Ikea bear meme

Ikea bear meme DEFAULT

Bear HugsTracyGreat as nursery decor or for your big kid4

So soft and cuddlyLoriSo big soft and cuddly5

Lovable Bear.MareeHe's super cute....... soft and cuddly and my grandson loves him!5

It is great. My daughterMargaretIt is great. My daughter loves it.5

It was bought for aLisaIt was bought for a present & they love it!!1

Bear bearJuliaVery comfortable. Great listener. Never complains when you lie on his belly at night.5

Perfect cuddle buddy!!JennyI bought this for a friend as a birthday gift and she loved it :) Perfect to cuddle and is very soft!!5


Best bear in IKeaAbiHe is built like a friend5

My favourite cuddly toyALPERMy favourite cuddly toy5

Love this beat and his warm hugsAmandaLove this bear and he is so sweet, soft and plush.5

FANTASTICGeorgiai love Sir Skog so so much hes so nice to lie on and so so soft.5

So cute - can"t waitSandraSo cute - can't wait to give him to my granddaughter5

Kids wanted this for a long timeAnnetteMy daughter wanted this for a while but it was always out of stock in Perth5

DjungelshogJenniferMy granddaughter loves the cuddle bear never goes to bed without4

IncrediblesofiaI came in for a desk, those sucked, I left with this. Lights up my life.5

Soft and squishyAndrewSoft and squishy5


I love himLilyI would die for this bear5

Love itNadaLove it5

Sours: https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/djungelskog-soft-toy-brown-bear-20402831/

BearVerified Buyergreat big bear and very soft we love him5

Soft but very expensiveVerified BuyerVery soft but head is floppy and was very expensive3

The Love Of My LifeVerified BuyerI no longer need a boyfriend - he is so much bigger than I thought and I’ve slept so much better ever since I bought him. We cuddle every night and he is the love of my life. No stars are enough to rate this bear. He has such a soft smile. 10/105

DJUNGELSKOG!Verified BuyerHuge super soft and cuddly . We love him5

Best FriendVerified BuyerHe is always there to hug onto. Such a soft, big and gentle soul, I couldn’t live without him.5

My best friendOmmy70I didn’t even know this bear existed until I went into the store and saw it by chance. I am absolutely obsessed with him, so soft and cuddly.5

djungelfriendthinkinaboutdjungelskogHe is big enough for a human of any age to hug with plenty of plush to spare. A great listener. 10/105

The perfect companionDjungelfanDjungelskog is down for hugging. Djungelskog is happy to sleep in. Djungelskog is cool to sit on the sofa and watch TV. Want a companion who is non-judgemental, soft, understanding, and happy to just be hanging out with you? You want Djungelskog.5

PhonomenalKatie_This guy is an absolute chungus and adorable af definetly worth a buy5

I love himbearloverThis is the largest softest most excellent friend I've ever seen. I am 20 and I still sit it in the kitchen to keep me company while I cook. Cannot recommend enough.5

An amazing impulse buyEloiseCI was debating for over a month on whether or not to buy this product, but I finally did and it did not disappoint! It is very soft and comfortable to cuddle and lay with. Occasionally, it does go a little bit floppy in the legs but can be fixed with a little shake. Great value for money, would recommend!5

perfecthannah789Brought this yesterday and I’m so happy with it- would recommend for any age range5

The perfect cuddly bear.HJG001I fell in love with this bear after seeing the articles online. He is even better in the fur, and we are both enjoying cuddly evenings together. Get this bear - you will not regret it!5

Perfect Friend For AnyoneLauren3llI picked up my bear today and instantly fell in love. He gives the best cuddles and offers a perfect shoulder to cry on. I would highly recommend this bear to anyone of any age (as I have bought him to go to uni with me haha).5

Djungelskog soft toycassis59Warm, cuddly, adorable. Would recommend this toy to both adults and children. Ideal as cushion or pillow. Or just for hugging to keep warm!5

Best fluffy bear ever!HarleyJ2I love all ikea soft toys and i intend to collect the whole family, and this is one of my favourite in the collection! My bear named choccy is the biggest, softest and most cuddly bear ever. So cute and brilliant to sleep with. Any one will love this!!!5

Big cuddly bearGrumpygoldfishThis bear is just fantastic, so cuddly and so big. A very cute bear indeed.5

sooooo soft and cuddlyAperch85Its so nice and a welcome addition to our front room play area. The only thing we don't like is that his head is so floppy because the neck is empty. This makes him look limp.4

Love itkamodedoSo soft and squidgy perfect to cuddle up to!5

My Grandson loves itJenksBought this for an 18 month old boy. It’s bigger than he is and he snuggles up with it and kisses it. A great hit!5

Sours: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/djungelskog-soft-toy-brown-bear-00402813/
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“I don’t want a man, I just want a Djungelskog,” said a tweet that appeared today among the most trending ones. Naturally, we wanted to investigate what it is that’s so special about this giant Ikea teddy bear named Djungelskog. As it turned out, hundreds, if not thousands, of people are absolutely in love with this cute, plump, brown bear (which reminded us of another plush superstar—Blåhaj).

“This big brown bear always greets you with open arms. Cuddly like no other and with a lovely giant stomach where you can feel safe resting—in other words, a real softy,” Ikea writes in the product description of Djungelskog. “All soft toys are good at hugging, comforting, and listening and are fond of play and mischief.” Guess we can all agree on that one.

More info: Twitter | Twitter | IKEA

People on Twitter are really into this Ikea teddy bear that’s named Djungelskog

Image credits: stargazeridiot

Image credits: stargazeridiot

The chunky teddy bear is 1 meter tall (about 39 inches) and appears extremely comfy to fall asleep on. Ikea in the United Kingdom is retailing Djungelskog for £25 (around $30-$31), but unfortunately, it is not available in the US.

Apparently, Djungelskog translates to “jungle forest”

Image credits: stargazeridiot

And he’s a whole 1 meter tall (around 39 inches)

Image credits: bibidreifisch

And you can get him for £25, which is a small price to pay for this lovable bear

Image credits: PPathesis

Soon after the original tweet went viral, people started sharing their own precious Djungelskogs

Image credits: Cacamou_9

Image credits: grxhxmturner

Image credits: refusedpast

Image credits: beton_blau

Image credits: Mattspeakswords

Image credits: VintageThiccy

Image credits: Buttlet_

Image credits: ida_steeen

Image credits: duffus_emily

Image credits: stephxnie21

Image credits: b1gb0yz

Image credits: izabelfowler1

Which made some people slightly jealous

Image credits: sexyroboman

Do YOU own a Djungelskog? Is he as dreamy as he appears to be? Is he as comfy as he seems to be in the photos? Please tell us in the comments down below, we’re all ears!

Sours: https://www.boredpanda.com/ikea-toy-bear-djungelskog/

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Meme ikea bear

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