Outdoor scaffolding rental

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Outdoor scaffolding rental

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Meal us a call, send us an email, or enjoy visit us in Palermo, SC and let us live you with a word, access, or ongoing solution for your next job.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent Scaffolding

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Sours: https://off.udukoryopraroh.pw/outdoor-scaffolding-rental.html

Standard/Outdoor Scaffolding

Scaffolding rentals are common with any commercial construction project. Sometimes you can't fit an aerial lift into a certain area or you are working indoors. Scaffolding always comes in handy. Great rentals for residential home projects as well. We carry all the pieces need to complete a full section of scaffolding. Each piece can be rented individually to complete your own scaffolding or rented as a set from us. Call today for availability or questions


Full Section Quote (includes 2 end frames, 2 cross braces and 3 planks) :

$ / Day
$ / Week
$ / Month

Each Additional Section Quote (no planks, just end frames and cross Braces):

$ / Day
$ / Week 
$ / Month





  • End Frames come in 5' height sections or 6' height sections
  • MAX HEIGHT 20'
  • We help you load and unload scaffolding at our location
  • Discounted trailer rentals available for transport if needed


Sours: https://centralrentals.net/pages/standard-scaffolding
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Both renting and buying scaffolding have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the best option depends on your specific circumstances. In these specific situations, renting may be the better choice for you.

You Have a Short-Term Project

Consider renting scaffolding for short-term projects. If you are just getting started as a contractor, renting may be a smart choice, especially if do not yet have a steady stream of jobs. Renting scaffolding may also be ideal for smaller, one-off residential projects. Look into buying scaffolding equipment if long-term repeat usage will deliver a return on the investment.

You Want to Save on Storage

If you buy scaffolding, you'll have to pay for both the equipment and a place to store it between projects. If you require a large amount of scaffolding equipment, consider renting. This will eliminate the cost of long-term storage, which on its own can be expensive.

You Want to Save on Labor

Consider the labor costs of assembling, inspecting, and disassembling scaffolding equipment. Scaffolding can take hours, if not days, to set up.

New hires will need training to assemble and disassemble the new equipment. You will also need a separate, competent worker to inspect the equipment every time it is set up. If you buy scaffolding equipment, you must bear these costs.

On the other hand, a scaffolding rental company is responsible for installing, assembling, transporting, inspecting, and storing the equipment, which can save on labor and overhead costs.


Several factors affect the cost of renting scaffolding. If you want to rent, keep these factors in mind so that you can find the best deal.


The cost of renting scaffolding varies depending on the location of your scaffolding rental company.

Consider renting from a local company that is closer to your construction site to minimize mileage cost, which the scaffolding company may add to the overall cost of renting. Depending on the size of the equipment and distance the rental company must travel to your construction site, transportation costs may range between $50 and $ or more.

Duration of Project

Generally, prices for scaffold rentals may range between $15 and $50 per day or between $40 and $ per week. Ask your scaffolding provider whether the rates are per piece or per an entire scaffolding kit.

Size and Type

Before you rent scaffolding equipment, be clear about the size and type of scaffolding you need on your construction site. The right equipment will not only ensure safety but improve productivity, which improves your bottom line.


Your scaffolding rental company will usually install the equipment for you. Inquire about the setup costs and the cost of transporting the equipment to and from your site. You can minimize the amount of time the scaffolding company needs to install the equipment by clearing the worksite as much as possible beforehand. 

Renting scaffolding can be a safe choice, especially if you do not have upfront funds to purchase such equipment. If you are unsure how much scaffolding you will need, speak with a reputable and experienced scaffolding installation company for more insight.

Pacific Scaffold Co. Inc. has provided professional scaffolding solutions to businesses in San Francisco for over 50 years. You can depend on us for safe, efficient, and sturdy scaffolding equipment. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project needs.

Sours: https://www.pacificscaffold.net/scaffolding-costs-should-you-rent

This 20 ft high. x 10 ft wide. x 5 ft deep kit provides everything needed to frame a scaffold. Our exterior scaffolding systems and accessories are built to make your work easier and safer. Safety is the key when working with heights. Each frame nests into one another when stacked for storage or transport. This feature allows you to transport or store the frames using up to 30% less space and it also reduces the probability of the frames sliding, reducing the risk of worker injury.

(8) 5′ X 5′ Scaffolding Frames
(8) 10′ Scaffolding Cross Braces
(3) ″x 10′ Planks
(2) Safety Rails
(2) 10′ Scaffolding Safety Panels
(4) Outriggers
(2) Gooser bars
(24) Scaffolding Pins

There is an extra charge of $3 (1) day, $10 (1) week and $15 (4) weeks for each caster (wheels) or leveling jacks added to the kit.

All Scaffolding is rented by the tower, customer must take everything for that Tower Kit.

Sours: https://www.calwestrentals.com/equipment-rentals/scaffolding-outdoortower/

Rental outdoor scaffolding

Renting a tower package can take the guesswork out of scaffold rentals. With a tower, you simply let us know what platform height you need and we do the rest.
There are many applications where a tower will require additional or different
scaffold components to fill the job requirements. See our Scaffolding Components page for a complete selection.
Rolling towers feature a large work area with slip-resistant, all aluminum walkboards, guard rails, outriggers (when required) and heavy-duty locking swivel casters for precise moving and placement.
Tower packages are available with maximum platform heights from 5 feet to 30 feet.
Overall width - 5 ft, Overall Length 10 ft.

All components are included and assemble easily at your worksite.

Customer Instructions

Sours: https://a-zequipment.com/equipment-tool-rentals/aerial-lifts-ladders-scaffold/steel-scaffolding-rolling-towers/?SID=e8fcaff5ab25fe8a2c
Scaffolding Cost (Scaffolding Material Rental + Installation Cost)

Reach New Heights with Scaffolding Rental

Rent scaffolding to work at various heights for construction, maintenance and repair of building exteriors, interiors, bridges and more. Scaffolding serves as an elevated, temporary work platform.

Rented scaffold: types and uses

The right type of scaffolding to rent depends on your location and anticipated use. It’s always a good idea to talk through your project with the professionals at your local rental store. If you’re looking for “scaffolding rental near me,” use the Rental Store Quick Locator above. There are many types of indoor scaffolding and outdoor scaffolding available to rent.

Cantilever scaffolding. Rent this scaffolding when the ground is not capable of supporting the weight of other types of scaffolding, when obstacles prevent a scaffolding tower from being used, when only the highest portion of a wall is being worked on, or when the ground must be free from any scaffolding.

Independent or double scaffolding. This scaffolding is commonly used with stone masonry and requires a strong build of its own in conjunction with using putlog holes in the wall to support the structure.

Patented or supported scaffolding. Reach many heights with scaffold tower rental. Scaffolding towers include multiple work platforms and can be feet tall. Outriggers — additional footing for the unit — and a guardrail system are required when working at 10 feet or above.

Single scaffolding. Rent this scaffolding for bricklaying. It uses poles that enter into small putlog holes to support the scaffolding.

Steel scaffolding. A safe option for workers that is able to be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.

Suspended scaffolding. Suspended scaffolding is often rented for pointing, painting and repair work. As the name suggests, the work platform is suspended from the roof and can be raised or lowered. This structural system may require engineering.

Trestle scaffolding. Rolling scaffold rental allows you to easily maneuver into a new space before locking the wheels into place. Often used in interiors, it is great for drywall and ceiling projects. The trestle scaffold structure sits on lockable casters. Rent portable and folding trestle scaffolds if you need easy transportation.

Best practices when renting scaffolding

Scaffolds play an important role in getting the job done at varying heights. But heights — and gravity — create risk. The use of an unsafe scaffolding could result in death or serious injury. Following OSHA guidelines can help you remain safe.

Talking through your intended use with the rental professionals can also ensure your proper use of scaffolding. They can advise on the best scaffolding system for your application and any requirements for assembly and use. Training on its use may be available.

Watch the footing. Scaffolding footing must be sturdy; capable of supporting the load of the scaffolding. Do not place scaffolding on bricks and blocks. It is very important to ensure all footings are level and able to support the scaffold at capacity. Use base plates and mud sills to support the footings.

Protect from fall. Guardrails and toeboards or a fall protection system must be used for any scaffolding with open sides.

Reassess the structure. Before each use or work shift and after any event that could affect the scaffold&#;s structural integrity, inspect the scaffolding system for any visible defects or damage.

Prevent tips. Use guying, tying or bracing to prevent scaffolding with a height-to-base of more than from tipping. Do not use windscreens unless the scaffold has been secured against the expected wind force.

Turn to the engineers. For suspension scaffolds and more complex scaffolds, engineers may be required for design according to OSHA regulations.

Frequently asked questions

What is scaffolding used for?
Scaffolding is used indoors and out for construction, repairs, maintenance, painting and more.

What is the most commonly used type of scaffold?
Patented or supported scaffolding are popular choices for construction, maintenance and repair needs.

How high can a scaffold tower go?
Scaffold height depends on the model. Some maintain only one height, while others can grow to be 30 -feet or higher.

For what project do you need to reach new heights? Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products to help you meet your scaffold rental needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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Sours: https://www.rentalhq.com/scaffolding/

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