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Easy Mermiad tale waterfall Acrylic painting Technique with a Fan Brush

Hey, everybody. I'm Cinnamon Cooney, your art sherpa and today, I'm so excited to be sharing with you a simple, easy waterfall. It's friendly enough for brand-new painters. It takes just a simple bit of work, a little bit of fun, and you're gonna be painting today. Get your paint, get your brushes, come back and meet me right now. We're gonna paint this together. Alright, everybody. Let's look at the materials we're gonna be using today for this really fun and easy project. I have a nine-by-twelve canvas. This is a board. It's already ready to go and I painted it with one coat of the black paint already. I have the colors Quinacridone magenta. I have yellow, medium Azo. I have phalo blue, phalo green, carbon black, and titanium white. Assorted brushes for acrylic painting. I have water and then I have the chicken nugget sponges. These are my favorite. These are little sea sponges and they kind of the perfect ideal ones look a little bit like chicken nuggets which I don't know what that says about chicken nuggets or sea sponges really in relationship to each other to something. Um and you want the ones with the soft fuzzies not the spaky ones for this particular effect on the rocks the first thing that I'm gonna do is talk to you guys about how the waterfall is gonna work because we're gonna paint this fabulous waterfall with just this fan brush and well not just the like it's the fan brush that's gonna make the magic secret sauce of awesome falling water but first to explain to you some things about water water falls down cuz it's very impacted by gravity it can be affected by matter like solid rock objects and it's affected by wind so these are the things that as artists that we think about. I like to think about landing spot for my water where it's gonna be pulling off and coming down. So, if I were to say that there's water coming here, I would say there's some water coming here and then they it fall down this way and then it can fall down this way cuz I could have, who knows what little puddle of interestingness could be happening here. It could come to this. Everything below the line where this water hits, right? So, you have splashes, splashes, splashes, is gonna be very level. When I'm is that the lines will be very straight. You can have little ripples but you gotta keep it kinda together below where the water hits because the planet doesn't just tip to the side and tip all the water. You're really gonna see level water lines what it does like in your glass. Those things are just good to keep in your mind when you're gonna be painting this and the first thing that I'm gonna do is I'm gonna grab my number twenty-six brush and I'm gonna pull out a little of my Thelo Blue. I'm gonna load it up into here. And for the purple of this, I'm gonna mix some phalo green into it right into the brush and loosely mix and I'm gonna put this in a couple of places. The first place that I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do the waterfall coming down. So, first, I'm gonna come down with this color and I'm gonna pull this right down here and then I'll go ahead and pull this right down here. That's a very dark color. It's very dark. You should almost not be seeing it on your canvas. Yeah, it's just covering up the Right. It's just covering it up. And I'll just bring this here. This get this part of the waterfall be nice and heavy. And I can let some of this be here. Um remember it goes level and it pulls down. That little chalk front line really really helps to help you John. Yeah I'm just making sure I can adjust it. Man that's like. Yeah. You guys don't you just need to know it's there because when you're gonna see it is about now. I'm gonna take my fan brush. I'm gonna dip it in water and drag off the extra water and I'm gonna come right here. I'm gonna on one side. I'm gonna flip that little fella over. This is an art sherpa fan brush and it's rather lovely because it's stiff. I'm gonna bring this down. Oh, there we go. And then I'm gonna bring this down. Thank you. And then I'm gonna come, I kinda drag to the right and then I just bring this down. You go drag to the right, bring it down. If you need a little more white there, you just come back with a little more white and go no, no, no. Right? Now, right here, I'm gonna if I put my handle like this down, it makes a frown. If I put it up, it makes a little smile. So, if you want your splashes to be up, you gotta go up. Make them little splashes. Let's see there's some little splashes here going up. Look at that. Little splashes going up. Yeah, that's all that took. Is that crazy? It is. It's kind of like, wait, there's a waterfall right there? And I'm gonna get one of my little nuggets, my nuggets. And I'm gonna go ahead and load up with my green all over my nugget. Alright, lovely nugget. And let's tap a little bit of moss right here and maybe a little bit that happens there. You can bring it up in an arc to the right. So, I'm lightly curving it to the right and down this. Let's make some nice little. If you've been to Hawaii, you know how this actually looks. I have to imagine it. So, it's like you're painting on an event horizon. It is exactly like you're painting on an event horizon. When I have that in, then I can grab a little bit of that yellow. Can you even add a little of that blue to get a little turquoise and a smidge of the wipe. You can kinda see how that looks on my sponge right here. You you have fake me out. I thought you were going to a place else. A little. Oh. Just a couple places. You don't get crazy. Fleming do. It's like a. Even if you were to be like sponging is been like missing from your life your whole life. It's like it just appears out of the darkness. It is just like it appears out of the darkness. Make sure you get the sponges rinsed out right away. Look at my ooey hands. Alright, paper towel time. I have baby wipes over here because my crafting friends is specifically Ian, the off-filter crafter, mentioned to that um I should use baby wipes to clean myself. Here you go. Apparently, this is something that all crafting people knew and I did not know. So, now I'm gonna come across here and I just go back and forth into this water. Alright. Like this. Back and forth. If I wanna come from the outside edge, I can go just the phalo but I just wanna make sure that I've got that mixture of paint just across this water like this. How we do? A little green little blue. And it's really dark. It is. Just super duper dark. Like I said, this is a simple painting. There's a hair that got in there so I brush that off and I'm gonna go smooth out where that was cuz I don't need no DNA in my painting. I'm sorry. I shed in the studio while setting cameras up. I think it was a blue hair. This is probably me. It could have been your daughter. Back to the number six brush and some of you already know how awesome this is about. The bee. So, from the waterfall, I can come out. And I can just wiggle. Wow. This little fan brush Through my water, go right left. Wow. That's like. I mean like, if I hadn't seen it happen, you wouldn't believe it. But are we done with our awesomeness? No. We are not done because you guys feel like this needs a couple flowers, at least a few, right? Some little twinkles cuz otherwise it's not a sherpa painting. I would like flowers for sure. I know, I mean like I, this is awesome. To do that, I'm gonna have to dry it. John is gonna talk to you guys real quick while I dry it. Oh, yeah. You're not supposed to use heat when you're using your air mover. Uh heat can induce color change. Um especially uh in in darker colors. So, when you're using um and now, on propanes that's on to think of a problem but for sure on on darker colors, you should avoid using heat when when using your air movers. That's true. So informative and so helpful. Some days. Some days. So true. Alright, so the first thing I feel like, don't we need some twinkle lights. I'm gonna get my brush wet. This is a number two Filbert and I'm gonna go my yellow and my white. Together, and I'm gonna come and make some little, I don't know, they're gonna be like fireflies. These are like light little circles that have come to this magic ball which clearly unicorns drink at and mermaids swim in. See, I'm just taking this little yellow and I'm just bringing this around and making this little kind of little glows. Maybe there'll be one last little glow. He's floating up. It's an explorer glow. It's an explorer. Little glowy thing. I'm gonna add a little white to the center of all these so that they have a little bright center of glow I like a little bright center. So now the glows are glowing. Might need to blend this little glow out a little bit. Got a little over. It's like such an overachiever. Over glowed. He's just like so brightly. Alright. So once we have all that in. So good. That could be perfect. I think that's pretty. Awesome actually. I agree. Flowers. We can have flowers. Are we still in here? II feel like I can still do this under twenty not a flower. Alright. Alright. So, I'm gonna come and make a little a lips that's sort of a squished circle. Like you do. Using my green and my yellow and my number two silver. I'm just painting around. Real similar to what I did those little fireflies but I just wished my circle and as they come forward, they can be a little bit bigger. And you can even sort of overlap them. Doesn't take too many. You can just do just a few. You can just see them just going around. Come on. Here and make another little one. This one's a little farther away and closer to the cliffs. Let's make it a little more squishy. That's just the perspective. Make sure that We can see what's going on and I think maybe one closest. Hm. Just to be jaunty but have jaunty time. I think you have jaunty time. Alright, jaunty time. I highly recommend that you put something out to the side. Just design wise, I'm sorry guys. Sometimes just for design sensibility, you gotta break stuff up a certain way. That your eye doesn't get caught. You ever had that happen in your painting where your eye get stuck somewhere? Mm hmm. Stuck. Get yourself out. So, it's just important to create balance, balance in the fork. Once all of those are there, then I can very easily really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really rinse my brush out. Don't want any green in the next mix which is gonna be the Quinacridone and this yellow. Maybe a smidge of white. Now, I'm just loosely mixing all those. Mm hmm. And then let's come right here. We're gonna just tap a couple little happy flowers. That is exactly what we needed. It is exactly what this piece and I grabbed a little more white on that one. I'm making sure that these are Get a little more yellow and a little more white. We get it. The lotus pop. You can see I'm just doing a little stroke. I go. I stroke and I pull it back in. So, I go one short little stroke in the center and then the next one comes in and curves in a little bit. Curves in a little bit. And it makes a bullshit. Maybe a little bit right here. And now that we have accomplished this, we have set out on our goal of making just a happy little waterfall painting that wasn't too stressful. I'm gonna go a little my blue and white together. Now, I'm gonna come right here very lightly. Find this That wasn't particularly troubling, was that? Oh, that is something you guys at home could easily do. Look at that. That's just spectacular. Just a happy little waterfall painting. Before I completely melt in this jacket cuz we don't run AC. Can we have AC since it's like gonna come down? Yes. Spider, hit the AC button for. You got a spider helper now. Okay, I'm gonna use a number four cat's tongue to start in her tail and I think, you know, I'm gonna go with a sort of traditional um Uh wait, did my puppy just die? No. Okay. Uh traditional green, I think maybe start her with? Cuz why not, right? A traditional um. Yeah, cuz you know, like, like regular scales, a lot of times you'll see tails and they're done in green. So, let's let's you know, be traditional. And I'm gonna just figure out where I wanna stick this little tail. You said unicorn tail. I did. I said traditional green tail. But before that, you said II swear. Maybe you said mermaid but I could've sworn you said there's a unicorn tail popping out and that's why I was like, that'd be weird but cool. I'm so tired if I said unicorn tail. I meant mermaid. You guys are getting a mermaid. That's what I expected. Okay. Decide if I wanna put it straight. I think it's gonna I'm gonna put it straight vocal here. Okay. Which may or may not be a good idea. So, basically on the tail, I'm gonna come up about midway on here. I want the tail to taper where the thin would be and thicken up here because I believe in painting strong mermaids. Let's get a little yellow into here in a smidge of white. That's also gonna help with coverage cuz the tend to be um fairly transparent. All the modern acrylic colors, all the modern paint colors are tend to be glazier and more transparent. This is an interesting observation of. Okay, that's working out pretty well. I may even come in with like a lot more white initially. Just to really improve my coverage. Alright. Do we like our little tail? Yeah. I don't know if we wanted a tail. This is happening. Y'all been kidnapped. I'm gonna get a little white and a little yellow. It's okay if it has a little green into it and I'm gonna come here at the end of this tail. At the tail end of the tail. And I'm gonna bring this around to the right. This is on the edge of the brush. If you need to rest your pinky to get these little light lines. I'll press hard at the beginning of the line and then I'll drop that press and lighten it as I come out and that's what gets me that little tapered stroke. Now, I'm gonna wanna put one here. There we go. So, we've got the architecture of her tail down. Pull this out. I'm gonna just very lightly I'm here and shape this tail. I'm doing using the brush and the natural inclination of the bristles to feather out. Everything you have, you should just lean into. Everything has a temperament in a way of being and I find it helpful to lean into it. I'm also thinking I should have gone full goldfish. Full goldfish? Yeah, because think about like how the oranges would pop against that background but the green is really nice so I may hang it. I may just go the direction I'm going cuz this is really pretty, isn't it? This is. Yeah. Get a little more white on here. Never feel like you can't add something to you know, your paintings or make them better or play with them or take them some direction. I didn't initially go. I think sometimes people feel like they have to be very respectful of my original intent. To the work and as a teacher, I really, really, really want you guys to pull this into your own thing. Oh gosh, John. That actually brought me to another thing. I was just having a conversation with a friend of mine about about that as a teacher, I expect to see my influence in people's work, right? Oh, yeah. So, like, I do this thing Sherpa Girls and then, when you guys do Sherpa Girls and you post that out, even if you like take the concepts of it and then you make it at your own and it's original but you can see that influence back to me. I like actually feel good about that. I feel pride in that. Like, that's not something you necessarily like it's great. If you wanna credit and say, hey, I got this style from here. But actually, I'm just thrilled to have been part of the influencing thing. It's only weird for me like when teachers who already paint take it and that's a little weird. When you guys take it, that's like brilliant. I get excited. I love to see that these techniques and and the bulk of bubbles or even when like it goes way beyond me like it gets out it just influences like everything. I think it's fantastic. Just something you might not know and it was this big conversation I had where I was like, no, actually, I'm really cool with that. And I think it's like something that you should have. Like you should hopefully have people get so excited and inspired that they, you know, do that. I'm adding a little the blue to my green and some yellow. This is gonna help kind of make this rich space. Are we doing good, John? Uh pretty good, yeah. Okay. We're doing great. I'm gonna just continue and at this point, I would say that I've got a nice little blender ombre. One of the things I'm gonna say that I found with this Artist Labs and there are I think what? Forty paintings over on the table over there, John? Mm hmm. Testing this paint. Testing paint for me is a big, huge deal. Testing a brush for me is a big, huge deal. Alright, that I gotta just go over but they're contesting. Okay, I think I like how the fin almost has a glow. Alright, I'm gonna get that up. No, stop rolling into my black paint brushes. I'm gonna get into my yellow squares. Okay. I'm just making sure I hear snapping and I think it's Spider but I wonder sometimes it's John like snapping at me going, no, no, no, don't say that. No, no. Spider's just getting a little excited next to me. Spider's learning how to help us run the studio. He wants to uh help be a cameraman and run the switchers and help us. Ruby cam is fascinating. It is fascinating. And we could use the help. So, I am adding a little yellow and white to that green and I'm gonna try to create a little highlighted scale right here. Just a texture. Right in the middle Just tapping this little brush making these sort of little scales. Aren't they kinda cute? Yeah. Yeah, just a little bit. I'm just, you know, making some little scales. Scale, scale, scale, scale, scale. Scaling it, man. Scaly scales. I love mermaids. They are so cute. What is this? The gazillionth mermaid I've ever painted. I have no idea. So many mermaids, man. So many of the mermaids. So much work to do alright so once I have that all through I'm gonna go ahead and get a little of my blue and green again and maybe I'll make some of these dark scales here to this outer edge see how I'm doing yeah um shading my tube. It's my mermaid tail basically a tube. So, shading my tube. These little touches. This will make some little girl so happy. You know, I like to also pop in a little scale into my scale. See, I sort of weave them. I think weaving helps. Wallace is having a little bit of a drive because if I added this one little reflection to the whole thing, it's gonna be like bam. How awesome are you? And then and then you're gonna be like, so awesome. Alright, so all this cuteness here. I'm gonna come in. First, I'm gonna get my darkest color which is my Phthalo Blue. And I'm gonna just go ahead and happen these little splashes at first with the phalo. You did the girl with my hair. You're like, oh yeah, I get this. We're making the shadow part first, right? Yes, we're making the shadow part first. And we're using the phalo to represent the shadow of our splashes and I can even come right here along this little edge and make sure that we've got some of these more thought out little splashes. That we're gonna pop in front of our little waterfall I'm gonna get a little bit of my white in there. Kim said she heard mermaid tail. She heard mermaid tail and came running in. Oh, she's on my side. She's got, she's got a sherpa back. Thank you for having my back. Somebody needs to have my back. See how we're adding those little highlights and that's creating this little splash around her. I'm just blending that on in and then. Right here. Also blending that right on in. A little bit. Blending that on in. I'm gonna dry this just real fast. Dawn's gonna talk to you and then I'm gonna do these highlights. They're gonna make her tail pop and then we're gonna say goodbye and then John's gonna edit this and re upload it. I'm gonna get a little bit of my white paint out. And I'm gonna add some high reflections just to a couple places on my water, right? To show that it's like the splashy white water that we're trying to make. Add some of those little splashes. I think that looks like good splashy white water and then we'll come right here. More make some little dashes of little splashes too. Little, I mean, I could've splattered but that extra little touch is so nice. Just to make um Oh no, that makes me tear up. I do sometimes do these things for some little girl out there. I do. I own it. It's true. I think about some little girl that just needed a mermaid tail and I just think about how her mom is gonna feel her grandma or grandpa when they give her this painting and I just have to do it. Sherpa. Tears herself up. I do all the time. Just I was during those whole like AT and T commercials in the eighties. I was a hot mess. So, I'm just adding a little bit of these little white spots and what this is is the reflection from the water. Mmm. It's gonna help the tail feel very white. I mean, wet. It's not wet. You know, it feels like super wet now. Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah, that happened. That's awesome. That's pretty awesome. But the original lesson was probably 20 minutes but this is what happens on my show on YouTube. It just they grow. They grow because. It's still under an hour? Look. Is it? Did we still do this under an hour? Yeah, we can still send this up to Ohio. Okay, so Ohio and Facebook gets this. I hope you live in Canton, Ohio. Hi, Canton, Ohio. How are you doing? You get extra content through some of John and Trent. Thank you. Thank you guys very much for hanging out with us. I hope this was a special treat and thank you for helping us test the system. I'm really glad the stream was up. So, hopefully by Thursday, we're consistently back up again. Videos will be caught up. Watch for this official upload on YouTube and please go by and like, like, like it, and comment, comment so the system says, oh yeah, this is also a good video. And what's the most important thing? Be good to yourself. Seriously, cut yourself a break this week on something. Don't care what it is. Forgive yourself. Cut yourself a break. Give yourself some slack. Let it go. Whatever it is that's got you like anything. Be good. Yourself like you're your own best friend. And then when you're done with that, be good to each other. Let somebody cut in line and let them just go like let them be free and be like I'm gonna let that go. Cuz I watched the show for this week and I'm just gonna let you cut. Cuz sometimes it's a tough day for you. You know what I'm talking about in the line, right? Mm hmm. So be good to yourselves, be good to each other, and I wanna see you with Easy Realty soon. Buh bye.

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Waterfall Painting Easy. Easy Waterfall Acrylic Painting tutorial for beginners #easywaterfalllandscapepainting #stepbystepwaterfallpaintingforbeginners #easywaterfallpaintingtechnique. Abstract Fluid Painting is another easy acrylic canvas painting ideas.

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Japanese painter Hiroshi Senju is known for his captivating, large-scale waterfall paintings. Painting a room is a popular project for beginning DIYers and veteran renovators alike. Buy products related to paintings waterfall products and see what customers say about paintings waterfall products on Amazon.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

Hello friends, welcome to Priya Art Studio.

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I love the way that the. How to draw and paint Waterfall with watercolor painting techniques and lessons for beginners. Waterfalls are a fantastic subject to paint, particularly as a study of edges, color, and movement.

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تحميل easy waterfall landscape painting tutorial for beginners step by stepwaterfall landscape paintin Mp3 Mp4 سمعها

  • Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall landscape Paintin

    Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall landscape Paintin

  • Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall landscape Paintin

    Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall landscape Paintin

  • Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall Landscape Paintin

    Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall Landscape Paintin

  • Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners | Step by step Waterfall landscape painting

    Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners | Step by step Waterfall landscape painting

  • Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners | Step by step Waterfall landscape painting

    Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners | Step by step Waterfall landscape painting

  • Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall landscape Paintin

    Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall landscape Paintin

  • Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall Landscape paintin

    Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall Landscape paintin

  • Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall Landscape Paintin

    Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall Landscape Paintin

  • Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || step by step Waterfall landscape paintin

    Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || step by step Waterfall landscape paintin

  • Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall landscape Paintin

    Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners || Step by step Waterfall landscape Paintin

  • Easy waterfall landscape painting tutorial | Acrylic painting for beginners - Step by step.

    Easy waterfall landscape painting tutorial | Acrylic painting for beginners - Step by step.

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    Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners/A fairy enjoy Waterfall/Nature Green Paint

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    Easy waterfall landscape painting tutorial for beginners || step by step acrylic colour painting

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How to Paint a Waterfall on Your Walls

By Amanda Courtney

Waterfall murals, from simple to intricate, create drama and intensity on your wall..

Murals create dimension and drama in a room, and trompe l'oeil murals of idyllic scenes can seem to leap off the wall. Create a rich and enticing scene in your space by painting a waterfall mural or focal piece using oils, acrylics or spray paint. No matter your skill level, you can design a waterfall scene that adds tranquility and beauty to your space.

Sketch your concept onto graph paper, tracing paper or poster board taped onto the wall you plan to paint. If you have access to a projector, you can work with the proportions and angles of the mural. You can also use enlarged photocopies of waterfall clip art images to create a basic pattern and embellish with details after the initial shape is painted.

Sand and clean the portion of wall you will paint. A simple solution of dish soap and warm water applied to the wall with a sponge will give you a fresh, dust-free surface for painting. Mix warm water and dish soap in a bucket, then apply to the wall using a damp sponge. Dry the wall with a terrycloth towel.

Purchase paints for your waterfall scene. A variety of blues, greens, grays and browns will help you create a detailed picture. Use acrylics for easy cleanup and a wide variety of colors.

Cut out and trace your pattern from the paper or poster board directly onto the wall. Use chalk and pencil to mark different elements, such as a cliff or tree. Tape off the entire section of wall to be painted with painter's tape and spread drop cloths on the floor to protect against splatters.

Begin with large swaths of paint applied with a broad brush. Create a background with dimension by mixing grays, browns and greens to form a scene evocative of a forest. Abstract, unfinished edges can make the mural look like a secret window into a fantasy world.

Add detail with smaller brushes. A broad brush will create a tree trunk, while a narrower brush adds texture to the trunk and branches. Use sponges or rags to create softer, blurred trees in the background and to create frothy waves in the foreground.


  • Use "popcorn" ceiling texturizer to create layers of foam spray over your waterfall scene.
  • "Texturize" the painting by using paint with sand or other additives. This adds detail to tree trunks, leaves, rocks, etc.


  • Use safety glasses, gloves and a mask when working with paint or other chemicals.
  • Always have a spotter when painting from a ladder.

Writer Bio

A writer since 2000, Amanda Courtney worked as the news and copy editor for "The Lion's Roar," her collegiate newspaper, and as copy editor of the yearbook "Le Souvenir." She holds a Bachelor of General Studies with concentrations in English and mass communications from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Sours: https://homeguides.sfgate.com/paint-waterfall-walls-30494.html

Waterfall painting easy



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Easy Waterfall Landscape Painting tutorial for beginners -- Step by step Waterfall Landscape Paintin

Learn how to paint a waterfall and mist in this step-by-step acrylic painting tutorial (this is a module in my full online art course!)  

—> Enroll Here! First 10 Students will get the course for just $10!

Waterfalls are majestic and stunning to paint. So, I decided to show you my tricks on how to create a realistic waterfall with just a few brushstrokes and easy step-by-step instruction with your acrylic paint.

This video is a tiny snippet of my online art course called RAINBOW WATERFALL PAINTING TUTORIAL, where I show you step by step how to recreate a beautiful rainbow sky, create realistic cliffs, and a stunning waterfall with white mist. You will learn art composition, color mixing, light sources, what types of brushes to use, and so much more.


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How to Paint Waterfalls

Once you have a rough idea of the shapes and forms, you need to focus on capturing the flow and movement of the water. The last thing you want is a blocky and rigid waterfall. You need to really feel the twists and turns in the water as it crashes around.

Have a think about what the gesture of the water is. If you could only use one continuous line to draw the waterfall, what would it look like?

Here are some other questions to ask yourself: How fast is the water moving? What direction? It is hitting a rock and spraying outwards? Is it in freefall? Is it running over rocks or something flat like sand?

The flow of a waterfall will typically twist, turn, stop, and start as it hits rocks, trees, and other objects on the way down. It is rarely one continuous and smooth flow. So your brushwork should match this varied nature of the waterfall.

Use smooth and long strokes for relatively calm areas of water or water in freefall; impasto brushwork for whitewash or turbulent water; and small dabs of color to pick up water spraying off rocks and trees. The scumbling technique is also particularly effective to depict the hazy spray at the bottom of a waterfall.

Having said that, you also need to retain an overall sense of continuation of the water. The water may stop flowing in certain areas, but as a whole, it needs to appear like it is flowing down somewhere.

In the reference photo below I have indicated where the water is flowing. It is a good practice to try and follow the water with your eyes when painting waterfalls, so you get an idea of how and where the water is moving. If you don't understand the water, then you will struggle to paint it realistically.

Sours: https://drawpaintacademy.com/waterfalls/

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