Hot braids hairstyles 2020

Hot braids hairstyles 2020 DEFAULT

Celebrities and real girls alike are obsessed with an iconic ‘90s style: box braids. The traditional African braids rose in popularity stateside nearly three decades ago, defining an era of iconic black television, movies, and music. Think Jada Pinkett (pre-Smith), Poetic Justice-era Janet Jackson, and Brandy as Moesha Mitchell. In 2020, box braids are the perfect solution to rocking a protective style while adding plenty of length — you know, just to have a little something to throw over your shoulder.

A simple search of “box braids” on YouTube will flood your screen with 603,00 videos of DIY tutorials and frizz-fighting maintenance, while whole Instagram accounts are dedicated to showcasing infinite variations of braids. Modern iterations decorated with beads, metallic thread, or colorful highlights will turn heads, and plain chunky braids still provide low-maintenance glamour. Tired of topknots and ponytails? Waist-length box braids are an elegant and versatile style with a culture-filled history. Now, see how your favorite celebs and peers are personalizing this look on Instagram.


Braid Hairstyles You'll See Everywhere In 2021

2020 allowed us all to hit the reset button on fashion and beauty trends. Makeup took a back seat to basic skin care, comfort became the focus of fashion, and instead of straightening and curling our hair into submission, tired tresses got a much needed break from heat styling and color treatments.

Cottagecore was born in 2020. First it was out of necessity, but now it's more than a viable trend. And if Taylor Swift and her Evermore aesthetic have anything to say about it, nap dresses and natural hair aren't going anywhere in 2021.

Speaking of hair, the year 2021 looks poised to be all about DIY braid hairstyles. Pairing style with ease, there's no look that better suits every hair length and texture, or is more versatile than the braid, which can go from messy chic to evening up-do with little to no fuss. 

Luke Hersheson, CEO of UK based high-end hair care company, Hershesons, told Vogue, "We've shifted to more low-maintenance hair." He went on to explain, "In the age of low-fuss everything, we want cuts that fall into place and require very little work on our part." And that includes wearable hairstyles, like braids, that effortlessly transition from looking tidy for Zoom meetings to cottagecore chic.

Here are the braids you're going to see everywhere in 2021 — You may as well start practicing now.

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Best Kenyan Braids Hairstyles: 20 Striking Ideas for 2021

Kenyan braids hairstyles are creative and versatile. Are you looking to try one all these days? The hairstyle you wear affects your appearances; making the best choice on the type of hairstyle enhances your general look.

So, that’s the reason why we are here to help you out with some of the best braided hairstyles for Kenyan women that will help you rock a Kenyan way, according to the type of your hair.


Kenyan Braids

Do not forget that braids are an easy and glamorous way to keep your hair looking good for several months, giving your hair some break, and securing it from severe environmental factors. Take a quick look at the popular Kenyan braids hairstyles that will inspire your next new look.

1. Dynamic Side-Swept Cornrows

kenyan braids for women

This is one of the trending Kenyan braids hairstyles. It offers excellent protection of your hair against the heat and any other weather effects. There are different styles that you can choose to look gorgeous.


2. Look Chunky Black Braids

Chunky Kenyan Black Braids

If you want to turn heads whenever you pass, give a shot to this glamorous Kenyan braided hairstyle. It is styled by alternating thin twists.


3. Cornrows with High Twisted Bun

women's kenyan braids

Well, this Kenyan haircut is for those Kenyan ladies who want to enjoy some comfort as well as class. It is effortless to maintain and therefore very suitable for professionals with busy schedules.


4. Half Cornrows Half Individual Braids

half cornrows with kenyan braids

This is a pretty creative Kenyan braids hairstyle which is ideal for most events. It is a mixture of loose box braids and cornrows. This type of Kenyan braid looks excellent when wooden beads are styled at the trimmings.


5. Braid with Curves

Kenyan Braid with Curves

If you love some simple looking Kenyan haircut, then you can opt for this Kenyan braided curve. It can be styled for regular days.


6. Wavy Straight Black Braids

If you have long tresses, it will be effortless to rock on this beautiful Kenyan braided hairstyle. It is a hairstyle that can be styled easily in one sitting in just a few minutes. In case you need different styling, you can ask your stylist to design a wavy appearance.


7. Afro Braided Bun

This beautiful Kenyan braid hairstyle gives any woman a stunning and chic look. This hairstyle starts with a cornrow which is eventually held as a bun giving it a braided bun look.


8. Afro Kinky Braids

When it comes to styling, women want something new and sophisticated. Looking gorgeous it is an integral part of our daily life since the style we choose dictates where we come from, and it shows part of us. This is what kinky afro braids helps you to achieve.


9. Crochet Braids

In 2021, this braided hairstyle for Kenyan ladies made a big comeback, it’s still trendy in 2021 and it is like it will never go out of style. Rarely a new style in Kenyan fashion, the revival in popularity of crocket braids-also called latch hook braids-is partly as a result of 90’s resurgence in fashion and hair trends.


10. Dreads

Few women dare to try dreads. This is because most women consider dreads as dirty, which is not the case. Dreadlocks are excellent and clean only that great care should be taken upon them by keeping them moisturized so that they remain healthy.


11. Box Braids

Put aside your ordinary braids, box braids are trending now, since each part of the hair plaited is shaped like a box. When your stylist is done styling your hair, you will be looking beautiful. Most of the box braids are extended and thick, in a way that you can even let them hang freely. The box portions stand out on your head uniquely.


12. Mohawk

For the ladies who love fixed braids, because they are tired of letting them hanging, Mohawk is your best pick. You can wear them in various colors, and the good news is that you can let them loose whenever you want.

Best Medium Box Braids to Spice Up Your Fashion


13. Fancy Line Braids

This Kenyan braided haircut usually starts with simple pencil clear lines, and finish as braids in the halfway, such that the front is styled with pencil and back is braid-plaited. It is one of the dopiest hairstyles right now and being tried out by most celebrities.


14. Fishbone Braids

Fishbone Kenyan Braids for Women

For the women who like protective hairstyles that are intricate and beautiful, fishbone braids are the right hairstyle for you. It is a style that gives maximum protection for your hair. Also, it is ready to go haircut.


15. Criss-Cross Goddess Braids

This gorgeous goddess braids are ideal for days when you want to give your tresses some rest or when you want to go swimming, and you don’t want to keep styling it every day. The styling for these braids is simple and takes less time.


16. Asymmetrical Goddess Braids

This style is created by mixing plaits of varying sizes in to braid to come up with a defined dimension and texture. Incorporating thin and chunky braids makes the style even more appealing than the ordinary plaits. Can be personalized by including some beads in the final touch.


17. Long Chunky Black Braids

The chunky Kenyan braids hairstyle is a chic style. The alternation of the thin braids makes this hairstyle hot. It gives you an extraordinary way to experiment with length and volume giving you different ways to style it; ways impossible with natural locks.


18. Feed-In Braids

One admired thing about feed-in braids is how they make the cornrow hairstyles look bulky and even more natural by giving them a flat and a narrow point at the hairline. This also reduces the pressure and protects the edges.


19. Braided Ponytail

kenyan braided ponytail

As beautiful as Kenyan braids to come up with gorgeous protective styles, styling hair can feel heavy sometimes when you are braiding hairstyles with individual plaits. A cornrow ponytail is ideal for the casual updo that will not stress on your edges.


20. Snake Braids

Kenyan Snake Braids for Women

Extended and twisted braids are not your standard cornrows, but the idea is not quite different. Try the snake braids if you like to have a new look on the hair, closely braided to the scalp. You can throw on some beads for extra bling!

Jumbo Box Braids: Ways to Style


As you can see, there are numerous stimulating ideas on how you can transform your look with Kenyan braids hairstyles. Besides, your naturally thick wavy hair is an added advantage to prove to the world how beautiful you can be.


The 25 Hottest Twist Braid Styles Trending in 2021

Mambo Twist Braids

mambo twist braids

Instagram @leilaluz

These mambo twist braids are guaranteed to give ladies hair envy. It’s unique and looks fire! This twist style is an excellent option if you want extra length and thickness to your hair. Feel free to give it more spice by painting it with red tones, such as a copper or burgundy shade.

Red Hair with Twist Braids and Curly Ends

Red Hair with Twist Braids and Curly Ends

Instagram @hairby_seraiah

Rocking the red hair with twisting braids is one way to amp up long tresses. The shade is so vibrant, it complements both cool and warm skin complexions. Spice up your twist braids with curly ends to provide the hair an even fuller result.

Blonde Twist Braids for Black Women

blonde twist braids for black women

Instagram @forynine

Gorgeous blonde twist ombre braids for black women make a superb hair trend. Such a color flatters a warmer skin tone. The style offers a fuller finish, and it suits a longer length of hair. Stylish and versatile—there are enough reasons to love these twists!

Bob Twist Braids

bob twist braids

Instagram @ijelalacrochet

Bob twist braids with a side part, if paired with radiant brown color, appear vivid and daring. Short twist braids look even more stylish with any hair jewelry like silver cuffs around the face, adding a bit of a shine. With its collarbone-grazing length, the twists seem fuller.

Afro Twist Braids

afro twist braids

Instagram @razorempress

Try these afro twist braids for a sleeker, edgier vibe. The style keeps the twisted afro-textured hair looking neat. Its medium-length haircut is perfect for maintaining fullness in your hair. Black is the ideal shade to pair these twist braids with, resulting in a very classic and shiny finish.

Marley Twist Braids

marley twist braids

Instagram @braidsforyoubyme

Marley braids and ombre? Yes—these two work nicely together! The splashes of blonde add radiance to the black twist kinky braids. It’s a perfect style to go for when you want a fun, edgier vibe. To keep tresses looking fuller, ask for a shoulder-length bob.

Thick Twist Braids for Black Hair

thick twist braids

Instagram @tasha_worldofstyles

Thick and big twist braids capture most of your hair strands in a massive braid style, resulting in a more pronounced, chunky-looking rope! Styling twist braids with a half updo make them more mesmerizing to look at. A unique style of cornrow would be a great addition, too!

Micro Braids for Natural Hair

mirco twist braids for natural hair

Instagram @anneelisebraids

Don’t be afraid to go for anything avant-garde when styling African twist hairstyles! Long and fine micro braids with red highlights like these are enough to inspire you to get your own plaited wig.

Single Twist Braids

single twist braids hairstyle

Instagram @hairbyugochiii

Simple single twists are thrilling to try! You can work with chunkier, medium twist braids or go with smaller twist braids. Either way, you’ll be able to wear a single twist with any technique you use.

African Twist Braids for Black Women

african twist braids for black women

Instagram @nayabeauty95

The tapered ends make a distinguishing feature from the vibrant African twist braid pattern from the roots of the head. Classic and timeless, this one is a pride to wear for melanin ladies out there.

Small Black Twist Braids

small black twist braids

Instagram @grip_and_twist

Micro hair work produces vibrant small twist braids like this one. I say the smaller the braid, the sassier the lady! Intricate thin twist braids help lock the moisture in, so try them out and see for yourself.

Spring Twist Braids Hairstyle

spring twist braids

Instagram @sashacheveux

Hold on tight to your best olive oil product to get the right kind of luscious spring twist braids. Proper moisturizing and taking care is necessary for such types of twist braids.

Kinky Twists Hairstyle for Curly Hair

kinky twist braids for curly hair

Instagram @cosmogirlnedd

Super tight kinky twists are still a sight to look at even after all these years of being a top pick for black twist hairstyles. Thick curling creates breathtaking twist curly braids, helping the locks maintain more volume and body.

Crochet Twist Braids

crochet braids twist

Instagram @tresonsweaves

Twist crochet braids are famously known as ones that can be altered by weaving hair extensions. Good thing crochet twist braids are versatile ‘cos it suits any face shape, hair color, and silver or grey accessories that go with it.

Big Twisted Braids

big twisted braids

Instagram @b.versatile_

Because being extra is the new black, big braids twist rule this year! Interlocking chunks of strands create beautiful braided twist hairstyles. They’re easily completed as long as you have steady hands, patience, and a sense of style.

Romantic Braided Twist Updo

romantic braided twist updo

Instagram @beautiibraidz

What makes something romantic is if you can bring out the best in you, and this type of twists for black hair sure did. Wear those braided twists high and proud with an updo to make sure your sparkling, lovely eyes are clear of any hair.

Rope Twists Style

rope twists style

Instagram @adornbraids

An a-class on those large rope twists that give satisfactory protection and style. Like sturdy ropes that can take on anything, your twist single braids are sure to get some love and give you some lady strength and confidence. If wanting an edgier and dramatic result, paint your locks midnight blue or purple!

Long Twist Braid for Long Hair

long twist braids

Instagram @braidsbybutterfly

Manage your waist-length locks by putting them in a long twist braids hairstyle. You’ll still be able to flex those braids while keeping them neat. If you need an added illusion of thick hair, a set of extension pieces is ideal.

Twisted High Bun Hairstyle with Color

twist braid with high bun hairstyle

Instagram @superstarthecreator

Tired of having your twists flowing down? Make an interesting look by putting them up in a bun, exposing your shoulders and neck! The details of the twists are still observed as you show a unique braided pattern placed at your nape area. You’ll have a refreshing new look!

Passion Twist Crochet Hair

passion twist crochet hair braids

Instagram @thedollhouse_bbc

A newly conceptualized crochet braiding style! These passion twist braids make use of springy store-bought hair then loosened up before being incorporated into your normal twists. This technique boosts volume and texture and deviates from your normal smoothed-up twists.

Cascading Thick Twists Hairstyle

cascading thick twist braids

Instagram @xcellentxtensions

Putting one whole twist onto your twists brings a whole lot of surprises! For this cascading twist braids hairstyle, the diagonal patterns bring your eyes across a wonderful masterpiece that is your twisted braids!

Short Twist Braids

short twist braids

Instagram @poplaura.b

Chunky twists in a short braided style is an outstanding look! The ends fall perfectly around the jaw area, emphasizing your face shape and making you look so petite at the same time. Fashionable short twist braid hairstyles like this one fit any event and occasion.

Box Braids Hair Twists

This is the box braid twist hairstyle by style creator Hamdiyah Holliman of Lawrenceville, GA. It complements black kinks and a rounded face shape.

Amongst numerous partings, like box parts and triangle parts, Holliman chooses a circle one to give the hair a fuller look.

“My favorite thing about these twist braids hairstyles is how complex it is. It gives you a braid and a twist, two different techniques in one style,” Holliman states.

Box braid twist hairstyles are perfect for all women with textured locks, specifically transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, and who are seeking something low-maintenance. A protective style like twist box braids can last up to four weeks, which is an important factor if you work in an office setting.

Twist braids styles allow women the advantage to “wake up and go.” Holliman explains, “Cutting down on time spent in the mirror, you can throw it in a ponytail or leave it down by only spending two minutes instead of one hour on your natural twist-out.”

Braiding to the length of the natural hair and twisting the remainder secures the blunt ends and adds longevity to the style. Holliman recommended this technique, so any blunt ends won’t be sticking out of the regular twists.

When maintaining box braid twist styles, Holliman likes to first moisturize with a hair lotion and oil the scalp with grease. “My favorite brand of hair is Xpressions because of the quality and how easy going it is on my hands,” states the stylist.

Waist-Length Jumbo Braids

The jumbo kinky twist style is done using a kinky braid called Fluffy Kinky – it’s a Kenyan brand (Darling Hair Kenya). Having the kinky texture, they bring out a more natural hair look with an African vibe.

Created by stylist Damaris Smiley from Nairobi, KY, the good thing about this look is it’s super light and pocket-friendly in the long run as it provides long service, and is quick to install.

The styling will depend on the length and size that you prefer for your twist big braids. Most ladies prefer long and chunky, which look stunning.

For the upkeep, always go for a self-convenient product that works best for you and your scalp. Smiley states, “I usually recommend the pure castor oil because it helps with the hairline. It gives out a sheen look on the edges and scalp as well.”

Amongst all hair types, 4C has the best grip since the twist jumbo braids are kinky, as well as, the hair. For other soft hair textures, the stylist has to be careful and gentle on the fixing.

Hairstyles do vary with personality depending on your taste and preference.

“When it comes to the twists, pick the size, length, and color that’s favorable to you. If you’re 20-30 years old, your lifestyle may not be an issue. It just depends on what you want,” Smiley points out.

Jumbo Senegalese Twist Braids

The simplicity and elegance of this twist braids hairstyle are beyond compare! It’s a masterpiece by Uju Ozumba, a stylist from Enfield, LDN.

“Senegalese twists are very versatile and can look stunning if worn down, or styled into an updo, a bun or knot, ponytails, and so on. The ease of this hairstyle makes it perfect for any holiday and day-to-day. It’s no surprise that Senegalese hair twists are a popular choice amongst ladies, especially the style uses Kanekalon type of hair that can last up to 6-8 weeks, depending on how it is managed,” Ozumba describes.

Do your research if you’re considering this look. Ozumba explains, “The difference between protective styling benefits and hair breakage is not entirely dependent on the technique of the hairdresser. The way how you handle your hair can have an effect, too.”

One example is if you’re tying the hair up too tight. This can put too much tension on the hair and cause damage.

There are two key tips that Ozumba would like to share. The first is to use a spray bottle to spray the twists with a leave-in conditioner every 2-3 days or after washing to prolong the style.

Next is to wear a silk scarf, durag, or bonnet when you sleep. If you’re a rough sleeper or just don’t find them comfortable, try switching to silk pillowcases.

Medium Braids for Shoulder-Length Hair

medium twist braids for shoulder-length hair

Instagram @victoriousdesigns_

For an easy-to-maintain twist style, opt for medium braids that are a few inches past the shoulders. Part your locks on whatever side you like, bring them up or style them down. The choice is yours! Don’t let it get frizzy by using a satin scarf when sleeping.


Braids 2020 hot hairstyles

70 Best Black Braided Hairstyles That Turn Heads

Braids are an easy and so pleasant way to forget about hair styling for months, give your hair some rest and protect it from harsh environmental factors. Besides, with the awesome hairstyles listed below you will attract attention, admiring glances and sincere smiles.

Braided hairstyles make space for creativity. There are many interesting braiding techniques to make every head unique. Besides, you can experiment with highlights, natural or curly texture, clips, patterns, shapes, etc.

Natural perm and hair thickness is your big plus and a unique bonus that you simply can’t leave unused. Your hair, that you might have been complaining of before, is created for braids. So why not use this idea to your advantage?

African hair braiding is very versatile: microbraids, cornrows, fishtail braids, blocky braids, black braided buns, twist braids, tree braids, hair bands, French braids and more are at your disposal. Once you pick a desired braiding style, thickness and have your hair braided, you may shape your braids into gorgeous hairstyles both for every day and special events.

Researchers say that braids were “in fashion” even 2000 years b.c. If they have survived till our time, there definitely must be something special in them, don’t you think? Every year world-famous designers experiment with braids at fashion shows, Youtube videos with braiding tricks get millions of views, and pictures with braids get more likes than photos with any other hairstyles! Need new inspiring ideas? We’ve rounded-up some trends and picked the best images from the top hairstylists around the world. Read on!

Popular Trends in Black Braided Hairstyles

Fashion shows are always inspiring, yet when it comes to clothes, we need to wait at least till March to find out what to add to our lookbook. As for the hairstyles, things are much easier here. Luckily, popular Instagram influencers and celebrity hairstylists bring some new fresh ideas into life EVERY day. So, you may read our articles, get inspired and try on new images already now. Some braided hairstyles that always work:

– Tight and edgy cornrow styles, cornrowed buns. Cornrows have been always considered as a rather casual hairstyle, but now when they are in Couture collections, it’s high time to rock them.

– Wrap-around braids and twists for black hair with feminine accessories. These are loose, messy and inspired by Boho chic.

– Very loose whimsical braids for long hair. The braid that starts from mid-shaft is not noticeable in the front and looks sloppy in the back.

– Low braided buns. Braided bun updos are always an extra charge of elegance to ennoble even the simplest outfit.

– Twisted rope braids. These dimensional braids are ideal for long thick hair. They look very interesting, unhackneyed and worth a try.

The Most Gorgeous Black Braided Hairstyles

Now it’s time to check out the cutest ideas of braided hairstyles and pin the best ones to show your hairstylist.

#1: Criss-Cross Goddess Braids

Chunky cornrow braids, referred to as goddess braids, are perfect for days when you want to give your hair a break or when you are going on a beach vacation and would rather not worry about styling your strands every morning. The great thing about the braids of this size is that they don’t take too long to do and are easy to take out.

#2: Dynamic Side-Swept Cornrows

Braided looks are so popular amongst African Americans because of how they protect the hair. Once the hair is in the braid, it is free of heat and manipulation for weeks on end. Plus, it’s really cute and there are endless designs to express yourself.

#3: Asymmetrical Goddess Braids

Mix plaits of different sizes into braid hairstyles to create texture and dimension. Combining chunky and thin braids is unexpected. It’s also a lot more exciting than regular plaits. The unique parts keep the hairdo fresh and fun. Add beads or gold cuffs for the final touch of personalization.

#4: Long Chunky Black Braids

Chunky box braids are totally in style. With alternating thin braids, the hairdo feels very hot. What makes extensions so priceless is how you can experiment with volume and length. You can style your hair in ways your natural locks wouldn’t allow.

#5: Feed-In Braids

The benefit of the feed-in method is that it makes cornrow hairstyles look more natural and less bulky by creating a narrow and flat point at the hairline. This also creates less tension and protects the edges. This method of braiding can be done at any African hair braiding salon.

#6: Braided Ponytail

As wonderful as braids can be to create interesting protective styles, braiding hair can sometimes feel heavy when it comes to hairstyles with individual plaits. A cornrow ponytail is great for a casual updo that won’t pull on your edges.

#7: Cornrows Enclosed by Headband Braid

Have fun with your protective styles like this halo braid. All of your ends will be tucked away, so you won’t have to worry about breakage. To make a hairstyle like this last, make sure to wrap your hair with a satin scarf every night or use a bonnet.

#8: Curly Mohawk with Flat Twisted Sides

Instead of shaving your tresses for a mohawk, experiment with different braid styles. You get to keep your length, and still show off your edgy side. To refresh the curls in the AM, go to bed the night before with your ends in two-strand twists. When you take them out, your hair will fall into that luscious mane.

#9: Thin Black Box Braids with Burgundy Highlights

Not everyone likes dyeing their hair because the bleach can be very damaging to African-American tresses. That’s why box braids are so awesome. Pick colored extensions for a bright pop, just like highlights mixed into your real hair. It adds an extra element of fun, as you can see in the picture.

#10: Box Braids and Cornrows Mohawk

Make the mohawk yours with braids, braids and more braids. Braid the top of the style together so it creates a pompadour. Then, let the rest hang loose. You will get some major height out of this coif. This is a refined take on the classic punk-inspired hairstyle.

#11: Half-Updo with Long Freely-Hanging Braids

Long braided Ghana weaving hairstyles are a staple for African American women during the summer months. Keep your look fresh with a half-updo that features a nice height on top. This style can be completed in a time crunch for a sexy look that lasts throughout wherever the day may take you.

#12: Perfect Black Braided Ponytail

Natural hairstyle’s braids are a go-to if you’re looking to grow out your own tresses while still sporting back-skimming locks. Box braids are low-maintenance, and this updo will stay out of your face when you’re on-the-go.

#13: Snake Braids

Long and curvy braids are not your typical cornrows, but the idea is pretty much the same. Try the snake braids if you want a fresh take on the hair braided closely to the scalp. Add golden beads for extra bling!

#14: Chunky Mohawk Braids

Mohawk braids are an easy way to try the shaved style without committing to actually cutting your hair. Also the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling the long section of your hair — you can cornrow it as shown, wear individual African braids, twists, or more.

#15: Chunky Mohawk Braid with Cornrows

Chunky braids are a stylish pick for black hair. Thicker braids are also easier to undo once your hairstyle has run its course. But while you are rocking it, there are many ways to change up the mohawk. Wear it braided down the back or try styling it into a retro-inspired bouffant up top.

#16: Curly Hairstyle with Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are handy when you don’t want to commit to a weave. You can wear the hair down or up in a ponytail. You really have as many styling options as the imagination allows. Mix highlights into your crochet braids with colored kanekalon hair for a bleach-free splash of color.

#17: Ghana Braids Bun

Braids all over your head might be fun, but sometimes you want something simpler and classier, like this low braided bun with two plaits and a curved part. The braids are made of added hair, so, you don’t need to worry about the length of your hair.

#18: Cornrows with High Twisted Bun

Updos are comfortable and cute. So why not opt for a classy black braided hairstyle like the one pictured? You will have an effortlessly chic look ready to go for work everyday. You also won’t have to worry about styling it every morning. It’s a great choice for women with busy lifestyles.

#19: Feed-In Bun with Ghana Braids

Wrap your Ghana braids into a bun to change things up. Ghana braids are beautifully thick, which will give you a full, statement-making bun. It is sleek and sophisticated; perfect for a night out and a day at the office, alike.

#20: Fancy Twisted Updo

Something about wearing your hair up lends itself to a refined look and feel. This flat-twisted style uses texture to make the updo more unique and unexpected. The style is good for women with natural hair that want something protective and polished.

#21: Half Cornrows Half Individual Braids

Braided hairstyles for black women are very creative and versatile. Mixing cornrows and loose box braids is just one way to show this. The different types of braids are complemented with wooden beads at the ends for a boho touch.

#22: Curvy Ghana Braids with Crown Bun

Add some whimsy to your locks with curvy Ghana braids. The subtle swirling of the plaits is mesmerizing and makes this so much more than your average bun. It is a gorgeous hairstyle for those looking for something bold.

#23: Updo with Thin Wavy Feed-Ins

If chunky braids are too overwhelming for you, there is nothing wrong in sticking to thinner plaits. Twist the ends together if you feel like you are missing out on volume. Have fun with it though and ask your stylist make a unique design with your parts.

#24: Braids with Curves

One of the best things about wearing braids is the ability to create designs without shaving them into your hair or using color. This can be done with just the parts or by manipulating the actual braid. Pick something that matches your personal style; it can be something simple and beautiful like the slightly curved braids shown or you can go all out with a more intricate look.

#25: Thick and Thin Asymmetrical Feed-In Braids

Black hair braids are known for their high cool-factor. Alternating thick and thin asymmetrical Ghana braids will only make your hairstyle even cooler. This trend is eye-catching and keeps the thicker braids from being too overpowering. The thinner plaits bring balance to the style.

#26: Upside Down Braids to Bun

For something super sleek and bold, go with upright braids. Have the cornrows lead into either a ponytail or a bun. You can wear the ends down for a casual look or up in a bun when you need something a little dressier.

#27: Braided Hairstyle with Jumbo French Braid

A French braid goes from being sweet to sassy the larger it gets — and this style brings a heavy dose of the latter. Try a jumbo braid for an upcoming weekend out; this is a surefire conversation starter!

#28: Twisted Black and Magenta Mohawk

Protect your natural hair and wear something ultra-stylish while you’re doing it. A gorgeous magenta hue is an exciting way to bring an extra touch of femininity to your hairstyle. Play around with different braid sizes and voluminous twists for irresistible texture.

#29: Triangle Box Braids

African-American braided hairstyles are a chance to be creative. Parts don’t have to be routine squares. Take this geometric, triangular design for instance. It’s unexpected, cool and gives the classic box braid a totally fresh feel.

#30: Bold Triangle Parted Box Braids

Braided hairstyles are quite common among modern women, especially traditional looks like box braids. One of the easiest ways to make a standard style seem fresh and new is by changing the size of the braids and experimenting with parting. Large braids will go well with the 90’s revival and athleisure/streetwear fashion trends that are popular at the moment.

#31: Braided Bun

For a long time, large braided updos were reserved for older women on the go. But everything old is new again, and now younger women are embracing the style with flair. The micro braids accent the jumbo cornrows for a fun twist on the classic.

#32: Long Braids for Black Hair

Even if you are adding hair for length, chunky black braids are not ideal for those with short natural hair because they can slip out or cause too much tension. A good way to combat this is to feed small tight cornrows into larger ones for a similar, but more secure, effect.

#33: Purple Highlights in Black Braids

Outside of the extra length and thickness, adding hair also gives the ability to experiment with color. Weaving in a few pieces of hair for a pop of color like the purple shown here will give you cute braids with a highlighted effect.

#34: Wavy Straight-Back Braids

One of the most classic cornrow styles is the straight – back look. It’s typically the first hairdo that new braiders master because the pattern is simple and it does not take a lot of time to complete. To add a softer twist, ask for curvy parts to create a wavy appearance.

#35: Braided Updo Hairstyle with Curls for Short Hair

No need to rock a fully braided style to get the effect. Braid the back, leaving room in the front for bouncy spiral curls. This style works well with short to medium hair length, as it does not require much length to complete.

#36: Updo with Forward Braided Bun

Don’t get stuck in a rut with the same black braid hairstyles. Try a voluminous loosely braided bun updo for an eclectic twist that would work well for black women with medium-to-long hair lengths.

#37: Jumbo Double-Twisted Updo

Here is a simple updo for black women with natural hair that can work for a dressy event or just when one craves a more glamorous moment in day to day life. The best part is that this look can be completed in less than five minutes for a quick and easy black braided hairstyle.

#38: Large High Bun with a Headband

Although this is not what you would typically think of when you picture braids, this style overlaps three separate sections in a bun to add visual interest. Take it to the next level with dyed ends and a bright headband.

#39: Poetic Justice Braids

One of the most popular hair braids style at the moment is the Poetic Justice look. This is named after the long braided look that Janet Jackson wore in the hit 90’s film. Pair with bantu knots on top and flirty makeup for an eye catching look.

#40: Double Bun Mohawk with Undercuts

Show off your shaved sides with two larger than life spunky braided buns; the perfect hairstyle to complement your look for an enjoyable night out.

#41: Intricate Boxer Braids

A signature hairstyle is one show-stopping way to showcase your personality as well as your personal taste. Braided ‘dos are both protective and, clearly, gorgeous. Look for intricate braided hairstyles that both protect your natural hair and show it off to its best effect.

#42: Long Curvy Braids

One of the reasons black women turn to braids is because they’re so versatile. In addition to forming the basis for many protective styles, braids work as stunning hairstyles with natural hair and weaves or extensions. For this fresh asymmetrical style, try curvy plaits with curvy partings – and don’t forget to keep those baby hairs slick and tamed.

#43: Black Braided Bun Updo

Swirls, loops, and swoops; thick plaits, thin snaking cornrows, and perfectly curled baby hairs – there are several hair braiding patterns on display here, and all of them reveal just why the braid can be a work of art!

#44: Long Braided Faux Hawk

This Empire-inspired faux hawk takes braided hair to the next level in its execution, intricacy, and literal height. It features several braiding styles, with natural braided hair along the sides and back. The twisted roll that forms the faux hawk and the cascade of braids spilling out of it are adaptable depending on personal preference — thick, thin, long, short, or medium length, just pick a style and type of hair you want to use for extensions.

#45: Cornrows with a Twist

Cornrow hairstyles are not just signature styles for black hair, they’re deeply cultural hairstyles for black women and men. The rows are cute in geometric patterns, which highlight the skill and artistry that go into crafting these hairstyles. The thickly woven braiding on top can be achieved with natural hair or extensions.

#46: Long, Braided, and Flowing

Long, braided hair is a signature look for black girls and women. There are several types of braids, ranging from twists and locs to free-flowing box braids. Color, size, and design all come in a dazzling variety, and don’t forget accessories for individual braids!

#47: Black Braided Bun

Braided updos are elegant and sophisticated but still fun, and they’re versatile and full of flavor, so every woman can choose her own style. This look begins with cornrows that lead to a thick, braided bun. High top knots such as this one are classy and compatible with any outfit.

#48: Chic Braided Bob

Braided bobs are simple but so chic. This is a run-out-the-door hairstyle that never fails – the wearer always looks pretty, polished, and put-together. The best part is that this ‘do is a winner with thin, thick, or medium braids.

#49: Reverse Flat Twists

Traditional cornrows go from forehead to nape, but if you have shorter hair and/or want to have some volume on the top of your head, reverse them. The highlighted bunch of curls looks very sweet – girly and playful.

#50: Thick Halo Braid

African braids can take on a variety of different forms. It can be a full head of tiny braids or one chunky halo braid that gracefully wraps around and frames your face.

#51: Gorgeous Pocahontas Braids

This show-stopping double-plait is updated by color and complemented with side cornrow braids for a look you’ll be proud to wear casually or for an up-coming event.

#52: Cute Jumbo Twist Braids

Call them jumbo twists or crochet braids, the result is equally impressive. The style is unfailingly edgy, elegant, and eye-catching. Add some scattered golden beads to break the gorgeous mass of hair you’ve got.

#53: Flat Twists into Twist Out Curls

Today’s twist braid styles often use flat twists with freely hanging ends you can style in curls or braids for a more sophisticated look. These flat twists are done on shorter hair with extensions, yet the style is very natural-looking. Love it!

#54: Black Crown Braid

The crown braid updo is simple but very chic and time tested. You can lift your braid closer to the crown of your head or let it run along the hairline – choose the variety that flatters your face shape and facial features the most.

#55: Black Braided Mohawk

There’s no end to a variety of designs one can try with braiding. This mohawk with braids blends curvy cornrows with one point burst rows for a jazzy Mohawk to suit a woman who shies away from wearing boring hair.

#56: Two Cornrow Boxer Braids

Two braids can sometimes be better than numerous individual braids. These absolutely look like your own hair, especially if you choose braiding hair that matches in hue. Braid hairstyles for black women give you freedom to try a new exciting style each time you need a change.

#57: Crossed Twists and Afro Puff Pony

Sometimes a few simple elements combined in one ‘do make a gorgeous hairstyle – here is an example! Who doesn’t like an afro puff when your hair is of the right length? Add a fun detail in the front and flaunt your customized afro puff. Nothing is better than updated classics!

#58: Mohawk with Criss-Crossed Braids

The way the braids criss-cross is nothing less than jaw-dropping. The curls on top add some fun, volume, and bounce to the overall look. If you like to blend styles, this is a great new updo to try!

#59: Braid and Side Bang

If you have a long bob or a medium tapered cut, you can still rock braids as shown here. Use the longest portion of your cut in the middle to create a braid or add hair to the section where you will be able to get the most grip. With a sleek bang in the front—this look gives new meaning to the phrase “business in the front, party in the back”.

#60: Half-Up and Braided

Wearing black braids half-up, half-down is an effortless way to look on-point every day. This ‘do can look professional, it’s sporty, sexy and it’s casual enough to wear it daily.

#61: Double Braids Updo

Black braided hairstyles aren’t just beautiful, they are creative and practical. Two braids updos ride new wave of popularity, so don’t miss the trend and get something quite simple yet classy braided for your trip somewhere or just for a change to brighten up your casual life.

#62: Mixed Braid Updo for Black Hair

Looking for a fun style to wear at a formal event? Mixing in a few braids of different sizes will result in a fashion forward updo for black women. To help the look last for a couple of days, make sure to sleep with a silk scarf at night.

#63: The Most Sophisticated Braided Updo Ever!

Unbelievable… look at that! Those elegant spirals, skillfully rolled into the most sophisticated updo, are worth to grace your head for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, like wedding, to say the least.

#64: Criss-Crossed Braids with Feed-In Cornrows

Today nobody is impressed by just plain braids. To upgrade your braided hairstyle, criss-cross braids, vary their thickness, try new angles, experiment with different variations of parts, and you’ll invent something unique, something that’s worth a double take.

#65: Dutch Braid Crown for Black Hair

If you have long natural hair, or want to add length to your strands with extensions, braiding hairstyles can promise you a fabulous new look. This is perfect for nights when you want to go out and don’t feel like straightening your hair or twisting it out.

#66: Revamped Braided Ponytail

Take a ponytail to the next level with braids. Because the style is not very versatile, you want to introduce something quirky or fun into the look so that it doesn’t feel boring after a couple of days. Incorporating smaller braids, or wrapping hair around your ponytail holder are those simple touches that will keep it exciting.

#67: Braids and Waves for Any Occasion

Braids, ending in waves, will provide you with good options for a choice of hairstyles. Wear them loose, cascading your shoulders for every day or pile everything up for a superlative updo that is never out of fashion.

#68: Bulky Braided Crown Bun

One of the fastest and most pulled together protective styles is a braided bun. This style can be achieved by most textures and lengths. Unless your locks are extremely long and full, it is easy to add hair to create a bulky crown-like bun.

#69: Twisted Updo with Blonde Highlights

Showcase your highlights in the elegant twisted updo with honey blonde accents. Pump up the volume of the style with a beautiful bouffant in the front.

#70: Twist from Box Braids

Keri Hilson also occasionally adopts the box braids trend, and she wears her braids in a modern way – without “baby hair” at front. Well, hers is sleeked cutely into a couple of tiny tendrils.

As you see, there are tons of exciting ideas of how to change your image with different types of braids. Take advantage of your naturally thick wavy hair and show the world just how breathtaking you can be!


30 Most Stylish Cornrows and Scalp Braids for 2021

Cornrows were invented as a protective female hairstyle that can both help to regrow your curls and save you from the hottest months of the year. So, if you are looking for scalp braids to try out asap, you are in the right place. Read on!

Some facts about cornrow braids:

– Cornrows are braided close to the scalp, so they are often called the SCALP braids.

– It’s difficult to cornrow your hair without the help of a hairdresser. Better book an appointment with your hairstylist.

– Cornrow braids last at least one month and are easy to take care of.

– To create some cornrows braided hairstyles you might need to add extensions to your natural hair.

The selection below will show you the trendiest cornrow hairstyles 2021 for girls, with images and descriptions.

1. Cornrow Lemonade Braids. This scalp braid style didn’t have a name of its own until Beyoncé has released her Lemonade album. It’s a safe alternative for bobs with shaved sides.

2. Cornrow Bun. A bun is the easiest way to style your cornrows for your studies or work. You can transform it into a ponytail in a few seconds.

3. Cornrow Bob. Long cornrows are quite heavy, but a bob is light and playful. Some make bobs with cornrow dreads if their lifestyle is laidback and informal.

4. Cornrows Going Back. This type of cornrows for women looks neat and is acceptable for a formal setting. It accentuates the impeccable shape of the skull and high cheekbones.

5. Half Cornrows. By making it “half” you can easily correct the proportions of your face. It will definitely help you stand out from all the other cornrow styles.

6. Two Cornrow Braids. Typical of diligent and obedient schoolgirls. Please pay attention to the small rings in the braids — adding some zest is easy.

7. Scalp Braids plus Free Curls. A perfect idea to prevent your restless curls from getting into your eyes. Saves you time in the morning, makes hair clips or pins excessive.

8. Side Cornrow Braids. Side cornrows are a smart alternative to your regular scalp braids running back. If you want to play with asymmetry, here’s a great solution.

9. Ponytail Stitch Braids. Strike a pose and show off your chunky stitch cornrow braids styled up into a pretty ponytail. This is one of the trending cornrows braids styles of the moment. Lace in small cornrows in-between the larger stitch braids for a captivating effect.

10. Cornrow Updo with Curls. Such a cute updo creates an impish and feminine impression at the same time. Use hairbands, ribbons, or tiaras to hold your hair.

11. Four Cornrow Braids. Actually, 4 cornrows or 6 cornrows — the number doesn’t matter as long as there is an impressive braided design on your scalp. You choose.

12. Cornrows in Front & Box Braids in Back. Cornrows and box braids allow you to experiment with multilayered hairstyles. Your hairdo will keep its shape for days without spray or gel.

13. Side Cornrows aka Lemonade Braids. One of the most flirtatious cornrow styles for women. Choose it for your prom, birthday, or cocktail party. Pair it with lash extensions and high heels.

14. Cornrow Goddess Braids. These two massive cornrows symbolize a crown on the head of a queen or a goddess. Such an impressive hairstyle may require a lot of extensions.

15. Half-Cornrows Half-Curls. Searching for different ways to style cornrows? Check out this cornrows braided hairstyle with curls. A fanciful way to reveal your natural curls while keeping your hair off your face with dazzling side cornrows braids to the back.

16. Cute Pink Cornrows. With cornrows, you don’t need to stick to your natural hair color. You can try pink, blue, ash-blond, or any other daring shade.

17. Low Bun for Stitch Cornrows. You don’t have to spend hours in your stylist’s chair for your hair to look marvelous every day. Though simple and laid-back, her cornrow braids style is eye candy. The updo with baby hair gives her a super-classy look.

18. Simple Big Cornrows. A simple and less time-consuming cornrows hairstyle. Boost that seductively innocent statement with these super-stylish big stitch cornrows. A nude make-up will subtly enhance the allure. Don’t forget to style baby hairs.

19. Cornrow Braided Ponytail. Makes you look taller, skinnier, and younger. You can do without an elastic band and wrap the ponytail with a couple of your braids.

20. High Bun Cornrows. Check these polished medium-sized cornrows. You can drop the braids down in a classic ponytail hairstyle or wear it up in a high bun for a more formal majestic queen look.

21. Twist Cornrows. The twisted version adds a dynamic flair to your look. Match it with sporty outfits. Gold or silver accessories will be a plus.

22. Cornrows and Goddess Braids. Cool, no-hair-out-of-place stitch cornrows. The large back braids deliver a fascinating look. The smaller straight and zigzag cornrows in-between make for a gorgeously intricate and classy cornrows style. Use extensions to give extra length and thickness to your braids.

23. Jumbo Stitch Cornrows. Too busy (ok, make that lazy) to be bothered with styling your hair daily? These protective goddess braids styled into a ponytail are what you need. A versatile, low-maintenance, get-up-and-go cornrow hairstyle.

24. Cornrow Box Braids. Cornrows plus long box braids are an amazing combination. Enjoy the length and volume of your new hairdo, and feel free to weave in a few strands of another color.

25. Half-Cornrows Half-Braids Updo. This is a popular African cornrow hairstyle for women. The versatile small cornrows are a showstopper anytime anywhere. Cornrow braids are usually elongated with extensions for additional glitz and easy styling. Wrap the ends up in a bun or let it down in a ponytail – versatility and perfection in one style.

26. Half Cornrows Half Kinky Twists. A fun and fancy way to get the best of both worlds. This sophisticated cornrow hairstyle is a marriage of cornrow braids and curly kinky twists. A perfect hairstyle for both formal events and casual outings.

27. Mohawk Cornrows. A regular Mohawk might look brash and even aggressive. But its cornrows counterpart is gentler and chicer.

28. Straight Back Cornrows for Casual Wear. Your hair doesn’t have to be thick or have much volume to recreate this style. It’s comfortable for everyday life and looks sophisticated at the same time.

29. Jumbo Cornrows. Jumbos are supposed to be big cornrows, but their thickness should depend on your facial features. Jumbos produce a great impression in buns and intricate hairdos.

30. Stitch Braided Cornrows. This look is a cute blend of different braid styles. We see here Fulani-like side braids, thick Ghana cornrows (also known as Banana braids), and thin scalp braids. Mix and play with braids you like the most!

So, these were the trending cornrows for the year 2021. Hopefully, this selection of cornrow designs will give you enough inspiration to choose your unique style. Feel free to experiment with braids and extensions, but make sure your braider is skilled and experienced enough. Cornrow hairstyles are always a great idea because they attract a lot of attention and match well with trendy clothing. Cornrow braid styles will help you produce an indelible impression on your family, friends, and colleagues!


Now discussing:

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Jhené Aiko

At the Grammy's this year, the album of the year nominee rocked out in long, criss-crossed box braids with loose, curled ends and edges pressed and laid.

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Kelly Rowland

We understand, retiring your everyday top knot or ponytail is difficult. So why not just switch it up a bit with box braids styled into a high pony instead? It's a protective style that's perfect for summer months.

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Rihanna proves that you can still be the belle of the ball with criss-crossing cornrows and laid baby hairs. To replicate this slicked look, apply edge control on your baby hairs using a small toothbrush, then tie your hair down with a silk scarf.

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Tessa Thompson

Jumbo knotless braids are never not a good idea. Not only is this style completely painless to install, but you can cut the styling time in half compared to small individual braids if your patience wears thin.

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Olivia Culpo

If looking regal is your vibe, do as Culpo did and add a mesmerizing twist to your formal updo with a medium-sized braid along the side pulled back into a bun of ringlets.

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Justine Skye

Sometimes, simplicity reigns supreme. Justine Skye stuns in a loosely braided fishtail braid with a subtle violet tint you can't help but noice.

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Solange Knowles

Looking to jazz up your lewk? Embellish your cornrows with beads or try a vibrant color like bleach blonde. If you're as bold as Solange, go ahead and do both.

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Thandie Newton

Style your straight-backs into a bun for a classic look like Newton's. Cornrows that fall into an elegant low bun is the perfect play on this everyday style.

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Laura Harrier

Granted, this style is absolutely beautiful, but please note that these long micro-braids take quite a while to complete (usually six-plus hours depending on the braider). The plus side is the versatility. Rock your braids half-up like Harrier, in a low ponytail, or even up into a top knot—the styling options are endless.

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Skai Jackson

For a sleek and effortless style, braid your cornrows into a high ponytail like Jackson. Warning: you may want to swing your ponytail back and forth every time you pass a mirror. Embrace it!

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Jordyn Woods

Here, another example showcasing the beauty of versatility with wearing tiny box braids. Woods looks incredible in this '90s staple, the half-up, half-down hairstyle.

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Jessica Hart

Switch up a simple French braid by showing off your highlights with an elongated mohawk like Hart. Her hair color completely steals the show in this braid.

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Yara Shahidi

Triple cornrow braids look divine and literally take no time. Curly girls: Shahidi shows you can totally pull this style off.

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Emily Ratajkowski

Ratajkowski giving golden goddess vibes with her crown braid coupled with face-framing layers and a dainty headband for an extra ethereal effect.

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Tracee Ellis Ross

With braids, there's power in your part. Ellis experiments with shape by simply parting her cornrows with smaller and bigger chunks of hair for a three-dimensional finish.

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Kerry Washington

Complementary colors interweaved into braids turns a simple look up several notches. Kerry's streaked, straight-back braids take texture to new heights.

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Gabrielle Union

Summer is here, which means protective styles with minimal upkeep will save you so much time. Union's straight-back box braids are one of those no-brainer braided styles you can keep going back to.

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Amandla Stenberg

Single box braids are more fun with splashes of color, as gorgeously proven by Stenberg. Plus, this style requires zero commitment to permanent color because they're extensions.

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Lucy Hale

Remix a sleek low pony with a center braid, which evidently will steal the show. All you need is a good pomade and boar bristle bush to replicate Hale's slick-back.

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Issa Rae

Leave it to Issa to wear a side bun so well. And you're in luck because this style requires half the work. Let the lower half of your hair hang freely, and braid the top up into a side bun. Bonus points for accent braids on the side because they're more fun.

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Jorja Smith

Try to take your eyes off of Jorja Smith's angelic face and focus on her box braids. These tiny, individual braids grant you the freedom to wear your hair in an array of styles, like a simple low bun.

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Lupita Nyong'o

Just when you thought Nyong'o couldn't look any more regal, single cornrows add a dimensional layer of elegance to her braided updo. The lesson: Cornrows will singlehandedly jazz up a classic look.

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Tia Mowry

With triple cornrows scooped and wrapped into a braided knot, Mowry's bun feels anything but boring.

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Shay Mitchell

The ultimate this-ol'-thing hairstyle, Mitchell's low and loose three-strand braid defies gravity with a billion face-framing layers.

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Kate Hudson

A bow by any other name is still a bow, but tie it around soft, segmented French braid, and it becomes decidedly less elementary.

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Emma Watson

Don't fear Watson's messy, textured updo. Just create three super-loose and teased French braids, than wrap the ends together into a tiny bun.

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Dania Ramirez

Soft and fuzzy, Ramirez's halo braid isn't a feat of magic, but the result of gently tugging and pulling each section of the braid for an undone feel.

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Blake Lively

The loose, unraveled version of the fishtail braid: the bedhead fishtail.

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Amanda Seyfried

The beauty of this braid is that it's not overly perfect: It's pancaked enough that it avoids looking too precious and it makes a cool contrast to Seyfried's polished red carpet gown.

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Janelle Monáe

The bigger and bolder, the better, according to the very wise Janelle Monáe. Here she piles a tilted braid atop her head and lets the rest hang down on her shoulders in a side braid.

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