazing storage option for anyone who loves makeup and skincare.

While it's one of the more pricier options on this list, how functional is this full length mirror makeup cabinet?! There's tons of space to store all of your jewelry, skincare, and makeup products, making this an ideal investment if you're trying to maximize space.

These acrylic makeup brush cups come in a pack of 7 and are a great way to store both makeup brushes and other bathroom accessories. We love the minimal look, and the possibilities are truly endless.

Which one of these genius makeup organizer hacks is your favorite?

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