Decorative metal garden panels

Decorative metal garden panels DEFAULT

Decori design and manufacture custom-made metal artwork for your garden.   Our range of laser-cut outdoor metal panels can add interest and excitement to any outdoor design scheme.

In large gardens floor-mounted Decori metal panels offer an interesting and innovative way to define space, separating grass and patio areas for example. Equally popular in small courtyard gardens, our wall-mounted metal panels make interesting outdoor wall art or screening.

Decorative metal panels for outdoor use are pre-treated, offering prolonged protection from the elements, and come with a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee.

Your outdoor decorative panel can be powder-coated in many different colours. Outdoor panels are also available in uncoated stainless steel or Corten.

Originally used for shipping containers, Corten is a steel alloy that forms a stable organic rusty appearance, if exposed to the elements over time.

If you select the Corten finish, on arrival your new panel will resemble steel, the rusted patina evolves over time, and depending on the environment will take weeks, months or even years to form. As this patina is real rust, it may leach and stain surfaces below and this should be taken into consideration when choosing where to locate your panel.

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Ethemiable Decorative Outdoor Rustproof Metal Garden Fence Panel


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MULTI PURPOSE: Folding and attachable decorative garden fencing for garden, it can be modified into fence door or pet pen! Perfect to be used as outdoor garden fence, iron garden fence animal barrier, tree fence, vegetable garden fencing, path edging fence, garden border fencing, folding fencing, patio landscape fencing garden, fencing for dogs, yard fence, patio fences flower bed section and more.

HEAVY DUTY amp; STURDY: This metal garden fence border is tall fencing with single panel size of 28” high x 28” wide, 5 panels in total, the whole length is 12ft long. It is made of thickened iron frame and thick welded wire to be a pretty HEAVY DUTY, sturdy and durable iron garden fencing gate for your beautiful garden, yard and patio.

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FLEXIBLE COMBINATION MODE:Each garden fence panel is attachable by easily interlocked with the ring on the side. And these flexible fence panels can be extended to different shapes according to your requirements, such as "L", "O" or a straight line. You can freely combine or create other shapes to decorate your outdoor space.

Ethemiable Decorative Outdoor Rustproof Metal Garden Fence Panel
RUSTPROOF amp; DECORATIVE: This decorative garden fence is made of premium metal with black rustproof coated surface, which ensure the weather resistance and corrosion resistance for long term outdoor use. Forged with HIGH GRADE wrought iron with those leaves decoration on top part of the fence panels makes it sturdy and attractive. The rustproof coated garden wire fence is welded with thick wires and it is an architectural structure that is durable and sturdy.

Ethemiable Decorative Outdoor Rustproof Metal Garden Fence Panel


Ethemiable Decorative Outdoor Rustproof Metal Garden Fence Panels Border for Patio Landscape Plant Flower Vegetable Bed Protective,Iron Animal Barrier Sections Folding Edge Fencing (28”x 28”x 5 Panels, Black)

SIMPLE INSTALLATION amp; STORAGE: With conical legs, this garden fence is easy to install and reinstall. You only need to insert the fence panel into ground or pull it out for change without any tools. Besides, lightweight panels are easy to carry and move. Also, the panels can be stacked after disassembly without taking up much space for saving space.

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Ethemiable Decorative Outdoor Rustproof Metal Garden Fence Panel
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Wrought Iron Garden Edging Fence

"LOVE these. And I never provide customer feedback. So much better than what's available at the local garden store--I'd call yours "heirloom pieces" while the local ones are only a bit heavier than garden variety (haha) tomato baskets and wouldn't last more than a few years. Price points are comparable for both. If you could find your way into the Chicago North Shore market--even the farmers market circuit--I think you'd sell a lot. Thank you! Fran"
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Wrought Iron Garden Edging FenceWrought Iron Border Edging Fence in Decorative Styles for Landscapes & Gardens. Check out unique classic designs of wrought iron fence for your garden.

We carry easy to install connecting fence and staking edging fence panels in creative designs.

If you are fencing in a small landscape area, our decorative metal edging is perfect. It's easy to install and longer-lasting than wood garden edging. For decorative purposes, there's no better option than these wrought iron edging fence designs.

2ft Wrought Iron Hairpin Edging - Double Hoop
$59.95, 11/$626.45, 16/$879.20, 20/$1,079.00, 25/$1,323.75, 30/$1,558.50, 35/$1,783.25, 40/$1,998.00
2ft Wrought Iron Hairpin Edging - Triple Hoop
$79.95, 11/$846.45, 16/$1,199.20, 20/$1,479.00, 25/$1,823.75, 30/$2,158.50, 35/$2,483.25, 40/$2,798.00
Old World 2ft Tall Border Fence - Double Hoop
$59.95, 11/$626.45, 16/$879.20, 20/$1,079.00, 25/$1,323.75, 30/$1,558.50, 35/$1,783.25, 40/$1,998.00
Old World 2ft Tall Border Fence - Triple Hoop
$79.95, 11/$846.45, 16/$1,199.20, 20/$1,479.00, 25/$1,823.75, 30/$2,158.50, 35/$2,483.25, 40/$2,798.00
1.5" Steel Post w/ Cast Iron Shoe - Wrought Iron Fence - Concrete
$60.00, 5/$290.00, 10/$575.00, 15/$847.50, 20/$1,120.00, 25/$1,387.50, 30/$1,650.00


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Panels garden decorative metal

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10 Best Garden Fences 2018

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